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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Maryland Internet Crimes Against Children Child Pornography Arrest

Maryland State Police Press Release

(Columbia, MD)Members of the Maryland State Police, Computer Crimes Section, Maryland Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force (ICAC) arrest Howard County individual on child pornography related charges.

The suspect is identified as Alexander Hart Martin, 26, from Columbia, Maryland. He was arrested without incident. Martin was charged with for Distributing Child Pornography via a file sharing network, Possession of Child Pornography, and Visual Surveillance with Prurient Intent.

As a result of the investigation a search and seizure warrant was executed at Martin's residence during March 2015 by a Maryland State Police Computer Crimes investigator and agents from the Department of Homeland Security. Martin was identified by investigators as the focus of the investigation. Execution of the search warrant resulted in numerous types of digital media seized including computers and external hard drives. These items were found to contain images of child pornography. Martin was transported to the Howard County Detention Center and is awaiting a hearing by the District Court Commissioner.

The Maryland Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force is comprised of police agencies from around the state. Its primary mission is to protect children from computer-facilitated sexual exploitation. The Task Force works cooperatively with law enforcement agencies and prosecutors to provide resources to combat these crimes. Additionally, the Task Force provides community awareness campaigns helping to prevent the spread of these crimes through education.

Iran Gains Control of US Intelligence Files in Yemen

A U.S. intelligence network in Yemen has been compromised after files were taken by Iranian-backed militia leaders amid violent protests in the Middle Eastern country.

According to a Los Angeles Times report, officials from the Yemen government have given other files about American intelligence operations in Yemen to Iranian advisers as well.

Houthi militias took over Yemen's capital of Sana last fall and overthrew the government, with President Abdu Rabbu Mansour Hadi being placed under house arrest. He eventually fled to Aden, a city in the southwest corner of the country.

On Wednesday, Hadi evacuated Yemen by boat as militants closed in on him, the New York Times reports. A reported $20 million bounty had been issued for his capture.

The theft of the files deals a significant blow to intelligence activities in the region. The L.A. Times reports the program had been implemented to track down and kill operatives from Al-Qaida. A facet of the terror group, Al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), is based in Yemen and is considered by the U.S. to be the most dangerous branch of the group.

When Houthi forces recently gained control of Yemen's National Security Bureau office, it became clear the identities of local agents working for the Americans were uncovered, the L.A. Times reports.


3 coffins bringing life to early Maryland history

BALTIMORE — Thoughts of colonial Maryland conjure images of dark suits, white-powdered coiffed hair and shiny black leather buckle shoes.

But when a team of workers discovered three lead coffins dating back to the 17th century in the foundation of a long-gone chapel in St. Mary’s City, a remote historical settlement on the southern tip of Maryland and the Chesapeake’s western shore, they were in for a shock.

Expecting to find well-preserved skeletons, Henry Miller, researcher and Maryland heritage scholar with Historic St. Mary’s City and co-director of the project, said he opened the first coffin to find bone that had turned to a white crystal material from the waist up — leading to a burst of perfectly preserved, shoulder-length red hair.


Cornell University: ISIS Welcome On Campus

A top administrator at Cornell University has said that the institution would be open to the creation of a group supporting the Islamic State (ISIS) and to hosting a training camp for militants on campus.

Project Veritas sent an undercover reporter posing as a Moroccan student to question Cornell's assistant dean for students, Joseph Scaffido.

Scaffido was open to inviting an ISIS "freedom fighter" to the campus and likened a possible training camp to bringing in a coach to the school for a sports camp.

"You would be allowed to do something like that. It's just like bringing in a coach, to do a training, a sports trainer or something," the Cornell official said.

He also appeared to agree with the suggestion of allowing the group to provide material support for the militant group in the form of "care packages, whether it be food, water, electronics."

When asked whether the group could also support Hamas, Scaffido said it would not be a problem either.


ICE’s Enforcement and Removal Operations arrests 200th criminal alien convicted of sex crime under Sex Offender Registration Initiative

One of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) priorities is arresting child predators and bringing them to a court of law where they face justice, or in some cases, sending them back to their home countries.

But first, convicted child sexual predators, some of whom are in the country illegally, must be located. The Fugitive Operations Support Center (FOSC) and Fugitive Operations Teams (FOT) of ICE’s Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) tracks and targets criminal aliens convicted of sexual crimes against children.

ERO’s Sex Offender Registration (SOR) initiative, which started two years ago, has so far resulted in the arrest of 200 criminal aliens convicted of sex crimes, with the most recent arrest taking place on March 1. On that day, FOT officers from New York City, acting on a lead from the FOSC, located and arrested a 28 year-old criminal alien convicted of felony sexual abuse and sexual contact with a child under the age of 14. The subject is now in ICE custody and awaiting removal from the United States.

The 200 criminal aliens arrested were convicted of crimes such as sexual assault and battery, rape and indecent exposure. A 39-year-old Iraqi national was convicted of sexual exploitation of a minor via telecommunications; a 31-year-old Salvadoran national was convicted of 3rd degree rape of a victim under the age of 17 and a 22-year-old national of Thailand was convicted of lewd or lascivious acts upon a child under the age of 14.


Republican-Controlled House OKs Balanced Budget Plan

The Republican-controlled House has approved a budget blueprint that projects balance by the end of the decade and includes trillions of dollars in savings from benefit programs.

The vote in favor of the plan was 228-199.

The blueprint itself is non-binding, but sets Republicans on a path to pass legislation that repeals the health care law, remakes Medicare and overhauls the tax code, in addition to other steps to implement their plan.

The GOP-controlled Senate is at work on a slightly different budget plan, with a vote expected by week's end.



They were dubbed the greatest generation, and after spending an hour or so with Linwood Thumm, known more affectionately as "Tick," it's easy to understand why. Two weeks shy of his 100th birthday, his recollection of his service in the Coast Guard during
WWII are as vivid as if he just left the battle. Humble about his service yet excited to share his memories, this is just a brief glimpse into the story of Tick Thumm.

