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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Ocean City K-9 Officer Resigned Today

Officer Earl Campbell turned in his resignation today.

Officer Campbell's K-9 Partner Charlie had undergone a previous surgery in 2009 in which the scar tissue caused even more problems down the road. Charlie was taken out of service this year and the OCPD turned over ownership to Charlie to Officer Campbell in November.

In time, Charlie got to a point in which he was suffering quite badly and became paralyzed. Officer Campbell made attempts to convince the powers to be in Ocean City to front an additional $6,000.00 for another surgery in which Officer Campbell felt those powers to be took too long to give him an answer, so Officer Campbell reached into his own pocket to pay for the surgery.

Because of these delays, Officer Campbell turned in his resignation today with the OCPD. Charlie has had the surgery and is now recovering.

Folks, it's important to know that the Ocean City Police Department takes great pride in the health and well being of all of their animals. Their are channels and procedures in which cases like this, (in government) whereas instant decisions are almost impossible to make. There are some, (including me) people in which making a $6,000.00 decision for an animal, (as much as I love animals) would be made to put the animal down, especially if it is suffering and or there's even a chance it could further suffer down the road.

In my honest opinion, Charlie has already been through one surgery in which we are now seeing the long term results of such. I can, (however) completely understand and respect Officer Campbell's decision to follow through with such a surgery and my hat is certainly tipped to him for fronting the expense of doing so.

In this case, Officer Campbell felt that certain powers to be didn't respond quickly enough and as a result of such he has resigned. Because this is a personnel issue, the OCPD cannot comment at this time. However, I want it known that I personally know several of the people involved with the OCPD animals and while I do not want to speak on their behalf, I will say these are what I call, "Good People" and animal lovers. There are two sides to every story and in this case I am the recipient of only one side.

Not that long ago, (I believe this past summer) we did an article on another K-9 from the OCPD having to be put down because of a sudden illness. The Officer is still with the OCPD. What many do not recognize is that these animals are not just expensive right out of the gate, there's no guarantee their health will remain good until retirement age. In the mean time, Officers become extremely close to these animals and its only fitting that emotions come into play in situations such as Officer Campbell's case.

We wish Officer Campbell a healthy retirement along with our best hopes and wishes in Charlie's recovery and future. This Team, Campbell and Charlie will certainly be missed by the citizens of Ocean City and we thank them for their service.

In closing, Officer Campbell told me, "It cost $6,170 but worth every single penny!!!!!!" He went on to say he was getting out of the law enforcement profession all together.

Originally Posted on 12-8-11. Due to popular requests we have chosen to bring this Post back up again.

Earl Campbell Very Upset With The Daily Times

I saw the daily times article and it pisses me off. First off, I never once said “Shortly after resigning, Campbell told his story to a local blogger, who reported -- wrongly, he says -- he had tried to convince the town to pay for the surgery. The post was met with anonymous reader comments that disenchanted him. Some were supportive, but many others levied accusations and criticism at Campbell, the OCPD, DiPino, Kirkpatrick and others.

"Going to (the blog) was probably the worst thing I ever did," Campbell said.

What I said was I sent the second article to clear up the misunderstanding in the first article. Meaning I gave you the letter of ownership to show and correct that I never asked for money. I even mentioned that numerous times on your blog.

Just wanted to clear that up. Im not sure if the reporter misunderstood me or what but I never said that in that reference!!!!


Earl Campbell Sends Message To Reporter On Facebook.

"Scott im very diappointed that you put in the daily times that putting the article on the blog was a mistake. It saddens me that because of a difference of opinion between you and Albero that you would place that in the paper. Placing that article in the blog was my best option to give guys an oppurtunity to know the facts and give thheir opinion. In the future, please dont make it seem as though im sorry for putting it in there. Im not sure if there was a misunderstanding or what but im not sorry for using the blog nor am i sorry for using the daily times."

New Posts to fall below.

Today's Survey Question 12-14-11

Would you spend $6,000.00 on a surgery for your pet?

Ocean City Officer's K-9 Story Picked Up By CNN

Tarnished Blue, The Inside Story of The Ocean City Police Depart


Idyllic Ocean City Maryland, the island by the sea…Now a town with their police Chief in Peril. Chief Dipino, leader of the Ocean City Police Department may have finally encountered a storm she cannot weather.

Allegations of sexual misconduct by supervisors, inappropriate comments by supervisors about child sexual abuse, police report cover-ups and corrections, inappropriate allocation of police manpower used for personal gain, at least one officer alleged to have curried sexual favors from a victim of domestic violence after he met her when he responded to the call for help.

Serious allegations, not your typical small time, sea side village experience. Officers are coming forward, sharing their stories, affairs on duty, bullying an intimidation by a Lieutenant that refers to himself as a “tyrant” in his email signature.

Even parties amongst cops where an officer dressed as a priest with the cut out of a child attached at the crotch simulating the priest receiving oral sex from a child. All by cops, in the presence of others cops, especially disturbing considering one of their officers is serving time for sex crimes on a child and a second is potentially facing similar charges.

What happened to the Ocean City I used to know?

The Chief and her inner circle have turned a blind eye to these abuses for years. Officers state that they made command staff aware of the situation and no action was taken to address the problem.

The nail in the coffin was the resignation of two officers, one over the inhumane treatment of his k-9 partner, the other resigned based on the deplorable conditions he encountered as a mounted officer. These two officer state they made attempts to correct the situation, to help the animals, but command staff ignored their requests and the animals were forced to suffer. Both officers left the force and now other officer are coming out with their stories.

