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Monday, December 11, 2017

The flu has already swept through SEVEN states, CDC says

This year's flu season is off to a quick start and so far it seems to be dominated by a nasty bug.

Health officials say the flu vaccine seems well matched to the viruses making people sick, but it's too early to tell how bad this season will be.

The main flu bug this season tends to cause more deaths and hospitalizations and vaccines tend not to work as well against this type.

Flu began picking up last month.

By the end of last week, seven states reported widespread flu activity: Arkansas, Georgia, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Oklahoma and Virginia.


Bank exec accused having sex doing drugs at headquarters

A former top executive at Banc of California is accused of having sex with junior employees and doing drugs - all while on the premises of the bank's headquarter's in Irvine.

A lawsuit filed in California state court alleges Executive Vice President and Interim CFO Francisco Turner also corralled workers to go to strip clubs, on the bank's dime.

The suit, filed by Heather Endresen, a former managing director at the bank, also alleges the bank screwed employees out of their bonuses last year.


Google’s true origin partly lies in CIA and NSA research grants for mass surveillance

Two decades ago, the US intelligence community worked closely with Silicon Valley in an effort to track citizens in cyberspace. And Google is at the heart of that origin story. Some of the research that led to Google’s ambitious creation was funded and coordinated by a research group established by the intelligence community to find ways to track individuals and groups online.

The intelligence community hoped that the nation’s leading computer scientists could take non-classified information and user data, combine it with what would become known as the internet, and begin to create for-profit, commercial enterprises to suit the needs of both the intelligence community and the public. They hoped to direct the supercomputing revolution from the start in order to make sense of what millions of human beings did inside this digital information network. That collaboration has made a comprehensive public-private mass surveillance state possible today.

The story of the deliberate creation of the modern mass-surveillance state includes elements of Google’s surprising, and largely unknown, origin. It is a somewhat different creation story than the one the public has heard, and explains what Google cofounders Sergey Brin and Larry Page set out to build, and why.


Trump: CNN Made 'Vicious & Purposeful Mistake'

‘CNN, the LEAST trusted name in news!’ says President

President Trump on Saturday accused CNN of making a “vicious and intentional mistake” when the network was forced to correct an erroneous news report related to the Trump/Russia probe.

In an early morning tweet, Trump called on the news network to fire “those responsible,” and commented that an ABC reporter who was suspended for a separate erroneous report should be fired as well.

“Fake News CNN made a vicious and purposeful mistake yesterday. They were caught red handed, just like lonely Brian Ross at ABC News (who should be immediately fired for his “mistake”),” Trump wrote. “Watch to see if @CNN fires those responsible, or was it just gross incompetence?”

Prominent appeals court Judge Alex Kozinski accused of sexual misconduct

A former clerk for Judge Alex Kozinski said the powerful and well-known jurist, who for many years served as chief judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit, called her into his office several times and pulled up pornography on his computer, asking if she thought it was photoshopped or if it aroused her sexually.

Heidi Bond, who clerked for Kozinski from 2006 to 2007, said the porn was not related to any case. One set of images she remembered was of college-age students at a party where “some people were inexplicably naked while everyone else was clothed.” Another was a sort of digital flip book that allowed users to mix and match heads, torsos and legs to create an image of a naked woman.

Bond is one of six women — all former clerks or more junior staffers known as externs in the 9th Circuit — who alleged to The Washington Post in recent weeks that Kozinski, now 67 and still serving as a judge on the court, subjected them to a range of inappropriate sexual conduct or comments. She is one of two former clerks who said Kozinski asked them to view porn in his chambers.


Paul Craig Roberts: America Is "Walking Into Armageddon"

The orchestrated hostility toward Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea protects the $1,000 billion annual budget of the military/security complex by convincing the American public that the US is threatened by enemies. It also keeps alive Democratic Party hopes that Trump can be removed from office, and it has prevented President Trump from normalizing relations with Russia. I have emphasized for some time that Washington’s gratuitous and aggressive actions against Russia and the constant barrage of false accusations against Russia and its government have convinced Russia that Washington is planning a military attack. There is nothing more reckless and irresponsible than to convince a nuclear superpower that you are preparing an attack on them.

