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Friday, June 03, 2016

Politics In Real Life: The Struggle To Pay For College

Monica Nezzer, 22, is a full-time student studying psychology and biology at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque. She describes herself as "fortunate." But in addition to a full course load, she's working about 30 hours a week as a campus tour guide and recruitment specialist.

"At least once a semester, I face a time where I am like, 'I am broke. I am stressed. I am exhausted.' And I don't know how I'm going to make it through the rest of the semester," said Nezzer.

Compared to some other four-year public universities, the University of New Mexico is affordable. Tuition and fees are about $7,000 a year, and about a third of the students receive a lottery scholarship from the state which covers most of their tuition costs. And yet many students struggle to cover all their expenses.



United Airlines is fighting back against competition with a stunning new service

United Airlines said on Thursday that it will undergo a major overhaul of its international-business and first-class offerings. At the heart of this undertaking is the airline's new Polaris Business Class. According to the airline, Polaris signals a fundamental shift and rebranding of the airline's international premium-cabin products.

"This completely reconceived experience exemplifies the new spirit of United and the innovation, excitement and operational momentum across our airline," United Airlines' president and CEO, Oscar Munoz, said in a statement.

That experience begins with the airline's new Polaris Lounge at airports around the world and continues with new seats, menus, and amenities on board the flights.

With rivals from the Middle East and the Pacific Rim setting the new benchmark for in-flight service and luxury, US airlines have been forced to step up their game significantly to compete for lucrative business- and first-class passengers. In recent years, Delta and American have implemented significant upgrades to their premium-cabin offerings. Now, United is jumping into the fray.

According to a United Airlines representative, the first Polaris Lounge opens in Chicago on December 1. Flights featuring the Polaris Business Class product will commence in early 2017 on board United's new Boeing 777-300ER jets.

Here's a closer look at United Airlines' new Polaris Business Class, courtesy of the airline:


People with mental disorders are becoming highly sought-after job candidates — here's why

Swedish companies are recognizing the strenghts of people with autism and bipolar disorder. The psychiatrist Simon Kyaga is leading the way with his groundbreaking research.

The suspicion that there is a connection between certain mental disorders and creative ability goes back to ancient Greece. Indeed, many towering figures in art, science and even business seem to have coupled their genius with bouts of mental illness. The eccentric behavior of painter Vincent van Gogh, mathematician John Forbes Nash and inventor Nikola Tesla are well-known.

More recently, Richard Branson, the founder of Virgin, has been vocal about struggling with ADHD.


Here’s why flights take longer than they did 50 years ago

Airlines fly planes slower today than they did in the past, making it take longer to get to your destination. Here's why.


Wal-Mart Testing Drones in Warehouses to Manage Inventory

Wal-Mart Stores Inc. is testing drones that it says will help it manage its warehouse inventory more efficiently, and which it said Thursday could be rolled out in the next six to nine months across its distribution centers.

The move is another sign of how the nation's largest retailer is seeking to compete against online leader, which is testing drones to deliver packages.

During a media tour Thursday at a distribution center, Wal-Mart offered a peek at a drone that flies around the massive center, captures images in real time and flags the misplaced items.

Wal-Mart says using the drones enables it to check inventory in about a day or less, instead of a month that it takes manually.

Right now, employees stand on lifts that go up and down the stacks, and scan items to make sure that boxes are in the right place.


New Pro-Trump Super PAC Raises $32 Million in One Day

A new super PAC formed to support Donald Trump has secured $32 million in commitments on the same day that it filed its registration papers, a longtime associate to the billionaire said Thursday.

Tom Barrack, a Los Angeles developer, told CNN that the Rebuilding America Now super PAC raised the money from four donors in five telephone calls. He recently hosted Trump's first major fundraiser.


Mutual Aid to Mardela for a working Chicken House/Storage Building Fire Friday, June 3, 2016

On Friday, June 3, 2016 @ 0845 Wicomico Central alerted Station's 9 (Mardela), 5 (Hebron), 12 (Westside) and 14 (Sharptown) for a reported Chicken House fire @ 7920 Baptist Church Rd. Crews arrived to find a large chicken house fully involved. Command was established and additional Tankers, Engines and Personel were requested to assist in extinguishment. Extinguishment efforts proved to be difficult due to a large variety of equipment, tools and vehicles being stored inside the structure. Command then requested a large excavator to assit with opening up the structure so crews could finish extinguishing the fire.

This incident was placed under control @ 1201 and terminated @ 1358

Station 5 units on scene: Engine/Tanker-5, Tanker-508, Ladder-5 and Traffic Control-5

Could Beer Protect Against Alzheimer's Disease?

We know that imbibing excessive amounts of alcohol damages the brain, but a new preliminary study suggests that light or moderate amounts might help protect against Alzheimer’s disease.

A Swedish research team looked at findings from 125 males enrolled in the Helsinki Autopsy Study, who were between the ages of 35 and 70 at the time of their death. Their goal was to evaluate the consumption of different alcoholic beverages – beer, wine, and spirits – and the accumulation of beta-amyloid plaques in the brain. Such plaques are a hallmark of Alzheimer’s disease, although it isn’t known if they cause the brain disorder or are a marker for it.

Ex-Grateful Dead Members to Play NC Show to Boost Transgender Rights

The band Dead & Company, comprised of three former members of the Grateful Dead, said Thursday it will play a show in North Carolina and donate money to groups that support equal rights for transgender people.

The band posted a statement on its Facebook page in response to the state's law that forces transgenders to use public bathrooms and locker rooms that match the gender they were born with.

