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Wednesday, April 08, 2015

How much you have to earn to be considered middle class in every US state

Annapolis, Maryland. Maryland has the highest median income in the US.
A recent analysis from Pew Charitable Trusts' Stateline blog found that the middle class shrunk in every state in the US between the years of 2000 and 2013 (the most recent data available).

"Middle class" is a tricky concept. Depending on where you live, you can feel middle class earning as much as $250,000 a year — about five times the US median income of $52,250 from the same time period.

In this analysis, Pew defined middle class households as those earning 67%-200% of a state's median income. So ... how much is that? 

The 5 Dumbest Ideas That Have Taken Root In America

Humans are extremely adaptable creatures; so we tend to quickly acclimate ourselves to our circumstances until they become the “new normal.” However, sometimes when you have a hole in the bottom of your boat, it’s a better idea to try to address it than to just keep bailing water all day long. For example, here in America we seem to believe that…

1) The only religion it’s okay to mock is the most popular one, Christianity: Roughly 80% of Americans are Christian; yet which religion is openly mocked by Hollywood and the mainstream media? Is it Judaism? No, that would be anti-Semitic. Is it Islam? No, those guys might kill you. Is it Hinduism or Buddhism? No, there aren’t enough of them around to draw notice. Ninety five percent of the attacks on religion in America are against the faith held by the majority of the people who sadly are a little too inclined to turn the other cheek to put a stop to it. All major religions deserve to be treated with a modicum of respect and that’s doubly true for Christianity since this nation was founded and shaped by Christians seeking religious freedom. If Christians don’t demand respect, no one should be surprised when they don’t get it.

2) Diversity is all about skin color: A lot of people would tell you that Nancy Pelosi, Sheila Jackson Lee, John Kerry, Dan Savage and Luis Gutierrez all together would be a “diverse” group. Well, what’s so diverse about five people who say the same things, think the same things and march in lockstep on every issue? The only real value of diversity is that it interjects new ways of thinking about and approaching a problem. If you take that away, diversity is meaningless and may even do more harm than good. If you don’t have diversity of thought, then you don’t have diversity.

Once again, you can read it all here.

Surprise! Obama slams Christians during prayer breakfast

You’d think if there was the president could show a little unity, it would be a prayer breakfast. Nope. He managed to slam Christians with his comments. It’s so, so bad.

“On Easter, I do reflect on the fact that as a Christian, I am supposed to love. And I have to say that sometimes when I listen to less than loving expressions by Christians, I get concerned. But that’s a topic for another day,” Obama said.

“Slamming Christians at his prayer breakfast,” Glenn said.

“Seriously when he wants to say something nice about Christians, it’s hollow and lifeless and emotionless. When he wants to bash them, he’s excited, he’s smiling, he’s laughing. It’s so clear about how he actually feels about these things. He can’t hide it anymore,” Stu said.


Breast Milk Sold Online Contaminated With Cow's Milk

Selling breast milk is big business.

Each year tens of thousands of women post ads on websites, offering their extra milk for $1 to $3 an ounce: "My rich milk makes giants!" promises one seller. "Organic and Gluten Free Breastmilk," claims another. Then there's this one: "470 oz. of breastmilk must go!!!"

But some women online aren't delivering what they're advertising.

Scientists at Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, analyzed 102 samples ordered from popular Websites and found about 10 percent of them were "topped off" with cow's milk.


Found Dog

Found this dog in my front deck about 5 pm on Pine Pole Rd Princess Anne and she hasn't left. She keeps trying to get in the house. We stuck a crate with some old towels in it and a food and water dish. So she has a choice if going in the crate for shelter. I can be reached at 443-944-3262 

We The People

Marion Barry's widow sues her late husband's kidney donor

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - The widow of former D.C. Mayor Marion Barry is suing the woman who donated a kidney to Barry in 2009.

The lawsuit claims that Kim Dickens does not have permission to use Barry's likeness - referred to as his "celebrity image" in court documents - to promote her charity, the Barry Dickens Kidney Foundation.

The foundation promotes organ donation and its website says Dickens and Barry founded the group together - a claim that Barry's widow, Cora Masters Barry, contends isn't true.

Knockout Game Back? It never went away

Wicomico Winners in Young Authors Contest from 11 Schools Earn Regional, State Honors

Winners of the 2014-2015 Eastern Shore Reading Council (ESRC) Young Author’s Contest have been announced. Wicomico winners represent 11 schools and most of the grade levels from 2 through 12. Winners from Wicomico County Public Schools placed 1st in eight categories of this year’s ESRC Young Authors Contest.

Entries placing 1st in the Eastern Shore Reading Council contest were forwarded to the state level for judging. Two Wicomico authors who won 1st place at the state level – Kayla Thornton of Parkside High and Alison Sahler of James M. Bennett High – will be recognized during the SoMIRAC (State of Maryland International Reading Association Council) conference April 15 in Hunt Valley, Md.