A local news blog, a major source of information on the eastern shore of MD was the first to break the story., owned by Joe Albero took the information and posted it, from there the story exploded.

So far there are over 200 comments and counting, news media has been contacting the principles of the story. Officers under gag order are posting with three of their ID numbers blacked out; it’s been an amazing three days!

To read the story and see the comments, go to

The comments are very insightful, with great a deal of detail.

Publisher's Notes: It's always nice when a respectable main stream media source picks up one of your stories believing its worthy of even more attention. When I spoke to Earl the very first time I told him this would go main stream and he wouldn't need the local MSM. Many Bloggers believe it only takes one major story, (like this one) that will help you to become the next Drudge Report. While we're enjoying the additional traffic, our main focus is providing traffic locally to deliver business to our local advertisers.

Ladies & Gentlemen, if you're experiencing slow loading today its because of the hundreds of thousands of hits we're receiving. You mention anything referencing animal cruelty and believe me, people will come by the millions and that's exactly what's going to happen today.

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Just When We Thought Things Couldn't Get Any Better....

Along comes massive traffic once again from around the world on an airlines website picking up our US Air/Piedmont story. I wondered if someone was going to pick up that story. It may have taken a while but one thing is for sure, the word is now out there and the numbers just keep rising daily on Salisbury News.

We're also enjoying some mild traffic from the Ocean City Today article on Earl Campbell and his Dog Charlie. I'd expect by tomorrow we'll see a whole lot more.

D.C. Residents, Recycle Your Cat Litter Or Face Garbage Snooping, Fines

The Washington, D.C. Department of Public Works is apparently so dedicated to enforcing recycling laws that they're willing to dig through trash to find evidence to issue fines. A resident says she's been stuck with $2,000 worth of fines, some of which come from a government employee who admits to discovering her violations by snooping in her garbage.

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Who Should Pay If A Bird Poops In Your Food?

This isn't the most seasonally appropriate question to ask, at least here in the Northeastern U.S. And in the Northern Hemisphere. Perhaps it's important (yet disgusting) enough that we can argue about it until springtime.

Simply put: if a bird relieves itself in your food while you're dining outside, should the restaurant comp your meal?

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When To Cut Kids Off From Allowance

Allowance is an excellent tool to teach kids about money while cutting your own expenses. The idea is you'll make them save up for their own stuff, which will keep you from spending as much money on them. The problem is sometimes allowance ends up being a crutch that continues well into adulthood and only teaches grown "kids" to rely on their parents for income.

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Plumber Says It's God's Will That His Customers Only Pay What They Can

A plumber in Texas has a very full appointment book these days. That's because he doesn't invoice his customers for the sometimes costly work he performs. Instead, he only asks them to pay what they can afford.

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Utah Family Supports School That Outed Gay Son

A Utah school that revealed a teenage boy's homosexuality to his parents has drawn criticism from numerous gay activist organizations, but the boy's parents say they stand behind the school and never asked for the advocates to get involved.

The boy's story became an issue when gay activist organizations made public statements condemning the school's actions, claiming school officials violated the boy's rights and put him in danger.


Feds: Ariz. Sheriff Arpaio Violated Civil Rights


PHOENIX - The U.S. government said Thursday that the man who called himself the toughest sheriff in America ran an office that has committed wide-ranging civil rights violations against Latinos, including a pattern of racial profiling and heavy-handed immigration patrols based on racially charged complaints.

The U.S. Justice Department's expert on measuring racial profiling called it the most egregious case he has seen, the department's civil rights division chief told reporters.


White Trash Christmas

Cat's 26 Toes Earn Dough To Save Shelter

Last week we told you about Daniel, the rescued cat who was returning the favor by helping his owner save her Milwakuee animal shelter. Amy Rowell was touring an animal control center when Daniel caught her eye by holding up a paw with two extra toes.

In fact, Daniel has a total of 26 toes – only two short of the Guinness record – due to a genetic mutation called polydactylism (most cats have only 18). And when Rowell needed help to rescue her own animal rescue center, all 26 of them came in handy.

MSP Press Release

DATE & TIME: 12/14/2011 at 1000 hours
C.C. CARD NUMBER: 11-54-008668

LOCATION: Rt. 50 @ East Side Road, Parsonsburg, Wicomico County, MD.


On the above date and time, Trooper’s from the Maryland State Police Salisbury Barrack initiated a traffic stop on a 2000 Mercury Sable for a traffic violation. Through investigation, trooper’s learned that the suspect was in possession of a controlled dangerous substance. Courtney Rene Creasy was arrested and transported to the Wicomico County Detention Center to go before a district court commissioner.

1. Courtney Rene Creasy, W/F age 19 of Salisbury, Maryland

The suspect was charged with: Possession of C.D.S. marijuana. Possession of C.D.S. paraphernalia.

Pa. Man Admits Beating Girl He Thought Was Spoiled

A Pennsylvania man admitted repeatedly punching and kicking his wife's 2-year-old daughter because he believed the girl was a spoiled princess who needed to be toughened up.

Twenty-five-year-old Brandon Bishop pleaded guilty Wednesday to aggravated assault for a series of assaults between March and May.

