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Monday, January 28, 2019

Marc Elias Redistricting Map Picked by Virginia Court Could Flip Control to Dems

Elias's map picked from handful of proposals

Virginia judges picked a redistricting map this week supported by Democratic super lawyer Marc Elias that favors his party and could cost Republicans control of the House of Delegates in the state this year.

Elias, a partner at the Washington, D.C., office of the Perkins Coie law firm who recently signed on to act as the top lawyer for Kamala Harris's presidential campaign, in 2015 brought a redistricting lawsuit on behalf of a group of African Americans. Judges would rule that lawmakers had pushed them into 11 districts.

A series of redistricting proposals were submitted, and Elias's was ultimately selected by Virginia's Eastern District Court.

"In Virginia, the Federal Court in the long-running state house redistricting case has ordered the special master to adopt the alternative-map configuration we advocated," Elias said. "We are one important step closer to the end of the GOP's racial gerrymander."

Republicans currently hold a 51 to 48 advantage over Democrats in the state's House of Delegates and all 100 seats are up for election this year. The map could flip five to six districts currently held by Republicans, the Martinsville Bulletin notes.


Vast Majority of Voters Want Crackdown on Illegal Alien Crime

An overwhelming majority of American voters say they want to see a crackdown on crimes committed by illegal aliens living in the United States.

The latest Harvard/Harris Poll reveals that more than 80 percent of American voters either strongly or somewhat support a crackdown on illegal alien crime.

This includes 96 percent of Republican voters, 70 percent of Democrat voters, and 79 percent of swing voters. A crackdown on illegal alien crime also has widespread support across racial demographic groups.

Roughly 85 percent of white Americans support a crackdown on illegal alien crime, as well as 74 percent of Hispanic Americans and 73 percent of black Americans.

Suburban voters, by a large majority of 83 percent, want more enforcement of illegal alien crime.


Get Ready: California-Style Elections Are Coming to Your State

If you thought the 2018 elections in California were a mess, you were right. Dangerous new election laws and lax practices contributed to that mess, and now they want the rest of the nation to suffer the way Californians do.

First, the mess. Election Integrity Project, California (EIPCa), a group of concerned citizens in California, has been documenting problems in the state’s election system for years. We have done the hard, messy work on the ground to catalog the problems.

California election officials and legislators have turned our elections into a free-for-all, with few safeguards, all in the name of “voter access."

Recent initiatives include “top two” primary elections, automatic voter registration, allowing non-citizens to vote in local elections, allowing mail ballots to arrive after Election Day, rejecting voter ID, removing restrictions on who can handle and return mail ballots (aka ballot “harvesting”), same-day registration and voting, allowing voters to “cure” their mail ballot signature mismatches via the honor system and, in 2020, providing all registrants with mail ballots.


Kentucky bishop issues personal apology to TEEN at center of viral clash with Native American man

A Kentucky bishop has issued a personal apology to the teenager at the center of viral clash with Native American man, saying the diocese was 'bullied' and reacted 'prematurely' to the footage.

An initial joint statement from the Diocese of Covington and Covington Catholic High School on Saturday had condemned the students for their actions.

But in a letter to parents Most Rev. Roger Foys apologized to Covington families and to anyone offended by either statement. Foys says the diocese was 'bullied' and reacted 'prematurely', The Cincinnati Enquirer reports.

He wrote: 'We should not have allowed ourselves to be bullied and pressured into making a statement prematurely, and we take full responsibility for it.

'I especially apologize to Nicholas Sandmann and his family, as well as to all CovCath families who have felt abandoned during this ordeal. Nicholas unfortunately has become the face of these allegations based on video based on video clips.

'This is not fair. It is not just. We apologize to anyone who has been offended in any way.'


Black Caucus Chair: Pelosi Should Give SOTU Since She’s ‘Running the Country’

After President Donald Trump agreed on Friday to open the government for three weeks, Rep. Karen Bass (D-CA), the chair of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC), said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) should just give the State of the Union address “since she’s obviously the one running the country.”

Pelosi cancelled Tuesday’s State of the Union address and said on Friday, after Trump decided to open the government on Democrats’ terms, that she and Trump still have to “discuss a mutually agreeable date.”

“The State of the Union is not planned now,” Pelosi said when asked if there will be a State of the Union address on Tuesday. “What I said to the president is when the government is open we will discuss a mutually agreeable date, and I’ll look forward to doing that and welcoming the president to the House of Representatives for the State of the Union when we agree on that.”


Virginia college student Luisa Cutting charged with murder of best friend Alexa Cannon

A college student has broken down in tears in her mugshot after she was arrested on suspicion of stabbing her best friend 30 to 40 times in the apartment where they both lived.

