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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Sky Art By God Absolutely Amazing!

Sky Art By God

Absolutely Amazing!
1.      Line of building towers flanking from a thunderstorm.
2.      Sun setting behind cumulus clouds.
3.      Cloud to cloud to ground lightning.

What really caused Delaware's prisoners to revolt at Vaughn Correctional Center

'We knew it was coming'

Trouble at Delaware’s toughest prison percolated for years before inmates took control of a building and killed a correctional officer.

In interviews with The News Journal, three dozen inmates and their families, prison advocates and former and current correctional officers said anyone at the James T. Vaughn Correctional Center could see the deadly standoff coming.

Inmates insist that they continuously begged for respect from officers, better counseling and drug treatment, access to doctors and opportunities to earn a high school or college diploma.

"We've been trying to reach out – pushing the pen – and it was like no one was hearing us," said one Vaughn inmate whose identity was verified by the newspaper but requested anonymity for fear of retaliation. "We've been crying out for years."


Majority of Americans Approve of Trump’s Performance So Far, But Not the Media

A new poll shows a majority of Americans approve of President Donald Trump's job performance, while a significant portion of the public believe the media is biased against the president. The Daily Tracking Presidential Poll was conducted by conservative polling firm Rasmussen Reports.

The poll reported that 55 percent of likely voters support the Trump's performance so far, while 45 percent of voters oppose it. Trump has 38 percent of voters strongly agreeing with his performance and 36% strongly disagreeing.


Someone Get This Dog A Bone!

El Paso Electric Targets Rooftop Solar Customers Again

Excerpt from the article:

However, the utility is again proposing to create a separate rate class for its rooftop solar customers. In its announcement, EPE claims the new structure would “reflect the unique service characteristics and cost of service for this group of customers” and include a new monthly demand charge “to recover the cost of grid-related services.”

According to an EPE fact sheet on its website, the proposed solar provisions would increase a residential solar customer’s monthly bill by $14.09, on average. The utility says it has also proposed “identical” rate structure changes for small commercial customers with rooftop solar.

Here is the link to the article:

Just watch - Maryland utilities will also uncork a whole new rate classification - and - rate hikes - especially with the legislature's override of Hogans Veto on the accellerated Maryland Renewable Portfolio Standards, and, with the advent of the Community Solar act - HB-1087.

Unfortunately - that's just the way it works here in Maryland.

A Few Rogue Border Agents Still Resist Trump Policies

Some border patrol stations have been slow to carry out President Donald Trump’s immigration enforcement executive order and instead have continued former President Barack Obama’s “catch-and-release” policies, according to a union official.

Brandon Judd, president of the National Border Patrol Council, told LifeZette that he raised concerns Thursday with U.S. Border Patrol Chief Ronald Vitiello. He said he is confident that issue soon will be corrected.

But Judd said as recently as Thursday, some border patrol stations were still releasing border-jumpers, often without even issuing notices to appear in immigration court hearings.

Judd said some managers have been waiting for specific written guidelines to filter down from the Department of Homeland Security. He said he considers that unnecessary since the president’s executive order is crystal clear. He said anyone apprehended by border patrol agents should be turned over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement authorities-- that agency and immigration judges are charged with deciding whether someone should be deported.


Better Move To Compromise On Fireworks

This week’s dialogue on fireworks and special events among Ocean City business owners, tourism officials and the Mayor and Council revealed some interesting and diverse thoughts.

Although concerns have been expressed privately the last couple summers, this was the first we have heard public comments being made about the negative impact the weekly fireworks shows have on commerce on the Boardwalk. A few summers ago, the town began offering short fireworks displays at 10 p.m. during July and August on Mondays and Tuesdays to boost attendance during traditionally quiet evenings. The idea is to give visitors who have already chosen Ocean City as their vacation destination some free family entertainment to enjoy while here.

While the intentions are sound, the business owners’ concerns expressed this week deserve serious consideration. The thought of dozens of shoppers waiting in line to pay for their goods at the Boardwalk Quiet Storm store immediately leaving behind their planned purchases when the fireworks start to boom is disturbing. Other restaurateurs along the Boardwalk confirm on Mondays and Tuesdays during the summer their places empty out for the fireworks.


'So Dishonest..'

