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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Woman kills neighbor breaking into home

A homeowner in Texas fatally shot her neighbor who tried to break into her home, authorities said.

A mortally wounded Marci Green, 38, was found by deputies from the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office soon after they were called to the River Plantation home at about 9:15 p.m. Saturday, the Houston Chronicle reports.

The unidentified homeowner claimed the alleged intruder tried to enter through the front door before giving up and making an attempt at the back door.

“She actually opened the screen door and started coming in the back door,” Montgomery County Precinct 1 Justice of the Peace Wayne Mack told the newspaper. “The homeowner advised her to not come in the house and feared for her life.”


Russia Thought Hillary Would Be President, Sent Spies To Get Close To Her In 2009

One day after authorities arrested spies in Russia’s sleeper ring, the FBI noticed another event that was of deep concern — Bill Clinton collected a $500,000 check for giving a 90-minute ($5,555 per minute) speech in Moscow.

Officials at the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) observed Russian spies trying to get close to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as early as 2009 to “win access” to her and Bill Clinton as Russia tried to expand their nuclear energy business.

Unsealed documents from the FBI revealed that members of a Russian spy ring were tasked to get close to Clinton while Russia’s state-controlled nuclear energy company lobbied the Obama administration, The Hill reported.

The Russians, who hired a Washington firm to conduct their lobbying efforts, were already giving hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to the Clinton Foundation which “helped the Russian company secure federal decisions that led to billions in new U.S. commercial nuclear business.”


Churches merge, close: 'We no longer live in Christendom. We really have to accept that it's a thing of the past'

For a decade and more, Govans Presbyterian Church and Brown Memorial Woodbrook Presbyterian Church have labored in the manner of many mainline Protestant congregations: Working ever harder to provide spiritual resources for dwindling number of congregants.

Govans, on York Road in North Baltimore, has been hosting its Sunday night dinners for the poor and helping lead GEDCO, the social service organization it co-founded in 1984.

Brown Memorial Woodbrook, about two miles from Govans on North Charles Street, has been running its busy Sunday school and community garden and working on LGBT equality and other social justice issues.

But with attendance stagnating, maintenance costs rising and the population of Christians from which to draw shrinking, the two have decided to join forces. If the Baltimore Presbytery gives its approval next month, they’ll become one congregation before the end of the year, bringing more than 280 worshippers and 230 years of history together under one roof.


Ovarian cancer starts 6.5 years before it turns deadly

Ovarian cancer begins in the fallopian tubes six-and-a-half years before it turns into the 'silent killer', according to a new study.

Scientists have mapped out its 'evolutionary tree', offering the hope of detecting it before it spreads, and ovarian tumors have been traced to their site of origin in the fallopian tubes for the first time.

The report suggests the genomic roots of most cases start in the fibrous tissue that connects the ovaries to the womb.

The new discovery by the Johns Hopkins researchers who worked on the report sheds light on the cause of the disease and paves the way for the development of new ways of preventing and treating it.


Dems Intent On Sticking To The Same ‘Identity Politics’ Play Book That Lost Them 2016

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) met in Las Vegas Friday to discuss their strategy for the 2018 elections but reportedly spent no time debating the merits of the “identity politics” messaging they employed on their way to a resounding electoral defeat in 2016.

The first two days of the four day meeting featured lengthy strategy discussions related to increasing grassroots participation but excluded any debate over the party’s broader emphasis on race and gender based identity politics, according to The Washington Post.

The Democratic politicos gathered in Las Vegas acknowledged the cost they paid in 2016 for completely eschewing positive messaging in favor of a consuming focus on anti-Trump talking points but stopped short of a more general examination of first principles.

“From a branding perspective, we have a huge problem,” Ken Martin, the chairman of Minnesota’s Democratic Farmer-Labor Party, told WaPo. “It was the biggest challenge for us in the last year — and our biggest mistake was uniting around ‘Stop Trump.'”


China's Air Quality Hurts Solar Panels

China’s air pollution problem is hurting the country’s green energy goals, according to a new study.

Aerosols resulting from power plants and motor vehicles may be blocking out sunlight and reducing solar power output as much as 35 percent in China’s northern and eastern industrial zones, according to a Princeton University study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Chinese officials have taken the country’s pollution problems more seriously in recent years as economic growth wanes. Environmental officials have shut down entire industrial regions to, at least temporarily, clear up air quality. Coal plants and mines have been shut down and replaced with natural gas in some places to alleviate pollution.