Thumm’s military service began in 1942 with the U.S. Navy, when he answered America's call after WWII broke out. His service in the Navy, however, didn't extend any further than the entrance process when, according to Thumm, he was turned down because he didn't have three matching molars. Not willing to take no for an answer, Thumm turned to the U.S. Coast Guard.

Having grown up on the water, Thumm figured he would take to the Coast Guard like the Wright brothers took to flying. After joining the Coast Guard and becoming a seaman 1st class, he tested for the Coast Guard Academy. Thumm’s proficiency in math paid off on the exam when he achieved a near perfect score on the celestial navigation portion. Having entered and successfully completed the program, he became an officer and was given command of an 83-foot cutter crew stationed at Naval Base Little Creek in what is now Virginia Beach, Virginia.


Dershowitz: Obama, McDonough Acting Like 'Petulant Children'

White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough's contention this week that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is doing an about-face on his remarks on the eve of the Israeli elections that he opposed a Palestinian state is ludicrous, Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz said Wednesday on Newsmax TV's "America's Forum."

"Both the president and his chief of staff are acting like petulant children rather than statesmen," said Dershowitz. "A statesman takes two statements – one by Netanyahu saying he opposes the two-state solution and then the second one saying he doesn't – and always the statesman will focus on the positive and say thank you so much for clarifying, let's move forward, let's emphasize what you said most recently."

"Even Israel's staunchest enemies now think that the Obama administration, and particularly President Obama, is overplaying its hand, it's acting immaturely and is not producing anything that would lead in the right direction.

"Republicans are correct in pointing that out and holding the president's feet to the fire."

Netanyahu has also not changed his tune on a deal with Iran or a two-state solution with the Palestinians, but rather shown that he is an astute negotiator, according to Dershowitz.




Saturday, April 11, 2015

Spring is in the air and it’s time for spring-cleaning! For more than a decade volunteers have dedicated a few hours on an April Saturday to help give Berlin’s Parks and Downtown an after-winter spruce up. This year Clean-Up Day will be Saturday, April 11, 2015. Individuals and teams are needed to help with planting, weeding, raking, mulching and whatever else needs attention.

Sign-up begins at 8:30 AM in both Stephen Decatur and Henry Parks, or you can pre-register by clicking here, or via FaceBook at “Take Pride in Berlin Week” (click on the Sign-Up link under our cover photo). Some supplies will be available for use, but participants are encouraged to bring their own if possible.

Lunch will be provided by SonRise Church at Henry Park for all volunteers.

Keep an eye out for more information about Take Pride in Berlin Week, which will be April 18, 2015 to April 25, 2015. For more information, please call 410-641-4314 or email


Man With Concealed Carry Stops Slaughter

An armed passerby, carrying his permitted pistol, is being credited with saving the lives of several people when he stepped in off the street and killed a gunman shooting at occupants of a Philadelphia barbershop.

The incident Sunday began when a man, identified by police only by his age, 40, pulled out a gun and opened fire on barbers and customers inside Falah Barber Shop.

While the gunman was shooting, a passerby responded to the gunfire, running into the shop and pulling his own gun. He opened fire and struck the gunman in the chest.

More here

Dem Rep. Tries to Park Car, Fails Miserably. How She Left It Suggests She Had No Idea She Was on Video.

Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-D.C.) was captured on video trying — and failing miserably — to park her vehicle in a wide open parking space between two House office buildings on Wednesday.

A “tipster” who caught the stunning incident on video claimed Norton grazed the vehicle parked next to her several times but didn’t even leave a note, which Norton’s office later disputed.


Ben Carson: Obama Is A 'Psychopath'

Ben Carson, an emerging presidential candidate for the Republican Party, was captured in an unguarded moment by a GQ reporter calling President Obama a “psychopath” for the seeming ease with which he lies to the American public.

GQ reports that Carson “had come to the Capitol Hill home of Armstrong Williams, a conservative media impresario who officially serves as Carson’s business manager,” for the president’s State of the Union speech. Shortly after, the two began discussing the speech and Obama.

Williams said, GQ reported: “He looks good. He looks clean. Shirt’s white. The tie. He looks elegant.”

And Carson’s quick reply?

“Like most psychopaths,” Carson said, the news site said. “That’s why they’re successful. That’s the way they look. They all look great.”

More here


Harris has been outspoken advocate for this change

WASHINGTON, DC: Congressman Andy Harris, M.D., a Navy veteran and physician who worked in both the military and veteran health systems, applauded the Department of Veterans’ Affairs announcement that will change the formula to determine eligibility in the Veterans Choice Program. Congressman Harris has repeatedly urged the VA to reconsider how they measure the 40 mile distance necessary to take part in the Veterans Choice Program and seek care from a private medical facility. The VA will now determine eligibility based on driving distance, instead of a straight line distance.

“Our veterans put their lives on the line for our nation; they deserve the best possible care, whether they seek it at the VA or a private facility. The change in policy for the Veterans Choice Program is great news for our veterans who have suffered long distances to get routine care. Many veterans will now have a choice in their health care,” said Congressman Harris.

The Veterans Choice Program was created by the Veterans Access, Choice, and Accountability Act of 2014 (VACAA), which was passed by Congress and signed into law by the President last August. Many of the veterans in Maryland’s First District that live on the Eastern Shore are separated from VA facilities in Baltimore by the Chesapeake Bay and must travel long distances to receive care.

“During my training, I worked in a VA hospital and I understand the bureaucratic mess that has done a disservice to those who have fought to protect our freedom. I will continue to fight for our veterans to ensure that they receive the care they need and deserve,” added Congressman Harris.

Congressman Harris has been a vocal leader in the fight to reform the Department of Veterans’ Affairs.

