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Monday, November 02, 2015

30 Dumbest Things Said In A College Classroom

Massive 'Crack in the Earth' Opens Up Suddenly in Wyoming

A dramatic crack has suddenly formed in the foothills of Wyoming's Bighorn Mountains that measures an impressive 750 yards long and 50 yards wide. It was discovered recently by surprised backcountry hunters who travel frequently to the area in search of game.

First reported by SNS Outfitter & Guides, a hunting company, on their Facebook page, the mammoth chasm appeared over the course of just a couple of weeks. It's an impressive example of just how quickly very large geological events can occur under the right conditions.

"Everyone here is calling it ‘the gash.’ It’s a really incredible sight,” wrote SNS on the group's Facebook page.

"An awesome example of how our earth is not as stable as you might think. Awesome forces at work here to move this much dirt!!” added Randy Becker, one of the hunters to stumble upon "the gash." Becker shared a number of stunning photographs of the crack to his own Facebook page.

A shot taken from a distance gives some perspective about just how wide and how deep the crack is:

Ocean City Man Fires Replica Firearm into Passing Vehicle

OCEAN CITY, MD – (November 2, 2015): Two male victims chased an 18-year-old suspect in Ocean City Sunday afternoon, after the man fired a replica firearm into their vehicle.
On November 1, 2015, at approximately 12 p.m. Ocean City police responded to 14thStreet and St. Louis Avenue in reference to a weapon violation. When officers arrived, a suspect was being detained by two victims.
Officers discovered that the suspect, 18-year-old Devin J. Gales of Ocean City, was in the area of 14th Street and Philadelphia Avenue when Gales fired a replica firearm into a passing vehicle. Gales then fled west towards St. Louis Avenue. Two males in the passing vehicle chased Gales and detained him in the area of 14th Street and St. Louis Avenue before calling police. The replica firearm was located nearby and, despite its close resemblance to a handgun, was later determined to be an airsoft BB gun.
Ocean City police have charged Gales with possession of a replica gun, discharging an air-gun within city limits, two counts of reckless endangerment and two counts of second degree assault. Gales was seen by a Maryland District Court Commissioner and is currently being held at the Ocean City Public Safety Building on $5,000 bond.

Thirteenth Holistic Doctor (MD, PhD) Dies- Allegedly Jumped from 20th floor

I am so sorry to break the news (as gently as possible) on the death of yet another holistic doctor. My heart goes out to his family, friends, and patients who are sharing their wonderful memories of him with me tonight on my Facebook page.

For those who want info on the other holistic doctors who have suddenly died (NOT counting accidents) the recap can be found here (from the first to last) and includes a video.

Dr. J.E. Block MD, PhD, FACP (aka “Doc Block”), married father of eight children and listed in the top 10 best Holistic doctors for the city of Tulsa on, allegedly jumped from the 20th floor on Thursday, October 29th 2015

The article (which describes him as a well known prominent doctor) says that he (allegedly) committed medical fraud. Update: News on 6 has updated their original headline and article which made some pretty serious allegations. However, their tone and the article have changed (link below). Dr. Block’s attorney commented on this same article on News 6 and is disputing some of their claims saying if the allegations were true, Dr. Block would have lost his license. Some are calling it a smear campaign and he only died a few days ago.


SPD Calls For Service Week Ending 11-1-15

Turning Alinsky on His Head With Rules for Republicans

Today, with the U.S. facing its greatest threat — that of irreversible decline — a new kind of presidential leadership is desperately needed. For the Republicans, it is not only vital to elevate and deliver a candidate with the character, courage and capability to lead in this time of crisis. It is also essential that the candidate has the ability to get in the ring and decisively defeat the Democrat Party nominee.

In sports, winning teams painstakingly study the plays of their opponents so that they may defeat them.

If the last two elections taught Republicans anything, it was that they need to formulate and implement a winning playbook. Barack Obama, the minimally qualified, upstart candidate not only won by alluring charisma and a superior ground game utilizing social media — he also won by applying the “Rules for Radicals” from Saul Alinsky, a Marxist fellow traveler whose teachings have propelled the Left’s ascendancy since the 1960s.

The crowning achievement of Alinsky was recruiting both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama — who are now at the pinnacle of power in the Democrat Party. Obama was trained in political and community organizing at the Alinsky-founded Industrial Areas Foundation in Chicago. Hillary developed a personal relationship with Alinsky after expounding on Alinsky methods in her senior thesis at Wellesley College in 1969.

Ready To Attack..

Hillary's 'Victory Lap' of Lies

To hear the media tell it, Hillary Clinton came to Capitol Hill as a bullfighter and easily killed the angry bulls of the House Benghazi committee. The "mainstream" media wondered why these crazy Republicans would "walk into the trap" of trying to scrutinize and question a media darling.

She was a "commanding, presidential presence," gushed the "objective" Associated Press.

It created "Hillary's Best Week Yet," oozed Politico. National Public Radio touted her "victory lap" at a Friday campaign event.

Never trust the liberal media to tell you who should run a "victory lap." After all, it's easy to remember that these same media outlets endlessly touted Al Gore's winning warmth and intelligence in 2000 and in 2004 insisted routinely that the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth hadn't laid a glove on John Kerry.