“We understand that current air quality fails to meet people’s expectations,” China’s Minister of Environmental Protection Li Ganjie told reporters on Monday. “People should be patient about improvements in air quality improvement as it will take time to solve such a big problem.”


How to Raise Kids Who Are Smart About Money

Americans Are Retiring Later, Dying Sooner and Sicker In-Between

U.S. life expectancy is declining, new calculations show.

The U.S. retirement age is rising, as the government pushes it higher and workers stay in careers longer.

But lifespans aren’t necessarily extending to offer equal time on the beach. Data released last week suggest Americans’ health is declining and millions of middle-age workers face the prospect of shorter, and less active, retirements than their parents enjoyed.

Here are the stats: The U.S. age-adjusted mortality rate—a measure of the number of deaths per year—rose 1.2 percent from 2014 to 2015, according to the Society of Actuaries. That’s the first year-over-year increase since 2005, and only the second rise greater than 1 percent since 1980.


Salisbury Police Department Crime report 10-22-17

Oct 22, 2017
around 6 PM

800 Block SNOW HILL RD
Oct 22, 2017
around 4 PM

Theft from Vehicle
1700 Block EASTGATE DR
Oct 22, 2017
around 4 PM

Theft from Vehicle
800 Block E MAIN ST
Oct 22, 2017
around 1 PM

Oct 22, 2017
around 12 PM

100 Block POWER ST
Oct 22, 2017
around 11 AM

Theft from Vehicle
1000 Block MARIAN ST
Oct 22, 2017
around 10 AM

Assault with Deadly Weapon
500 Block TANGIER ST
Oct 22, 2017
around 2 AM

Assault with Deadly Weapon
Oct 22, 2017
around 2 AM

100 Block W MAIN ST
Oct 22, 2017
around 12 AM

State Police Arrest School Bus Driver for DUI In Queen Anne’s County

(Centreville, MD) State Police from the Centreville Barrack arrested a school bus driver for driving under the influence today in Queen Anne’s County.

The accused is identified as Dale Clark, Jr., 54, of Chester, Md. Clark was charged with DUI and related traffic charges. He was the sole occupant in the school bus. Police believe Clark was driving for Queen Anne’s County Public Schools.

At 2:00 p.m. today, the Centreville Barrack received 9-1-1 calls from two motorists who witnessed erratic driving behavior by Clark, who was driving the school bus eastbound at Route 50 near Kent Narrows in Queen Anne’s County. Troopers were immediately dispatched to the area.

The school bus continued northbound on Route 301 from Route 50, where it was observed by Maryland State Police. Troopers observed numerous traffic violations and subsequently, conducted a traffic stop on northbound 301, south of Warrington Farm Lane.

Clark failed the standardized field sobriety test on scene. He was arrested without incident and transported to the Centreville Barrack for processing. The Queen Anne’s County School Board was contacted and sent a replacement driver to pick up the school bus from the scene.

Illegal party drug ketamine eases the pain of migraines

Millions of people who suffer from severe migraines could be helped with ketamine, a new study suggests.

The horse tranquiliser, used illegally as a party drug, may be an effective treatment for those who fail to respond to other medications.

Ketamine made the debilitating headaches less painful for nearly three quarters, the researchers at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, Philadelphia, found.

It offers hope of an effective remedy, with many desperate sufferers using alternative treatments as a last resort for their pain, including acupuncture and lavender oil.


DPI joins Bayer 'Feed a Bee' program

House of Representatives Votes to Impose New Sanctions Against North Korea

WASHINGTON, DC: On October 24, the U.S. House of Representatives passed H.R. 3898, the Otto Warmbier North Korea Nuclear Sanctions Act. Congressman Andy Harris (MD-01) released the following statement supporting its passage:

“I commend my colleagues in Congress for passing the Otto Warmbier North Korea Nuclear Sanctions Act. Otto’s death was the result of abuse by his North Korean captors – one of countless atrocities committed by Kim Jong Un and his oppressive dictatorship. Congress can no longer stand idly by while North Korea starves its citizens, abuses its American prisoners, and builds a nuclear arsenal with the intention of attacking the United States.”

Mueller Adds Podesta Group To Russia Probe

Tony Podesta and his Democratic lobbying firm, the Podesta Group, are now being investigated as part of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe into possible connections between the Trump campaign and Russia, three sources with knowledge told NBC News.

Mueller’s investigators began looking into the Podesta Group after they discovered that former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort worked with the firm on a pro-Ukrainian lobbying effort. What began as a cursory examination of the firm, designed to gauge Manafort’s level of involvement in the lobbying campaign, has become a criminal investigation into possible violation of the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) by the Podesta Group, sources told NBC News.