Thursday at a press conference to announce his pick of Alexander Acosta for the vacant Secretary of Labor post, President Donald Trump ripped the “dishonest” press and suggested they are intentionally being an obstacle to his effort to take the “entrenched power structure.”

"I make this presentation directly to the American people with the media present, which is an honor to have you this morning because many of our nation’s reporters and folks will not tell you the truth, and will not treat the wonderful people of our country with the respect that they deserve.

"And I hope going forward we can be a little bit, a little bit different and get along better if that’s possible. Maybe it’s not, and that’s OK too.

"Much of the media in Washington, D.C. and New York and Los Angeles, in particular, speaks not for the people but for the special interests and for those profiting off a very, very obviously broken system. The press has become so dishonest that if we don’t talk about it, we are doing a tremendous disservice to the American people, a tremendous disservice. We have to talk about it, to find out what’s going on because the press honestly is out of control. The level of dishonesty is out of control.."


What Old People Mean When They Say Millennials

Kids with ADHD Have Some Smaller Brain Regions than Normal

Children with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder have several brain regions that are slightly smaller than usual, more evidence that the disorder should be considered a neurological condition, a new study says.

The study, the largest review of ADHD patients' brain scans ever conducted, might also provide clues for developing new treatments.

"If you know what region of the brain is involved in ADHD, you could possibly target that part with medication," said Martine Hoogman of Radboud University in the Netherlands, the study's lead author.

ADHD causes inattention, hyperactivity and impulsivity, although a given person may not show all those traits.

Hoogman and colleagues analyzed MRI scans for more than 3,200 people in nine countries aged four to 63, of whom 1,713 who had ADHD. They found that the brains of children with the condition were slightly smaller in five regions, including those that control emotions, voluntary movement and understanding.

More here

Free admission to national seashore, Monday

Monday marks the second of 10 fee-free days on the Maryland side of the Assateague Island National Seashore for 2017, granting everyone a stone’s throw, or farther, away unfettered access to miles of shoreline, trails and more to explore.

“You’ll have the beach all to yourself, which is kind of wonderful and addicting,” park spokeswoman Liz Davis said. “Right now, we have a skinny staff so there aren’t any official programs.”

The visitor center will be open, Davis said, offering a couple of free movies about the park, but the rest is up to the visitors themselves.

Beachcombing, she said, might be more fruitful than during the summer months, because there is much less competition for prized shells, driftwood or sea glass.


Trump to MSM: "The public doesn't believe you people anymore."

President Trump’s feud with the media turned into an all-out war Thursday afternoon.

His early presidency beset by damaging leaks and a burst of staff turmoil, Trump used a hastily called press conference to blast the media’s coverage of his administration in his strongest terms yet. He claimed the press is “out of control,” reports on his team’s ties to Russia are “fake,” and news outlets are attacking him because they oppose his agenda.

"The media’s trying to attack our administration because they know we are following through on the pledges that we made, and they’re not happy about it," Trump declared at the White House.

The president spoke and took questions for over an hour, even joking with some reporters toward the end and saying he was having fun. In a bid to preempt negative coverage of his remarks, Trump insisted he was not "ranting and raving." But he lamented that the "tone" of coverage of his administration is one of "such hatred."


Eight Tourist Attractions Slated For New State Signs

OCEAN CITY – Eight public attractions in the Town of Ocean City will receive new signs from the Maryland State Highway Administration (SHA) as part of the Tourist Area and Corridor (TAC) Signing Program.

In a Transportation Committee meeting Tuesday, Donna Abbott, Ocean City’s tourism and marketing director, announced that SHA officials have approved new signage for eight locations – Ocean City Life-Saving Station Museum, Sunset Park, Ocean Bowl Skate Park, the Visitor Center, Center for the Arts, Northside Park, Eagle’s Landing Golf Course, bayside fishing and Boardwalk, and Ocean City Aviation Association (OCAA) Veterans Memorial, located at the airport.

Two of the locations – bayside fishing and Boardwalk and the OCAA Veterans Memorial – must address certain issues in the design process before appropriate signs are installed.

Ocean City and Worcester County were invited to partake in the TAC Signing Program early last year in an effort to create a unified signage system that highlights attractions in towns throughout the state.


Troopers Arrest Three Following Burger King Robbery In Seaford

Michael Jarvis
William B. Snyder

Seaford- Delaware State Police have arrested three subjects following the robbery of a Seaford area Burger King Restaurant that occurred yesterday afternoon.