December Holiday Events at Poplar Hill Mansion

Friends of Poplar Hill Mansion

Yuletide Open House and Tea with Santa

Sunday Dec 6th and Saturday Dec. 12th 1-4
Poplar Hill Mansion
117 Elizabeth Street, Salisbury, MD 21801
Aleta Davis, Publicity
410 749 5168

Sunday Dec. 6th from 1-4, join us for a Yuletide Open House at beautiful Poplar Hill Mansion.

Floral decorations by Four Seasons Garden Club, Gift Shop, Christmas music and refreshments will put you in the mood for the Christmas season. Free to the public, donations to our food pantry are greatly appreciated. This is a free event!

Saturday, December 12th from 1-4 bring the family and kiddies and join us for Tea with Santa. Mr. and Mrs. Claus will be there to hear your Christmas wishes, and have a photo taken with you. After, enjoy a Christmas sweets tea with yummy treats and peppermint tea. $5.00 per photos. Photos will be mailed to you. Shop for handmade, one of a kind gifts in our gift shop, enjoy Christmas music and visit our nutcracker room in the nursery. Start a new holiday tradition. Donations to our food bank are greatly appreciated.

U.S. Tech Giants May Blur National Security Boundaries

HONG KONG — One Chinese technology company receives crucial technical guidance from a former People’s Liberation Army rear admiral. Another company developed the electronics on China’s first atomic bomb. A third sells technology to China’s air-to-air missile research academy.

Their ties to the Chinese military run deep, and they all have something else in common: Each Chinese company counts one of America’s tech giants — IBM, Cisco Systems or Microsoft — as a partner.

Such links, which are generally not well publicized, are now at the center of a debate among some in the American defense community, including former United States military officials, analysts and others. While the cross-border partnerships, under which American tech companies share, license or jointly develop advanced technologies with Chinese counterparts, are a growth area for business, security experts are increasingly questioning whether the deals harm United States national security.

More here
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800 number call authorized by Coastal Board of Realtors


We just got a call from an 800 number encouraging us to vote for Jake Day. Not a robocall, a real person paid for by the realtors' PAC.

Seaford Man Injured After Falling into a Grain Silo

Seaford - The Delaware State Police are investigating an incident in which a man was injured after he fell into a partially filled Grain Silo west of Seaford, DE.

Preliminary investigation indicates that the incident occurred today, November 2, 2015, at approximately 10:37 a.m. this morning at 6127 Owls Nest Road, Seaford as a 68 year old male was on top of the silo cleaning the interior walls when he fell approximately 30 feet into the top hole. Another man working on the farm had called 9-1-1 to report the incident. (photo of single silo is the actual silo the victim fell into while working)

The Delaware State Police, Seaford Voluntary Fire Department, Sussex County EMS, Sussex and Kent County Technical Rescue Teams along with the Purdue Company worked together to rescue the Seaford man.

The man was placed in a harness and hoisted out of the silo after approximately two and half hours. The injured man was then flown to the Christiana Hospital Trauma Center by Delaware State Police Aviation Helicopter Trooper 2 as a precautionary measure for his non-life threatening injuries.

Name of the victim will not be released as is DSP practice when investigating these types of industrial incidents.

Maryland Courts Self-Help Center Expands Free Services to the Public

(ANNAPOLIS, Md. ) –The Maryland Judiciary is expanding free self-help services for people who are representing themselves in civil cases in Maryland’s trial courts. Beginning Friday, October 30, 2015, a newly named and improved service, the Maryland Courts Self-Help Center, will provide phone and online help for people who are involved in a wide range of civil matters in either District Court or Circuit Courts.

The Maryland Courts Self-Help Center’s expanded services are now available to cover additional case types now to include landlord-tenant matters, small and large claims, debt collection, return of property, peace and protective orders, family law matters such as divorce, custody, child support and guardianship, foreclosure, shielding and expungement of records, and other types of civil matters filed in the Circuit Courts and/or the District Court. Services provided to self-represented litigants include help with:
  • completing court forms;
  • getting information on how to file court documents;
  • preparing for court;
  • preparing for mediation; and
  • understanding court documents.

The Murder of JFK

In her review of David Talbot’s new book,The Devil’s Chessboard (“Checkmate on The Devils Chessboard”, Consortium NewsOctober 27, 2015), Lisa Pease provides a succinct summary of Talbot’s impressive work. With one notable exception, she has nothing but praise for his seminal research. That exception relates to his reference to E. Howard Hunt’s “final confession” identifying LBJ as the top of the chain of command that brought about the death of JFK, which is not congruent with the conventional wisdom she and her fellow “researchers” have been so anxious to avoid.

Her review isolates that premise as follows:

While Talbot has the facts right in the broad strokes, if not all the small details, his focus was, in my opinion, a tad misplaced in spots. For example, he appears to believe E. Howard Hunt’s deathbed “confession,” which many in the research community do not.

Hunt, a career intelligence officer who became infamous as a leader of Nixon’s Watergate burglary team, implicated President Lyndon B. Johnson in the plot to kill Kennedy, which has never made sense to me. If LBJ was so ruthless that he killed his way to the presidency, why did he decide not to run again in 1968? Historically, when people have killed their way to the throne, they do not voluntarily abdicate it.