Luisa Ines Tudela Harris Cutting, 21, was charged with second-degree murder on Thursday in western Virginia in the death of her Radford University classmate Alexa Cannon, 20.

Police were called to the students' apartment complex at 7.45am on Thursday, with the dispatcher reporting that a female caller was screaming something about a knife.

When they arrived, officers were greeted by Cutting, who was covered and blood, and turned around placing her hands behind her back saying 'arrest me', according to an arrest warrant.

When asked why they should arrest her, the warrant states that Cutting replied: 'I killed her.'


Report: Trump Said Paul Ryan ‘Screwed Him’ By Not Securing Border Wall Funding Earlier

President Donald Trump last week reportedly criticized Paul Ryan for not funding a border wall while he was in charge of the House of Representatives.

A Washington Post report, which delved into the process behind President Trump’sdecision to sign a continuing resolution to fund the government through February 15 absent any border wall money, quoted a Wednesday meeting attendee who said Trump accused the former House speaker of having “screwed him.”

At a meeting Wednesday with conservative groups, the president accused former House speaker Paul D. Ryan (R-Wis.) of having “screwed him” by not securing border wall money when Republicans had the majority, according to one attendee, Mark Krikorian, executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies. He said Ryan should have gotten him money before he left but he had no juice and had “gone fishing,” according to two attendees.

Ryan had warned the president against a shutdown and told him it would be politically disastrous, according to a person familiar with their conversations.


Spring Is Getting Close. Just Saw Some Buds On A Tree

Study: Short-Term Health Plans 80 Percent Cheaper than Obamacare

A Foundation for Government Accountability (FGA) study released on Thursday found that short-term health plans could cost 80 percent less than Obamacare “bronze” plans.

In October 2018, thanks to executive orders signed by President Donald Trump, millions of Americans gained increased access to short-term health insurance, which serves as a less expensive option compared to plans purchased through the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare.

Short-term plans allow for Americans to keep their plans for up to 364 days and to renew their plans for up to three years. Because short-term plans do not have to comply with many Obamacare insurance regulations, insurance companies can offer more customized and cheaper plans compared to the individual market.


BREAKING Report of five officers injured in shooting in Houston

At least five Houston Police Department officers have been shot at a southeast Houston home. The shooting was reported on Harding Street near Berkley Street.

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner posted on Twitter that, "Suspect in the HPD shooting is down."

Three of the injured officers were taken by Life Flight medical helicopter to Memorial Hermann Hospital - Texas Medical Center. Other officers will be treated for their injuries at Ben Taub Hospital.

BARR: Roger Stone’s Indictment Shows Mueller Isn’t Looking For Justice

“I hit Ali with everything and he said, ‘Is that all you got?” and I said, ‘Yeah, that’s pretty much it’”

— George Foreman

While it is never a good thing to be hit with a federal criminal indictment, Roger Stone, who was arrested early Friday morning based on just such an instrument, very well may be thinking, “Is that all you got?”

A review of the 24-page document reveals little, if anything, not already in the public domain.

The indictment reflects a case built almost entirely on piecing together numerous statements, e-mails, text messages and interviews by Stone over the past two years, then comparing some of those to testimony he reportedly gave before a House of Representatives committee in September 2017 and concluding — surprise! — that there appear to be conflicting statements.


BOOM! Devin Nunes Drops Bomb - DOJ and Rosenstein Used Unverified Hillary Oppo Research in "Scope Memo" to Launch Witch Hunt!

Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) joined Maria Bartiromo on Sunday Morning Futures this morning.

Rep. Nunes said his committee can refer people to the Department of Justice for prosecution and for this to be investigated.

Rep. Nunes also believes there is now proof the DOJ used Hillary Clinton’s opposition research from the unconfirmed and ridiculous Steele Dossier in their “scope memo” for Robert Mueller and his witch hunt of 13 angry Democrats.

Rep. Nunes: We will continue to compile information. We will continue to conduct interviews and we will continue to be transparent with the American people on this… We have no idea what’s in there. I believe it’s very possible they used uncorroborated information that came from the Clinton Campaign and that could be in there in part of what they told the Special Counsel to do which would be a major, major problem.

Maria Bartiromo: Major problem being against the law.


Public Should Beware of Telephone and Computer Scams

(SALISBURY, Md.) — The Maryland State Police in Salisbury would like to ensure the public is aware of recently reported telephone and computer scams in our area. These criminals are very sophisticated and utilize many techniques to attempt to gain information and access to victim’s finances.