Manafort reportedly worked along side the Podesta Group for the European Centre for a Modern Ukraine (ECMU), a nonprofit dedicated to increasing pro-Ukrainian sentiment in the west. Investigators are currently examining whether the lobbying firm violated FARA by failing to disclose their work for a foreign government. Both Manafort and the Podesta Group did not disclose their relationship with the ECMU until media reports exposed the arrangement.

The ECMU is reportedly backed by the party of Regions, a pro-Russian Ukrainian political party funded by oligarchs who paid Manafort’s firm millions.


So what was John Podesta's now-collapsed Russian green energy scheme really all about?

So much for collusion.

A Russian government-backed green energy company called Joule lost a lot of money as it collapsed in the wake of President Trump's "unexpected" election to president. It had been literally banking on a Hillary Clinton electoral victory, according to a new investigative report from the Daily Caller, expecting that a Clinton presidency's renewable energy focus would be just the thing for the company's fortunes. The plan flamed out when Trump was elected.

That made its ties with Clinton campaign manager John Podesta utterly worthless. Joule had brought Podesta onboard as a board member from 2010 to 2013 to influence its fortunes. Podesta got 75,000 shares for it, worth millions. The Daily Caller reported that Podesta joined the Obama administration in 2014 and then left the board, but he stayed in friendly and helpful contact with the company at least through 2015. There's no word on whether he kept his shares.

What kind of a company can stay afloat only if it has political connections? It would have to be a company that simply couldn't produce anything it could otherwise sell of value. That's what the Daily Caller seems to have found. Joule was known for its secrecy, leaving the biotech industry baffled, the Caller reported. It also tended to overpromise and under-deliver, making wild promises to investors on what it had in the works. The Daily Caller reported:


Annual Fall Bazaar

Somali Who Executed Canadian Terror Attack Entered U.S. Via Mexico

The Somali terrorist who stabbed a Canadian police officer and ran over four pedestrians a few weeks ago entered the United States through the Mexican border and was released by Obama’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS), allowing him to continue his journey north. The ISIS operative, Abdulahi Hasan Sharif, was ordered deported, an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) spokeswoman told various media outlets recently, but was released on an “order of supervision” and the feds never saw him again.

Sharif entered the U.S. in 2011 through the San Ysidro port of entry in California without documentation and was briefly held at the Otay Mesa Detention Center in San Diego, a local newspaper reported. A year later he crossed the border into Canada and settled in Edmonton after being granted refugee status. On September 30 he slammed into an Edmonton police officer with his car then got out of the vehicle and repeatedly stabbed the cop with a knife. After fleeing the scene, Sharif stole a truck and deliberately mowed down four pedestrians. Canadian authorities found an ISIS flag in his car and have charged him with multiple counts of attempted murder, criminal flight causing bodily harm and possession of a weapon.

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Dubya's Speech Was About Three Years Too Late

A lot of commentary has been written and spoken about two speeches given on the same day last week by two former presidents using words seeking unity in our republic. Both speeches were rightfully compared and appeared to hit the same targets with pointed rhetoric. President Donald Trump and his agenda (legal immigration enforcement, the repeal of ObamaCare, tax reform and a strong military) won in November 2016, yet Trump and his supporters were the intended targets of words such as bigotry, racism, nativism and bullying. That, in a nutshell, is also why Trump won.

Despite the George W. Bush Foundation’s event in New York City being planned well over a year in advance, his remarks were not. The speech was a significant departure from Bush’s almost stone silence for eight years as Barack Obama fundamentally transformed America through weaponizing government and turning every policy disagreement into an argument about race and bigotry. Now “W” seems pretty comfortable rebuking those who seemed to threaten a doctrine of globalism with a heightened recommitment to American exceptionalism.

Let’s dissect the words of the 43rd president to see where he went wrong and also to give him credit where it’s due..

Podesta's Green Company Close, After Lost Election

Joule Unlimited, a secretive green energy company that appears to have placed a big bet hiring Democratic insider John Podesta to its board, appears to have been doomed when former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 election.

When the 2016 presidential election ended, senior company executives admitted the prospects for their renewable energy “biofuels” company evaporated. “We had a lot of prospects last year,” former Joule CEO Brian Baynes told BioFuels Digest in a rare interview in July. “But those new investor prospects walked away, particularly post-election.”

Dmitry Akhanov, the president and CEO of Rusnano USA Inc., a Kremlin-ownedventure capital firm nicknamed “Putin’s child,” oversaw the Russian government’s investment in Joule and sat on its board along with two other Russians with ties to the Kremlin. Akhavov agreed that Clinton’s loss doomed the company.


