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Thursday, December 08, 2011

Gingrich Dared To Speak Truth On Teens' Work Ethic

San Diego, California (CNN) -- You're a mean one, Mr. Gingrich.

Well, not really. Those of us who know Newt Gingrich tend to describe him as not only intelligent but also charming. Some members of the Washington press corps will admit as much, even though they usually don't agree with Gingrich's views.

No matter. Facts shouldn't get in the way of a good smear. And at the moment, the left is trying to dampen the appeal of the former House speaker and current GOP presidential front-runner by likening him to a green and hairy Dr. Seuss character who tries to steal Christmas.


Why You Should Love Recklessly

When I first read the book “He’s Just Not That Into You” by Greg Behrendt one of the statements he made that stuck out to me (and with me) was his claim that “you are not the exception”. The logic is that men generally behave in a predictable way and as much as we women like to make excuses, we should save ourselves the heartache and assume that if a man isn’t behaving in certain ways that he just isn’t into us. I think Greg is really onto something here and if you haven’t read this book, I highly recommend it.

Interracial Couple Fights Ignorance

After encountering a lot of hate while pursuing an interracial relationship, I have decided to take a stand. Where I am from (Eastern Kentucky), interracial relationships are looked down upon. I often wonder why so many religious people back home can have so much hate. This is my video. This is my story.


Study Finds Some Corporations Paid No State Income Taxes

A new study finds that at least 68 profitable corporations paid no state income taxes anywhere in the country in one of the last three years, according to their annual reports and official government filings.


Smart Unveils Petite Pickup Truck

What’s the best way to America’s heart? Build a pickup truck.

At least that’s what the Germans are hoping.

Mercedes-Benz’ little sister brand smart (lowercase ‘s’ intended) will debut what may be the world’s smallest pickup truck at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit in January.


House Majority Introduces Payroll Tax Cut Linked To Keystone XL Pipeline

Today, House Republicans announced a plan to extend the payroll tax cut and linked it to creating American jobs through approval of the Keystone XL Pipeline. The pipeline has the potential to create 130,000 jobs and provide $20 billion of private investment to boost the American economy. In addition, the pipeline would help secure America’s energy future by bringing 830,000 barrels of crude oil from Canada to American refineries. Despite President Obama threatening to veto the job-creating Keystone Pipeline, Representative Harris fully supports the plan announced today.

“Americans need the truly ‘shovel-ready’ jobs and economic investment that the Keystone XL Pipeline will provide,” said Rep. Andy Harris (MD-01). “The plan that the House majority has introduced is an excellent compromise that will extend tax cuts to the middle class, create tens of thousands of jobs, and will help secure America’s energy future. I am deeply disappointed that President Obama has promised to veto this bill to extend tax relief to our citizens over the Keystone pipeline provision that actually creates jobs without spending a dime of taxpayer money while lowering the price of gasoline and diesel as well.”

President Obama Threatens Veto Over Unemployment Coverage

President Barack Obama is raising the threat of a veto if Republicans try attaching controversial oil pipeline or other language to a bill renewing payroll tax cuts and unemployment coverage.

His comments Wednesday intensify their year-end partisan showdown.

Obama's warning, which prompted an immediate and strong response from the GOP signaled that there is no easy end in sight as the two sides maneuver over renewing tax reductions and jobless benefits that without congressional action expire Jan. 1 just as the 2012 election year begins.


Md. HS Teacher Accused Of Sex With Students

GLEN BURNIE, Md. - Anne Arundel County police say a high school teacher has been charged with having sex with three of his students.

Police say 29-year-old Jeffrey Robert Sears Jr. of Glen Burnie is charged with having sex with three female students between November 2009 and this year. Police say Sears was taken into custody Thursday morning.

Investigators say the incidents took place on and off campus. Sears is charged with multiple counts of sexual abuse of a minor, assault, sexual solicitation and other offenses.


Nuns Should Be Given The Pill, Docs Say

Nuns should be offered the contraceptive pill, on health grounds, since it would cut their risk of getting cancer, two Australian doctors said on Thursday.


World's Biggest iPod Dock Is 8 Feet Wide, Costs $30,000

Friends and family keep asking me what I want for Christmas, and I was at a loss until yesterday afternoon. That was when I learned of the existence of the Behringer iNuke Boom, which appears to be the world's biggest iPod dock. It's eight feet wide, four feet tall, weighs 700 pounds, and would serve as my ultimate weapon in the 4 AM noise war against my college student neighbors.

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Corzine: I Don't Know Where Missing MF Money Is

Former NJ Governor Jon Corzine tells lawmakers he does not know where the millions of dollars missing from MF Global accounts is. He adds that he was stunned when he heard about the missing funds.


How To Gift-Wrap A Cat

Giving pets as a gift is rarely a good idea unless it's been cleared with the recipient ahead of time. But that doesn't mean you can't amuse yourself by swaddling your existing pets in wrapping paper and bows.

Humane Society Mistakes Cost Dog Her Life

When pets disappear in District, they often end up at the Washington Humane Society’s New York Avenue shelter.

It’s the only congressionally chartered animal welfare agency in the country, with more than 8,500 pets impounded there in the past year -- including a rambunctious 2-year-old shih tzu/French bulldog mix named Zoey.

Zoey ran off one day with a collar and leash still attached, said her owner, Brandi Crawley.

"We put an ad on Craigslist,” Crawley said. “We got a phone call. ‘Oh, I found your dog and I took her to the shelter.’"

When Crawley called, the shelter told her they didn’t have Zoey. After several days of calling and emailing to no avail, Crawley’s boyfriend went to the shelter just to make sure. He found Zoey in a cage in the shelter’s holding area.

"I stuck my hand through the fence and pet Zoey,” he recalls. “I told her everything is going to be OK and that she was coming home soon."

But Zoey didn’t go home.


How To Clean An HDTV Screen

Dust, smudge marks and other mysterious grime can obscure the picture on that TV you've made the centerpiece of your living room. But the device is so seemingly fragile that it's intimidating to attempt to clean it.

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Congress Wants More Power

•The House has passed a bill that gives Congress greater power to approve or reject major federal regulations, the Associated Press reports. OP leaders call many of the regulations, which cover everything from health care to dangerous children's toys, "major job killers." The bill now heads to the Senate it's unlikely to pass the Democratic majority. If approved the legislation would shift power from agency regulators, to Congress to make decisions on proposals with a potential economic impact of more than $100 million. Senior advisors have recommended President Obama veto the bill if it makes it to his desk.

Big Brother Breaking The Country Up Into Five 'Emergency' Regions

KBR is getting estimates and interviewing workers to staff the FEMA camps for food, laundry, fence repair, sewage removal, etc. (remember the camps don’t exist).
From KBR's Government, Defense and Infrastructure department:

KBR is establishing a National Quick Response Team for our current Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) work, and for anticipated future contracts. Upon completion of evaluation, certain subcontractors may be invited to establish a Master Services Agreement (MSA) with pre-established lease rates and terms and conditions.

The Continental US will be broken up into five regions as indicated in the map below Services will be required in each State within each region.