One would think that such irresponsible and reckless behavior would have the citizenry aroused and the media reporting the risk. Yet, there is only silence. It is more important to the media whether NFL players stand for the national anthem and that some male politicians show sexual interest in women in inappropriate ways. Insouciant America is walking into Armageddon.

A few days ago former US Secretary of Defense William J. Perry added his voice to mine and to those of the few who understand the danger. Perry said:


Former Massachusetts senator arrested extortion, fraud

A former Massachusetts state senator was arrested on charges of extortion and fraud after allegedly using his office to gain about $1 million, 700 pounds of free coffee and a Jeep.

Former state Sen. Brian A. Joyce, 55, federal authorities say, received up to 700 pounds of free coffee, and roughly $125,000 in alleged kickbacks, from a Dunkin' Donuts franchisee owner, who later claimed it was in exchange for legal services.

'No decaf,' Joyce told the franchisee owner in a December 2014 email for one request, according to the indictment. 'We like k cups (sic) at my office if possible.'


Democrat Alcee Hastings Settled Lawsuit

American taxpayers shelled out $220,000 to settle sexual harassment accusations against Democratic Florida Rep. Alcee Hastings, a new report reveals.

The Office of Compliance approved the settlement in 2014 after Winsome Packer, a former congressional staffer on a commission chaired by Hastings, accused the Democratic congressman of making sexual advances, touching her and threatening her job, documents obtained by Roll Call reveal.

Packer told Roll Call that she was “blackballed” after the incident.

“As an immigrant who came here with all these ideals, it is like someone just removed all the foundations that I stood on in this country for all these years,” she said. Packer was born in Jamaica, according to Roll Call.

Hastings, who has served in Congress since 1993, is the latest congressman to be caught up in a sexual harassment scandal.


Modeling industry sexual harassment seen as a 'compliment

Times have certainly changed, according to one supermodel who said that sexual harassment in the modeling industry used to be a 'compliment,' not the increasingly widespread problem it is today.

'Here is the funny thing about sexual harassment with us as models: It was seen as a compliment,' supermodel Paulina Porizkova told Page Six on Monday night.

Porizkova, who graced the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover in 1984 and 1985, went on to say that models 'almost got offended if you did not get harassed' during photo shoots — particularly if the snappers were known for 'hitting on' the talent.


Wisconsin Governor Pushes Forward With Plan To Drug Test Food Stamp Recipients

Anyone looking to take advantage of the federal food stamp program in the state of Wisconsin may soon have to pee in a cup before rushing to the grocery store each month for their taxpayer subsidized sugary beverages and assortment of Hostess baked goods. As theStarTribune points out today, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker took steps earlier today that could eventually make his state the first to require drug tests for able-bodied adults applying for food stamps.

Gov. Scott Walker moved ahead Monday with his plans to make Wisconsin the first state to drug test able-bodied adults applying for food stamps, a move blocked by the federal government or found to be unconstitutional when other states have tried.

Wisconsin's plan was approved by the Republican-controlled Legislature more than two years ago, but it languished because it conflicts with federal rules prohibiting states from imposing additional eligibility criteria on food stamp recipients.

Walker approved a rule change to implement the screening and sent it to the Legislature for review Monday. Walker spokesman Tom Evenson said the governor believes he has the authority to implement the rule.

The Legislature has four months to review the rule and it could take a year after its approval before the testing would begin. Lawsuits by those who oppose the drug testing are expected once it's implemented, assuming the federal government doesn't step in and block it in the meantime.

Under the plan, childless FoodShare participants who fail a drug test would be eligible for state-funded rehabilitation treatment if they don't have any other way to pay for it. FoodShare is Wisconsin's name for the federal Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.