"This March, when North Carolina lawmakers passed HB2 and Governor Pat McCrory signed it into law, we categorically objected to it. We had hoped that by now this abhorrent law would have been repealed. Sadly, it has not," the statement reads.

"After much thought, consideration and conversation, we feel the most effective way to move forward is to perform as scheduled in Charlotte, North Carolina on June 10 and to donate $100,000.00 to organizations engaged in this battle for justice — the Human Rights Campaign and Equality North Carolina."


Muhammad Ali on life support as family is warned 'the end is near'

The children of the sporting icon have rushed to be at his bedside as doctors treating the former heavyweight champ have told them they fear he “is near the end”

Boxing legend Muhammad Ali is in intensive care embroiled in his most courageous bout - for his life.

The children of the sporting icon have rushed to be at his bedside as doctors treating the former heavyweight champ have told them they fear he “is near the end”.

Already four of the 74-year-old’s nine children, including daughters Laila, Hana and Maryum, are at the hospital in the Phoenix area where medics continue to fight a breathing problem picked up by the star.


Obamacare Co-ops Failing, Just 10 Remain

More than half of the health insurance co-ops set up under Obamacare have failed, including one in Ohio that has left almost 22,000 people scrambling for coverage.

According to Columbus Business First, the Ohio Department of Insurance will liquidate the state's InHealth Mutual co-op because it is in financial distress.

The outlet reports that $3 million in claims were being filed at InHealth Mutual every week. The company would have had to implement a 60 percent premium hike for next year to stay above water.

This marks the 13th co-op created under the Affordable Care Act that's gone out of business. Ten more are still servicing customers but their future does not appear bright.


House Speaker Paul Ryan Endorses Donald Trump

House Speaker Paul Ryan said Thursday he’ll vote for Donald Trump this fall, writing in an op-ed that the presumptive Republican presidential nominee would help the GOP advance its policy agenda.

Ryan, who had so far this campaign season pointedly refused to endorse Trump,wrote in his hometown Wisconsin newspaper the Gazette that “it’s no secret that he and I have our differences. I won’t pretend otherwise.”


Obama Agency Approved This Islamic War Criminal To Keep You Safe

A Somali man accused of leading mass executions and torturing people during the country’s bloody civil war in the 1980s has been quietly working as a security guard at a Washington, D.C., airport for the past six years – all while passing FBI and TSA checks. 

Yusuf Abdi Ali, who is living in Alexandria, Va., is an employee at the Dulles International Airport, the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority confirmed to Fox 5 on Wednesday. 

The airport authority also said they are aware that Ali – who is now on administrative leave -- was named in a lawsuit filed by a human rights group in 2006 for crimes against humanity. The case has had numerous appeals and is now destined for the Supreme Court, CNN reported.

Source: Fox News

Refugeehad: Muslim Immigrant Attacks Patriotic American Family

This is what happens when a free society fails to prioritize assimilation:

A family in Lawrenceville, a suburb of Atlanta, said they were attacked by an unknown Muslim woman wearing a full burqa simply because they were flying an American flag for Memorial Day.

Amina Ahra, 30, was arrested on two counts of simple battery after being accused of attacking a mother and daughter at their home, reported Fox 5 News in Atlanta.

Dami Arno told police she was in the garage talking with her daughter when Ahra emerged from the woods wearing a burqa, grabbed the flag from off the mailbox and charged at them.

She told Fox 5 she still can’t believe it all happened on American soil.

The alleged attacker told police she is “from Africa,” but would give them no other information about her identity, not even a local address.

The U.S. government has imported more than 132,000 Somali refugees, and thousands more from Sudan, over the past 25 years. Atlanta has a large Somali refugee community.

“A lady walked out of our woods in a full burqa, full attire, stares at us for a minute, then grabs my American flag off of my mailbox and charges towards us with it, just swinging it with all her might,” the wife and mother told the news outlet.

If this woman is so incensed by her new home, she can always go back to her old one. We're sure it's lovely there.

Source: AAN

Gun Control Activists Can't Answer This ONE Simple Question

"What law- specifically - would have prevented the UCLA shooting?

Writing at National Review, the indispensable Charles C.W. Cooke notes that for all their caterwauling about "sensible" gun policies, liberals can't seem to answer this basic question:

As soon as the story hit the news, the usual suspects began cranking themselves up. Americans, they said, need to “do something.” It was time, they argued, for “more laws.” And the NRA? It was, of course, to blame.

Forgive me for being a broken record, but I have some questions in response to these reactions: Namely, “what something?”; “which laws?”; and “what, specifically, did the NRA do wrong here?” Rolled into one, these congeal into a single, simple inquiry: “What law — specifically — would have prevented yesterday’s shooting?”

I ask because, absent the total ban on firearms that gun-control advocates insist that they don’t covet, it is not at all obvious which rules would have stopped the perpetrator from carrying out his plan. According to the Los Angeles Police Department, the shooter bought a 9mm handgun legally in Minnesota, passing a background check in the process; then, gun in hand, he killed a woman in that state; and, finally, he drove with his guns to California, where he killed both his professor and himself.

In the process, he both obeyed and broke a number of existing laws. In Minnesota, he followed the purchasing rules to the letter, and, because he had no criminal record, he was rewarded for his fealty. But after that moment he resolved to ignore whatever rules got in his way. In both Minnesota and California he violated the statutes that prohibit gun owners from carrying their weapons without a permit; at UCLA he violated a rule issued in September of 2015 that prohibits gun owners from carrying firearms onto campus; and, rather obviously, he violated the flat-out prohibition on murder that obtains in all 50 states. He was, in other words, entirely happy to follow the rules when it suited him, and entirely happy to break them when it suited him. He was, like most shooters, not much interested in the sanctity of the law.