A Letter To The Editor 12-15-11


I wish to make a comment to some businesses out there, we have many good businesses and kind people in this area, we have a lot to be gratefull for as a whole. But there are a few it seems only think about the $ and not so much on the service. In Church this am we were listening to an elderly lady state that their heat went out on Sunday. She stated that they have only had this oil furnace a year or two at the very most, they called for service. The company Is Austin Cox the gentleman that came out told them upfront that they would be expected to pay for the service promptly when completed that day. The problem the repairman found was some loose wires! Now the furnace is in their basement and they have no children or pets in their home, so why would wires come loose on a furnace so new, and why were they slapped with a bill due at the time Sunday of $244 and told if they did not pay right away there would be no service. Not being a professional in this field I would as did this couple question why would the wires have come undone. And they just had their tank filled up nov 30th why would it not be checked when filled, and these people are under contract for service from this company, at least as of today still. Is this a normal fee for such a small service, and the demand for payment immediately due the way things are done. Please enlighten us all. I know the company we have delt with since the 1970's doesn't due business this way, and if you sign a slip can't they bill you or add to your next monthly bill,no one understands senior citizens are not sitting around with a cash cow in their basement?

Some companies if they do not develope good business sense and a care for their clients maybe facing hard times themselves in the near future. If you have a good paying client that is no trouble and loyal be thankful and show it.

Casey Anthony Could Get $750,000 For First Interview

(CBS) ORLANDO, Fla. - Casey Anthony could get $750,000 for her first interview, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

The infamous Florida mom, acquitted in July of murdering her 2-year-old daughter Caylee, has teamed up with Los Angeles-based TV producer Scott Sternberg to pitch a no-holds-barred interview to multiple networks, the magazine's website reports.

BREAKING NEWS-Car Accident On Rt.13

A car has just flipped over in front of Rite Aid on business Rt.13 . Police are not on the scene yet.

Pictures to come.....


So, you're a cop. What do you make?

Have you ever had someone come up to you and say this:

Oh you're a cop? That's cool. I wanted to do that when I was a kid. What do you make?

Written by some talented cop somewhere, here is an answer that I thought I would share.


I make it possible to keep back the chaos every day.

I make 5 minutes seem like a lifetime when I am fighting a suspect while waiting for back up.

I make going to work for your family's safety a duty that I will die for.

I make myself work holidays, nights, during hurricanes, riots, terrorist attacks and other disasters...... a standard day while you complain about your 9-5 in your air conditioned office.

I make the fact that I may not get to eat, or get a break or cannot use the restroom when I need to, part of my job.

I make running towards the gunfire and bad guys, so that you remain safe, an automatic reaction.

I make getting shot at, stabbed, spit on, punched and kicked at work, an expected part of my day.

I make working for people, who most often dislike me, swear at me, and complain about everything I do or do not do.

I make working 12 hour shifts until 6 AM, my day at the office, so you and your family can sleep safely, a way of life.

Today I might make the ultimate sacrifice to save your life.

I make a difference, WHAT DO YOU MAKE?

During this Christmas season, I give thanks to all my fellow law enforcement officers regardless of their rank, title, department, or agency for the job you do, or have done in these ever increasingly difficult times

Air Force Probes Group Photo With Casket

WASHINGTON – Air Force officials say they are investigating a photo of 15 airmen posing with another airman pretending to be dead and lying in an open casket with a noose around his neck.
Todd Spitler, an Air Force spokesman at the Pentagon, said Thursday that the group is from Lackland Air Force Base, Texas, and they were attending training at Fort Lee, Va.



Out of the mouths of babes---

(written by kids)


--You got to find somebody who likes the same stuff. Like, if you like sports, she should like it that you like sports, and she should keep the chips and dip coming.
-- Alan, age 10

--No person really decides before they grow up who they're going to marry. God decides it all way before, and you get to find out later who you're stuck with.
-- Kristen, age 10


--Twenty-three is the best age because you know the person FOREVER by then.

-- Camille, age 10

--You might have to guess, based on whether they seem to be yelling at the same kids.

-- Derrick, age 8

--Both don't want any more kids. -- Lori, age 8


--Dates are for having fun, and people should use them to get to know each other. Even boys have something to say if you listen long enough.
-- Lynnette, age 8

--On the first date, they just tell each other lies and that usually gets them interested enough to go for a second date.
-- Martin, age 10

--When they're rich.
-- Pam, age 7

--The law says you have to be eighteen, so I wouldn't want to mess with that.
-- Curt, age 7

--The rule goes like this: If you kiss someone, then you should marry them and have kids with them. It's the right thing to do.

-- Howard, age 8

--It's better for girls to be single but not for boys. Boys need someone to clean up after them.
-- Anita, age 9 (bless you child )

--There sure would be a lot of kids to explain, wouldn't there?

-- Kelvin, age 8

And the #1 Favorite is...
--Tell your wife that she looks pretty, even if she looks like a dump truck.
-- Ricky, age 10

Europe To Ban Sale Of Vital Lethal Injection Drug To U.S.

(BERLIN) — The European Union is set to restrict the sale to the United States of one of the main active substances needed for lethal injections. According to information obtained by the Süddeutsche Zeitung, the export of sodium thiopental will only be possible by special permission, beginning Friday, posing a major problem for the US justice system.


All I Want For Christmas

Fruitland Police Department Press Release 12-15-11


DATE & TIME:Sunday December 11, 2011 @ 1733 hours

INCIDENT:Possession of Marijuana / Peace Order Violation

LOCATION:500 Block of Hayward Avenue

CASE NO.:2011-1474

PERSON(s) CHARGED: Kenneth Watson

AGE(s): 49

ADDRESS: Pocomoke City, Maryland

CHARGES:Possession of Marijuana
Malicious Destruction of Property
Violation of a Peace Order

DISPOSITION: Released to custody of Central Booking at WCDC

SYNOPSIS:On the above date and time Fruitland Officers responded for a disorderly subject in the 500 block of Hayward Avenue who was also reported to be in violation of a Peace Order. Upon arrival, officers learned that the defendant had entered onto the property, in violation of a Peace Order, and while doing so damaged property belonging to the victim. Officers confirmed the order and placed the defendant under arrest. Incident to his arrest, the defendant was found to be in possession of suspected Marijuana and a smoking device. The defendant was transported to WCDC without incident.