The Eastern Shore Reading Council will honor all of this year’s Young Author’s Contest winners (including the Wicomico winners listed below) at an April 9 reception at Salisbury University. Students from Wicomico County Public Schools who achieved a 1st-place finish at the local and/or recognition at the state level will also be recognized at the May 5 Wicomico County Board of Education Awards & Recognitions Night.

New York City Council Considers Allowing Non-citizens to Vote

New York City Councilman Daniel Dromm (D-Queens) is leading an effort to draft legislation to let non-citizens vote in New York City’s municipal elections

New York City Councilman Daniel Dromm (D-Queens) is leading an effort to draft legislation to let non-citizens vote in New York City’s municipal elections. Though the final details have not been worked out and a bill has not yet been introduced in the city council, advance discussion of the legislation reveals that it would provide voting privileges to documented residents who have lived in New York City for at least six months. Such individuals would not be allowed to vote in state or federal elections.

Members of the city council are reportedly discussing the legislation with Mayor Bill de Blasio’s office, and a bill might be introduced before summer. The 51-member council currently has 48 Democrats and only three Republicans. De Blasio is a Democrat.

Britain’s Guardian newspaper, which covered the story more thoroughly than the New York press, quoted Dromm as saying, “Enfranchising non-citizens would make communities like mine more important to city-wide and state officials. We can’t ignore them if they can vote.”


NRP Blotter 4-8-15

Oyster violations and illegal deer hunting activities on the Eastern Shore topped the list of charges filed last week by Maryland Natural Resources Police officers.

A dockside oyster inspection in Dorchester County by NRP officers resulted in 37 citations being issued last Friday to a local seafood buyer and a seafood business.

Officers conducting a compliance check at the Wingate County Dock on March 25 measured oysters in two metal bins, one of which was already loaded in a box truck operated by Capt. Phips Seafood, a business based in Secretary. Of the 43 bushels inspected, 37 contained oysters ranging from eight percent to 49 percent below the 3-inch minimum size.

The buyer, Mary Catherine Sears, 33, of Wingate, received 19 citations for possessing undersized oysters and Capt. Phips Seafood was issued 18 citations for the same offense.

The defendants are scheduled to appear in Dorchester District Court on June 17. Each charge carries a maximum fine of $1,000.

Coach loses his job after posting an open letter about Obama on Facebook

A Maine lacrosse coach lost his job when he posted a letter on Facebook criticizing President Obama

A Maine lacrosse coach lost his job when he posted a letter on Facebook criticizing President Obama with an unflattering–but accurate–description of America’s Muslim heritage.

Scott Lee told The Conway Daily Sun last month he is a politically minded conservative. “I thought it was an interesting letter to President Obama and his current administration who are not paying attention to Israel and focusing on Iran,” he said.

Lee, 48, coached the boys lacrosse team at Fryeburg Academy, a private “independent secondary school that serves a widely diverse population of local day students and boarding students from across the nation and around the world,” according to the school’s website, which notes the school was incorporated in 1792.


Mexican Officials Find Secret Passageway They Believe Was Being Constructed to Smuggle Illegal Immigrants Into the U.S.

Mexican soldiers have discovered the start of a secret underground tunnel they believe was being built as a passageway into the U.S. But it isn’t just any tunnel: This one begins in a closet inside a house near Tijuana, Mexico, where a ladder dives 66 feet underground into the passageway that spans 500 feet in length.

Mexican officials said Tuesday that the path was still being constructed when it was discovered and that it didn’t reach the U.S. border. However, officials believe had they not made the discovery when they did the tunnel would have eventually come out in California, about 22 miles from San Diego, the Daily Mail reported.


Obama's Information Website: Try It, You Won't Like It

A redesigned information website launched by the Obama administration last week looks like a bad April Fool’s joke.

Users can no longer search federal spending by keywords or find information that was previously available. Type in "contracts" and the response comes back empty.

Billed as a "transparency" tool, makes it more difficult to track taxpayer dollars.

"Information, such as how much the Pentagon spends on Viagra, used to be available at the click of a button," the Washington Free Beacon noted. "Locating those same contracts on the new website is virtually impossible, akin to finding a needle in a haystack."


Kentucky GOP May Let Rand Paul Run for Senate and President

As Sen. Rand Paul prepares to make his long-awaited announcement Tuesday that he'll seek the 2016 Republican presidential nomination, the Kentuckian will almost certainly get a big campaign boost in his home state: a change in state party rules to permit him to seek re-election to his Senate seat while running for president.

Under Bluegrass State election law, a candidate currently is prohibited from appearing on the ballot twice in the same election year. Last month, acting on a motion by Republican National Committeeman (and former Republican National Chairman) Mike Duncan, the state GOP's leaders voted unanimously to end participation in the May presidential primary and instead elect national convention delegates through statewide caucuses run by the party.