For more information on the policy change, visit the VA’s website.

Watch this raw video of the building fire in New York's East Village

Watch this raw video of the building fire in New York's East Village. For the latest details and to watch live video:

Posted by ABC 7 News - WJLA on Thursday, March 26, 2015

SU Men’s Lacrosse v Stevenson – It Was Not to Be!

Stevenson men's lacrosse junior Pat Candon scored his third game-winning goal of the season with just 1:22 remaining in overtime to lift the No. 7 Mustangs to a 9-8 road victory over rival and 12th-ranked Salisbury Wednesday at Sea Gull Stadium. It was the Seagulls second overtime loss this year.

Wednesday marked just the second overtime game out of 18 in the Salisbury-Stevenson series and the first since May 23, 2010. Stevenson (5-3) has now won three of the last four in the series. Salisbury is the leader overall, however.

After three-straight goals to start the fourth quarter by seniors Paul Danko and Tony Rossi and junior Stephen Banick, the Mustangs held an 8-6 lead with just 2:55 remaining. The Sea Gulls (6-4) scored two goals in the final 1:10, tying the game on a 6-on-4 extra-man opportunity with just 11 seconds remaining.

Salisbury then had a chance to win the game with 2:46 left in overtime after a Stevenson penalty gave the Sea Gulls their seventh extra-man opportunity of the night which led to a one-on-none opportunity for Mike Kane that was saved by junior Ben Richards.

On the ensuing possession, the Mustangs called a timeout while waiting for the penalty to expire before Candon beat his man one-on-one and scored in front of the crease to give Stevenson back-to-back wins over Cortland and Salisbury.

Richards, who finished with a season-high 13 saves, totaled seven in the fourth quarter and overtime, including the one on Kane to extend the game for the Mustangs. He highlighted a defensive effort that held the Sea Gulls without a shot for a span of 16:03 over the third and fourth quarters while holding Salisbury to just 1-for-7 on the extra-man.

Senior Josh Rufolo also added four caused turnovers while freshman Dom DeFazio had five ground balls in his first career start, filling in for senior Taylor Morgan.

Led by three goals from Carson Kalama, the Sea Gulls jumped out to a 3-1 lead until Danko scored with just five seconds left in the first quarter to key a 3-0 run for the Mustangs who took a 4-3 advantage with 13:14 remaining in the second.

After man-up goals by junior Matt Tompkins and senior Colin Dabney just 24 seconds apart, Kalama scored his fourth goal of the game to tie the game at 4-4 with 8:28 to play in the half. Candon put Stevenson back in front with a third-straight man-up goal before Sean Fitzgerald scored at 1:55 to tie the game at 5-5 at halftime.

The Mustangs outshot Salisbury 40-33, but won just 5-of-19 faceoffs. Candon finished with two goals and now leads the team with 14 this season while Banick totaled four points on two goals and two assists.

Kalama totaled four goals for the Sea Gulls while Fitzgerald had one goal and four assists. Connor Anderson made 11 saves.

There were numerous penalties, including one of three minutes against Salisbury for an illegal stick.

This loss probably means that the Seagull’s only chance to make the NCAA tournament field is to win the Capital Conference championship.

BRIDGING THE GAP: Connecting Community, Education and Success.

SEVP releases 2015 international student data, launches interactive mapping tool

14.18 percent increase in international students since January 2014

 WASHINGTON — "SEVIS by the Numbers," a quarterly report on international students studying in the United States, was released Wednesday by the Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP), part of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations (HSI). The report highlights February 2015 data from the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS), a Web-based system that includes information about international students, exchange visitors and their dependents while they are in the United States. New this edition, users can also visit the Study in the States website to review international student data from "SEVIS by the Numbers" via an interactive mapping tool.

Based on data extracted from SEVIS Feb. 6, 1.13 million international students, using an F (academic) or M (vocational) visa, were enrolled at nearly 8,979 U.S. schools. This marked a 14.18 percent increase in international students when compared to January 2014 data. The number of certified schools remained relatively static, increasing just more than one percent, during the same time period.

Seventy-six percent of all international students were from Asia. The top 10 countries of citizenship for international students included: China, India, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Japan, Vietnam, Taiwan, Mexico and Brazil.


The Medal of Honor Recipient Used to Look Like This, But See Just How Far He’s Come…

Maybe you’ve heard of Kyle Carpenter, who dove in front of an incoming grenade in Afghanistan in 2010 to protect a fellow Marine.

In 2014, he became the 8th and youngest living recipient of the Medal of Honor.


Statement From Governor Larry Hogan On Unanimous Passage Of Budget In Senate

ANNAPOLIS, MD – Governor Larry Hogan today released the following statement in response to the unanimous vote in the Maryland Senate on the FY 2016 budget:

“I want to thank President Miller, Chairman Kasemeyer and every member of the Maryland Senate for their hard work on this budget and for the unanimous vote. Putting Maryland on sound financial footing is a shared responsibility and today’s vote shows leadership as we work together in a bi-partisan fashion toward a common goal.

“The foundation of the budget introduced by my administration in January was structural balance and record investment in education, without the burden of increased taxes or growth in state debt. Throughout the budget process we have asked both Democratic and Republican legislators for their input on how to further expand our increased investments in education while still adhering to our basic principles of fiscal responsibly.

“While I believe we are headed in the right direction overall, I do remain concerned about the General Assembly’s reallocation of funding originally intended to address shortfalls in the State pension system. As the budget process moves to conference committee, my administration will be seeking assurances from leadership in the legislature to ensure that pension funding will be addressed in a responsible way. We cannot ignore our responsibility to current and retired state employees.

“Finally, the budget will not be completed without meaningful discussion on the many tax relief measures our administration has introduced for struggling Maryland families, small businesses, retirees, and veterans.

“We look forward to continuing to work with the leaders of the House and Senate over the next 18 days as the work of the General Assembly comes to a conclusion.”