The investigation determined that the incident occurred at approximately 1:29 p.m. yesterday, Friday, February 17, 2017, as a male suspect, later identified as Michael Jarvis, 47, of Lincoln, DE, entered the Burger King Restaurant, located at 24465 Sussex Highway, Seaford. Jarvis approached the sales counter where he presented and demand note for cash to a female employee. The note implied that Jarvis was armed, however, he did not display a weapon. The employee did not comply with the Jarvis' demands, and instead, turned the note over to the restaurant manager. The manager complied with the note and turned over an undisclosed amount of money to Jarvis. He then exited the restaurant and fled to an awaiting car, which was parked a short distance away, and which was occupied by two other suspects, later identified as Sara Ryder, 24, of Milford, and William B. Snyder, 38, of Lincoln. Several restaurant employees and a customer of the restaurant, after realizing a robbery had just occurred, chased Jarvis to the waiting car and were able to obtain its registration number, which they provided to emergency call takers. The vehicle, which was described as a 2008 Toyota Scion, then fled the area operated by Sara Ryder. There were no injuries.

A short time later, officers from the Seaford Police Department who had responded to the area, located the Scion and conducted a vehicle stop of it. Michael Jarvis, Sara Ryder, and William Snyder were all taken into custody without incident. Evidence linking them to the robbery was located inside of the car.

Netanyahu Threatens to Polygraph Ministers Over Leaks

The team of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu threatened on Tuesday to submit cabinet ministers to polygraph tests after several leaks from the most recent security cabinet meeting about U.S. President Donald Trump.

Netanyahu has flown to Washington to meet with Trump on Wednesday in their first meeting since the billionaire was inaugurated on January 20.

Netanyahu’s chief of staff, Yoav Horowitz, told reporters on the Israeli leader’s trip that he will “consider using polygraphs” to determine who is leaking security cabinet information to the country’s press. “It’s impossible to work like this,” he said. The security cabinet meeting is one of the most private in Israel.

Netanyahu met his cabinet on Sunday for a four-hour meeting to decide on the government’s policy before meeting with Trump. Several Israeli publications reported details of the meeting, including the demands of far-right coalition members Education Minister Naftali Bennett and Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked for Netanyahu to reverse his support of a two-state solution.


If you have any of these items in the fridge, you need to take them out right now

Do you ever feel like your fridge seems to be getting smaller and smaller? Well, it’s probably because you’re putting things you shouldn’t have to be putting. Many Americans make the mistake of putting everything they get from the grocery store into the fridge, not knowing that it will actually kill the flavor of many foods.
Here’s a list of what you shouldn’t be putting your refrigerator.
1) Baked goods
Storing baked goods will actually cause them to go stale. Counter-intuitive right? Keep food like bread and cookies outside to maintain their freshness.
2) Potatoes
Potatoes don’t like being cold. It turns their starches into sugar, which will ruin their flavor.
3) Tomatoes
Refrigerating tomatoes will actually turn them mushy and ruin their natural flavor.
4) Onions
Onions will lose all their flavor when refrigerated. Keep these guys out of the fridge for the best taste.

FLASHBACK: DNI Clapper Hopes Lie Detector Tests Will Plug Government Leaks

[Originally published on February 18, 2015]

Any government employees considering leaking classified documents had better not forget to practice their polygraph skills first. They’ll need to pass a lie detector test to get a job in the first place after U.S. Director of National Intelligence James Clapper issued a guidance Wednesday instructing the intelligence community to use polygraphs while screening possible hires.

Potential employees will take a test that “shall cover the topics of espionage, sabotage terrorism, unauthorized disclosure or removal of classified information (including to the media), unauthorized or unreported foreign contacts, and deliberate damage to or misuse of U.S. government information systems or defense systems,” states the guidance, which was first noticed by Steven Aftergood of Secrecy News.

Under the terms of Clapper’s guidance, personnel are to be instructed that disclosing information to “an unauthorized recipient” is explicitly prohibited. The definition includes anyone who doesn’t have the necessary security clearance and without a need to know, especially “any member of the media.”

More here

Ocean City Bus Cameras Not Expected This Summer

OCEAN CITY – Ocean City officials are still waiting to install camera surveillance equipment on municipal buses with grant money the town received late last year.