USPS Unions To Extend Labor Contract, Again

The Postal Service and its two largest unions will extend their labor contract negotiations yet again. The parties failed to reach a deal by their Dec. 7 deadline. They'll now have until midnight Dec. 16. The contracts with the National Association of Letter Carriers, and the National Postal Mail Handlers Union expired in late November. The Postal Service wants the power to layoff workers and make other workforce decisions it needs to remain solvent. If negotiations fail, a process begins that could result in a third party determining contract terms and work rules for a combined 240,000 employees.

ATF used "Fast And Furious" To Make The Case For New Gun Regulations

Score one for the conspiracy theorists. They suspected the ATF had nefarious reasons for launching Operation Fast and furious.

Now, documents obtained by CBS News show that the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives discussed using their covert operation to argue for controversial new rules about gun sales.

More from CBS:

In Fast and Furious, ATF secretly encouraged gun dealers to sell to suspected traffickers for Mexican drug cartels to go after the "big fish." But ATF whistleblowers told CBS News and Congress it was a dangerous practice called "gunwalking," and it put thousands of weapons on the street. Many were used in violent crimes in Mexico. Two were found at the murder scene of a U.S. Border Patrol agent.

ATF officials didn't intend to publicly disclose their own role in letting Mexican cartels obtain the weapons, but emails show they discussed using the sales, including sales encouraged by ATF, to justify a new gun regulation called "Demand Letter 3". That would require some U.S. gun shops to report the sale of multiple rifles or "long guns." Demand Letter 3 was so named because it would be the third ATF program demanding gun dealers report tracing information.

On July 14, 2010 after ATF headquarters in Washington D.C. received an update on Fast and Furious, ATF Field Ops Assistant Director Mark Chait emailed Bill Newell, ATF's Phoenix Special Agent in Charge of Fast and Furious:

"Bill - can you see if these guns were all purchased from the same (licensed gun dealer) and at one time. We are looking at anecdotal cases to support a demand letter on long gun multiple sales. Thanks."


Dear Congress: Bernanke Just Lied To You

Dear Congress,

On December 6, 2011, Ben Bernanke, Chairman of the Federal Reserve System (the Fed), responded to recent media accusations regarding the Fed's emergency lending during the financial crisis. In attempting to correct "numerous errors and misrepresentations", Mr. Bernanke himself relies on a variety of misleading, if not outright deceptive, tactics and fact-twisting. It's important to set the record straight, which is that the Fed abhors transparency and indeed subsidized to the greatest extent the large banks that it faithfully serves.

Below, I excerpt and comment on the most egregious affronts on truth made by Mr. Bernanke, which he presents as evidence of his claims. All emphasis is mine.
Correction of Recent Press Reports Regarding
Federal Reserve Emergency Lending During the Financial Crisis

Recent press reports contain numerous errors and misrepresentations about Federal Reserve emergency lending during the financial crisis.

First, these articles have made repeated claims that the Federal Reserve conducted "secret" lending that was not disclosed either to the public or the Congress. No lending program was ever kept secret from the Congress or the public. All of the programs were publicly announced when they were initiated, and information about all lending under the programs was publicly released--both on a weekly basis through the Federal Reserve's public balance sheet release and through detailed monthly reports to the Congress, both of which were also posted on the Federal Reserve's website.


Presenting All That Is Wrong With America: Here Is The Top Contributor To The House Agriculture Committee Chairman

As part of the MF Global hearing, we just heard a very dignified and shall we say it disgruntled introduction by House Agriculture Commttee Chairman Frank D. Lucas [3] (Rep-OK) where he said it is "critical" to shed light on the MF Global matter, and which in no uncertain terms made it clear just how disgusted he would be with MF Global if it was found that Jon Corzine is guilty of stealing client funds. Well, we decided to take a step back and look at the Republican's top campaign donors. To our complete lack of surprise, we found that the top lifetime donor [4]to the Honorable Mr. Lucas is... the American Bankers Association. And scene.


Obama Offers Plan For U.S. To Be Global LGBT Sex Cop

Wants to import homosexuals with special asylum privileges

The Obama administration has announced it intends to make the United States the global sex cop, with plans to try to intervene in the workings of other nations where homosexuality is not promoted as well as plans to create special provisions for homosexuals and those with other lifestyle choices to gain special admittance to the U.S.



John Lennon was a gentle soul. He was a good person. He was a dedicated husband. He was a loving father. He did not deserve to die the way he died. RIP John Lennon.

Secret Santa Picks Up Kmart Customers' Layaway Tabs

This time of year, it's not out of this world to hear about generous folks going around and dropping coins in parking meters or picking up a round of drinks for strangers at the bar. But some truly secret Santa has helped out three Michigan Kmart customers by picking up their layaway tabs.


Va. Tech Lockdown Lifted, Gunman Reported Dead

Virginia Tech lifts lockdown after deadly shooting on campus amid reports that the gunman is dead.

From Fox News

HOT: Gingrich Would Name Neo-Con 'Force Of Darkness' As Secretary Of State

Wow, Newt Gingrich's true colors are sure coming out, today.

The Washington Times reports that former House Speaker Newt Gingrich promised conservatives on Tuesday he would ask John R. Bolton to be his secretary of state if he’s elected president next year.

Hours later, according to WaTi, he repeated that vow publicly to the Republican Jewish Coalition, winning a round of applause.

What should we think of the Gingrich statement? Here is part of an open 2005 memo by the late Jude Wanniski to Richard Lugar, then-Chairman, Senate Foreign Relations:

Memo To: Richard Lugar, Chairman, Senate Foreign Relations
From: Jude Wanniski
Re: An Anti-Diplomat at the U.N.?

Dear Senator, you’ve known me for more than 30 years, from your days as Mayor of Indianapolis and my days as associate editor of The Wall Street Journal. When I tell you John Bolton is a true force of darkness, you can be sure I do not do so lightly. “Darkness” in this sense is the absence of light and Bolton is a protégé of Richard Perle, who has been known for decades in Washington as “The Prince of Darkness.” They are both masters of misinformation, believing that their “just cause” gives them the right, even the responsibility, to make the facts and intelligence fit their personal political objectives. They’re patriots and I would never say they are not. But it is not in their nature to be straight, and both men will always advise the use of force rather than bother with diplomacy. They loath and despise the United Nations. When President Bush asked John Bolton if he has respect for the U.N., Bolton said he did, but remember he is a force of darkness and will always say what he believes will advance his personal goals.

I’ve been watching Bolton from a distance from the earliest days of the administration, knowing of his associations with Perle and the neo-cons at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), which I have long characterized as the HQ of what President Eisenhower called “the military-industrial complex.”


Wells Fargo Changes Consumer Agreement, Banning You From Suing Them

Jason is a good consumer, and so he made sure to read through a notice from his bank, Wells Fargo, about changes to his consumer agreement. And it's a good thing he did read it, because in it, they informed him he'll no longer be able to take them to court.


Romney Heads To Boston To Hit Up Banksters For Cash

For what it's worth, Mitt Romney is coming to Boston for a few fundraisers early next week. I know this because my firm is hosting one for him. He's also hitting [hedge fund] Baupost, [global consulting firm]Bain and a few other big boys in town. He's the banksters man!


