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Monday, December 05, 2016

Biden raises possibility of 2020 presidential bid

Vice President Biden on Monday raised the possibility of a presidential bid in 2020.

“I am going to run in 2020,” Biden told a group of reporters in the Capitol when asked about his political future. “What the hell man, anyway.”


Why General James Mattis Inspires Such Devotion In His Men

General James Mattis, who may well be Donald Trump’s pick as Defense Secretary, inspires absolute devotion in the men who have served under him. In a stirring tribute to Mattis titled “I Served With James Mattis. Here’s What I Learned From Him,” Stanton S. Coeer, who served under Mattis when he was a colonel, a major general, and a lieutenant general, illustrates exactly why Mattis evoked such zealous loyalty among his men.

Coeer commences, “Those of us who served with him know that he is a caring, erudite, warfighting general. We also know that there is a reason he uses the call-sign Chaos: he is a lifelong student of his profession, a devotee of maneuver warfare and Sun Tzu, the sort of guy who wants to win without fighting—to cause chaos among those he would oppose. To Marines, he is the finest of our tribal elders. The rest of the world, very soon, will know how truly gifted he is. Our friends and allies will be happy he is our new secretary of war; our enemies will soon wish he weren’t.”


Cardin seeks apology for fired workers in ‘lavender scare’

BALTIMORE (AP) — Maryland Sen. Ben Cardin wants Secretary of State John Kerry to formally apologize to hundreds of federal workers who were fired decades ago because of their perceived sexual orientation.

The Baltimore Sun reports ( ) that the Democratic senator said in a letter to Kerry on Tuesday that it’s time for the country to apologize for the so-called “lavender scare.”

Cardin cited a book by historian David Johnson that said that at least 1,000 people were forced out of the state department in the 1950s and 1960s because they were believed to be gay.


PHOTOS: Flood of Illegal Immigrants Continues at Texas Border

GRANJENO, Texas — The ongoing flood of iIllegal immigrants from Central American countries continues to escalate despite the claims of the current administration that the border is secure.

Breitbart Texas obtained a series of photographs from concerned citizens that show groups of illegal immigrants walking up dirt roads moments after having crossed the Rio Grande River border with Mexico. In total, the citizens encountered 21 illegal immigrants in a matter or minutes.


Proudly he waves: a boy’s message to his father

CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WAVY) – The holiday season is underway and one local boy wants to make sure people don’t forget about the men and women serving overseas during this time of year.

Cheers, honks and waves — Gus VanWinkle had quite the morning. The 11-year-old was standing on the corner of Bruin Drive in Chesapeake, waving an American flag for hours on Saturday morning.

“I’m supporting my country,” says Gus.

But the reason Gus stood outside in the chilly weather is personal. His dad is serving in Bahrain and won’t be back until February. The sadness and uncertainty — they’re emotions that Gus’ mom says many military families feel.


South Carolina inmates trade in jail time to help victims of Hurricane Matthew

CONWAY, SC (WBTW) — Non-violent criminals in Horry County are trading time behind bars for time helping Hurricane Matthew victims rebuild.

The program is called Pretrial Intervention, or PTI.

It’s for non-violent offenders or people who commit crimes like shoplifting or simple possession, but don’t have a criminal history.

Director of the program Mary Powell says the criminals have to serve 60 hours of community service.


Speaker Paul Ryan Goes Silent as Refugee Program Claims Victims at Ohio State University

House Speaker Paul Ryan’s press office has yet to make a public comment about the attack carried out by a Somali refugee at Ohio State University, a two-hour drive from Ryan’s own alma mater, Miami University in Ohio.

The seemingly muted response from Ryan’s office is in marked contrast to statements issued by other Republican lawmakers and the President’s spokesman–and is especially noteworthy given that the House Speaker is the third highest-ranking elected official in the nation, just behind the President and the Vice President.

In recent days, the Speaker’s office has sent out press emails to reporters on issues ranging from the death of Fidel Castro to Speaker Ryan’s favorite Thanksgiving food.

Yet there appears to be no press statement addressing the tragedy at Ohio State University and the refugee program that allowed the attack to occur.


Life after D.C.: VP Biden spotted car shopping in Delaware — and he wasn’t looking at Corvettes

With less than two months remaining on his term as vice president, Joe Biden appears to be preparing for life after Washington, D.C. On Saturday, Biden and his wife Jill were spotted car shopping in their hometown of Wilmington, Delaware.

Just after 1 p.m., the vice presidential motorcade pulled into Winner Audi. Eagle-eyed shopkeeper Frank Pagliaro of Frank’s Wine — next door to the car dealership — grabbed a couple of photos and posted them on his Facebook page. The Biden’s did not do any shopping at the wine store.

Pagliaro told TheBlaze, “The Secret Service asked if they could park their SUV’s in our lot.” When asked if he saw Biden take a car on a test drive, Pagliaro replied, “They didn’t drive. Jill and Joe rode with them (Secret Service) in the SUV caravan.”


Hilarious Trump Christmas Parody “It’s The Most Wonderful Time in 8 Years”

A group of high school students has made Martin Shkreli's $750-drug Daraprim for $2

Last year, hedge-fund manager Martin Shkreli made headlines for all the wrong reasons when he bought anti-parasitic drug Daraprim and jacked up the price overnight from $US13.50 to $750 a tablet.

To prove how much of a idiot move that was, a group of high school students in Australia has now created 3.7 grams of Daraprim's active ingredient in their chemistry lab for just $20 - an amount that would sell in the US for between $35,000 and $110,000 at the current rate charged by Shkreli's company.

For perspective, a tablet's worth of the students' medicine costs just $2 to make, as opposed to the $750 Shkreli's company Turing Pharmaceuticals sells it for in the US (the company cut the drug's price by 50% for US hospitals following the backlash, but didn't change the cost for private patients).


Trump invites Philippine president who called Obama a 'son of a b****' to visit the White House

The Philippine president has professed a kinship with Trump

President-elect Donald Trump extended an offer to Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte to visit the White House next year, an aide to the foreign leader says.

Christopher Go, a special adviser to Duterte, says the president-elect and the Philippine leader had a ‘very engaging, animated’ talk today that lasted more than seven minutes.

Duterte lost out on a bilateral meeting with President Barack Obama this fall after calling him a ‘son of a b****’.

The Philippine president has professed a kinship with Trump, whose cursing on the campaign trail raised eyebrows more than once. Duterte also ran on an anti-establishment and populist platform, winning the presidency in his country after a record turnout among voters.

A readout of the meeting provided by Trump’s campaign early Friday evening did not mention the White House invitation.

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Mall of America is hosting black Santa for first time ever

The Mall of America — at least in St. Nick’s corner of the shopping complex — is going to look a little different this year. For the first time since the Minnesota mall opened, a black man will play Santa Claus.

“It’s no big deal, I’m still Santa, I just happen to be a Santa of color,” Larry Jefferson of Texas told WCCO-TV.

Jefferson, who goes by Santa Larry, will be at the Mall of America’s Santa Experience for onlyt four days and is available by appointment only. “We are looking to have a Santa for everyone,” he said.

Jefferson said other minority children are always excited to see one of Santa’s helpers who looks like them.



More Private College Presidents Top $2M In Pay, Study Finds

BOSTON (AP) — Presidents of eight private colleges in the U.S. were paid more than $2 million in 2014, the most ever to hit that mark, according to a new study.

They join a total of 39 chiefs who made more than $1 million that year, passing the previous high of 32 the year before, according to new annual rankings released Sunday by the Chronicle of Higher Education.

Overall, pay across the industry has continued to climb. For presidents of private colleges who worked in 2013 and 2014, average yearly pay rose by 8.6 percent, to $513,000.

Topping the list was Jack Varsalona, president of the 15,000-student Wilmington University, in Delaware, whose salary and benefits totaled $5.4 million.


If you think the Clinton's aren't evil, watch this!

Beach Pumping Can’t Be Allowed In Prime Months

It was a request deserving little consideration and that’s what it essentially got at City Hall this week.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers requested the Town of Ocean City consider lifting the long-standing policy of no beach replenishment taking place during the prime months of July and August. The idea was the project could be wrapped up a lot earlier in the calendar year that way if replenishing could start in May and run through the season.

While the city gave the request its due diligence at the staff and elected official level, we presume the proposal to pump during the peak summer months was given little thought behind the scenes. It certainly didn’t merit a lot of consternation.

It’s a no brainer. In many cases, people save their valuable earnings all year to visit Ocean City. July and August are the biggest months of the year from a tourism perspective and it’s the time when most people want to be in Ocean City. Chief among the activities visitors enjoy are the beach and ocean.


Feds halt new citizenship approvals after Obama admin’s gaffe on background checks

The government suspended naturalization ceremonies and banned officers from approving any new applications for citizenship earlier this week after realizing its background check system was broken and ineligible people may have been slipping through, a key congressman revealed Friday.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte, whose office was tipped off to the monumental error, said he was stunned by the problem — and also by the fact that the administration never bothered to inform him of it.

In the internal email Mr. Goodlatte obtained, the associate director at U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services ordered all officers “not to approve or oath any naturalization cases in ELIS,” referring to the Electronic Immigration System that’s the case management system for processing applications.

“At this point we are not confident that proper FBI Name Checks have been run on certain ELIS cases. At this point we are uncertain of the scope of the problem,” Daniel M. Renaud, the associate director, said in the email.


Balitmore PD ID Teen Who Murdered Ederly Man

Obama, Senate Democrats Trying to Keep FCC Democrat Controlled Under Trump Administration

Outgoing Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid and President Obama are taking one more stab at retaining control of the Internet before they leave Washington.

Harry Reid and President Obama are circulating a petition to remove the hold on FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel so that she can be reconfirmed before Congress recesses next week.


Woman pulls best prank ever on husband

An Oregon woman's Facebook post about a prank she played on her husband has gone viral.

The best prank ever, played by Kayla Eby, involved some Photoshop-savvy friends and a couple quick text messages.

Eby had friends Photoshop a coyote on the couch of the couple's home and in photos with their toddler. She texted the photos to her husband, who reacted as one would expect with photos of a coyote in his home.

"I found this cute little dog outside ... he doesn't have tags or anything. He's kinda scared. What should I do?" Eby wrote in the first text to her spouse. "I'm going to bring him inside. He seems cold. Poor pup."

Her husband reacted as any would, knowing a stray animal was in their home.

"I swear to god if you bring another random animal in the g-d house," he wrote. And then it appears he looked at the pictures.

"THAT IS NOT A (expletive) DOG BABY."

And his texts got more urgent from there. But Eby didn't flinch and continued the joke.


Real Nazis-- Revisiting Humanity’s Darkest Chapter

It is one of the simplest, yet most horrifying forms of punishment one can imagine: throw a prisoner into a dark, empty cell, lock the door, provide no food or water, and leave them to die. Auschwitz’s notorious Block 11–known appropriately as “the death block,” and full of “starvation cells”–was meant to punish prisoners with torture. It is hard to imagine being put in the Suffocation Room, designed to make individuals suffocate from lack of air, or the standing cells, tiny areas less than a square yard in which four people would be held and sitting was impossible. They would stay like that for days, leaving the cells to work a full day of hard labor only to return at night and be forced to stand. Many would die of exhaustion in the holdings, each of which had one tiny opening to let enough air in to prevent the prisoners from suffocating.

Yet the Jewish people—among so many others who experienced the horrors of Hitler’s Europe—endured. Indeed, many of the Jews who survived and left Europe for the United States or the soon-to-be state of Israel flourished—and many had been successful before the Nazis took power. Therefore, I was struck by the subtitle of David Cesarani’s new history of the Holocaust, Final Solution: The Fate of the Jews, 1933-1949. The word “fate” implies something inevitable, a series of events beyond the control of human beings.

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Former Immigration Officer: Many Illegals Can Vote with Fake Documents

A former immigration officer says many illegal aliens can vote in national elections, in part because they can easily buy fake identification documents.

“I probably arrested more than a thousand illegal aliens in my career,” retired ICE Special-Agent-In-Charge Claude Arnold said during an interview with Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly. “I routinely encounter people in possession of voter registration cards… I would ask them, ‘Do you or have you voted?’ And often, I would get the answer, yes,” he said, adding that about 100 illegals told him that they had voted.

Illegals can vote because they can get realistic fake documents, he said.

“The demand is so great for counterfeit documents because the illegal alien population wants to work—that’s the majority of their motivation for wanting to come to this country,” he said. “So there’s a huge demand for those documents that are required to pass the employment eligibility verification procedures,” he added.

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Donald Trump Targets Second Indiana Plant Over Plans to Shift to Mexico

Rexnord expected to move production of industrial bearings from Indianapolis to Mexico next year
Donald Trump took aim Friday at a second U.S. manufacturer that plans to move jobs from Indiana to Mexico, a day after he threatened consequences for business that shifted American jobs abroad.

“Rexnord of Indiana is moving to Mexico and rather viciously firing all of its 300 workers,” Mr. Trump wrote at 10:06 p.m. on Twitter. “This is happening all over our country. No more!”

Rexnord, which is based in Milwaukee, intends to move production of industrial bearings from Indianapolis to Monterrey, Mexico, according to the employee union. The move, expected by the middle of next year, would eliminate about 300 jobs.

The company, which didn’t respond to requests for comment on Thursday, couldn’t immediately be reached late Friday. Shares of Rexnord have tumbled more than 10% from Wednesday’s close.
After criticizing Carrier during his campaign, Mr. Trump on Thursday celebrated a deal with the air conditioner and furnace maker that will keep about 800 jobs in Indiana in exchange for $7 million in tax breaks. Carrier, a unit of United Technologies Corp., still plans to shift 1,300 jobs from Indiana to Mexico.

FDR Lied Us into WWII

“I have in my possession a secret map, made in Germany by Hitler’s government — by the planners of the New World Order,” FDR told the nation in his Navy Day radio address of Oct. 27, 1941.

“It is a map of South America as Hitler proposes to reorganize it. The geographical experts of Berlin, however, have ruthlessly obliterated all the existing boundary lines … bringing the whole continent under their domination,” said Roosevelt. “This map makes clear the Nazi design not only against South America but against the United States as well.”

Our leader had another terrifying secret document, “made in Germany by Hitler’s government. …

“It is a plan to abolish all existing religions — Protestant, Catholic, Mohammedan, Hindu, Buddhist and Jewish alike. … In the place of the churches of our civilization, there is to be set up an international Nazi Church…


Pro-Immigrant Official’s Daughter Murdered by Afghan Refugee

The ongoing investigation of the rape and murder of a senior European Union official’s daughter has lead authorities on an extensive journey, leading them to narrow in their sights on recent migrant to the country.

Maria Ladenburger, a 19 year old medical student, was found in a river in mid October in Freiburg Germany. Ladenburger was said to have been raped and then drowned. The investigation into her death has steered some to focus on her father, a senior European Commission lawyer who is a strong advocate for mass-migration.

68 detectives whom had followed over 1600 leads and spoken to 1400 potential witnesses, came across crucial evidence, as a hair belonging to the suspect was located in a bush near the crime scene.


The Shocking Truth About How Barack Obama Was Able To Prop Up The U.S. Economy

Barack Obama is one of the biggest “Keynesians” of all time, but unfortunately most Americans don’t even understand what that means. In this article, I am going to share with you the primary reason why Barack Obama has been able to prop up the U.S. economy over the past eight years. If Barack Obama had not taken the extreme measures that he did, we would be in the midst of a historic economic depression right now. But by propping things up in the short-term, he has absolutely demolished our long-term economic future. But like most politicians, Obama has been willing to sacrifice the future for short-term political gain.

If you take any basic college course in economics, you are going to learn about John Maynard Keynes. Without a doubt, Keynes was one of the most famous economists of the 20th century, and one of the things that he believed was that governments should go into debt and spend more money when an economic downturn strikes. By injecting additional funds into the economy during a time of crisis, he believed that the severity of recessions and depressions could be reduced. This approach ultimately become known as “Keynesian economics”, and in the post-World War II era virtually the entire world embraced it at least to some degree. Here is more on Keynes from Investopedia

An economic theory of total spending in the economy and its effects on output and inflation. Keynesian economics was developed by the British economist John Maynard Keynes during the 1930s in an attempt to understand the Great Depression. Keynes advocated increased government expenditures and lower taxes to stimulate demand and pull the global economy out of the Depression. Subsequently, the term “Keynesian economics” was used to refer to the concept that optimal economic performance could be achieved – and economic slumps prevented – by influencing aggregate demand through activist stabilization and economic intervention policies by the government. Keynesian economics is considered to be a “demand-side” theory that focuses on changes in the economy over the short run.


Test of 'Impossible' EmDrive Space Engine Passes Peer Review

Good news for all you EmDrive enthusiasts: A new study suggesting that the seemingly impossible space engine may actually work has passed the peer-review process.

The study — which was led by physicist Harold "Sonny" White, of NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston — found that an EmDrive design generated small amounts of thrust in the lab. These results were leaked online recently, and now the paper has been published, in the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics' Journal of Propulsion and Power.

Development of the EmDrive was begun by British scientist Roger Shawyer about 15 years ago. The engine works by bouncing microwaves around inside a chamber; it requires no propellant and could therefore usher in a new era of superfast and efficient spaceflight, advocates say.

There's just one little issue: The EmDrive shouldn't work..

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Massive growth anticipated in Israeli pharmaceutical market

The Israeli pharmaceutical market is set to rise from $1.75 billion in 2015 to around $2.12 billion by 2020, representing a compound annual growth rate of 3.9%, according to research and consulting firm GlobalData.

The company’s latest report states that medical technological advances and R&D expenditure in the field of science and technology are distinguishing features of the Israeli pharmaceutical market. Indeed, the pharmaceutical space is supported by a network of recognized academic and research institutes, R&D facilities, and well-developed medical centers. Israeli research expertise and clinical advances have led to the development of blockbuster drugs and promising treatments for cancer, multiple sclerosis and Alzheimer’s disease.

Despite a long history of armed conflict with neighboring Arab countries and large-scale immigration, which has placed a heavy burden on the economy, Israel is a developed, industrialized country with a small, technologically-advanced agricultural sector, a growing service sector and a substantial high-tech sector. In this way, the economy is fairly robust and presents ample opportunity for a thriving pharmaceutical sector.

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When Considering Paying It Forward This Holiday...

There are 2 categories. One is if you want to if you need help. There is help for Christmas and also non Christmas help, *like if they need something on their house repaired.* I read some of them. SO MANY single mothers. So many on disability. 

There was a 62 yr old women asking for help because she was getting ready to be homeless.....has no family and her friend just died a few weeks ago. she was asking for winter boots and thermals. She is not old enough for SSI and because of her age she can't find a job but is still trying to search for one. 

Is this country really that bad off or are people abusing the system. There can't be that many abusing it. It was horrible trying to read all those posts. Read some of the posts on there.

Indoctrinating the Young in Hate Factories

If you want to learn to hate America, your nearest public school or college is waiting for you. If it is a university you want to attend, don’t worry about the cost, the government (taxpayers) will pick up the tab as student loans are about to be forgiven to the tune of $108 billion and will probably go much higher.

Our schools across the country have created and nurtured millions of godless, America-hating, angry, statist, whiny, cry babies and we will all be paying dearly for it, now and in the future.

In McAllen, Texas, teachers tried to force a teenager to sing the Mexican national anthem and recite the Mexican pledge of allegiance. She refused saying it was against her beliefs. She was subsequently thrown out of the class and given a failing grade for the day.

University of Hawaii professor, Huanani-Kay Trask has taught students “We need to think very, very clearly about who the enemy is. The enemy is the United States of America and everyone who supports it.”

University of Southern California professor, Darry Sragow, teaches hate in his Regulation of Elections and Political Finance class, telling them “Republicans are stupid, racist losers,” and that they are “angry old white people.”

University of Rhode Island history professor, Erik Loomis, tweeted, “I want Wayne LaPierre’s (NRA President) head on a stick.” He asked, “Can we define dues to the NRA as contributing to a terrorist organization?”

Scott Compton, an English teacher at Chapin High School, Chapin, SC, was put on administrative leave after he allegedly threw an American flag on the floor and stomped on it in front of his students. He chose to resign. He probably teaches at a college now.


A word to the criminal muslim migrants flooding Europe right now

A pensions time bomb spells disaster for the US economy

Underfunded government pensions to the tune of $1.3 trillion, with a gap that just can’t be filled, is the ticking time bomb facing the US economy, which faces dramatic cuts in public services and potentially riots reminiscent of Athens six years ago.

Danielle DiMartino Booth is the tough talking former Federal Reserve advisor and President of Money Strong, with an insider’s perspective on finance. As she picks apart the danger signs with the US on the precipice of recession, it’s the impending pensions crisis that’s really keeping her awake at night.

With so few people privy to what little recovery we’ve had and given how stretched pensions are, checks are going to have to be written from Washington sooner than you think, DiMartino Booth told Real Vision TV in an interview.

“The Baby Boomers are no longer an actuarial theory,” she said. “They're a reality. The checks are being written.”


Ravenous 14-foot python caught with 3 deer in its gut

A Burmese python in the Everglades with a penchant for venison gulped down three whole deer — one doe and two fawns — before wildlife officials captured and euthanized it, a new study reveals.

The gustatory feat sets a record: It's the first invasive Burmese python (Python molurus bivittatus) caught with three deer in its gut, said study co-lead author Scott Boback, an associate professor of biology at Dickinson College in Pennsylvania.

The python probably attacked and ate the deer at different times over a 90-day period, Boback said. That time span may seem long, but it's actually quite surprising that a snake would eat three enormous meals in a relatively short window, Boback told Live Science. [Photos: This Invasive Python Ate Three Wild Deer]

"If a python is capable of eating three deer in three months," what else are they eating that we don't know about, he asked. "We don't even know how many of them are out there [in the Everglades]."


MSP DUI Press Release- 11/28/16-12/04/16 (Berlin Barrack)

Green Party drops bid for statewide Pennsylvania recount

HARRISBURG, Pa. – The Green Party is dropping its court case seeking a statewide recount of Pennsylvania's Nov. 8 presidential election. It had wanted to explore whether voting machines and systems had been hacked and the election result manipulated.

The decision came Saturday, two days before a court hearing in the case. Lawyers for the Green Party-backed voters who filed the case say they can't afford the $1 million bond ordered by the court by 5 p.m. Monday. However, Green Party-backed efforts to analyze election software in scattered precincts are continuing.


Baltimore Cops Ask For Help After 73-Year-Old Man Stabbed To Death In Broad Daylight

Seeking help from the public in identifying the killer, Baltimore police released a video Saturday of the murder of an elderly man who was stabbed to death by a young Black male in broad daylight on a main Baltimore highway Friday afternoon.
“Video shows attacker stabbing 73-year-old man”
The video shows the elderly man standing on a sidewalk holding a cane and carrying a package exchanging words with a young Black male wearing a hoodie.

The elderly man walks away and the young Black male walks up behind him, grabs the man and throws him on the grass by the sidewalk. The elderly man tries to use his cane to fend off the young Black male. The young Black male pulls what appears to be a knife from his pocket and tries repeatedly with his right hand to stab the elderly man sprawled on his back on the grass. The young Black male stabs the elderly in the side, but then the elderly man kicks the young Black male away several times. Eventually the young Black male is able to lunge past the elderly man’s legs and stabs him in the gut.

A Very Concise Explanation Of Why The Democrats Lost (And Will Keep Losing)

"We are descending into farce. Deeply dangerous farce"

Every pundit who is grinding their axes about the various forces that unjustly took the election from Hillary needs to listen to this.

Thomas Frank is absolutely right. Everyone who had their eyes open could see this loss by the Democrats coming, or at the least a much closer race than expected. Donald Trump certainly saw it, and used it for his advantage.

And even now, the core political and entertainment establishment clearly is not accepting this, does not care in their cozy complacency.

A good part of this is because of the credibility trap, and their sense of entitled superiority.

If you don’t believe this, watch the Democratic establishment mouthpiece channels like MSNBC almost any evening.

I hate to bother you with yet another posting on this subject, but the context of the situation shows that the message needs to be repeated, and driven home in order to penetrate the echo chamber of the Beltway Bubble.


Race Warriors Decry ‘White Jesus’

In their attempt to politicize everything along racial lines, race warriors are now denouncing traditional Christianity as an invention of white people seeking to dominate and control “people of color” (POC).

Writing for the Blavity website, billed as “the Buzzfeed for black millennials,” race warrior Danni Roseman proclaims her progressive alienation from Christianity after being “bombarded with images of this sandy-brown-haired, blue-eyed, White man”—namely, Jesus Christ.

In her angry essay titled “My Beef with White Jesus,” Roseman lashes out at missionaries and preachers, and all who have propagated the myth of White Jesus. All their preaching is just one more instance of “White people telling minority peoples what to say, and how to behave,” she states.

“By beating individuals into submission, and calling it love, White Christians have brainwashed, and whitewashed generations of POC’s traditions,” she announces. Never mind that for most black Americans, those traditions are intimately linked to the black community’s long-standing ties with the Christian Church.

For race warriors like Ms. Roseman, everything—even religion—is first and foremost about race. (She also has serious issues with Jesus’ being a “man,” but says she will deal with that at another time.)

More here

Chicago Murder Count Highest in 20 years; 701 Recorded So Far

Gun control capitol sees continued surge in murder

Chicago continues to break records for violence this year, reaching another milestone at the end of last month by recording its 701st homicide. There were fewer than 500 in 2015.

With a month left to go in 2016, Chicago is on track to exceed the 704 killings it saw in 1998 and possibly even the 761 of 1997, as ongoing investigations are not counted among the current total. (Police department statistics also do not include the roughly 20 killings on area expressways, police-involved shootings or justifiable homicides, the Chicago Tribune points out).

The city of 2.7 million has surpassed even the combined total homicides of New York and Los Angeles — much larger cities — which stood at 565 before the end of November.


Maryland congressman in running to head NIH?

Representative Andy Harris (R–MD), an anesthesiologist who has shown a keen interest in the National Institutes of Health (NIH) while in Congress, has put his hat in the ring for NIH director in the incoming administration of President-elect Donald Trump, he told ScienceInsider today. Harris says he knows that some biomedical scientists would view him as a controversial choice, but argues that his blend of research and political experience would make him a good advocate for addressing NIH’s flaws and for growing the agency’s budget in a time of fiscal restraint.

“I have conducted both clinical research and basic science research. And I have the background in the political arena to understand how funding occurs, how policies can change in new directions, and how reform can be accomplished,” says Harris, a fiscal and social conservative representing eastern Maryland.

Harris says he has spoken with the Trump transition team about his interest in NIH and that Representative Tom Price (R–GA), whom Trump has tapped to head the Department of Health of Human Services, NIH’s parent agency, is also aware of his desire to be considered for the NIH directorship.


US Military Develops 'Multi-Object Kill Vehicle' to Blast Enemy Nukes

Defensive weapons that can intercept and destroy enemy missiles before they can harm the United States or its allies have been a key part of military strategy for decades, but the rules of the game are changing.

More countries have or are developing long-range missile technology, including systems that can carry multiple warheads, known as Multiple Independently Targetable Re-entry Vehicles (MIRVs) and/or decoys.

"Both China and Russia possess the MIRV capability for their ballistic missiles. In 2014, reports confirmed that Iran too had developed Multiple Re-entry Vehicles (MRVs) for their ballistic missiles. Cold War literature suggests that MIRVs are first strike weapons and could be strategically destabilizing," independent consultant Debalina Ghoshal wrote in a June 2016 report for the Federation of American Scientists.

"The United States realizes these threats and is working towards a robust missile defense system," she said.

Last year, the U.S. Missile Defense Agency awarded contracts to Raytheon, Lockheed-Martin and Boeing to begin designing what is known as a "Multi-Object Kill Vehicle" or MOKV, which could destroy several objects in space with a single launch.

"Ten years ago, we had a single kill vehicle on a single interceptor. Kill vehicles today are the size of a toaster..

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Carrier A/C deal is a win-win-win

Professor: Stop Calling All People Who Disagree with You ‘White Supremacists'

John McWhorter, an English Professor at Columbia University, is demanding that leftists stop labeling everyone that disagrees with them as “white supremacists.”

McWhorter, who has spoken out against the regressive elements of the left in the past, claims that there is a new leftist contingent that calls any white person who questions a position associated with minority groups as white supremacists.

“A leftist contingent is now charging any white person who seriously questions a position associated with people of color as a white supremacist,” John McWhorter, previously a linguistics professor, wrote for TIME magazine. “The idea is that if you go against a certain orthodoxy, then it isn’t only that you disagree, but that you also wish white people were still in charge, that you want people of color to sit down and shut up.”

McWhorter contends that “white supremacist” is now being used by the left because “racist” has been so overused that it has started to lose its meaning.

“‘White supremacist’ is a new way of saying ‘racist’ while stepping around the steadily increasing awareness that that word, too, is being wielded in sloppy ways,” McWhorter explains. “Writing ‘white supremacist’ is a way of making the reader jump, in the way that ‘prejudiced’ and ‘racist’ once were.


U.S. Warns China It Will Target Firms for Illicit North Korea Business

The United States has warned China it will blacklist Chinese companies and banks that do illicit business with North Korea if Beijing fails to enforce U.N. sanctions against Pyongyang, according to senior State Department officials.

The tougher U.S. approach reflects growing impatience with China and a view that it has not strictly enforced existing sanctions to help curb Pyongyang’s nuclear program, which a U.S. policy of both sanctions and diplomacy has failed to dent.

