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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Critics Say Korean Skyscraper Design Evokes Exploding Twin Towers

A Dutch firm proposed a "cloud" design connecting two buildings in South Korea, which some say looks like the World Trade Center on 9/11.

Dutch architecture firm MVRDV said they proposed its “Cloud” design because it challenged the mundane shape of the typical skyscraper. A pair of luxury residential towers in Seoul would be joined in the middle by a cloud-like shape, billowing out like a tutu around two legs.

But when a press release went out about the design on Dec. 7, announcing the residences as part of a plan to extend the city’s business district, a playful cumulonimbus is not the image many saw. Instead, some were taken back to 9/11, and the smoke that filled the sky after the planes hit the World Trade Center.


Last F-22 Raptor Rolls Off Assembly Line

MARIETTA, Ga. – The final F-22 Raptor fighter jet rolled off the assembly line during a ceremony at the Lockheed Martin aircraft plant at Dobbins Air Reserve Base. The product line is being replaced by the less costly F-35 Joint Strike Fighter as concerns arose in Washington that the $153 million F-22 was too costly and too high-tech for its own good.


It's A Shore Thing, by Tim Landers (Ocean City, MD)

BREAKING NEWS: House Passes Payroll Tax Cut Extension

House approves Republican-backed extension of payroll tax cut in bill that includes provision for Keystone oil pipeline, despite President Obama veto threat

Fox News

Granny Who Allegedly Shot Son-In-Law Sought Restraining Order

The 66-year-old grandmother who is under arrest after allegedly shooting her son-in-law at point-blank range outside her home in a Florida retirement community sought a restraining order against him the very next morning, according to court documents.

During a pre-scheduled pick up of her grandson, Cheryl Hepner, waited outside her home Dec. 7 with the child's sleepover gear. When the 3-year-old's father, Sal Miglino, arrived she pulled a .22 caliber Beretta handgun from behind the bundle firing three shots, hitting him twice, according to the Broward County Sheriff's Office.

Best Christmas Lights Display

Ron Paul 2012: Why He Is Right On Foreign Policy

Ron Paul's 2012 presidential aspirations are hurt by his foreign policy stance. Or so say the polls.

The truth, however, is that foreign policy is one of Paul's strongest points.

Paul is a non-interventionist. He wants to bring troops home from Iraq, Afghanistan and from all over the world. He wants the U.S. to stop policing the world, mind its own business and spend less money on defense.


The Ultimate Christmas Yard Decoration

This must be the ultimate Christmas yard decoration…

The site is near the Oak Creek Bridge on the St. Michael’s Road [MD 33]. The folks who own the property always have eye-catching displays celebrating various ‘holidays’ through the year… this year they have certainly outdone themselves!

Suspend Habeas Corpus And Enact Martial Law?

Americans seem ready to forfeit their most basic civil liberty -- actually, all their civil liberties -- without a whimper.

By a vote of 93-7 the Senate this month approved a military appropriations bill empowering the government to designate any U.S. citizen within the country as a terrorist and to have the military hold him indefinitely without trial and without the right to habeas corpus, the right to be brought before a court for a judgment on the legality of one's imprisonment.

In effect the legislation is a declaration of martial law throughout the country.

Major Announcement Tomorrow

Local representatives will be announcing a new non-stop service to a warm, sunny destination from the Salisbury-Ocean City-Wicomico Airport.

We'll keep you updated.

Facebook Aims To Help Prevent Suicide

Facebook is making it easier for people who express suicidal thoughts on the social networking site to get help.

A program launching Tuesday enables users to instantly connect with a crisis counselor through Facebook's "chat" messaging system.

The service is the latest tool from Facebook aimed at improving safety on its site, which has more than 800 million users. Earlier this year, Facebook announced changes to how users report bullying, offensive content and fake profiles.




In accordance with §SC2-4 of the Salisbury City Charter, a majority of the City Council have called for a Special Meeting to be held on Monday, December 19, 2011, at 1:30 p.m. for consideration of 1) Ordinance No. 2182 (amending the FY12 Water and Sewer Fund Budget) for second reading and 2) Ordinance No. 2183 (amending the FY12 Fire Department Budget to accept funds associated with repairing damage to the roof and infrastructure of Fire Station #2) for second reading.

This special meeting will be held in Conference Room 306 of the City/County Government Office Building (125 N. Division Street).

Studies May Have Overestimated Cellphone Crash Risk

Increased risk of having a car crash attributed to cellphone use may have been overestimated in some past studies, a new analysis suggests.

So-called "distracted driving" has become a big public health issue in recent years. The majority of U.S. states now ban texting behind the wheel, while a handful prohibit drivers from using handheld cellphones at all (though many more ban "novice" drivers from doing so).


Child Abuse Arrest

DATE & TIME: 12/12/2011 at 1942 hours C C. NUMBER: 11-54-008642

LOCATION: Dawn Court Salisbury, MD


On the above date and time, Troopers from the Salisbury Barrack were dispatched to an address on Dawn Court for a 911 hang up. Both the 911 dispatchers and the State Police Duty Officer contacted the residence and learned that there were several young children home alone. Responding Troopers located three children ages eight, nine and eleven that were home alone. The children related that they had come home after school by themselves as their mother works evenings at Tysons’ poultry in Temperanceville, Virginia. Troopers noted the children had cooked their own dinner which consisted of only french fries cooked in the oven. The children stated that they had turned on the electric oven to heat the house as there was no other heat source in the entire house. An adult family member of the children was contacted and they responded to the residence and took custody of the children. The children’s mother, later identified as the suspect Fayetta Collick, was contacted to respond back to her residence. She was placed under arrest and transported to the Wicomico County Central Booking Unit pending a hearing before a District Court Commissioner.

Arrested: Fayetta Collick age 40 of Dawn Court, Salisbury MD
Charges: 1. Three counts of Child Neglect
2. Two counts of Leaving an unattended child
3. Three counts of Contributing to the condition of a minor
4. Three counts of Child abuse

Snoopy Christmas Display Saved From Foreclosure

Jim Jordan created a heart-warming Christmas display of Charles Schulz's "Peanuts" characters more than 40 years ago at his Southern California home, and it became a holiday tradition as tens of thousands of people showed up each year to see the sparkling extravaganza.

Families trekked to the Orange County suburb of Costa Mesa to sip hot apple cider and share the wonder as seen through their children's eyes amid twinkling Christmas lights, artificial snow and a Santa Claus that whisked through the air and down a chimney for spectators. It became so popular that busloads of visitors and school groups visited Jordan's childhood home each year.

Judge Orders Cops To Return Bounty To Burglar

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- A San Francisco judge's order to return unclaimed items that were confiscated by police to the burglar they arrested is angering officers and victims.

The judge's order says items not to be returned to the burglar are those already claimed by her victims, as well as about $800 in cash which police seized. But that still means the most prolific burglar police can recall is getting back a lot of stuff including paintings, laptops, tools, designer clothes, a trail bike, even dog collars, and much more.

Have You Been Reading Comments?

This is one of MANY comments we're getting in on the OCPD Post with some 240 comments or so. Here's my question, are they credible comments? With all due respect, commenting under anonymous always leads me to firmly believe they are not credible. Mind you, I understand the use of being anonymous. However, when people go on the attack and claim things are corrupt, why not use your name? Before you go nuts on me, know that I put my name to every article and comment. If I can do it, why can't others who make such claims as mentioned below.

B.F.C!!! has left a new comment on your post "Ocean City K-9 Officer Resigned Today":

i think you have a really good story here. But you should definatly go deeper, the pathetic practice of the ocpd doesnt stop with the local law enforcement it continues all the way to the worcester county court system. Growing up in the area mainly in and just outside of ocean city i've witnessed and been a victem to the bullying, harassment tactics of the department. Since the age of 14 aproximately 15 years now since my first run in with the police for sitting on a bus stop with a black friend in the winter time (when theres no traffic at all), i've been on there radar. Why, because two teenagers couldnt be up to any good at 8 o'clock at night on a bus stop waiting to go home after leaveing the gym. Since then i've been snatched up on the board walk to search my book bag (carrying nothing but shorts and a towel) to everything from being pulled over for not haveing my seatbelt on (when i did) so the ocpd could search my car leaving everything on the sidewalk and bus lane to find nothing. I think the best moment was when i was pulled over for agressive driveing in bumper to bumper downtown traffic by an office who was 3 cars behind me who could see and judge how close i was following the car infront of me. I'm no lawyer but i thought as the citizens of this country we were innocent until proven guilty, allthough this officer could not clearly see me or my front bumper versus the rear bumper of the car infront of me or the distance in between the honorable judge still found me guilty. Why, because you do not need evidence in this county to convict. Why, because the judges in this area back these summer time rental cops and the wanna be special forces hard nose cops to the point the can simply walk into a court room, lie, cheat, and steal to achieve what ever goal they set for. The chief of police is nothing more than a scared little girl who treats her subordenants like dogs, this is a woman who gives away department materials (pencils, paper clips, postets) as christmas gifts. Its petty but rediculous (LOL). When i heard about the gifts I laughed but on a serious note, why is my picture still hanging up in the 65th st. crime analysis room. Dont ask me how i know but a close friend who works there has asked me about it and its embarassing. Apparently what you do when your 15 sticks with you till your 80. If the ocpd did more police work and less partying and profileing they wouldnt be in the spotlight now. On that same note, theres alot of good seasoned officers on the force but i firmly believe the bad outways the good. Its sad enough to see that the majority can no longer work there and make enough to live in the area but to see that the department not only enforces the "laws" that best suit them at the time but work only to protect the wealthy families who live there seasonly. If you want a real story to blog about go sit at a local bar and see how many drunk off duty officers leave to drive thereselves home then check to see how many have dui's. Its unheard of. I get that theres a "bro code" but come on man. I would love to see how many officers have been prosecuted for breaking the same laws they vowed to enforce. Dont dare drive down coastal highway with rims on your car your instant suspect, you'll get pulled over the second your rubber hits the road. Ok maybe i've gone on a bit of a tangent but i'm done for now thanks for reading and as allways, have nice day.

The Numbers Just Keep Rising Every Hour

As time is passing it's just unbelievable to see how many people are coming to this Site. Each hour it goes up about 20% more than the hour before, unreal.

Without a doubt this will be the biggest day we've ever seen on Salisbury News thanks to CNN. Thanks for visiting.

The ‘God Particle’: ‘Tantalising Hints’ Of Higgs Boson Seen By CERN Physicists

The Higgs boson — a subatomic particle so important to the understanding of space, time and matter, say physicists searching for it, that it took on the portentous nickname of “the God particle.”

Scientists at CERN, the European Center for Nuclear Research in the Alps, say today that while they have not found it for sure, they think they have seen good signs of it.
Joe Incandela, a top CERN physicist, has described the data from one of the two main experiments done there as being “right at the boundary of where you might get a vague hint of something.”


Study: Gingrich Tax Plan Would Give Lion's Share To The Rich

DES MOINES, Iowa — Newt Gingrich's proposed overhaul of the tax code would cut taxes for all American taxpayers, particularly the wealthy, according to an analysis released Monday by the non-partisan Tax Policy Center.

Gingrich's plan would provide small tax cuts to those at the bottom of the income ladder, giving those making less than $10,000 an average cut of $222 under one scenario, the analysis found. The Tax Policy Center is a joint project of the Brookings Institution and the Urban Institute, two respected think tanks in Washington.


Should You Stick It Out For The Sake Of The Kids?

Dear Dr. G.,

I just don't know how much longer I can fake things. The holidays are coming up and I want to ask my husband for a divorce. The only thing stopping me is that I don't want to ruin the holidays for my 13 and 15 year old kids. They adore their father. I've been faking a lot of things for the past year and I don't think that I can fake one more Christmas, one more smiling family photo, or one more hug with this man who is my kid's father.

Am I right in waiting until after Christmas to file for divorce? If I file during Christmas will my kids forever remember me as the grinch who stole Christmas? Your opinion, please.

A Confused Mom

Read Answer Here

Blonde Cop

This blonde cop stops a blonde driver and asks for identification.

The blonde driver looks all around in her purse and can’t find her license. “I must have left it at home, officer.”

“Well, do you have any kind of identification on you?” asks the cop.

The blonde takes out a pocket mirror and says, “I do have this picture of me.”

“Let me see it,” says the cop. She holds up the mirror and looks in it. Then she says, “Sorry. If I had known you were a police officer, I wouldn’t have stopped you.”

The Health of Children and Consumers is Threatened by Conservative Push for Corporate Speech Rights

Some pro-business federal judges have shockingly approved a constitutional right for big companies to avoid revealing product dangers on labels.

In recent years, corporate lawyers representing industries whose products touch millions of American lives have stopped numerous government efforts to better inform the public about possible health risks with an eyebrow-raising legal strategy. They have asserted a constitutional right not to speak, or say more than they want on labels and advertising, and pro-business federal judges have agreed, rejecting the public’s right to know.

Millionaires On Food Stamps And Jobless Pay? G.O.P. Is On It

WASHINGTON — It’s an image many Americans would find rather upsetting: a recently laid-off millionaire, luxuriating next to the pool eating grapes bought with food stamps while waiting for an unemployment check to roll in.

Under the Republican bill to extend a payroll tax holiday scheduled to be voted on in the House as early as Tuesday, those Americans with gross adjusted income over $1 million would no longer be eligible for food stamps or jobless pay, producing $20 million in savings to help pay for the tax cut for American workers. The idea is also embraced by many Democrats, who had a similar version of the savings in a Senate bill to extend the payroll tax cut, as did a failed Republican Senate bill.

Megaupload to Sue Universal, Joins Fight Against SOPA

File-hosting service Megaupload has told TorrentFreak that it will sue Universal for wrongfully taking down its content from YouTube. Universal took action Friday to remove a Megaupload-produced pop video which featured leading artists singing the cyberlocker service’s praises. The move has also prompted the company to enter the SOPA debate, with a call for like-minded people to join forces and fight for an Internet without censorship.


Corzine, Two Other MF Global Execs To Testify They Don't Know Where Money Went

Jon Corzine is expected Tuesday to once again distance himself from an estimated $1.2 billion in customer money that vanished when MF Global collapsed this fall.

This time, Corzine will have company.

Bradley Abelow, MF Global's president and chief operating officer, and Henri Steenkamp, the chief financial officer, are also scheduled to testify to the Senate Agriculture Committee.


New Contributor Delivers New Tech Information At 2:30 Daily

Top Tech Innovations in 2011

CNET has released their version of the good, the bad, and the ugly, for the past year of technology. It consists of ten separate lists of ten items each

Topping the list of course is the iPhone 4S with it's fast processor and voice-activated digital assistant. Also on the winners list was the Nest Learning Thermostat; it can be controlled by a mobile phone and has a motion sensor to more efficiently control the temperature when people are or aren't in a room. The biggest dud went to the general category of 3D televisions. The sacrifice in picture quality, occasional glitches, and tech related viewing problems led them to be much less than we expected.

Other notables in the lists:

A pair of $7,000 home speakers

The top two apsps – of course, Facebook and Angry Birds

The big maybe for next year: 3D TV without glasses

Mike's Tech Service

Modern Warfare 3 Sets Record

Modern Warfare 3 has eclipsed Avatar, who set a record by breaking the $1 billion mark in just 17 days, by achieving the feat in 16 days. Not only that, but the franchise has with 3 consecutive releases (Modern Warfare 2, Black Ops, Modern Warfare 3) respectively set single day sales records at $310, $360, and $400 million. The game offers extensive and customized online gameplay on the PS3, XBOX 360, and the PC. This has been a cornerstone of the franchise's success since it's 4th title released 4 years ago. Today, you can find over one million MW3 players online at any given time spanning the different consoles.

For many parents, this game along with a few other recent releases are likely to top kids and teens Christmas lists, so I'll briefly sum up the gaming experience. Currently, it retails for $59.99 and can be purchased used at locations such as GameStop for $54.99. The gameplay is rated “M” mature, as it does have a good bit of blood and intense combat sequences, albeit there is no excessive gore involved (such as decapitation or body parts being shot off). A last note, if you/your child plays online (which would be a waste of money not to) there are fairly frequent instances of profanity throughout the in-game chat. Having heard what I have, I would suggest you disable the chat on your console for any kids under 12 or 13.,news-13500.html

Mike's Tech Service

Couple Charged For Having Sex On Toronto Subway Platform, Video Of 'Lewd' Act Posted Online

TORONTO - A couple has been charged after having sex in public on a Toronto subway train and platform.

The two were clearly visible to other passengers, including one who video-taped their brazen behaviour.

UPDATE: The video was posted online, where it has become a viral hit, racking up nearly 500,000 views on World Stars Uncut Online.

Toronto Transit Commission spokesman Brad Ross says it happened around 2:30 p.m. Sunday on a southbound train at the Spadina station.


So Inflation Is Only 3% Huh? Look Again!

Our government would have us believe that inflation is around 3 - 4%. In fact the numbers released in November for the month of October indicated that the annual inflation rate for the United States currently stands at 3.5252%. ( But the truth is that those numbers are patently false.

While in Lowes today I noticed that the price on 7/16" x 4'x8' sheets of OSB sheathing, (drywall) had just gone up to $7.97 from $7.06 the week before. That's a 13% increase in one week. I spoke to a friend who owns a building supply store in Virginia to discuss the increase listed above and he told me to that the 13% increase is nothin compared to whats coming. He was notified by U.S. Gypsum that as of 1/1/12 all drywall prices will increase - are you ready for this???? - 41%. Yes! 41%! Think thats a lot? Following is a list of commodities and their respective price increases on the open market over the past 12 months.

Oil......................13.24% increase
Unleaded gas...11.60%
Lean hogs..........24.06%
Live cattle...........16.40%
Feeder cattle......19.19%

All increases

All economists agreed that when the government and the FED instituted quantitative easing, inflation was a very real problem that would definitely come as a result. In the past, the FED has raised and lowered interest rates. In this case, if history is any indicator, the appropriate step to control what is about to be runaway hyperinflation, would be to raise interest rates to slow inflation. However, if the FED raises interest rates now, any potential economic growth would be stymied. The truth is that the FED has no idea how to stop this train ride. The economy is on the fast track to hyper inflation at a level not seen since Zimbabwe and prior to that the Wiemer Republic.
Wiemer Republic 1923 - a wheel barrow full of money could barely buy a loaf of bread.

This is what happened when the Wiemer Republic fired up the printing presses to monetize their debt. This is exactly what Zimbabwe did in 2003. Zimbabwe issued a new currency to dig it's way out. Is that where we're headed? A new currency? Perhaps a global currency?

People, get ready to become more self sufficient than you've ever been. 2012 is going to be far worse than any of us imagine and far worse than any of us have experienced. Being rich won't help. Trying to buy food with the greenback will be like trying to buy it with toilet paper.

Don't buy what they are telling you. Open your eyes and prepare while you still can.

New Posts to fall below.

Gay Veteran To Romney: 'I'm Not Equal? Say It To My Face.'

This cycle is shaping up to be the year the LGBT community got mad as hell and decided not to take it anymore.

Scratch that.

It's the year the opponents of equality were dared by the LGBT community, "Okay, say it to my face. Tell me I'm a second-class citizen." And more often than not, the gay community got their response on video.

Mitt Romney had just such an encounter with a military veteran who dared him to tell him his husband, his marriage, wasn't worth the state or federal government acknowledging. From the Boston Globe, an account of Mitt Romney's conversation with Bob Garon in Manchester, New Hampshire, described as a Vietnam veteran:

Could Medical Marijuana Reduce Patients' Need For Opioid Painkillers?

A small, new study backs a long-standing claim of advocates of medical marijuana: pain patients can safely use cannabis while taking opioid painkillers, and may actually need fewer pills because of it.

The research included 21 chronic pain patients, who were taking either long-acting morphine or Oxycontin twice a day. Adding marijuana to these opioid drugs reduced patients' pain by an average of 27% and did not significantly affect blood levels of the prescription drugs. If marijuana had raised those blood levels, it could have increased overdose risk.


Students' Dirty Dancing Becoming Harassment?

Officials say they're trying to clean up dance floors

Call it freaking.

Call it grinding.

Parents and principals say it has got to stop.

Fed up with stories of provocative dancing at Anne Arundel County school dances, a parent last week called for the Board of Education to draw a harder line when it comes to dirty dancing.


Would You Rat Out Your Boss? Majority Of Americans Say Yes — For A Price

More than three-quarters of Americans would blow the whistle on wrongdoing at their workplace, according to a newly released survey — but only if they could do so anonymously, without fear of reprisal, and — and this is a big “and” — there was a monetary reward involved.

The survey, conducted by business and securities law firm Labaton Sucharow, was designed to test public awareness of the new whistleblower program established by the Dodd-Frank financial reform legislation passed by Congress and signed by President Obama in 2010. That law strengthened whistleblower protections against retaliation and provided for financial incentives to report wrongdoing.


The Was Some Kind Of Swear In Going On In Delmar Last Night

It was a packed house in Delmar's new Town Hall last night where the former Mayor Doug Niblett stepped down and the new Mayor Carl Anderton stepped in. Four new Council Members were also sworn in , one of which, (Tom Bunky Luffman) was unanimously elected by the new Council to fill Carl Anderton's seat.

These are exciting times for Delmar, Maryland with new young blood taking the helm in a Town that is more financially secure than almost any other municipality in the entire state.

Our congratulations go out to not only the new Mayor and Town Council but we also congratulate the citizens who elected such a fine group of people to serve them.

Google Chairman Says Online Piracy Bill Would 'Criminalize' The Internet

An online piracy bill in the House would "criminalize linking and the fundamental structure of the Internet itself," according to Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt.

Schmidt said the controversial Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) would punish Web firms, including search engines, that link to foreign websites dedicated to online piracy. He said implementing the bill as written would effectively break the Internet.


RSC Update: Everything But The Kitchen Sink

For the last 11 months, liberals in the Senate and President Obama have blocked almost all the good reforms and spending cuts that Republicans have passed through the House. They backed things up so much that it seems everything but the kitchen sink is on the agenda this week.

Tuesday, the House will vote on a bill (H.R. 3630) extending through 2012 the reduction in the Social Security payroll tax that Congress approved last December. The bill also puts tighter constraints on the growth of future spending, gets the job-creating Keystone pipeline back on track, creates more taxpayer safeguards in the TANF welfare program, and reduces the maximum duration of unemployment payments from 99 to 79 weeks – which President Obama has also proposed – and then finally to 59 weeks. In fact, the President has at one time or another supported 90% of the reforms in this legislation.

There is, however, a major concern that liberals in the Senate will gut H.R. 3630 of its good reforms and insert major tax increases. Senate Democrats also continue to demand spending at levels we simply can’t afford. In their obstinance, they have rolled 9 different spending bills into 1 “megabus” package that they will attempt to pass this week as well.

From the RSC budget to Cut, Cap, and Balance, conservatives have fought all year to get spending down in a serious way. We’ve had some successes and are starting to make an impact, but, as the existence of this “megabus” shows, our work is far from over. With your help, we will continue to advance conservative solutions.

God Bless,

Congressman Jim Jordan

Record Exec Dies After Hollywood Street Rampage

A music executive died Monday after being shot last week by a rampaging gunman in the heart of Hollywood, a hospital spokeswoman said.

John Atterberry, who had worked with the Spice Girls, Jessica Simpson and others, died at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center shortly before 5 p.m. Monday, spokeswoman Simi Singer said.

Cheney: US Should Have 'Immediately' Destroyed Lost Drone

Former Vice President Dick Cheney says the United States should have “immediately” destroyed the drone that went down in Iran so the Tehran regime could not benefit from any intelligence that might be gained. Cheney also said on CNN Monday that the end of active U.S. military presence in Iraq — and the imminent withdrawal of forces from Afghanistan — are perilous due to the Iranian nuclear threat.

“The right response to that would have been to go in immediately after it had gone down and destroy it — you could do that from the air, you could do that with a quick air strike — and in effect make it impossible for them to benefit from having captured that drone,” Cheney told CNN’s Erin Burnett. “I was told that the president had three options on his desk — he rejected all of them.

“They involved sending somebody in to try to recover it or — if you can’t do that, and admittedly that would be a difficult operation — he certainly could have gone in and destroyed it on the ground with an air strike,” Cheney said. “But he didn’t take any of the options — he asked nicely for them to return it — and they aren’t going to do that.”


Fill In The Blank 12-13-11

I think ____ is _____!!


(HALETHORPE, MD) – Maryland State Police are attempting to determine what caused hundreds of rocks to fall from a railroad overpass onto more than a dozen vehicles tonight on the inner loop of I-695 in southwestern Baltimore County.

There have been no reported injuries. Troopers on the scene estimate that about 15 vehicles have sustained damage. The damage to vehicles includes dents, scratches, and cracked windshields.

Just before 7:00 p.m. tonight, Maryland State Police at the Golden Ring Barrack received numerous phone calls from motorists who reported they were traveling on the inner loop of I-695 when their vehicles were struck by rocks falling from the Hollins Ferry railroad overpass. Troopers estimate that hundreds of rocks fell. State Highway Administration personnel had to be called to respond and clear the rocks from the roadway. The inner loop of I-695 was closed while highway personnel removed the rocks. The inner loop has now been reopened.

State Police contacted CSX, which operates the railroad overpass. CSX officials are on the scene and will be conducting an inspection of the overpass. They told troopers they have temporarily stopped train traffic across the overpass until the inspection is completed.

Congress Agrees To Freeze $700M In Pakistan Aid


In a reflection of the uneasy relationship between the United States and Pakistan, Congress agreed on a defense bill that includes a provision to freeze some $700 million in assistance until Pakistan comes up with a strategy to deal with improvised explosive devices.

Leaders of the House and Senate Armed Services Committees announced late Monday that they had reached agreement on a massive $662 billion defense bill addressing a wide range of costs: military personnel, weapons systems, national security programs in the Energy Department, and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan in the fiscal year that began Oct. 1.



Your home is your most valuable assets and protecting it with the following crime prevention tips is an inexpensive way to maintain value and safety. In addition to protecting your home, the Ocean City Police Department asks you to be alert and call if you see any suspicious people or activities in your neighborhood.

As the holiday season approaches, it is important to continue following simple crime prevention techniques that will protect you and your property from being a victim of a crime.

Remember to lock all doors and windows to your home and vehicle

Keep inside and outside of your home well lit. Lighting is an inexpensive crime prevention strategy and often deters criminals, so keep your lights on.

Keep trees and bushes trimmed below windows

Never post vacation or travel plans on social media sites, Facebook, Twitter etc. Instead, share your plans with a trusted neighbor, family member or friends who will keep an eye on your property while you are away.

The Ocean City Police Department also encourages citizens to become an active member of an Ocean City Neighborhood Watch Association. Currently, Ocean City boasts eight Neighborhood Watch Associations, including Caine Woods, Caine Keys II, Bayshore Drive, the Boardwalk Association, Edgewater Avenue, Little Salisbury, Montego Bay and Sundowner Park. These Neighborhood Watch groups have been instrumental in reducing crime and keeping citizens informed of various public safety issues.

If you plan on leaving the area for any extended period of time, the Ocean City Police Department encourages residents to take advantage of the “Residential Security Check Program.” This free program is available to all Ocean City residents

To participate in this program, call the OCPD Public Affairs Office at 410-723-6663. Registration may also be done online by visiting the OCPD website at:

The OCPD knows a well-informed citizen and a proactive community is the best form of crime prevention. Please join the team to keep Ocean City a safe and fun place to live, work and visit.

Caption This Photo 12-13-11

Police Remove Occupy Baltimore Protesters

BALTIMORE - Authorities in full riot gear were removing Occupy Baltimore protesters from a downtown plaza where they had been camped out for months early Tuesday morning.

Baltimore City police moved into McKeldin Square at about 3:30 a.m. ET in what appeared to be a peaceful raid.

Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake issued a statement about an hour later saying the city is "committed to protecting individuals' right to protest." However, she added that the city's public parks and green areas should not be treated as a permanent campground.

Watermen, DNR Rebuff Call For Oyster Moratorium

The Chesapeake Bay's oyster population has plummeted since the late 1960s, when Willy Dean, a Maryland waterman since age 17, would go hand tonging with his father and "load the boat with oysters."

"The catch is way, way down from what it was back then," Dean said.

The population is so low that scientists recommended a complete halt to oyster harvesting in a study published in August by the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science, or UMCES.


Troopers On scene Of Serious Motor Vehicle Crash

Location: Angola Road south of John J. Williams Highway, Lewes, DE

Date and Time of Occurrence: Tuesday, December 13, 2011 at approximately 10:45 a.m.

Lewes, DE- The Delaware State Police are currently investigating a serious motor vehicle crash which occurred a short time ago in Lewes.

The crash has Angola Road closed from the John J. Williams Highway to Camp Arrowhead Road in Lewes and commuters are asked to find alternate means of travel.

Details of the crash are not available at this time.

2 Black Labs In Eden: UPDATE, More Help Needed



I just got in contact with one of the owners – the female with a blue collar. The male with the orange collar got away yesterday evening so I am not sure where he is now. The owner of the female was from the Allen Rd area so I would assume the male was from the same area. The male was last seen at the corner of S. Upper Ferry Rd and Siloam Rd. Thank you for the help.


I live in the Eden area and have found 2 black labs. They are both well trained dogs and look to be well taken care of so I am sure someone is missing them One is a female she has a blue collar and appears to be around 7 yrs old. The other is a male with an orange collar who appears to be around 3 years old. If anyone is missing these two dogs or knows who they belong to could you please call Bruce @ 443-614-4121.

See attached picture. The male is not very photogenic but I'm sure the pictures will help. If you can kindly post this I will let you know when someone calls to claim them.

Three Hunters Questioned In Shootings At Texas School

Texas sheriff says authorities have interviewed three hunters suspected of firing stray bullets that wounded two middle school students trying out for the basketball team.

Hidalgo County Sheriff Lupe Trevino tells The Associated Press early Tuesday that the "working theory" in the investigation is that the hunters fired the bullets. However, he says it still hasn't been determined if the shootings were intentional, reckless or an accident.


Special Meeting Today In Ocean City

As many of you know, it's not very often we see a Post that beings in over 200 comments in just a matter of days. Charlie, (the retired Police K-9) has become a massive topic here on the Shore and now around the World. Not only has Salisbury News hits gone through the roof in recent days, we've gone viral on Facebook too.

Today, the Ocean City Council will meet with not only the FOP, they'll meet with the Ocean City Police Chief referencing this matter as well. The City Council will become aware of the other side of this matter once and for all.

If you'd like to view all of the comments on this matter, GO HERE. So far you've only read about this story on Salisbury News. Other forms of media are still desperately trying to get their hands on it but Officer Campbell has chosen to keep it exclusive right here to maintain open comments that won't be turned away because of special interests.

I want to make something very clear here though. Because this is a personnel matter, you are only hearing one side. Mind you, the comments are what truly blow this story away and I highly recommend you take the time to read them and perhaps participate with one of your own.

Thanks for visiting Salisbury News. Stick around, we have a whole lot more to come every 15 minutes every day.

Md. Police Investigating $10M In Retail Thefts

WASHINGTON -- Diapers. Laundry detergent. These household items can really add up, putting a potentially big dent in a family's bank account.

In Maryland, shoplifting rings are solving the problem by stealing thousands of dollars of merchandise.

"This is big money," Prince George's police Lt. Bradley S. Pyle told the Gazette.

Today's Survey Question 12/13/11

Do you believe we are in a recession?


During the week of December 5, 2011, narcotics investigators from the Ocean City Police Department and the Worcester County Criminal Enforcement Team and Delaware State Police conducted three separate narcotics trafficking investigations, which culminated in the seizure of almost 5 pounds of marijuana with a total street value of approximately $43,000.

Beginning on December 7, 2011, Ocean City Police detectives in cooperation with the Worcester County Criminal Enforcement Team conducted a traffic stop in Worcester County, during which police recovered almost 2 pounds of marijuana having a street value of over $14,000. As a result of the traffic stop and subsequent seizure of marijuana, police arrested the occupants of the vehicle and identified them as: Kimo Earl Grant- Johnson, 24, of Ocean City, and Daniel James Stuart, 21, of Selbyville,

During this investigation, police developed sufficient probable cause to obtain two different search and seizure warrants for both Grant-Johnson’s residence in Ocean City, and Stuart’s residence in Selbyville. OCPD detectives were assisted by the Delaware State Police in Selbyville and located approximately a pound and a half of marijuana at Stuart’s residence in Selbyville, having an approximately value of $14,000. Investigators located a quantity of marijuana at Grant-Johnson’s Ocean City residence as well.

Both Grant-Johnson and Stuart have been charged with:
- Possession with the Intent to Distribute Marijuana
- Possession of Marijuana
- Possession of CDS Paraphernalia

Grant-Johnson and Stuart were seen by an Ocean City District Court Commissioner; both were held on $10,000 bond and transferred to the Worcester County jail.


On December 8, 2011, Ocean City Police narcotics investigators and members of the Worcester County Criminal Enforcement team served a search and seizure warrant at 307 8th Street, unit D. Police seized approximately one pound of marijuana having a street value of about $9000.

The resident of the unit was arrested and identified as Robert Wayne Pippin, Jr. 32, of Ocean City.

Pippin has been charged with:
- Possession with the Intent to Distribute Marijuana
- Possession of Marijuana
- Possession of CDS Paraphernalia

Pippin was seen by an Ocean City District Court Commissioner and was held on $25,000 bond. Pippin was transferred to the Worcester County Jail.

On December 9, 2011, OCPD narcotics investigators and members of the Worcester County Criminal Enforcement Team, served a search and seizure warrant at 14501 Tunnel Avenue, Unit 304. During the search of the residence, police recovered over a half pound of marijuana having a value of approximately $4700. As a result of the search and seizure warrant police arrested Robert Francis Grandelli, 43, of Ocean City.

Grandelli has been charged with:
- Possession with the Intent to Distribute Marijuana
- Possession of Marijuana
- Possession of CDS Paraphernalia

Grandelli was seen by an Ocean City District Court Commissioner and held on $25,000 bond. Grandelli was transferred to the Worcester County Jail.