In the wake of a tragedy, people often search for legislative solutions. "There oughtta be a law," as they say. But this gets it exactly wrong. In a world where dangerous people wish to do harm to the most vulnerable, law-abiding citizens should be able to protect themselves. For this, there is no tool more effective than a firearm.

Source: AAN

Transgender Bathroom Takeover Transforms This Liberal

The head of the Georgia ACLU has resigned. Here's why:

What does it take to make a progressive, Berkeley grad, black woman quit the ACLU? Apparently tranny dongs. Maya Dillard Smith was the Georgia chapter head of the ACLU, an organization that supports transgender bathroom “rights”, but an unfortunate tranny encounter in a public restroom involving her young daughters has caused her to resign.

In a statement, Smith revealed why she is stepping down from the leadership position in the American Civil Liberties Union.

“I have shared my personal experience of having taken my elementary school age daughters into a women’s restroom when shortly after three transgender young adults, over six feet [tall] with deep voices, entered. My children were visibly frightened, concerned about their safety and left asking lots of questions for which I, like many parents, was ill-prepared to answer,” wrote Smith.

The ACLU not only supports men in dresses peeing next to little girls in public bathrooms, it is also suing North Carolina over the state’s transgender bathroom law, which makes people use a bathroom that corresponds with their actual gender.

“I found myself principally and philosophically unaligned with the organization,” said Smith.

This is far more complex than the lamestream media would have you believe. What's more, under Obama's proposed sweeping changes, men who were not legitimately transgendered would face no obstacles to entering a woman's bathroom to engage in all sorts of debauchery. Those who called them out would likely be ostracized or prosecuted for failing to meet the new P.C. norm.

The moral of this story? It's amazing how people react when confronted with the hard truth.

Source: AAN

Lawmakers Furious at DOJ Move That Could Protect Fired VA Official

Lawmakers are fuming over what they describe as a "shameful" decision by the Justice Department that could help the former head of the scandal-scarred Phoenix Veterans Affairs hospital get her job back.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch, in a letter sent Tuesday, notified House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., that the DOJ would not defend a key provision of the Veteran Affairs reform law, passed in the wake of the scandal over officials covering up long patient wait-times.

The provision in question had helped uphold the expedited firing of the Phoenix official at the heart of the scandal, Sharon Helman.

Now, lawmakers say Lynch's decision could put Helman back on the job, as she pursues a lawsuit against the government.

Helman had been fired in November 2014 amid criticism not only over the wait-time cover-ups at the Phoenix VA but also unreported gifts. Congressional critics warn the DOJ move is a blow to accountability.

“When Congress passed the Veterans Choice Act, a key provision allowed for incompetent and indifferent executives whose inaction allowed veterans to die to be more easily fired. Now, even after the President signed this provision into law, his administration is refusing to defend this measure of accountability," McCarthy told CNN Wednesday.


Subject: House GOP, White House Clash Over Obamacare Subpoenas

The latest front in an ongoing war over Obamacare between the White House and House Republicans is centering on subpoenas for documents relating to the healthcare law's cost-sharing reduction program — and the administration's refusal to hand them over.

The chairmen of the House Ways and Means committee, Texas Rep. Kevin Brady, and Energy and Commerce committee, Michigan Rep. Fred Upton have fired off a letter to Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Mathews Burwell complaining about the stonewalling, The Hill reports.

"Your refusal to provide the requested documents and information raises serious concerns about the Department's willingness to be accountable for the lawful execution of laws passed by Congress," the lawmakers' letter sent Tuesday states.

Republicans argue both the Basic Health Program, aimed at providing choices for low-income people who don't qualify for Medicaid, the law's "cost-sharing reductions" that help lower out-of pocket-costs for low-income Obamacare enrollees are illegally funded because they have no congressional appropriation.

In a case brought by House Republicans, a federal judge agreed with the lawmakers that the administration doesn't have the authority to pay out the cost-sharing reductions; the decision will be appealed.


Senator: Obama Admin Must Immediately Suspend Syrian Refugee Program

Call comes after ISIS militants infiltrate migrant groups

A leading senator has called on the Obama administration to immediately suspend an effort to bring some 10,000 Syrian refugees into the United States amid new reports that ISIS terrorists have successfully infiltrated groups of migrants in the West, according to comments provided to the Washington Free Beacon.

Sen. Mark Kirk (R., Ill.) told the Free Beacon on Thursday that the Obama administration does not have the capacity to properly vet Syrian refugees for terror ties before they enter America.

In light of recent reports that three Syrians tied to ISIS has been arrested in Germany on terror charges, Kirk called on the White House to end its effort to facilitate the mass resettlement of Syrians in the United States.

“Reports that ISIS terrorists again infiltrated Syrian migrant flows into the West highlights the dangers posed by the White House’s decision to slash security screening times from 18 months to three months in order to rush the approval of 10,000 Syrian refugees into the United States by September 2016,” Kirk said. “The administration should suspend efforts to rush in Syrian refugees and instead work with Congress to prevent all terrorist infiltration of Syrian refugee flows.”

More here

Subject: ‘Fair Wage’ Proponent Ted Strickland Promotes Unpaid Positions

Ohio Democrat advertises unpaid fellowships while pushing minimum wage increase

Ted Strickland, a Democrat running for U.S. Senate, on Wednesday encouraged Ohioans to apply for the state Democratic Party’s unpaid, often full-time summer fellowships, despite having made “fair wages” and a federal minimum wage increase a cornerstone of his campaign.

The Ohio Democratic Party, which is supporting Strickland in his campaign to unseat incumbent Sen. Rob Portman (R.), is currently soliciting applications for summer fellowships to help Democrats “up and down the ticket” win in the November election.

