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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Suspect In Deadly Trooper Ambush, Gives Away Location, Police Say

Authorities searching for accused cop killer Eric Frein in Pennsylvania got a big break when the suspect slipped-up and used his cellphone to contact his parents.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reported the Sept. 18 call lasted only seconds, but that was long enough for investigators to draw a bead on his whereabouts.

As a result of that call the manhunt for Frein was narrowed to a five-square mile perimeter in Monroe and Pike counties, the paper said Friday citing sources with knowledge of the investigation.


Mardela Middle & High School


As Night Time Work Ends, Daily 10-Hour Schedule Begins

The State Highway Administration’s (SHA) first phase of the bridge deck replacement on the southbound dual lanes of the US 13 Bridge over the Pocomoke River remains on schedule, but as intermittent night time work on the project ceases, construction begins seven days-a-week on Sunday, September 28. Construction crews will work 10 hours every day, weather permitting, from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Much of the recent work on the southbound lanes concentrated on the substructure under the bridge. For the remainder of the first phase, the project will focus on milling then resurfacing the southbound US 13 lanes.

This first phase is currently on schedule to be completed by late November 2014. In spring 2015 the two northbound lanes of the bridge will begin to be replaced and the entire project is expected to be completed by fall 2015. Motorists should expect one of the two lanes in each direction to be closed during construction.

After experiencing numerous motor vehicle crashes within the project work zone, an Automated Speed Enforcement (ASE) camera was installed on site and through the construction area reduced significantly. In early September state and local law enforcement issued 136 speeding violations with fines up to $140 each, in just four days.

Anyone with questions about the new work schedule for the project should contact Gee Williams, SHA District Community Liaison at or phone 443-463-7141.

Boy, 5, Tests Positive After Being Found Sitting Next to Bag of Cocaine in Parent’s Car

A 5-year-old Sylmar boy tested positive for cocaine Friday after being found sitting next to a half-pound bag of the drug in the backseat of his parent’s vehicle, according to the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department.

Authorities made the discovery at the end of a months-long investigation into alleged cocaine sales in Ventura County that led detectives to Sylmar resident Marco Cuevas, according to a news release from the Ventura County Interagency Pharmaceutical Crimes Unit.

The 31-year-old Cuevas was arrested Friday in Moorpark where he was suspected of going to engage in a cocaine deal, the release stated.


Troopers Arrest Three after Shopliftings

Rehoboth, DE- Delaware State Police have arrested three Baltimore, Maryland women after they were found to be in possession of over $5700.00 in stolen merchandise at the Coastal Outlets in Rehoboth yesterday afternoon.
The incident occurred after troopers were told to respond to the Osh Kosh Store located in the Coastal Highway Tanger Outlets, in the 36000 block of Seaside Outlet Drive, Rehoboth, on Friday, September 26, 2014, at 4:45 p.m., for the report of a shoplifting. As troopers were responding, they were informed that three female suspects, who employees believed to have been shoplifting while in the store, had exited and were being followed by one of the employees. Troopers were able to apprehend the three suspects, later identified as Lamia Pretlow, 27, Tre’Shawna S. Laboard, 18, and Pachena J. Whitney, 25, all of Baltimore, MD, without incident.
After further investigation and interviews, troopers obtained permission to search a vehicle that the suspects had used to travel to the Outlets. Upon searching the vehicle, troopers located numerous bags of clothing which were discovered to have been stolen from a total of 18 stores located within the Outlet complex.
Lamia Pretlow, Tre’Shawna Laboard (no photo available), and Pachena Whitney (no photo available), were all transported to Troop 7, Lewes, where they were each charged with Shoplifting, Conspiracy 2nd degree, and Possession of Shoplifting Tools. They were then arraigned at JP Court 2 and committed to the Delores Baylor Correctional Institution for lack of $4000.00 secured bail apiece.
Released: 092714 1945

Saving, One Flippin’ Switch At A Time

Worcester County’s public schools are cutting costs one light switch at a time.

It might seem trivial, but small measures such as flipping a switch saved about $200,000 in electricity last year — around 10 percent of the 14 district schools’ power bill, said Chief Financial Officer Vince Tolbert.

About $60,000 of those savings are going back into the 11 schools that cut their costs, he said.

“We just looked at what we use and what we do on a daily basis to really try to cut into it,” said Tom Sites, principal at Berlin Intermediate School that cut its electric costs by more than 20 percent last school year.


Study: Mideast Immigrants to US Pose Huge Security Threat

A new study shows that the number of immigrants in the United States jumped 3 percent in three years — to a record 41.3 million in 2013 — and that the nearly 300,000 who came from Muslim countries pose a major national security threat, the report's co-author told Newsmax on Thursday.

"All of that does raise national security concerns, and I don't think there has been any consideration of that," said Steven Camarota, research director for the Center for Immigration Studies.


Baltimore Police Seize $3M Worth Of Drugs, Cash In Operation Ceasefire Bust

A drug bust nets a huge haul. Baltimore police say they’ve seized $3 million in heroin and cash–all from one suspect.

Alex DeMetrick has more on how the bust went down.

It’s a different approach to policing, one where the suspect was given the opportunity to go straight or go to jail.

When police pulled back the sheet holding the evidence, it even impressed the news media.

“That’s a lot of money. A lot of drugs,” a photographer said.


Ignore the Financial Media… Now is the Time to Prepare

“Buy stocks! It’s a great opportunity! They present great value.”

This is the non-stop mantra espoused on financial media. It’s simply astounding given that

1) Everyone with a modicum of sense knows stocks are in a bubble

2) Financial media viewership is plunging to multi-decade lows (you think they’d consider changing the content?)

Here are a few thoughts no one in the mainstream financial media seems to address.

First of all, corporate insiders are dumping shares at a pace not seen since 2000.

That’s correct. The folks who know more about their companies and future growth prospects than anyone in the world are unloading their shares as quickly as possible.


PR Man Fired In Ferguson Because He Was Convicted Of Reckless Homicide

The public relations expert hired to help restore public opinion in the city of Ferguson has been fired as it emerged he shot a man dead eight years ago.

Devin James was brought in to rebuild the community after a white police officer shot unarmed black teenager Michael Brown.

But today his employers were forced to apologize for the appointment as they discovered James was convicted of reckless homicide in Tennessee in 2006.

James has founded his company on his personal story of overcoming a background filled with gangs and drugs - and says the shooting in Shelby County, Tennessee, was in self defense.


Gohmert: Holder enabled Boston Marathon bombings

'He needed to be impeached. He's just a guy that needed to be gone'

Attorney General Eric Holder says he will resign as soon as his successor is confirmed, but U.S. Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Texas, argues Holder needed to go a long time ago for politicizing every issue from Fast and Furious to the fight against radical Islam and even failing to prevent the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings that killed three people and injured 264 others.

Holder is one of the longest-serving attorneys general in U.S. history and has hinted at retirement several times in recent years. His tenure is one of the most controversial in history, with Holder drawing fire on issues ranging from civil rights to treatment of reporters and the level of cooperation with Congress to the intensity with which he investigated issues embarrassing to the Obama administration.


Homicide Eyed In Deadly Oklahoma Bus Crash, Killing 4 College Softball Players

A tractor-trailer crossed a southern Oklahoma highway median and plowed into the side of a Texas college softball team's bus, killing four team members and injuring more than a dozen others, authorities said.

The collision involving the North Central Texas College team happened at around 9 p.m. Friday on Interstate 35 south of Davis, which is about 70 miles south of Oklahoma City and 60 miles north of Gainesville, Texas, where the school is located.

The team was heading home from a scrimmage earlier Friday against Southern Nazarene University, in Bethany.


Krauthammer's Take: Left Will Regret Holder's Politicization of AG's Office

While it is “perfectly honorable” for Eric Holder to want to dedicate his life to combating perceived racial injustices, he should have done so in some other capacity and not while serving as attorney general, Charles Krauthammer said on Thursday’s Special Report.

“When you are the attorney general of the United States, you have to subordinate that to what the law is, and he hasn’t done that,” he said. “He’s been after an agenda, and if the Constitution was in the way, he trampled on the Constitution.”

Democrats may have benefited from Holder’s politicization of the attorney general’s office during the Obama administration, but they will come to regret it in the future, Krauthammer warned.


Montana teacher -- initially given 31 days in rape of student -- now gets 10 years

Billings, Montana (CNN) -- Fighting back tears, Auliea Hanlon sat on the witness stand in a Montana courtroom, just feet away from the man who pleaded guilty to raping her 14-year-old daughter -- and initially received a sentence that required him to serve just 31 days in prison.

"Here we are -- six, seven years later, still waiting for justice," she said, according to video of the sentencing from CNN affiliate KTVQ. "He knew what he was doing. He knew what was going to happen to her."

"And he didn't care."

Stacey Dean Rambold was accused of raping Cherice Moralez, a freshman in his business class at Billings Senior High, in 2007.


Public Pension Funds Face $2 Trillion Shortfall, Moodys Warns

"Despite the robust investment returns since 2004, annual growth in unfunded pension liabilities has outstripped these returns," Moody's warns in its latest report on the state of public pension systems. As Bloomberg reports, the 25 biggest systems by assets averaged a 7.45% return from 2004 to 2013, but liabilities tripled over the same period leaving them facing a $2 trillion shortfall as investment returns can’t keep up with ballooning obligations. The top 25 funds account for 40% of the entire US public pension system with Illinois, Kentucky, Connecticut, and Louisiana at the top of the 'most underfunded' list.


Better To Focus Efforts On Route 90 Work

While it’s unlikely to matter in the short term, Ocean City officials are wise to pursue Route 90, rather than Route 50, as a priority infrastructure project.

At last week’s County Commissioner meeting, the Maryland Department of Transportation reviewed its six-year transportation project budget with Worcester officials. Continuing the dualization phases of Route 113 remains the top priority for the state and the county, but the discussion gets interesting after that. For years, adding lanes to Route 589 has been the second priority with the Route 50 Bridge vying for more consideration. Last year Ocean City officials made a case that dualizing Route 90 is actually the resort’s more pressing project, and some in the county even believe it’s more of a time-sensitive matter than Route 589.

It’s ironic that this summer’s Route 50 Bridge malfunction played a part in the argument to prioritize Route 90 by the city last week. Rather than advocating for the current bridge to be replaced because of the breakdown, the city maintained it underscored the importance of improving the secondary route into Ocean City from a public safety perspective.


Judge: DOJ Must Produce List of Fast & Furious Docs by Oct. 22

( - Two days before Attorney General Eric Holder announced his resignation, a federal court ordered the Justice Department to produce, by October 22, a detailed list of Fast and Furious documents sought by a conservative watchdog group.

Judicial Watch requested the documents in a June 2012 Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. Three months later, in September 2012, Judicial Watch filed a FOIA lawsuit, seeking all of the documents the Obama White House was withholding from Congress under a claim of executive privilege.

This week, the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia ruled that the Justice Department must submit a "Vaughn Index" of the requested documents by October 22 -- a three-week extension of the earlier Oct. 1 deadline set by the court.


Man Tried To Smuggle 51 Turtles In Pants Across Border

Detroit — A Windsor man busted at the Detroit-Windsor tunnel with 51 live turtles in his pants is a serial smuggler who shipped thousands of reptiles to far-flung locales hidden in snow boots and cereal boxes, a federal prosecutor said Friday.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Sara Woodward gave rare insight into a lucrative, international smuggling ring headed by Kai Xu that operated in at least three countries. She described an operation that peddled thousands of turtles, some endangered and worth $1,800 each, and relied on aliases and reptile couriers that Xu — aka "Turtle Man" — recruited through online forums and classified ads.

Woodward lifted the veil Friday on an unusual criminal case that drew headlines a day earlier as far away as the United Kingdom while successfully arguing that Xu should be denied bond while awaiting trial on charges that could send him to prison for 10 years.


‘Not Islamic’?

President Obama declared in his recent address to the nation that “ISIL is not Islamic.”

But how does he know? On what basis did the president of the United States declare the a group of Muslims that calls itself “Islamic State” “not Islamic”?

Has he studied Islam and Islamic history and concluded that ISIL, Boko Haram, al-Qaida, Hamas, Hezbollah, the Taliban, Jamaat-e-Islami, Lashkar-e-Taiba (the group that slaughtered 166 people in Mumbai, most especially guests at the Taj Hotel,and which tortured to death a rabbi and his wife), the various Palestinian terrorist groups (all of which have been Muslim, even though there are many Christian Palestinians), and the Muslim terror groups in Somalia, Yemen, Libya and elsewhere are also all “not Islamic”?

Has he concluded that the Muslim Brotherhood, which won Egypt’s most open election ever, is “not Islamic?”

You Poked My Heart......

Japan's Social Depression

Beneath the surface wealth of bullet trains, cute robots and exuberant fashions, this is the Japan few outsiders understand: the one gripped by a deepening social depression.

This week I've highlighted the structural flaws of using GDP as a measure of "growth" and prosperity: GDP = Waste and What Metric Are We Optimizing For?

The conventional metrics of "growth" and prosperity have another fatal flaw: they do not recognize, much less measure, social depression, the social costs of economic stagnation and wealth inequality driven by financialization.

The term social recession has two distinct meanings: around 2000, the term was used to describe the erosion of social cohesion via the decline of institutions such as marriage and the rise of social problems such as teen pregnancy.

Many commentators pinned this erosion of social constraints and bonds on rampant individualism and overstimulated consumerism, while others pointed to urbanization, the commodification of child care, and women entering the workforce en masse to prop up household incomes. Poverty was explicitly rejected as a causal factor, hence the term "social recession."

Accident/Fight In Ocean City


SFD Calls For Service 9-26-14

  • Friday September, 26 2014 @ 23:48Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury
  • Friday September, 26 2014 @ 22:35Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury
  • Friday September, 26 2014 @ 21:07 Nature: Pro Qa FireAddress: 1101 Camden Ave Salisbury, MD 21801
  • Friday September, 26 2014 @ 20:36Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury
  • Friday September, 26 2014 @ 20:02Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury

Corbett seeking more records of porn emails

HARRISBURG, Pa. - Gov. Tom Corbett has asked for records of intra-office emails containing pornography that were apparently exchanged among former employees of the state attorney general's office, including two men who are now his top aides. Corbett said he needs more information before determining if the men should keep their jobs.

Attorney General Kathleen Kane's office on Thursday identified eight ex-employees who sent or received the pornographic photos and videos by email. All of the men worked under Corbett, a Republican, when he was the attorney general. Most of them went on to work for him as governor, and several still do.


’1 of the worst attorneys general in history’

Holder nemesis on mission to hold 'race-baiter' accountable to rule of law

Few, if any, people in Washington know what it’s like to go up against Eric Holder’s Justice Department better than attorney Tom Fitton, and he is scathing in his summation of the attorney general’s tenure, calling him “one of the worst in history.”

“I guess one could do worse than Eric Holder as an attorney, but I’d be hard pressed to think of a worse record out there, particularly in the modern era,” Fitton told WND.

The Washington attorney and president of Judicial Watch said Holder’s record was tainted “in terms of the corruption, not only his personal corruption, but his willingness to place politics, ideology and race-baiting above the rule of law.”

Fitton called Holder too “woefully lacking in ethics” to be attorney general and speculated that whatever is causing him to resign, it is “for all the wrong reasons.”

Holder announced Thursday he intends to resign, effective once a successor is confirmed.

“I don’t believe it is any coincidence, as we break new ground in the IRS scandal and Fast and Furious. … He wants out,” Fitton said in a phone interview.


Martin To Seek Fourth Council Term; Ashley Uncertain

OCEAN CITY – With the filing deadline of Oct. 6 to run for council in November’s municipal election nearing, Ocean City Council President Lloyd Martin confirmed this week he will seek another, while Councilman Brent Ashley remains unsure.

To date, four men have filed to run for the City Council in this year’s municipal election — Anthony “Tony” DeLuca, Christopher Rudolf, Joseph “Joe” Brian Cryer and Philip Ufholz.

Last week Councilwoman Margaret Pillas announced she will not be seeking another council term, and Councilman Joe Mitrecic, who is in the middle of his four-year term, is running unopposed for the Worcester County Commission and has said previously his intention was to resign from his council seat whether he faced competition for the county post or not.


1 in 4 Americans 25-54 Not Working

A new chart from the minority side of the Senate Budget Committee shows a startling fact: Almost 1 in 4 Americans between the ages of 25-54 (or prime working years) are not working.

Here's a chart showing those in that age group currently employed (95.6 million) and those who aren't (28.9 million):

Eric Holder, A Legacy of Race-Based Radicalism

Attorney General Eric Holder is at long last relinquishing his cabinet post after nearly six unprecedented, catastrophic years of racial demagoguery and gangsterism.

Holder, who announced yesterday that he will leave office when a replacement is selected, will leave behind what is probably the most ugly and toxic legacy of any attorney general ever in the history of the republic.

Although he has all the moral authority of disbarred Duke Lacrosse prosecutor Mike Nifong, Holder knows he is immune to criticism because he is black and a radical leftist. He is a protected, pampered member of the ruling class and his arrogance knows no bounds. He ignores court orders and gives congressional overseers the finger.

Holder has transformed the U.S. Department of Justice into a racial grievance incubator, an intensive care unit for kooky, authoritarian ideas that should have died after the 1960s. The DoJ, especially its rotten, totally corrupt Civil Rights Division, is a lawyerly commune for revolutionaries who oppose the very idea of the rule of law. Critical Legal Theory and Critical Race Theory govern much of what goes on in the department.


Virus Probed In Paralysis Cases In 9 Colorado Kids

Health officials are investigating nine cases of muscle weakness or paralysis in Colorado children and whether the culprit might be a virus causing severe respiratory illness across the country.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Friday sent doctors an alert about the polio-like cases and said the germ -- enterovirus 68 -- was detected in four out of eight of the sick children who had a certain medical test. The status of the ninth case is unclear.

The virus can cause paralysis but other germs can, too. Health officials don't know whether the virus caused any of the children's arm and leg weaknesses or whether it's just a germ they coincidentally picked up.


Gillespie Within Single Digits of Warner in Virginia

Just two weeks ago a poll had Republican Ed Gillespie down by 22 points to incumbent Mark Warner in Virginia.

A new poll just out has him closing to within nine. The Gillespie team had been anticipating something of a surge as Fall turned voters' focus toward the upcoming mid-term elections.

“U.S. Sen. Mark Warner has been the most popular politician in Virginia for the past several years and appears to be in reasonable shape for reelection,” said Peter A. Brown, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Poll. “But his lead is not insurmountable with six weeks to go until Election Day.” Warner had a 22-point lead over Gillespie in a poll released about two weeks ago from the Wason Center for Public Policy at Christopher Newport University.


Cape Henlopen State Park celebrates 50 years

The history of Cape Henlopen State Park dates back 50 years, but the rich history of the Cape area dates back centuries. Although designated as public lands, the park was used by the U.S. government during the late 18th century and most of the 19th century. The area was used by various military branches for more than 100 years.

There is no way to completely list the expansive history of the park area. Included are a few of the highlights over the past two centuries.


1682: William Penn proclaims Cape Henlopen is to be used as public lands, some of the first established in the United States. The Warner Grant sets aside lands in what is now the park for "the usage of the citizens of Lewes and Sussex County."

1828: Delaware Breakwater construction begins.

The Red Roost Haunted Hayride for "Toys for Tots"

Still time to be part of the cast and crew! Contact The Red Roost (410) 546-5443 by Oct. 3rd. It's for "Toys for Tots!" Join us there! All those that were from "Night of the Living Zoo" are welcome to join us this year!

Outbreak of a Respiratory Illness Escalates Among Children and Mystifies Scientists

An outbreak of respiratory illness first observed in the Midwest has spread to 38 states, sending children to hospitals and baffling scientists trying to understand its virulent resurgence.

As of Thursday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention had confirmed 226 cases of infection with enterovirus 68. But it is likely that many times that number have been stricken. One case involved an adult, and no deaths have been linked to the infection.

“What the C.D.C. is reporting is clearly the tip of the iceberg,” said Dr. Mary Anne Jackson, the division director of infectious diseases at Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, Mo. The hospital was the first to alert the agency last month to an unusual increase in children with trouble breathing. Since then, Dr. Jackson has received calls from colleagues nationwide seeking guidance. Some report that the influx of children to hospitals is “almost outweighing the resources available,” she said.


States Confront Past and Present Forced Sterilization

States -- including California, where female prisoners were involuntarily sterilized as late as 2013 -- are figuring out how to compensate the victims.

Forced sterilization by the government sounds like a ghastly practice that ought to be safely locked away in the distant past. But for some states, it’s an issue that’s very much in the present.

Take California. When the state formally apologized in 2003 for its history of forcing sterilization on prisoners and the mentally ill, most people thought the practice had died out. But this past June, a state auditor’s report found that 39 female inmates had received tubal ligations without lawful consent between 2005 and 2013.

California prison regulations already forbid forced tubal ligations, vasectomies and any other procedure that isn’t medically necessary. A bill submitted months before the audit expressly bans the practice, requires a second physician to evaluate whether sterilization is necessary, strengthens patient counseling about the procedure and toughens reporting requirements from prison medical facilities. Gov. Jerry Brown signed the bill Thursday.


South Carolina State Trooper Arrested After Dashcam Video Captures Shooting Of Unarmed Man

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) - A South Carolina state trooper's dashboard video shows an unarmed driver being shot just seconds after he was stopped for a seatbelt offense - and the trooper, who was fired last week, has now been charged with assault.

As Levar Jones cried in pain waiting for an ambulance, he repeated one question: "Why did you shoot me?"

Jones' painful groans and then-Trooper Sean Groubert's reply - "Well you dove head first back into your car" - were captured by the camera.

Groubert's boss, state Public Safety Director Leroy Smith, called the video "disturbing" and said "Groubert reacted to a perceived threat where there was none" as he fired the officer Friday.


French Cop Tickets a Brit

This happened to an Englishman in France who was totally drunk. The French policeman stops his car and asks the gentleman if he has been drinking. With great difficulty, the Englishman admits that he has been drinking all day, that his daughter got married in the morning to a French man, and that he drank champagne and a few bottles of wine at the reception and quite a few glasses of single malt there after.

Quite upset, the policeman proceeds to alcotest (breath test) him and asks the Englishman if he knows under French Law why he is going to be arrested.

The Englishman answers with humour. No sir, I do not! But while we're asking questions, do you know that this is a British car and my wife is driving ... on the other side???


Throughout history, children have been disciplined in many different ways. Up until the second half of the twentieth century, the motto was “Spare the rod and spoil the child”. It must have worked because children seemed to behave somewhat better. A lot of this had to do with the respect the parents earned from their children. It just was not the thing to do to embarrass your parents by acting badly in public. The mutual respect that was formed in the formative years carried over to the school years. The bottom line was that you learned that what you did was bad. Nowadays, the seeming lack of conscience only regrets getting caught. As they say, the punishment doesn’t always fit the crime.
The discipline administered by the nuns at St. Francis in the 1950’s was a combination of love and fear. While you knew they loved you, there was always the threat of facing some form of corporal punishment. If you were good, the fear level was minimal, and you were always on guard to see that it didn’t elevate. There was no bleeding-heart liberal telling the nuns that they couldn’t hit you. They only resorted to a good slap if it was warranted, and the parents had enough faith in the nuns that they knew it was truly warranted. At St. Francis one time a student called a nun a liar, and she slapped him. He then proceeded to slap her back. Big mistake. The next thing we saw was a fist coming out of that black habit and connecting right on the chin. The nun calmly said, “If that’s the way you want it, let’s go.” The student said he had enough. He walked up and down the property every morning and afternoon for a half hour and during recess for a month. I don’t think they ever had a problem with him again.
My own sons asked me one time why I never hit them. I told them honestly that I loved them, and you didn’t hit someone you loved. I learned this lesson many years earlier from my Pop. One Saturday night, I came home aroundten o’clock to get more money from my room. He asked me why I was home so early, and I told him the truth. What I didn’t tell him, but he knew, was that I had previously consumed a few beers. I had left my car running in the driveway and fully expected to just jump in and carry on with my Saturday escapades after acquiring a small amount from my “stash”. When I came downstairs, he got up from his chair and calmly faced me. His exact words were, “George, I’ve never hit you, but if you attempt to go out that door, I’m going to hit you.” My reply summed up all the respect he had earned over the years. I said, “Pop, would you mind turning my car off?” He turned my car off, and I went to bed.
Discipline can be easier if there is a degree of respect earned over a period of time. I never wanted to show my parents any disrespect by doing anything that would embarrass them or the family. Of course, this applies to children after they have reached the age of reason. Before that, it’s spare the rod and spoil the child. I once heard an elderly lady explain how she disciplined her children. She would take a hairbrush and gently brush their hair. If that didn’t work, she said that she applied the other side of the brush to the other side of the child. She claimed it always worked.

(Pictured above: Sr. Mary Boniface, May 1952)

In rare TV interview, reclusive Anthony Brown mocks questions about his record as “silly season” comments

ANNAPOLIS, MD – In a rare interview since beginning his general election campaign for governor, Anthony Brown again refused to take responsibility for his failed Maryland health exchange. The reclusive Lt. Governor also used the interview to reiterate that his plan for economic revival that is no different than the failed policies of the last eight years.

Larry Hogan said, “It is very concerning that Anthony Brown’s strategy is to spend millions of dollars trying to frighten women. Meanwhile, for the last three months, he has remained silent on the issues that really matter to overtaxed Maryland voters: creating jobs and restoring our failing economy, which is ranked 49th out of 50 states. There’s nothing “silly” about honest questions about his record for the past eight years and it’s time for the Lt. Governor to engage in an honest debate on the issues that matter.”

To watch Mr. Hogan’s 9/25/14 interview on Fox 45, please click here:

Hogan to campaign in Montgomery and Dorchester counties this weekend

Annapolis, MD – Republican candidate for Governor Larry Hogan will campaign in Montgomery County on Saturday and Dorchester County on Sunday. The full weekend schedule can be found below.

10:00 AM – Burtonsville Day Parade
Paint Branch High School
14121 Old Columbia Pike, Burtonsville

2:30 PM – Milestone Shopping Center – walk about
20900 Frederick Road, Germantown

12:00 PM – Dorchester Center for the Arts Showcase – walk about
321 High Street, Cambridge

1:00 PM – Harvesters United for Hogan
Sailwinds Park
200 Byrne Street, Cambridge

Upcoming Banquet

The Eastern Shore Pregnancy Center will host their tenth annual “Labor of Love” fundraising banquet on Thursday, October 16 at 7 p.m. at the Wicomico Youth and Civic Center in Salisbury, MD. The theme will be "Heal the Father's Heart," and features Susan Baldwin, executive director for the Women's Resource Center in Mobile, Alabama, as the keynote speaker. 

If you would like to attend, be a table host, or a church liaison for this event please call the Eastern Shore Pregnancy Center at 410-546-5433

You may also register online at: The Great Turnaround Event Finder

Charity Poker Event

Kong Aussie Sticks Recall

Kong Aussie Sticks dog treats have beenquietly recalled by the product manufacturer, JAKKS Pacific of Walnut, California due to possible contamination with mold.

The products being recalled have the following item numbers:
Item 75559
Item 75560

And these “Best Before” dates:

According to a JAKKS Pacific company spokesperson:

“The products were not dried properly so a small percentage of finished goods have gone moldy.

“Majority of the product is fine, and the mold was caught at our DC, but some product may have made it to PetSmart so we are recalling all the product at PetSmart and



Do you recall this?

How Cute Is This?

Undocumented immigrants will be allowed to serve in U.S. military under new Department of Defense policy

The Department of Defense announced Thursday a program that will allow undocumented immigrants to enter the U.S. military.

The new rule applies only to those who qualify for the Obama administration's Deferred Action for Child Arrivals, which gives immigrants who came to the country with their parents at least by 16 a path to citizenship.

The Pentagon's program will be capped at 1,500 recruits per year, reports the Military Times.