DATE & TIME Sunday December 11, 2011 @ 1212 hours

INCIDENT: Possession of Marijuana / Warrant

LOCATION: N. Fruitland Blvd @ Hayward Avenue

CASE NO.:2011-1473

PERSON(s) CHARGED:Sean Kable / William Vincent

AGE(s): 25 / 21
Address:Princess Anne and Mardela Springs, Maryland

CHARGES:Possession of Marijuana
Possession of CDS Paraphernalia
Warrant served

DISPOSITION: Released to custody of Central Booking at WCDC

SYNOPSIS:On the above date and time a Fruitland officer initiated a traffic stop of a vehicle, in which Vincent was the driver and Kable was a passenger. The officer believed the defendants were behaving in a very suspicious manner and requested assistance from the Wicomico County Sheriff’s
K-9 unit. Upon arrival of the K-9 unit, a scan was conducted resulting in a positive alert by the Narcotics K-9. A probable cause search was conducted and both defendants were found to be in possession of suspected Marijuana. During the traffic stop it was learned that Kable was wanted on an outstanding arrest warrant through Princess Anne PD. Both defendants were placed under arrest and transported to WCDC without incident.

City Council Special Meeting Agenda & Work Session Agenda - December 19, 2011


DECEMBER 19, 2011
Government Office Building
Room 301

1:30 p.m. CALL TO ORDER



1:35 p.m. ORDINANCES – presented by City Attorney Paul Wilber

Ordinance No. 2182 - 2nd reading - approving an amendment of the FY12 Water and Sewer Fund Budget

Ordinance No. 2183 - 2nd reading - approving an amendment of the FY12 Fire Department Budget to accept insurance funds associated with repairing damage to the roof and infrastructure of Fire Station #2


Happy Birthday, Bill [of Rights]: Obama Breaks Promise To Veto Bill Allowing Indefinite Detention of Americans

There was a brief moment when civil libertarians were stunned to see President Barack Obama actually take a stand in favor of civil liberties after years to rolling back on basic rights of citizens and moving beyond the Bush Administration in building up the security state. Obama said that he would veto the defense bill that contained a horrific provision for the indefinite detention of American citizens.

While many predicted it, Obama has now again betrayed the civil liberties community and lifted the threat of the veto. Americans will now be subject to indefinite detention with trial in federal courts in a measure supported by both Democrats and Republicans. It is a curious way to celebrate the 220th anniversary of the Bill of Rights.

BREAKING NEWS: Senate Passes Defense Spending Bill

Senate follows House in approving $662 billion defense spending bill, clearing for Obama's signature

From Fox News


I hope, for our country and the world, that Ron Paul gets elected. He is the ONLY person who has taken a decided interest in limiting or ending the Federal Reserve. Below is an article of the Fed’s crimes of late. The Fed bails out banks, rewarding ridiculous risk taking. The Fed takes toxic assets from banks or pushes them on taxpayers. The Fed hands out $7.7 trillion to banksters. The end result is the destruction of Capitalism and the support of monopolies, cartels, fiefdoms, kleptocracies, and oligarchies; what we have in our country today. The Federal reserve is a criminal organization, and makes the mafia look like choir boys. The Wall Street banksters own the criminal politicians and Washington. It is corruption of the kind not seen in history, happening right before our eyes, yet we do nothing. Well, at least we can try and get Ron Paul elected.

If Being Totally, Disastrously Wrong Were a Virtue, Bernanke and His Fed Mates Should Be Sainted

Submitted by Charles Hugh Smith from Of Two Minds 12/14/2011

Ben Bernanke and his Fed mates’ secret letterhead: “destroying capitalism from within.”

After four years of disastrously wrong policies, let’s declare stubborn, hubris-soaked wrongheadedness a virtue and saint Ben Bernanke and his Federal Reserve mates. If we had to distill down the Fed Chairman and the Federal Reserve’s policies since the wheels came off the Fed’s “shadow banking” system of fraud, collusion, embezzlement and free-floating leverage, we’d have to start with a systems-analysis perspective.

Any system which separates risk from results (gain/loss) is doomed to implode, as the lack of feedback from the real world (also known as consequences) enables the self-reinforcing feedback known as “moral hazard”: losses by those who took the risk to reap a gain are made good by those who did not take the risk and who do not stand to gain from the risk they are covering.

In this case, the mortgage origination and packaging “industry” and the investment banks’ origination and marketing of fraudulent-from-inception derivatives “industry” took the risks to reap outsized gains from the financialization of mortgages and other debt instruments via leverage, commodifying debt and arcane derivatives, all of which were sold as “low-risk.”

Capitalism’s primary characteristic is that capital is put at risk for a gain/loss. If risk is off-loaded onto the Fed’s bottomless balance sheet and the taxpayer via government-funded bailouts and guarantees, then capital is not actually at risk. Thus what we have isn’t capitalism, but cartel crony-capitalism, a phony version of the real thing which guarantees private banking profits and socializes banking losses.


O'Malley: Benefits Of Exelon-CEG Merger Go Beyond Rate Credit

Gov. Martin O'Malley said Thursday that BGE customers would benefit more from the creation of new power in Maryland than just the immediate $100 rate credit they would receive if the proposed merger between Constellation Energy Group and Exelon Corp. is approved.