State Explains Delay In Clinton Emails

A federal judge ordered the Department of State on Thursday to explain their delayed pace in producing emails former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stored on a private server.

A hearing was held to check in on the State Department’s progress in processing and releasing 72,000 pages of non-government emails that Clinton failed to disclose during her tenure as Secretary of State and later tried to delete.

The State Department was ordered to turn over no less than 500 pages of emails per month to Judicial Watch in response to a 2016 Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. They have thus far processed 32,000 pages and released a small fraction of those. If they continue at this pace they will not fulfill the request until 2020 at the earliest, according to Judicial Watch.


Pelosi struggles to form sentences during TV interview, calls Robert Mueller 'mother'

Nancy Pelosi’s trouble with the English language seems to be growing by the day.

During a Sunday morning appearance on MSNBC, the House Minority Leader stumbled over words, struggled to form sentences, and called special counsel Robert Mueller “mother.”


Washington Is the “New Rome”

I just got back from a trip to Washington, or what I call “New Rome” because Washington’s relationship to the rest of America is the same as Rome’s relations with the agrarian and plebeian citizens of its vast domains in late antiquity.

Washington is a parasite that sucks the rest of the country dry. The counties surrounding Washington, D.C., have the highest per capita income of any metropolitan area in the country including New York, Hollywood and Silicon Valley. The unemployment rate is also the lowest of any large region in the country.

At least New York, Silicon Valley and Hollywood all produce something we need or enjoy. Washington produces red tape, taxes and new ways to handicap innovation on a daily basis.

While America staggers after its first lost decade (2007–17) and with a new lost decade set to begin (Japan, anyone?), Washington grows fat and rich. Trust me, the hotels and restaurants in town are jammed. No depression here.


The Demo/MSM's Gold Star Defamation

Last Thursday, White House Chief of Staff John Kelly sought to put to bed a week-long, Leftmedia-driven story of Donald Trump’s phone call to a grieving widow. Kelly rightly called out Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-FL) as an “empty barrel” for her self-promoting politicizing of a sacred, private event — separate from her criticism of Trump’s phone call and exploitation of a widow’s grief — even though he was inaccurate on the details. His point was that Wilson is a grandstanding narcissist who, in the words of White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, is “all hat, no cattle.” Kelly is exactly right. Ignoring his call for respecting American military personnel killed in action and their grieving loved ones, however, Wilson and her cohorts in the media labeled Kelly’s remarks as racist, demanded an apology for Kelly’s “character assassination,” and further churned an entire weekend’s worth of “news.”

Meanwhile, having already once made this assertion, on Sunday Wilson tweeted that “Niger is [Trump’s] Benghazi. He needs to own it.” Like the good Demo/MSM propaganda outlet that it is, CNN and other Leftmedia outlets took the cue to search for the “massive intelligence failure” in Niger prior to the ambush killings of four Americans. CNN also sought to exploit other grieving Gold Star parents in an attempt to paint Trump as uncaring and un-presidential.

Mark Alexander explains, “CNN is doing everything possible to use the death of four Americans in Niger as political fodder to hack Trump."


Tech Firms Seek Washington's Prized Asset: Top-secret Clearances

Under siege for letting their platforms be co-opted by Russian hackers during the 2016 election, Silicon Valley companies are learning what many businesses with interests in Washington have long known: It pays to have staff with government security clearances.

Major players in technology are bolstering their workforces with former government employees holding top-secret and higher clearances needed to share classified information, as congressional probes and a federal investigation led by Special Counsel Robert Mueller continue to unearth information about Russia's meddling in last year's election.

"We are starting to see platforms in the social-media arena being used by bad actors — in ways for which for they were never intended," Ned Miller, chief technology strategist for the public sector for Intel Corp.'s McAfee, said in an interview. "So the folks that build those newer platforms are now demonstrating interest in acquiring talent that has a lot more cyber-security resources and background."

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President Trump Brings Back A 100 Year Old American Tradition

Is James Comey Running for President?

Former FBI Director James Comey has been travelling around Iowa, the first state to vote in the 2020 presidential primary season, according to his not-so-secret Twitter account.

Comey uses the name Reinhold Niebuhr on Twitter, after the theologian about whom he wrote his senior thesis.

Is it possible that his visits to Iowa signal a presidential run in his post-FBI life? Comey lived in the spotlight throughout the 2016 campaign and the first months of the Trump presidency, so he would be no stranger to the scrutiny.