Individuals awarded the fellowships will be expected to commit to no less than six non-consecutive weeks of work over the course of the summer months. Candidates can apply for either a part-time fellowship, which would involve 12-15 hours per week, or a full-time fellowship, which would require a commitment of 40 hours per week.

Strickland’s endorsement of the unpaid positions appears to run counter to his commitment to a “fair wage” for Ohioans and Americans across the country. Strickland says he supports increasing the federal minimum wage to $10.10 and will fight to protect and strengthen overtime wage laws if he wins election to the Senate.


Man Faces Assault Charge For Trying To Strangle Boss

OCEAN CITY — A Seaford man was arrested on first-degree assault charges this week after allegedly strangling the man who hired him to help with a residential remodeling job.

Around 1 a.m. on Tuesday, OCPD officers responded to a residence at 82nd Street for a reported assault that had already occurred. The officer met with the victim who had several abrasions on his shoulders and neck and a bright red coloring around his entire neck. The victim told police he hired the suspect, identified as Matthew Cell, 35, of Seaford, to help him with a remodeling job at the unit on 82nd Street.

The victim told police Cell started drinking around 6 p.m. and became belligerent and too intoxicated to work. The victim reportedly told Cell to just sit there because he was too drunk to continue to work. According to police reports, Cell took that to mean the victim did not want to pay him and threatened to beat the victim up.

When the victim feigned a fake 911 call from his cell phone, Cell allegedly wrapped his right bicep under the victim’s chin and began squeezing as he pushed the victim’s head down. The victim characterized the strangle hold as a “neck breaker” and told police Cell squeezed harder and harder until he began seeing stars and could no longer breath and nearly passed out. The victim told police Cell had a wrestling and mixed martial arts background and he feared for his life as Cell continued to choke him.


Glen Ave. Road Closure Announced for High School Commencements

Salisbury, MD – The Wicomico Youth & Civic Center is scheduled to host commencement ceremonies for area high schools on Friday, June 3 and Saturday, June 4. Parkside High School’s commencement ceremony is on Friday, followed by Wicomico High, James M. Bennett and Mardela High on Saturday.

To protect the safety of graduates and their families, a portion of Glen Ave. in front of the WY&CC will close from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. on Friday, June 3 and again on Saturday, June 4 from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. The closed portion runs from Civic Avenue to St. Albans Drive.

BOOST Program offers scholarships to nonpublic schools

PIKESVILLE, Md. —Maryland is set to foot at least part of the bill for low-income students to enroll in nonpublic schools.

The state has set aside $5 million in scholarship money through the Broadening Options and Opportunities for Students Today (BOOST) Program.

But there's a catch: Those who may qualify for the program have a little more than a month to apply for the free money.

The Talmudical Academy of Baltimore is one of more than 200 nonpublic and private Maryland schools taking part in the BOOST Program.

"It's important as a nonpublic school to be able to offer all of the students everything they can get in the public school arena," said Rabbi Yaacov Cohen, executive director of the Talmudical Academy of Baltimore.

The state funding will pay for scholarships. The money will be limited to students who are currently enrolled at public schools who plan to apply to nonpublic schools in the fall and those who may already be on the rolls.


Ocean City Police Locates Stolen Car, Cash

OCEAN CITY — Two Washington, D.C. area residents were arrested in Ocean City last Saturday morning after allegedly stealing a car in Montgomery County with a 9-year-old boy inside and driving to the resort where they were picked up after a high-risk traffic stop on Coastal Highway.

Around 9 a.m. last Saturday, Ocean City Police received a broadcast regarding a reported stolen vehicle crossing the Route 90 Bridge. The black Honda had been reportedly stolen in Hyattsville, Md. A check with the Hyattsville Police Department revealed the vehicle had been stolen when the owner forgot her glasses and left the vehicle running in the driveway to go inside and find them.

The owner left her nine-year-old son in the vehicle when she went inside to retrieve her glasses and a Hispanic male holding a beer bottle jumped into the vehicle and drove away. The vehicle owner reported hearing her son screaming as she came outside after retrieving her glasses. The Hyattsville Police explained the nine-year-old boy was able to exit the vehicle shortly after it was stolen.

Meanwhile, back in Ocean City, an OCPD officer was traveling south on Coastal Highway when he received the broadcast about the stolen vehicle and observed a black Honda waiting at the light at the foot of the Route 90 bridge. The officer made a U-turn and picked up the stolen Honda on northbound Coastal Highway at around 70th Street. The officer broadcast the situation and was joined by other OCPD patrol vehicles, which stopped the Honda around 84th Street.


Van Driver Charged In Freddie Gray’s Death Heads To Trial Monday

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The officer facing the most serious charges in Freddie Gray’s death heads to trial just days from now. It could be the pivotal case.

The van driver, Officer Caesar Goodson Jr., is facing more than 30 years behind bars for second-degree depraved heart murder.

A huge fight over what evidence the jury can hear will start on Monday. Unlike the last trial for Officer Edward Nero, this one will focus more on medical evidence and whether Freddie Gray pleaded for help inside the van.

Prosecutors have placed primary responsibility for Freddie Gray’s death on Officer Caesar Goodson Jr., who drove the transport van. Among the charges he faces: second-degree depraved heart murder, second-degree assault manslaughter and misconduct in office.


Coast Guard: Boat That Sank Was In Prohibited Area

ANNAPOLIS (AP) -- A boat that hit something under water and dunked a group of fourth graders into the Chesapeake Bay had ventured into a prohibited area, a U.S. Coast Guard official said Thursday. The U.S. Navy warns of unexploded bombs in the vicinity.