In announcing the state's settlement with Exelon at a news conference at the State House, O'Malley addressed his administration's approach in its negotiations with the Chicago company. Under the settlement, Exelon agreed to develop 300 megawatts of new generation in Maryland, with half of that amount to be renewable resources, such as solar and wind. The $100 credit provided by Exelon and Constellation was unchanged under the settlement.

Play Simon Sez With Santa

Try typing in: sit, roll, pick your nose, scratch, jump, pass gas and smoke!
(and any other commands you can think of!)


Rape and Violence: U.S. Survey Finds Much Higher Rates Than Thought

Every minute, 24 Americans suffer sexual or intimate-partner violence, according to an eye-opening new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). That adds up to 12 million men and women victimized each year in the United States.

The data come from a new public health surveillance tool launched in 2010 called the National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey (NISVS), which conducted random telephone surveys with 9,000 women and 7,400 men. The NISVS will be an ongoing, annual project aimed at better understanding the frequency of intimate partner violence. It is the first survey to provide national and state-level data on the problem. The results were sobering:


Capitalism & Socialism Rightly Understood

In a recent op-ed for The New York Times, Professor Gar Alperovitz of the University of Maryland, who teaches political economy there, has written that "something different [from what OWS wants] has been quietly brewing in recent decades: more and more Americans are involved in co-ops, worker-owned companies and other alternatives to the traditional capitalist model. We may, in fact, be moving toward a hybrid system, something different from both traditional capitalism and socialism, without anyone even noticing."

Well, this comment shows, among other things, a profound misunderstanding of both capitalism and socialism. In the former system there is no prohibition of pockets of communitarian associations, kibbutzes, communes, cooperatives and so forth. This is a point made emphatically by one of the 20th century's foremost philosophical defenders of capitalism – or, as he put it, "capitalist acts between consenting adults" – the late professor Robert Nozick, in his famous book, Anarchy, State, and Utopia (Basic Books, 1973).

Nozick pointed out that in the libertarian system he presented in his book there is every chance to experiment with a great variety of human associations – he called the "utopias" – provided these do not sanction the coercion of some people by others. And since the kind of associations that "worker-owned companies" need by no stretch of the imagination involve any kind of coercion, they are entirely compatible with capitalism wherein the major element is freedom of association, not the pursuit of any particular goal (including profit).


Should I Let My 17 Year Old Go To Coed Sleepovers?

Dear Dr. G.,

I'm confused. My 17 year old daughter insists that all of her friends are allowed to go to coed sleepovers and frankly someparents do allow such sleepovers. I don't know if I'm being an old-fashioned fuddy-duddy by my position on this issue. I feel that nothing good can happen when you mix a group of teens who are probably up all night and have access to each other both emotionally and physically while the parents are probably asleep. And things probably don't get any better when you add alcohol to this mix. I'm not saying that my daughter and her friends are all a group of drunk and sex-crazed lunatics but why create opportunities that might encourage sex, drugs, and who knows what else? Please advise as I don't want my daughter to be mad at me but I also don't want to approve of something that feels very wrong to me.

A Mama Bear Trying to Protect her Cub

Read Answer Here

Guidance For Patients Of Dr. Brent Fox

Salisbury, Md. – Local health department officials from Somerset, Wicomico and Worcester counties provide the following advice and resources to patients of Dr. Brent Fox:

· Dr. Brent Fox’s office, 443-736-3755: Patients should call to request their medical records be released to alternative providers.

· Primary care provider: Primary care providers may make decisions to see, treat or refer individuals for pain management needs on a case by case basis. The Lower Shore counties are designated as underserved for primary care, so patients may experience waiting periods to obtain appointments. Physicians will expect to receive medical records prior to making treatment or referral decisions.

· Local health departments: Health departments will assist Medicaid enrollees in care coordination and complaint resolution. Somerset, Wicomico and Worcester county health departments also have addiction treatment programs. Please call Somerset at 443-523-1700, Wicomico at 410-749-1244, or Worcester at 410-632-1100 to find out more.

· Health Choice enrollees and Medicaid clients may call the HealthChoice Enrollee Action Line (HEAL) at 1-800-284-4510.

· Health insurance companies: Patients should be familiar with the referral rules and requirements of their insurance plans. Call the insurance company directly for assistance in finding an available pain management provider.

Merriam-Webster Names "Pragmatic" Word Of 2011


When the time came for Merriam-Webster to pick its top word of 2011, its editors decided they needed to be pragmatic.

So they chose ... pragmatic.

The word, an adjective that means practical and logical, was looked up so often on Merriam-Webster's online dictionary that the publisher says "pragmatic" was the pragmatic choice for its 2011 Word of the Year.


A Hope For Americans By Saeed Qureshi

It can be only congressman Ron Paul who is endowed with enough courage and conviction to retrieve the United State from the sucking quagmire of wars that it has been caught in for six decades now or precisely after the WWII. In his speeches, comments, interviews and debates, he has been conducting himself in a pragmatic, balanced, rationale and dignified manner. The cutthroat corporate sector and special interest groups in America would want to keep this great country entangled in an interminable and perpetual war situation. The wars fought on the strength of catchy slogans like security, honor and sovereignty are whipped up to keep the flow of the capital to the greedy upper classes and ruthless robber barons by way of manufacturing and trading of weapons, provision of logistics, transportation and security contactors and for countless other reasons.


Seven Ways To Get Your Computer Hacked

Computer security is a major issue ranging from the home to the office, and from the seemingly innocent to the criminally motivated. It encompasses things as simple as your best friend accessing your Facebook that you forgot to log out, to hackers accessing government computers and servers and exposing files that are classified and sensitive. Of course, at our homes, international super-hackers aren't as much of a threat as people using mass-distributed software to try and procure personal data - credit card numbers, social security numbers, bank accounts, etc. This article takes a look at common hacking methodologies and the best ways to prevent your computer from being hacked.

Mike's Tech Service

Teen Drug Use: Marijuana Up, Cigarettes And Alcohol Down

The latest update to the annual Monitoring the Future survey of drug use in American youth bears mainly good news, at least if your interest is in reducing drug-related harm: both teen drinking and cigarette smoking are at historic lows; in fact, past-month marijuana use is now more commonly reported by high school seniors than smoking cigarettes. Misuse of prescription medications in teens is stable or declining.

Nineteen percent of high school seniors reported smoking at least one cigarette in the previous month, compared with 23% who reported smoking marijuana.


We Have Crossed The Rubicon

Do you suppose cows have any idea what’s coming as they’re marched down the chute? Or do they stare with bovine indifference at the tail and hind quarters in front of them, until they’re suddenly – and very briefly – startled by the man with the nail gun?

Perhaps Americans will – likewise too late – ask themselves What Happened in the very near future. Perhaps just after the midnight knock comes and they are taken away into the night.

It is not an exaggeration.

America is now on the cusp of becoming a state that does exactly such things; things exactly like the things done by 20th century horror shows such as NS Germany or Stalin’s USSR. Literally. Not “this is where it might lead” or “the tendency is similar.” Exactly, literally, the same thing. The only difference is that it awaits being done on a mass scale. But the power to do it openly – brazenly – has been asserted.

And is about to be sanctified by law.


Earl Campbell Article Surpasses The 300 Comment Mark

Without a doubt, this is the "Article Of The Year" on Salisbury News. With millions of people from around the World coming to see what happened its no wonder the Daily Times refused to put our name in their article referencing this matter.

They have become a nothing newspaper who's only goal is to be a yes man for those in power within many different municipalities. You know, a sort of Metropolitan Magazine in newspaper print. You pay for it, we'll kiss your ass no matter what and say whatever you like.

When you want the real story, the truth, come to Salisbury News. We're NOT afraid of the Board of Education, the Sheriff's Department or whomever else is out there pushing them around.

In the mean time, do go look at how many comments the Daily Times has on their article. Enough said. Salisbury News IS DelMarVa's News Leader.

Baby Seal Enters House And Naps On Couch

Annette Swoffer fell victim to a home invasion – of cuteness!

Lucky the seal pup, named for its knack for crossing busy streets without a scratch, wound up asleep on Swoffer’s couch after apparently entering her home through a cat door, Dec. 11, 2011, according to The New Zealand Herald.



I wonder why members of the military overwhelmingly support Ron Paul?

Death Sentences, Executions Take 'Historic Drop,' Report Says

The number of death sentences imposed in the U.S. has taken an “historic drop” -- about 75 percent -- over the last 15 years, accompanied by a nearly 60 percent decline in the number of executions, a death penalty awareness group reported Thursday.

The release of the annual report by the Death Penalty Information Center follows recent polls showing a withering of support for capital punishment over controversial cases like that of Troy Davis, who was executed in Georgia in September. The decline in the use of the death penalty also has likely been influenced by states’ worsening financial conditions, said Richard Dieter, the center’s executive director.


“No matter how cynical you get, it’s impossible to keep up.”
-Lily Tomlin

$6.6M Dispatch System Under Fire

In the week since county officials launched a new computer-aided dispatch system, police officers have gone into calls "blind" and dispatchers have lost track of ambulances and fire crews, according to the leaders of some local unions and several officers and firefighters.

The $6.6 million system, which went live eight days ago, was plagued with problems over the weekend, said O'Brien Atkinson, president of the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 70.

Senator Rich Colburn E-mail Hacked

Good morning,

It has come to my attention this e-mail account may have been hacked again. You may have received a message stating Senator Colburn is stranded in London and needs funds to get home. Please be assured the Senator is not in London, he is here on the Shore working hard. Please DO NOT respond to the e-mail you received, it is a scam.

I apologize for any confusion or alarm this may have caused.

Best wishes to you and your family this Holiday Season.

USPS Update

The Postal Service and its two largest unions must agree on a new labor contract before tomorrow's deadline, according to a Postal Service press release. That date has been pushed back twice already. The contracts with the National Association of Letter Carriers, and the National Postal Mail Handlers Union expired in late November. The Postal Service wants the power to layoff workers and make other workforce decisions it needs to remain solvent. If negotiations fail, a process begins in which a third party could determines contract terms and work rules for a combined 240,000 employees.

Christmas - The Pagan Gift That Keeps On Giving

Christmas. The time of year during which Christians all over the world celebrate the birth of the Son of God. The word invokes warm thoughts of nativity scenes, Baby Jesus, Christmas trees surrounded by gifts, and family members gathered together sharing the joy of Christmas. But what if everyone knew the truth? Would Christmas still mean the same to us. If everyone knew that every single Christmas tradition, from Stockings hung by the chimney with care, to mistletoe, to Christmas trees, was linked directly to pagan, druid, and wiccan rituals, would we still celebrate it? Should we? Should true Christians really celebrate Christmas? Watch the following videos and decide. Are you a Christian or are you a Pagan?

Publisher's Notes: Sent in by a reader.

Fill In The Blank 12-15-11

I get the MOST enjoyment out of ______!

The Fight Over Who Can And Can't Use Their iPad While Taking Off

You might not be able to use your iPad during takeoff and landing, but your pilot can. The Federal Aviation Administration says pilots on American Airlines flights would be allowed to use iPads instead of paper flight manuals in the cockpit starting tomorrow, even during takeoff and landing.The FAA tells the New York Times that it had tested the iPad for use in the cockpit and that each pilot is limited to one device. With the 3G, WiFi and Bluetooth all being turned off, there was no interference. No word on why they haven't tested the cabin so passengers can use their iPads and Kindles, too.

Transparency Committee Starts Talking

Enthusiasm for making the General Assembly the most transparent branch of government echoed at the first meeting of the Joint Committee on Transparency and Open Government on Wednesday morning.

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Analysis: ‘Balanced Approach’ Meets An Unbalanced Budget

Public employee unions, nonprofit groups and education advocates have been huddling in recent weeks to organize support for what they call “a balanced approach” to the continuing fiscal mess facing Maryland.

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Daily Times Editorial Department Flat Out Lied To Their Readers Yesterday

While Salisbury News plans on delivering a very detailed breakdown on the Bennett Middle School project later today, the Daily Times told their readers yesterday that the state will be paying 96% of the cost to build Bennett Middle School, this is a LIE. GO HERE to read their article before it gets pulled.

I'll tell you what, just to make it simple, YOU do the math. Total cost to do the project is $75.3 million. Wicomico County Taxpayers will be responsible for $42.8 million of that cost.

You tell me, is that 96% coming from the state?????

You cannot trust or believe the Daily Times any more. The state will be paying for bricks and mortar. Misleading the taxpayers is in my opinion is a gross misrepresentation of what they claim to be.

The Daily Times continues to go after me as a Blogger, claiming we do not get facts and that couldn't be further from the truth. The above example is exactly why we are sick and tired of the crap they spew to the public.

They created a ton of phone calls and messages to the County yesterday, people outraged at the County Council for NOT moving forward with the project, since the state is paying 96%.

We will provide far more details but you can expect, (now) a retraction from the Daily Times now that they have been exposed in a much larger audience. Don't believe what they say for a second. It is not true and they need to own up to this massive lie.

Mishandling Of State Contracts Prompts Call For Resignation

Area lawmaker wants Maryland transportation secretary out

The state's transportation secretary came under fire from an Eastern Shore lawmaker Tuesday during a hearing on a scathing audit of the State Highway Administration.

"This was not a single event. This was a culture of corruption," Republican state Sen. E.J. Pipkin, who represents Queen Anne's County, said during a hearing of the Joint Audit Committee in Annapolis.

Philly Abortion Doctor Charged In Pill Case

A Philadelphia doctor charged with killing babies at his abortion clinic now faces allegations that he ran a pill mill out of the now-closed business.

Federal prosecutors say 70-year-old Kermit Gosnell wrote thousands of prescriptions for painkillers and sedatives for no legitimate medical purpose. Seven members of Gosnell's staff were also charged Wednesday in the drug-conspiracy case.

Leslie Laughlin Indicted In Daughter's Death

17-year-old died of prescription drug overdose

The mother of a Cape Henlopen High School student, who died in July from a drug overdose, has been indicted on charges of endangering the welfare of a child.

Attorney General Beau Biden announced today his office has secured an indictment against Leslie Laughlin, 46, of Milton, charging her with endangering the welfare of a child and other crimes for providing her daughter, Emily, with prescription narcotics. Emily died in July from a drug overdose. “This young woman’s avoidable death is a tragic testament to the danger of prescription drug misuse and abuse,” said Biden.

Today's Survey Question 12-15-11

After today's misleading article, do you still trust what you read in the Daily Times?

If your answer is yes, please explain why. Lord Knows JT will send in 500 yes anonymous answers.

New Addition To Simpson's Fleet

Salisbury's newest heavy duty towing and recovery wrecker

Staying with the times Simpson's Towing has a added a new state of the Art towing machine. The truck is out fitted with a rotating boom able to lift the heaviest loads blocking the highways. The truck also has 5 winches to lift that tractor trailer blocking Route 13!

The boom rotates 360 degrees continuous, able to work off the side of the wrecker to pull trucks from the ditches, not having to close the highway by doing this.

Simpson's Towing is the only company in Salisbury to have not 1 but 2 now.

Verizon Launching Galaxy Nexus Today For $300

Ah, there we go. Verizon is finally rolling out the Galaxy Nexus Android smartphone—it’ll be available for $300 with a two-year contract today. The phone sports a 4G LTE connection, a 4.65-inch high-definition screen, and the latest version of the Android operating system (called Ice Cream Sandwich).


Md. Del. Anthony O'Donnell To Challenge Rep. Steny Hoyer

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) - The Republican leader in Maryland's House of Delegates says he will challenge Democratic Rep. Steny Hoyer in the state's 5th Congressional District.

Fifty-year-old Delegate Anthony O'Donnell announced his candidacy on Wednesday.

O'Donnell says politicians in Washington have lost touch by spending too much money without thinking of the consequences to citizens. In a video announcement kicking off his candidacy, O'Donnell says it's time for the government to make sacrifices and reduce spending.


Census Data: Half Of U.S. Poor Or Low Income


WASHINGTON - Squeezed by rising living costs, a record number of Americans — nearly 1 in 2 — have fallen into poverty or are scraping by on earnings that classify them as low income.

The latest census data depict a middle class that's shrinking as unemployment stays high and the government's safety net frays. The new numbers follow years of stagnating wages for the middle class that have hurt millions of workers and families.


Woman Files Complaint After Being Barred From Breast-Feeding

WASHINGTON - A woman has filed a complaint with the D.C. Office of Human Rights after a security guard allegedly barred her from breast-feeding while waiting for a Department of Motor Vehicles hearing.