The party's state central committee still has to act on this, but it is widely thought to have no difficulty at the next scheduled committee meeting this summer.


Cool Berlin Day


Help Berlin celebrate its first anniversary of being voted America’s Coolest Small Town in 2014. The party is scheduled for Saturday, April 18th from 1:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. The day begins with a parade of youth organizations from Berlin and includes activities such as juggler Cascading Carlos who will hold workshops and perform. There will be an exhibition from Eastern Shore Karate, games and a slide for the kids and crafts from the Berlin Parks Commission. There will be plenty of food, a beer garden and loads of fun for all. Baltimore’s own “The Kelly Bell Band” will perform from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Make sure to not miss this special day and join us for Cool Berlin Day.

Trader Helps Bring Crazy Louie's to Fruitland

FRUITLAND, MD, Matthew Trader of Rinnier Development sold the former Gold & Silver Trading Post building located at 107 N Fruitland Boulevard Route 13) in Fruitland, MD. The building was purchased by Ladd Holdings, LLC and has plans to make the building into a third location for Crazy Louie's Pawn Shop & Rock-N-Roll Outfitters. Trader represented both the Buyer and the Seller.

Established over 30 years ago, Crazy Louie's currently has two locations in Salisbury providing a very large inventory of popular and specialty items. They receive new and different items EVERYDAY! Along with brand name, brand new and slightly used merchandise they also have antiques and collectibles. You never know what you'll find at Crazy Louie's Pawn Shops!

Rinnier Development Company owns, manages and/or has developed more than 2 million square feet of commercial and residential real estate and currently manages an investment portfolio of over 1.4 million square feet. Rinnier has provided quality service to the Mid-Atlantic community for over 75 years with nationally recognized award winning communities.

Matthew Trader specializes in the sale and leasing of Commercial properties. To contact Matthew, please call 443-614-4297, or email

British Women Running ISIS 'Brothels' Full of Kidnapped Yazidis

Female British jihadis are running brothels full of Yazidi women who have been kidnapped by ISIS militants in Iraq. The women, who are senior members of the al-Khanssaa religious police force, have been tasked with looking after the girls who are being used of sex-slaves by ISIS men.

Sources told the Mirror that the all-female al-Khanssaa brigade, which has been set up to enforce a strict interpretation of Islamic law, are running the brothels in order to satisfy the sexual desires of male jihadis.

“These women are using barbaric interpretations of the Islamic faith to justify their actions. They believe the militants can use these women as they please as they are non-Muslims.

“The Yazidi people are being ethnically cleansed, and their women are being subjected to the most brutal treatment. It is the British women who have risen to the top of the Islamic State’s sharia police and now they are in charge of this operation. It is as bizarre as it is perverse.”


WCSO Calls For Service 4-6-15

Geoffrey Lewis, longtime Clint Eastwood collaborator, dies at 79

Character Actor Geoffrey Lewis, known for his long working relationship with Clint Eastwood and for a slew of roles in television and film, died April 7 at his home in Woodland Hills, California. He was 79.

Frequently appearing in Westerns during his early career, he is perhaps most well-known as a frequent fixture of Clint Eastwood’s films. His appearances include "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil," "Any Which Way You Can," "Thunderbolt and Lightfoot," and "High Plains Drifter." He also had a supporting role on the short-lived "Alice" spinoff "Flo," from 1980-1981, for which he was nominated for a Golden Globe. In addition, he appeared in roles ranging from films such as "Night of the Comet" and "Maverick" to television shows like "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" and "Hawaii Five-0."


Teachers fear discussing extremism with pupils

Teachers complained they are now expected to be 'frontline stormtroppers' in the fight against Islamist extremism in school, a conference has heard.

They said they are now being forced to spy on children during sensitive discussions as a result of new-counter terrorism rules.

The National Union of Teachers (NUT) suggested that Government strategies designed to tackle extremism and terrorism have instead 'shut down debate' in schools.

Teachers said they now feel nervous discussing controversial issues over fears they will be pressured to report youngsters who share their opinions.

They also claimed young people feel unable to express there views on certain subjects, such as the Charlie Hebdo killings, for fear of being branded an extremist.


BREAKING NEWS: Jury reaches verdict in Boston Marathon bombing trial

Jurors have reached a verdict in the Boston Marathon bombing trial and will reconvene at 1:45 PM ET.


SPD Calls For Service 4-6-15

Son of East Village building's landlord 'made plumber tap gas line'

A plumber who worked on the building that exploded and sparked a huge fire in the East Village last month has accused the landlord's son of making him illegally tap a gas line, according to reports.

Nicholas Figueroa, 23, and Moises Locon, 26, both died and three buildings completely collapsed following the gas explosion at 121 Second Avenue in New York on March 26.

The unidentified plumber admitted that he illegally tapped a gas line ahead of the blast but said he only did so on the orders of the landlord's son, Michael Hrynenko Jr., the New York Post reported.

The gas was apparently being siphoned from the restaurant to tenants in the building.

Investigators suspect the illegal hookup was switched before Con Ed inspectors visited the building on March 26, and after they left, it was put back, the Post reported.

It added that authorities have not yet decided whether to use the plumber's statement against him or if they will get him to testify in exchange for a deal.

Neither the landlord, Maria Hrynenko, nor her 29-year-old son Michael, who also goes by the name 'Mischou', responded to the paper's requests for comment.


Surviving Martin O’Malley

Marylanders fear what a President O’Malley could do to America

By Ellen Sauerbrey

Maryland has been called “the Land of Pleasant Living,” but after eight years of the policies of Gov. Martin O'Malley, a lot of Marylanders found it not so pleasant. In a Gallup poll taken in 2014, shortly before the conclusion of Mr. O'Malley’s second term, 47 percent of voters stated that they would move out of Maryland if they could — the third-highest state in the nation from which people wanted to flee.

Taxes, jobs and better opportunity were the main reasons Marylanders gave for wanting to leave. The poll did not count the thousands of people who had already left. In 2010 after just one term withMr. O'Malley, nearly 31,000 Maryland taxpayers had fled his unabashedly left-wing economic and social policies, with most heading south to relatively tax-friendly states.

Since 2007, 40 tax, fee and toll increases were imposed on Marylanders, taking $3.1 billion annually out of taxpayer pockets to grow a state government that Mr. O'Malley claimed was “severely undercapitalized.” His budgets grew much faster than the taxpayers’ paychecks. During his two terms as governor, spending ballooned from $28.8 billion to more than $39 billion. His budget increases of over $1 billion a year were the highest in the region.

Shamefully, his budgets were only balanced by gimmicks like raiding most dedicated funds, including the state pension fund and the Transportation Trust Fund, and dramatically expanding bonded indebtedness to replace the pilfered money. Irresponsible, deliberate underfunding of the pension fund increased the unfunded pension liability by $10.4 billion.

Mr. O'Malley has bragged that he cut state spending by $9 billion and created thousands of new jobs, but both claims are delusional. By normal math, spending has increased more than $10 billion. Since 2007, Maryland has lost 40,000 jobs, thousands of small businesses and several major corporations.

On Election Day 2014, Mr. O'Malley’s record was soundly repudiated by the voters of liberal Maryland when his lieutenant governor, who promised to carry on his policies, was trounced by Larry Hogan, a Republican businessman promising change.

Liberal Democrats who are becoming intrigued with Martin O'Malley as a potential nominee for president might want to talk to the Democrats from Dundalk. The eastern Baltimore County community includes thousands of union steelworkers who once worked at the Bethlehem Steel plant, which was recently demolished. They have never elected a Republican to any office. But in 2014, fed-up Democrats went to the polls and in a clear repudiation of the O’Malley record, replaced all their state legislators and their councilman with GOP representatives.

Martin O'Malley ran for governor promising no tax increases on families earning less than $250,000 per year. A class warrior, he promised to balance the budget on the backs of the rich. Indeed, he tried soaking the rich by levying a “millionaire tax” on high earners. In creating the new top tax bracket, Mr. O'Malley pronounced that these richest Marylanders were “willing and able to pay their fair share.”

A year later, one-third of the millionaires had disappeared from the tax rolls and it was clear that they were not so willing to pay a combined state and county income tax rate approaching 10 percent. Some of the missing millionaire tax returns could be attributed to the recession, but many wealthy Marylanders just changed their residency to states such as Florida, which has no income tax. Instead of increasing revenues by an estimated $106 million, the following year the tax took in $100 million less than the prior year.

The loss of revenues had to be made up elsewhere. The O’Malley tax burden has weighed very heavily on middle-class Marylanders. They have suffered higher taxes on their paycheck, their beer, their tobacco, their gasoline and for the privilege of flushing their toilets. And they were hit with an increased sales tax, amusement tax, vehicle titling tax, hospital provider tax, fees for birth and death certificates, huge new tolls, and even a new tax on the rain that falls on their roof.

With the help of one of the most liberal legislatures in the nation, Mr. O'Malley was successful in achieving significant and controversial changes to the social fabric of Maryland. Among his “achievements” is a Maryland Dream Act that provides in-state college tuition to illegal immigrants whom the former governor defines as “New Americans.” He signed same-sex marriage into law, successfully fought to eliminate the death penalty, and passed one of the most onerous gun laws in the country. He also burnished his environmental credentials with a government-led scheme to build costly, inefficient wind turbines off the coast of Ocean City.