Maryland school aide with HIV accused of sexually victimizing 42 children

A former Maryland school aide and track coach accused of sexually assaulting several male students while he was HIV positive was indicted Friday on more charges as the amount of victims has nearly doubled.

The Charles County State Attorney’s Office announced Monday a 206 count indictment for Carlos Deangelo Bell, 30, a stark increase from the 119-count indictment handed out in late July.

Bell is now accused of assaulting 42 juveniles after officials originally reported 24 victims in July.

"The ages of the alleged victims at the time the offenses were committed range from 11 years old to 17 years old," the state attorney's office said.


Bozell: 'The Media Are Now Complicit in a Blatant Cover-up'

"The media are now complicit in a blatant cover-up," Media Research Center (MRC) President Brent Bozell said Monday, blasting the media’s censorship of the developing Uranium scandal involving the Clintons and Obama Administration.

MRC research has revealed that CBS has devoted only 69 seconds to the bombshell story The Hill broke last Tuesday, October 17, while ABC and NBC have still yet to cover it. In that report, it was established that the FBI had found evidence of a Russian bribery plot before the Obama Administration’s controversial 2010 nuclear deal with Moscow.

Since the initial story was published, there have been several developments including new reports that the Clintons and the State Department were targets of a Russian influence campaign. According to The Hill, the FBI was aware of several Russian covert attempts to gather intelligence on the State Department and infiltrate the Clintons’ inner circle as early as 2009.

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Listen to Trump's Phone Call with a Gold Star Family

90-Year-Old WWI Cross Memorial Ruled Unconstitutional

The Fourth Circuit Court recently ruled in a 2-1 decision that a 40-foot tall cross honoring Prince George’s County, Maryland, veterans who died fighting in World War I was unconstitutional because it violates the Establishment Clause. The monument, known as the Peace Cross, was erected in 1925 with funding from local families and The American Legion and it sits on public land. It has been maintained over the years by the Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission, a state agency.

Chief Judge Roger L. Gregory, who was the sole judge voting against the majority decision, stated that the majority “ignores certain elements of the memorial … and confuses maintenance of a highway median and monument in a state park with excessive religious entanglement.” He also said, “This memorial stands in witness to the valor, endurance, courage and devotion of the forty-nine residents of Prince George’s County, Maryland ‘who lost their lives in the Great War for the liberty of the world.’ I cannot agree that a monument so conceived and dedicated and that bears such witness violates the letter or spirit of the very Constitution these heroes died to defend.”

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Uranium Deal Turns Spotlight on Hillary Clinton But Not the Way She Wanted

Hillary and Bill Clinton could have been involved in "pay-to-play" schemes, while transferring money through their charity in a non-transparent manner, according to Wall Street analyst and investigative journalist Charles Ortel who believes that the uranium deal may become the trigger for an all-out inquiry into the Clinton Foundation.

The Clintons' "modus operandi" is first, to lie under oath, and, second, to obstruct justice from within government and even from outside government, Charles Ortel alleged, commenting on investigations launched by the Senate and the House of Representatives into the Obama-era uranium deal. It was rumored that as secretary of state Hillary Clinton approved the agreement benefiting Russia in exchange for donations to the Clinton Foundation (CF) from Canadian mining industry leaders involved in the deal. Clinton refuted the claim that she helped support the donors' interests.

Hillary's Uranium Case: Why Now?

Answering the question why of all times Hillary Clinton's uranium case has surfaced now, Ortel noted that it was Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley who kicked off the initiative following the release of reports by US journalists John Solomon and Sara Carter.

Ortel believes that Attorney General Jeff Sessions "has been dragging his feet on putting resources behind a full and complete investigation of the network of charities operated by and for the Clintons that seems to be engaged in the largest frauds perpetrated in modern history, when one considers all the tentacles."

While speaking to Alabama voters in late September, Donald Trump responded to their chant "lock her [Clinton] up" by saying: "You've got to speak to Jeff Sessions about that." Then, during an October 18 congressional hearing, Attorney General Sessions dropped the hint that the Justice Department was looking into the alleged conflict of interest involving the former secretary of state.

Is the Clinton investigation launched by the US Congress, and, allegedly, Sessions, connected to the ongoing Trump-Russia probe?


FBI surprised Bill Clinton took $500,000 from Russia

When former President Bill Clinton received a $500,000 check from a Kremlin-linked bank in 2010 to give a speech in Moscow it served, to the FBI, as further evidence the Russians had unleashed an influence campaign designed to get access to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

The Hill newspaper reported Sunday night that the FBI had been keeping close tabs on a Russian spy network that was trying to inch closer to the Clintons at the dawn of the Obama administration, with one spy – who was eventually arrested and deported – briefly posing successfully as an American accountant and working for a top Democratic donor.