Congress reeling from sexual harassment deluge

Congressional leaders are struggling to get ahead of the wave of sexual harassment allegations that are engulfing their institution.

With no clear roadmap for how to deal with such topics, House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and other leaders are responding to the allegations on a case-by-case basis — and on the fly.

The stream of public revelations has put leaders in a pressure cooker. Immediately after allegations surface, they face pressure to forge quick judgments about the credibility of the allegations and the severity of the misconduct, often while relying on reports from anonymous accusers.

The makeshift method has led to swift calls for resignation for some members and a messy, painful, drawn-out process for others.


West Point cadet who said star quarterback raped her drops out

A former West Point cadet said she dropped out following the academy's lackluster response to rape claims she made against its star quarterback.

Madeline Lewis told The Daily Beast she was destined to attend West Point and follow in her grandfather’s footsteps. “West Point was just something I grew up with,” she said.

Lewis attended the school in 2014 but was injured during basic training and had difficulties with her roommate.

“I kick myself now for not just leaving after I got hurt,” she said. “But I wanted to be there.”

The former cadet said one night she returned to her room after showering and found that Ahmad Ali Bradshaw, the quarterback, was there. He was best friends with her roommate, Lewis said.


How to Cash/Deposit a Check

We’ve talked before about how in an age when checks have become uncommon (but still are used occasionally), the younger generation often doesn’t know how to write them, and offered a quick tutorial on the subject to remedy this knowledge gap.

But there’s also the flipside of the equation to discuss: what do you do when you’re the recipient of a check?

Like check writing, check cashing has become a lost life skill thanks to direct and digital payments. Yet try as you might to avoid receiving checks, you’re still likely to get them as a form of payment. For one thing, if you have an aunt named Gertrude who likes collecting Precious Moments figurines, you’re guaranteed to receive your $20 in Christmas money in the form of a check.

Today we walk you through exactly what to do to turn your check into useable funds.


Breaking News: The New York bombing suspect told officials he was inspired by ISIS, and that he chose the subway because of its Christmas-themed posters

Officials said the New York suspect was a would-be suicide bomber who told investigators that he chose one of Manhattan’s busiest commuter corridors because of its Christmas-themed posters, invoking ISIS strikes in Europe against holiday markets.

The suspect said he set off the bomb in retaliation for U.S. airstrikes on ISIS targets in Syria and elsewhere, several law enforcement officials said.

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Officials said the New York suspect was a would-be suicide bomber who told investigators that he chose one of Manhattan’s busiest commuter corridors because of its Christmas-themed posters, invoking ISIS strikes in Europe against holiday markets.The suspect said he set off the bomb in retaliation for U.S. airstrikes on ISIS targets in Syria and elsewhere, several law enforcement officials said.Read More »

What Does It Mean to Be a Man? 80+ Quotes on Men & Manhood

When putting together our two paperback books, we sought to pepper the text in each with quotes about men and manhood. What we quickly discovered was that no comprehensive source for such quotes existed. You could find a few on general quote collection sites, a smattering on other websites, and some in books. But there was no repository that brought them all together. I finally decided to create such a collection myself, and below you will find the result.

When it comes to quotes about manhood, you could conceivably include ones that touch on the different qualities of manhood, i.e., quotes on courage, strength, resolution, etc. But what we have aimed to do here is to limit the collection to quotes that reference manhood itself. We hope you enjoy the quotes and perhaps find a few that will illuminate the meaning of manliness and encourage you to embody it.