In a Transportation Committee meeting Tuesday, Brian Connor, assistant superintendent for transportation, told members there were delays in getting approval to solicit a request for proposal (RFP), which will push back the town’s installation timeline several months.

Last year, the town received a $500,000 grant to install hundreds of surveillance cameras both inside and outside Ocean City’s entire bus fleet, at the recommendation of the Maryland Transit Authority (MTA). Officials could then use the saved footage in the event of an incident.

The original goal to install cameras before the 2017 season begins is no longer an option, according to Connor, who now expects the equipment to be installed this upcoming fall at the earliest.


Christian university in Texas opens prayer room for Muslim students

A Christian university in Texas has created a prayer room for its Muslim students.

The Methodist-affiliated McMurry University dedicated the space in one of the school’s residential dorms for its Muslim students’ daily prayers.

Before its creation, Muslim students met for prayer in a nearby hotel, a student who helped establish the new prayer room told The College Fix in an interview.

That student, Joe Yousef, is president of McMurry’s Saudi Student Club. Of the roughly 1,000 students attending McMurry, about 60 are Muslim and many come from Saudi Arabia, Yousef said.

Yousef said now that Muslim students have a prayer room on campus, it will be much easier for them to meet both their religious and scholastic obligations.

“On Friday, we get together and sometimes we have to go home to pray and we need to be in university so we don’t have time to go home,” Yousef said.

Yousef admitted that some people at McMurry didn’t like the idea of having the prayer room.

Some students are also supportive.

The room will also serve as a meeting place for a new interfaith club, which is slated to meet for the first time Feb. 21..


85,193 Deer Harvested During 2016-2017 Hunting Season

Frederick County Leads State in Harvest Totals 
Maryland hunters harvested 85,193 deer during the combined archery, muzzleloader and firearm seasons (Sept. 9, 2016-Jan. 31, 2017), according to the Maryland Department of Natural Resources. The harvest exceeded the 2015-2016 total by more than 1,000 deer.

Included in the statewide total were 7,684 deer taken on Sundays open for deer hunting, representing an increase of 19 percent compared to last year.

“Our Sunday harvest continues to grow as hunters take advantage of additional weekend days to spend in the woods,” Wildlife and Heritage Service Director Paul Peditto said. “This growth is remarkable considering some counties have only one Sunday open to hunting in firearm season and three of our highest deer density counties have no Sunday hunting at all.”

Is This All You've Got?

Nunes Faces Heat for Questioning Intel Leaks Against Flynn

House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) is facing a backlash from some of his left-wing constituents after questioning the legality of surveillance that led to President Donald Trump’s national security adviser Gen. Michael Flynn’s resignation on Monday.

Flynn resigned after reports surfaced indicating intelligence officials had recorded private telephone conversations he had with Russia’s ambassador to the United States, Sergey Kislyak, before President Trump took office on January 20. His resignation came after reports that Flynn allegedly misled Vice President Mike Pence about the contents of his phone calls with Kslyak.

“I expect for the FBI to tell me what is going on, and they better have a good answer,” Nunes said Tuesday, according to the Washington Post. “The big problem I see here is that you have an American citizen who had his phone calls recorded.”

Democrats pounced in response.


Robert Irwin, 13-year-old son of Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin

Bannon Jokes About White House Reporters: ‘Opposition Party All Lined Up’

President Donald Trump’s chief strategist and former Breitbart News executive chairman Steve Bannon jokingly described a group of reporters as “the opposition party all lined up” when he walked past them outside the White House press secretary’s office on Wednesday.

According to the testimony of CNN’s Jim Acosta, The New York Times’ Julie Davis, NBC News’ Kristin Donnelly, and the Daily Mail‘s Francesca Chambers to name a few, Bannon walked past the group of reporters and made the remark.

arlier on Wednesday, Bannon told CNN’s Dylan Byers that he “could care less” about repairing the White House’s adversarial relationship with the traditional media, adding that any warming of relations was “not going to happen.”

“The opposition party is completely focused on trying to destroy Trump and his administration. It’s not going to happen,” he said.

Bannon previously described the mainstream media as the “opposition party” in an interview with The New York Times in January, adding that Trump’s victory last November should leave them “embarrassed and humiliated” due to their erroneous predictions and analysis about the election. He urged them to “keep their mouth shut and just listen for awhile” so they might learn why they got it so wrong.