Capitol Police beg lawmakers to end their out-of-control parties

WASHINGTON (CNN) - Congressional law enforcement officials want to rein in the growing number of parties in the Capitol during the annual Memorial Day and July Fourth concerts, according to a letter from the U.S. Capitol Police Board that was sent to top congressional leaders earlier this month.

The letter cites security concerns, mounting overtime costs and an abundance of "coolers containing liquids" as prompting the need for action. It says the changes are needed "in light of the current heightened threat environment" and "to reduce the potential for a breach of decorum or conduct that could prove embarrassing to the Congress."

Authorities are concerned the parties, hosted by lawmakers, their staffs and organizers of a nationally televised concert and fireworks display, have grown out of control and potentially dangerous in recent years. During July Fourth celebrations last year the U.S. Capitol was overrun with heavy drinking party-goers. And it wasn't the first time the building was filled with drunken revelers wandering the historic hallways during patriotic celebrations.


Detroit woman arrested after 2 kids found dead in freezer

DETROIT — A Detroit mother was arrested Tuesday after the frozen bodies of a boy and girl were found in a deep freezer in the family's home, police said.

Court officers found the children's bodies while carrying out an eviction order at the 3-bedroom home in the apartment complex just east of downtown. An autopsy will determine how they died.

Police initially reported a woman's body was found in the freezer, but later said it was actually the bodies of the two children in a plastic bag.

The boy was about 11 and the girl was 14, said police Chief James Craig who called it a "terrible find."

The woman was not in the apartment when the court officers or police arrived. "One of the community members here ... approached our officers and advised that they knew where the parent was located," Craig said.

The children's mother was found in a nearby apartment and questioned. She was arrested later Tuesday. Her name has not been released.


Cornell University Wants Students to Celebrate Islamist Terrorism and Start an ‘ISIS Club’

EX-Teacher felons convicted for raping children are STILL paid millions of dollars from state taxpayer-funded pensions

Personally, I think if you’re a teacher who raped students you should never see the light of day let alone your pension, Yet, they still do and Washington state lawmakers are looking to change that

Laurence Hill is a convicted rapist. His victims were 10- and 11-year-old girls he taught in a Seattle school. He served five years in prison for his crimes, and the Seattle School District paid his victims a $3 million settlement.

And yet, Hill has never missed a monthly pension paycheck. So far, he’s collected $208,000 more from a state taxpayer-funded pension than he put into the system before getting fired.

Critics say Hill and more violent predators shouldn’t get a dime.

“For them to now be in prison, a felony charge against them, and still be eligible to collect a state pension that the taxpayers also pay into, is not satisfactory,” Washington state Sen. Barbara Bailey said.

Sen. Bailey has introduced a bill that would penalize those who violate the public trust. A hearing was scheduled for this week.


The NAACP’s Fomenters of Fear

This week, the NAACP made national front-page headlines with a local press release demanding that the feds investigate the hanging death of a local man in Port Gibson, Miss. Derrick Johnson, president of the NAACP Mississippi State Conference, immediately invoked the specter of a “hate crime.” In response, the Obama Justice Department flooded the zone with a whopping 30 federal agents.

News outlets grabbed the bait. USA Today asked ominously: “Was it a lynching?” The discovery of ex-con Otis Byrd’s body swinging from a tree by a bed sheet “brought back unpleasant memories of America’s violent, racially charged past,” the paper’s video reporter asserted. Voice of America similarly intoned: “Mississippi hanging death raises lynching specter.” The Los Angeles Times leaped into the fray with: “Why this story haunts the nation.”

Whoa there, teeth-gnashing Nellies. Didn’t we just recently witness the implosion of an NAACP-incited non-hate crime with the same exact narrative? Why, yes. Yes, we did.

As I reported in January, the group was here in my adopted hometown of Colorado Springs hyping a so-called “bombing” at the city’s chapter office. Local, state and federal NAACP leaders, amplified by political and media sympathizers, claimed the alleged hate crime “remind(ed) me of another period” (Georgia Democratic Rep. John Lewis); “undermines years of progress” (Texas Democratic Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee); “harkens to bad old days” (MSNBC); and “evokes memories of civil rights strife” (Time magazine).


Retailers, Distributors Agree To Powdered Alcohol Ban In Maryland

Alcohol wholesalers and distributors in Maryland have agreed to a voluntary ban on the distribution and sale of powdered alcohol.

Comptroller Peter Franchot announced the agreement Wednesday.

It's between the Maryland State Licensed Beverage Association, the Maryland Beer Wholesalers Association and the Licensed Beverage Distributors of Maryland.

The U.S. Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau recently approved several labels for Palcohol. That's a powdered form of alcohol that can be dissolved in a beverage. It is expected to be in stores nationwide by the end of summer. Several states have recently passed legislation banning it.


Reports: Ex-US Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. to be Released From Prison

Former U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. is set to be released from prison on Thursday to a halfway house in Washington, D.C., after spending roughly half of his 30-month sentence behind bars. 

This Brilliant Mortgage Payoff Method Has Banks On Edge

When homeowners visit The Easy Loan Site™ official website, they may be surprised to find out they qualify for a plan that offers them shockingly low interest rates.

Still unknown to many, this brilliant government program called the Home Affordable Refinance Plan (HARP) could benefit millions of Americans and reduce their monthly payments by as much as $4,264 each year.1 You could bet the banks aren’t too thrilled about losing all that profit and might secretly hope homeowners don’t find out before time runs out.

So while the banks happily wait for this program to end, the government is making a final push and urging homeowners to take advantage. The program is set to expire in 2015, but the good news though is that once you’re in, you’re in. if lowering your payments, paying off your mortgage faster, and even taking some cash out would help you, it’s vital you act now.


Ford cars slow when they see speed-limit signs

Ford is to sell a car that can read road signs and adjust its speed accordingly to ensure the vehicle is not driving too fast.