U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Antony Blinken gave the message to Chinese officials in meetings in Beijing in October after North Korea conducted its fifth and largest nuclear test, the officials said.

U.S. National Security Adviser Susan Rice and Secretary of State John Kerry stressed the importance of choking off financial flows to Pyongyang during a meeting with Chinese State Councilor Yang Jiechi in New York on Nov. 1.

In response to the U.S. warning, Chinese officials said they believe pressure alone on North Korea will not work, and that they oppose any U.S. action that would hurt Chinese companies, officials said.


Migrants Sexually Attack Girls at City Hall Youth Party

Several migrants sexually molested 18-year-old girls at an annual celebration for young people in Munich after the city’s mayor had reached out and invited the migrants to attend.

Socialist mayor of Munich Dieter Reiter invited 1,300 young people to attend a traditional celebration, inviting several migrants, as well. According to reports, the migrants harassed and sexually assaulted numerous teen girls, Sueddeutsche Zeitung reports.

“There is no tolerance for such behaviour at all,” Mayor Reiter stated after the allegations came out in the German press. The event, which happens on an annual basis, sees all 18-year-olds in the city invited to the city hall to celebrate and have fun. On the upper level of the building, a dancefloor complete with DJs was set up and was the location where the assaults began.

One girl, who the paper refers to as Constanze to protect her identity, claims that several young asylum seekers were aggressively dancing around her and her friends all throughout the night. Despite the girls firmly telling the migrants they weren’t interested they refused to leave them alone. The girls left to go downstairs and were followed by the migrants who grabbed them and attempted to drag them into a spare room.

German women who have been the victims of sexual abuse by migrants have been reviled as xenophobic and racist in the past for identifying their attackers as migrants or of Middle Eastern or North African heritage. One young woman, who was one of the hundreds of victims of sexual assault on New Year’s Eve in Cologne, even received threats after speaking out about her experience.

The prevalence of migrant sex attacks in Germany has not shown any signs of slowing down as swimming pools and music festivals have become hotspots for attacks.


Jill Stein Still Demanding Pennsylvania Recount

Hours after a Green Party-backed campaign dropped its case in state courts they announce a change to their strategy to force a statewide recount of Pennsylvania's Nov. 8 presidential election, won by Republican Donald Trump, and said late Saturday night that it will seek help in the federal courts, rather than the state courts.

The campaign announced that it would seek an emergency federal court order on Monday for a recount.

Trump’s lawyers and the state Republican Party claimed there was no evidence or allegations that tampering occurred with Pennsylvania's voting systems. Pennsylvania law does not allow a court-ordered recount, they argued, and a lawyer for the Green Party had acknowledged that the effort was without precedent in Pennsylvania.

Republican lawyers also argued that the case has threatened the state’s ability to certify its presidential electors by the December 13 federal deadline.


Jill Stein's Biggest Lie

The next time you hear Jill Stein state that 80% of the voters want a recount, remember, like most Liberals, she's a scammer, trying to normalize fraudulent fundraising. Proof:
Also for those naysayers, on Twitter, you aren't allowed to vote more than once and the poll taker is not allowed to vote at all. Furthermore, no one has 3500 Twitter accounts!

Seems Stein has her percentages backwards like her moral compass. 

I Love This

Feds Suspend Citizenship Applications, Naturalizations After Obama Admin Goof

The government suspended naturalization ceremonies and banned officers from approving any new applications for citizenship earlier this week after realizing its background check system was broken andineligible people may have been slipping through, a key congressman revealed Friday.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte, whose office was tipped off to the monumental error, said he was stunned by the problem — and also by the fact that the administration never bothered to inform him of it.

In the internal email Mr. Goodlatte obtained, the associate director at U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services ordered all officers “not to approve or oath any naturalization cases in ELIS,” referring to the Electronic Immigration System that’s the case management system for processing applications.

“At this point we are not confident that proper FBI Name Checks have been run on certain ELIS cases. At this point we are uncertain of the scope of the problem,” Daniel M. Renaud, the associate director, said in the email.


3rd Graders Nail Jackson's 5

And So It Begins...

Body found hanging from tree in West Baltimore park

A man was found dead in a West Baltimore park of an apparent suicide Saturday, police said.

The body of a man in his 50s was found hanging from a tree by a belt at Leon Day Park in the 1200 block of Franklintown Road, police spokesman Donny Moses said.

Homicide detectives are investigating, he said.



Can You See Me Now?

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