But E. Howard Hunt was far from alone in fingering LBJ as “the pivotal player” or, as I prefer to cite him, “the mastermind”. Madeleine Duncan Brown, Billy Sol Estes, Barr McClellan, and no less than Jack Ruby were strongly of that opinion, where Ruby told reporters dogging him during his appearance before Earl Warren that the motives of the principals were very tangible and that they should be looking at “the man at the top”.


Up to 10,000 stolen guns, 500 chainsaws found in South Carolina home of alleged drug dealer: cops

He sure loved his guns.

A South Carolina man arrested for drug trafficking had packed a one-man arsenal of up to 10,000 stolen guns into his home and a bunch of tractor trailers off a highway, police said.

“None of us have ever seen anything anywhere close to this,” Chesterfield County Sheriff Jay Brooks told WBTV.

More than 100 law enforcements officials Friday night raided the firearm-filled home of Brent Nicholson off Highway 9, outside the small town of Pageland. Authorities worked the scene for at least two days, and now have to go through the armory “piece to piece” to find the rightful owners of several thousand stolen weapons, Brooks said.


Dead Manatee Found at Assateague Island National Seashore

dead manatee
Photo from the National Park Service
A manatee carcass was discovered last week at Assateague Island National Seashore near the Maryland-Virginia border and is currently undergoing examination to determine the cause of death.

The National Park Service called the Maryland Department of Natural Resources to report the carcass on Oct. 27, but due to extremely high tides it washed out to sea before the department could retrieve it.

On Oct. 29, park staffers located the carcass approximately one-half mile from its initial location. Department personnel responded and transported the animal to the Smithsonian Institution for a necropsy exam. The manatee’s skeletal remains will be accessioned into the Smithsonian collection.

Although it is not uncommon for manatees to visit the Chesapeake Bay in the summer, they usually head back south when temperatures cool. This is only the second dead manatee documented in Maryland (the first was in April 2010) and the first along the Atlantic Coast. The circumstances surrounding this stranding and death are not known.

Maryland’s Marine Mammal and Sea Turtle Stranding Program has been responding to stranded marine animals for more than 20 years. The department works with the Marine Animal Rescue Program at the National Aquarium as well as numerous other organizations throughout the state to aid in the recovery of, and response to, stranded marine animals.

The department asks anyone who sees a dead, visibly injured, entangled or stranded sea animal to call 1-800-628-9944 immediately. The hotline is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Congressman Andy Harris Announces Aerospace Career Day

-Local Event to Showcase Careers in the Aerospace Industry-

EASTON, MD: Congressman Andy Harris announced that his office will be hosting an Aerospace Career Day in Easton, Maryland on Saturday, November 7th, 2015. Congressman Harris has invited representatives from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), and private enterprises to showcase their organizations and help guide students on a path to a successful career in the Aerospace Industry. All interested students and their families are invited to attend.

For more information, contact Congressman Harris’ office at 410-588-5670.

Aerospace Career Day Details

WHEN: Saturday, November, 7th, 2015

TIME: 2:30-4:30 PM

WHERE: Easton Airport, 29137 Newnam Rd, Easton, MD, 21601

Police: Driver Flees Police, Leads To Crash That Kills 1-Year-Old Boy

A 1-year-old boy is dead after a crash at a bus stop involving a car fleeing the scene of a hit-and-run Sunday night, authorities said.

Baltimore County police said the tragic sequence began when a man was fatally struck by a vehicle while trying to cross Pulaski Highway before 7 p.m. Police closed the road for an investigation and about two hours later, police said a Mercedes-Benz hit a police cruiser helping with the road closure, then fled.

Another officer pursued the Mercedes into Baltimore city, where police say it rear-ended a Volvo on Moravia Road, then hit a pole. The impact pushed the Volvo up onto the sidewalk, where a woman was waiting at a bus stop with her 1-year-old son in a stroller. The boy was hit and was critically injured. He later died at a hospital, police said.


Delmar Police Department Press Release 11-3-15

Incident:  Robbery

Date: 11/02/2015

Location:  9550 Ocean Hwy., Delmar MD

Suspect: Hunter C. Allen, W/M, DOB: 02/22/1997, of Delmar, MD

     On 10/29/15 an officer of the Delmar Police Department responded to 9550 Ocean Highway, Delmar MD in ref. to a strong armed robbery which had just occurred in the parking lot.  An undisclosed amount of U.S. currency was taken from the victim and the suspect(s) fled the area in a vehicle. Subsequent investigation by the Delmar Police Department along with the assistance of Salisbury City Police Department detectives led to the identity of the robber as Hunter C. Allen of Delmar, MD.  On 11/02/2015 Allen was arrested and charged with the following crimes, and is currently being held in the Wicomico County Detention Center.

Assault Second Degree
Theft Less than $1,000

CNBC Moderators Get Bipartisan Drubbing

Analysts across the political spectrum may be at odds over who won the third Republican presidential debate, but they seem to agree on one thing: the CNBC moderators had a very bad night.

The negative reaction to the debate questions and other factors has become a story unto itself, almost overshadowing the actual policy debates that broke out in between the candidate-moderator rancor Wednesday night.

The Republican candidates and observers complained the questions were demeaning, silly, and designed to provoke confrontation rather than genuine policy discussion. Others took aim at the debate format, and wondered about the moderators’ professionalism.

On several sites aggregating Twitter reaction, the moderators were declared the losers, “hands down.”

The Washington Post declared it “CNBC’s really bad debate night.”