The speed-limiting tech can be activated via the steering wheel and briefly overridden by pressing firmly on the accelerator.

The car company suggests the facility will help drivers avoid fines and could reduce the number of accidents.

However, one expert said the innovation might only serve as a "stopgap".

"There's a plan for speed restrictions to be beamed to your car's computer systems and controlled from there, rather than requiring street sign visual recognition systems," said Paul Newton, an automotive industry analyst at the IHS consultancy.

"This would be part an extension of the networks that will connect vehicles, allowing cars to warn those behind them if they are slowing down, which is all part of a move toward autonomous vehicles that drive themselves."


A 'Post Modern Skateboard' That Ditches The Board

If Marty McFly had a transportation upgrade between his skateboard and his hoverboard, it might look something like this.

The Sidewinding Circular Skates consist of a pair of 10-inch rubber wheels with foot platforms. Apart from riding with a sideways stance, the gadget appears to be a futuristic take on roller skates.

Rather than pushing off the ground like a traditional skateboard or skates, the user gains momentum from a Segway-like propulsion by leaning side to side. Braking is achieved by touching one's toes to the ground.

An extendable rod can be attached to offer the rider training wheels of sort.



The Big Lobster Dinner!

Enjoy a succulent 1 1/4 lb lobster with baby red potatoes, broccolini and drawn butter for only $19.99

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Photo of children climbing on Vietnam Women’s Memorial goes viral

WASHINGTON, D.C. — A photo that shows children climbing on The Vietnam Women’s Memorial has gone viral.

The nation’s capital has many sites that honor the service and sacrifice made by those who served our country. The Vietnam Women’s Memorial was dedicated to the women of the United States who served in the Vietnam War, most of whom were nurses.

Matthew Munson was visiting the memorial when some parents encouraged their children to climb on the memorial for a picture.


Alcohol Compliance Checks Somerset County


The Maryland State Police conducted numerous alcohol compliance checks at retail establishments in Somerset County on Wednesday, March 25, 2015.

Troopers from the Princess Anne Barracks, with the assistance of cadets from Maryland State Police Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division, ensured that various retail establishments which hold a Somerset County Liquor License are denying sales of alcoholic beverages to persons under the age of 21 years old.

A total of 28 retail establishments were checked. The following retail establishments complied with the provisions of the law and denied the sale of alcoholic beverage to minors:
  • Brew Thru, Crisfield, Maryland
  • Big Willey’s. Crisfield, Maryland
  • Blue Crab Café, Crisfield, Maryland
  • Captain Tyler’s Crabhouse, Crisfield, Maryland
  • Crab Place, Crisfield, Maryland
  • Crisfield Oceanic, Crisfield, Maryland
  • Linton’s Seafood, Crisfield, Maryland
  • Puff’s Place, Crisfield, Maryland
  • Shore Stop #226, Crisfield, Maryland
  • Somerset Memorial VFW, Crisfield, Maryland
  • Dash Inn, Westover, Maryland
  • Goose Creek, Westover, Maryland
  • Somerset County Liquor Dispensary, Crisfield, Maryland
  • Somerset County Liquor Dispensary, Pocomoke City, Maryland
  • Arby’s General Store, Wenona, Maryland
  • Buck’s Store, Princess Anne, Maryland
  • Princess Anne Community Store, Princess Anne, Maryland
  • Junior’s Stop and Shop, Princess Anne, Maryland
  • Kash and Karry, Princess Anne, Maryland
  • Oscar’s Grill and Bar, Princess Anne, Maryland
  • Peaky’s Restaurant, Princess Anne, Maryland
  • Eden Quick Stop, Eden, Maryland
  • Goose Creek, Princess Anne, Maryland
  • Spike’s Pub and Subs, Princess Anne, Maryland
  • King’s Creek Market, Princess Anne, Maryland

The following retail establishments were not in compliance with the provisions of the law and sold alcoholic beverages to a minor:
  • River Market, Pocomoke City, Maryland
  • Ceaser’s Pizza Palace, Princess Anne, Maryland
  • Lucky’s Last Chance, Chance, Maryland

In an effort to increase awareness about underage alcohol consumption, Troopers distributed informational brochures to all establishments which were checked. Additionally, Troopers distributed ID guides which will aid establishments in checking IDs to assist employees in detecting false identification documents. Troopers will continue with unannounced compliance checks to ensure that alcoholic beverages stay out of the hands of minors.

A Letter To The Editor: "A Thought"

Joe, here’s a thought…

I lived in the Florida Keys for a dozen years, and I’ve never missed an election since I turned 18. When I went to my first republican primary election, there was basically no one to vote for. Democratic idiots ran the state. (1980’s). Either no republicans, or maybe one was running for a position, there was really no multiple challengers to choose between in the primaries. So, I had to switch my strategy and register as a Democrat so I could vote for the idiot most likely to lose the election , (the biggest idiot), so my Republican candidates at least had a chance, but in the end, the worst idiots of the Dems wound up elected anyway, being such a historically Dem state.

Migrating to Virginia, then Maryland, and registering to vote here, I was shocked and embarrassed to have the “Dem” label on me, because there are actually candidates of both persuasions to vote for here, so I dutifully removed myself from the “embarrassment list” and registered as GOP again so I could pick a less than a crook from a number greater than one.
Now, I find my strategy has backfired uncontrollably, and it’s all my fault. It seems that the Democrats have learned from those primaries that the only way to win a primary is to be a complete and total idiot moron. This is who I voted for so my guy would win. Because I and like- minded people in Dem controlled states have been repeated winners when they ran on the absolute worst platforms, they are now under the belief that this is what We, the People now want! They actually believe that the more left and stupider they get, the more votes they can hoard in!