Man Sentenced To Life Forgot He Was In Jail At Time Of Crime

LaDondrell Montgomery had his conviction for armed robbery and a life sentence overturned thanks to his attorney discovering he was in jail at the time of the crime.

But he’s still not a free man. The Houston, Texas, felon remains in jail faced with five more robbery charges.


Hi Joe,

You are the first to hear of the aforementioned event. I plan on sending it to my local advertisers in the next few days.

Your followers are amazingly coming in day after day... so many of them are hell bent on keeping their money very local.

Thank You!

Hi Joe,

We are for the first time having a "Twelve Days of Christmas Blessings Event"

As you can see in the attached picture the Bailey Elves (Jonathan and Joel) and I are working very hard designing and creating special hand made pieces
for our very special customers.

For the next "Twelve Days Of Christmas" we have gift wrapped Twelve very special pieces of Jewelery and beginning tonight we are going to sneak out
for the next twelve nights and randomly place gifted wrapped Bailey's Jewelry throughout our Community.

A card inside the gift asks the recipient to communicate how this gift was a Blessing to them.

We look forward to sharing with you and your followers the tales of "Christmas Blessings" from these recipients.

Melissa Bailey
Bailey Jewelers
30400 Mount Vernon Road
Princess Anne, MD 21853


After two months the government has run a deficit of $236 billion. Until 2006 the Federal government had never run an ANNUAL budget deficit greater than this amount in our 215 year existence as a country. If you think this is going to end well, your smoking some strong shit.

U.S. runs $137 billion deficit in November
WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) — The federal government ran a budget deficit of $137 billion in November, the Treasury Department reported Monday, keeping its finances in the red in the second month of the fiscal year.

The government spent $290 billion in the month and took in $152 billion, pushing the fiscal year-to-date deficit to $236 billion.

For the first two months of the year, the U.S. is running a deficit 19% smaller than it did in the first two months of fiscal 2011.

The Treasury continues to project a deficit for fiscal 2012 of nearly $1 trillion, however, a number certain to be seized on by politicians of both parties as they grapple with taxes and spending.

Fiscal 2011’s deficit was $1.3 trillion.


N Word Chant Gets Girls Basketball Team Suspended

The entire girl's basketball team of Kenmore East High School is sitting out a suspension over a pre-game chant that featured the N-word.

Eleven players are suspended from school for two days for the racially insensitive chant. The one player who wasn't suspended for the chant -- the team's only black player -- was suspended from school for five days for fighting with another player over the use of the N word.

George W. Bush

Who is he: George W. Bush was the 43rd president of the United States. Sworn into office on January 20, 2001, he was re-elected on November 2, 2004. Prior to his presidency, he served as governor of Texas.

Some of Bush's notable legislation included the No Child Left Behind Act, which demanded rigorous testing at public schools across the country. Today it is widely held to be a failure, has thrown the public school system into chaos and greatly expanded corruption and cheating throughout the system.

Bush also passed a costly Medicare drug benefit for up to 40 million seniors and attempted to blur the line between religious charities and other voluntary service providers by trying to gain approval for federal legislation that would have allowed government funding of such efforts.

After 9/11, Bush seemed to cease interest in such programs and concentrated mostly on foreign and domestic security issues. Through the PATRIOT Act, Bush seems to have transformed America from a quietly authoritarian country into an overtly authoritarian one.

Under his watch, American freedom eroded and much of the authoritarian burden that the US struggles with today can be laid directly at his feet. Bush apparently cannot travel abroad for fear of being arrested for war crimes.

Under George W. Bush, The Posse Comitatus Act was eroded. This legislation, passed in the 19th Century, was seen as a significant impediment to the use of US military forces on domestic soil. Not only did Bush basically end Posse Comitatus, he also supervised the creation of the Department of Homeland Security, a gigantic government corporation that amalgamated numerous US security agencies.

Today, Homeland Security is known primarily for its operation of the Transportation Security Administration, an agency that is supposed to keep Americans safe from domestic terrorism. In reality, the TSA has proven mostly adept at terrorizing innocent Americans, confiscating dolls and other toys because of their putative ability to be weaponized, and providing genital touching for all those who refuse to allow themselves to be irradiated by the TSA's apparently dangerous airport body scanners.

Bush conducted two unsuccessful wars, one in Afghanistan and the other in Iraq. He launched these wars after the 9/11 attack, a tragedy he did not initially want to investigate at all. Even today, 9/11 Commission members themselves disavow the results of the task force, claiming they were serially lied to by the Bush administration, the CIA, FBI, etc.


Math Fail: Fox News Says 8.6 Percent Unemployment Is Greater Than 8.8 And Equal To 9

For Fox News, math is tricky. After all, the subject does require a working knowledge of fractions, percentages, and knowing that 9 is greater than 8. Today, Fox took a stab at those concepts in a chart tracking unemployment rates over the past year. As Media Matters noted, Fox determined that the 8.6 percent unemployment rate in November is higher than the 8.8 percent rate from March and equal to the 9 percent rate from April: