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Saturday, October 01, 2016

The 10 superfoods that will help fight cravings and quickly shed the pound

Anyone's who's ever tried to diet will know it's a constant struggle not to give in and just have a Mars Bar.

But nutritionists claim that by eating certain superfoods, you can battle these urges and successfully lose weight.

FEMAIL asked two London-based weight loss experts for their top 10 superhealthy suppers that will fill you up - and help you shed the pounds.



Police Invite Reporters To See How They Would React

The Run Begins: Deutsche Bank Hedge Fund Clients Withdraw Excess Cash

Those who have cash parked at Deutsche Bank... they may want to consider moving it for the time being to a safer bank

Deutsche Bank concerns just went to ’11’ as Bloomberg reports a number of funds that clear derivatives trades with Deutsche Bank AG have withdrawn some excess cash and positions held at the lender, a sign of counterparties’ mounting concerns about doing business with Europe’s largest investment bank.

While the vast majority of Deutsche Bank’s more than 200 derivatives-clearing clients have made no changes, some funds that use the bank’s prime brokerage service have moved part of their listed derivatives holdings to other firms this week, according to an internal bank document seen by Bloomberg News.


Wicomico County : Press Release Damage Assessment Rain Event

Fake Escort Website Launches With ‘Dead’ Escorts

A French organization creates an anti-sex work ad campaign featuring images of battered and bloodied women

This morning, I visited the new French escort site Girls of Paradise and clicked a button to start a live chat with “Sonia,” a 25-year-old brunette. A hot-pink chat window popped up, she asked whether I wanted to see more photos, and immediately I was met with an image of her face covered in bruises. Then came a photo with two bloody knife wounds to her chest, right above her lacy black bra.

The text box informed me that Sonia was stabbed 53 times and found dead in the apartment where she saw clients.

As you can see, this is no ordinary escort website. It’s a digital campaign dreamt up by Le Mouvement du Nid, a French anti-sex work organization, and the advertising firm McCann Paris. What appears at first to be a site selling sex quickly reveals itself as a catalog of murdered, maimed, and drug-addicted sex workers.


UPDATED**Traffic Advisory** Troopers Investigating Crash South of Dewey Beach


Dewey Beach – The Delaware State Police are investigating a crash involving a Jolly Trolley that occurred earlier this afternoon south of Dewey Beach.

Preliminary investigation indicates the crash occurred around 4:41 p.m. today, October 1, 2016, as a 76-year-old Lewes man was operating a 2005 Ford Econo Van pulling the Jolly Trolley with approximately 22 passengers (wedding guests) on board the trolley. For an undetermined reason, the trailer started to sway and then overturn in the southbound lanes of SR1 south of Dewey Beach. The van immediately stopped and bystanders in the area began assisting pulling the passengers from the trolley. At least 12 people were transported by Sussex County EMS to area hospitals where they were treated for non-life-threatening injuries. The operator of the van was uninjured.

SR1 southbound was closed for approximately two hours while the crash was investigated and cleared. No citations were issued and the crash remains under investigation.

Report: Free lunch-eligible teen to stand trial for allegedly stealing 65-cent milk

DUMFRIES, Va. – A teenage boy on his school’s free lunch program has been ordered to stand trial for allegedly stealing a 65-cent carton of milk from the cafeteria, reports the Washington Post.

On May 10, Ryan Turk, then 14, went back to the lunch line at Graham Park Middle School in Dumfries, Va. to get milk because he had forgotten it his first time through the line, according to the paper. He and his mother Shamise Turk say he was entitled to the milk as part of the free lunch program.

Police reportedly said that the boy became disorderly when an officer accused him of stealing the milk. He was placed in handcuffs and, the teen admits, he “yanked away” from the officer, CBS affiliate WTVR reported soon after the incident.

The teen was taken to the principal’s office and searched for drugs, his mother said, and later charged with larceny.

“This is ridiculous... this is beyond embarrassing... he’s at home for 65 cents,” Shamise Turk told the station. “I’m angry, I’m frustrated, I’m mad. It just went too far. They are charging him with larceny, which I don’t have no understanding as to why he is being charged with larceny when he was entitled to that milk from the beginning.”


"Ominous Shades Of 1987" - HSBC Shows Why 17,992 Is The World's Most Important Number

With Saudi devaluation bets soaring, Chinese money-market rates popping, 2 debates and an election looming, and the most systemically dangerous bank in the world flashes the reddest of red warning signs, HSBC's Murray Gunn's conclusion bears paying attention to. Between wave-trending signals and disturbing technical trading patterns, Gunn warns of "ominous shades of 1987" for the markets.

The Dow Jones Industrials index has turned lower from a Head & Shoulders neckline re-test. A similar pattern occurred at this, often bearish, time of the year in 1987 before the index fell dramatically.


70th Salisbury Jaycees Christmas Parade

70th Salisbury Jaycees Christmas Parade 
Sunday, December 4th, 2016 at 2pm
Hosted for 70 years by your Salisbury Jaycees Volunteers
Lineup: Civic Ave in the old mall parking lot - 1pm
Staging: Enter Civic Ave. from the South End ONLY (near the Civic Center)
Starts: 2pm step off from Civic Ave & Mt. Hermon Road
Watch the parade: from East Main Street & Mt. Hermon Road
Judges Stand: East Main Street at public works fountain in the City Park
End: East Main and Ward Street after Wi-Middle
Click HERE More Information

Damage Assessment For Rain Event

In Wicomico County call 211 to report damage to structures to include: businesses, homes and mobile homes associated with the rain event occurring between Sept. 28, 2016 and Oct. 1, 2016.

Reporting damage information will assist Local and emergency management officials in accessing the overall impact of the rain event

After reporting damages to 211 property owners should contact their insurance carrier for further guidance.

Other insurance questions can be directed to the Maryland Insurance Administration at: 1-800-492-6116 or 410-468-2000

Nina May's commentary .... Protests in NC reflect the national protest against political elite establishment

Protests in North Carolina are Against Hillary et al
(By Nina May)

One of the protesters in Charlotte, NC said his reason for being there is exactly the same reason so many people are supporting the non-politician for president. His answer was profound on so many levels and echoed the sentiments of the millions of Trump supporters.

He said he was tired of two different sets of rules for different people and that one group always gets away with breaking the law, while the other ends up in jail. He was seeing it through the lens of race, which was totally valid, but I was hearing it through the filter of the disparity that exists in our society today. It pits the elitist power brokers, the crony politicians, the ruling class against everyone else in the country that has little or no power to oppose this leviathan of unbridled greed and hubris.

He was seeing the inequity of a police force that he perceives as unjustly targeting a class of citizens with no accountability, not being held to the same rules as everyone else. Trump supporters see Hillary Clinton exactly the same way. They know that if they had been as careless with classified and secret material, destroyed evidence, ignored subpoenas and thumbed their noses at congress and the American people, they would be serving time in jail, not coddled like Hillary Clinton. The situations with Governors Bob McDonnell and Rod Blagojevich come to mind.

OC Looks To Explore Foreign Workers’ Transportation Habits

OCEAN CITY — During a larger debate this week about enhancing ridership on the municipal transit system, resort officials discussed a potential opportunity to reach out to the thousands of foreign student-workers who flock to the beach each summer.

Among the items on the agenda for the Transportation Committee this week was an overview of the ridership numbers for the municipal bus system, and while the figures declined somewhat from last year’s record season, the overall impression was another solid year. However, there is always room for improvement and resort transportation officials are exploring untapped potential ridership markets.

Public Works Director Hal Adkins told the committee he was looking into the transportation patterns of the thousands of foreign student-workers in the resort on J-1 visas. It’s no secret there is a significant shortage of seasonal workforce housing on the island and many of the J-1 students now live in West Ocean City.

Adkins said he had discussed the situation with Annemarie Conestabile of United Work and Travel, one of the major sponsors for J-1 students in the resort, who said about 400 of the organization’s 1,200 students, or about a third, are now housed in West Ocean City.


Globalism Is Anti-Christ, Demonic, Theologians Argue

Prominent theologians and scholars are saying this week that while globalism may be a buzzword this election season, too few understand the demonic forces driving this ideology.

As The New York Times reported Monday, until relatively recently it was rare to hear people referred to as "globalists" but the label is more common now. And while many globalists claim to have the interests of the entire world at heart, the irony is that they have become a tribe of sorts; and they are a wealthy, elite, and powerful tribe for whom national borders are an impediment to their agenda.

While many definitions for globalism exist, a wide chasm separates 1) necessary global exchanges in an increasingly interconnected world, like trade, legal immigration, and the cooperation and sharing of ideas across borders, and 2) globalism as a secular humanistic religion of sorts that envisons a one-world government.

For the second definition of globalism, such views are antithetical to a Christian worldview, according to some, even as the Church itself is global and the Kingdom of God is not constrained by national borders.


Yesterday on Lake Street/West Road

There's a car buried in there.

Delmar Police Press Release 10-1-16 (Bank Robbery)

Berlin Bike Event Approved For Falls Park

BERLIN – Town officials this week approved plans for a bike event at Berlin Falls Park.

The town council voted unanimously to approve plans for Get Ramped, an afternoon of mountain biking and skateboarding. Officials were quick to voice their support of the Oct. 23 event.

“We’re very excited,” Berlin Mayor Gee Williams said. “This is one of the things we had in mind back when we were first talking about preserving this property.”

Organizer Tres Denk of the Eastern Shore International Mountain Bike Association says the free event, set for 2-5 p.m. on Oct. 23, will be similar to the ones he’s hosted in neighboring municipalities. His group and other area non-profit organizations will provide mountain bike instruction and helmet safety lessons. Ramps, donated by K-Coast, will also be set up for skateboarding and biking.


Ransomware Attacks Now Extortion Under California Law

Now, the state needs to actually arrest someone for it

Ransomware is now officially extortion in California.

Deliberately hacking someone’s computer is already a federal crime, of course, and deploying ransomware — a malicious program that encrypts a computer’s files, usually demanding a bitcoin ransom to restore them — clearly falls under that category. But California’s SB-1137,signed into law Tuesday evening by Governor Jerry Brown, is believed to be the first law that specifically expands the state’s law against extortion to include ransomware.

The bill’s support in the California Senate was buoyed by testimony from one of the first high-profile ransomware victims, Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center, where operations were largely shut down by a ransomware infection. The attackers relented when the hospital coughed up a $17,000 payment.


H.S. football players exercise right to kneel during anthem — so sheriff’s deputies exercise a right of their own

High school football players in Louisiana exercised their First Amendment right to take a knee during the national anthem before a game, and now sheriff’s deputies are exercising their right not to work as voluntary security detail at those very events.

Images posted to social media and aired by WVUE-TV show the players at Bonnabel High School in Kenner kneeling along the sideline during the playing of the “Star-Spangled Banner” before their game last weekend. The team was apparently taking their lead from NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick who has repeatedly refused to stand, prompting a national debate over the issue. Celebrities, other professional athletes and even President Barack Obama have since weighed in.

But now players in this small town are dealing with blowback as a result of their actions.


Traffic Advisory & Route 12 UPDATE

For those inquiring about Route 12 and when it will be reopened. Crews are in the process of working on the roadway. It will take some time and we do not know at this point when it will be completed. The damage as you can see is substantial. We are advising everyone to use alternate routes such as 113 and Rt 50 to points north and 113 and 13 for points south.

Traffic Advisory From The Worcester County Sheriff
There are still several roadways that are closed due to high water or damage to roadway. Route 12 is still closed near Algonquin Trail. Nassawango Road still has high water and is impassable to smaller vehicles. Please use caution if you must be out this evening.

Donald Trump Zones in on Populist Contrast with Hillary Clinton Post-Debate: ‘Follow the Money’

NEW YORK CITY, New York — In a series of three campaign events post debate, Republican presidential nominee Donald J. Trump rolled out a new campaign theme highlighting his populist nationalism and contrasting that with Hillary Clinton’s elitist globalism.

Angel Mom Michelle Root, whose daughter Sarah Root was killed by an illegal alien, joined Trump on stage in Council Bluffs, Iowa, to help paint the picture of what the world be like if Hillary Clinton were elected president.

“I just wanted to say thank you everybody for turning out for Mr. Trump,” she said. “Hillary called me deplorable and irredeemable. She is not a friend to women, I just want to tell you that right now. The Obama-Clinton policies released the man that killed my daughter after he showed up at the borders. Then after he killed my daughter, they released him again. Now where is he? Nobody knows. Donald Trump is the only person that cared about us when no one else could and would. If Hillary wins, how many more girls are going to die? How many more women will die at the hands of their policies? Thank you, thank you Mr. Trump.”


ICE arrests 51 individuals during 6-day operation in VA, DC

WASHINGTON – Fifty-one individuals were arrested in Virginia and Washington, D.C., by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) officers during a six-day operation that ran from Sept. 18 to Sept. 23.
Of the 51 individuals arrested, 47 had previously been convicted of crimes like grand larceny and rape. Three of the four remaining individuals have pending charges against them; one is the subject of an Interpol Red Notice. One person was issued a final order of removal by an immigration judge in January 2015, making him a priority for civil immigration enforcement.
Arrests included:
  • On Sept. 18, ERO officers arrested a citizen and national of Mexico in Ridgeway, Virginia, who was previously convicted of grand larceny.
  • On Sept. 19, ERO officers arrested a citizen and national of India in Fairfax, Virginia, who was previously convicted for attempted indecent liberties with a child under age 15.
  • On Sept. 19, ERO officers arrested a citizen and national of Mexico, in Manassas Park, Virginia, who was previously convicted of rape.
  • On Sept. 20, ERO officers arrested a citizen and national of Honduras in Portsmouth, Virginia, who was previously convicted of abduction by force/intimidation.

Main Street Gym Competes

Main St Gym was on hand Saturday night for the Delaware Amateur Boxing Series at the NUR Shine Temple in New Castle DE. 

Matt McMurdough, a teacher at Prince St School in Salisbury took the ring first and scored and impressive 2nd round stoppage of his opponent. “Matt is very strong having come from a football, shot put and javelin background. He is still learning the boxing skills and how to incorporate his power, but is it coming along real well. He is a super guy and it is nice to have a teacher representing Main St and Salisbury. McMurdough’s record is now 2-1.

Next up was Thomas Mottinger who was forced to take a last minute replacement after his scheduled opponent was a “No Show”. The change seemed to make Mottinger a little more apprehensive to attack his opponent at times but he still got a solid win on all three score cards. In order for Mottinger to fight the replacement he had to move up into the super heavyweight division. “Tj seemed a little out of his rhythm at times and that may have been from fighting the bigger guy but he won his exchanges and had no problem winning the bout. Mottinger is the 2016 Washington DC Regional Golden Gloves Novice Champion and now has 10 fights which will put him in the open class division. 

Main St gym will continue to travel and compete to get the kids more experience, but the year will end with a hometown stand at the Main St Gym on November 19th, where Salisbury boxers will match up against kids from up and down the central east coast.
Anyone wishing to reserve a table or be a sponsor can contact Coach Hal at Main ST Gym by calling 410-430-6687 or going to Main St Gym Facebook or the

Left to Right Assist. Ryan Watson, Matt McMurdough, Thomas Mottinger, Coach Hal Chernoff

Police/courts 9/30/16

DUI checkpoint

A sobriety checkpoint took place for five hours on Route 50 at Hall Road in Berlin last Friday night into Saturday morning.

During this time, 390 vehicles were checked and two cars were directed to the side of the road for further testing. No one was arrested for driving under the influence.

Maryland State Police, the Worcester County Sheriff’s Office, Berlin and Ocean Pines police all participated in the operation.

In addition, a saturation patrol took place from midnight to 3 a.m. on Saturday, which was conducted by four Maryland State Police troopers and resulted in one driving under the influence arrest.


Ocean City police officers arrested and charged Robert Jackson, 51, of Ocean City with theft on Sept. 24 after he stole a backpack the night before.

Continue/More Cases

Northwood behind Pep Boys

Lost iphone

Hi Joe:

I found an iphone (luckily its dry) in the park behind Horsey's pond in Laurel. It is a Sussex County FCU phone with the email address of Could you post this? Please call 302-875-3354 to claim it.

Ibuprofen among painkillers linked to heart disease

Ibuprofen and other painkillers may trigger a heart condition which affects almost a million Britons, a major study has shown.

Patients who regularly take the pills are up to 20 per cent more likely to develop heart failure.

Long-term use of the medication causes chemical reactions in the body which place extra strain on the heart, research suggests.

This can lead to heart failure in patients who have a history of previous heart attacks or high blood pressure. An estimated 900,000 adults in Britain have heart failure which occurs when the muscle becomes too weak to pump blood around the body.


Powellville VFC A-U-C-E Breakfast This Sunday!

Pat Caddell: Election 'Headed Toward Armageddon'

Pat Caddell talked toBreitbart News DailySiriusXM host Alex Marlow Thursday about election developments.

Caddell said, “One of the things we’ll see, and I’ll predict this now and why if Trump’s going to win he has to go to this higher ground, is, you’re going to see … just how much the establishment order will fight to hold onto its power and privilege at all costs.”

He continued, “It is going to be the most broad-based assault in every direction to try to keep [Trump] out of the White House. And so this is headed to Armageddon, if you will, politically.”

“This is an election where the American people have bolted,” asserted Caddell, adding:

They want control back of their government, and they are very anti-establishment and political class. That’s why you see such a united effort by the Democrats and Republicans in the establishment who are terrified that Trump represents the diminution of their power.


Obama's angry clash with CNN anchor over his refusal to say 'Islamic terrorism'

President Barack Obama still won't call radicals Islamists because he says he doesn't want to 'validate' their claims that they're speaking for the Muslim religion.

Confronted Wednesday by Gold Star mother Tina Houchins, whose 19-year-old son died in Iraq before he took office, Obama told her the issue 'has been sort of manufactured.'

'I've said repeatedly that where we see terrorist organizations like al Qaeda or ISIL, they have perverted and distorted and tried to claim the mantle of Islam for an excuse, for basically barbarism and death,' he told the woman, questioning him at a townhall put on by CNN.

Then, making an obvious reference to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, Obama lambasted 'people become president' talking 'about Muslim-Americans here and the notion that somehow we'd start having religious tests.'

'You were clearly talking about the Republican nominee, Donald Trump, just then,' said moderator Jake Tapper, interrupting him.

A defiant Obama replied, 'No, I wasn't.'


Hillary Confidante McAuliffe Made 2010 Cuba Trip ‘to Sell Virginia Wine and Apples’ - While Hillary Was Secretary of State

In 2010, Terry McAuliffe, now the Democratic governor of Virginia, made a trip to the Caribbean communist island Cuba to sell “Virginia wine and apples” according to a 2013 Washington Post story by Peter Wallsten and Carol Leonnig.

The trip turned out to be bust for McAuliffe, but in more ways than one. Cuban officials scoffed at McAuliffe’s sales pitch and he faced heat once he returned from Cuba.

“The Cubans scoffed at his propositions during the April 2010 visit, unmoved by the full-frontal style of persuasion that has long powered McAuliffe’s success as an investor and political rainmaker,” Wallsten and Leonnig wrote. “Cuban officials not only rejected McAuliffe, but in meeting after meeting lectured him about the supposed ill effects of the U.S. trade embargo on the island nation.”


Bill Clinton's cheating led to Hillary's decision to use him 'sparingly' in US elections

Bill Clinton has been used sparingly on his wife's campaign trail this year - a decision made by Hillary's managers who believed he might become a distraction.

Turning 70 this past August, Bill has had better and worse days. Some days his hands quiver, some days he looks frail and elderly. Other times he's robust and forceful.

But it's his rumored post-presidency extramarital affairs that led Hillary's campaign to keep him off the schedule.

Author Joe Conason reveals the details of the unending rumors of Bill's multiple lovers over the years in his new book, Bill Clinton: Man of the World, published by Simon and Schuster.

The list includes Belinda Stronach, a divorced Canadian heiress in her forties who held a seat in Parliament; a wealthy, young Canadian woman residing in New York; his divorced blond neighbor, Julie Tauber McMahon who was dubbed 'the energizer' because of her frequent trysts with Clinton; and actress Gina Gershon, who has denied having an affair with the former president.


Abandoned Home Cause For Concern For Berlin Residents

BERLIN – A resident asked town officials to intercede as an abandoned home on his street has become a safety issue.

Cape Circle resident Larry Smith approached the town council during Monday’s regular meeting and asked officials to do something about the house across the street from his. He says it’s overgrown with weeds, covered in mold and, with a swimming pool, poses a safety hazard.

Mayor Gee Williams told Smith state law didn’t allow the town to do much regarding the property located east of Route 113.

“We want to do everything we can within the law,” Williams said. “This is one of the cases where the law is an ass. Nothing is more damn frustrating than to see this happen.”

Smith told the council he was coming to them with his concerns because he’d called town hall several times but the house remained an eyesore.


The problem with Hillary’s appeal: It’s all ‘me, me, me’

Nathan Nemick voted for Bernie Sanders in the Pennsylvania primary, but the young Democrat can’t support the Democrat who won the nomination, Hillary Clinton.

“Her campaign is all about her, and there is nothing about what she has done in her years in politics that has any concrete value for me,” the 33-year-old says. He’s voting for Donald Trump.

Nemick’s viewpoint is shared by many Democrats outside the big cities. And it’s confounded not only the political class inside those cities but Clinton herself.
The nominee crystalized that frustration when she closed a videotaped message to labor groups in Las Vegas: “So having said all that, why aren’t I 50 points ahead, you might ask?”

“The reason is pretty simple: She has not identified any tangible benefits for the voters in her campaign message,” explains Republican strategist Brad Todd of OnMessage, one of the country’s most sought-after GOP ad-makers.

“Everyone keeps talking about why she is not 50 points ahead of this guy. She even wonders that herself,” says Todd. But Clinton “has made this campaign entirely about her and her accomplishments.” So when she has a bad day as a candidate, it’s devastating. On the other hand, when Trump has a bad day, it doesn’t hurt him.


World Champion Poker Player: Clinton Secretly Signaled Moderator during Debate

Video claims Clinton signaled for opportunities to zing Trump; pro-poker player agrees

Hillary Clinton used hand signals to communicate with moderator Lester Holt during the first US presidential debate on Monday, a four time world champion poker player has stated.

(Other versions of the video: here, here, and here.)

A video recently uploaded to Youtube depicts the former secretary of state scratching her face several times during the 90-minute debate – signals to Holt, the video’s editor claims, which “meant Clinton wanted to get a ‘zinger’ in and to go to her without changing the subject.”

“Hillary Clinton used this gesture to signal Holt on six different occasions,” the video asserts.


Obama Administration Brings in 12,500 Syrian Refugees This Year With Last Minute Rush

With two days remaining in Fiscal Year 2016, the Obama administration has brought in 12,571 Syrian refugees, far exceeding its original stated goal of 10,000 for the year.

The outgoing Obama administration is pressing ahead, despite polls that show a vast majority of voters oppose increasing the number of Syrian refugees, by rushing in 1,831 Syrian refugees during the month of September, according to the Department of State’s interactive website. If the Obama administration continues to bring Syrian refugees at that rate each month in Fiscal Year 2017, which begins on Saturday, the total number of arrivals from that war torn country would exceed 21,000.

More than 99 percent of these Syrian refugees (12,470 of 12,571) are Muslim. Less than 1 percent (101 of 12,571) are Christians or other faiths.


State Department to Release 3,000 Clinton Emails Before Election

The State Department will publicly release nearly 3,000 pages of emails recently recovered by the FBI from Hillary Clinton’s private server ahead of the November election.

A Vice News reporter submitted a deal brokered with the State Department on Wednesday to two federal judges who approved the release of 1,850 pages of emails before Nov. 8, Politico reported. The release is in addition the 1,050 pages the State Department was ordered to hand over to conservative group Judicial Watch before the election.

The Vice agreement requires the State Department to publish the nearly 2,000 pages of Clinton requested emails to its website by Nov. 3. The Judicial Watch case orders the department to publish the documents in three sets of 350 pages, with the last set to be released Nov. 4.

Though the trickled release of Clinton emails is likely to cause headaches for her presidential campaign, many of the documents may not emerge until just days before Election Day when media coverage will be heavily focused on the final stretch of the race.


Pirro Calls on Trump to 'Prosecute' Hillary - 'No More Mr. Nice Guy,' 'No More 'Chelsea Was in the Audience''

Thursday on Fox News Channel’s “Hannity,” Jeanine Pirro, host of the network’s Saturday night program “Justice,” told host Sean Hannity Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump needed to be more aggressive with his opponent Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton in the next debates.

She called on Trump to “prosecute” Clinton, regardless if her daughter was in the audience.

“Let’s hope he does take the gloves off,” Pirro said. “Because as we all know — you remember Mitt Romney, it’s the second and third that really matter. What he’s got to do is he’s got to prosecute her. No more Mr. Nice Guy. No more ‘Chelsea was in the audience.’ That’s hogwash. Chelsea has heard it all before. She’s even heard it from you, Donald. What we’ve got to do is make sure that Donald Trump gets out with the Department of Justice and the FBI is not willing to unearth and that is the whole purpose behind this server was to cover what they were doing to the pay to play 501(c)(3) alleged charity.”


Berlin Mayor, Council Election Endorsements

When it comes to the mayor’s race, Berlin voters should head to the polls next week with one question in mind: Are major changes needed?

That’s ultimately what it comes down to for Berlin residents. If voters are generally happy with the town and its direction and confident in the job two-term incumbent Mayor Gee Williams has done the last eight years, they should re-elect him.

On the contrary, if they distrust the current mayor and feel he will lead the town in a manner that’s inconsistent with their vision for the future, voters should go with Lisa Hall, a two-term councilmember.

For what it’s worth, that’s essentially the situation nationally with the November presidential election when it comes to voting for the Democratic or Republican candidate.


Obama Operatives Stripped Judicial Watch of Media Status

The conservative government watchdog Judicial Watch was "wrongfully punished" by political operatives within the Obama administration, The Washington Times reports.

In addition, the operatives tried to force Judicial Watch to pay higher costs for its open records requests, The Times says, quoting a letter written by Carol Ochoa, inspector general of the General Services Administration.

In her letter, Ochoa said stripping Judicial Watch of media status violated several agency policies.

"It's outrageous but not surprising. Welcome to our world. This is what we put up with all the time from the agencies," Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton told The Times.

He added: "Why are White House liaisons involved in our [Freedom of Information] request?"


5 Reasons James Comey's FBI Investigation of Hillary is a Total Joke

With new revelations about Hillary Clinton's private, unsecured email server emerging seemingly every week, it's becoming more and more obvious that the FBI's investigation was an absolute joke. Here are five reasons why.

1. Immunity Deals

During the FBI's investigation into Clinton's private server, the Justice Department granted immunity to multiple individuals close to the former Secretary of State who likely could have been prosecuted had they not been shielded.

It was recently revealed that Clinton aide and former Chief of Staff Cheryl Mills was granted immunity in exchange for her laptop. When asked by Congressman Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) Wednesday if Mills' laptop contained any classified material, FBI Director James Comey said:

"I think there were some emails still on the computer that were recovered that were classified is my recollection."


Wage lawsuit against Dead Freddies settled for $630K

Bringing to an end more than a year of litigation, the 26 plaintiffs in the suit filed against OC Freddies LLC will receive a total of $395,000 for their claims, and lawyer Howard Hoffman will receive $235,000 in fees, as ordered by Magistrate Judge Beth Gesner in documents made public this week.

The agreement, reached jointly by the parties, makes no comment on the merits of the wage claims brought forth by the employees, nor does it assign blame or seek apology for the practices alleged in the suit.

The payments range from a few hundred to tens of thousands of dollars, split in half to represent unpaid wages and liquidated damages.

For example, the greatest single payout awarded to a plaintiff is about $61,000. About $30,500 of that represents unpaid wages, and will be taxed as such as W-2 income. The other half, as outlined in the agreement, is subject to no deductions whatsoever, and is treated as 1099 income for tax purposes. The deal contains mechanisms to ensure OC Freddies pays the required payroll taxes on this money.


The Big Red Flea Market In Laurel DE.

Trump's Right - Morgan Stanley Warns "Big, Fat, Ugly Bubble" Is "An Illusion" Driven By The Fed

The press spends a lot of energy tracking the many errors in Donald Trump’s loose talk, and during Monday’s presidential debate Hillary Clinton expressed hope that fact checkers were “turning up the volume” on her rival. But when it comes to the Federal Reserve, Mr. Trump isn’t all wrong.

In a looping debate rant, Mr. Trump argued that an increasingly “political” Fed is holding interest rates low to help Democrats in November, driving up a “big, fat, ugly bubble” that will pop when the central bank raises rates. This riff has some truth to it.

Leave the conspiracy theory aside and look at the facts: Since the Fed began aggressive monetary easing in 2008, my calculations show that nearly 60% of stock market gains have come on those days, once every six weeks, that the Federal Open Market Committee announces its policy decisions.

Put another way, the S&P 500 index has gained 699 points since January 2008, and 422 of those points came on the 70 Fed announcement days. The average gain on announcement days was 0.49%, or roughly 50 times higher than the average gain of 0.01% on other days.

This is a sign of dysfunction. The stock market should be a barometer of the economy, but in practice it has become a barometer of Fed policy.


Jim DeMint: It's now or never to save the internet

Editor’s note: The following column originally appeared in The Daily Signal.

We have, unfortunately, come to expect our elected representatives to shirk hard decisions. So it came as little surprise when the Senate released the text of a continuing resolution late last week to fund the U.S. government that did not include key objectives sought by conservatives, such as stopping taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood.

Although there are many problems with this budget deal, only one is irreversible and permanent: allowing the Obama administration to cede oversight of the internet to foreign bodies. It’s troubling that the Senate has failed to include language prohibiting this transfer of power.

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is the nonprofit organization responsible for maintaining databases for internet domain names, essentially the phone book for the internet.

The Obama administration announced the goal of ending the U.S. contractual oversight of ICANN in 2014, and asked ICANN to submit a plan to fill the gap of U.S. withdrawal and to implement stronger accountability measures to make sure ICANN does not abuse its authority.


Cheryl Mills 'Lied To Everybody' About Clinton's Server

FBI Director James Comey made excuses for Hillary Clinton’s former State Department chief of staff Cheryl Mills on Wednesday when asked about conflicting statements she made to federal investigators about when she learned of the former secretary of state’s private email server.

“Having done many investigations myself, there’s always conflicting recollections of facts, some of which are central [to the investigation], some of which are peripheral,” Comey told Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz during a House Judiciary Committee hearing.

The Republican had asked Comey about Mills’ claims during her April 9 interview with the FBI that she did not know about Clinton’s server until after she became Clinton’s personal attorney.

“Mills did not learn Clinton was using a private server until after Clinton’s DoS tenure,” notes from the interview read. “Mills stated she was not even sure she knew what a server was at the time.”


Black Writer: Trump Best Choice For Black People

The black community should focus on economic viability, rather than police brutality in the upcoming election, argues one black writer

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump offers the best policies to solve the economic issues of the black community, contends Jay Stephens, a contributor at Vice.

Stephens argues that while police brutality is an important issue for blacks, it is a symptom of a larger problem. The bigger issue for the black community is “economic vulnerability,” which only serves to make police brutality worse, says Stephens.

“We need to remember that economic crises trigger violence around the world, and that falling wages for low-skilled workers in the United States have been directly linked to increases in violent crime,” Stephens writes. “Our economic vulnerabilities decrease our standard of living and increase our chances of having negative interactions with the police.”


VA Leaving Vet Corpses to Rot in Morgues

Long, excessive wait times. Growing black mold. Cockroaches and bugs in the kitchen, dirty hallways, and faulty equipment. The Edward Hines Jr. Veterans Affairs Hospital in Chicago, Illinois is no paradise for retired servicemen to get adequate healthcare and treatment. However, the hospital has finally hit an even newer low: bodies of deceased veterans have been left unattended in the morgue to rot for up to two months, without proper burials set in motion.

The revelation was exposed by an alleged whistleblower, whose identity has not been confirmed due to fear of backlash. However, the nameless whistleblower cited one specific individual responsible for the careless handling of the bodies of former military servicemen: Chief of Patient Administrative Services Christopher Wirtjes.

The whistleblower filed a letter of complaint to the VA hospital’s inspector general, demanding accountability be held about the decaying state of the hospital. In regards to the decaying corpses in the basement morgue, the anonymous employee says “the Chief of PAS has the funds available, yet has no sense of urgency to lay the veteran to rest… Some veteran’s remains have been left in our hospital morgue for 45 days or more until they are stacked to capacity at times.”


Trump Campaign Releases "Ten Inconvenient Truths About The Clinton Foundation"

Just a few weeks back we introduced you to the work of Wall Street analyst Charles Ortel who spent the past year and a half digging into the Clinton Foundation and subsequently labeled it as a "Charity Fraud Of Epic Proportions" (see our full post on the findings here: ""Clinton Foundation Is Charity Fraud Of Epic Proportions", Analyst Charges In Stunning Takedown"). As many of our readers know, Ortel is the analyst that uncovered financial discrepancies at General Electric before its stock crashed in 2008, and was described by the Sunday Times of London as "one of the finest analysts of financial statements on the planet" in a 2009 story detailing the troubles at AIG.

After a year and a half of looking into the Clinton Foundation, Ortel summarized his findings as follows:

"An educated guess, based upon ongoing analysis of the public record begun in February 2015, is that the Clinton Foundation entities are part of a network that has defrauded donors and created illegal private gains of approximately $100 billion in combined magnitude, and possibly more, since 23 October 1997."

With that, here's 10 more things that the Trump campaign thinks you should know about the Clinton Foundation.

Here Are Ten Facts Everyone Should Know About The Massive Conflict Of Interest And Corruption Issues Facing The Clinton Foundation

FACT ONE – There Are Major Overlaps Between Clinton’s Campaign Donors And Her Foundation Donors, Raising Ethical Red Flags:

According To The Washington Post, Nearly Half Of The Major Donors To Ready For Hillary And Nearly Half Of Her 2008 Campaign Bundlers Have Given At Least $10,000 To The Foundation. “Nearly half of the major donors who are backing Ready for Hillary, a group promoting her 2016 presidential bid, as well as nearly half of the bundlers from her 2008 campaign, have given at least $10,000 to the foundation, either on their own or through foundations or companies they run.” (Rosalind S. Helderman, Tom Hamburger and Steven Rich, “Clintons’ Foundation Has Raised Nearly $2 Billion — And Some Key Questions,” The Washington Post, 2/18/15)


Newspapers Face Death Threats, Lost Subscriptions for Endorsing Hillary Clinton

“There has been a substantial amount of blowback,” Cincinnati Enquirer editor tells TheWrap after ending decades-long streak of backing Republican candidate

Newspapers with a history of endorsing Republican presidential candidates are losing subscribers and even receiving death threats after endorsing Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump.

The Arizona Republic’s editorial board has received death threats since publishing its Clinton endorsement earlier this week, according to Arizona’s NBC affiliate 12news. It was the first time the paper endorsed a Democrat in a general election since it launched in 1890.

Meanwhile, Cincinnati Enquirer editor Peter Bhatia said his paper has lost “hundreds” of subscriptions since its editorial board broke a nearly century-long habit of backing the Republican in the presidential contest.

“There has been a substantial amount of blowback, that’s for sure,” Bhatia told TheWrap. “The people who are reacting are predominantly unhappy with the endorsement.”


FBI Investigating More Dead People Voting In The Key Swing State Of Virginia

For years the political elites, backed by funding from George Soros, have fought common sense voter ID laws as blatant attempts of racist right wingers to suppress the votes of minority and low-income citizens. These same people tirelessly argue that there is no evidence of voter fraud despite the mountain of facts that keeps piling up the contrary. In fact, per the National Review, United States District Judge Lynn Adelman of Wisconsin, in response to a voter ID complaint in that state, recently claimed that “virtually no voter impersonation occurs” in Wisconsin and that “no evidence suggests that voter-impersonation fraud will become a problem at any time in the foreseeable future.”

Well, we guess that could be true if the pesky facts would just stop getting in the way. According to research conducted by the Pew Research Center in 2012, the capacity for voter fraud in the U.S. is substantial with nearly 2mm dead people found to be registered voters and nearly 3mm people registered in multiple states. 

Approximately 24 million—one of every eight—voter registrations in the United States are no longer valid or are significantly inaccurate
More than 1.8 million deceased individuals are listed as voters
Approximately 2.75 million people have registrations in more than one state

And, just earlier today we wrote about how Arcan Cetin, the 20 year old Turkish citizen who recently killed 5 people at the Cascade Mall in Washington, somehow managed to vote in the past 3 election cycles despite not being a U.S. citizen. When asked about the news, Washington Secretary of State, Kim Wyman, simply said "we don’t have a provision in state law that allows either county elections officials or the Secretary of State's office to verify someone’s citizenship." Sure, because why would someone's citizenship status be important for determining his eligibity to vote?



Dorman & Smyth Hardware Co.

There is a building in downtown Salisbury on the SE corner of W. Main and Market Streets that was built in the late 19th Century as the Dorman & Smyth Hardware Co. It is now known as Parker Place. Ann Taylor has done for this building what time tried to undo. Any building needs constant attention over the years and the sturdiness of this building gave her a sound basis from which to start. At one time it was home to the Thomas R. Young store. They sold pianos and sheet music for many years. The heavy beams visible in the lower level attest to the fact that it was used for some heavy duty when it was a hardware store and this probably made it an ideal store for pianos.

The post card above shows the store about 1907. It was one of the first buildings erected after the devastating fire of 1886 that leveled most of downtown Salisbury. The picture shows the stone construction that was mandatory by the change in the city charter to avoid another disastrous fire.

Below are some of the particulars of the principals in the business.

Levin W. Dorman (wife – Alice)

President of School Board 1892-97

Home address (1907) 302 N. Division St.

(house number changed in Oct. 1952 to 204 N. Division St.)

Died in the early 1930’s – age 83

His photo was found in the “photographic album” of

Jehu Parsons (mayor of Salisbury, 1898-1900).

The photograph of Jehu Parsons from this album

is the one seen hanging in the third floor of the

Government Office Building along with the other

former mayors of Salisbury.

Since both men appear to be in their early 20’s,

the photograph was probably taken around 1870.

Samuel S. Smyth (wife – Lillie)

Home address (1907) 108 W. Isabella St.

(house number changed in Oct. 1952 to 110 W. Isabella St.)

Died in early 1930’s – age 77

MSP: Route 12 Closed Due To Road Collapse

****ATTENTION**** Route 12 at the intersection of Nassawango Road and Algonquin Trail has collapsed. Nassawango Rd and Algonquin Trl CANNOT be accessed by way of Route 12. Emergency crews are en-route to address the problem. There is no timetable for the roadway to be re-opened. Drive safe!

The Crystal Ball

Michigan student successfully changes preferred pronoun to 'His Majesty' on class roster

As Heat Street‘s Politics Editor Jillian Melchior reported this week, a new policy at the University of Michigan allows students to choose their preferred pronouns — including the gender-neutral “they” and “ze” — to appear on class rosters.

With that in mind, one conservative student, Grant Strobl, who is also chairman of the Young Americans for Freedom board of governors, decided to troll the university administration by officially requesting his pronoun to be changed to “His Majesty.”

Although Storbl says he has “no problem with students asking to be identified a certain way,” he thought it important to show just how ludicrous it is for universities to institutionalize the use of “arbitrary” pronouns and threaten disciplinary action if students and staff repeatedly fail to use them.

“I henceforth shall be referred to as: His Majesty, Grant Strobl. I encourage all U-M students to go onto Wolverine Access, and insert the identity of their dreams,” he told the College Fix.


Hillary Nearly Chokes at Rally – Again!

The Dallas Morning News Is Paying Dearly For Endorsing Hillary Clinton

The Dallas Morning News is paying a steep price for endorsing Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, in the form of canceled subscriptions and loud protests.

The endorsement broke a 75-year streak in the paper’s history of endorsing Republicans, and generated a lot of reader pushback in the form of angry comments and vows to unsubscribe from the paper. Although Dallas is relatively liberal, the state hasn’t gone Democrat in a presidential election in 40 years.

“Certainly we’ve paid a price for our presidential recommendation,” Dallas Morning News editor Mike Wilson said in an email to Poynter. Wilson acknowledged some of that price came in dropped subscriptions, although he declined to reveal to Poynter exactly how many.

“But then, we write our editorials based on principle, and sometimes principle comes at a cost,” Wilson continued in the email. “I’ve had a lot of conversations with readers lately, and I respect their views and their right to disagree with us. The most important thing to us is that they vote, even if it’s not for our favorite candidate, because democracy doesn’t work if people don’t vote.”


Congressman: Hillary’s ‘experience’ disqualifies her

'At every turn, Clinton was more concerned with politics than getting truth to American people'

The first words on Hillary Clinton’s campaign website about her are boasts of her experience as senator, secretary of state, first lady, law professor and “activist.”

She raised the subject at the first presidential debate on Monday night, noting the 112 countries she visited as secretary of state.

But it’s that very experience that disqualifies her from the presidency, contends a congressman in a newspaper op-ed published Tuesday, hours after the debate.

U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, a member of the Benghazi Select Commission and the chief of the House Freedom Caucus, said the Benghazi calamity, an issue moderator Lester Holt did not raise, showed Clinton is willing to make decisions and take actions based not on what’s best for America, but on politics.


Hillary Funded By Saudi Arabia While Claiming She's Tough On Terrorism: Debate Highlights

"There's A Real Problem Here" - Did Fed's Plosser Just Admit Trump Is Right About Yellen?

Former Philly Fed President Charles Plosser got a lot off his chest this morning during a Bloomberg TV interview. Decrying thatcentral bankers "wring their hands all the time," Plosser noted that The Fed was very "concerned about credibility," and was "pretty good at conjuring up reasons not to act."

His mutinous discussion then concluded, sounding very Trumpian, by noting that The Fed "shouldn't be afraid a recession might come," exclaiming "there's a real problem here" with The Fed.


The Best Way For Women To Hide Your Candy At Work

This Can Be The Best Time Of Year To Visit Ocean City

Go Fly A Kite In Ocean City

Are "Invisible Americans" The Key Players In This Election?

Memo to the D.C. Beltway/mainstream media apologists and propagandists: the 25 million Invisible Americans are no longer buying your shuck-and-jive con job.

For the bottom 90% of American households, the "prosperity" of the "recovery" since 2009 is a bright shining lie. The phrase is from a history of the Vietnam War, A Bright Shining Lie: John Paul Vann and America in Vietnam.

Just as the Vietnam War was built on lies, propaganda, PR and rigged statistics (the infamous body counts--civilians killed as "collateral damage" counted as "enemy combatants"), so too is the "recovery" nothing but a pathetic tissue of PR, propaganda and lies. I have demolished the bogus 5.3% "increase" in median household income, the equally bogus "official inflation" body counts, oops I mean statistics, and the bogus unemployment rate:

Fun with Fake Statistics: The 5% "Increase" in Median Household Income Is Pure Illusion (September 19, 2016)

What's the Real Unemployment Rate? That's the Wrong Question (September 14, 2016)

Could Inflation Break the Back of the Status Quo? (August 5, 2016)

Revealing the Real Rate of Inflation Would Crash the System (August 3, 2016)

Inflation Hidden in Plain Sight (August 2, 2016)

The Burrito Index: Consumer Prices Have Soared 160% Since 2001 (August 1, 2016)

I'm not the only one calling the "recovery" a lie: the chairman of Gallup, Jim Clifton, recently unloaded on the "recovery":

The Invisible American.

"I've been reading a lot about a "recovering" economy. It was even trumpeted on Page 1 of The New York Times and Financial Times last week. I don't think it's true.

The percentage of Americans who say they are in the middle or upper-middle class has fallen 10 percentage points, from a 61% average between 2000 and 2008 to 51% today."