Fiscal irresponsibility, left-wing social causes and environmental extremism are pillars of Mr. O'Malley’s eight-year reign in Annapolis. Expect the same liberal agenda to appear on the presidential stage as he tries to outflank Hillary Clinton on the left.

As for Marylanders, we’re not ready to have an aspiring President O'Malley do to America what he did to Maryland.

• Ellen Sauerbrey is a former minority leader of the Maryland House of Delegates and a two-time Republican nominee for governor.

Concealed Carry Holder Heroically Stops Carjacking, And It’s Awesome

According to Fox News, a concealed carry holder in Georgia stopped a juvenile carjacking suspect, which possibly saved a woman’s life.
On Friday, a teenager in Smyrna, Georgia tried to steal a woman’s car. The surveillance tape shows the woman jumping on the hood of the vehicle (can you say DAY-UM) to prevent the teenager from driving away. Witnesses say that only caused the thief to speed up.
One of the bystanders drew his weapon and shot the suspect in the shoulder.
"The guy that got shot, he was falling out of the car and he was holding his chest. And he started shivering and shaking, and then he kind of flopped on the ground," witness Chris Roberts said.
The bystander held the suspect at gunpoint until authorities arrived. And that, my friends, is what concealed carry is all about.
The suspect was transported to the hospital. He will be charged with felony aggravated assault and misdemeanor theft by taking of a motor vehicle.

For $400 Trendy New Clinic in Maryland Promises to Make Abortion a 'Spa-Like' Experience

For $400, a trendy new clinic in Maryland is promising to make abortion a "spa-Like" experience which it has declared "is bold, unapologetic, supportive, professional and current."

Operating under the name Carafem, the clinic located in Friendship Heights, Maryland, has ditched medical jargon for language that inspires a more positive image of ending life up to 10 weeks old in the womb.

"Carafem (sic) wants to make sure that you feel comfortable. To do that (abortion), we want to remove any of that sterile, medical jargon. Carafem has centers, rather than clinics. When you come to us, you will be clients, rather than patients. The abortion care you receive will be a process, rather than a procedure. Instead of a doctor, you'll meet with a clinician. You will hear about comprehensive birth control options, rather than contraception," the clinic explains in ablog post on its website.


Iran Nuclear Deal Seen Cutting Oil Prices by $15 a Barrel

Oil prices could tumble $15 a barrel next year if sanctions are lifted following a final nuclear deal with Iran, according to the Energy Information Administration.

Iran and world powers reached a preliminary agreement on April 2 that set the parameters for further negotiations needed to complete an agreement by a June 30 deadline. The re-entry of more Iranian barrels could cut the agency’s price projection by $5 to $15 a barrel, the EIA said Tuesday.

“If a comprehensive agreement that results in the lifting of Iranian oil-related sanctions is reached, then this could significantly change the STEO forecast for oil supply, demand, and prices,” the EIA said in the report. “However, the timing and order that sanctions could be suspended is uncertain.”


Patriots Demand removal of communist flag


(Salisbury, MD.) Celeste Savage from Hope and Life Outreach (HALO) Ministries was recognized as the 2015 Outstanding Public Health Leader for Wicomico County at a ceremony held April 7, 2015 at the Fritz Health Center in Salisbury. The 19th annual award ceremony was held in recognition of National Public Health Week, April 6-12, 2015.

Mrs. Savage was recognized for working cooperatively with community partners and volunteers to provide food and shelter for the vulnerable homeless and poor in our community. HALO’s Café serves three meals a day to those who need it and operates a day facility with children’s room. HALO also runs a women’s and children’s shelter, and this past winter opened a much needed men’s shelter. Mrs. Savage continually brings in outreach services to help people get the aid they need, whether the need is food stamps, alcohol and drug counseling, veteran’s benefits, or job training.

“The Wicomico County Health Department is proud to work collaboratively with HALO, through the coordination of Mrs. Savage,” said Lori Brewster, Health Officer for Wicomico County. “She is an example to all of us in how to care for those in need.”
Mrs. Savage is to be commended for her efforts to significantly improve the health of the most vulnerable in Wicomico County and for her accomplishment on being recognized as Wicomico County's 2015 Outstanding Public Health Leader. Several members of the HALO team were present for the awards ceremony and Mrs. Savage graciously recognized each of them for the work they do every day.

In addition to The Public Health Leader award, two Health Officer’s Awards of Excellence, employee years of service and the 2014 Wicomico Health Employee of the Year awards were presented. Tammy Griffin, Dennis DiCintio and Brenda Williams were recognized for the countless hours spent working on public health accreditation for the health department. Maryland Children’s Health Program staff members Jasmine Carroll, Julie Marriner, Cindy Odoom and Tama Macer were recognized for assisting residents in the completion of Medicaid applications not completed through the Health Benefits Exchange. Nancy Tyre from Targeted Case Management was recognized as the Wicomico County Health Department Employee of the Year for 2014. Please join me in recognizing each awardee for their dedication to the community.