Everyone on board was rescued after the 40-foot Chesapeake Bay Foundation vessel sank near the mouth of the bay Wednesday evening, in water less than 5 feet deep, just west of Bloodworth Island.

The area is marked marked off-limits on nautical maps because of underwater obstructions, Coast Guard Petty Officer 2nd Class David Marin said.

Those obstructions could have explosive consequences.

The Navy used the Bloodsworth Island Range for live-ordinance training from 1942 to 1995, according to the Naval Air Station Patuxent River, which warns against trespassing too close to shore.

A Coast Guard investigation may determine just what the vessel hit.

Foundation President William Baker wasn't sure if the boat entered restricted waters, but he said the foundation has led trips into the general area for years because it provides a sense of what the bay was like before the nation's largest estuary became seriously polluted.


WATCH | Father of murder victim attacks killer in court

CLEVELAND - An East Cleveland man convicted of killing three women was attacked in court Thursday by the father of one of his victims.

Earlier in the day, Michael Madison was sentenced to die by lethal injection. He was convicted of killing 38-year-old Angela Deskins, 28-year-old Shetisha Sheeley and 18-year-old Shirellda Terry.

The victims' families were speaking to the court when Terry's father jumped across the table towards Madison.

"I guess in our hearts...we're supposed to forgive this clown...who's touched our families...taken my child," Terry's father said before lunging at Madison.

More including video

City Council Continues To Push Route 90 As Priority Road Project

OCEAN CITY — Ocean City continues to push for moving the future dualization of Route 90 further up the county’s priority list of State Highway Administration (SHA) projects, but improvements to the corridor appear to lag behind in the state’s pecking order.

On Tuesday, SHA officials briefed the Mayor and Council on a variety of projects in various stages of its planning pipeline in and around the resort. Inevitably, the discussion came around to the proposed future dualization of Route 90, a major entranceway to the resort.

For years, Ocean City officials have expressed their desire to see Route 90 prioritized ahead of the Route 50 Bridge, for example, but it remains mired behind other major highway projects in Worcester County, most notably Route 113. For the last two decades or so, the state has been dualizing Route 113 from the Delaware line to south of Snow Hill in a somewhat piecemeal fashion due largely to funding issues.


Incumbent Tasker retains District 1 seat in Pocomoke

In hand-counted paper ballots, George Tasker, incumbent District 1 city councilman, defeated challenger Sheila Nelson 98 votes to 91 in Tuesday’s election.

“I’m just happy it’s over. It’s been a long five months, and we both worked really hard,” Tasker said following the announcement of his victory by Board of Elections President John Haynie.

Nelson accepted the outcome of the election, and hinted she would be run again in three years.

“Thank you to each and every one of my supporters. I’m elated people turned out the way they did, and I may be back, because I believe I’m the better person,” she said.

The vote was a redo of the April 5 election, in which only 132 votes were cast — an increase of 43 percent. The results of that vote had been questioned because of a counting error, with 132 people confirmed by the election board to have voted, while the tally from the voting machines was 127.


Ocean City Continues Repairs to Dunes, Crossovers After Winter Storm Season

OCEAN CITY, MD – : Ocean City experienced a number of severe coastal storms during the recent fall and winter season, culminating with winter storm Jonas in late January. The overall impact of these storms varied, however Ocean City’s beach and dune system were severely damaged as a result of the storms.

Since then, Ocean City and the State of Maryland have worked diligently to remove debris from the beach, as well as repair the dune to provide adequate storm protection for the summer hurricane season. In addition, the Town of Ocean City is currently working with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to perform a full beach replenishment project next spring.

While repairs to the dune itself have been successful, repairs to dune crossovers have not been completed. “Unfortunately, until the beach itself is restored, the dune slopes and crossovers will be steeper than normal and more difficult to traverse,” commented Town of Ocean City Engineer, Terry McGean. “We understand that this can make beach access difficult for some and would ask that our residents and visitors bear with us for the summer season.”

A fully restored beach, along with new dune crossovers, fence, and dune grass, is expected in time for the 2017 beach season. “Until the dunes can be fenced and vegetated, they are extremely vulnerable,” McGean continued. “We ask for everyone to respect the dunes and refrain from walking or sitting on them. We appreciate your patience and apologize for any inconvenience this causes our beachgoers.”

Cops: Burka-Clad Assailant Batters Woman With American Flag

JUNE 2–A woman clad in a burka attacked a Georgia homeowner with an American flag that was flying in front of the victim’s home, police allege.
According to cops, Aisha Ibrahim, 30, emerged Tuesday morning from a wooded area adjacent to victim Dami Arno’s home in Lawrenceville, a city about 30 miles northeast of Atlanta.

Arno told police that Ibrahim–whose eyes were only visible–walked up to her mailbox and “pulled the flag out of it.” Armed with the flag–which was attached to a four-foot long PVC pipe–Ibrahim then advanced on Arno “in a threatening manner swinging the post and flag at her, hitting her with it,” according to a Lawrenceville Police Department report.

Glen Ave. Road Closure Announced for High School Commencements

Salisbury, MD – The Wicomico Youth & Civic Center is scheduled to host commencement ceremonies for area high schools on Friday, June 3 and Saturday, June 4. Parkside High School’s commencement ceremony is on Friday, followed by Wicomico High, James M. Bennett and Mardela High on Saturday.

To protect the safety of graduates and their families, a portion of Glen Ave. in front of the WY&CC will close from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. on Friday, June 3 and again on Saturday, June 4 from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. The closed portion runs from Civic Avenue to St. Albans Drive.

"CBS Atlanta News Reporter Punched in the Face On-Air (News)"

Local Facebook page makes fun of disabled people

Local Facebook page "Stupid drivers on Delmarva" posted this picture of a disabled person in transit during the rain. When asked by someone what was stupid about it? They didn't respond. I think it's terrible that someone, especially a local person, group or page have gone this low.

I Knew The Government Was Watching Us, But I Had No Idea It Was This Bad…

Rapid technological innovations during recent years have empowered governments around the world in their efforts to conduct surveillance. Frequently, technology users today fail to appreciate that their use of some high-tech gadgets sometimes trigger monitoring activities by the NSA and foreign governments.

Some areas of enhanced organizational surveillance capabilities now include: smart phones, personal computers, Internet use, instant messaging and social media activities, telephone communications, innovative automotive technologies, public surveillance cameras, credit cards, license plate readers and even photographic identifications. Although often not conducted in real time, the increased surveillance potentially invades zones of personal privacy. For instance, government agencies currently possess the ability to conduct accurate geographic tracking when smart phone users carry their phones with them. These portable smart devices do not even require active use in order to permit GPS tracking.

The scope of the potential invasion of privacy approaches surreal levels in some instances. For example, the FBI reportedly will soon possess the ability to identify faces in a crowd accurately based on advances in facial recognition technology. Programs will retrieve personal data about individuals of interest. The technology does not necessarily discriminate in obtaining inputs, so activities as varied as posing for a police mug shot or a passport identification photo could furnish facial recognition data in the future. Today, in fact, government entities possess the ability to monitor Internet activity in invasive ways. For example, a hacker may turn on a PC camera without an online user’s consent. These technologies contribute to privacy concerns.


Here's the case for decriminalizing prostitution

It seems that almost everyone has an opinion about prostitution and sex work.

But with Amnesty International’s recent unflinching policy recommendation to decriminalize all adult consensual sex work – including their take-down of the Nordic model which claims to punish only clients – it is becoming increasingly difficult for naysayers to ignore the well-documented ways that sex workers are harmed by criminalization.

Amnesty’s position is based on many years of empirical research by leading health and human rights researchers, as well as calls by sex workers and advocates.

While much of the debate on sex work focuses on what is best for “women,” an enormous diversity of individuals trade sex at some point in their lives.

This includes not just cisgender women from a range of age, racial, religious, dis/ability and sexual identities, but also transgender women, cisgender men and GLBTQ youth.

Yet even when taking into account the diversity of individuals involved and the many settings in which sex is traded and policed, Amnesty studied the accumulating body of evidence and concluded: to protect the rights of sex workers, it is necessary not only to repeal laws which criminalize the sale of sex, but also to repeal those which make the buying of sex from consenting adults or the organization of sex work (such as prohibitions on renting premises for sex work) a criminal offense.

As Amnesty explains:

Such laws force sex workers to operate covertly in ways that compromise their safety, prohibit actions that sex workers take to maximize their safety, and serve to deny sex workers support or protection from government officials. They therefore undermine a range of sex workers’ human rights, including their rights to security of person, housing and health.

Will Amnesty’s recommendation lead to a change in U.S. policies?


Woman on ‘Kill List’ in UCLA Shooter’s Home Found Dead In Minnesota

LOS ANGELES (AP) — The Los Angeles police chief says the man who carried out a murder-suicide at UCLA left a “kill list” at his Minnesota home that led authorities to find a woman’s dead body.

Speaking on KTLA-TV, Chief Charlie Beck says Mainak Sarkar drove to Los Angeles from Minnesota with two guns and killed mechanical engineering professor William Klug in an office Wednesday before taking his own life.

The shooting triggered a huge police response until authorities determined there was no continuing threat.

Beck says when authorities searched Sarkar’s home in Minnesota, they found a “kill list” with the names of Klug, another UCLA professor and a woman.

Beck says the woman was found shot dead in her home in a nearby Minnesota town. The other professor on the list is alright.


BREAKING: DHS Uncovers Terrorist Plot to Infiltrate the US

Concerned citizens have long warned that a policy of indifference to our southern border and the thousands of people entering the country illegally would have consequences. Today we learn how right they are. Internal government documents suggest that a global network has been conspiring to smuggle Arab men across our porous southern border. Via the Washington Times:

A smuggling network has managed to sneak illegal immigrants from Middle Eastern terrorism hotbeds straight to the doorstep of the U.S., including helping one Afghan who authorities say was part of an attack plot in North America.

Immigration officials have identified at least a dozen Middle Eastern men smuggled into the Western Hemisphere by a Brazilian-based network that connected them with Mexicans who guided them to the U.S. border, according to internal government documents reviewed by The Washington Times.

Those smuggled included Palestinians, Pakistanis and the Afghan man who Homeland Security officials said had family ties to the Taliban and was “involved in a plot to conduct an attack in the U.S. and/or Canada.” He is in custody, but The Times is withholding his name at the request of law enforcement to protect investigations.

Will this new information be enough for President Obama to end his lawless open borders policy, or will he sell the safety and security of Americans everywhere for the prospect of convincing illegal immigrants to join the Democratic Party and have at its generous buffet of welfare benefits?

Sadly, I think we know the answer.

Source: AAN


NUS black students' conference voted for motion to abolish all prisons.

An influential students’ group has called for prisons to be abolished because they are ‘sexist and racist’ in the latest in a series of far-Left interventions by the student movement.

The National Union of Students black students’ conference also voted to step up its fight against the Government’s anti-extremism agenda.

The controversial votes at the conference in Bradford this weekend came after the current NUS black students’ officer, Malia Bouattia, was elected president of the union, defeating the more moderate incumbent.