UPDATE On St. Andrews Attempted Armed Robbery In Princess Anne

On 12-7-17 at 7:14 p.m., the Princess Anne Police Department responded to the St Andrews Episcopal Church Parish House located at 30513 Washington Street in reference to an attempted armed robbery. Investigation revealed that the suspect entered the Parish House while a meeting was occurring and displayed a holster with what was believed to be a handgun in the holster. The suspected demanded that the victims place their cellphones on a table at which time the suspect was then confronted by the Pastor. The suspect pointed the holster at the Pastor; however, the Pastor asked the suspect to leave at which point the suspect did leave without obtaining any property from the victims. The suspect is described as a light skinned black male, approximately 6-foot-tall to 6 feet 4 inches tall, approximately 235 to 275 pounds. The suspect was wearing a black knit cap with a black scarf covering his face, and black gloves. There were no reported injuries from the incident.

Anyone with any information concerning this investigation is encouraged to contact the Princess Anne Police Department at 410-651-1822 or Crime Solvers of the Lower Eastern Shore at 410-548-1776 where anonymous tips can be provided. Information that leads to an arrest can result in monetary rewards.

Canola Oil Linked to Worsened Brain Health

Canola oil, one of the most widely consumed vegetable oils in the world, may be bad for your brain. A new study by researchers at Temple University found that mouse models of Alzheimer's disease fed diets containing canola oil showed worsened memories and learning ability as well as weight gain.

It is the first study to suggest that canola oil does more harm than good for the brain.

"Canola oil is appealing because it is less expensive than other vegetable oils, and it is advertised as being healthy," explained senior researcher Dr. Domenico Praticò, director of the Alzheimer's Center at Temple's Lewis Katz School of Medicine. "Very few studies, however, have examined that claim, especially in terms of the brain."

Researchers focused their work on memory impairment and the formation of amyloid plaques and neurofibrillary tangles in an Alzheimer's disease mouse model. The animal model simulates Alzheimer's in humans, progressing from an asymptomatic phase in early life to full-blown disease in aged animals.

More here

[This is interesting info, but it is only one study. --Editor]

Supreme Court Blocks Release of Trump 'Dreamer' Immigrant Documents

The U.S. Supreme Court on Friday granted a request by President Donald Trump's administration to block the release of documents concerning his decision to end a program that shielded from deportation hundreds of thousands of young adults dubbed "Dreamers" brought into the country illegally as children.

The nine-member, conservative-majority court, acting despite objections from its four liberal justices, put on hold an order by U.S. District Judge William Alsup in San Francisco for the administration to turn over the internal documents by Dec. 22 as part of lawsuits he is overseeing challenging the legality of Trump's September decision. One of the suits is led by California's Democratic attorney general, Xavier Becerra.

The lawsuits accuse the administration of violating the U.S. Constitution's due process guarantee as well as statutory legal requirements in rescinding the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program created by Trump's Democratic predecessor Barack Obama. Under Trump's action, the protections offered by DACA disappear in March.

More here

Franklin Graham Leads Rare Event in Communist Vietnam

More than 10,000 Vietnamese filled up a stadium in a rare Christian evangelistic event led by the Rev. Franklin Graham, who said he wants the communist government to consider Christians its best citizens.

Despite sweeping economic reforms over the past 30 years that made Vietnam one of the fasting growing countries in the region, the ruling Communist Party maintains strict control over all aspects of society, from media to religions. According to Human Rights Watch, more than 100 Vietnamese are in prison for peaceful religious and political activities.

Graham told The Associated Press that the prayer rally in Hanoi on Friday was unprecedented in size for Vietnam and the government did not attach any conditions for the event, which took a year a organize. Authorities granted permission last week, he said.

"This is unprecedented really for us and for the government," Graham said. "We don't want to do anything that would embarrass the government or the people of Vietnam. Again we're guests, the government has not told me what to say or not say. I'm going to talk about God we are not here to talk about politics."

Graham said he hoped the government through the event will see Christianity in a different way.

"I hope the government will see that Christians are not enemies, but Christians are some of the best citizens in Vietnam and people that they can trust and depend on," he said.

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Leaders Warn of Terror Groups Converging With Organized Crime in Latin America

The merging of Iranian-backed terrorist groups with transnational criminal organizations in Latin America has become a mounting national security threat to the United States, according to several U.S. and foreign officials.