ADHD Drugs Found to Trigger Suicidal Thoughts

The Canadian Ministry of Health announced on Monday that it will start including new warnings on drugs taken to control Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), after reports show they may have side effects of increasing suicidal thoughts.

The step is being taken in response to the ministry receiving a number of reports concerning patients taking ADHD drugs who saw an increase in thoughts of suicide, including several suicide attempts and even actual suicides in a very small number of instances.

"This risk is already known for one ADHD drug, Strattera (atomoxetine)," notes the announcement. "New information has emerged since to suggest that the risk of suicidal thoughts and behaviours may apply to all other ADHD drugs," it adds, noting that while the drugs appear not to cause the behavior, they may "contribute to the risk."

The health ministry points out that "ADHD may also affect people who have other mental health conditions that are associated with an increased risk of suicide, such as depression or bipolar disorder."

All ADHD drugs are now to receive revised standardized warnings, aside from Strattera which already warns about the risk.

More here

Police in Texas Launch Investigation After Video Shows Deputy Strike Nine Months Pregnant Veteran

Police in Texas have launched an investigation after online video surfaced showing a Hunt County Sheriff’s officer strike an Air Force veteran who was nine months pregnant last month.

Footage shows two deputies restrain Deanna Robinson during the March 4th incident as they accompanied Child Protective Services to her parents’ home to remove the 38-year-old’s 18-month-old son Landry over allegations of of abuse.

Robinson can be heard shouting that she is pregnant before a deputy is seen at the end of the video hitting her.


Ben Carson blames hip-hop for the deterioration of black communities

Presumed Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson is pinpointing hip-hop music as the cause for the deterioration of the nation's black communities.

Calling for a return to faith-based values during an interview on a New York-based channel that describes itself as 'America’s most recognizable black radio station,' the Tea Party icon, who is himself black, claimed African-Americans had embraced an 'aspect of modern society that pretty much dismisses anything that has to do with Jesus Christ.'

And that is the 'hip-hop community,' he told a WBLS host, according to Business Insider.


Teen Sex Predator Gets 25 Years

The teenager who was famously pictured in a bloodied state in his mugshot after he sexually abused an 11-year-old boy and was beaten unconscious by the child's father has been jailed for 25 years.

Raymond Frolander, 18, was beaten to a pulp by the furious father after he walked in on the teenager performing a sexual act on his son at his home in Daytona Beach, Florida, last July.

In the early hours of July 18, the father called 911 and told the dispatcher: 'I just walked in on a grown man molesting [name redacted]. And I got him in a bloody puddle for you right now, officer.'

He continued: 'He is nice and knocked out on the floor for you, I dragged him into the living room,' before adding: 'Send an ambulance. He is going to need one.'

After Frolander's arrest, police released his mugshot, which saw him sporting swollen lips and eyes, black bruises and lacerations to his face. The photo was quickly shared thousands of times online.

Now, the defendant has been sentenced to a quarter of a century in prison by Circuit Judge Leah Case after pleading no contest to lewd and lascivious molestation of a victim younger than 12.

Speaking outside court, the child's 35-year-old father - who is not being named to protect the identity of the victim - said the sentence would give his son's attacker the chance to reflect on his actions.

'He’s going to learn in the next 25 years why I let him live,' he told reporters, according to WFTV.

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Major Utility To Begin Closing Down Power Plants Next Month

One of the country's largest coal utilities will begin closing power plants next month in four states, as strict federal environmental regulations begin to kick in.

The company, American Electric Power, made the announcement in a notice advising employees at the electricity stations that it plans to close six power plants in Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio and Indiana, according to news reports.

The company said it plans to shutter as much as 6,000 megawatts of power plant capacity in seven states by the start of 2016. The closures were planned as far back as 2011 to comply with new pollution regulations from the Environmental Protection Agency, called the Mercury and Toxics Standard, that go into effect later this month.

The initial six power plants will close beginning May 31. The plants include the Philip Sporn, Kammer and Kanawha Valley power stations in West Virginia, the Muskingum River Plant in Ohio, the Tanners Creek Plant in Indiana and the Glen Lyn Plant in Virginia. The closures would affect 250 workers.

Coal plants are the target of several new pollution rules being implemented or proposed by the EPA.


‘Five-Dollar Insanity’ Drug That is More Dangerous than Bath Salts and Can Cause Superhuman Strength Is Flooding Florida

As if people needed another inexpensive drug on the market that can produce crazy and violent behavior, Florida is seeing a rash of incidences where users of a new drug possess superhuman strength and delirium, according to a new report from the Daily Mail.

A new designer drug even stronger than crystal meth dubbed ‘$5 insanity’ for its mind-bending effects is spreading across Florida..

