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Monday, May 01, 2017

When This Boat Crew Realized What They Were Seeing, It Was Almost Too Late To Escape Alive!

The crew of the Maiken sailed through the South Pacific when they spotted a strange discoloration on the water. They moved in closer to inspect it, but by the time they realized what it was, it was too almost too late to escape alive!

We might not realize it in front of our eyes, but the Earth is still changing all the time! It just happens so slowly that we can’t really perceive it. Every now and then, things speed up… a lot!

The crew of the Maiken was enjoying a leisurely sail through the South Pacific when they spotted a strange discoloration on the water. They moved in closer to inspect it, but by the time they realized what it was, it was too late…


DNC Chair: Party Will Exclude Pro-Life Candidates

Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chairman Tom Perez’s announcement that pro-lifers are not welcome in his party has planted the seeds of rebellion among some Democrats and sharpened the view that the party is now primarily defined by its embrace of abortion on demand.

“Every Democrat, like every American, should support a woman’s right to make her own choices about her body and her health,” Perez said, as the HuffPost reported. “That is not negotiable and should not change city by city or state by state.”

Perez’s comments came after the DNC decided to support Heath Mello in the Omaha, Nebraska, mayoral race. Mello, it was discovered, had previously voted in the state legislature consistent with his personal pro-life views:

More here

Heroic 5-Year-Old Boy Escapes Wreck To Help Rescue His Father

A small Kentucky boy pulled off huge heroics this past week, helping to rescue his father from the wreckage of a car.

Tuesday was dad-and-son time, as Ayden Ison, 5, and his dad, Shane, were driving along Route 7 in Whitesburg, Ky.

Then a tire blew.

The car went out of control and careened down a 20-foot embankment, ending up just a few feet away from a stream.


Former Federal Prosecutor: Liberal Media Bias Got Trump Elected

“He’s solidified the Supreme Court for a generation.” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell gets an “A plus” from diGenova, too, for his stratagem on judges.

DiGenova adds Trump’s “instincts are superb. The best example? Look at what he has done with communist China on North Korea. He has changed their behavior in a couple of months by the use of raw military power and the persuasiveness of his conversations over some of the best ice cream in history apparently.”

He offers suggestions in this exclusive interview for The Daily Caller News Foundation focused on personnel. He says the biggest threat to Trump’s agenda is the burrowed-in Obama holdovers within the federal government. If the new White House finalizes their political appointments, they can thwart the resistance movement taking hold inside of the federal government, he says. FBI Director James Comey, for example, is someone diGenova calls “dangerous” and should have been replaced by Trump.


WATCH: A massive explosion is caught on camera in Ohio after a wrong-way driver slams into a tanker.

New Report: A More Conservative Alternative To Fox News Is In The Works

The canning of Bill O’Reilly by Fox News has now created an opportunity for an alternative conservative news network. Fox fans have been all over the spectrum in their reaction to the latest moves by Fox. Overall, they are seemingly taking a left turn in their position on things politic. It is feared that they will no longer live up to their promise of Fair And Balanced. Who are the conservative “fat cats” that may be looking at this? Feel free to speculate among yourselves, but read the guesses below.

According to a source close with the negotiations, “conservative fat cats” are talking very seriously about launching a rival to Fox News Network. The reports come amid continued internal turmoil within the solitary mainstream right-leaning news network, turmoil largely caused by external scrutiny over sexual harassment allegations directed at two high-profile figures and what appears to be a power shift at the top.


Home Depot customers' private data is at risk...again

ATLANTA, Ga. —Your personal information may be at risk if you're a Home Depot customer.

According to the Consumerist on Friday, the Atlanta-based retail chain has been storing massive amounts of customer data on unencrypted, publicly available web pages, leaving it open to hackers and identity thieves.

Some customers' files were even findable through search engines like Google.

Up to 8,000 shoppers' personal information was stored in vulnerable Excel documents, which included some customers' photos and past purchases.

The leak did not compromise any financial data, such as credit or debit card numbers and bank account information.


How to Get Free Food Just for Joining

Get Free Food Even When It's Not Your Birthday

Planning a night out but don't want to break the bank? I've got you covered with this huge list of restaurants that give you free food just for signing up with them.

In exchange for you signing up for the restaurant's loyalty program or downloading their mobile app, they want to reward you with giving you something for free. This can mean a free appetizer, dessert, or even getting an entree for free.