“The moderators had a worse night than the New York Mets … "



Oklahoma’s Muslim community is breaking new ground.

For the first time, they will have a float in the Veterans Day Parade in downtown Tulsa, and a local newspaper reports that not all parade participants are happy about it. Namely, U.S. military veterans.

“It’s something we have been wanting to do for years,” Adam Soltani, executive director of the Oklahoma Chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, told the Tulsa World.

Soltani said the float is sponsored by CAIR-Oklahoma but will “represent the Oklahoma Muslim community, which is a very diverse community of people from all walks of life, immigrants, indigenous people.”

Cruz: Let Hannity, Levin, Limbaugh Moderate Debate

Conservative talk radio hosts Sean Hannity, Mark Levin and Rush Limbaugh should be tapped to host a Republican debate since they actually care about issues GOP voters are concerned with, says Texas Sen. Ted Cruz.

Cruz, one of the 15 candidates taking part in the two GOP presidential debates Wednesday night, told Fox News Channel's "Special Report" on Thursday he is tired of liberals being in control of the discussion.

"In the Democratic debate, they get a ton of love from the moderators and it's all praising the different candidates, avoiding too much clash," Cruz said. "On the Republican side, you look at an awful lot of the media interviewers, their object is whoever the Republican nominee is, to beat up on them, and to have people either stay home or vote for Hillary Clinton."

More here

Medical marijuana application deadline looms

As Maryland moves slowly toward joining the handful of other states that have legalized the use of medical marijuana, the issue now is determining who will be permitted to cash in by growing, processing and selling the state’s newest cash crop.

The Natalie M. LaPrade Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission, the state agency tasked with implementing the state’s medical marijuana infrastructure, estimated in a release that dispensaries should be open and operating by the second half of 2016.

Before that, however, interested parties are required to make an application to be licensed. The application wasn’t released until the end of September and will lead to the commission awarding 15 grower, an unlimited number of processor and just two dispensary licenses per state senate district.

Worcester County resides in the 38th District, which also includes Somerset County and part of eastern Wicomico. Western Wicomico shares its district, and potential two dispensaries, with Talbot, Dorchester and parts of Caroline counties.


BREAKING NEWS: EPA claims Volkswagen cheated a 2nd time on pollution tests

EPA claims Volkswagen cheated a second time by programming about 10,000 larger diesel cars with software to fool emissions tests.

Immigrants Caught At Border Believe Families Can Stay In US

Hundreds of immigrant families caught illegally crossing the Mexican border told U.S. immigration agents they made the dangerous journey in part because they believed they would be permitted to stay in the United States and collect public benefits, according to internal intelligence files from the Homeland Security Department.

The interviews with immigrants by federal agents were intended to help the Obama administration understand what might be driving a puzzling surge in the numbers of border crossings that started over the summer. The explanations suggest the U.S. government's efforts to discourage illegal crossings may have been unsuccessful. Its efforts have included public service campaigns in Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala to highlight the dangers and consequences of making the trek across Mexico to cross illegally into the United States.

Although the Obama administration has explained that immigrants who cross the U.S. border illegally can be deported, lengthy backlogs of more than 456,000 cases mean that immigrants can effectively remain in the U.S. for years before a judge decides whether they should leave the country. Also, recent court rulings have complicated the government's plans to hold families in immigration jails pending deportation proceedings.

More here

SPD Press Release 11-2-15 (Sewing Needle Found In Candy)

WCSO Press Releases - November 2, 2015

Aaron OsterwalderAaron OsterwalderIncident: Assault

Date of Incident: 27 October 2015

Location: 32000 block of Jordan Ct., Salisbury, MD

Suspect: Aaron Scott Osterwalder, 29, Salisbury, MD

Narrative: On 27 October 2015 at 1:22 PM a deputy arrested Aaron Osterwalder in connection with an Assault 2nd Degree. According to the complainant in this case, Osterwalder came into her bedroom and an argument ensued, during which Osterwalder reportedly assaulted the complainant. During the investigation, the deputy observed signs of injury that corroborated the complainant’s account.

The deputy transported Osterwalder to the Central Booking Unit where he was processed and taken in front of the District Court Commissioner. Following an initial appearance, the Commissioner released Osterwalder on $10,000.00 unsecured bond.

Charges: Assault 2nd Degree


Heather BoundsHeather Bounds
Ashleigh BrimmerAshleigh Brimmer

Incident: Possession of Heroin

Date of Incident: 27 October 2015

Location: U.S. 13, Salisbury, MD

Suspect: 1. Heather Jean Bounds, 38, Mardela Springs, MD
              2. Ashleigh Patricia Brimmer, 30, Hebron, MD

Narrative: On 27 October 2015 at 2:17 PM a deputy stopped a vehicle operated by Ashleigh Brimmer on Naylor Mill Road for speeding and a stop violation. Based on observations of the deputy, a WCSO Drug K9 team arrived and a scan of the vehicle was conducted which resulted in a positive alert for the presence of the odor of illegal drugs.  During a subsequent search of the vehicle the deputy recovered what was identified as heroin, along with syringes and other drug related paraphernalia.

The deputy placed both Brimmer and her passenger, Heather Bounds, under arrest for possession of heroin and drug paraphernalia. Both Brimmer and Bounds were transported to the Central Booking Unit where they were processed and taken in front of the District Court Commissioner. Following their initial appearances, Brimmer was released on Personal Recognizance while Bounds was detained on a bond of $5,000.00.