Flakka, which can be injected, snorted, smoked, swallowed or taken with other substances like marijuana, is usually made from the chemical alpha-PVP.

That’s the synthetic version of the stimulant cathinone, the same type of chemical that is used to make bath salts.

Flakka resembles a mix of crack cocaine and meth and it has a noticeably foul smell, WPBF 25 News reported.

St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office special investigations Sgt. Rob Pettit said: ‘It has a strong odor like a sweaty sock.

‘It’s pretty serious.

‘We’re always trying to play catchup with the drug dealers as it is, and now here we are trying to get accustomed to finding yet another drug.’

Once ingested, the drug causes a feeling of euphoria, hallucinations and sometimes psychosis or apparent superhuman strength.

The high lasts for a couple hours and users are left with a strong desire to use again.

Users have nicknamed the drug ‘$5 insanity’ because hits often cost less than $10, the Sun-Sentinel reported.


Employers Need to Get Ready for NLRB Ambush

The Obama administration is pressing ahead with new union election regulations that will require extra vigilance from employers, according to a leading labor attorney.

David Phippen, a management-side lawyer at Constangy, Brooks, & Smith, said that the National Labor Relations Board, the nation’s top labor arbiter, has created a system where “most of the burdens [fall] on employers.” Those extra burdens are compounded with a compressed timeline: The NLRB mandates that employers respond to petitions for union election with specific objections or unit organizing waivers within eight days and that elections themselves take place in as little as two weeks.

“Unions are doing organizing as a full time venture and using community front groups to do much of the marketing. Unions generally control the timing already,” Phippen says. “The employer will have little time—less time than before, which was already relatively short when compared to other types of elections—to communicate another side of the story to employees if it wants to do so.”

Critics of the law have dubbed it the “ambush election rule” because of the hasty time frame.

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OCPD Arrest Two Teens on Multiple Theft Charges

Joel I. Swabon
Joel I. Swabon
Ocean City police have arrested two Anne Arundel County teens on multiple theft charges after stealing numerous items from more than five boardwalk shops.
On Friday, April 3, 2015, at approximately 12 p.m. officers responded to Cool Topics, located at 107 Atlantic Avenue in reference to an assault and theft that had already occurred. Store employees reported that two individuals had attempted to steal items from the store. When employees confronted the individuals, later identified as Joel I. Swabon, 19, of Pasadena, MD and a 17-year-old female of Annapolis, MD, Swabon assaulted the employee before the two fled the area. Officers were unable to locate the individuals immediately following the incident.
Store employees later located a cell phone that the suspects had left behind. Through investigation, officers were able to meet the suspects to return the phone which later led to their arrest. Officers also determined that the suspects had taken items from multiple other boardwalk shops and were able to return most of the stolen items.
Ocean City police have charged Swabon with six counts of theft less than $100, second degree assault, possession of an assisted-opening knife and theft scheme of less than $1,000. He was held at the Ocean City Public Safety Building and released on $15,000 unsecured bond. The 17-year-old female was also charged with six counts of theft less than $100, possession of drug paraphernalia and theft scheme of less than $1,000. She was released to a guardian a short time after her arrest.

Barack Obama - Happy

Bill Clinton on Virtues of North Korean Nuclear Deal - History Repeats Itself

A Viewer Writes: Delmarva Online internet service

Dear Mr. Albero, 

I am wondering if you have heard anything about a lcoal business, Delmarva Online who seem to have disappeared without any notice to their customers and users: Delmarva Online, LLC 808 Priscilla Street Salisbury, MD 21804 Tel: 410-749-7898 800-220-9262 888-210-4547.

Their internet service has stopped (as of Saturday morning at 10:AM). They do not answer any of the various telephone numbers that they list. Nor do they return voice mails. Emails to their technical support queue are returned as undeliverable. 

They also do business as Purespeed Internet. Perhaps there is more here to the story, but I would assume this affects many people in the Delmarva area.

Actor who played ‘Dukes of Hazzard’ sheriff dies at age 88

The prolific character actor best known for his role as Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane on “The Dukes of Hazzard” has died. James Best was 88.

His wife of 29 years, Dorothy Best, said that Best died Monday night in hospice care in Hickory from complications of pneumonia.

Best starred on the television series that ran from 1979 to 1985. He was the lawman futilely chasing the Duke brothers, often in the company of his droopy-faced basset hound Flash. Best employed a battery of catch phrases in the role, as well as memorable laugh that was comically villainous.

“I acted the part as good as I could,” Best told The Charlotte Observer in a 2009 interview. “Rosco, let’s face it, was a charmer. It was a fun thing.”


Hillary Hit Bill In The Head With A Book After Monica Affair

During the height of President Bill Clinton’s Monica Lewinsky scandal, a White House maid entered the bedroom to clean and was shocked to find the president and first lady’s bed covered in blood.