Don't Be Mad At The NFL For Rising Broadcast Fees, Cable Is The Bad Guy

Cable companies would have you worked up into a fury, basically foaming at the mouth over hikes in broadcasting fees the NFL is instituting. But should you be blaming the NFL, or your TV providers?


Just Another Day In The USA

Today was like every other day in the United States during the last few decades. Washington taxed more private wealth to generate government revenue. Congress added more national debt to future generations so they could pay benefits and buy votes today. The Federal Reserve created more fiat paper money out of nothing to cover the difference between government revenue and expenses.

The Mob Still Votes

"A democracy is nothing more than mob rule, where fifty-one percent of the people may take away the rights of the other forty-nine." ~ Thomas Jefferson

Recently, we took our 14-year-old daughter and a friend to the Coastal Georgia Fair in Savannah. It was a small fair with the usual tasty but deadly food and all the rides you wanted for a set price. The girls had fun and I had plenty of time to stand around and watch the crowd to protect my girls from all the thugs and hoodlums in the crowd.

I hate generalizations but it was apparent that most of the attendees lived off the government, either in terms of outright support or make-work jobs, but for once I was glad there were a lot of law enforcement officials around. Second, except for the police presence there, paid by tax dollars, I doubt but few of the people made enough to ever pay federal income tax and most with children probably received the annual income tax credit.


Coffee, Tea Or Cancer? Almost Half Of Americans Oppose X-Ray Body Scanners

A new Harris poll shows that even if X-ray body scanners would prevent terrorism, 46 percent of Americans still oppose using them because they could cause a few people to eventually develop cancer.


8 Tax Breaks Set To Expire

Valuable tax breaks are set to expire at year's end. While Congress might act to extend some or to re-instate others, the savviest consumers, tax experts say, will exploit them now. The list of soon-to-vanish breaks includes these eight:

Merry Christmas: No More Insider Trading On Capitol Hill?

The other day, a couple of kids up in Kingston, New York, called 911 looking for Santa Claus. Law enforcement arrived to tell them that what they had done was naughty, not nice, but in deference to the holiday, no pepper spray was involved.

Meanwhile, on Maryland's Eastern Shore, a guy dressed up like Frosty the Snowman - that jolly, happy soul - tried to thumpety-thump-thump a cop with the head of his costume. He's also accused of kicking a police dog - bad, Frosty, bad!

Then, of course, there are those cheery photos from Scottsdale, Arizona, of people - including kids - posing with Santa at a local gun club, hoisting their choice of machine guns, pistols, semi-automatic AR-15s and grenade launchers. It's O.K., the club says, they're not loaded, but you better not pout or cry ... punk.

Welcome to Christmas in these United States, Anno Domini 2011.


12-Year-Old Shot By Texas Mother Denied foodstamps Dies

(CBS/AP) SAN ANTONIO - Authorities say a 12-year-old girl shot by her mother Tuesday during a standoff at a Texas welfare office in Laredo has died.

Laredo police spokesman Joe Baeza said Ramie Grimmer died Wednesday at a San Antonio hospital. Her 10-year-old brother was in critical condition.

The Toxic Truth About Nail Salons

If you’ve ever stepped into a nail salon, you know the smell of a chemical cocktail that hits you like an invisible wall. While consumers may tolerate it during a short visit, the nail salon workers find themselves stewing in a toxic bubble for years. On this edition, we take a look at the health impacts of chemical exposure, the shoddy regulation of cosmetics, and the movement towards greener nail salons.


8 Secrets To A Successful Marriage

Want to know the secret to a long, successful and fulfilling marriage? Good Housekeeping has the answers — all eight of them to be exact, thanks to best-selling author Iris Krasnow and her latest book, The Secret Lives of Wives (Gotham Books, $26, Krasnow, a journalism professor at American University (and a wife who is just one year shy of her silver 25th wedding anniversary), spent two years interviewing over 200 married women — from ladies rounding their 15th year of marriage to veteran wives who have watched their grandchildren walk down the aisle decades after they exchanged their own vows — to learn how keep the marital partnership strong, permanent, and yes, fun-filled. The result of Krasnow’s research: eight top tips to going the distance long after you promised each other “happily-ever-after.”


Bra Stuffer To Be Sentenced Friday

GREENBELT, Md. - The former first lady of Prince George's County will be sentenced Friday for her role in a huge corruption scandal involving her husband, former County Executive Jack Johnson.

Leslie Johnson, a former Prince George's Councilmember and administrative law judge, faces up to 18 months in prison for her role in the pay-to-play scandal.

On Tuesday, Jack Johnson received a prison sentence of more than seven years for taking up to $1 million in bribes from developers who did business with the government. Johnson was ordered to pay a $100,000 fine and forfeit $78,000 and an antique Mercedes Benz.


Driver Strikes High School Student, Tosses Religious Pamphlet, Takes Off, Say Houston Cops

(CBS/KHOU) HOUSTON - What would Jesus do? Probably not this:
Authorities say a 58-year-old woman hit a Milby High School student with her car, tossed a religious pamphlet out her window at the fallen pedestrian, and drove away.

Court documents say on Oct. 14 Aida Hillen struck a student in the side as he was stepping off the curb.

The 15-year-old student told authorities he was knocked to the ground by the impact. He said the car stopped briefly and the driver asked if he was OK, the Bay Area Citizen reports. When he replied "no," the woman threw a Christian booklet out of the window at the teen and drove off.

Audit Finds Medicaid Funds Paid To Dead People Out-Of-State

The state could save millions of dollars by comparing the list of people receiving Medicaid with the Social Security Administration’s Master Death File, according to a report from the Office of Legislative Audits. Continue Reading...


Air Force Dumped Ashes Of More Troops’ Remains In Va. Landfill Than Acknowledged

The Air Force dumped the incinerated partial remains of at least 274 American troops in a Virginia landfill, far more than the military had acknowledged, before halting the secretive practice three years ago, records show.

The landfill dumping was concealed from families who had authorized the military to dispose of the remains in a dignified and respectful manner, Air Force officials said. There are no plans, they said, to alert those families now.

Iran Releases Video Of Captured US Drone Plane

Due to our less than formidable Farsi skills, we present the following Iranian video showing the captured downed US drone plane without commentary. And as they reverse engineer our planes, so we reverse engineer their state media released video.


The Empathy Test: Why Nobody Cares About Horse Slaughter

Early last week Congress voted to lift the ban on horse slaughter in the United States. The act has surely sent legions of horse lovers into deep depression. But the message I'm hearing from many advocates in the animal welfare world is that this decision will benefit domestic horses.

As it turns out, the most common destination for U.S. horses deemed ready for slaughter was Mexico, where slaughterhouse regulation is weak. Horses killed in the United States, I'm told, will assuredly be better off than if they'd been killed in Mexico. The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), partially in deference to this logic, agrees. And as the matter is now framed, so do I.


BREAKING NEWS: At Least 2 Dead In Virginia Tech Shooting

Virginia Tech officials confirm two dead, including a police officer, in campus shooting; campus on lockdown as police and FBI search for gunman.

From Fox News

Man Gets Back $10,000 Thrown In Trash

Garbage truck stopped en route to dump; man finds money-filled sock

Alberto has never put his money in a bank, but after yesterday's brush with financial disaster, he might consider opening an account.