South America's tri-border region, where Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay converge, is of particular concern given the longstanding presence of Hezbollah militants, who operate as money launderers for drug cartels. The collaboration generates tens of millions of dollars for the Iranian terror proxy with a cut set aside for drug lords.

The 10th Parliamentary Intelligence-Security Forum brought together Trump administration officials, U.S. lawmakers, and 150 foreign delegates from over 50 countries on Thursday to discuss joint efforts to combat global terrorist financing.

Rep. Robert Pittenger (R., N.C.), chairman of the congressional taskforce on terrorism and unconventional warfare, who organized the event, warned of an uptick in Hezbollah’s activities in the tri-border area and said he fears the Islamic State or affiliated groups will establish funding channels in the region.

"Hezbollah has been there for a couple of decades, but you now have an expansion of it," Pittenger told the Washington Free Beacon. "The tri-border area is fairly open, it needs more oversight, particularly with the flow of cars, boats, etcetera involved in narcotics and illicit financing."


Trump: 'Watch and see' if CNN fires reporters behind botched WikiLeaks story

President Trump floated the idea of CNN firing its reporters after the news network issued a correction to an erroneous story Friday suggesting that the Trump camp had access to controversial WikiLeaks documents before they were leaked during the 2016 campaign.

He also offered a twist on the the network's slogan, "the most trusted name in news."

“Fake News CNN made a vicious and purposeful mistake yesterday,” the president tweeted Saturday morning. “They were caught red handed, just like lonely Brian Ross at ABC News (who should be immediately fired for his “mistake”). Watch to see if @CNN fires those responsible, or was it just gross incompetence?”

More here

Deace: The American Bar Association Should Launch Ethics Investigation into Gloria Allred

Reasonable people can certainly disagree on whether or not they believe the allegations leveled against U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore. Especially in the #MeToo era, as scores of women are rightfully coming forward for a long-overdue reckoning with Hollywood, Washington, the media, and other halls of elite power that ignored sexual misconduct for far too long.

All the while these same hypocrites sanctimoniously preached political correctness to everyday Americans, of course.

However, reasonable people cannot disagree on this—Gloria Allred is either a hack or disgrace. And there should be an ethics investigation conducted by the American Bar Association to find out which it is.

Full disclosure-- I have known Roy Moore for years and considered him a friend prior to these allegations. I endorsed his candidacy full-throat this entire year. And then, like so many others that admired his courage of conviction, I was devastated once these allegations emerged.

I have 16-year old and 12-year old daughters. My wife counsels women dealing with abuse and sexual dysfunction. So right away I am preconditioned to say to the women coming forward let justice roll down like a river and righteousness like a mighty stream. However, how do I reconcile these accusations with the man I know? A man so straight-laced he wouldn’t even remove the tags from his mattresses. A man that stood in the gap against progressivism’s post-modern takedown of American Exceptionalism, while so many others claiming to believe as we do ran.


[Related: Forgery 101-- Beverly Young Nelson and Gloria Allred Both Presented ‘Notes’ as Roy Moore’s Own Writing]

Holmes-Norton: ‘The Last Thing’ John Lewis Should Do ‘Is To Honor the President’

On Friday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Hardball,” non-voting House Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC) responded to Representative John Lewis’ (D-GA) refusal to attend the opening of a civil rights museum that President Trump plans to attend by stating the last thing Lewis should do “is to honor the president.”

Holmes Norton said the president is “showing up to honor himself.” She added, “[N]o respected Civil Rights leader, like John — like my colleague in the House, could possibly go. Because of both words and policies."

More here/video

State Police Investigators Release Composite Sketch In Attempt To Identify Victim Whose Remains Were Found In Anne Arundel County

(GLEN BURNIE, MD) – State Police investigators release a composite sketch in attempt to identify a victim whose remains were found along I-695 in Anne Arundel County in September.