FBI agents were 'surprised by the timing and size,' the Hill wrote, of Bill Clinton's half-million dollar speech, which has raised conflict-of-interest questions about Hillary Clinton, as the transaction occurred around the same time she was being asked to sign off on a uranium deal, which gave Russia 20 percent of the U.S.'s deposits.


Before dumping Hillary Clinton, Sen. Joe Manchin said she 'should be the next president'

Sen. Joe Manchin doesn't want Hillary Clinton to come around anymore. It isn't that he doesn't like her or that he doesn't agree with most of her ideas, it's just that the West Virginia Democrat doesn't think it would be a good idea to see the failed presidential candidate again.

Manchin must've died a little inside when asked if Clinton should come to campaign for his re-election. "It wouldn't be wise for Hillary to come to West Virginia," he said on MSNBC on Sunday. "It wouldn't be a good thing for her or for me."


Joint Chiefs chairman: 'We owe the families' answers on what happened in Niger

The nation's top general said the military must explain to the nation and the families of the fallen what the services are doing in Africa and what led to the ambush that killed four U.S. soldiers in Niger on Oct. 4.

"We owe the families as much information as we can find out about what happened, and we owe the American people an explanation of what their men and women were doing at this particular time," Gen. Joseph Dunford, Joint Chiefs chairman, told reporters on Monday. "When I say that I mean men and women in harm's way anywhere in the world. They should know what the mission is and what we're trying to accomplish when we're there."

Read the full story here.

Mueller Opens Criminal Investigation Into Clinton Fundraiser Tony Podesta in Russia Probe

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has broadened his investigation, originally focused on Donald Trump's ties with Russia, to a major Hillary Clinton bundler who worked for Ukraine's Party of Regions, a political group backed by Russian President Vladimir Putin. Donald Trump's former campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, also worked for this party.

Recent reports have implicated Mueller in an alleged FBI cover-up. The FBI had been investigating the Russian firm Rosatom for years before the Obama administration approved its acquisition of 20 percent of U.S. uranium in the Uranium One deal. The FBI kept the investigation secret, even when it could have prevented such a monumental purchase.


Monday Night Football In Ocean City

LGBT Lobby Calls for Defunding of Pro-Marriage Student Group

Leaders of LGBT organizations at Jesuit Georgetown have denounced the pro-marriage group “Love Saxa” as homophobic, calling on the university to strip the group of funding and to deny it access to campus facility benefits.

Love Saxa is a recently reconstituted student organization promoting Catholic doctrine regarding marriage as the union of one man and one woman, which LGBT groups have decried as “directly homophobic.”

GU Pride President Chad Gasman accused Georgetown of “funding homophobia” by providing financial assistance to Love Saxa, which, he said, is contrary to “Jesuit principles.” The Society of Jesus, or Jesuits, are a Roman Catholic order of religious men founded by Saint Ignatius of Loyola to defend and promote Catholic teaching.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church defines marriage as a covenant “by which a man and a woman establish between themselves a partnership of the whole of life,” which is “ordered toward the good of the spouses and the procreation and education of offspring.”

The Catholic Church also officially teaches that “no ideology can erase from the human spirit the certainty that marriage exists solely between a man and a woman” and that there are “absolutely no grounds for considering homosexual unions to be in any way similar or even remotely analogous to God’s plan for marriage and family.”

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Judicial Watch: FBI Recovered 72,000 Pages of Clinton Records

Judicial Watch announced that the State Department revealed in a federal court hearing that it has yet to process 40,000 of 72,000 pages of Hillary Clinton records that the FBI recovered last year. The revelation came during a federal court hearing in Judicial Watch Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit seeking former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s emails that were sent or received during her tenure from February 2009 to January 31, 2013. The case is before Judge James E. Boasberg.

The hearing focused on the State Department’s progress on processing the tens of thousands of emails Clinton failed to disclose when she served as Secretary of State, some of which were emails sent by Clinton aide Huma Abedin that were found on the laptop of her estranged husband Anthony Weiner. The State Department has processed 32,000 pages of emails so far, a small number of which have been released, but 40,000 pages remain to be processed.

Judicial Watch asked the court to require the State Department to identify any records from the seven FBI discs that it intends to withhold, and why, in a timely manner. The State Department disclosed to the Court that it was adding extra resources to its FOIA operation but would not commit to a faster production of the Clinton emails. On October 19, Judge Boasberg ordered the State Department to “explain how its anticipated increase in resources will affect processing of records in this case and when the processing of each disk is likely to be completed.”