As a member, you'll also score a lot of free birthday meals.

This list is divided into two different sections. The first section is programs that you can sign up for that will give you free food without you having to make any purchase at all. The bottom section is free food offers that do require you to make a minimum purchase in order to redeem the reward.


Breaking News: Bill Shine, a top Fox News executive, is out. Several sexual harassment lawsuits said he enabled Roger Ailes's behavior.

Fox News announced the exit of one of its co-presidents, Bill Shine, removing a holdover from the Roger Ailes era and signaling that the network is prepared to shake up its executive ranks as it tries to move past a season of turmoil that has engulfed it since last summer.

Mr. Shine is a veteran newsman and a longtime lieutenant to Mr. Ailes, the former chairman who was forced out amid a sexual harassment scandal in July. Although Mr. Shine was seen as a source of stability in the news division at a turbulent time, his presence was viewed by some employees as a sign that Fox News’s parent, 21st Century Fox, was not serious about its stated commitment to reform the culture of the network.


State Officials and Local Traffic-Safety Leaders Join to Help End Fatal Crashes in Maryland

Linthicum Heights, MD – Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) Secretary Pete K. Rahn today joined top law enforcement officials and traffic-safety advocates to issue a call-to-action to eliminate highway fatalities in Maryland. Preliminary data collected by MDOT indicates that in 2016, 523 people died in traffic crashes on the state’s roads, up from the 521 who died in 2015. Across the nation, preliminary numbers from the National Safety Council show roadway fatalities rose by more than six percent last year to more than 40,000 total.

“Every life lost is an avoidable tragedy,” said Transportation Secretary Rahn. “We are counting on you to take responsibility for your life and the life of everyone in your car. Don’t start the car until everyone buckles up. Your life depends on it.”

Over the last two years, from 2014 to 2016, people drove two billion more miles on Maryland roads due to low gas prices and other economic factors. Maryland continues to work hard to make our highways safer by strengthening and enforcing traffic laws, funding roadway improvements, and educating Marylanders about the role they play in highway safety.

Heritage Foundation goes establishment, again

Board dumps DeMint, replaces him with predecessor

The Heritage Foundation, which, under the leadership of former Sen. Jim DeMint, became a strongly conservative think tank that embraced the Trump revolution and anti-establishment Republicanism, just threw it in reverse.

DeMint is out. Former president Ed Fuelner, 75, who earlier retired, is back.

“This is a big setback for real, vibrant, anti-establishment, grass-roots conservatism,” said one Heritage insider. “Big donors – be they foreign or globalist corporate interests – will be back along with establishment Republicanism.”

DeMint’s undoing with board members is said to be Heritage’s siding with House Freedom Caucus firebrands in pushing for repeal of Obamacare over House Speaker Paul Ryan’s incrementalist approach, which many conservatives saw as a sellout.

Nobody at Heritage is talking on the record.




The popular banners honoring local Delmarva men and women who served in our nation’s military services will be returning to the small town of Mardela Springs soon.

For those who purchased banners last year, this will mark the second year their loved ones will be so honored. Veterans may have served at any time in our nation’s history (last year’s oldest was a World War One vet) or may be currently in service. For any who did not purchase banners last year, the opportunity to do so is now returning. Chairman Charles Echard Jr. is accepting applications, which can be found on Westside Historical Society’s web site, or is available by emailing or phoning 410-726-8047 or 443-783-9612. Echard hopes to have the banners mounted on the light poles along Main and Bridge (perhaps more this year) Streets by Memorial Day. It takes approximately two weeks from the time the application is received to get the large (plus two smaller) banners returned and ready for display. Veterans do not have to be Mardela Springs natives. Veterans honored with banners last year were from all over the lower Shore. In addition to the large 2’x3’ banner hung in town, each purchaser also receives two smaller banners (1’x1.5’), all on heavy vinyl, which can be displayed any way the family wishes. Large banners will be displayed for three years. To view more about this program as it has been done in other towns around the country, visit .

The cost for the three banners, and for materials needed for hanging them, is $100. A good quality photograph is requested, but if no photo is available, a silhouette can be substituted on the banners. All submitted photos will be returned, unharmed, to the applicant.

1994: Maxine Waters Embarrasses Herself (THROWBACK) - "SHUT UP!!!"

PRESS RELEASE: 911 VIP Awards Ceremony

Trump to stick with conservative list for next Supreme Court pick

President Trump will turn to the same list of conservative potential U.S. Supreme Court nominees he rolled out during the campaign to fill the next vacancy on the high court, he told The Washington Times in an exclusive interview in which he also predicted his first pick, Justice Neil Gorsuch, will leave a lasting impression on the court.

Mr. Trump said he’s heard rumors about the chances that one of the justices will retire when the current court session ends in June, but said he doesn’t have any inside knowledge.

“I don’t know. I have a lot of respect for Justice Kennedy, but I just don’t know,” Mr. Trump said, referring to the senior member of the bench, Justice Anthony M. Kennedy. “I don’t like talking about it. I’ve heard the same rumors that a lot of people have heard. And I have a lot of respect for that gentleman, a lot.”


WCSO Press Releases - May 1, 2017

Incident: Assault
Date of Incident: 27 April 2017
Location: 500 block of Hearn Lane, Salisbury, MD
Suspect: Dayquan Tyrez Williams, 21, Salisbury, MD
Narrative: On 27 April 2017 at 4:14 PM a deputy arrested Dayquan Williams following an allegation of an assault. According to the victim in this case, she was arguing with Williams when he grabbed the victim by the back of the neck and threw her on a bed several times. The victim stated she tried to exit the room but Williams grabbed her again preventing her from leaving.
The deputy transported Williams to the Central Booking Unit where he was processed and taken in front of the District Court Commissioner. Following an initial appearance, the Commissioner detained Williams in the Detention Center in lieu of $5,000.00 bond.
Charges: Assault 2nd Degree, Reckless Endangerment, False Imprisonment

Incident: Assault
Date of Incident: 26 April 2017
Location: 700 block of College Lane, Salisbury, MD
Suspect: Aaron Devon Greene, 31, Salisbury, MD
Narrative: On 26 April 2017 at 11:24 a deputy arrested Aaron Greene following an allegation of an assault. According to the victim in this case, she became involved in an argument with Greene that turned physical. The victim stated that Green pushed the victim and also choked her.
Upon arrest Greene was transported to the Central Booking Unit where he was processed and taken in front of the District Court Commissioner. Following an initial appearance, the Commissioner detained Greene on a bond of $5,000.00.
Charges: Assault 2nd Degree and Reckless Endangerment

Incident: DUI
Date of Incident: 30 April 2017
Location: Naylor Mill Road, Salisbury, MD
Suspect: David Campbell, 59, Salisbury, MD
Narrative: On 30 April 2017 at 6:20 PM, a deputy observed a vehicle driving very slowly through a restricted entry area marked by signage on the property of the Sheriff’s Office. That same deputy then approached the vehicle after the operator parked into the front parking lot, taking up two spaces. Upon identifying the operator as David Campbell of Salisbury, the deputy learned that Campbell was at the Wicomico Public Safety complex to pick his “buddy” up from the county Detention Center. The deputy also detected a strong odor of alcohol emanating from Campbell and suspected that Campbell was operating his vehicle while under the influence. This was further supported after the deputy observed that Campbell was staggering and using his vehicle for support.
Campbell was also found to have an unopened small bottle of vodka in the cargo pocket of his pants.
Following the administration of sobriety testing, the deputy placed Campbell under arrest for DUI. During subsequent processing, Campbell provided a breath sample of .23.
Campbell was released to a sober driver upon the issuance of citations.
Charges: Driving Under the influence of Alcohol per se

‘I feel vindicated’: Former Va. Gov. McDonnell speaks to ’60 Minutes’

WASHINGTON — The U.S. Supreme Court unanimously overturned former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell’s 2014 corruption conviction in June 2016. This year, McDonnell discusses the case that cost the former Republican politician his reputation and $27 million in legal fees in a “60 Minutes” interview Sunday.

“At this point, I feel vindicated,” McDonnell told “60 Minutes.”

But when asked if the issue fit the churchgoer’s moral code, McDonnell replied, “If I’d do it over again, I was governor, I wouldn’t take any gifts. I didn’t need them.”


Indicted Fmr Dem Rep. Corrine Brown Spent Campaign Cash After Primary Loss

Expensed $13,476 in petty cash, hotels, travel after electoral defeat

The campaign committee of former Rep. Corrine Brown (D., Fla.), who is currently on trial for corruption charges, spent thousands on hotels and small travel expenses after Brown was defeated in the Democratic primary last year.

Brown, who lost to former Florida State Sen. Al Lawson in the August 2016 primary, spent$11,278 on "lodging" at a Marriot Hotel in Bethesda, Maryland in late September 2016, nearly one month after the election.

In addition to the hotel expenditures, the campaign disclosed three "petty cash" transactions totaling more than $2,000 during the two-week span between October 16 and November 4.

A small amount ($185) also was spent on travel expenses in Houston, Texas and Jacksonville,Florida.


JUST IN: Multiple People Stabbed On UT Campus

AUSTIN (CBSDFW.COM) – Multiple people were stabbed on the The University of Texas at Austin campus, according to a tweet from the Austin Police Department.

The attack happened near Gregory Gym, according to the tweet.

One person is in custody ‘yet police are telling people to avoid the area.

The following tweet from a college student whose Twitter handle is “Tarzan” tweeted the following video of paramedics treating one of the victims.


UPDATE: Dallas EMT & Civilian Wounded In East Dallas Shooting

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – A Dallas Fire & Rescue EMT and an unidentified civilian were wounded in a shooting in east Dallas, in the 3200 block of Reynolds Street, just south of I-30 near Dolphin Rd.

Emergency crews responded to a call around 11:30 Monday morning when they came under fire.

Dallas Fire-Rescue said as paramedics were beginning treatment on a shooting victim, a suspect approached and opened fire.

The EMT who was shot was rushed to Baylor Medical Center. The EMT remains in critical but stable condition.


First group of alleged inaugural rioters appears in DC court

WASHINGTON — Twelve people charged with inaugural rioting in D.C. appeared before a Superior Court Judge on Friday.

Their arraignment came hours after a grand jury issued a superseding indictment, which added more charges against those arrested Jan. 20.

Appearing Friday in court was the first group of the 214 arrested and charged in the unrest on 16 city blocks that occurred while President Trump was being inaugurated. During that mayhem, several businesses had windows broken and other property damage. Rioters also threw rocks and other objects at officers.

Judge Lynn Leibovitz heard two cases — the first involving an alleged rioter from Florida, the other involving the pleas of 11 indicted on a charge of inciting a riot and destruction of property, among other charges.



The answer must come within months

The nation’s conspiracy-theorist-in-chief is facing a momentous decision. Will President Donald Trump allow the public to see a trove of thousands of long-secret government files about the event that, more than any other in modern American history, has fueled conspiracy theories – the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy?

The answer must come within months. And, according to a new timeline offered by the National Archives, it could come within weeks.

Under the deadline set by a 1992 law, Trump has six months left to decide whether he will block the release of an estimated 3,600 files related to the assassination that are still under seal at the Archives. From what is known of the JFK documents, most come from the CIA and FBI, and a number may help resolve lingering questions about whether those agencies missed evidence of a conspiracy in Kennedy’s death. As with every earlier release of JFK assassination documents in the 53 years since shots rang out in Dealey Plaza in Dallas, it is virtually certain that some of the files will be seized on to support popular conspiracy theories about Kennedy’s murder; other documents are likely to undermine them.


NOI 5/1/17 Wicomico Dwelling Fire Camden Avenue


Date:   May 1, 2017
Time:   2:32 a.m.
Location / Address:  1602 Camden Ave., Salisbury, Wicomico Co
Type of Incident:  Fire
Description of Structure / Property:  Split level wood framed single family dwelling
Owner / Occupants:  Consuelo Gallardo
Injuries or Deaths:  None
Estimated $ Loss: Structure:  $1,000                      Contents: $100
Smoke Alarm Status:  Present, not working
Fire Alarm / Sprinkler Status:  n/a
Arrests(s):  None
Primary Responding Fire Department:  Fruitland
# of Alarms:  1     # Of Firefighters:  15
Time to Control:  10 minutes
Discovered By:  Occupants
Area of Origin:  Basement level family room
Preliminary Cause:  Accidental, electrical
Additional Information: 

Report: Sanders’ wife involved in college scandal being probed by the Feds

Claims have been made that Vermont senator Bernie Sanders’ wife Jane knowingly misrepresented finances to obtain loans for Burlington College, where she was president until she resigned in 2011.