Bikers For Trump Have Arrived!

Majority of Refugees Coming from Terror-Exporting Countries

Most of the refugees imported into the U.S. since a district judge halted President Donald Trump’s executive order freezing refugee resettlement and restricting travel from seven terror-exporting countries come from five of those countries, new data shows.

After a federal district judge issued an unusual, nationwide, emergency order halting President Donald Trump’s refugee resettlement freeze on Feb. 3, 2,576 refugees arrived. Of those, 1,549—or 60.1 percent—are from Iran, Iraq, Somalia, Syria, and Sudan, according to CNS News. Trump’s order banned all refugee resettlement from Syria, froze all refugee resettlement for 120 days, and restricted all migrant travel from seven countries for 90 days. Over half, or 55 percent, of the 2,576 refugee arrivals are Muslim, including 99.6 percent of Syrian refugees.

The regional judge’s order did not affect Trump’s halving of total refugee resettlement numbers, which he reduced to 50,000 for F2017.


Bogus Times scoops on Trump, Russia are recycled propaganda

Take a deep breath and realize how precious little substance there is in all the breathless reporting about supposed skulduggery by President Trump, his team and the Russian government. If the nation’s lucky, the coming congressional probes — and whatever surfaces from the apparent ongoing FBI investigation — may one day provide some clarity.

Hostile, hysterical reporting based on anonymous leaks provides no hard facts — just “narratives” that could come out of a creative writing class.

Take Wednesday’s breathless New York Times story, “Trump Aides Had Contact With Russian Intelligence” — which was remarkable for containing the same facts the Times reported back in October as “Investigating Donald Trump, FBI Sees No Clear Link to Russia.”

Both reports say various Trumpites talked to figures in Russia’s government — but that US investigators found nothing to show they’d discussed the US election, or that anyone on Team Trump was even aware of any effort by Moscow to influence it.

Oh, and the Times also reported Jan. 19, “Intercepted Russian Communiques Part of Inquiry Into Trump Associates.”

How many times can the Times recycle the same stuff and still call it news?


Wisconsin students group demands free tuition for black students

The student government at the University of Wisconsin-Madison said on Wednesday that black students should be offered free tuition and housing because blacks were legally barred from education during slavery and university remains out of reach for black students today.

The Associated Students of Madison said in a resolution that suburban high school students are over-represented. The group said consideration of ACT and SAT scores in applications upholds "white supremacy" because it restricts opportunities for the poor.

The resolution demands free tuition, free housing and no fees for all black people, including former inmates.

The proposal calls for 10 percent of donations from the college to bolster financial aid and study the feasibility of test-optional and geographically weighted admissions.


Looks Like The Anti Trump Turnout Will Be A Flop, Pro Trump Supporters Have Arrived

Bipartisan bill could save Snow Hill almost $18K

Late last year when it was revealed Comptroller Peter Franchot’s office misallocated a total of about $21.4 million, it was discovered that Snow Hill was the lone Worcester town to owe the state money.

A new bill aims to forgive that debt.

The matter wasn’t exactly pressing, since the state had already agreed to a 17-year payback schedule, outlined by Franchot in response to the discovery.

“For those jurisdictions that owe money as a result of this reconciliation process, we are mitigating the financial impacts by providing ample time for long-term budget planning,” the statement read. “Those jurisdictions will not have to begin repaying what is owed until 2024, and they will have the flexibility to repay the funds over the course of ten years from that point forward.”

Snow Hill was found to owe the state $17,784.

Senate Bill 397, sponsored by George Edwards (R-1) and Richard Madaleno (D-18), is known as House Bill 1433 in the other chamber of the state’s legislature and is co-sponsored by more than a dozen delegates including several from Prince George’s County. Neither Sen. Jim Mathias nor Del. Mary Beth Carozza have signed onto the legislation, but lower shore delegates Chris Adams (R-37B) and Carl Anderton (R-38B) have.


Ex-Obama campaign manager, Plouffe, fined $90G for violating lobbying rules

Former-President Obama’s ex-campaign manager was fined $90,000 on Thursday for illegally lobbying Chicago’s mayor on behalf of Uber.