Police believe the victim, whose remains were found on September 22, 2017, is an Asian/Hispanic male, 5’2”, in his late 20’s or early 30’s. The Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in Baltimore determined the victim’s manner of death as trauma to his head. Although the cause is still pending, nothing has been ruled out as this case continues to be investigated as a possible homicide.

State Police homicide investigators worked with the Baltimore County Police Department and the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in Baltimore to create the composite sketch. Police are hopeful that someone will recognize the victim and come forward with a possible identity.

At 4:30 p.m. on September 22, 2017, remains of the victim were found down an embankment along I-695 in Anne Arundel County by a motorist who stopped on the shoulder of the inner loop ramp of I-695 to Rt. 10 south. While out of his car, the driver saw what appeared to be human remains and called 911.

Troopers from the Glen Burnie Barrack responded, along with the investigators from the Maryland State Police Homicide Unit and Forensic Sciences Division crime scene technicians. Investigators found human skeletal remains lying on top of the ground. The remains were clothed. No identification was found with or near the body.

Anyone with information about this death or who recognizes the victim pictured in the composite sketch is urged to contact Maryland State Police investigators working this case at 410-996-7881. Callers may remain anonymous.

Handwriting Expert Touted by Washington Post Turns on Gloria Allred

A handwriting expert prominently cited by the Washington Post on the matter of the yearbook presented as evidence by Roy Moore accuser Beverly Young Nelson raised new questions today in a Breitbart News interview about the inscription and signature at the center of national controversy.

Specifically, the expert raised doubts about whether the initials “DA” at the end of Moore’s alleged signature evidenced stylistic differences when compared to the rest of the writing in the yearbook.

The forensic document examiner, Mark Songer, a former FBI agent, also called for Nelson’s attorney, activist Gloria Allred, to release the original yearbook “to all parties for examination. I think it is only fair. It shouldn’t be hidden or anything like that in my opinion.”

Songer revealed that he “didn’t spend a whole lot of time” on his original examination of the publicly available yearbook inscription image, which was presented at a press conference by Allred, before he provided quotes on the matter to the Washington Post.

He stated that it was only about an hour, or possibly less, from the time he was originally contacted by the Post by email until he gave the newspaper his opinion. That window also included the period of time that he spent looking at the online image.

“It wasn’t an analysis,” Songer stressed. “It was just my observations of whether or not the writings look like they were prepared by one person or multiple people.”


Israel says it destroyed Hamas tunnel using new techniques

The Israeli military on Sunday said it has destroyed a tunnel built by the Hamas militant group that stretched from the Gaza Strip several hundred meters (yards) into Israeli territory, declaring a breakthrough in its war against underground threats from the Palestinian enclave.

Lt. Col. Jonathan Conricus, a military spokesman, told reporters that Israel had used a new set of "tools" developed since a 2014 war with Hamas in order to destroy the tunnel. He said forces had detected the tunnel months ago and continued to monitor construction efforts by Hamas militants before demolishing it.

Conricus said the tunnel began in the central Gazan town of Khan Younis and stretched for over a kilometer (half a mile) across the border and into Israel. Although not complete, he said the tunnel was "very substantial," equipped with electricity, communications equipment and a ventilation system. It was located about a kilometer from an Israeli community.


Why Jerusalem Matters

The memorial to President John F. Kennedy is shaped as the stump of a fallen tree, symbolizing a life cut short. Surrounding it are acres of pristine forest, planted long ago in his honor, with other adjoining acreage for his brother Robert, and still another for his son John Jr..

The Kennedy Memorial is built on a tall plateau overlooking a lush valley so stunning it evokes images of Eden. On a clear day one can gaze all the way to the distant sea.

It is the largest memorial for the slain American President beyond the borders of the United States.