The blood belonged to the president, who said publicly that he “hurt himself running into the bathroom door in the middle of the night.”

But the White House residence staff believed differently. As one worker told author Kate Anderson Brower, “We’re pretty sure [Hillary Clinton] clocked him with a book.”

“There were at least 20 books on the bedside table for his betrayed wife to choose from,” Brower adds, “including the Bible.”

For “The Residence,” political journalist Brower interviewed more than 100 former members of the notoriously secretive White House residence staff, as well as former first ladies Laura and Barbara Bush and Rosalynn Carter and several former first children, for an intimate look at the personal sides of our presidents.

Here are some of their tales:

Its A Perfect Time Of Year For A Bonfire


Doo Wop Test

1. When did ''Little Suzie'' finally wake up?
(a) The movie's over, it's 2 o'clock
(b) The movie's over, it's 3 o'clock
(c) The movie's over, it's 4 o'clock
2.   ''Rock Around The Clock'' was used in what movie?
(a) Rebel Without A Cause
(b) Blackboard Jungle
(c) The Wild Ones
3.   What's missing from a Rock & Roll standpoint?  Earth _____
(a) Angel
(b) Mother
(c) Worm
4.   ''I found my thrill...'' where?
(a) Kansas City
(b) Heartbreak Hotel
(c) Blueberry Hill
5.   ''Please turn on your magic beam 
_____ _____ bring me a dream,''
(a) Mr. Sandman
(b) Earth Angel
(c) Dream Lover
6.   For which label did Elvis Presley first record?
(a) Atlantic
(b) RCA
(c) Sun
7.   He asked, ''Why's everybody always pickin' on me?'' Who was he?
(a) Bad, Bad Leroy Brown
(b) Charlie Brown
(c) Buster Brown
8.   In Bobby Darin's ''Mack The Knife,'' the one with the knife, was named:
(a) Mac Heath
(b) Mac Cloud
(c) McNamara
9.   Name the song with ''A-wop bop a-loo bop a-lop bam boom.''
(a) Good Golly, Miss Molly
(b) Be-Bop-A-Lula
(c) Tutti Fruitti
10.   Who is generally given credit for originating the term ''Rock And Roll''?
(a) Dick Clark
(b) Wolfman Jack
(c) Alan Freed
11.   In 1957, he left the music business to become a preacher:
(a) Little Richard
(b) Frankie Lymon
(c) Tony Orlando
12.   Paul Anka's ''Puppy Love'' is written to what star?
(a) Brenda Lee
(b) Connie Francis
(c) Annette Funicello
13.   The Everly Brothers were.....
(a) Pete and Dick
(b) Don and Phil
(c) Bob and Bill
14.   The Big Bopper's real name was:
(a) Jiles P. Richardson
(b) Roy Harold Scherer Jr.
(c) Marion Michael Morrison
15.   In 1959, Berry Gordy, Jr., started a small record company called...
(a) Decca
(b) Cameo
(c) Motown
16.   Edd Brynes had a hit with ''Kookie, Kookie, Lend Me Your Comb''. What TV show was he on?
(a) 77 Sunset Strip
(b) Hawaiian Eye
(c) Surfside Six
17.   In 1960 Bobby Darin married:
(a) Carol Lynley
(b) Sandra Dee
(c) Natalie Wood
18.   They were a one hit wonder with ''Book Of Love''
(a) The Penguins
(b) The Monotones
(c) The Moonglows
19.   The Everly Brothers sang a song called 
''Till I ______ You.''
(a) Loved
(b) Kissed
(c) Met
20. Chuck Berry sang 
''Oh, ___________, why can't you be true?''
(a) Suzie Q
(b) Peggy Sue
(c) Maybelline
21.   ''Wooly _______''
(a) Mammouth
(b) Bully
(c) Pully
22.   ''I'm like a one-eyed cat....."
(a) can't go into town no more
(b) sleepin' on a cold hard floor
(c) peepin' in a seafood store
23.   ''Sometimes I wonder what I'm gonna do........''
(a) cause there ain't no answer for a life without booze
(b) cause there ain't no cure for the summertime blues
(c) cause my car's gassed up and I'm ready to cruise
24.   ''They often call me Speedo, but my real name is......''
(a) Mr. Earl
(b) Jackie Pearl
(c) Milton Berle
25.   ''Be Bop A Lula ....''
(a) she's got the rabies
(b) she's my baby.
(c) she loves me, maybe
26.   ''Fine Love, Fine Kissing …..''
(a) right here
(b) fifty cents
(c) just for you
27.   ''He wore black denim trousers and …..''
(a) a pink carnation
(b) pink leotards
(c) motorcycle boots

28. ''I got a gal named……....''
(a) Jenny Zamboni
(b) Gerri Mahoney
(c) Boney Maroney

Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road?


German Co-pilot  
to fly Air Force One.