The Chicago Board of Ethics determined that David Plouffe violated ethics rules when he failed to register as a lobbyist after contacting Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

Plouffe was trying to help the ride-hailing service with regulations for picking up travelers at Chicago airports. The board also fined Uber $2,000 for hiring a lobbyist who violates the city’s lobbying laws.

An Uber spokesman said the company regretted the mistake and would comply with the board's assessment.

The lobbying violation became public after Emanuel released hundreds of personal emails related to public business in the face of two open records lawsuits, which alleged that he violated the state’s open record law, the Chicago Tribune reported. Plouffe’s message to Emanuel was sent on Nov. 20, 2015.


Insiders: Obama Holdover ‘Shadow Government’ Plotting to Undermine Trump

Several intelligence insiders have come forward over the past few days to describe a “shadow government” of Obama holdovers leaking information to derail the Trump presidency, with National Security Adviser Mike Flynn’s resignation their first great success.

There are even allegations that former President Barack Obama himself is actively involved, citing his establishment of a command center in Washington and continuing involvement with activist organizations.

Retired Lt. Colonel Tony Schaffer, formerly a CIA-trained defense intelligence officer, said in a Fox Business appearance on Wednesday: “I put this right at the feet of John Brennan, and Jim Clapper, and I would even go so far as to say the White House was directly involved before they left.”

He also mentioned Ben Rhodes:

FAKE NEWS: Media Lying to Public on ICE Arrests

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials are continuing to defend themselves against the national media which continues to mis-characterize the role and intent of the round-up of criminal aliens.

Media reports have called the Operation Cross Check arrests of criminal aliens a mean-spirited effort by ICE officials and the Trump Administration, despite the fact that this operation has been carried out in the past. More than 2,000 criminal aliens were rounded up in March 2015, Breitbart Texas reported at the time. The nearly 700 arrests in last week’s operation pales in comparison, yet the mainstream media appears to have lost total perspective in its attacks on the men and women tasked to protect our nation from these criminals.

When ICE agents arrested Daniel Ramirez Medina, a 23-year-old Mexican national, media outlets quickly jumped on his DACA status granted by the Obama Administration. Outlets failed to report Medina was targeted because of his alleged “gang member” status, Breitbart Texas reported.

“Daniel must be given his freedom, now,” said United We Dream Advocacy Director Greisa Martinez in the Washington Times. “Under Trump’s America, no one is safe. Donald Trump and Republicans must say in no uncertain terms that DACA recipients are safe.”

Being a gang member is a DACA-disqualifying activity.


White House Denies Fake News of National Guard Immigration Force

The White House is flatly denying media reports that the Trump Administration is considering using national guard troops as immigration officers to round up illegal aliens.

“There is no effort at all to round up, to utilize the National Guard to round up illegal immigrants,” White House press secretary Sean Spicer said of the report, The Hill reported. “That is 100% not true. It is false. It is irresponsible to be saying this.”

Spicer continued, “I don’t know what could potentially be out there, but I know that there is no effort to do what is potentially suggested.”

The Associated Press reported on a leaked “draft memo” claiming that up to 100,000 National Guard troops could be used to round up unauthorized immigration. The AP reported the plan would round up illegal aliens living nowhere near the Mexican border. The headline appears to falsely claim “Trump weighs mobilizing Nat Guard for immigration roundups.”

Department of Homeland Security Spokesman David Lapan responded to an inquiry from Breitbart Texas stating, “The Department is not considering mobilizing the National Guard for immigration enforcement.”

The AP report claims:

Muslims attack Christians in UK streets "we're taking over" "we hate you"

New Restaurant Planned For Long Dormant English’s Site

SNOW HILL – The county’s board of license commissioners approved alcohol privileges for a new Ocean City restaurant but not before cautioning its connections.

On Wednesday, the Worcester County Board of License Commissioners (BLC) granted a beer, wine and liquor license to the Cluckin Crab, a restaurant set to take over the former English’s location at 1500 Philadelphia Ave. in Ocean City. The property was purchased recently by the Harrison Group and will be leased by the connections of Cluckin Crab, one of whom is Todd Hayes. Hayes formerly operated De Lazy Lizard and has come before the board previously for license violations. After De Lazy Lizard changed ownership, Hayes then came before the Town of Ocean City with plans for a wave machine park, which have not come to fruition.