She has previously argued that it is Islamophobic to oppose ISIS and described one university as a ‘Zionist outpost’ because it has a large Jewish society.

Read more

University of Maryland program encourages medical students to consider primary care

Dr. Eugene Newmier moved to the small Eastern Shore city of Cambridge in 1997 because the state promised some help repaying his medical school loans. He soon was charmed by the lifestyle — and the patients.

He now cares for 3,000 to 3,500 people, about the most recommended under federal guidelines and more than a quarter of the city's population. But he is loath to turn anyone away.

"We need to be there," said Newmier, who has not had a physician partner for years. "A good percentage of other doctors in town don't take new patients."

With such a keen understanding from the front lines of the national primary care doctor shortage, he agreed to serve as a mentor in a University of Maryland School of Medicine program designed to excite students about such medicine by immersing them in apprenticeships early in their medical school training.


NOI 6/2/16 Wicomico Apartment Fire E. Elizabeth St.


Date: 6/2/2016
Time:  7:45 a.m.
Location / Address: 304 E. Elizabeth St., Delmar, Wicomico Co.
Type of Incident:  Fire
Description of Structure / Property: Three story wood framed apartment building 
Owner / Occupants: Zu Ki Chen
Injuries or Deaths: None
Estimated $ Loss: Structure:  $50,000       Contents: $10,000
Smoke Alarm Status: Present, not activated 
 Sprinkler Status: n/a
Arrests(s):  None
Primary  Fire Department:  Delmar 
# of Alarms:    1   # Of Firefighters:   30
Time to Control: 20 minutes
Discovered By:  Occupant
Area of Origin:  Utility room 
Preliminary Cause: Undetermined 
Additional Information:  Four (4) families were displaced by the fire and being assisted by the Red Cross.


After signing pledge vowing to remove "hate speech" within 24 hours

Despite signing a pledge to remove “hate speech” within 24 hours, Facebook is refusing to delete a page entitled “I Want to F**king Kill Donald Trump” that has been online for almost two months.

Yesterday, Facebook announced that it was teaming up with Twitter, YouTube, Microsoft and the European Union to stop “racist, violent and illegal content” by agreeing to review flagged posts within 24 hours and have them removed if necessary.

The company has also vowed to promote “independent counter-narratives” that encourage “non-discrimination, tolerance and respect.”


County Executive Bob Culver and Dr. Ray Hoy respond to Council Vote on Wor-Wic Scholarship

County Executive Bob Culver and Dr. Ray Hoy, President of Wor-Wic Community College, respond to Council’s vote on Wicomico County Economic Impact Scholarship:

Please read the following documents for Explanation of the proposed Wicomico County Economic Impact Scholarship:

1. Dr. Ray Hoy Letter, President, Wor-Wic Community College

2. Proposed Wicomico Economic Impact Scholarship

3. Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore, Inc. letter

4. Wicomico County Economic Impact Scholarship

New U.S. Rule Bans On Ivory Sales To Protect Elephants

The federal government is moving to ban virtually all sales of items containing African elephant ivory within the U.S. For a long time it's been illegal to import elephant ivory. This new rule extends the ban to cover ivory that's already here.

The new regulations come out of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, which says the move will further limit the market for traffickers of illegal ivory. They say the problem is that smugglers currently can evade detection and bring illegal ivory into the U.S. Once here, it's impossible for people to know whether that billiard cue or pocket knife they're buying was made with sanctioned or illegal ivory.

Research by wildlife protection groups has found that the U.S. is one of the largest markets for illegal ivory. So under the new system, officials hope that the near-total ban on sales will largely shut down the U.S. as a buyer of the illegal ivory.


Major Wallops Launch On Track For July After Successful Propulsion Tests

WALLOPS ISLAND — A major launch program at NASA’s Wallops Island Flight Facility along the Virginia coast just south of Ocean City and Assateague appears to be back on track after a successful test of the Antares rocket engines on Tuesday.

In October 2014, NASA and its private-sector partner Orbital Sciences attempted to launch an Antares rocket carrying 5,000 pounds of cargo, including food, instruments and other supplies to the International Space Station from Wallops, but the mission was aborted seconds after liftoff in a fiery explosion on the launch pad. In the 18 months since, NASA and Orbital Sciences have been steadily putting the pieces back together in preparation for a renewed effort for Wallops’ most significant launch program.

The preparations included replacing the Antares’ aging rocket propulsion engines with new state-of-the-art engines. On Tuesday, Orbital successfully conducted a full-power test of the upgraded first-stage propulsion system for the Antares’ new RD-181 main engines. The 30-second test took place around 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday, filling the sky with billowing white smoke around the launch pad at the Wallops Flight Facility just south of the resort.

The successful test puts a planned Antares launch to the International Space Station in July back on the fast track. The Antares is the largest rocket launched from Wallops and the launch set for July should be visible to residents and visitors throughout the mid-Atlantic region and across the eastern half of the U.S. After the October 2014 accident, it appeared the Antares missions to the ISS would be delayed indefinitely or scrubbed altogether, but the success test of the new propulsion system on Tuesday signals the Antares missions are alive and well.



Clinton now attacks popular catchphrase despite using it commonly in the past

Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton told supporters last March that “America never stopped being great” in a direct jab at fellow candidate Donald Trump. Ironically, her husband and former president Bill Clinton has used Trump’s now-famous slogan numerous times in the past.

In 1991 during his presidential campaign, Clinton unequivocally stated to the country his belief “that together we can make America great again.”

“I believe that we can make America great again, and with your help, your heart, your devotion and your efforts, we can build a community of hope that will inspire the world,” he said, as reported by Breitbart.

