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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Legalizing Same Sex Marriage Is Still A Blue State Thing

A federal judge on Tuesday struck down Pennsylvania's ban on same sex marriage, making it the 19th state in which gay people are now free to marry. What do those 19 states (plus the District of Columbia) have in common? Every one of them went for President Obama in both the 2008 and 2012 elections.

For all of the momentum that efforts to legalize same sex marriage have -- nine states have overturned bans since the Supreme Court gave federal recognition to same sex couples last June -- the states in which those efforts have succeeded remain, almost exclusively, Democratic strongholds. With the exceptions of Iowa and New Hampshire -- and, maybe, Pennsylvania -- none of the remaining 16 (or 17) states where gay marriage is legal are even marginally competitive at the presidential level.


Dinner With Trey Gowdy

Ron Paul Explains Why "They" Hate Peace

The most succinct statement about how governments get their people to support war came from Hermann Goering at the Nuremberg trials after World War II:

Why of course the people don’t want war. Why should some poor slob on a farm want to risk his life in a war when the best he can get out of it is to come back to his farm in one piece? Naturally, the common people don’t want war; neither in Russia, nor in England, nor for that matter in Germany. That is understood. But, after all, it is the leaders of the country who determine the policy and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the peacemakers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country.

It is rather frightening that a convicted Nazi war criminal latched onto an eternal truth!

It should be harder to promote war, especially when there are so many regrets in the end. In the last 60 years, the American people have had little say over decisions to wage war. We have allowed a succession of presidents and the United Nations to decide when and if we go to war, without an express congressional declaration as the Constitution mandates.


You Can Learn A Lot About America From Each State’s Internet Search History

America’s fifty states have a lot in common, but if their internet search histories are any indication they also have significant differences. Estately ran hundreds of search queries through Google Trends to determine which words, terms, and questions each state was searching for more than any other. The results ranged from mildly amusing to completely disturbing. No doubt this information will come in handy for anyone trying to decide which state they want to buy a home in, especially for those curious how their potential neighbors spend their time online. The results on the map above are just the tip of the online search iceberg. Check out what other search queries each state performed more of than any other in the list below…

What LBJ Wrought

After 50 years of his anti-poverty policy, a “tangle of pathologies” has spread dramatically.

Standing on his presidential limousine, Lyndon Johnson, campaigning in Providence, R.I., in September 1964, bellowed through a bullhorn: “We’re in favor of a lot of things and we’re against mighty few.” This was a synopsis of what he had said four months earlier.

Fifty years ago this Thursday, at the University of Michigan, Johnson had proposed legislating into existence a Great Society. It would end poverty and racial injustice, “but that is just the beginning.” It would “rebuild the entire urban United States” while fending off “boredom and restlessness,” slaking “the hunger for community,” and enhancing “the meaning of our lives” — all by assembling “the best thought and the broadest knowledge.”

In 1964, 76 percent of Americans trusted government to do the right thing “just about always or most of the time”; today, 19 percent do. The former number is one reason Johnson did so much; the latter is one consequence of his doing so.


Eat Your Veggies (or Throw Them Away): The Disastrous School Nutrition Standards

Leave it to the federal government to create school lunch standards that make kids want to throw out food more than eat it.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s new School Lunch and Breakfast Program standards have been a complete failure—as a result, Congress needs to take action so schools aren’t forced to comply with these costly and intrusive federal requirements to participate in these programs.

According to a January, 2014 GAO report:
  • In the 2012-13 school year, 321 local school food authorities in 42 states decided to leave the federal school lunch program, and 27 states indicated the new lunch requirements were a factor in some SFAs deciding to leave the program.

City Of Salisbury Additional Budget Session

Please see above notice of Additional Budget Session for Thursday, May 22, 2014 with the correct date.

We apologize for any confusion.

World War II vets furious after France 'breaks D-Day promise'

The French government is coming under fire from World War II vets - nearly all of them in their 90s and 100s - who say the European nation is breaking its promise to fly them to Normandy to celebrate the 70th anniversary of D-Day.

On June 6, 1944, 73,000 American troops landed in northern France and eventually helped liberate the nation from four years of Nazi occupation.

Now, at least one US Congressman says France is reneging on its obligation to the few remaining veterans who stormed the beachheads on Normandy.


How Republicans And Democrats Are Different, In 1 Chart​

Want to understand how different Democrats and Republicans are? Check out this chart on news consumption over the last week, courtesy of the Pew Research Center.
Nearly half of all liberal Democrats said they were closely following the story of racist comments made by Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling. Less than one in five conservative Republicans said the same. On the other hand, almost four in 10 conservative Republicans said they were closely following the formation of the Benghazi House select committee, while just 15 percent of liberal Democrats said the same.

The reality made plain by these numbers? That the difference between Democrats and Republicans is beyond simple disagreements on a set of mutually agreed upon decisions. Instead, it's founded in the fact that the two simply don't care about -- or, at the very least, aren't paying attention to -- the same things at the same time. The Benghazi committee is a perfect example. For Democrats -- elected officials and the party base -- it's a sideshow issue (at best). But, many Republicans are following it extremely closely and believe that the committee is far more than a fishing expedition aimed at damaging President Obama and/or Hillary Clinton.