The 9/11 Living Memorial is shaped as a large bronze flag fluttering like a flame to symbolize the demise of the Twin Towers. Its base is made from the steel of the Towers. The names of all the victims of 9/11 are inscribed in the plaza surrounding the monument.

It is the largest 9/11 memorial beyond the borders of the United States.

Both memorials are in Jerusalem. Not London. Not Rome. Not Paris. Jerusalem, Israel.


Santa's Slaves: 200 parcels a day with no time for toilet breaks

Drivers are being asked to deliver up to 200 parcels a day for Amazon while earning less than the minimum wage, a Sunday Mirror investigation reveals.

I hopped in a white van to spend a day with one driver and experience first-hand the intolerable pressures they face from “impossible” schedules.

Many routinely exceed the legal maximum shift of 11 hours and finish their days dead on their feet.

Yet they have so little time for food or toilet stops they snatch hurried meals on the run and urinate into plastic bottles they keep in their vans.

They say they often break speed limits to meet targets that take no account of delays such as ice, traffic jams or road closures.

The delivery giant, which makes £7.3billion a year, does not employ them directly but uses an army of agencies instead. These agencies recruit drivers who work via an Amazon app and follow a delivery route set by the company.

More here

Hampshire College Silences Black Speaker Over Her Support for Second Amendment

Hampshire College, the ultra-progressive institution that has previously made headlines for flying the American flag at half-staff after the election of President Donald Trump, is now on the receiving end of a backlash over its decision to rescind its speaking invitation for Antonia Okafor, a pro-Second Amendment black woman.

Meanwhile, Okafor’s speaking engagement at nearby Mount Holyoke College — titled “Female Empowerment and the Second Amendment” — is slated to go forward Thursday evening, although administrators have taken steps to provide “alternative spaces” for students intending to protest her talk.

Hampshire College, however, is now claiming it pulled the plug on Okafor not due to her views, but because “the college did not follow its own procedures in sufficiently reviewing the application before we approved it.”


Plasma For Pay: Broke Millennials Sell Blood Just To Survive

There is no doubt, in a period where burdensome student loans and wage stagnation are crushing the hopes of achieving the American dream while living in their parents’ basements, the millennial generation is struggling to survive.

In recent times, we have explained how this generation is selling sex on the internet in exchange for money to pay bills. Across the United States, there could be upwards 2.5 million college students selling sex on a website to cover expenses (see: Millions Of Millennials Could Be Trading Sex For Their Next Debt Payment – Here’s How) or there is a new trend with millennial women, auctioning their virginities to the highest bidder (see: Abu Dhabi Businessman Pays $2.9 Million For 19-Year-Old Model’s Virginity.) If it’s sex, the millennial generation has made it a commodity, using the power of the internet to leverage the sale.

Besides the out of control sex advertisement on creepy websites, struggling millennials are now supplementing their incomes at blood plasma facilities across the United States.


Campus Coffee Shop Kicks Out Trump-Supporting Students

A coffee shop owner gave college Republicans five minutes to get out of the shop because of their MAGA hats, according to a Friday video.

The unnamed owner of Rodrigue’s Coffee at Fordham University in New York kicked the college Republicans out because the MAGA hats allegedly violated the shop’s “safe space policy,” reported Campus Reform.


Nancy Pelosi, Democrats built their own monster

Behold, Nancy Pelosi, the monster you yourself created.

Sure, Democrats have opened another front on their illusory Republican “War on Women.” But a key constituency of Mrs. Pelosi’s political jalopy is not too happy about how the party got there.

Congressional Black Caucus members are resentful and bitter about the way Mrs. Pelosi turned on pervy Rep. John Conyers, the Michigan Democrat, after he was accused of improprieties with female staffers.

Specifically, the octogenarian octopus is accused of groping, harassing and abusing women who worked for him over the many decades that he has been fossilizing in the House of Representatives.