Democrats Increasingly Worried About Virginia Governor’s Race

Democrats across the nation continue to worry about the Virginia governor’s race as the polls remain tight between Republican Ed Gillespie and Democrat Ralph Northam.

Democrats continue to lag behind Republicans in fundraising ahead of the 2018 midterm election. Democrats continue to worry about what a potential loss for Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam against Republican Ed Gillespie on November 7 could mean for the midterm election.

Susan Swecker, the chairwoman of the Democratic party of Virginia, explained, “We’re Ground Zero. All eyes are on us. I can understand that because last year broke my heart.”

Gillespie made sanctuary cities, one of Trump’s staple issues, one of his own. In the third and final debate between Gillespie and Northam, Gillespie attacked his Democrat opponent when Northam refused to say whether he would sign a bill that bans sanctuary cities in Virginia.

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Michael Bloomberg just made Virginia's governor race a referendum on gun control

Michael Bloomberg is hoping to ride to the rescue of Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam two weeks ahead of the Virginia governor's race.

Everytown for Gun Safety, one the foremost gun control groups in America that is bankrolled by the former New York City mayor, will drop another $400,000 in the election after an earlier $1 million commitment, the Washington Post reports. That makes the race very much a referendum on gun control.

While the Bloomberg cash could rile up the Democratic base and bring Northam victory, it could just as easily backfire and deliver a win for Republican Ed Gillespie. Without new voters to win over, the race is about getting reliable voters to the polls.


Worcester County Sheriff’s Office Press Release

On October 7, 2017 at approximately 7:25pm Worcester County Sheriff’s Office Deputies were dispatched to Royal Farms in West Ocean City, Maryland in reference to a domestic dispute.The individuals involved in the reported incident had left the area in a vehicle traveling westbound on Rt. 50. A Natural Resource Police officer located stopped the vehicle.

Deputies arrived and determined a physical altercation did not occur. The driver of the vehicle was identified as William Edward Tubbs (26) of Salisbury, Maryland.

Mr. Tubbs appeared to be impaired by alcohol. Mr. Tubbs did poorly on field sobriety test and was arrested.

Mr. Tubbs was charged with Driving While Impaired by Alcohol, Driving While Under the Influence of Alcohol, Driving While Under the Influence of Alcohol Per Se.

He was released pending trial.

Amazon Customers Surprised To Receive 65 Pounds Of Marijuana They Did Not Order

If you’ve recently misplaced a few bricks of marijuana, you may want to talk to Amazon: Customers who ordered a few storage bins were shocked to find their package arrived with a little extra something tucked in — 65 pounds of pot. 

Betsy DeVos Delays Student Loan ‘Borrower Defense’ Rule Until At Least 2019

Despite the pleas — and legal actions — of lawmakers, consumer advocates, and students, Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos quietly announced Friday that the Department of Education will further delay, by nearly two years, rules intended to prevent students at unscrupulous schools from being left with nothing but debt if their college collapses. 

Job Fair This Weekend

I Agree, You?

Governor Larry Hogan Signs Executive Order Strengthening Maryland’s Opposition to BDS Movement Against Israel

Reaffirms Maryland’s Economic, Trade, and Cultural Partnership with Israel

Governor Larry Hogan today signed Executive Order 01.01.2017.25, prohibiting all executive branch agencies from entering into contracts or conducting official state business with any entity unless they certify that they will not engage in a boycott of Israel during the duration of the contract. The executive order further strengthens Maryland’s opposition to the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement, a discriminatory campaign designed to undermine global trade with Israel. Maryland has had a decades-long, fruitful relationship with Israel that was further cemented in 2016 when Governor Hogan led a delegation of state officials, business leaders, and Jewish community leaders on a cultural and economic development trade mission to the country.

“Israel is a robust democracy with many rights and freedoms that don’t exist in neighboring countries, or across much of the world,” said Governor Hogan. “The shameful BDS movement seeks to undercut those rights and freedoms, using economic discrimination and fear, by boycotting Israeli companies and prohibiting them from doing business in the United States.

“The goals of this movement run counter to the strong economic relationship that Maryland has sustained with our friends and partners in Israel. As long as I am governor of Maryland, there is no place in our state for boycotts and threats which seek to undermine sincere dialogue, compromise, and cooperation.”

The governor also publicly called on the Board of Trustees of the Maryland State Retirement and Pension System to take divestment action with regard to any companies that hold investments with entities who participate in the BDS movement.