REISTERSTOWN, MD (May 21, 2014) – The Maryland Emergency Management Agency and Clear Channel Outdoor will announce a new partnership that leverages the real-time ability of digital billboards to communicate safety information to area travelers. The event is scheduled for 10 a.m. Thursday, May 22, adjacent to a Clear Channel Outdoor digital billboard at 1500 Union Avenue in Baltimore.

“I would like to thank Clear Channel Outdoor for partnering with MEMA on this important initiative,” said MEMA Executive Director Ken Mallette. “We want to have as many tools as possible available to reach out to our residents during emergencies. This is another way to safely reach people as they are driving.”

Emergency messaging will now appear on Clear Channel Outdoor’s 21 digital billboards throughout Maryland, which reach an estimated 5.4 million people weekly across the state from Baltimore to Salisbury. MEMA joins the ranks of a growing number of state and local emergency agencies across the U.S. that have tapped the power of Clear Channel’s digital outdoor media to help communicate time sensitive safety messages.

Clear Channel Outdoor has a history of collaborating with local, state and federal officials to use its media in support of public safety campaigns. This includes the FBI, U.S. Marshals and AMBER Alerts for missing children.

“In the case of an emergency, time is of the essence,” said Steve Ginsburg, president, the Clear Channel Outdoor Washington, Baltimore and Salisbury region. “The real-time message delivery of our digital media can work to help MEMA save lives. We are proud to partner with MEMA to help Maryland residents and visitors stay safe during disasters or emergency events.”

This new initiative gives MEMA another tool to reach the public with preparedness information. Last fall, the agency released its new Maryland Prepares app to provide alerts and preparedness information on mobile devices. Over the last several years, MEMA has increased its social media presence on Twitter, Facebook and other platforms to provide direct outreach to the public.


I just took a leaflet out of my mailbox, informing me that I can have
sex at 73. 

I'm so happy, because I live at number 71. 

So it's not too far to walk home afterwards. And it's the same side of the street.

I don't even have to cross the road!

Safety On The Bay Bridge: Where The Most Accidents Happen, The Causes And What's Being Done

More than 27 million vehicles cross the Chesapeake Bay Bridge each year. Drivers take in an expansive view that is not only beautiful, but a view some say is also distracting and dangerous.

The bridge's heavy traffic volume at peak times, height and more than four mile span over the Chesapeake Bay, often land it a spot among the World's scariest bridges. But having lived on Kent Island for many years, Ellen Gale was never afraid to cross the bridge, until the morning of April 18, 2011.

"Unfortunately, I remember the day like it was yesterday," Gale said. "It's awful, awful."

Free Annual Youth Fishing Derby Set For Saturday, June 7

Salisbury, Md. – Cast your rod at Salisbury City Park on Saturday, June 7 during Wicomico Recreation’s Annual Youth Fishing Derby. This free event is open to children 15 and under. Registration will begin Saturday morning at 8:30 a.m. (advanced registration is not necessary), and fishing starts promptly at 9 a.m. Each child must bring their own rod and bait. Prizes and trophies will be awarded for the biggest fish, most fish caught, most unusual catch and more.

In preparation for the Derby, the Department of Natural Resources will help stock the pond at Salisbury City Park. Approximately 500 blue gills will join the pond's current inhabitants including catfish, large-mouth bass, perch and carp.

Lunch will be provided for all youth participants at 11 a.m. For more information, visit www.WicomicoRecandParks.orgor contact Program Director Katie Addis at 410-548-4900 x109 or email

The Most Breathtaking Natural Wonder In Every State

Regional differences in landscape, from forests and waterways to geological formations, vary drastically from state to state.

Just as some people are fanatically proud of the food, books, and colleges that represent their states, others feel just as proud of their states' natural wonders.

Can you guess which state the picture to the right is from? Follow along to find out.

With input from folks who have lived in these places, here are the most beautiful natural attractions in each state. (They're in alphabetical order if you want to find yours quickly.)

Take advantage of your state's wonders by visiting your national parks and monuments.

Worcester County Sheriff's Office Press Release 5-21-14

Worcester County Sheriff's Office

On May 20, 2014 at approximately 4:10pm a deputy from the Worcester County Sheriff's Office conducted a traffic stop in the area of Worcester Hwy and Woodside Lane, Snow Hill for a speeding violation.

Upon contact with the vehicle operator, she was identified by her VA drivers license as Tia Chaunice Dees, the deputy detected a strong odor of suspected raw Marihuana coming from the vehicle. A probable cause search was conducted and the deputy located a small bag of Marihuana and paraphernalia inside the vehicle.

Dees was arrested and later released on Maryland Uniform Criminal Citations for possession of Marihuana less than 10 grams and possession of paraphernalia. Dees was given a warning for the speeding violation.

USDA Delays Whole Grains Requirement For Schools

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Agriculture Department will allow some schools to delay adding more whole-grains to meals this year, responding to criticism from school nutrition officials and Congress that the standards were too difficult to put in place.