According to public records released by the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), an investigation into the activities of the now-defunct college is in progress. In May 2016, the “crushing weight of debt” incurred by Jane O’Meara Sanders, wife of Bernie Sanders, forced closure of the college.

As president of the institution from 2004-2011, Jane Sanders “oversaw an aggressive effort to enroll more students and expand the campus to accommodate a bigger student body.”


Severe Weather Possible in Maryland This Afternoon and Evening

Residents Can Take Action to Prepare for Spring Storms

REISTERSTOWN, Md. (May 1, 2017) — The National Weather Service is forecasting possible severe thunderstorms throughout much of Maryland beginning this afternoon and evening. These storms bring the possibility of heavy rain, flooding, high winds, and even tornadoes—hazards that increase in likelihood during the spring season.

“Residents should constantly monitor weather forecasts and take action to prepare before severe weather begins,” said MEMA Executive Director Russ Strickland. “If a severe storm or tornado warning is issued, get indoors to a safe space, then, communicate with your neighbors, friends and family to make sure they’re aware of the situation.”

The following preparedness tips can help keep you and your family safe if a severe storm occurs in your area today or anytime this spring:

  • Charge your mobile devices in advance of a severe storm—these storms cause power outages and it is important to be able to communicate after a storm.
  • If a severe thunderstorm warning is issued or you are experiencing strong winds, get to a sturdy shelter and stay indoors away from windows.
  • Tornadoes can form rapidly in the right conditions. If there is a tornado warning or you see a tornado, quickly get inside and go to the lowest floor possible.
  • Know the difference between a tornado watch and warning. A watch means tornadoes are possible in and near the watch area. A warning means residents need to take action because a tornado has been sighted or is indicated by radar.
  • Communicate with your neighbors, friends and family when severe storms are forecast. Following a strong storm or tornado, check in to make sure that they are safe.
  • If you are outside with no shelter when a tornado warning is issued, immediately get into a vehicle, buckle your seat belt and try to drive to the closest sturdy shelter.
  • Watch out for flying debris. Flying debris from severe storms can cause fatalities and injuries.
Follow MEMA on Twitter and Facebook for updates throughout the afternoon and evening.

AG Sessions to MS-13 Gang: ‘We Are Targeting You’

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions vowed to eradicate the hyperviolent MS-13 transnational criminal gang during a speech he gave while in New York.

Sessions visited Long Island on Friday to deliver a message of hope to the area embattled by MS-13, The New York Times reported.

Speaking at the United States Courthouse in Central Islip, Sessions had a very simple message for MS-13: “We are targeting you.”

“The MS-13 motto is kill, rape and control,” Sessions said. “I have a message to the gangs that are targeting our young people: We are targeting you. We are coming after you.”

The trip by Sessions to Long Island comes after four teenagers were found brutally murdered near a soccer field on April 13. Before Sessions arrival, Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D)announced on Wednesday that a new unit had been created by the New York State Police to combat MS-13. The announcement by Cuomo came just as officials with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) announced that Long Island is home to over 200 “hardcore members” of MS-13.


Retailer Sentenced to 2.5 Years in Federal Prison for Food Stamp Fraud


Baltimore, Maryland – On April 27, 2017, U.S. District Judge Richard D. Bennett sentenced Shaheen Tasewar Hussain, age 61, of Columbia, Maryland to 30 months in prison, followed by three years of supervised release, for conspiracy to commit food stamp fraud and wire fraud in connection with a scheme to illegally redeem food stamp benefits in exchange for cash. Judge Bennett also ordered Hussain to pay restitution in the amount of $778,183.00.

The sentence was announced by Acting United States Attorney for the District of Maryland Stephen M. Schenning; Special Agent in Charge Bethanne M. Dinkins of the U.S. Department of Agriculture Office of Inspector General, Northeast Region; and Special Agent in Charge Gordon B. Johnson of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), previously known as the Food Stamp Program, is administered by the Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), together with state agencies. The program funds low-income individuals to allow them to obtain a more nutritious diet. In Maryland, the program provides eligible individuals with an electronic benefit transfer (EBT) card called the Independence Card, which operates like a debit card. Recipients obtain EBT cards through the state Department of Human Resources, then use the EBT card to purchase approved food items from participating retailers.


SPD Press Release - Weekly Shoplifting Arrests 5-1-17

South African civil war imminent as Zulu could seize land

On stage in a stadium in Soweto, the township at the heart of the uprising against apartheid, South Africa’s president, in a green and gold leather jacket, was dancing a Zulu war jig.

A court order against ‘hate speech’ meant Jacob Zuma, a former cattle herder, was banned from singing his favourite ‘liberation’ songs, including Bring Me My Machine Gun and Shoot The Boer.

But, after listening to speeches in which a succession of obsequious cronies described him as a ‘giant’ alongside African leaders such as Nelson Mandela, Zuma delighted supporters at his 75th birthday celebrations a few days ago with fiery rhetoric instead — and in doing so sounded the death knell for the Rainbow Nation.


SPD Press Release - Burglary and Sexual Assault 5-1-17

Auditors say Maryland election board put voters' personal data at risk

A report released by legislative auditors Friday says the State Board of Elections needlessly exposed the full Social Security numbers of almost 600,000 voters to potential hacking, risking theft of those voters' identities.

The determination that election officials did not fully protect voters' personal information was one of several highly critical findings in the report. The audit also faulted state election officials' handling of issues including ballot security, disaster preparedness, contracting and balancing its books.

State lawmakers called for a hearing in response to the Office of Legislative Audits report, which prompted strong reaction from critics of the board and its longtime administrator, Linda H. Lamone.

"This audit is an A-to-Z criticism of the way the board operates," said Michael Greenberger, director of the Center for Health and Homeland Security at the University of Maryland School of Law. He said the "damning" findings call for the establishment of an independent, bipartisan commission of computer experts to examine the board's handling of information technology issues.

Doug Mayer, a spokesman for Gov. Larry Hogan, said the report underscores some of the Republican governor's longtime concerns about a "lack of executive oversight" at the board, where the day-to-day management is outside the administration's control.


Sexual Assault / Home Invasion Early Sunday Morning In Salisbury

Early Sunday morning I heard something on the scanner. They said they were searching for 3 subjects with a knife and mentioned a sexual assault and home invasion. The call was for SPD but soon after they requested help from other police agencies. They were searching the area around MVA and Health South. Below are the calls for service for that day for both the SPD and WCSO. Something was going on, but what? SPD has it listed as "other sexual assault".

Pit bull kills owner outside Pennsylvania home

Police said a pit bull mix killed its owner during an attack on the deck of the woman's Pennsylvania home.

Police were called to the home of Lisa Green, 32, at 900 block of Spring White Drive in Upper Macungie Township, Pennsylvania, Thursday afternoon by neighbors who reported hearing screaming and a dog barking.

The dog was still attacking Green when officers arrived. They managed to put the dog in the home so responders could treat Green's severe injuries, police said.


Texas man catches infection showering barefoot at gym

A Texas man caught a grave flesh-eating infection after showering barefoot at the gym.

The man, who has not been named, says what he originally thought was a singular wart grew to five, spreading across his foot and developing open wounds.

Despite trying everything to heal it, the wounds only continued to grow.

Now having undergone skin graft surgery, using fish scales, the man says he's sharing his photos to warn others of the dangers that live on shower floors.

A listener of The Rod Ryan Show onKTBZ-FM The Buzz, who wishes to remain anonymous, sent an email to the show about why you should always wear shoes in public showers, along with some pictures of his ordeal.


HORRIBLE: Illegals Now Given Free Rein to Commit Certain Crimes In Baltimore

Baltimore likes to describe itself as a “Welcoming City” – rather than a Sanctuary City – for illegal aliens.

It is so “welcoming” in fact that police officers are forbidden from inquiring about the citizenship status of the people with whom they interact.

Now it seems that the welcome illegal aliens will receive from the city of Baltimore has transitioned from a handshake to a full-body hug.

The Baltimore State’s Attorney’s Office has instructed prosecutors to think twice before charging illegal immigrants with minor, non-violent crimes in response to stepped up immigration enforcement by the Trump administration. 


Maryland Democrats Unhinged

 Maryland Democrats became unhinged during the 2017 session. Here are some of the highlights!

Effort To Remove Confederate Name From Va. School Exposed

An effort demanding J.E.B. Stuart High School in the Washington, D.C., suburb of Falls Church, Va., change its name has been plagued with clandestine conversations and deceptive tactics, according to emails obtained through Virginia’s Freedom of Information Act.