Last year, the Hogan administration sent a letter to American Jewish Committee Director Alan Ronkin reaffirming its support for Israel against the proponents of the BDS movement, and Governor Hogan joined governors from all 50 states in signing the American Jewish Committee’s Governor’s Pledge against BDS. In addition, the administration testified in favor of the anti-BDS bill sponsored by Senator Bobby Zirkin and Delegate Ben Kramer during the 2017 legislative session.

“The State of Israel is thankful for the steadfast support of Governor Hogan and the people of Maryland against those who wish to delegitimize it,” said Reuven Azar, Deputy Head of Mission, Israeli Embassy.

“Maryland and Israel are great partners in innovation especially in life sciences, advanced technologies, and now cyber security, with products that are saving lives and helping people,” said Barry Bogage, Executive Director of the Maryland/Israel Development Center. “We applaud Gov. Hogan's actions to fight the BDS movement against Israel so our economic partnership can continue to grow and thrive.”

“This executive order stands up against companies that seek to delegitimize the democratic State of Israel and negate the right of Israel to exist as a homeland for the Jewish people through discriminatory business practices,” said Howard Libit, Executive Director of the Baltimore Jewish Council. “We are grateful to Governor Hogan and his administration for taking this vital action and proud to know that state funding will not be used to support the discrimination and unfair business practices of the BDS movement.”

Governor Larry Hogan Directs Maryland National Guard to U.S. Virgin Islands

100 Maryland National Guard Members Will Assist in Ongoing Recovery Efforts from Hurricane Irma

ANNAPOLIS, MD – Governor Larry Hogan today announced he has directed 100 soldiers from the Maryland National Guard to deploy to the U.S. Virgin Islands to assist with ongoing recovery efforts from Hurricane Irma, at the request of Governor Kenneth Mapp. Soldiers from the 200th Military Police Company from Catonsville will be deployed for potentially 30 days to assist with local law enforcement and guarding critical infrastructure as the island works to rebuild from the widespread devastation caused by the hurricane in early September.

“The recovery efforts in the Caribbean will be lengthy due to the level of destruction caused by the recent hurricanes, and Maryland is proud to help our neighbors and friends in their time of need," said Governor Hogan. "We are incredibly grateful to the dedicated men and women of the Maryland National Guard for their selfless service - they truly represent the very best of our great state."

Last week, Governor Hogan authorized members of the Maryland National Guard’s 729th Quartermaster Composite Supply Company to assist in the water purification efforts in Puerto Rico. Fresh water has been in critically short supply in Puerto Rico since Hurricane Maria made landfall on September 20th. The National Guard members are assigned with converting hazardous water into water that is safe for drinking, cooking, and hygiene by using two tactical systems capable of purifying 1,200 gallons of water per hour.

Maryland is providing this support in accordance with the Emergency Management Assistance Compact (EMAC). EMAC is a national mutual aid and partnership agreement that allows state-to-state assistance during governor- or federally-declared state of emergencies. Maryland Emergency Management Agency coordinates the request from the states and territories with the state agency that has the resources in Maryland that can respond.

The Maryland National Guard has deployed thousands of soldiers and airmen for overseas contingency missions and here at home for natural disasters. The Maryland National Guard has supported the state during every Maryland state emergency and with authorization can provide assistance to other states and U.S. territories during moments of crisis. Currently, the Maryland National Guard has more than 400 members serving overseas in the Middle East and Africa.

Governor Hogan established Maryland Call to Action: Relief & Recovery, a website with information about what Maryland is doing and how Maryland citizens can assist with hurricane relief and recovery efforts. For more information, please click here.

Why is Jeff Sessions hiding the Uranium One informant?

Perhaps as startling as the revelation that the FBI was investigating the Hillary Clinton/Russia/Uranium One collusion and that key figures like Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, Special Counsel Robert Mueller and Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe knew about it and said nothing, is the refusal by Attorney General Jeff Sessions to remove the non-disclosure agreement gag order on the FBI informant who arguably could put Bill and Hillary Clinton and a few others in federal prison.

It was said the Jeff Sessions recused himself from all things Russian because of election campaign conflicts but is it really because he thought it would insulate him from having to divulge what he knew about Uranium One and the people who at the very least knew about the deal, some who approved the deal, including past and present members of the FBI, the DOJ, and Special Counsel Robert Miller’s team? Is Jeff Sessions part of the Uranium One cover-up? If not, then he needs to explain why he is thus far refusing Sen. Chuck Grassley’s request to lift the gag order imposed by the Obama administration as part of the Uranium One cover-up: