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Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Ireton, Shields Re-elected, Day Wins

Salisbury mayor Jim Ireton and District 1 councilwoman Shanie Shields were re-elected this evening in resounding victories.  Jake Day unseated incumbent councilwoman Debbie Campbell, also by a landslide.  The results were:

  Joe Albero


  Jim Ireton


District 1    
  April Jackson


  Cynthia Polk


  Shanie Shields


District 2    
  Debbie Campbell


  Jake Day


While these results are not official, the margin of victory for each candidate was large enough to negate any impact from the counting of absentee and provisional ballots.  There are approximately 300 absentee ballots outstanding.  As of today, approximately 250 ballots had been returned.

The council will reorganize later this month.

G. A. Harrison is a former editor of SBYNews and a regular contributor.  He also writes at the DelMarVa Observer.

Today Is The Day - VOTE!

It’s been been less than three months since I first declared my candidacy to be Salisbury’s next mayor.  Over that time I’ve had the opportunity to knock on thousands of doors, meet thousands of my Salisbury neighbors, and present a vision for the FUTURE of Salisbury.  That campaign ends today.  It’s up to YOU!

The polls open at 7:00 AM this morning.  You face a CLEAR CHOICE!  We can continue down the same path of lackluster achievement OR …

We can come TOGETHER and make Salisbury a better place to live and to work.  TOGETHER we can make Salisbury more business-friendly.  TOGETHER we can show our existing businesses that Salisbury is a place to grow and to provide more jobs in our community.  TOGETHER we can show potential new employers that Salisbury is a GREAT PLACE TO CALL HOME!

There’s an old saying – “A rising tide lifts all boats.”  By attracting new employers and encouraging our existing job creators that Salisbury is THE PLACE to call home, we will improve our QUALITY of LIFE without breaking the fiscal bank!  JOBS will allow the city to provide essential services WITHOUT HIGHER TAX RATES.  JOBS will foster more home ownership, stabilize and enhance our NEIGHBORHOODS and help to REDUCE CRIME.

WE can do this, but you need to come out and VOTE TODAY!

Our Polling Places Are:

DISTRICT 1:  Fire Station 16 – 325 Cypress Street

DISTRICT 2:  Wicomico Presbyterian Church – 129 Broad Street

DISTRICT 2:  Harvest Baptist Church – 119 South Boulevard

THE FUTURE IS YOURS!  Don’t forget to vote.



Albero for Mayor – By Authority of Luke Rommel, Treasurer

37 O’Malley Tax Increases Cost Us $3.1 Billion More Each Year

Annapolis – Change Maryland released today an updated list of tax, fee and toll increases under the O’Malley Administration. This latest report details 37 increases that remove an additional $3.1 billion more out of the pockets of Marylander’s every year.

Final passage in the legislature of transportation taxes and offshore wind fee increases will add another $800 million in additional annual tax burdens borne by Marylander’s. The previous Change Maryland list released one week ago quantified an annual impact of $2.3 billion on 32 levies.

The so-called “Transportation Infrastructure Investment Act” is actually four different revenue measures rolled into one bill – sales taxes on fuel, indexing the previously flat excise tax to inflation and increased mass-transit and vehicle registration fees. Bringing the total to 37, the Maryland Offshore Wind Energy Act enables the collection of fees from electricity ratepayers needed to support the concept.