The delay comes hours after a Republican-led House spending panel criticized the Obama administration's healthier school-lunch standards and proposed letting some schools opt out of them entirely.

USDA said schools can put off for two years a requirement that all pastas in schools be whole-grain rich, or more than half whole grain, if they can demonstrate that they have had "significant challenges" in preparing whole-grain pasta. Many schools have complained that the whole-grain pastas don't hold together well when cooked.

Rogue Government Prepares For Heated Conflict, Historical Cycles Point to Coming Clash

Establishment behaving like a crazed psychopath that knows he is about to be brought to justice.

A string of scandals involving the federal government is further demonstrating the illegitimacy and hypocrisy of the power structure. Historical cycles point to massive upheaval.

Ordinary Americans are being targeted while known terrorists are escorted through security. Kidnappers, rapists, and murderers are being released from prison; an action sanctioned by the President of the United States. The BATF allows guns to find their way to Mexican drug lords, while the federal government is fighting to disarm American citizens. Mega-banks launder billions of dollars worth of drug money. No, this isn’t a dystopic nightmare; This is our present day reality that we all must face.

The establishment is behaving like a crazed psychopath that knows he is about to be brought to justice. Nearly every agency of government has acquired some form of armaments in the past several years. Police departments across the country are getting mine resistant vehicles. Homeland Security is acquiring billions of rounds of ammunition. The Department of Agriculture recently requested body armor as well as sub machine guns. Many other instruments of war have been stored and deployed.


Homeless Sex Offender Notification

Fred Clanton Jr., 55, of Georgetown, DE
6'1" tall, 195 lbs.
Black male, black hair, brown eyes
Tier 3

Georgetown, DE
– Fred Clanton Jr. is not wanted. This is a homeless sex offender public notification. Clanton has registered as homeless in Georgetown. If you have information that he is occupying a residence please contact 302-672-5306. Tips may also be submitted through lines maintained by Delaware Crime Stoppers at 1-800-TIP-3333. Tips may also be submitted through the use of your cellular phone by texting keyword “DSP” and then your message to 274637 (CRIMES) or through the internet at

Obama Administration To Reveal Justification For Drone Strikes On U.S. Citizens

WASHINGTON (AP) — On the eve of a critical Senate vote and under court order, the Obama administration signaled it will publicly reveal a secret memo describing its legal justification for using drones to kill U.S. citizens suspected of terrorism overseas.

Two administration officials told The Associated Press that the Justice Department has decided not to appeal a Court of Appeals ruling requiring disclosure of a redacted version of the memo under the Freedom of Information Act. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly about the matter.

The decision to release the documents comes as the Senate is to vote Wednesday on advancing President Barack Obama's nomination of the memo's author, Harvard professor and former Justice Department official David Barron, to sit on the 1st U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Boston. Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., had vowed to fight Barron's confirmation, and some Democratic senators were calling for the memo's public release before a final vote.


“Do as I say, not as I do”

-The O’Malley-Brown message to Private Pension Retirees
by Delegate Mike McDermott
I’m sure that I am not the only one who finds irony in the O’Malley-Brown administration heralding a new “Task Force” to help protect private sector retirement money.  This should send chills down the spine of the private sector. It reminds of when President Ronald Reagan said, "The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: 'I'm from the government and I'm here to help.'"
Perhaps the first “Task Force” we should have is one that would study how the State of Maryland plans to repay the $1.3 billion dollars that they are taking from the teacher’s pensions over the next five years. It would also be nice for this group to study how Maryland plans to cover a $37.5 billion dollar unfunded pension/benefit liability in the years to come.
Quite frankly, it’s terrifying to think that Lt. Governor Brown is involved in this at any level following his dismal management of Maryland’s version of Obamacare. One might expect that the prudent choice would be someone from the private sector to head up this brain trust, but that’s just not the way things shake out in Annapolis. So they dust the cobwebs off former Lt. Governor Kathleen Kennedy-Townsend and trot her out for a spin. These decisions do not engender “optimism”.
Well, here are some simple things this administration, and those that follow, can do to “help” the private sector when it comes to them saving for retirement:
·     ?    Reduce the tax burden on our corporations and businesses. Good things happen when companies retain greater earnings: they expand; and they invest in their people. A prosperous, growing company can be an employee’s best answer to a secure retirement.
·    ?     Let Marylanders keep more of their own money. Cut income taxes across the board by 10% and allow them to invest in their own futures. Families with increased discretionary income can better prepare for the future needs of their children as well as their latter years.
·   ?       Provide direct incentives to companies who create matching fund retirement accounts of up to a 5% match of the employee’s contribution.
·   ?      Exempt all contributions to an individual’s retirement account from ever being subject to Maryland taxes, including the capital gains associated with the investment account.
·   ?      Eliminate all inheritance taxes and estate taxes.  
All in all, we just need Maryland to become a more business friendly state. A robust economy is an elixir for many ills and future retirement needs. We would also do ourselves a favor by exempting retirement income from the State income tax. This would allow our seniors to age in place and would make Maryland a friendlier climate for many retirees looking for a favorable place to park their money.
All of these things have been recommended by the Republican’s in the General Assembly. Many bills have been introduced that would accomplish much of what I have proposed, yet little meaningful action is taken by the Democratic leadership to address these challenges.
If we are going to do something to help private sector retirees we must lead by example; and the model we are displaying is a choice between piracy and passing the buck. Beware private pensioners!…I see the dome of the capitol on the horizon and she has hoisted the Jolly Roger!!!

Democrats quiet on participation in Benghazi investigation

Party leaders still weighing options

More than a week after the announcement of a House select committee to investigate the terrorist attack in Benghazi, Democrats — who have dismissed the panel as a partisan political witch hunt — have yet to formally say the extent to which they plan to participate in the probe.

Democrats, from Congress to the White House, have insisted that thousands of documents have been turned over in the course of multiple investigations and hearings on the Sept. 11, 2012, attack on the U.S. diplomatic post in Benghazi, Libya, that left four Americans dead.


Md. Submarine Leads Search For Missing Airliner

What few people know is that the unmanned submarine leading the search for Malaysia Airlines flight 370 was developed right here in Maryland. It’s playing a critical role in the recovery mission.

Vic Carter gets rare access inside the Maryland company behind it.

Its team is determined to solve this mystery—the biggest in aviation history—and bring closure to loved ones. Where is Malaysia Airlines flight 370?

On March 8, it vanished into thin air while traveling from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. It’s now been more than two months and still no answers for families and loved ones of the 227 passengers on board.

Georgia City Sued Over Law Requiring Prescription To Buy Sex Toys

A man and woman in Georgia have filed a lawsuit against the city of Sandy Springs, GA, attempting to challenge a city ordinance that requires a consumer get a prescription from a doctor in order to purchase sex toys.

According to city ordinance 38-120, the sale and purchase of “obscene material” — which includes “any device designed or marketed as useful primarily for the stimulation of human genital organs” — is forbidden in Sandy Springs, with the exception that the sale or purchase may be okay if it is “done for a bona fide medical, scientific, educational, legislative, judicial, or law enforcement purpose.”

In the suit [PDF] filed last month in a U.S. District Court in Atlanta, two consumers each make their case for wanting to purchase the devices without having to bring a note from the doctor.


Zookeeper For A Day Giveaway

Parents, register your child for a special chance to win a behind-the-scenes “Zookeeper for a Day” experience, a $529 Maryland College Investment Plan account, and a free family membership to The Maryland Zoo. Entering is easy. Simply click the link below and complete the online form to register your child for a chance to win in a random drawing. Registration is open from now through June 6, 2014, and the drawing to select a winner will take place on June 9, 2014.

As “Zookeeper for a Day” one lucky child, and guests, will win a special behind-the-scenes Zoo tour and get a chance to meet and interact with Maryland Zoo keeper staff plus get exclusive access to animal care facilities. Some restrictions apply. See complete rules for prize description.

The winning child will also receive a Maryland 529 Plan (in the amount of $529) courtesy of the College Savings Plans of Maryland and a free annual membership for their family to The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore.


The Decline Of Small Business = Decline Of Basic Skills

An economy where most people work for the state or a global corporation is an economy that has lost its knowledge of the key entrepreneurial building blocks.

The decline of small business has numerous long-term consequences. One is the decline of the middle class, as entrepreneurial enterprise is a key pathway to generational wealth-building and prosperity.

Another is the loss of employment opportunities. As U.S. businesses are being destroyed faster than they’re being created, there are fewer sources of employment.


Benghazi Constructs

Much is still murky, but the Obama team was at the least guilty of negligence and deception.

Almost everything the administration has alleged about Benghazi has proven false. Yet also, in Machiavellian fashion, the Obama group successfully peddled useful fictions, effectively deluded the country, adroitly ensured President Obama’s reelection, and cast aspersions on those who sought the truth.

In that sense, so far, the lies about Benghazi have won, the truth has failed.

So what really happened?

The Obama administration felt that it was behind the curve concerning the 2011 unrest in Libya. The so-called Arab Spring revolutions had toppled other governments in North Africa, and it seemed that protesters would do the same in Syria and Libya.


FCC: Basic Cable Prices Increased At Four Times Rate Of Inflation

If you just had a hunch that your basic cable pricing was going up more rapidly than the other things you pay for, you’re probably not mistaken. A new FCC report on the cost of pay-TV services says that during 2012 the cost of a basic cable TV package increased at more than four times the rate of inflation in the U.S.

According to the report [PDF], during 2012 the average price of the most basic cable package increased by 6.5% to $22.63. Meanwhile, inflation in the U.S. that year was only 1.6%.

Rates for the more popular “expanded basic” packages jumped up 5.1% to $64.41 in 2012, more than three times the rate of inflation.


Economic Recovery Not Helping Democratic Base Voters

Democrats running in November’s midterm elections are being advised to avoid using the economic recovery as a selling point since their core constituency – including women, blacks and Hispanics – are not really feeling the uptick, according to The New York Times.

"As a start, Democrats should bury any mention of 'the recovery,'" said an April memo from Democratic polling firm Democracy Corps, which includes President Bill Clinton’s political strategists, James Carville and Stanley B. Greenberg.

The memo instead encouraged Democrats to zero in on a "populist message comparing the fortunes of the top 1 percent with the struggles of everyone else," according to the Times.

During President Barack Obama’s first term, mean income declined 4.5 percent for black households, 4.2 percent for Hispanic households, and 2.2 percent for white ones, according to the Times. At the same time, pretax income for the top 1 percent skyrocketed by 31 percent, compared with just 0.4 percent income growth for the remaining 99 percent.


Obamacare: Cash for Crony Capitalism

Feds spent $5 billion to get state Obamacare exchanges operational

Maryland, Massachusetts, Oregon and Nevada have gone through nearly a half billion dollars building inoperable Obamacare websites for vastly overpriced state exchanges.

For government, though, nothing succeeds like failure, especially if it rewards selected partners in crime, so the feds will continue with little resistance to pour millions of dollars more down these rat holes.


1.8 Million Pounds Of Ground Beef Recalled For Possible E.Coli Contamination

Planning to get a juicy hamburger for lunch today? Some of you may change your mind after reading this. Nearly two million pounds of ground beef products were recalled today because of possible E.Coli contamination.

U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food and Safety Inspection Service announced the recallof more than 1.8 million pounds of ground beef shipped to distributors for restaurant use in Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri and Ohio.


Illegal-alien population surging under Obama

'They're really playing Russian roulette with our safety'

The national immigration debate is being rocked by the new report showing more than 36,000 criminals in the country illegally were released on American soil in just the past year, and the author now says this is the result of a badly flawed system and a growing desire within the Obama administration not to deport illegal aliens.

Jessica Vaughan is director of policy studies at the Center for Immigration Studies. In addition to the number of criminals released, her research shows those offenders committed more than 88,000 crimes, many of them after being released from custody.






For information , please contact , Richard Beals,

FTC Shuts Down Texas Debt Collector Who Threatened To Arrest Consumers

Debt collection is a generally unsavory operation. Thankfully, there’s now one less scummy, lying collector calling consumers. A Houston-based company is out of business and must pay $1.4 million after being charged with unsavory practices.

Under a settlement with the FTC, the operators of Goldman Schwartz, Inc., are permanently banned from debt collection and company owner Gerald Wright must surrender all assets, valued at $550,000, to pay restitution to consumers who were charged unauthorized late and attorney fees. The remainder of the $1.4 million judgement is suspended based on inability to pay.


Attorney General Candidates Debate

The infamous undecided voters of the June 24 primary election that are dominating media polls were a no-show at the first Democratic debate for state attorney general.

Frank Auditorium at the University of Maryland College Park had ample space, but almost all of the participants in attendance were supporters of the three candidates – Sen. Brian Frosh of Montgomery County, Del. Jon Cardin of Baltimore County and Del. Aisha Braveboy of Prince George’s. Media made up the rest.

A husband and wife from Bethesda who came to the debate supporting Frosh left supporting Frosh, but afterward the wife said she didn’t think Frosh was going to win. She asked not to be identified.


Customers Can No Longer “Have It Your Way” At Burger King; Company Ditches Longtime Slogan

After 40 years, consumers will no longer “Have It Your Way” at their local Burger King. Instead, the company is rolling out a new, more philosophical slogan – “Be Your Way” – meant to highlight each individual customer. Whatever that means.

Officials with the company tell the Associated Press that the new motto is intended to remind people that “they can and should live how they want anytime. It’s okay not to be perfect..Self expression is most important and it’s our differences that make us individuals instead of robots.”


Dozens Charged In Child Porn Case In NYC Area

NEW YORK (AP) -- A five-week investigation has resulted in charges against at least 70 men and one woman in the New York City area in what officials called one of the largest-ever roundups locally of people who anonymously trade child porn over the Internet.

The defendants include a police chief, a paramedic, a rabbi and a Boy Scout leader. Federal officials planned to announce the arrests at a news conference later Wednesday.

Authorities say advances in technology and computer capacity have allowed child-porn collectors to more easily amass vast troves of disturbing images and to exchange files with each other directly. The New York effort resulted in the seizure of nearly 600 desktop and laptop computers, tablets, smartphones and other devices containing a total of 175 terabytes of storage.


Obama's Affordable Golf Ball Act

Dog needs home

Young, Male, un-neutered, Golden retriever needs rescued. Owner can no longer take care of him. Please contact Jamie @ 410.251.4432 for more details and information if you are interested.

10,996,447: Disability Beneficiaries Hit New Record

( - The total number of disability beneficiaries in the United States rose from 10,981,423 in March to 10,996,447 in April, setting a new all-time record, according to newly released data from the Social Security Administration.

The number of Americans receiving disability benefits continues to exceed the populations of Greece, Tunisia and Portugal, and is approaching the population of Cuba, which according to the CIA World Factbook is 11,047,251.


Private Foundations Funded Push For Common Core Standards

A handful of large foundations, including the Gates foundation, Carnegie foundation, Helmsley foundation and Hewlett foundation have collectively spent almost $300 million on the advocacy, development and implementation of the Common Core State Standards, analysis of the foundations’ grant reports reveals.

The breakdown of the grants shows that the Gates foundation has given out over $200 million, the Carnegie foundation $47.8 million, Helmsley $20 million, and Hewlett just over $15 million.

Other foundations, such as the Broad foundation, report giving extensively to organizations associated with the planning, development and implementation of the Common Core, but do not cite specific amounts contributed.


Housing Debt Still Traps 10 Million Americans

Nearly 10 million Americans remain financially trapped by homes worth less than their mortgage debts, an enduring drag on the U.S. economy almost seven years after the housing bust triggered the Great Recession.

During the first three months of this year, 18.8 percent of homeowners with a mortgage, 9.7 million, owed more on their loans than their properties would sell for, according to online real estate database Zillow. Though that was an improvement from the 25.4 percent figure of a year ago, the share of such "underwater" homeowners is about four times the historic average.


Is Small Business A Threat To The Status Quo?

Truth is the first victim of the Company Store's dominance.

My view of the Status Quo as a neocolonial, neofeudal arrangement is succinctly captured by correspondent D.C.'s description of state-corporate capitalism: the Company Store. In the plantation model (i.e. any economic setting dominated by a primary corporate employer and/or the state), almost everyone works for the company, and is beholden to the company for their livelihood and security.

In exchange for this neofeudal (often described as paternal) security, employees must shop at the company store, which maintains a near-monopoly (i.e. competition is limited because the company owns the land and/or colludes with local government) as a means of extracting monopoly prices.

The company store extends credit to employees (in the modern version, student loans take the place of employee credit), and since prices are kept artificially high and wages are kept stagnant, the employees never manage to pay off their debts at the company store.

This describes the core dynamic in our state-corporate system. The state-corporate Status Quo suppresses competition (few other stores are allowed in town), usually by indirect means: high land leases, high fees for doing business in town, mountains of absurd regulations no small businesses can afford to meet, etc.


In just 13 Days, on June 3 - Voter Registration Ends- Be sure your family members are registered to VOTE!


June 17, 2014 if you want to receive an absentee ballot by mail or fax. Request must be received by:
8:00 PM if mailed
11:59 PM if faxed or emailed
June 20, 2014 if you want to receive an absentee ballot by download from State website. Request must be received by:
5:00 PM if mailed
11:59 PM if faxed or emailed


Thursday, June 12, 2014 through Thursday, June 19, 2014 from 10 AM until 8 PM


JUNE 24 − 7 AM - 9 PM

Ron Paul Warns Tax Reform is Useless Without Spending Reform

Recently, Republican leaders in Congress unveiled a "tax reform" plan that they claimed would provide the American people with a simpler, fairer, and more efficient tax system. While this plan does lower some tax rates and contains some other changes that may make next April a little less painful for Americans, there is little in it to excite supporters of liberty.

Taxes may even increase under this plan for some Americans, as it eliminates some of those tax deductions labeled “loopholes.” When I served in Congress I opposed bills that “closed loopholes” because closing loopholes is just a fancy way of saying raising taxes. Anything that leaves more money in the hands of the people is beneficial to both liberty and economic efficiency. As economist Thomas DiLorenzo put it, "...private individuals always spend their own money more efficiently than government bureaucrats do,” therefore sound economics, as well as a concern for liberty, requires opposition to any proposal to "let government bureaucrats spend more of the people's hard-earned money.”

Tax reformers also stray from sound economics when they endorse a tax system that is designed to direct consumption and savings. I share the concern that the current tax system distorts people’s behavior by discouraging savings. However, the solution is not for the government to create a tax code that punishes consumption in order to encourage savings. A truly efficient market is one where individuals are completely free to determine how to allocate their incomes between consumption and savings. No politician or bureaucrat can know the proper allocation of savings and investment that meets the needs of every individual, and government policies designed to cause individuals to devote more of their income to savings than they otherwise would distorts the market just as much as policies that encourage excess consumption.


Who Was At Fault In Bike-Truck Crash?

WASHINGTON -- A D.C. bike commuter who was ticketed after crashing into a truck that cut him off has released a video of the incident to open a conversation on safety and driver behavior.

Wilder, a photojournalist who has taken to wearing a GoPro camera during his commutes, says he was heading home earlier this month on R Street in Northeast when a pickup truck followed closely beside him, then suddenly cut him off. Wilder says he slammed on his brakes, but was unable to avoid a collision.

Wilder says the video shows the irate driver picking up his damaged bike and tossing it into the back of the pickup. The force of the man's action resulted in the bike bouncing right out of the truck bed and back onto the street. Wilder says he called 911 to report the incident, but after he was taken to the hospital for a checkup, he was the one who was ticketed.


Truck Driver Cited after Tractor Trailer Overturns Releasing Bees

Newark - Troopers cited a Miami, Florida man for having an unsafe load/cargo after a single vehicle tractor trailer crash with rollover last evening in Newark.

Preliminary investigation has determined that the crash occurred on Tuesday, May 20, 2014 at approximately 6:10 p.m. as Adolfo Guerra-55 of Miami, Florida was operating a 2007 Freightliner Tractor Trailer traveling from DE896 northbound onramp to I95 northbound, hauling a flatbed trailer loaded with crates that contained live bees. As the tractor trailer negotiated the turn of the ramp, the load of wooden crates shifted, causing the tractor trailer to overturn on its left side on the ramp, striking the guardrail. After the impact, swarms of bees were released from the crated hives that saturated the area causing hazardous conditions.

Delaware State Police Headquarters Communications activated a preexisting “Honey Bee Swarm Removal Plan” which brought local bee keepers/handlers to the scene and additional resources. The bee experts worked in coordination with Troopers and Firefighters from the Aetna Hose Hook & Ladder Company of Newark to mitigate the bee hazard. Firefighters were able to disperse and incapacitate the swarms with water spray from hose lines advanced from fire engines.

Preliminary investigation determined that the truck was hauling approximately 460 bee hives totaling an estimated 16-20 million honey bees, which were being transported from Florida to Maine for pollination purposes.

Adolpho Guerra was properly restrained in the vehicle and was transported to the Christiana Hospital Trauma Center where he was treated for minor injuries for the crash and suffered 50-100 bee stings.

2 passengers in the tractor trailer, a 24 year old male from Miami, Florida and 25 year old male from Hialeah, Florida were transported to the Christiana Hospital Trauma Center with minor injuries. Both suffered and estimated 50-100 bee stings each. Treatment status and disposition are unknown at the time of this release.

Adolfo Guerra was cited for unsafe shifting load/cargo in connection with the crash.

The ramp from DE896 northbound to I95 northbound was closed to traffic for approximately 13 hours while the crash was investigated, bee experts removed the salvageable hives, and the crash was cleared.

Ray Rice Avoids Prosecution

Ravens running back Ray Rice might soon be able to put his legal troubles behind him.

His lawyer Michael Diamondstein confirms to WBAL Radio that Rice has been approved for a pre-trial intervention program.

Prosecutors agree to drop aggravated assault charges against Rice if he stays out of trouble for one year, gets counseling and pays court costs.

Prosecutor Jim McClain said in a statement, "This decision was arrived at after careful consideration of the information contained in Mr. Rice's application in light of the facts gathered during the investigation. After considering all relevant information in light of applicable law, it was determined that this was the appropriate disposition."

Transformed Or Transgender?

Tractor Trailer Hauling Live Bees Overturns on I-95

Millions of bees swarmed a ramp on I-95 after a tractor trailer crash in Delaware on Tuesday.

The vehicle, which was holding about 20 million bees in 460 boxes, overturned on the DE#896 northbound on-ramp to I-95 northbound in Newark shortly after 6 p.m., according to officials.

Officials say 90 percent of the bees escaped from their boxes during the accident and began to swarm the ramp.

The 55-year-old truck driver and two passengers in their 20's suffered minor injuries in the crash. Officials also say they were stung 50 to 100 times each by the insects. The three men were taken to the hospital where they are currently in stable condition.


Memorial Day Weekend At the Brew

Yappy Hour

Investigative Findings: Benghazi video linked to the CIA?

Executive Summary

Based on my extensive 18-month investigation, it is my professional conclusion that the Internet video known as Innocence of Muslims, the video allegedly responsible for Middle East violence and more importantly, the September 11, 2012 attack in Benghazi that resulted in the death of four Americans can be directly tied to a covert intelligence operation and operational assets of the U.S. Department of Justice.

Additionally, the individuals and entities responsible for the Internet promotion of the video of that name can be traced not just to an intelligence operation contemporaneous to the attacks, but to previous events of historical significance and current relevance.

Investigation found that the video cited as the cause for the attack in Benghazi and riots in the Middle East underwent at least four name changes, includingDesert Warrior, The innocence of bn Laden, The Real Life of Muhammad, and finally,Innocence of Muslims. Investigation also found evidence that the primary individual behind the film worked as an operational asst for the FBI in exchange for leniency due to his criminal past. Indications of a possible association by one or more of the individuals responsible for the film to U.S. intelligence agencies, including the CIA, are also suggested.


How Malinvestment Poisons The Entire Economy

Our Fed-fueled lottery-ticket economy will unravel with a vengeance in the years ahead.

the systemic consequence of the Federal Reserve's policies of near-zero interest rates and abundant credit--doesn't just inflate destruction asset bubbles: it poisons productive assets and the entire economy.

Malinvestments arise when credit is cheap and abundant, as it costs speculators very little to borrow money for gambles, and they can in essence buy lottery tickets in the asset bubble of the day without having any skin in the game, i.e. without having to put any of their own money at risk.

The classic example in the previous housing bubble were speculators who bought houses with no-down, no-document low-interest "liar loans": with no money down and a modest interest-only mortgage payments, speculators could buy a lottery ticket in the housing mania for almost nothing, and maintain their gamble for a very modest monthly sum. Given the potential for an enormous gain should the gambler find a greater fool to buy the house in a few months, this was an entirely rational and indeed attractive bet.

Today's asset bubbles in stocks, junk bonds, housing, art, bat guano futures, etc. are being driven by the Federal Reserve, which has replaced the nuisance of no-document liar loans with unlimited liquidity for bankers, financiers and insiders.The super-wealthy and corporate cronies can borrow as much nearly free money as they want from the Fed, without even bothering with qualifying for the credit.

When credit-money is nearly free and abundant, it becomes rational to buy lottery tickets in every asset class that is soaring in a Fed-fueled frenzy of "don't fight the Fed" euphoria.


ANNAPOLIS, MD – Joined by hundreds of entrepreneurs and business leaders at the National Aquarium in Baltimore, Governor Martin O’Malley awarded $100,000 each to four startup companies in the State’s InvestMaryland Challenge, a national business competition which offered nearly $1 million in cash and in-kind awards as well as opportunities for startups to showcase themselves to potential investors. The grand prizes were funded by the State-run Maryland Venture Fund and the BioMaryland Center, part of the Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development (DBED).

The winner in the Life Sciences category was Brain Sentry, a Bethesda-based company that has developed an innovative helmet-mounted sensor to help identify players of team sports who should be assessed for a concussion. Topping the IT (hardware/software) category was ClickMedix, a Gaithersburg-based global mobile health social enterprise founded by faculty and students from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Carnegie Mellon University to increase capacity of physicians and health organizations to serve more patients. The General Industry category winner was New York, NY-based Healthify, a startup out of Johns Hopkins University that is helping health plans and at-risk providers address the social needs of their population. The winner of the new Cybersecurity category was Luminal, which recently moved to Frederick from West Virginia and simplifies and secures cloud computing systems. The Life Sciences, Cybersecurity and Information Technology categories were open only to Maryland companies. The General category was open to all U.S. companies, with the winner required to open a place of business in Maryland and spend at least 51 percent of the funding in the State. To see a list of all of tonight’s winners, click here.

“Congratulations to the winners of the InvestMaryland Challenge, all the companies that participated and the members of Maryland’s vibrant and growing entrepreneurial community that have made the InvestMaryland Challenge such a success,” Governor O’Malley said. “Maryland is more committed than ever to supporting the entrepreneurs and innovators who develop cutting-edge technologies, start new companies and create family-sustaining jobs that will employ citizens of our State for generations to come. I look forward to watching all of the Challenge companies grow and thrive here in Maryland.”

“We are proud to award these top prizes to four deserving companies and are very thankful to the sponsors who donated the additional awards and the judges who offered invaluable feedback and advice to all the companies,” DBED Secretary Dominick Murray said. “The benefits of the Challenge do not end tonight. This competition helps build a pipeline of new investment opportunities for the State’s Maryland Venture Fund and private investors, and forges new bonds across Maryland’s entrepreneurial community, connecting companies to potential advisors, partners and customers.”

Organized by DBED, the Challenge drew 260 entries from around the country, including 29 out-of-state companies from 11 state and Washington, D.C. The field was narrowed over three successive rounds of judging by a panel of more than 80 investors, successful entrepreneurs, business executives and other members of the Maryland startup community.

The first InvestMaryland Challenge awarded $425,000 in prizes. The category winners were RedOwl Analytics (Baltimore, IT), GrayBug (Baltimore, Life Sciences), and i-Lighting (North East, General Industry). In addition to fueling entrepreneurship, the Challenge helps build a pipeline of innovative companies for the State’s InvestMaryland program, the largest venture capital investment initiative in Maryland’s history. Created by Governor O’Malley and passed by Maryland’s General Assembly in 2011, the program raised $84 million to support small, high-tech startups. Two-thirds of the funding – $56 million – is being managed by carefully screened private venture firms that will invest the funds and, if successful, return 100% of the principal and 80% of the profits to the State’s general fund. The remaining third of the InvestMaryland capital is largely allocated to direct investments by the Maryland Venture Fund.

The Maryland Venture Fund is a regionally recognized leader in seed and early-stage investing and a national model for state-supported investment programs. With nearly two decades of experience and numerous successful investments, MVF invests in highly innovative technology companies across the full range of industry sectors including software, communications, cybersecurity and life sciences companies in the areas of healthcare IT, medical devices and diagnostics.

Good Commentary

 They're not happy in Gaza . 
They're not happy in Egypt .. 
They're not happy in Libya .
They're not happy in Morocco ..
They're not happy in Iran .
They're not happy in Iraq ..
They're not happy in Yemen ..
They're not happy in Afghanistan ..
They're not happy in Pakistan ..
They're not happy in Syria .
They're not happy in Lebanon .




They're happy in Australia .
They're happy in Canada ..
They're happy in England .
They're happy in France ..
They're happy in Italy .
They're happy in Germany ..
They're happy in Sweden .
They're happy in the USA ..
They're happy in Norway .
They're happy in Holland ..
They're happy in Denmark .


Basically, they're happy in every country that is not Muslim
and unhappy in every country that is!




Not Islam.
Not their leadership.
Not themselves.




AND THEN- They want to change those countries to be like,

America The Beautiful?