“I just want to make sure that the Harrisons realize we’d be taking a leap of faith,” BLC member Charles Nichols said. “There’s been some wrongdoing by this applicant in the past.”


Salisbury Executive Order

Leaked Emails: Dem State Leaders Think Obama’s New Organizing Army is ‘Grade A Bullsh!t’

It is difficult to overstate just how enraged state Democratic activists and leaders are with Organizing for Action (OFA), the political and community-organizing army that grew out of Barack Obama’s presidential campaigns.

The nonprofit, which functions as a sort of parallel-Democratic National Committee, was founded to mobilize Democratic voters and supporters in defense of President Obama’s, and the Democratic Party’s, agenda. Instead, the organization has drawn the intense ire, both public and private, of grassroots organizers and state parties that are convinced that OFA inadvertently helped decimate Democrats at the state and local level, while Republicans cemented historic levels of power and Donald J. Trump actually became leader of the free world.

These intra-party tensions aren’t going away, especially now that OFA “relaunched” itself last week to protect the Affordable Care Act, boost turnout at congressional town halls, and train grassroots organizers gearing up for the Trump era.


Who Rules the United States?

Donald Trump was elected president last November by winning 306 electoral votes. He pledged to "drain the swamp" in Washington, D.C., to overturn the system of politics that had left the nation's capital and major financial and tech centers flourishing but large swaths of the country mired in stagnation and decay. "What truly matters," he said in his Inaugural Address, "is not which party controls our government, but whether our government is controlled by the people."

Is it? By any historical and constitutional standard, "the people" elected Donald Trump and endorsed his program of nation-state populist reform. Yet over the last few weeks America has been in the throes of an unprecedented revolt. Not of the people against the government—that happened last year—but of the government against the people. What this says about the state of American democracy, and what it portends for the future, is incredibly disturbing.

There is, of course, the case of Michael Flynn. He made a lot of enemies inside the government during his career, suffice it to say. And when he exposed himself as vulnerable those enemies pounced. But consider the means: anonymous and possibly illegal leaks of private conversations. Yes, the conversation in question was with a foreign national. And no one doubts we spy on ambassadors. But we aren't supposed to spy on Americans without probable cause. And we most certainly are not supposed to disclose the results of our spying in the pages of the Washington Post because it suits a partisan or personal agenda.

Here was a case of current and former national security officials using their position, their sources, and their methods to crush a political enemy. And no one but supporters of the president seems to be disturbed. Why? Because we are meant to believe that the mysterious, elusive, nefarious, and to date unproven connection between Donald Trump and the Kremlin is more important than the norms of intelligence and the decisions of the voters..

More here

Company fires 18 employees after they participated in 'A Day Without Immigrants'

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - A total of 18 people were fired from a Tennessee business after joining the nation-wide protest "A Day Without Immigrants."

The 18 employees at Bradley Coatings, Incorporated in Nolensville, Tennessee told their supervisors on Wednesday they'd be taking part in the nationwide movement. Then, on Thursday, they were told they no longer had jobs.

"We are the team leaders directly under the supervisors and they informed us last night that we could not go back to work and the boss said we were fired," one employee said.


Susan Rice Calls Donald Trump’s Black Caucus Remarks ‘Offensive’

President Donald Trump's exchange with a black journalist during Thursday's whirlwind press conference has been branded "notably offensive" by former National Security Adviser Susan Rice.
The president was asked by reporter April Ryan whether he planned to include the Congressional Black Caucus and the Congressional Hispanic Caucus in conversations on his urban agenda.
Ryan, who is White House correspondent for American Urban Radio Networks in Baltimore, initially referred to the Congressional Black Caucus by its acronym, the CBC, prompting Trump to ask: "Am I going to include who?"

Lawmakers probe US funding for Soros groups in Europe

George Soros' alleged meddling in European politics has caught the attention of Congress.

Concerns about Soros' involvement most recently were raised by the Hungarian prime minister, who last week lashed out at the Soros "empire" and accused it of deploying "tons of money and international heavy artillery."

But days earlier, Republican lawmakers in Washington started asking questions about whether U.S. tax dollars also were being used to fund Soros projects in the small, conservative-led country of Macedonia.