Clinton called for making the United States great also in 1992 during a campaign event in Georgia.


Chicken House Fire in Mardela Springs

Several local fire departments are responding to 7920 Baptist Church Road in Mardela Springs for a chicken house fire. 

Chicken house is fully involved.


"It's pumped into cars and bars and VFW halls all across America."

President Obama visited Elkhart, Indiana on Wednesday and during a town hall meeting blamed “right-wing radio” for distorting his economic record and for making “people think big government is the problem.”

“I hope you don’t mind me being blunt about this,” the president said, “but I’ve been listening to this stuff for a while now and I’m concerned when I watch the direction of our politics.”

When Obama visited Elkhart seven years ago, the unemployment rate was near 20%. Now, he boasts that the rate has dropped to around 4% in the city and 5% across the state.


Thank God Its Friday 6-3-16

What will you be doing this weekend?

Friday Summer Lineup at Brew's Dock Bar!

Leprechaun in Mobile, Alabama

Protesters punch, throw eggs at Trump supporters in San Jose

SAN JOSE, Calif. (AP) — A group of protesters attacked Donald Trump supporters who were leaving the presidential candidate’s rally in San Jose on Thursday night. A dozen or more people were punched, at least one person was pelted with an egg and Trump hats grabbed from supporters were set on fire on the ground.

Police stood their ground at first but after about 90 minutes moved into the remaining crowd to break it up and make arrests. At least four people were taken into custody, though police didn’t release total arrest figures Thursday night. One officer was assaulted, police Sgt. Enrique Garcia said.

There were no immediate reports of injuries and no major property damage, police said.

The crowd, which had numbered over 300 just after the rally, thinned significantly as the night went on, but those that remained near the San Jose Convention Center were rowdy and angry.

Some banged on the cars of Trump supporters as they left the rally and chased after those on foot to frighten them.


Can You Name This Variety Of Plant?


  • Friday, June 3: Due to weather conditions, Wicomico County Public Schools Have a 1-Hour Delay

  • Due to patchy dense fog, the Delmar School District and Delmar Elementary School will have a 1 hour delay. 
  •   Somerset County Schools delayed 1 hour
  •  Worcester County Public Schools 1 hour delay

Did You Know You Can Get Mulch From The Wicomico County Landfill?

If you have a small pickup truck you can get a half yard for $7.50.

Large pickup trucks can get a yard of mulch for $15.00.

The mulch is shredded twice and is great ground cover for a very reasonable price.

Caption This Photo 6-3-16

Mere 35 Minutes After UCLA Shooting- Loony Left Pulls THIS Sick Number On ‘Gun Control’

On Wednesday, a madman opened fire on the UCLA campus. He killed himself and another person. This is a tragedy, but rather than offer prayers and positive wishes, the left did what they typically do: they pounced almost immediately to further an anti-Second Amendment agenda. Within 35 minutes of the shots ringing out, liberal pundits chimed-in and demonstrated the vulture-esque tactics upon which they routinely rely.

It’s another day in the U.S. where Americans encountered gun violence in a place where, according to liberals, guns were prohibited. The UCLA campus was placed under lockdown Wednesday morning after reports of a gunman opening fire emerged.

Within hours, the scene had been cleared and authorities have declared that the shooting was likely a murder-suicide that left two men dead including the shooter.

Authorities claim that the situation is entirely contained and they are no longer seeking additional suspects. The police recovered the gun and what appears to be a suicide note.

The shooting is certainly a tragedy and while it would be natural to offer thoughts and prayers regarding the tragedy, the left has seemingly opted to conduct themselves in the standard shameful manner to which they have become accustomed.

Within 35 minutes of the first reports of the shooting, the left began politicizing the deaths to vilify firearms and those who dare to defend the Second Amendment.


NASCAR Pulls Off EPIC “Bathroom Law” Statement With THIS Move – TICKS Off Liberals

Liberals may be trying to cram as much of their agenda down our throats as they can, but that doesn’t mean that everyone is happy about it. At this weekend’s NASCAR race, someone had a little fun with Obama’s new bathroom law, and surely made some liberals cry in the process.

Signs on the porta-potties in the parking lot at the Coca-Cola 600 NASCAR race at the Charlotte Motor Speedway in North Carolina on Sunday poked fun at the ongoing controversy in the state–and the nation–over a bathroom law that requires people to use public restrooms that correspond to their biological gender.



Now: A Male Gender Gap

The gender gap, a reality of American politics since the Roe v. Wade decision almost 50 years ago, is defining this 2016 election. But it is a different sort of gender gap — it originates with male voters, not women.

According to Fox News polls, Hillary Clinton is running 14 points ahead among women, down from President Barack Obama’s 16 point finish in 2012. But Donald Trump is running 22 points ahead among men, way up from Mitt Romney’s 7 point final margin in 2012.

The Trump candidacy is founded in this male gender gap. Women are dissenting from the national vote by their usual amount. But it is men who are really voting differently this year. On a cultural level, male voters are alienated by political correctness and the focus on the rights of everybody but men.

By contrast, female gender gap issues are somewhat less significant than they once were. While more Americans now describe themselves as pro-choice than pro-life, the underlying data suggests a lack of extreme views on the issue. Almost 30 percent, according to Gallup in May 2016, favor legalizing abortion “in all circumstances” while 19 percent support banning it all the time. The majority, 51 percent, wants it to be legal in only certain circumstances.

Meanwhile, dissatisfaction with wage stagnation, income inequality, the loss of manufacturing jobs, and the large amount of illegal immigration has spiraled, catalyzing Trump’s surprising march to the nomination.