Charges: Possession of Heroin
                Possession of Drug Paraphernalia


Kenneth CarleKenneth CarleIncident: Sex Offender Violation

Date of Incident: 28 October 2015

Location: Wicomico County

Suspect: Kenneth Allen Carle, 42, Salisbury, MD

Narrative: On 28 October 2015 at 9:30 AM a deputy arrested Kenneth Carle after Carle failed to show at the Sheriff’s Office to register as a Sex Offender as required on 22 October 2015. Carle is required to register as a sex offender following a conviction for Sex Offense 3rd degree in 2010.

Upon arrest the deputy transported Carle to the Central booking Unit where he was processed and taken in front of the District Court Commissioner. Following an initial appearance, the Commissioner detained Carle in the Detention Center without bond.

Charges: Failure to Register as a Sex Offender

This is an extremely long press release please click 'READ MORE' below to see the entire release.

Muslim truckers who refused to deliver alcohol awarded $240,000

A jury has awarded $240,000 to two Muslim men who say they were fired from an Illinois trucking company after refusing to deliver alcohol.

A judge found Morton-based Star Transport Inc. violated the religious beliefs of Mahad Abass Mohamed and Abdikarim Hassan Bulshale. A trial to determine whether they were entitled to damages ended Oct. 20 with the jury's judgment.

A 2013 lawsuit filed by U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission said the men wouldn't deliver alcohol because it was against their religious values as practicing Muslims. The lawsuit claimed the company didn't provide them "with a reasonable accommodation and by terminating them because of their religion."


BREAKING NEWS: NTSB finds wreckage of missing cargo ship

The wreckage of El Faro, a cargo ship that disappeared near the Bahamas during Hurricane Joaquin on Oct. 1, has been found at a depth of 15,000 feet, the National Transportation Safety Board says.

Sewing Needle Found In Halloween Candy In Salisbury

Rubio’s New Billionaire Backer Top Funder for Open Borders

Hedge-fund billionaire Paul Singer’s decision to throw his financial weight behind the donor-class 2016 favorite, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), has sparked fresh questions about Rubio’s coziness with the financial interests funding his career.

Singer was a major financial force behind the Rubio-Obama amnesty and immigration expansion push in 2013.

As Politico reported at the time, Singer “quietly go[t] involved in the fight for immigration reform, making a six-figure donation… to the National Immigration Forum”— a George Soros-backed organization that lobbied for Rubio’s legislation to issue 33 million green cards to foreign nationals in the span of a single decade. The announcement of Singer’s endorsement highlights an intra-party tension that has emerged with new strength since Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI)’s inauguration as Speaker of the House.

There is a growing chasm between the more than 9 in 10 GOP voters, who want to see future immigration rates cut, versus GOP donors that are desperately seeking to install leaders in the White House and Congress who will further expand the nation’s already record breaking immigration rates that are transforming the country’s economy and electorate.

More here

81 Major Corporations Pledge to Back Global Climate Change Deal

Eighty-one major corporations with operations in the U.S.--including Google, Facebook, Apple, Coca Cola and General Motors--have taken a White House pledge “to demonstrate their support for action on climate change and the conclusion of a climate change agreement in Paris that takes a strong step forward toward a low-carbon, sustainable future.”

Signing the White House’s American Business Act on Climate Change Pledge shows a continuing commitment to action preventing global warming and is intended to set an example for other companies to pursue similar policies, according to a statement released by the White House.

It also shows the signatories’ support for the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference, which will be held this November in Paris. “The Pledge...voices support for a strong outcome in the Paris climate negotiations.”

Obama previously met with 13 major companies on July 27 to launch the American Business Act on Climate Pledge, according to a White House statement.

Three of them--Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, and General Motors--received billions of taxpayer dollars in government bailouts under the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP).

The companies that have signed the pledge are:

Williams: Who's Responsible?

Hillary Clinton told a mixed audience, “I mean, if we’re honest, for a lot of well-meaning, open-minded white people, the sight of a young black man in a hoodie still evokes a twinge of fear.” Before we get into the nuts and bolts of that observation, I’d like to ask a question. Would well-meaning, open-minded white people have a similar fear at the sight of an elderly black man using a walker and wearing a hoodie?

Whether we like it or not, easily observed physical characteristics — such as race, sex, height and age — convey information. That’s because there is often a correlation between those characteristics and other characteristics not so easily observed. Say that you’re a police commander faced with the task of finding vandals responsible for slashing car tires and smashing windows. How much of the city’s resources would you expend investigating 60- to 70-year-old Chinese men? You probably wouldn’t spend resources on any men in that age group. So who is responsible for your decision not to investigate 60- to 70-year-old Chinese men and other men of the same age? If you said it’s the behavioral reputation of that demographic as a group, you’d be absolutely right.

When I had nearly completed my doctorate at UCLA, Mrs. Williams and I purchased a home in Chevy Chase, Maryland, a high-end, exclusive suburb of Washington. Our house was on the corner, and motorists often tossed debris on our lawn adjacent to the street. A Saturday chore was to pick up the trash. One Saturday, an elderly white man offered, “When you’re finished working here, can you come to work at my place?” I responded that I’d be busy putting the finishing touches on my doctoral dissertation and would not have the time. The man was embarrassed and apologized profusely.

The man took for granted, with a high degree of probability, that if one saw a black man picking up trash in Chevy Chase in 1971, he was a hired hand. The man’s action may have been annoying, but it would be an error to classify it as racism.


Obama signs 2-year budget, debt deal

President Barack Obama has signed into law a bipartisan budget bill that avoids national default and sets federal spending through the 2017 fiscal year.
Tuesday was the deadline by which the U.S. would have defaulted on its financial obligations without an agreement.


Anti-Police Rhetoric Leads to Rise in Violent Crime

“For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” —Newton’s Third Law of Motion

It may not be equal, but America is seeing there is certainly an opposite reaction to the demonization of law enforcement by the Obama administration and leaders of the major American cities that have been run by liberal Democrats for decades. And that reaction is a deadly one.

The problem is frequently referred to as the “Ferguson effect,” in reference to the riots in Ferguson, Missouri, following the shooting death of a black man, Michael Brown, by a white police officer after Brown’s strong-arm robbery and assault on that officer. Police are increasingly hesitant to contend with those possibly engaged in criminal activity, lest they’re blamed for any resulting violence and face the end of their career, or even prosecution. Police officers report being surrounded by black youths and being recorded even as they’re taunted.

While correlation is not causation, it’s hard to ignore the fact that, following the sensationalized media coverage of the deaths of several black men while in police custody (Brown, Freddie Gray of Baltimore, Eric Garner of New York, all of whom had criminal records), and the subsequent drop-off in police engagement in high-crime neighborhoods, there has been a drastic spike in violent crime across the nation. In Chicago, homicides are up 19% for the year. In Washington, DC, homicides are up 44%. They’re up 62% in Milwaukee and 73% in Nashville, and other major cities have seen similar spikes.

According to FBI Director James Comey, recently addressing a group of police chiefs, “Some part of what is going on is likely a chill wind that has blown through law enforcement over the last year. That wind is made up of a whole series of viral videos and the public outcry that followed them.” He then asked rhetorically, “In today’s YouTube world, are officers reluctant to get out of their cars and do the work that reduces violent crime?”

These statements earned him a rebuke from the Obama White House, which adamantly disagreed with Comey’s conclusions — after all, Obama is freeing thousands of felons and pushing for an end to mandatory sentencing laws. Obama’s reaction is not unexpected, considering an acknowledgment of this reality would lay a measure of responsibility at the feet of the administration, and Obama himself. Both have played a role in stoking the anti-police sentiment that has deepened mistrust among many in urban, minority communities.

More here

Maryland test scores drop on Nation's Report Card

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) - New results from tests known as the Nation's Report Card show across-the-board declines in performance by Maryland students.

Republican Gov. Larry Hogan says the results are a more honest assessment of where Maryland students stand than the test scores released under his Democratic predecessor, Martin O'Malley. Hogan says under O'Malley, the state excluded too many disabled students and English language learners from the tests, resulting in "misleading" numbers.

Maryland students' scores remain above the national average in most areas, although Maryland dipped just below the national average in fourth-grade math.

A spokesman for O'Malley's presidential campaign says O'Malley's commitment to education resulted in higher graduation rates and expansion of pre-kindergarten.


Three States Sue Federal Government Over ‘Unconstitutional’ Obamacare Tax

Attorneys general for Texas, Kansas and Louisiana filed a joint lawsuit last Thursday against the federal government in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas over what they claim is an “unconstitutional” Obamacare tax that will cost the 50 states more than $14 billion over the next decade.

In March, states were first notified by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) that they would be assessed a Health Insurance Providers Fee - “a lump sum on all covered health insurance providers collectively, starting at $8 billion total in 2014 and increasing to $14.3 billion by 2018” - according to the lawsuit.

“The purpose of the fee was to generate revenue from a windfall Congress expected insurers to receive by increasing enrollment” under Obamacare to help pay for the law’s subsidies.

The White House has been forced to downgrade its Obamacare enrollment projections to just 10 million people by 2016 – less than half of the 21 million enrollees previously estimated by the Congressional Budget Office.

However, the federal government is threatening to cut off Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) funding to states that refuse to pay the fee. More than 72 million people were enrolled in Medicaid and CHIP as of July, according to CMS.


Rep. Susan Brooks: 'We Are Not Done...'

The House Select Committee on Benghazi has a lot more work to do, Rep. Susan Brooks (R-Ind.) said after last week's hearings.

"It's not over," she told Fox News. Hillary Clinton "was but one" witness. "We have other witnesses to interview -- witnesses like Director (David) Petraeus, head of the CIA; witnesses like Secretary Panetta, who was head of the Department of Defense. We are not done.

"In fact, there are over a dozen interviews already scheduled for November. Now these will be probably in classified settings," Brooks added.

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MI5 Warns ISIS Plotting Massive UK Attack

Andrew Parker, head of the MI5 British homeland security agency, warned on Friday that Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists are planning to launch a mass casualty terror attack in the UK.

During the Lord Mayor of London's annual defense and security lecture, Parker revealed that no fewer than six planned attacks were thwarted by MI5 in the last year alone, aside from another seven plots targeting British nationals abroad, reports The Telegraph.

"More than 750 extremists from this country have traveled to Syria, and the growth in the threat shows no sign of abating," he revealed.

“We are seeing plots against the UK directed by terrorists in Syria; enabled through contacts with terrorists in Syria; and inspired online by ISIL's sophisticated exploitation of technology," he added, using an alternate acronym for ISIS.

Giving a specific warning, he noted that "this year we have seen greater ambition for mass casualty attacks," and aside from ISIS, Al-Qaeda terrorists are likewise planning huge attacks in the UK.

"All of this means that the threat we are facing today is on a scale and at a tempo that I have not seen before in my career," said the veteran security official, noting on his 32-year career.


New Rule for Workers: Don’t Put Highly Enriched Uranium in Your Pocket

(CNSNews) – Following an investigation by its inspector general, the Department of Energy has issued a new rule advising its workers to refrain from putting highly enriched uranium in their pockets.

“After interviewing chemical operators and reviewing revised Y-12 procedures, we confirmed that chemical operators are no longer allowed to place samples in their pockets and must check their pockets before removing their coveralls,” said a report issued by the DOE Office of Inspector General.

The report, released in September, described a safety violation that occured last year at the DOE’s Y-12 National Security Complex in Oak Ridge, Tenn.

"We received allegations that special nuclear material (SNM) was not appropriately managed at the Y-12 National Security Complex (Y-12)," said the IG report. "Specifically, we were informed that on January 22, 2014, highly enriched uranium (HEU) samples were discovered in the pocket of coveralls located on a laundry truck that annunicated an alarm as the truck tried to exit Y-12s Protected Area."

The DOE's Y-12 National Security Complex is involved in the manufacture of nuclear weapons, according to the department's Y-12 website.


Police: Concealed carry license holder kills armed gunman

CHICAGO – An armed man attempting to rob a neighborhood store was shot and killed by a customer who had a concealed carry license, Chicago police said Sunday.

A masked man, later identified as 55-year-old Reginald Gildersleeve, walked into the store and currency exchange about 7 p.m. Saturday on the city's southwest side, displayed a handgun and announced a robbery to an employee, police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said. The gunman next pointed his weapon at another employee and forced her to the back of the store.

The armed customer then fatally shot the man multiple times, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. Gildersleeve was pronounced dead on the scene at 7:10 p.m., according to police and the Cook County medical examiner's office. He had an extensive criminal history, including prior arrests for robbery, the Sun-Times reported. Gildersleeve was set to have an autopsy performed on Sunday, according to the Chicago Tribune.


Thousands of Muslim Migrants 'Disappear' From Camps

Where oh where have the Muslim migrants gone?

That is the question German authorities are asking themselves after some troubling reports of disappearances.

According to German press reports, keeping track of all the Muhammads and Alis pouring across borders is proving ever so tricky for European countries being flooded with people on the move from the Middle East and Africa.

Now, the United Nations is partnering with a private company to offer a solution – a new “universal” identification system that will comply with the United Nations’ sustainability goal of having biometric identification “in the hands of every citizen” in the world by 2030.

As author-blogger Pamela Geller noted this week, citing German press reports, more than one in two refugees from one camp went missing and are now unaccounted for and considered “on the run.”

At least 580 refugees initially were reported to have disappeared from Camp Shelterschlefe.

Now, in a “terrible new twist,” the disappearances are spreading.

“It’s become an epidemic,” Geller said. “7,000 migrants have left the Brandenburg shelters. Where are they going? Who is sheltering these illegals, many with ties to ISIS?”

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Delmar PD To Participate In The American Medicine Chest Challenge

Report of Halloween candy with 'needle-type' object probed

Police have received multiple reports of needle-like objects found in candy handed out to trick-or-treaters in a Philadelphia suburb.

The Kennett Square police department originally posted on Facebook warning about a "needle-type item" found inside wrapped candy bars given to four different children on Halloween night. Authorities urged parents to check all candy their children were given. Police photos of the candy showed the foreign objects looked like sewing needles.

The tampered candy was discovered when a parent of one of the children saw a Facebook post from an unknown source who described finding a chocolate bar with a needle in it. When the alarmed parent decided to check his own children's candy out of an abundance of caution, he found needles in Twix snack-size bars.


SPD Press Release 11-2-15 (Shoplifting)

North Korea Prepping Nuclear Site For New Test

Reports surfaced on Friday revealing that the North Korean regime is digging a new tunnel at its nuclear test site to conduct new nuclear weapon tests, according to South Korean media.

The nuclear site, which is located on North Korea's east coast and which has already seen three previous nuclear tests, has recently been filled with busy workers and vehicles digging out the new tunnel, a government source revealed.

"The fact that they are constructing a new tunnel indicates the intention is to conduct a nuclear test at some point," the unnamed source explained, adding that it had yet to be proven that the test would be held imminently.

Jeong Joon-Hee, a spokesperson for South Korea's Unification Ministry, declined to confirm the report, but said his nation and the US are closely monitoring Pyongyang's nuclear activity.

The report airs just days before a meeting in Seoul on Sunday, in which South Korean, Japanese and Chinese leaders will hold a summit that is to include a discussion of North Korea's nuclear arsenal.

US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter is also to visit South Korea on Sunday to discuss North Korea's nuclear threat.


Indiana Works Hard To Ensure Voters Can Get ID

The Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles license branches in counties such as Wayne that have municipal elections Tuesday will have extended hours Monday and Tuesday to issue ID cards and driver’s licenses that may be used for identification at a polling place.

Branch hours will be 8:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday and 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday.

These license branches will only process new, amended or replacement ID cards, and renewed, amended or replacement driver’s licenses and learner permits. New driver’s licenses and learner permits will be processed provided the customer previously has completed all required testing.

The Indiana BMV provides free, state-issued ID cards for voting purposes to any unlicensed Hoosier that is a U.S. citizen as long as he or she can provide proper documentation and will be at least 18 years of age on or before the next general or municipal election.


More Parents, Students Saying 'No' to Homework

For decades, homework's value has been hotly debated.

But now a growing legion of critics say the notion that America can close the learning gap with China or India by stuffing kids' backpacks with math worksheets as early as kindergarten is backfiring - creating a nation of stressed-out, sleep-deprived children, despite scant scientific evidence they are actually learning more from the reams of homework.

Some school administrators are starting to listen. Radnor School District has unveiled a policy stating that homework shouldn't "interfere with the student's health and well-being."

Several New Jersey districts, including Princeton Public Schools and the West Windsor-Plainsboro School District, are experimenting with banning take-home assignments on designated nights or weekends and school vacations.

An elementary school in Gaithersburg, Md., has banned homework altogether in favor of 30 minutes of nightly reading. And under the radar screen, parents such as Amy Clipston - she says there are others in Lower Merion - are quietly opting their kids out of the daily grind.

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I Just Couldn't Resist Trying This Myself

For those of you who don't know me, I absolutely love to cook Italian food. One thing my Family really enjoys is my baked ziti. Over the last two weeks I've been testing different kinds of dough because I had to come up with something that could handle all the weight of the ziti. In my research I actually found pre made dough right in WalMart, (by accident). So far that has worked out the best.

The other thing I had to do was place an order for deep dish pizza pans. They came in on Friday. Anyhow, if you like baked ziti, making it into your own pizza can be done right at home. 

One 16" pizza can feed and fill at least SIX people. Try it, you'll like it. 

Judge Orders Freddie Gray’s Medical Records To Be Given To Defense

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — New developments in the Freddie Gray trial.

The judge orders that the 25-year-old’s medical records be turned over to the defense team of the first officer to go on trial.

According to WJZ media partner The Baltimore Sun, court records show Judge Barry Williams is allowing the transfer of Gray’s medical records from his hospitalization right before his death.


"Knocking on some doors in Salisbury with Muir"

I think it's GREAT that some of our local leaders are going door to door to help candidates they feel will be a positive step in the right direction. I heard Delegate Carl Anderton also went door to door in support of Muir Boda. I like knowing that SOME of our elected officials have not forgotten where they came from. 

What Matters On The Eastern Shore

The Daily Times Falls Short On Salisbury Campaign Finances Once Again

Last week the Daily Times did an article about campaign fundraising. Most of what they said was factual and true but they very conveniently left out a huge portion referencing the Coastal Association of Realtors. It's a disservice to every single citizen of Salisbury to NOT do their job while charging you money to read their trash.

You see, there are thousands upon thousands of dollars funneled into very expensive post cards and postal expense from a PAC that supported certain candidates. The one above was paid for by Maryland REALTORS' for independent political action and the Coastal Association of Realtors. It goes on to flat out say, "not paid for or authorized by candidate or other contributors"

How convenient for the Daily Times to ignore that certain special out of state PAC's have such an interest in this tiny little election. 

So again I ask, do you really feel the Daily Times is serving this community properly or professionally? The mere fact that Mr. Tim Spies has served on the council for two terms and Heath was a fill in, the Daily Times has endorsed the third candidate who openly admits he is NOT from the Salisbury area and to top it off has never been seen at a City Council Meeting. 

For a company that has at least a Staff, gets paid every day from its subscribers, one would think they'd tell the whole truth, UNLESS they too have an agenda.

Governor Larry Hogan Visits “Maryland Pride!” Corn Maze

Governor Larry Hogan Visits “Maryland Pride!” Corn Maze
Participates in Annual Cancer-Awareness Fundraiser
ANNAPOLIS, MD – Governor Larry Hogan today visited Lawyer’s Farm in Thurmont, Maryland, to support their annual Farm Fundraiser. Lawyer's Farm will donate all of today's admission and ticket sales to the American Cancer Society in honor of the farm's founder, Jan Lawyer, who passed away to cancer in 2013. Governor Hogan also joined Taylor Huffman, Jan Lawyer's daughter and current manager of Lawyer's Farm, in presenting the American Cancer Society with a $1,500 check.

“I'm thrilled to be here at Lawyer’s Farm with so many friends to help raise awareness and funds for the American Cancer Society,” Governor Hogan said. “Cancer has touched all of us in some way–either personally, or through family or friends–and today’s event will bring awareness to this disease and help support all those who are fighting the battle of their lives.”

And The Winner Is...

Dodgeball Tournament This Weekend

Kansas City Royals win World Series

The Royals defeat the New York Mets in five games, clinching the franchise’s second world championship and first since 1985 with a 7-2 12-inning win in Game 5. Trailing 2-0 entering the top of the ninth inning, Kansas City scored two runs in the 9th and five in the 12th to secure the title.

The Aftermath

Can't Argue That

Great Office Prank

Looks Right To Me

Don't Forget To Vote Tomorrow