Rep. Christopher Smith, R-N.J., led a group of House lawmakers in writing to Ambassador Jess Baily -- an Obama appointee -- demanding answers. Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, also expressed concerns about USAID money going to Soros' Open Society Foundations as part of a broader concern that the U.S. Embassy has been taking sides in party politics.

“I have received credible reports that, over the past few years, the US Mission to Macedonia has actively intervened in the party politics of Macedonia, as well as the shaping of its media environment and civil society, often favoring groups of one political persuasion over another,” Lee said in his letter.

Together, the concerns reflect growing conservative pushback against Soros' operations in Europe.


DOJ is also a target of President Trump's probe into leaks

The DOJ's intelligence division also "bears the responsibility of overseeing the foreign intelligence, counterintelligence and other national security activities of the United States Intelligence Community to ensure compliance with the Constitution, statutes and Executive Branch policies," according to its website.

On Wednesday Rep. Jason Chaffetz, the chairman of the House Oversight Committee, and Rep. Bob Goodlatte, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee sent a letter to DOJ Inspector General Michael E. Horowitz saying that they "request that your office begin an immediate investigation into whether classified information was mishandled here."

Chris Farrell, a former counterintelligence official and director of investigations and research at Judicial Watch, a conservative watchdog organization, said they are expecting "documents and records on FOIA requests we filed concerning investigations being conducted by the DOJ on Trump's transition team."

Farrell said if the request is not fulfilled by next Wednesday, Judicial Watch will sue.

He said, "it would be a very narrow universe of persons who would have had access to that classified material. Even the number of persons who would have access should be definable. That sort of communication intelligence, or COMINT (communications intelligence) collection activity is very specific. The list of people is narrow."


This suburb spends more than $110,000 a year on cars for its lawmakers

The Prince George’s County government spends more than $110,000 a year on automobile allowances and take-home cars for county council officials, a perk that goes far beyond what is offered in neighboring jurisdictions.

All nine council members and the council’s two top administrators are either assigned a government vehicle or paid a yearly car allowance.

Between 2011 and 2016, council members driving take-home cars were involved in at least 15 collisions, including a major crash Nov. 21 that resulted in the arrest of council member Mel Franklin (D-Upper Marlboro) on drunken-driving charges.

They also received at least 107 speeding, missed-toll and parking citations, according to public records provided to The Washington Post.


Study: Up to 2.1 Million Hispanics May Have Voted Illegally

An analysis of a little-known study concluded there may have been more than 2 million non-citizen Hispanics who illegally voted last year.

The Washington Times cites the 2013 study, which was conducted by McLaughlin and Associates. A separate, and more recent, analysis by research nonprofit Just Facts found there was potentially a large number of non-citizens who managed to cast a vote in last fall's presidential election.

In the 2013 study, 13 percent of the non-citizen Hispanics said they were registered to vote.

According to the Times, James Agresti of Just Facts examined the results, applied it to 2013 U.S. Census data, and concluded that as many as 2.1 million Hispanics could have been illegally registered to vote.

"Contrary to the claims of many media outlets and so-called fact-checkers, this nationally representative scientific poll confirms that a sizable number of non-citizens in the U.S. are registered to vote," Agresti said.

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Drug Catapult Found on U.S./Mexico Border

A strange contraption was found on the U.S.-Mexico border: a home-brewed catapult thought to be used to slingshot drugs across the border.

"It's a strange 'Mad Max'-style contraption made of metal parts and springs with a rope attached to pull it down for loading and flinging," said CNet's Amanda Kooser.

Here's a picture of the catapult:

The catapult was discovered when U.S. agents found a group of people "running away from a section of the border fence in Douglas, Arizona. They found the catapult system attached to the fence's south side, as well as two bundles containing 47 pounds worth of marijuana."

U.S. agents dismantled the catapult and handed it over to Mexican authorities.


Islamophobic Saudi Arabia Deports 40,000 Muslim Pakistanis, Citing Terrorism Concerns

Saudi Arabia has deported a staggering 40,000 Pakistani migrant workers in the span of just four months, citing terrorism concerns.

The Saudi Gazette reported last week that “a number of Pakistanis were held in the crimes of drug trafficking, thefts, forgery and physical assault.” Authorities feared that some of the migrant workers were linked with ISIS, or as the Saudis call the terror group, Daesh. Other migrants were deported due to expired residency and work permits.