Some of the scams reported include victims receiving telephone calls where they are threatened with arrest or arrest or continued detention of family members if they do not provide money, account numbers or purchase a “re-loadable” gift or credit cards. Another telephone scam includes the victim being called by a “representative of the Internal Revenue Service (I.R.S.)” and threatened in the same fashion. Other victims have had their computers infected with a computer virus and prompted to take immediate action in order to salvage the computer, which included purchasing up to $2000 in gift cards to pay the company to correct the issue.

These thieves are using scare tactics and sophisticated technology to attempt to take advantage of the public. If you are a senior citizen, or have a family member that is a senior citizen, please be aware and ensure they are aware of these scams so they do not fall victim to them. Never give any personal information over the phone, and only allow a qualified reputable computer technician the ability to repair your computer should it become infected with a virus. Many of these telephone scams are disguising themselves by utilizing local telephone number prefixes.

No reputable company is going to threaten you with arrest or ask you to purchase a pre-paid card to send to them. The public is encouraged to report internet scams to the Federal Bureau of Investigation Internet Crime Complaint Center at the web address

Completely Clueless Sen. Lamar Alexander Praises Bush-Clinton-Bush-Obama on Border Security (VIDEO)!

Trump critic Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-TN) went on with Maria Bartiromo on Sunday Morning Futures on Sunday morning.

Lamar Alexander told Maria Bartiromo the government should never be shut down under any circumstance. Alexander also compared a government shutdown to a “chemical weapons” attack.

Senator Alexander also praised Presidents Bush, Clinton, Bush and Obama for their border security efforts.

Alexander also admitted the committee looking at border security are going for comprehensive border security and amnesty.

Sen. Lamar Alexander does not care if President Trump honors his border security promises.

The man does not care if Trump and Republicans are wiped out in 2020.


*Update 1 & 2* Troopers Seek Public’s Assistance Locating Suspect Still At Large-Laurel

Seaford-  The Delaware State Police are seeking the public’s assistance in attempting to locate 32-year-old Teron West who is wanted in connection with a shooting incident that occurred in November 2018.
The incident occurred on Sunday, November 18, 2018, at approximately 11:57 a.m. when troopers were dispatched to a residence located in the 11000 block of Park Drive for a report of shots fired.
Further investigation revealed that a physical altercation occurred between two male subjects and during the argument several shots were fired at a vehicle leaving the scene. All of the subjects involved in the incident fled prior to Troopers arrival.
Through investigative measures, 32-year-old Teron West of Seaford was developed as a suspect.  Troopers have been unable to locate West who currently has active warrants for the following:
  • Possession of a Firearm During the Commission of a Felony
  • Possession of a Firearm or Ammunition by a Person Prohibited
  • Reckless Endanger First Degree
  • Aggravated Menacing
This incident remains under investigation by the Delaware State Police Criminal Investigations Unit.  If anyone has any information in reference to whereabouts of Teron West, they are asked to please contact Troop 4, Detective D. Cathell at 302-752-3793. Information may also be provided by calling Delaware Crime Stoppers at 1-800-TIP-3333, via the internet at
Laurel- The Delaware State Police is seeking the public’s assistance in attempting to locate 31-year-old Jamere D. Knox who is wanted in connection with an attempted burglary.
The incident occurred on December 17, 2018 at approximately 7:56 p.m., when Troopers responded to a residence in the 34000 block of Columbia Road for a report of a burglary in progress.  Upon arrival, Troopers learned that 31-year-old Jamere D. Knox of Salisbury, MD (no photo available) had arrived at the residence with several subjects.  Knox proceeded to attempt to kick in the front door to the residence and threaten his ex-girlfriend.  During this incident there was a 23-year-old female, 49-year-old female, and 3-year-old child inside of the residence.  Prior to the Troopers arrival, Knox fled the area.  There were no reports of injuries.
Troopers have been unable to locate Knox who is currently wanted out of Troop 5 for the following:
  • Attempted to Commit Burglary Second Degree
  • Terroristic Threatening
  • Conspiracy Second Degree
  • Endangering the Welfare of a Child
  • Criminal Mischief
  • Disorderly Conduct
Anyone with information in reference to the whereabouts of Knox is asked to please contact Troop 5 at 302-337-8253.  Information may also be provided by calling Delaware Crime Stoppers at 1-800-TIP-3333, via the internet at

OPINION: Higher Ed Is Robbing America’s Future

New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is still paying off $15,001–$50,000 in student loan debt. A policy priority of hers happens to be canceling all student loan debt. Here’s a prescription that would actually benefit younger Americans and not sink the economy: Avoid owing institutions of higher learning loads of money in the first place.

U.S. student loan debt recently reached a record $1.465 trillion, double what it was when the recession ended in June 2009. Anthony Carnevale, Director of Georgetown’s Center on Education and the Workforce, pointed out that millennials with degrees make up about 40 percent of the unemployed.

It doesn’t bode well for higher education that four out of ten Americans looking for a job hold a college degree. Indeed, if there’s a forty percent chance you’re going to be unemployed after graduation, does it make sense to spend four or more years on campus? From a financial perspective, an increasing number of Americans are rightfully saying, “no.”

According to a first-of-its-kind study on attitudes towards higher education, nearly half of Americans do not believe college is worth the expense. One-third believe it was more important to get a college degree thirty years ago than it is today. Further, Americans believe starting their own business is a better measure of success than possessing a college degree.



Dem Rep. facing scrutiny over past effort to win leniency for men who tried to join ISIS

Embattled congressional freshman Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., once asked a judge to show leniency toward a group of Minnesota men accused of trying to join the Islamic State terror group.

“The best deterrent to fanaticism is a system of compassion," she wrote at the time. "We must alter our attitude and approach; if we truly want to effect change, we should refocus our efforts on inclusion and rehabilitation."

The nine Minnesota men were facing decades in prison after being accused in 2015 of making plans, including buying fake passports, in an effort to travel to Syria and fight for ISIS, which was at its peak level of activity and held territory in Syria and Iraq.

Omar, who was then a Minnesota state representative, was part of a group that sent letters to Judge Michael Davis urging him to give shorter sentences, arguing that harsher penalties would only lead to more people joining the terror group.


Luongo: Democrats Begin Eating Themselves Prepping For 2020

Ideological possession always ends in pogroms. When the leadership of the most powerful organization in the world is at stake nothing is off limits, especially for power-hungry Democrats.

This is why we’re now seeing a concerted effort to smear Bernie Sanders just after he announced his Presidential campaign for 2020.

The Democrats blame him for splitting the party in 2016 which allowed Trump to win.

This, of course, is nonsense. Trump took up Bernie’s mantle of championing Hillary’s ‘deplorables’ and repackaged it as MAGA. Simply good marketing. And since she didn’t have a campaign and was seen as one of the architects of the policies which brought those people out for Bernie, handicapping the election was really easy.

The response was predictable. The American left lost its collective mind in November 2016.

Since then, to assuage their grief, they have latched onto the patently insane idea that Trump was an agent of the Kremlin. As Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation has dragged on and on we’ve been given the pretty clear picture that it was Hillary and the rest of the DNC who concocted this story to get Trump removed from office.

And failing that it would be an open wound to keep Democrats hopeful, Trump chasing his tail and any reforms he might make to the unreal levels of corruption in D.C. stymied.

All of this in the hopes of ruining Trump for the Democrats to win in 2020. It was coldly calculated. The media was happy to oblige. And what’s next is the demonization of Bernie Sanders.


Migrant with Flesh-Eating Bacteria Found with Large Group of Border Crossers

Border Patrol agents learned that a migrant who crossed the border with a large group in the New Mexico desert is suffering from flesh-eating bacteria. Border Patrol officials said this is one of many ailments for which they are treating migrants.

Border Patrol agents assigned to the Lordsburg Station in New Mexico said a Central American migrant sought medical treatment for what he believed to be a rash. The agents transported the migrant to a hospital where doctors determine the rash to be caused by necrotizing fascitis — flesh-eating bacteria, Border Patrol spokesman Carlos Antunez told the Associated Press.

The bacteria, which can be fatal, spreads quickly after being introduced to the body through a minor cut or scrape. It can cause an infection that can destroy muscle, skin, and other tissue, officials reported.

The migrant is expected to require extensive treatment for the infection.


Migrant Caravan Swells to 12,000 at Mexico’s Southern Border

The ranks of a new Central American migrant caravan reportedly grew in size to more than 12,000 as of Friday. The caravan is now heading to Mexico’s southern border.

Mexican immigration officials in the city of Ciudad Hidalgo, which borders Guatemala, are establishing procedures to expedite the process in which to approve one-year humanitarian visas for members of the Central American migrant caravan who are arriving daily. The one-year humanitarian visas, promised by Mexico’s new President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, is a newly adopted policy which allows migrants to legally travel and work during their stay in Mexico.

The new policy of handing out humanitarian visas began on January 17 in response to the new caravan of primarily Honduran migrants who left their home country and headed towards the Mexican border on January 15. Officials originally estimated the caravan’s size at about 2,000. Mexico now claims the caravan’s population swelled to over 12,000 migrants, according to local media and Breitbart Texas sources.