It’s all my fault, and folks, I am truly sorry for this. I led them on. I encouraged this behavior. I was trying to be a good Republican and it blew up in my face. Hillary and Bill are my danged fault.

I hope someday you all can forgive me.

Troopers Investigate Pizza Hut Robbery

Rehoboth - Delaware State Police are currently investigating the armed robbery of a Rehoboth area Pizza Hut Restaurant that occurred late last night.

The preliminary investigation has determined that the incident occurred on Wednesday, March 25, 2015, at 11:00 p.m., as a 33 year old female employee of the Pizza Hut, located at 19068 Coastal Highway, Rehoboth Beach, was preparing to close the restaurant. The employee was then confronted by a male suspect, which was armed with an unknown make and model handgun. The suspect demanded money from the restaurant’s safe. The employee did not comply with the suspect’s demands. The suspect then fled from the business without obtaining any cash, in an unknown direction. The employee was not injured.

The suspect was described as a black male, 20-30 years of age. He was also described as 5’10”- 6’00” tall, and weighed between 160-180 lbs. The suspect was last seen wearing dark clothing and hooded sweatshirt which covered his face. The suspect was armed with an unknown make and model handgun. There is no further physical clothing description available.

If anyone has any information in reference to this incident they are asked to contact Detective Archer, at 302-752-3791. Information may also be provided by calling Delaware Crime Stoppers at 1-
800-TIP-3333, via the internet at, or by sending an anonymous tip by text to 274637 (CRIMES) using the keyword "DSP."

Bombshell Fact About Valerie Jarrett May Explain Everything Obama Is Doing on Iran

President Barack Obama and his administration have repeatedly shown leniency toward the nation of Iran, even as the regime continues to pursue nuclear weapons.

Now, an interesting fact has been revealed that might explain the White House’s reluctance to play hardball in the Middle East.

Valerie Jarrett is one of Obama’s top advisers. She is notorious for pulling many of the strings in the White House and unofficially may wield nearly as much power as the president himself.

Jarrett was also born in Iran. She speaks the Persian language and has strong connections to that country.

Those facts by themselves are not entirely suspicious. However, recent actions by the administration have raised several red flags.


Attention Farmers

From the facebook page of  Wicomico County Public Schools


America’s Farmers Grow Rural Education is back for a fourth year of partnering with farmers to nominate their local public school district to compete for a grant of $10,000 or $25,000 to enhance math and science education. Farmers must be 21 years or older and actively engaged in farming of a minimum 250 acres of corn, soybeans and/or cotton; or 40 acres of open field vegetables (as defined above); or 10 acres of tomatoes, peppers and/or cucumbers grown in protected culture (glasshouse, nethouse, plastic). Entrants are limited to one nomination per qualified person (regardless of the form of entry). A farmer is “actively engaged in farming” if he or she performs the work, or hires and actively manages others who do so. Farmers have until April 1, 2015 to nominate our county for us to be eligible for the grant.

America’s Farmers Grow Rural Education is sponsored by the Monsanto Fund to help farmers positively impact their communities and support local school districts. In 2015, the program will operate in 1,324 counties across 40 states.

Please visit…/grow-rural-education/ and click on the “FARMERS NOMINATE NOW” button to fill out a short form.

Action Alert: Write or call Senator Mathias Demanding Support of Senator Ready's Amendment to HB 70

Great news and a huge step in the right direction. Quoting the article linked below, "On Thursday, Senator Justin Ready will be offering an amendment on the Senate floor to HB 70 the FY2016 Budget which would stop all funding for the PARCC Assessment until the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) develops an opt-out plan and makes it available to parents."

Time to tell Senator Mathias, who sent his children to Worcester Preparatory School, that public school parents have the right to "opt out" or "refuse the test" for their child(ren). Senator Ready clearly respects parental rights and Senator Jim Mathias must show his Eastern Shore Constituents that he respects parental rights as well!

Contact Senator Jim Mathias at:

Text his cell phone 443-497-0911

North Korea to Obama: Return Nobel Peace Prize

Pyongyang claims U.S. is preparing for nuclear war and that President Obama is violating nuclear non-proliferation treaties

North Korea’s state-controlled media blasted President Barack Obama for the nuclear weapons policy of the United States and demanded Obama return his 2009 Nobel Peace Prize for violating the U.N. Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons.

Yonhap reported North Korea’s newspaper Rodong Sinmun denounced the U.S. president on Monday, stating Obama’s call for the dismantlement of North Korea’s nuclear program, a backhanded move – just a few weeks after Obama observed the 45th anniversary of the U.N. treaty on nuclear weapons on March 6.

North Korea’s state-controlled news outlet claimed the U.S. has 2,900 nuclear warheads in its possession.

“It is an absurd lie, an insult to humanity and a criminal act,” the Rodong Sinmun stated, referring to U.S. censure of North Korea’s nuclear weapons program and call for non-proliferation under Obama’s nuclear arms reduction treaty with Russia, signed in April 2010.

Read more


Government purposely floods country with convicted criminals

Judicial Watch today released 76 pages of Department of Homeland Security (DHS) documents revealing that as of April 26, 2014, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) had released 165,900 convicted criminal aliens throughout the United States, including many convicted of such violent crimes as homicide, sexual assault, kidnapping, and aggravated assault. (Reports recently detailed that ICE released another 30,000 in the most recent fiscal year, which brings the grand total of known criminals released by the Obama administration to 195,900.)

The documents were released through a July 21, 2014, Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit (Judicial Watch v. U.S. Department of Homeland Security (No. 1:14-cv-01237)) filed by Judicial Watch after DHS failed to respond to a May 15 FOIA request seeking:

Any and all records of communications including, but not limited to, emails and memoranda, to or from personnel in the office of the Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (including its component offices, such as the Office of Public Affairs), from May 1 to May 15, 2014, concerning, regarding, or related to the report published by the Center for Immigrations Studies concerning the release of 36,000 criminal aliens.


Feminists: Don't Clap, Use 'Jazz Hands'

A U.K. student feminism conference is asking attendees to refrain from clapping and use “jazz hands” instead so as to not trigger anxiety in others.

The National Union of Students (NUS) Women’s Campaign announced the clapping “ban” at the West Midlands conference on Twitter Tuesday, shortly after receiving a request from the Oxford University Women’s Campaign.

“@nuswomcam please can we ask people to stop clapping but do feminist jazz hands? it’s triggering some peoples’ anxiety. thank you!” Oxford representatives wrote.

Within five minutes, NUS tweeted: “Some delegates are requesting that we move to jazz hands rather than clapping, as it’s triggering anxiety. Please be mindful! #nuswomen15.”

The tweets received a wave of criticism and mockery by people who argued political correctness has run amok, Twitchy first reported.

Delegates told BBC’s Newsbeat that jazz hands are “a nice way to show solidarity.”

“Jazz hands are used throughout NUS in place of clapping as a way to show appreciation of someone’s point without interrupting or causing disturbance, as it can create anxiety,” said Nona Buckley-Irvine, general secretary at the London School of Economics Students’ Union.



WASHINGTON, DC: Congressman Andy Harris, M.D. (MD-01) condemned findings from a recent U.S. Government Accountability Office report that revealed millions of federal taxpayer dollars are indeed going to fund abortion advocacy organizations. In February of 2013, Congressman Harris and several of his colleagues in the House urged the GAO to investigate how much federal funding went to several abortion advocacy organizations, such as Planned Parenthood. The report found that from 2010 to 2012, the six abortion advocacy groups received $481 million in federal funding, in addition to $1.2 billion in combined federal and state funds within federal health programs that call for shared funding.

“This new report clearly shows that we are, in violation of the Hyde Amendment, giving federal taxpayer funds to organizations that perform abortion procedures. As a physician, I find it hard to believe that Planned Parenthood, an organization where 94% of their services are made up of abortions, is not using any of their federal funding for these procedures,” said Congressman Harris.

Under the Hyde Amendment, no federal dollars are to be used to fund abortions, except for in cases of rape and incest. Planned Parenthood performed 327,653 abortions in 2013, yet they only provided 1,880 adoption referrals and 18,684 prenatal services in the same time. They are the largest abortion provider in the United States, and the GAO report found that, despite the Hyde Amendment, they receive more than $500 million a year in federal funding.

Since coming to Congress in 2010, Congressman Harris has fought for pro-life issues, including ensuring that taxpayer dollars are not used to fund abortions, a position shared by a majority of Americans.

Let’s Stop Living In Fairy Land: “This Is Training To Condition The Public To Accept Military On The Streets”

The United States military, law enforcement, and intelligence agencies are planning a two-months long exercise later this year

The United States military, law enforcement, and intelligence agencies are planning a two-months long exercise later this year. The government claims this is an effort to protect the American people, but Alex Jones has a different take.

In the following video Jones provides extensive documentation sourced over the last twenty years. The evidence is clear… and frightening.

The exercises taking place this summer in states like Texas, Utah and California are designed not for the protection of Americans, but rather, the intimidation of an entire nation. Members of the military and law enforcement are being desensitized to deployments on U.S. soil and the public is being conditioned to accept soldiers on every street corner as normal.


Navy Bans Chaplain From Ministering To Family Of Dead Sailor

It really takes a special kind of lowlife to stop a chaplain from ministering to the family and colleagues of a dead sailor.

But that’s exactly what happened last week at Naval Nuclear Power Training Command in Goose Creek, S.C., according to attorneys representing Chaplain Wes Modder.

“For this Navy to bar a chaplain from comforting and ministering to sailors and families is a reprehensible violation of religious freedom and common human decency,” said Kelly Shackelford, the president of Liberty Institute, a law firm that specializes in religious liberty cases.

Some quick background before I explain what happened:

Chaplain Modder is facing the end of a stellar, 19-year-career in the Navy because he expressed his faith-based views on marriage and human sexuality during private counseling sessions with sailors.

Last December, a gay officer took offense at Christian chaplain’s take on homosexuality. Modder, who is endorsed by the Assemblies of God, was accused of discrimination and failing to show tolerance and respect, among other things.

Just a few months earlier, Modder’s commander had called him the “best of the best” and a “consummate professional leader.” But now he’s on the verge of being kicked out of the military.

More here

This Is Awesome

Airman trying to find little girl he rescued during Hurricane Katrina

Her beaming face was a rare moment of joy amongst the devastating scenes of Hurricane Katrina.

A decade on, Staff Sgt. Mike Maroney is desperate to trace the beaming little girl he rescued from Hurricane Katrina's floodwaters.

The US airman was with an elite Air Force pararescue unit when he plucked her to safety from her family's destroyed home in New Orleans, during the disaster.


BREAKING NEWS: French prosecutor: Germanwings co-pilot appeared to want to 'destroy the plane'

The co-pilot of the doomed Germanwings flight appeared to want to 'destroy the plane,' French prosecutor says after reports of pilot locked out of cockpit .


Hillary Can’t Type: Look To Huma’s And Cheryl’s Emails

Don’t expect a gold mine of emails on Hillary’s private account. Why not? Because she doesn’t know how to type. That’s right. She writes everything out in longhand. Really. Anyone who has spent time in meetings with her knows about her endless yellow pads.

So her emails will most likely turn out to be very short and quick. She wouldn’t spend a lot of time pecking out long letters. No way. That’s why the Benghazi Committee needs to also look very closely at the emails on private accounts that Hillary’s closest aides, Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills, maintained. Anything more than a few lines were most likely written by someone else on her behalf. There’s a reason why Hillary set up and used private emails with them for official business: all the important emails were likely written by her staff. Without access to them, we won’t know what was going on.

The Clintons never used the White House computer for their own work. Hillary even wrote (or copied) her book manuscripts in long hand. Although ghost writer Barbara Fineman was paid $120,000 for writing It Takes A Village, she proudly waved hundreds of hand-written pages on yellow legal pads to pretend she wrote it all herself. She never acknowledged Fineman’s work.


Prekindergarten & Kindergarten Registration Somerset County Public Schools

Officer charged with killing unarmed driver laying facedown

A police officer was charged Tuesday with criminal homicide after investigators concluded she shot an unarmed motorist in the back as he lay facedown after a traffic stop over an expired inspection sticker.

Authorities accused Hummelstown police Officer Lisa J. Mearkle of shooting David Kassick, 59, twice February 2 without legal justification. She was jailed without bail.

They said Mearkle had attempted to pull over Kassick for expired inspection and emissions stickers before he sped away. She caught up to Kassick near his sister's home, where he got out and ran.

She had incapacitated him with a stun gun and he was on the ground when she shot him twice in the back, police said.


Bank Robbery In Denton

On March 25th at 1320 hours members of the Denton Police Department responded to a report of a bank robbery at the PNC...

Posted by Denton Police Department on Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Wild December

3rd world space program

Union: Cutting military commissary budget would affect tens of thousands of federal workers

The largest federal employee union is calling on the Defense Department to stop a proposal to cut funding for its commissaries, says a March 18 American Federation of Government Employees letter to Congress.

AFGE, who represents 650,000 federal workers nationwide and overseas, says the cuts to commissary funding would threaten the jobs of tens of thousands of civilian employees at the commissaries and exchanges who "deliver important and necessary services to the military community," the letter (pdf) says.

"The cut is a badly-disguised attempt to put the commissaries into a death spiral," AFGE Legislative Director Beth Moten wrote in a letter.

DoD is proposing $300 million in funding to be cut from the commissary budget in fiscal 2016 to deal with shortfalls brought on by Budget Control Act spending constraints.

Moten says the funding reduction would force commissaries to reduce their hours and days of operation and increase costs for goods and services, particularly at more remote locations.

"Commissaries would no longer be a convenient bargain for military families," she says in the letter. "The commissaries and exchanges are an earned benefit treasured by military families and an important contributor to their quality of life."


Pianist who chopped up his parents and COOKED them is jailed for life

A Hong Kong pianist who murdered his parents before chopping up their bodies and cooking them in a microwave has been jailed for life.

Henry Chau Hoi-Iueng, 31, was found guilty of killing his devoted mother Siu Yuet-yee, 63, and father Chau Wing-ki, 65, before salting, cooking and packing their body parts into lunchboxes 'like barbecued pork.'

It is thought that he wanted them dead after they became reluctant to fund his lavish lifestyle.



(Wicomico County) Wicomico County Health Department (WiCHD) and Salisbury University are collaborating on preventive health measures following diagnosis of tuberculosis in an SU student.

The student is currently under medical care and is no longer attending classes. “There is no risk of additional exposure to SU students, faculty or staff,” according to Lori Brewster, Wicomico County Health Officer, “and the risk of infection from previous exposure to the student affected is small.”

According to the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DHMH), in 2013 there were 178 cases of TB in Maryland and 224 cases in 2012. “Tuberculosis is difficult to contract. It usually takes at least eight hours of close proximity in a small room for TB transmission to possibly occur, and the air space is only contagious when the untreated patient is actually present,” according to Lori Brewster, Wicomico County Health Officer. “A healthy person cannot be infected from casual exposure such as walking through the halls or eating in the same room as the affected person.”

The WiCHD has begun reaching out to those who may have had closer contact, including classmates. They will be offered the opportunity for TB testing. The tuberculin test is being done simply as a precaution to ensure no others were infected before the affected student began treatment. (Please note that a positive skin test result DOES NOT mean a person has active tuberculosis. It simply means that at some time in the past, he or she may have been exposed to the tuberculosis germ.)

Judge Nap: Here's Where Ted Cruz Is NOT Following the Constitution

Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz promised Monday to return to a government by the Constitution and "stand for liberty" as he officially announced his 2016 presidential bid.

As the first major presidential candidate to officially declare, Cruz told the crowd of students at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Va., what he sees for the future of the country.

(Watch Cruz's full speech and read the transcript, here)

But how does constitutional expert and Fox News senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano feel about Cruz's adherence to the Constitution?

Stuart Varney sat down with Napolitano to ask that question this morning.

The judge said he likes Cruz's views toward the Constitution overall, except when it comes to the senator's views on using U.S. military force overseas.

"I think Ted Cruz would probably join all the other Republicans but Rand Paul with the idea that we should - to use Woodrow Wilson's phrase - make the world safe for democracy, which means perpetual death and perpetual war," said Napolitano, arguing that Paul would be the only candidate who shares his views on only fighting "defensive" wars where the nation is truly under an imminent threat.


Meet the people who will help Ted Cruz try to get to the White House

Some of the people steering Ted Cruz's White House bid:

Heidi Cruz:

The senator's wife is a managing director at Goldman Sachs in Houston. She has worked at the investment banking firm since 2005 and will take a leave of absence to campaign with her husband. Heidi Cruz also has a formidable political resume. She was the director for the Western Hemisphere at the National Security Council and worked in the Treasury Department. She graduated from Harvard Business School and Claremont McKenna College. She and her husband met in Austin in 2000 while working on President George W. Bush's campaign.

Rafael Cruz:

The senator often calls his father and namesake his hero. Rafael Cruz fled Cuba in 1957 and went to Austin, Texas. The younger Cruz often tells the story of how Rafael came, penniless, to the United States and worked his way up from a dishwasher to a student to the oil business. He is now an evangelical preacher and director of Purifying Fire International ministry. He often appears beside his son at events. Rafael Cruz is also known for making controversial statements, including that he wanted to send President Obama back to Kenya.