Political correctness advocates behind the movement to remove the Confederate general’s name from the school worked in concert with with the Fairfax County School Board to downplay the estimated $1 million price tag associated with the name change.

Public records, which were obtained by the Taxpayers Protection Alliance, a D.C.-based government watchdog and taxpayer advocacy group, also indicate a desire to hold discussions about the matter in secret.


Measles Outbreak Within Somali Community Spreads Through Minnesota

The recent measles outbreak in Minnesota, which was confined to 20 members of the Somali community in Hennepin County, part of the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area, has now spread across the state.

“The Minnesota Department of Health reports the state’s measles outbreak has spread from Hennepin County to Stearns County, totaling 29 cases, marking a new record,” KSTP reports.

“Twenty-five cases have been confirmed in the Somali community,” KSTP adds.

The Minnesota Department of Health added that: “The same number of cases [25] revealed the people affected were unvaccinated. However, in one case, the child had one MMR vaccination.”


Gov. Hogan eulogizes father in 'hardest thing I've ever had to do'

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan delivered an emotional eulogy Saturday for his father, former Rep. Lawrence J. Hogan Sr., whom he described as his "hero" who paid a political price for elevating principle over ambition.

"This is the hardest thing I've ever had to do," said Hogan, opening the eulogy at St. Mary's Catholic Church in downtown Annapolis by expressing uncertainty over whether he could complete the speech.

The governor managed to maintain his composure as he recounted the career of his political mentor, punctuating the address with humor that drew laughs from a capacity crowd at the 75-minute funeral Mass that was attended by former Govs. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. and Parris N. Glendening and by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, a longtime family friend.

"My dad would be so honored to know that four governors attended his service," Hogan said. He said jokingly that the attendees included "every single living Republican governor" in heavily Democratic Maryland — meaning him and Ehrlich.


The Democrats’ First 100 Days

Let's reverse angle. The president's first 100 days in office have been analyzed, dissected, evaluated. Not much left to say about them. What about the opposition? What do the Democrats have to show for these first months of the Trump era?

Little. Trump's defeats have not come at the Democrats' hands. Those setbacks have been self-inflicted (over-the-top tweets, hastily written policies, few sub-cabinet nominations) or have come from the judiciary (the travel ban, the sanctuary cities order) or from Republican infighting (health care). Deregulation, Keystone pipeline, immigration enforcement—Democrats have been powerless to stop them.

Chuck Schumer slow-walked Trump's nominations as best he could. In fact his obstruction was unprecedented. But the cabinet is filling up, the national security team in place. On the Supreme Court, Schumer miscalculated royally. He forced an end to the filibuster for judicial appointments, yet lost anyway. If another appointment opens this summer, and the Republicans hold together, the Democrats will have zero ability to prevent the Court from moving right. No matter what he says in public, Schumer can't possibly think that a success.

What is the Democratic agenda? What does the party have to offer besides disunity, obstruction, incoherence, obsession, and obliviousness?

More here

GARBAGE MARCH: 'Climate change' activists trash DC

Maybe the Earth would be better off if the people who say they care so much about it just stayed home and didn’t create more garbage.

Or better yet, if they showed a little more respect for the rest of us and simply cleaned up after themselves.

The “Climate March” just wrapped up in Washington, DC, and photos show the place was left trashed.

Several photos posted by Rebel Media’s Jack Posobiec show the streets of the national’s capital littered with garbage left by the protesters.

“#ClimateMarch completely trashes DC,” Posobiec reported on Twitter, and sharing these photos:


You Won't Believe ANYTHING on Cable News After Seeing THIS!

Family by Family, How School Segregation Still Happens

Elana Shneyer and Adam Kaufman live a few hundred feet from Public School 165, the Robert E. Simon School, on West 109th Street, at the edge of Morningside Heights in Manhattan. When they started looking for a kindergarten for their son, who will start in the fall, the school was an early stop.

That made them unusual.

Although their neighborhood is diverse, the children who go to P.S. 165, its zoned school, are mostly Hispanic and low-income. Most of the white students who live in the area it serves attend school elsewhere.

But Ms. Shneyer and Mr. Kaufman, who are white, liked that the school had a Spanish dual-language program and that its kindergarten classes had only 10 to 15 students.





Dear Molly...

The Friendly Skies

Caption This Photo 5-1-17

DMV Humor