Although the Mexican government is encouraging members of the caravan to remain in Mexico to work, it is believed that most of the Central American migrants intend to head to the U.S. border and attempt to cross into the United States.



A little over a year ago I had a moral awakening. I was finished with holding in the horrific injustices I myself witnessed as an American girl, born and raised.

Kidnapping of young women and turning them into child brides is not confined to brutal Islamist regimes. It happened to my friends here in the United States. Just outside our nation’s capital in quiet Virginia suburbs.

Hate speech in the fashion of what you expect to hear at a mosque in Saudi Arabia were regular khutba (sermons) at my local mosque. I was afraid to speak out because the mosque leaders tacitly threatened my family’s businesses. I was a child and afraid. So, instead, I wrote.

I wrote until adulthood when my writing reached dozens of other ex-Muslims and non-Muslim people from backgrounds from Muslim-majority countries. They understood the dangers of the culture. They had also lived it. I received support from Chaldeans, Assyrians, Lebanese Christians, and so many others.

A little over a year ago, a movement was sparked within me. And through my bravery I was united with the bravery of others. Together we brought something to the table to unveil the injustices taking place in the name of archaic cultural and religious practices worldwide.

Through persistence, I met allies. Amidst a sea of robotic politically correct decision-makers, telling me I was an anomaly or that my story emboldens bigotry, all I needed was one “yes, I believe you. And I have a platform for you.”

More here

Benghazi Survivor: ‘Anybody With Half a Brain Can See It Was Due to Political Reasons’

Last week, United States District Judge Royce Lamberth ordered multiple senior State Department officials under the Obama administration to answer Judicial Watch’s questions related to Hillary Clinton’s email scandal and the Sept. 11, 2012 attack in Benghazi.

During Industry Day at the Range at SHOT Show 2019, I had the opportunity to talk with Kris “Tanto” Paronto, one of the men who survived the attack in Benghazi. Unfortunately, it was so windy at the range that the audio is hard to hear. But here’s what he had to say:

Beth: We heard last week that Hillary Clinton’s people are going to have to answer questions about Benghazi. How do you feel about that?

Kris: They’ve been answering questions so they knew what was going on. What bothers me is they knew what was going on. And they admitted it. They left us. They left us behind. Anybody with half a brain can see it was due to political reasons. So there’s more questions, good. Let’s continue gathering information–

Beth: But are we going to get answers?

Kris: But are we going to get answers? Bottom line is this: There has to be a politician that goes in there and says, ‘You know what? We left these guys behind. And we tried to cover it up. And then we lied about it. And we utilized our own justice system and our own intel agency to hand off responsibility.’ And now they’re being held responsible, whether it’s jail time or mass humiliation…I don’t have a problem with that. It’s necessary. There’s enough information out there to show that they lacked any integrity…

Beth: And who, directly, do you want to hear from? Who do you think can answer those questions? Top official? Middle official? Clinton herself?

Kris: Clinton herself. Obama…Who knows if they’ll tell the truth.

Beth: And I know that’s become a personal mission on behalf of your fallen brothers.

Kris: They will always be memorialized. That’s what I love about “13 Hours.” This may not get real big. It shouldn’t have done as well as “American Sniper.”


Maryland Shellfish Aquaculture Conference: Feb. 12

Maryland Department of Natural Resources staff will be on hand to answer questions during the Maryland Shellfish Aquaculture Conference Feb. 12 at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Annapolis.

The conference is hosted by the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, University of Maryland Extension and Maryland SeaGrant.

Registration deadline is Feb. 5. For additional information, please click here.

Critics: Polis' Renewable Energy Pledge Based on ‘Magical Thinking’

More than half of U.S. states have enacted legislation requiring a certain percentage of renewable energy consumption by varying deadlines, a move scientists argue is unwise and not based on sound data.

Colorado’s Gov. Jared Polis pledged to transition his state to 100 percent renewable energy by 2040 – a move that follows a 2017 bill he introduced in Congress. The 100 by ‘50 Act proposed a "complete transition off of fossil fuels for the United States."

Polis argued that for the U.S. to remain a global economic leader, it "must invest in renewable energy technology and fully embrace a cleaner, carbon-free future." He added, "The ‘100 by ‘50 Act’ outlines practical steps the federal government can take to create good-paying jobs across the United States while protecting our planet and our health."

In his State of the State address, Polis pledged to "compensate" Colorado’s $31 billion oil and gas industry and its workers during the state’s transition to renewable energy. He did not specify what kind of compensation, how much, or who would pay for it.

However, numerous critics argue that the basis for Polis’ bill and vision is based on what they say is a flawed report produced by Stanford University professor Mark Jacobson called "Roadmaps."


Tom Fitton: 'Air Pelosi' – What you don't know about the lucrative travel our leaders enjoy on your dime

When President Trump denied House Speaker Nancy Pelosi use of a military aircraft for a CODEL (congressional delegation trip) to Afghanistan recently, he called the public’s attention to wasteful taxpayer-funded congressional travel.

In his letter to Pelosi blocking the trip, President Trump mentioned the 800,000 federal workersgoing without pay. The real irony is that U.S. government workers in Afghanistan, who were among those not being paid, worked for two weeks to plan the trip – and on a holiday weekend.

We at Judicial Watch were not at all surprised by this foolishness. For years we have been exposing the lucrative travel our leaders enjoy at taxpayer expense.

We have long noted Pelosi’s abuse of the perks of public office that granted her access to luxury military travel. This current expedition is hardly new for her.

In 2009, during Pelosi’s first speakership, we uncovered documents from the Department of Defense detailing her multiple requests for military air travel. The documents included internal DOD email correspondence detailing attempts by DOD staff to accommodate Pelosi’s numerous requests for military escorts and military aircraft as well as the speaker’s last-minute cancellations and changes.


Hillary Clinton Not Ruling Out 2020 Run

Hillary Clinton is not ruling out a presidential rematch against President Donald Trump, according to CNN's White House correspondent Jeff Zeleny.

"Clinton is telling people that she's not closing the doors to the idea of running in 2020," Zeleny told a panel on CNN's "Inside Politics" on Sunday. "I'm told by three people that as recently as this week, she was telling people that look, given all this news from the indictments, particularly the Roger Stone indictment, she talked to several people, saying 'look, I'm not closing the doors to this.'"

Zeleny's report did acknowledge there are no official announcements or campaign plans in the works, however.

"It would surprise me greatly if she actually did it," a friend of Clinton told Zeleny.


Study: Excessive Facebook Use Linked To Risky Decision-Making

Can’t stay away from your Facebook apps? A new study may push you to dial the social media obsession down a notch. Research links excessive Facebook use with risky decision-making, a trait also seen in gambling addicts and people struggling with substance abuse.

The study, conducted by a team of researchers at Michigan State University, claims to be the first to examine the relationship between addiction to the social network and risk-taking.

“Decision making is oftentimes compromised in individuals with substance use disorders. They sometimes fail to learn from their mistakes and continue down a path of negative outcomes,” says lead author Dar Meshi in a media release. “But no one previously looked at this behavior as it relates to excessive social media users, so we investigated this possible parallel between excessive social media users and substance abusers. While we didn’t test for the cause of poor decision-making, we tested for its correlation with problematic social media use.”

For the study, Meshi and his team recruited 71 young adults ages 18 to 35 take a survey measuring their level of addiction to Facebook. They answered questions about their pre-occupation with the app or site, how they feel when they’re unable to access it, any attempts to quit the network, and its impact on their job or studies.


Ranchers Invite Pelosi to Border: Come See Why Your Fence Is Trash

Arizona ranchers living along the U.S.-Mexico border are again inviting House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi — including airfare and accommodation — to visit their locales to see firsthand what they describe as an “insecure” southern border.

Chris Burgard introduces the video invitation, saying, “Right now, Americans have a greater chance of dying from an opioid overdose than they do in a car accident. Yet Nancy Pelosi openly rejects border facts that are presented to her by DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen.”

Burgard adds, “My buddy John, his ranch is down on the border in Arizona. He says he’s had over two million illegal aliens and too many tons of narcotics come across his ranch. So a few years ago, he invited Nancy Pelosi to come down for a visit. He said he’d even send a plane for her.”

The video message then transitions to Rancher John and two other ranchers, who offer their open invitation to Pelosi, saying:

College Teaches Ed. Students How To "Combat Toxic Masculinity"

Students at Lewis and Clark College’s Graduate School of Education can take a course in spring 2019 that will teach them to combat toxic masculinity in the classroom.

The course, which is intended for educators, will encourage participants to “analyze the effects of toxic masculinity and how they play out in our classrooms, communities, and lives," according to the course description. Participants will walk away from the course with “a lesson plan based on an idea or strategy presented during sessions, and will return to their classrooms with strategies to combat toxic masculinity.”

Students can receive one semester hour by taking part in the course.

The course will be taught by Chris Kelly and Jayme Causey. Causey is a 2016 graduate of nearby Portland State University and of the Lewis and Clark College Graduate School of Education Oregon Writing Project. He has also presented workshops at the Northwest Teaching for Social Justice Conference in both 2017 and 2018.

Prices for the course are $350 per hour for current students, $250 for those choosing to take the class not for credit, and 20 percent off for alumni of Lewis and Clark College who are also not taking the class for credit.

With the release of Gillette's "toxic masculinity" ad earlier in January, the topic of toxic masculinity has dominated public discourse across the country. For their own part, colleges have tried to address the perceived problem through workshops and other initiatives.

Campus Reform interviewed Georgetown University students after the GIllette ad debuted, finding that while students opposed the concept, they were not sure what exactly "toxic masculinity" even was.


Most ambulance oxygen tanks carry the superbug MRSA, new study finds

Ambulance oxygen tanks are likely to carry the 'superbug' MRSA, a small US study suggests, pointing to the need for regular disinfection of medical equipment.

Researchers tested nine oxygen tanks carried by three ambulances based at an emergency medical services (EMS) station in Alabama. They found MRSA, or methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, on all nine tanks.

They also swabbed oxygen tanks in a storage area, finding MRSA on 96 percent of the stored cylinders.

MRSA infections are difficult to treat because the bacteria are resistant to common antibiotics. Although usually mild, MRSA infections still cause thousands of deaths each year.


NY Town Passes Pro-Gun Resolution In Opposition Of State Regulations

When we talk about anti-gun states, it’s important for us to remember that the whole of the state isn’t anti-gun. More often than not, these states are dominated by massive urban centers that have a disproportionate impact on the state’s politics. California is dominated by Los Angeles and the Bay Area, Illinois is dominated by Chicago, and so on.

Outside of those large urban centers, however, there are a lot of pro-gun people. They’re not folks who want gun control any more than you do, but they’re stuck in states where they have little voice.

But in New York, one town has offered up what voice they have to make their opposition to gun control clear.

The Grand Island Town Board on Tuesday took a stand against any new gun control measures that they say would further infringe on the rights of gun owners.

The Town Board approved a resolution that opposes the registration of long guns, social media and search engine history background checks for prospective gun buyers and the required purchase of liability insurance for gun owners. Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo and Democratic legislators have said they support new gun control measures, but no bills have come to the floor yet.

The Grand Island resolution, which is largely ceremonial, calls for increasing penalties for gun-related crimes and addressing the intersection of mental health issues and gun violence.


Liberals’ Holy War on Christian Orthodoxy

When Sen. Dianne Feinstein told Amy Coney Barrett, who is now confirmed as a judge for the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals and is a potential Supreme Court nominee, that “dogma lives loudly within” her and “that’s of concern,” she wasn’t voicing concern over the nominee’s religious orthodoxy as much as she was revealing her own.

After all, Catholicism, unlike progressivism, has never inhibited anyone from faithfully executing her constitutional duties — which the judge has done with far more conviction than Feinstein. Maybe Barrett should have been asking the questions.

Recently, by unanimous consent, the Senate approved a Ben Sasse resolution that declares that it is unconstitutional to reject nominees because of their membership to the Knights of Columbus. This move was instigated by a similar incident, when Democratic Sens. Kamala Harris and Mazie Hirono criticized President Donald Trump’s nominee for the U.S. District Court for the District of Nebraska, Brian Buescher, for being a bit too Catholic for their liking. The Knights of Columbus, a benevolent society that still clings to antiquated notions about the dignity of human life — from the very beginning to the very end — doesn’t exactly adhere to the new progressive moral canon.

Unlike many friends on the right, I’m less offended by questions regarding dogma and belief. It’s true that the Constitution explicitly states that a federal government officeholder or employee can’t be required to adhere to or accept any particular religion or doctrine as a prerequisite to holding a federal office or job. But it’s also true that the clause directly preceding that clause requires every federal and state official to take an oath to support the Constitution. Rejecting someone over his faith alone is unquestionably a religious test. Merely asking a nominee whether her beliefs might stop her from fulfilling her constitutional duties is a relevant question.


New York Times Wants to ‘Expose Christian Schools’

New York Times reporter Dan Levin is asking Twitter users who attended Christian schools to share their experiences using the hashtag #exposechristianschools:

I'm a New York Times reporter writing about #exposechristianschools. Are you in your 20s or younger who went to a Christian school? I'd like to hear about your experience and its impact on your life. Please DM me.

— Dan Levin (@globaldan) January 24, 2019

Levin tweeted that he wants “to hear about all experiences, including positive stories/impact about your time in school,” implying that likely most responses to the hashtag would be negative:

Many Twitter users have been calling out the bigotry behind the hashtag – which self-proclaimed “exvangelical” writer Chris Stroop takes credit for creating:


"Dangerous Ideas" Loom As Once Democratically Chosen, There's No Reversing Socialism

The philosopher George Santayana is credited with the phrase “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”Never was that truer than today in the face of the reborn belief in some notion of a “democratic” socialism and its companying idea of government-directed planning and redistribution. It’s as if the entire experience of the 20th century has been erased from the memory of humankind.

Almost every conceivable form of “socialism” was tried over the last 100 years. There has been Marxian socialism in the form of Soviet-style fully nationalized economies with strict and comprehensive five-year government central planning. There was national socialism in the Germany of the 1930s and 1940s, with private enterprise placed under total government control with Nazi four-year central planning. There was Mussolini’s Italian fascism, under which private businesses and workers were forced into cartels and trade unions with government oversight and command of prices, wages, production, work conditions, and trade. (See Günter Reimann, The Vampire Economy: Doing Business Under Fascism [1939], and Walter Eucken, “On the Theory of the Centrally Administered Economy: An Analysis of the German Experiment” [1948].)


Why Trump went for a 21-day suspension of the partial shutdown, and what happens next

President Trump’s Rose Garden declaration of an end to the partial shutdown was a tactical retreat, a rejection of a Little Big Horn strategy. He found himself in a no-win situation, and rather than bear unacceptable costs, has redefined the contest on better terms: sending the issue to a House and Senate conference committee charged with coming up with a deal that prevents a resumption of the shutdown, and provides border security, something that Democrats say they believe is important.

It is important that Nancy Pelosi declined to rule out funding for a physical barrier. We do not know what was said in the process of reaching an agreement to re-start the normal operations of the federal government for the next 21 days.

Democrats naturally are gloating, calling it a surrender and admonishing Trump to “learn his lesson” and acknowledge his defeat by the wise and all-knowing Nancy Pelosi. This certainly gives them a sugar high while providing evidence for future use that their priority is humiliating Trump rather than attending to the needs of border security.

Nonetheless, as President Trump correctly noted in the Rose Garden address, it was an “agreement.” The Dems agreed to procedural rules that can be used to make the case for border barrier construction. The deal will be hashed out in the conference committee, which will then submit the same legislation to both Houses of Congress, with the 21-day clock ticking. Either chamber can modify the legislation, but that happens under the gun of the ticking clock.


Everyone Needs To See This Video

Frequent Drunk Driver To Serve 5 Years After Vehicular Homicide Conviction

SNOW HILL — A Berlin man, convicted in November of negligent homicide while under the influence after a fatal hit-and-run collision involving a bicyclist, was sentenced on Monday to 10 years in prison, all but five years of which was then suspended.

After two days, 100 exhibits and testimony from four experts, a Worcester County jury in November found Jonathan Kidder, 59, of Berlin, guilty of vehicular homicide while under the influence and leaving the scene of an accident involving death.

Kidder was facing as many as 20 years in prison. The vehicular homicide charge carried a maximum five-year sentence, but because Kidder was a subsequent offender, the maximum could have doubled to 10 years. In addition, the leaving the scene conviction also carried a 10-year maximum.

On May 6, Kidder was driving while intoxicated when he struck and killed another Berlin man on a bicycle on Route 589. Kidder fled the scene and involved in another accident on Route 50 in West Ocean City about 10 minutes later and fled that scene on foot.


FLASHBACK: Democrats Supported and Paid for Border Wall on Mexican Border ...With Guatemala!!

The left is insane! Democrats don’t support building a wall on the US border. They say it’s immoral.

But for some reason they support and have even paid for other international walls.

Democrats even voted to fund a wall in Mexico on its southern border with Guatemala

President Trump tweeted yesterday about the reluctance of fools or those with a political agenda to build a wall on the US border with Mexico –

Mr. President: End This Shameful War Now!

An ancient Hindu prayer says, ‘Lord Shiva, save us from the claw of the tiger, the fang of the cobra, and the vengeance of the Afghan.’

The United States, champion of freedom and self-determination, is now in its 18th year of colonial war in Afghanistan. This miserable, stalemated conflict is America’s longest and most shameful war. So far it has cost over $1 trillion and killed no one knows how many Afghans.

This conflict began in 2001 on a lie: namely that Afghanistan was somehow responsible for the 9/11 attacks on the US. These attacks were planned in Europe and the US, not Afghanistan, and apparently conducted (official version) by anti-American Saudi extremists. This writer remains unconvinced by the official versions.