The Annapolis man, who had saved up $10,000 over the years, was stowing his money in an old sock. But two days ago, his wife mistook the sock for a diaper, tossed it in the trash and put the bag outside for pickup.

Because Alberto fears his family could become a robbery target, The Capital is not disclosing his full name.


Ron Paul Wasn't Joking About Letting Uninsured People Die -- His Uninsured Staffer Died of Pneumonia

This is an unbelievably sad story, and it proves that Ron Paul was serious when he said (to audience applause) at Monday's CNN-Tea Party debate that society should allow uninsured people to die.

Ron Paul’s Campaign Manager Died of Pneumonia, Penniless and Uninsured

....As it turns out, Paul was not speaking purely in hypotheticals. Back in 2008, Kent Snyder — Paul's former campaign chairman — died of complications from pneumonia. Like the man in Blitzer's example, the 49-year-old Snyder...was relatively young and seemingly healthy when the illness struck. He was also uninsured. [The Kansas City Star quoted his sister at the time as saying that a "a pre-existing condition made the premiums too expensive."] When he died on June 26, 2008, two weeks after Paul withdrew his first bid for the presidency, his hospital costs amounted to $400,000. The bill was handed to Snyder's surviving mother (pictured, left), who was incapable of paying. Friends launched a website to solicit donations.

BREAKING NEWS: Shots Fired, Alert Issued At Virginia Tech

Virginia Tech website reports an active campus alert at its main Blacksburg campus after shots reported fired at a campus parking lot.

From Fox News


(Westminster, MD) – Troopers from the Westminster Barrack, along with several other state and local agencies are currently investigating a traffic collision involving a loaded diesel tanker and a passenger vehicle on Route 140 in Westminster.

Shortly after 12:00 p.m. today, state troopers, along with members of the Reese & Westminster volunteer fire companies, responded to the intersection of Maryland Route 140 @ Bethel Road, Westminster, Carroll County for the collision. Upon their arrival, first responders noticed a fuel tanker on its side in the parking lot of the Royal Farms Store which is located on Rt. 140 at Bethel Road. The tanker was actively spilling diesel fuel onto the parking lot. The fuel tanker was partially loaded with 8,000 gallons of fuel.

The preliminary investigation revealed that the fuel tanker, owned by Bosley Oil Incorporated out of Westminster, was travelling west on Rt. 140 through the intersection at Bethel Road when a Buick passenger vehicle, driven by Carl F. Frock Jr., 79, of Westminster, made a left turn in front of it. The operator of the fuel tanker, Richard Donald Eckard, 62, of Taneytown, MD, was unable to avoid striking the Buick by steering to the right. The fuel tanker subsequently went off the roadway into the parking lot of the Royal Farms Store and turned on its side.

The fuel tanker struck a large sign in the parking lot which pierced the front chamber of the fuel tanker holding the approximately 8,000 gallons of fuel. The fuel did spill into a drainage system to the rear of the Royal Farm Store. The Buick came to rest in the middle of Route 140 and no other vehicles were involved. Fortunately, the fuel tanker missed the active gas and diesel fuel pumps at the store and a propane hauler that was parked in the lot.

Members of the Maryland Department of Environment (MDE) emergency response team are currently on the scene and addressing the spill and environmental concerns in the area. Maryland Route 140 was closed for two hours and area businesses were evacuated by first responders until the area was deemed safe. Troopers were also assisted by deputies with the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office, and personnel from the Maryland State Highway Administration and Carroll County Roads Department.

The operators of both vehicles were transported by ground to the University of Maryland Shock Trauma in Baltimore. Their conditions at this time are unknown. MDE and state troopers will remain at the scene for several hours until the tanker can be up righted and removed. Once removed, members of the Maryland State Police Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division will conduct a full inspection of the tanker.

Troopers are still conducting their investigation to determine who was at fault. Anyone who may have witnessed the collision is asked to contact Trooper Granville Fairbanks at 410-386-3000.

Why Raises Have Become Rare

The cost of fat is rising faster than your paycheck, about five times as fast. And it’s not only the price of butter and oil at the supermarket that are making your pay increases – if you are getting any at all – look slim. In the past year, the prices of clothing, public transportation and even trash collection are all up more than the earnings of the average American worker.


Bowling Alley In Florida

Wanna knock his teeth out?

A bowling alley in Clearwater, Florida, Bowl-O-Bama, is doing record business despite a bad economy.

The alley also reports a record number of 300 games.

Since opening in November 2010, 963 patrons have bowled a perfect game, including strikes in the warm-up frames.

This alley also has the highest bowling league average in the country, with a 237. And that's the Senior League.


Where has all our innocence gone?

While I sat in the reception area of my doctor's office, a woman rolled an elderly man in a wheelchair into the room. As she went to the receptionist's desk, the man sat there, alone and silent. Just as I was thinking I should make small talk with him, a little boy slipped off his mother's lap and walked over to the wheelchair. Placing his hand on the man's, he said, 'I know how you feel. My mom makes me ride in the stroller too.'


As I was nursing my baby, my cousin's six-year-old daughter, Krissy, came into the room. Never having seen anyone breast feed before, she was intrigued and full of all kinds of questions about what I was doing. After mulling over my answers, she remarked, 'My mom has some of those, but I don't think she knows how to use them.'


Out bicycling one day with my eight-year-old granddaughter, Carolyn, I got a little
wistful. 'In ten years,' I said, 'you'll want to be with your friends and you won't go walking, biking, and swimming with me like you do now. Carolyn shrugged. 'In ten years you'll be too old to do all those things anyway.'


Working as a pediatric nurse, I had the difficult assignment of giving immunization shots to children. One day, I entered the examining room to give four-year-old Lizzie her needle. 'No, no, no!' she screamed. 'Lizzie,' scolded her mother, 'that's not polite behavior.' With that, the girl yelled even louder, 'No, thank you! No, thank you!


On the way back from a Cub Scout meeting, my grandson innocently said to my son,
'Dad, I know babies come from mommies' tummies, but how do they get there in the first place?' After my son hemmed and hawed awhile, my grandson finally spoke up in disgust, 'You don't have to make up something, Dad. It's okay if you don't know the answer.'


Just before I was deployed to Iraq , I sat my eight-year-old son down and broke the news to him. 'I'm going to be away for a long time,' I told him. 'I'm going to Iraq .' 'Why?' he asked. 'Don't you know there's a war going on over there?'


Paul Newman founded the Hole in the Wall Gang Camp for children stricken with cancer, AIDS, and blood diseases. One afternoon, he and is wife, Joanne Woodward, stopped by to have lunch with the kids. A counselor at a nearby table, suspecting the young patients wouldn't know Newman was a famous movie star, explained, 'That's the man who made this camp possible. Maybe you've seen his picture on his salad dressing bottle?' Blank stares. 'Well, you've probably seen his face on his lemonade carton.' An eight-year-old girl perked up 'How long was he missing?'


God's Problem Now.

His wife's graveside service was just barely finished, when there was a massive clap of thunder, followed by a tremendous bolt of lightning, accompanied by even more thunder rumbling in the distance. The little, old man looked at the pastor and calmly said, 'Well, she's there.


DECEMBER 12, 2011 6:00 p.m.
Government Office Building Room 301

Times shown for agenda items are estimates only.

6:00 p.m. CALL TO ORDER



6:09 p.m. CERTIFICATES OF APPRECIATION – Mayor James Ireton, Jr.
United Way
Just Zoo It


6:25 p.m. CONSENT AGENDA – City Clerk Brenda Colegrove
November 21, 2011 work session minutes November 28, 2011 closed session minutes separate envelope
November 28, 2011 regular meeting minutes Resolution No. 2123 - amending and supplementing Resolution No. 2119 to change certain references in the Resolution from Acting Director of Internal Services to Director of Internal Services
Resolution No. 2124 - reappointment of Barbara E. Loreman to the Historic District Commission
Resolution No. 2125 - reappointment of Carol Bradley and Roland Leimann to the Zoo Commission
Resolution No. 2126 - approving a lease with Shore Fresh Growers Association for the purpose of operating a producer’s farmers’ market in Downtown Salisbury
Resolution No. 2127 - accepting funds awarded through a grant from the Department of Housing and Community Development, Emergency Solutions Grant
Resolution No. 2128 - accepting donations from the Delmarva Zoological Society for the establishment of a contingency fund for the construction of the new Animal Health Clinic at the Salisbury Zoological Park

6:30 p.m. PRESENTATION OF AUDIT – Ms. Pam Baker (Barbacane, Thornton and Company) FY11 audit and financial statements provided separately

7:10 p.m. AWARD OF BIDS – Assistant Internal Services Director-Procurement Catrice Parsons
RFP 06-12 Engineering Services for Parsons Road Pavement Replacement Award

7:15 p.m. RESOLUTIONS – presented by City Administrator John Pick
Resolution No. 2129 - declaring that Windsor Development, LLC is eligible to receive Enterprise Zone benefits for property located at 1751 Westwood Drive
Resolution No. 2130 - extending the moratorium established by Resolution No. 2101 on certain actions in connection with multi-family residences in R-5, R-8 and R-10 zoning districts that are suspected of being used in an illegal, non-conforming manner
Resolution No. 2131 - accepting a Maryland Emergency Management Agency Grant authorized by the Federal Emergency Management Agency for a foam carrying trailer and appliances for the Salisbury Fire Department

7:30 p.m. ORDINANCES – presented by City Attorney Paul Wilber
Ordinance No. 2182 - 1st reading - approving an amendment of the FY12 Water and Sewer Fund Budget
Ordinance No. 2183 - 1st reading - approving an amendment of the FY12 Fire Department Budget to accept insurance funds associated with repairing damage to the roof and infrastructure of Fire Station #2




There's been an accident on Rt. 13 at Calvert Street involving a Shore Transit Bus.

Fill In The Blank 12-08-11

The 1st thing that attracts me to someone is ______.

Debbie Brown French Benefit

In November 2011, Debbie Brown French was diagnosed with large cell carcinoma of the lungs. She will undergo surgery Tuesday, December 6, 2011, and has recently become unemployed. We are planning an event that will assist her and her family, in her medical expenses, financial needs and moral support.

Debbie has been a long time resident of the Hebron/Bivalve area. She currently resides in Hebron with her daughter Riley and her companion George Brown. She is a member of the Hebron Fire Department Auxiliary and is a long-time volunteer at the Hebron American Legion, Post 237. Debbie loves to spend time with Riley and Georges grandchildren, William and Kaylee, she also enjoys fishing and camping at Assateague.

Any and all donations are welcome. Monetary donations can be made at Hebron Savings Bank. Anyone interested in donating an auction item or purchasing a dinner/dance ticket, please use the contact list below. For anyone wishing to use the donation as a tax deduction, a tax identification number is available.

5pm to 7 pm – Dinner
(Roast Beef, Mashed Potatoes, Macaroni & Cheese, String Beans, Roll, & Desserts)
5pm to 7:30pm – Silent Auction
8pm to 9:00pm – Live Auction
9pm to 11 pm – Dance
$20.00 in Advance $25.00 at door $10.00 Dance Only

Monetary Donations: Auction/Tickets:
Hebron Savings Bank Michelle Malone – 410-430-3577
Debbie French Benefit Karen Beach – 410-614-2722
PO Box 59 Crystal Catlin-White – 410-726-2581
Hebron MD 21830 Kristen Wheatley – 443-359-1389
Attn: M. Carper

*The PJ Aldridge Foundation is sending mega MOJO to Debbie and we are so appreciative of your consideration of any donations for the upcoming events for her in her fight against the HIGHEST diagnosed cancer with the LEAST amount of funding for research and awareness: LUNG CANCER. 50% is attitude and so much of that comes from the love and support of all of you. The PJAF Team.

Occupier Gets An Occupation

Wall Street firm hires protester
Down-on-her-luck protester Tracy Postert spent 15 days washing sidewalks and making sandwiches at Zuccotti Park — then landed a dream job at a Financial District investment firm thanks to a high-powered passer-by who offered her work.

“I never thought I would be doing this,’’ Postert admitted to The Post.

The Upper West Sider, who has a Ph.D. in biomedical science specializing in pharmacology, was unemployed and had all but given up on finding work in her preferred field of academia when she joined the movement in October.


Tenants' Issues - Response By Council President Terry Cohen

Mr. Albero,

You asked me about what tenants can do when their landlords will not make repairs when notified of problems by the tenants. By responding to you, I am not attempting to provide legal advice to anyone, but merely to point to resources tenants can use when they have questions or complaints. For example, Maryland's Office of the Attorney General has an excellent publication that is useful to tenants and landlords alike. One issue it addresses is when tenants cannot get their landlords to make repairs, notably those that are a threat to health and safety. As the publication notes, some repairs of a serious nature may qualify the tenant for having a rent escrow account established by the district court, to which they would pay their rent while resolution of the problem is pending. (Certain procedures must be followed.) The Attorney General's publication may be found at this link:

Also, the Salisbury City Council passed Ordinance 2166 on August 8, 2011, signed into law by the Mayor on August 10, 2011, which requires every new or renewing lease in the City, verbal or written, to have a written Tenants' Rights Lease Addendum signed by the tenants and the landlord. If a tenant within the corporate limits entered in a lease on or after this law went into effect and did not sign and obtain a copy of this addendum, he or she can contact the Department of Neighborhood Services and Code Compliance at 410-341-9550. This addendum has contact information for other helpful resources and agencies. Information about the Tenants' Rights Lease Addendum can be found at this link:

I hope you and those with whom you share this information will find it to be of assistance. As always, anyone with questions or comments is welcome to contact me or 410-845-0296. Thank you for taking time to let me know about your concern.

Terry E. Cohen, President
Salisbury City Council

The Strenuously Hushed-Up Fundamental Flaw In The Tax Code

“Corporate Tax Dodging In The Fifty States [9],” a report that the CTJ released today, found that the largest corporations paid little or no state income taxes in any state for the years 2008-2010. In a prior report [10], the CTJ found that some of the most profitable US corporations paid no federal income taxes over the same period. Both reports point at one of the major problems dogging the US economy: the tax code—and its most fundamental flaw that not even tax reformers dare to mention.

The Internal Revenue Code serves two functions: raise money for the government; and dole out benefits and subsidies to industries, companies, pet projects, individuals, shrimp fisheries, etc. in return for campaign contributions, votes, and fringe benefits such as free plane rides, bundles of cash, sweetheart mortgages, or well-paid jobs for staffers when they move on. It’s the congressional bread and butter. And the economy pays the price.

Tax reform has been in the air in greater concentrations recently. The proposals address some of the symptoms of what’s wrong with the tax code (tax rates, inequality, constraints on business growth, complexity, etc.). But none address the most fundamental flaw that impacts every aspect of the tax code applicable to businesses: the separation of tax accounting from financial accounting.

For example, for the three years from 2008 through 2010, Well Fargo reported $49 billion in earnings, based on Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), but it paid zero federal income taxes—it received a refund of $681 million (CTJ [10]). GE reported $14 billion in income in 2010, of which $5.1 billion came from operations in the US. Income taxes? None. Instead, it claimed a refund of $3.2 billion (New York Times [11]).


DE Ranks 30th In Study Of Healthiest States

Delaware doesn't fare all that well in a new study of the healthiest states.

The First State came in 30th in a report by the United Health Foundation. The study shows the state's largest problems are binge drinking and a high crime rate coupled with infrequent use of early prenatal care.


“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.”
― John Lennon

“Count your age by friends, not years. Count your life by smiles, not tears.”
― John Lennon

“A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.”
― John Lennon

“If everyone demanded peace instead of another television set, then there’d be peace.”
― John Lennon

“When I was 5 years old, my mother always told me that happiness was the key to life. When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down ‘happy’. They told me I didn’t understand the assignment, and I told them they didn’t understand life.”
― John Lennon

“I believe in God, but not as one thing, not as an old man in the sky. I believe that what people call God is something in all of us. I believe that what Jesus and Mohammed and Buddha and all the rest said was right. It’s just that the translations have gone wrong.”
― John Lennon

Between 2008 And 2010, 30 Big Corporations Spent More Lobbying Washington Than They Paid In Income Taxes

Today, thousands of 99 Percenters will march on K Street in Washington, D.C. as a part of an action called “Take Back The Capitol,” taking aim at the lobbying firms that corporate interests use to influence the federal government.

A report released this month by Public Campaign demonstrates just how important it is for Americans to battle corporate special interests and reclaim our democracy. The group’s research finds that thirty big corporations actually spent more money lobbying the federal government between 2008 and 2010 than they spent in taxes. For example, General Electric — one of the top 10 most profitable companies in the world — got a net tax rebate of $4.7 billion during this period. Meanwhile, it spent $84 million lobbying the federal government.


Somerset County Sheriff's Office Press Release 12-8-11

Sharnell Zellah Miles of Salisbury, arrested 12-2-11 on a warrant regarding second degree assault. Miles was later released on personal recognizance.

Charles Michael Sims of Wenona, arrested 12-2-11 on a warrant regarding theft less than $1,000, trespassing on posted property, and burglary 4th degree. Sims was held on a $5,000 bond. The arrest was the result of a traffic stop conducted by Deputies in the Deal Island area, where suspected stolen scrap metal was recovered from Sim’s vehicle.

Julie Pak of Salisbury, arrested 12-6-11 on a warrant regarding failing to appear in court. Pak was held on a $250,000 bond.

Charles Merrill Schoolfield Jr. of Salisbury, arrested 12-8-11 on a warrant regarding failing to appear in court regarding a theft case. Schoolfield was later held on a $10,000 bond.

'Survivor' Host Jeff Probst Is Now A Married Man

"Survivor" fans might have wondered: Where did Jeff Probst go?

Between Dec. 1 and Wednesday afternoon, his Twitter feedwas dead silent. And then last night, he even told fans he couldn't be around to live-tweet "Survivor's" latest airing, writing: "I have a personal commitment that I can't break. Back next week with double the buffs...."


Caption This Photo 12-8-11

Today's Survey Question 12-8-11

Do you agree with the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services refusing to allow the Plan B pill to be sold over the counter?

Ron Paul: I Support Israel

In an exclusive Newsmax interview, Congressman and Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul confirmed his support for Israel, but cautioned that while the United States should be a “friend” of the Jewish state, America should not be the “master” of Israel.

Paul also says the United States should not dictate Israel’s borders or try to “buy her allegiance” with massive amounts of foreign aid. He argued that foreign aid has actually hurt – not helped – the Jewish state.

Paul has recently come under fire from some Jewish groups in America. The Republican Jewish Coalition banned Paul from a debate on Jewish issues in Washington this week because of his “misguided and extreme views,” according to the group’s executive director, Matt Brooks.

Newsmax chatted with Paul to get his side of the issue as the Texas Republican is surging in some presidential polls.


American Sentenced To Prison For Thai Royal Insult

A court in Thailand sentenced a U.S. citizen to two and a half years in prison Thursday for defaming the country's royal family by translating excerpts of a locally banned biography of the king and posting them online.

The verdict is the latest so-called lese majeste punishment handed down in the Southeast Asian kingdom, which has come under increasing pressure at home and abroad to reform harsh legislation that critics say is an affront to freedom of expression.

Treasury Bond Investors Are Sure Losers

In today's WSJ, Burton Malkiel, professor emeritus of economics at Princeton University, and the author of "A Random Walk Down Wall Street", warns about Treasury bonds. Malkiel, clearly sees the inflation that is coming:

For years, investors have been urged to diversify their investments by including asset classes in their portfolios that may be relatively uncorrelated with the stock market. Over the 2000s, bonds have been an excellent diversifier by performing particularly well when the stock market declined and providing stability to an investor's overall returns. But bond yields today are unusually low.

Are we in an era now when many bondholders are likely to experience very unsatisfactory investment results? I think the answer is "yes" for many types of bonds—and that this will remain true for some time to come.

Many of the developed economies of the world are burdened with excessive debt. Governments around the world are having great difficulty reining in spending. The seemingly less painful policy response to these problems is very likely to keep interest rates on government debt artificially low as the real burdens of government debt are reduced—meaning the debt is inflated away.


Why Are Cops Losing Their Jobs For Questioning The Drug War?

Police and Border Patrol officers around the country are being punished for criticizing the devastating war on drugs and supporting drug decriminalization.

With so much bloodshed, hundreds of thousands incarcerated, and millions of families torn apart, one would have to be blind not to question the failed war on drugs. Given their close proximity to the devastation it has wrought, it’s only natural that the police and Border Patrol officers tasked with executing the drug war for the last four decades would have the strongest views.

Delaware State Police To Hold Food Drive For Food Bank Of Delaware

Dover- The Delaware State Police announced today that they are hosting a community-wide food drive to benefit the Food Bank of Delaware. Members of the public may drop off nonperishable holiday food donations to the collection barrel located within each Delaware State Police Troop location Statewide. The Food Drive will run from December 7 thru December 19.

All donations collected through the effort will be used to help stock the shelves of hungry Delawareans this holiday season.

“We are very proud and thankful to join forces with the Food Bank of Delaware in an effort to help those challenged in these economic times,” said the Director of the DSP Public Information Office, Sergeant Paul G. Shavack. “Our Troopers often get to see Delawareans struggling with hunger during the course of their normal duties, and this is what motivates us to partner with the Food Bank of Delaware, making sure that these struggling families can enjoy meals during this holiday season.”

“We continue to be thankful of the outpouring of support from the Delaware State Police,” said Food Bank of Delaware President and CEO Patricia Beebe. “They have been a friend from the beginning. From their help with locating our stolen vehicles during the “Great Chicken Heist of 2008” to the numerous food drives they hold throughout the year, the Delaware State Police department is a valuable supporter. With close to 242,000 Delawareans struggling with hunger each year, the help of our community is needed now more than ever.”

The Food Bank of Delaware needs the following items:

• Hot and cold cereals
• Instant or shelf-stable milk
• Fruit juice
• Canned meats: ham, tuna, spam, vienna sausage, corned beef, turkey and chicken
• Peanut butter and jelly
• Pork and beans, refried beans, beans and rice
• Canned soups and stew
• Kidney, pinto, lima, black beans (dry) and green beans
• Mixed vegetables, corn, carrots, peas and other canned vegetables
• Long-grain rice and rice mixes;
• Pasta, macaroni and cheese and instant potatoes
• Applesauce, pineapple, peaches, apricots, pears, mixed fruit and other canned fruits
• Baking mixes for pancakes, waffles, muffins and cakes
• Spaghetti sauce

Holiday Items:
• Canned sweet potatoes
• Canned gravy
• Cranberry sauce
• Stuffing mix

Supplemental items:
• Adobo seasoning
• Coffee
• Tea
• Hot cocoa mix
• Evaporated milk
• Cooking oil
• Condiments; ketchup, mustard, and syrup

• Diapers and wipes
• Toothpaste
• Toothbrushes
• Shampoo
• Conditioner
• Bar soap
• Paper products such as towels, plates, napkins, tissues and toilet paper
• Plastic utensils

The Food Bank of Delaware distributes between seven and 10 million pounds of food and grocery products each year its network of 475 hunger-relief program partners throughout the state and also provides thousands of meals a month for children through the After-School Feeding Program, the Summer Food Service Program and the Backpack Program. The Food Bank’s hunger-relief programs directly provide for 241,600 Delawareans at risk of going without meals each year. For more information about the Food Bank of Delaware, visit or call (302) 292-1305.

Obama Says No To Plan B For Teens

Why does Obama want your innocent little girl to have sex without you knowing?

The fear of an attack ad along those lines must have motivated the Obama administration’s decision today to overrule the Food and Drug Administration’s recommendation to allow emergency contraception to be sold on store shelves, and made available without a prescription to those under 17. There’s certainly no explanation based in science.



Texas and Illinois are two of the biggest Welfare and food stamp states in the country. I’ve personally known people that have moved here (Illinois) from as far away as Maine and Nevada just to get on Welfare. There’s also the Illinois-Texas shuffle, where people use up benefits in Illinois and move to Texas, and vice-versa, every year or two as needed. So, needless to say, I was surprised by the following story.

A woman with children was denied food stamps in Texas. The outcome was a horrible tragedy, but please note she moved to Texas from Ohio (to get Texas entitlements). Somehow, she got screwed out of ‘em, and turned violent. Is this a sign of things to come? Entitlement recipients are, some day, going to be told “no” by the nanny state when they run out of money. If someone is willing to get violent for food stamps, what is going to happen when they don’t get direct-deposit cash, free housing and cell phones, free healthcare and meds. People have become violent while waiting for disability benefits, or have threatened to do so. Considering there are more than 46,000,000,000 people on food stamps, and 45,000,000,000 on Welfare, we might have a problem on our hands.


Phat Boyz Catering

Wall Street Buys Up Guns

Mystery company buying up U.S. gun manufacturers ... Some gun enthusiasts have claimed that the power behind the company is actually George Soros, the hedge-fund billionaire and liberal activist. Soros, these people have warned, is buying U.S. gun companies so he can dismantle the industry, Second Amendment be damned. The chatter grew so loud that the National Rifle Association issued a statement in October denying the rumors. "NRA has had contact with officials from Cerberus and Freedom Group for some time," the NRA assured its members. "The owners and investors involved are strong supporters of the Second Amendment and are avid hunters and shooters." Soros isn't behind the Freedom Group, but, ultimately, another financier is: Stephen Feinberg, the chief executive of Cerberus. Cerberus is part of one of the signature Wall Street businesses of the past decade: private equity. – New York Times


Famine As A Weapon: It's Time To Stop Starvation In Sudan

"We left our homes with not even a cup like this one," recounted the woman from a Sudanese refugee camp in Ethiopia last month, gesturing toward a red plastic cup lying in the dirt next to her foot. Asma, a name we are using for her to help ensure her safety, said Sudanese government Antonov planes bombed her village and government soldiers, supported by ethnic militia, chased and killed civilians. They did not spare children and pregnant women, she said angrily.

"It's all because we are black," Asma told our colleagues in the Satellite Sentinel Project. She said that the militias were shouting, "Grab the slaves!" Her subsequent week-long journey with 50 other women to the refugee camp was harrowing. "Many of the women had to leave their babies in their cribs."


Bloomberg News Responds to Bernanke CriticismBy Bloomberg News

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke said in a letter to four senior lawmakers today that recent news articles about the central bank’s emergency lending programs contained “egregious errors.”

While Bernanke’s letter and an accompanying four-page staff memo posted on the Fed’s website didn’t mention any news organizations by name, Bloomberg News has published a series of articles this year examining the bailout. The latest, “Secret Fed Loans Gave Banks $13 Billion Undisclosed to Congress,” appeared Nov. 28.

“Bloomberg stands by its reporting,” said Matthew Winkler, editor-in-chief of Bloomberg News.

Here is a point-by-point response to the Fed staff memo.

From Fed memo: “These articles have made repeated claims that the Federal Reserve conducted ‘secret’ lending that was not disclosed either to the public or the Congress. No lending program was ever kept secret from the Congress or the public. All of the programs were publicly announced when they were initiated, and information about all lending under the programs was publicly released — both on a weekly basis through the Federal Reserve’s public balance sheet release and through detailed monthly reports to Congress, both of which were also posted on the Federal Reserve’s website.”


DSP Looking To Bust Fake Troopers

State Police are looking for 2 men who impersonated troopers after one of them was involved in a car crash Monday.

Police say the first suspect slammed his black Dodge Charger with dark tinted windows into the back of another car at Route 4 and Rolling Drive around noon, turned on red and blue lights inside his car, got out and told the other driver there'd be an accident report filed at Troop 6.


Saudi Prince Calls For Kingdom To Acquire WMDs

So much for peace in the Middle East.

On 5 December Prince bin Turki al Faisal, speaking at the “The Gulf and the Globe” conference in the Saudi capital Riyadh urged the six-nation Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) to become a powerful regional bloc by establishing a unified armed force and defense structure.

While bin Turki’s call for the GCC to pool its military resources is nothing new, his idea of supporting Gulf countries acquiring weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) if Israel and Iran do not constrain their nuclear programs represents the edge of a precipitously slippery slope.

Bin Turki told his audience, "Why shouldn't we commence the building of a unified military force, with a clear chain of command. But, if our efforts and the efforts of the world community fail to bring about the dismantling of the Israeli arsenal of nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons and preventing Iran from acquiring the same, then why shouldn't we at least study seriously all available options, including acquiring WMDs, so that our future generations will not blame us for neglecting any courses of action that will keep looming dangers away from us."


Because Iran’s nuclear program, which Tehran insists is completely devoted to the generation of civilian nuclear power, is incipient, but subjected to increasing international pressure in the form of increased U.S. and Israeli-led international sanctions.


Watchdog Group Seeks Injunction To Halt Council Prayer

GEORGETOWN — U.S. District Court is being asked to grant a preliminary injunction blocking Sussex County Council from opening meetings with the Lord’s Prayer. In its court filing, Americans United for Separation of Church and State argues the practice is so patently unconstitutional it should be blocked by a preliminary injunction while the case is under way.

Senate Expected To Vote Down Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Nominee

The Senate will probably vote down President Obama's nominee to head the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Richard Cordray has been working at the new agency in a staff position. The 47 Republican senators are nearly unanimous in their opposition, so Cordray is unlikely to get 60 votes. Balloting takes place today. Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) says his party's opposition is not to Cordray personally. Republicans think the Bureau should not be managed by a single director. They are pushing for a bipartisan set of commissioners, similar to the FCC.

Rich, Poor Gap Will Show Up Under The Tree

NEW YORK/LOS ANGELES — Adriana Garcia won't be buying her family Christmas gifts this year.
The 26-year-old from Huntington Park, California lost her job as a teacher's assistant last year and now works part-time at a Jamba Juice near Los Angeles.
Her husband, a security guard unable to work since hurting his hand three months ago, is not yet getting his disability checks. The couple spends on the basics: food and rent.

L.A. Calls For End To 'Corporate Personhood'

At a packed City Council meeting that included remarks from a man in a top hat with fake money tucked in the pocket of his suit, Los Angeles lawmakers Tuesday called for more regulations on how much corporations can spend on political campaigns.

The vote in support of state and federal legislation that would end so-called "corporate personhood” is largely symbolic. But activist Mary Beth Fielder, who spoke in favor of the resolution, called it “a symbol that’s going to be heard around the world.”

‘MythBusters’ Show Suspended After Stunt Sends Cannonball Through House

The popular “MythBusters” show on the Discovery Channel has been put on hold pending a full investigation into an incident Tuesday in which a cannonball was sent whizzing through a San Francisco area neighborhood.

Producers for the show, in which hosts Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman test common myths, were reportedly testing a cannon at the Alameda County Sheriff’s Department bomb range in Dublin, Calif., around 4 p.m. Tuesday.

Three Injured In Crash Involving Police Vehicle

Location: Southbound US Rt. 113 at Parker Road, 1 mile south of Frankford, DE

Date and Time of Occurrence: Wednesday, December 7, 2011 at 5:27 p.m.

Operators and Vehicles:

Operator #1: 36 year old Delaware State Trooper assigned to Troop 4, Georgetown
Vehicle #1: 2011 Ford Crown Victoria (unmarked and equipped with emergency lights)

Operator #2: Tansheika R. Smith, 29, Seaford, DE
Vehicle #2: 2006 Dodge Stratus

Other Injured: 38 year old Delaware State Trooper assigned to Troop 4, Georgetown

Frankford, DE- The Delaware State Police Crash Reconstruction Unit is currently investigating a two vehicle crash in which three people were injured that occurred late yesterday afternoon.

The incident occurred at approximately 5:27 p.m. as two Delaware State Troopers traveling in an unmarked 2011 Ford Crown Victoria patrol vehicle, had responded to the area of US Rt. 113 and Parker Road to assist a third Trooper who was investigating an accident that had occurred earlier. The assisting Troopers had parked their vehicle in the center grass median as they assisted with the investigation, however, moved the vehicle into the left hand southbound lane of US Rt. 113 in order to help with traffic control. As the 36 year old Trooper backed the vehicle into the left hand lane, the 38 year old Trooper was standing to the rear of the patrol vehicle directing traffic around it. Tansheika Smith, 29, who was operating a 2006 Dodge Stratus and was traveling in the southbound left hand lane of US Rt. 113 approaching the crash scene, failed to see the patrol car and struck the rear of it. The 38 year old Trooper who was directing traffic was also struck.

Tansheika Smith as well as the two troopers were all removed from the scene by EMS and were transported to the Beebe Memorial Hospital where they were treated and released with minor injuries.

Southbound US Rt. 113 was closed for approximately 2.5 hours as the crash was investigated and cleared.

Angry Birds Takes Aim At High Fashion

Consider it the latest crossover between high fashion and brand awareness. After all, there’s little other excuse for Teija Vesterbacka, the wife of Rovio CMO Peter Vesterbacka, to attend a black tie event held at the Finnish Presidential Palace last night in a gown that… well, looks like it’s part of an entirely unexpected Angry Birds promotional campaign, really.


Cops: Parents Abandoned 4 Mo. Old In Burger King

(CBS News) The parents of a 4-month-old baby girl are accused of leaving their child inside a Burger King, and then lying to police and reporting her as an abandoned child.

CBS station WCBS New York reported that the baby was found on one of the tables one of Burger King's Jamaica, Queens locations. She is now in the custody of the state Administration for Children's Services.

China Tells It's Navy - "Prepare For War"

Publishers Notes: Seems like the MSM had fallen short again. Why didn't they report this?

Chinese President Hu Jintao has urged the country's navy to prepare for military combat and advance naval modernisation as part of efforts to safeguard world peace.

The navy should 'accelerate its transformation and modernisation in a sturdy way, and make extended preparations for military combat in order to make greater contributions to safeguard national security and world peace', Hu said in a speech on Tuesday that comes amid US and regional concerns over China's naval ambitions.

According to a statement on the government's website, Hu was speaking to the nation's powerful Central Military Commission at a meeting in Beijing focused on military armament and the latest developments in the navy.

'Our work must closely encircle the main theme of national defence and military building,' Hu said, according to the statement.

In a translation of Hu's comments, the official Xinhua news agency quoted the president as saying China's navy should 'make extended preparations for warfare', strengthening the term 'junshi douzheng' that can be also translated as 'military combat' or 'military struggle'.


Today's Weather- 12/08/11





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Are You Ready To Set Sail?

President of the Senate Thomas V. Mike Miller, Jr.
& Chairman of the Finance Committee
Senator Thomas "Mac" Middleton

cordially invite you to a breakfast honoring

Senator Jim Mathias
Maryland State Senate, District 38

Thursday, January 5, 2012
7:30 – 9:00 a.m.

The Calvert House
58 State Circle
Annapolis, Maryland 21401

Host Sponsor - $1,000
Sponsor - $500
Guest - $250


Please make checks payable to:
Friends of Jim Mathias
3546 Figgs Landing Road
Snow Hill, Maryland 21863
For more information or to RSVP, contact Rice Consulting at

(toll free) 1-866-838-0037 or
Jim Mathias: Always Working for You

Authority: Friends of Jim Mathias, Donna Richardson West, Treasurer.