Simone Manigo-Truell dos Santos says she was at the Henry Daly Building in Northwest on Nov. 30 for a traffic ticket hearing with her 4 1/2-month-old son, Samuel.

Dos Santos says her son was hungry, so she went into a corridor empty of chairs, sat down on the floor and began to breast-feed him.

"I put on a pre-fold cloth diaper over my breast to shield my breast, and I had on my blouse, and a leather jacket, and a puffy jacket on top of that, and I began to nurse," dos Santos says.


Bootleg Liquor Kills 102 People In Eastern India

A tainted batch of bootleg liquor killed 102 people and sent dozens more to the hospital in villages outside the eastern Indian city of Kolkata, officials said.

Day laborers and other poor workers began falling ill late Tuesday after drinking the brew that was laced with the toxic methanol around the village of Sangrampur, about 20 miles south of Kolkata, according to district magistrate Narayan Swarup Nigam.


Squabble Could Force Federal Shutdown

Lawmakers are embroiled in a squabble over a huge spending bill, a dispute that would force a shutdown of most of the government on Saturday unless it is resolved. Neither party wants to risk the wrath of voters by shuttering government doors. House Republicans officially unveiled the massive, bipartisan spending bill late Wednesday.


Delmarva Wood Pellets

School Bus Driver Charged With Using Bus As Weapon

WASHINGTON -- A local school bus driver is charged with using her bus as a weapon, using it to deliberately crash it into a school office.

Police say Theresa Douglas, a Prince George's County Public Schools bus driver, had an ongoing disagreement with a co-worker and recently tried to get a protective order against the co-worker, but a judge dismissed it.

Early Wednesday, Douglas, 40, reported for work at a school bus lot in Accokeek, in the 1700 block of Accokeek Road. Around 5:40 a.m., Douglas got into the driver's seat of a bus.


Indecision 2012 - ABC News GOP Debate

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On December 12, 2011, a Wicomico County Jury found Ingram Hird, Age 32, of Salisbury, Maryland, Guilty of Possession with Intent to Distribute Crack Cocaine. On July 25, 2011, Ingram Hird was arrested in the area of 1709 Dale Lane after running from the police. A search of Mr. Hird after his arrest revealed a bag containing 12 grams of crack cocaine, a digital scale, and $722.55 in U.S. Currency.

The State’s Attorney’s Office filed for enhanced penalties against Hird because he was convicted in 2004 of possession with intent to distribute narcotics. Hird was found to be a subsequent offender by the Wicomico County Circuit Court and was sentenced to 12 years in the Division of Corrections, with the first 10 years to be served as a mandatory minimum penalty, without the possibility of parole.

Wicomico County State’s Attorney Matthew A. Maciarello commended the Wicomico County Sherriff’s Department, Maryland State Apprehension Team, and the Maryland State Police for their excellent teamwork in the investigation and prosecution of this case. Mr. Maciarello also thanked the citizens of Wicomico County who sat on the jury and Safe Streets Prosecutor, Richard J. Brueckner Jr., who prosecuted this case.

Free Shipping Day This Friday!

It’s like the icing on the cake—after you score a killer deal or find that perfect present online… free shipping! Retailers have caught on to our passion for NOT paying for shipping and this year more than two thousand are coming together to offer FREE SHIPPING DAY.

That’s right, this Friday December 16th is the fourth annual Free Shipping Day. The consumer friendly holiday was created by Luke and Maisie Knowles, a pair of savvy-shopping spouses. They started the retail phenomenon is 2008 by getting hundreds of merchants to kick in free shipping with guaranteed delivery by Christmas Eve.



(Sykesville, MD) – Maryland State Police will graduate six K-9’s, two of which will work with allied police agencies.

Sysco, Kacy, Blitz, and Ares will graduate and remain working for the Maryland State Police at barracks across the state. Two Bloodhounds, both named Bella, will graduate and work for two allied police agencies. Both the Prince George’s County Police Department and the Baltimore County Police Department will welcome the new Bloodhounds upon graduation.

Two K-9 handlers and their respective dogs, Sysco and Kacy, will graduate after completing fourteen weeks of rigorous training in Narcotic Detection School. Two K-9 handlers and their dogs, Blitz and Ares will graduate after completing sixteen weeks of Explosive Detection School. And the two K-9 handlers, trained for the allied police departments, will graduate their Bloodhounds after ten weeks of Bloodhound School.

Sysco will be assigned to the Princess Anne Barrack. Kacy and Ares will be assigned to the Frederick Barrack. Blitz will be assigned to the Rockville Barrack.

The Maryland State Police K-9 Unit celebrates its 50th Anniversary this year. Since 1961, K-9’s have assisted law enforcement in drug detection, search and rescue missions, and in the apprehension of suspected criminals. Currently, there are 33 handlers and 41 K-9’s assigned to the Maryland State Police throughout the state.


WHEN: FRIDAY, DECEMBER 16, 2011 AT 10:00 A.M.


The Indefinite Detention Bill DOES Apply to American Citizens on U.S. Soil

“Don’t Be Fooled”: The Indefinite Detention Bill DOES Apply to American Citizens

Even at this 11th hour – when all of our liberties and freedom are about to go down the drain – many people still don’t understand that the indefinite detention bill passed by Congress allows indefinite detention of Americans on American soil.

The bill is confusing. As Wired noted on December 1st:

It’s confusing, because two different sections of the bill seem to contradict each other, but in the judgment of the University of Texas’ Robert Chesney — a nonpartisan authority on military detention — “U.S. citizens are included in the grant of detention authority.”