ROGER STONE: Time For Real Net Neutrality

In 2015, when writing his dissenting opinion against FCC 15-24 — formally known as the Report and Order on Remand, Declaratory Ruling, and Order in the Matter of Protecting and Promoting the Open Internet, but commonly referred to as ‘Net Neutrality,” — Federal Communications Commission Commissioner Ajit Pai had this to say:

“This is not only a radical departure from the bipartisan, market-oriented policies that have served us so well for the last two decades. It is also an about-face from the proposals the FCC made just last May. So why is the FCC changing course? Why is the FCC turning its back on Internet freedom? Is it because we now have evidence that the Internet is not open? No. Is it because we have discovered some problem with our prior interpretation of the law? No. We are flip-flopping for one reason and one reason alone. President Obama told us to do so.”

The singular reason why this-so called “Net Neutrality” came to the forefront is because then President Barack Obama ordered it. And who was prodding Obama to do so? Google. Microsoft. Facebook. Twitter. Amazon.

The Tech Left, funded largely by George Soros, had decided to champion under the banner of a benign-sounding “Net Neutrality” campaign and seize a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to grab the moral high ground in their determination to allow the giant edge providers to censor the Internet to suit their ideological preferences — ridding the Internet of conservative and libertarian content.


Army-Navy Game’s Stunning Rendition of the National Anthem Puts Every Kneeling NFL Player To Shame

Army and Navy met again Saturday afternoon on a snowy field in Philadelphia to play a football game that has been played for over 100 years.

The Army-Navy football game is one of the most storied sports traditions in the country.

This year marks the 118th time the two teams have met. The teams meet in a neutral city between their respective academies. They often play in NFL stadiums due to the enormous number of active duty and veteran fans who wish to attend.

Before the game, the choirs of the Annapolis and West Point academies joined together to sing the national anthem. It was a solemn moment and was made even more beautiful by the falling snow.


Troopers Arrest Two for Multiple Sussex County Burglaries


Millsboro/Dagsboro – Delaware State Police detectives, have arrested two Dagsboro men, responsible for multiple burglaries of local businesses and churches, which occurred over a one month time frame.

On Friday, December 8, 2017, Troopers responded to Pine Ridge Barns, located at 27171 Dagsboro Road, Millsboro, regarding a burglary that occurred overnight. The investigation revealed that unknown suspects, made forcible entry into two storage sheds, making off with a golf cart, a Kubota UTV, and an air compressor, along with other tools and miscellaneous items.

Throughout the day on Friday, employees of the business were checking the local vicinity for the stolen property, and were able to locate the stolen golf cart, in the area of the train tracks, just north of Thorogoods Road, Dagsboro. A male subject, later identified as Eric Stewardson, 19, of Dagsboro, who was observed with the golf cart, fled on foot when confronted by the employees. Stewardson was followed into the development of Holiday Acres, where he was taken into custody without incident, by a Dagsboro Police Officer.

Based on multiple investigative leads and measures, detectives were able to link Stewardson, along with a second subject, identified as John J. Calloway, 18, also of Dagsboro, to the below listed burglaries, in addition to the Pine Ridge Barns incident.

High Tide Church, 28142 N. Nine Foot Road, Dagsboro.

Spirit of Excellence Ministry, 31195 Dupont Boulevard, Dagsboro.

The Family Butcher Shop, 27617, Dagsboro Road, Millsboro.

Stewardson and Calloway were each charged with a total of 24, felony and misdemeanor crimes, which included: 5 counts of Burglary 3rd Degree, 3 counts of Theft Under $1500.00, 4 counts of Possession of Burglar Tools, 5 counts of Criminal Mischief Under $1000, 5 counts of Conspiracy 2nd Degree and 2 counts of Theft Greater than $1500.00.

Both subjects were arraigned in the Sussex County Court of Common Pleas and subsequently committed to the Sussex Correctional Institution, in lieu of $20,400 secured bond.

Anyone with information regarding these incidents is asked to contact Detective T. Powell at Troop 4 by calling 302-752-3807. Information may also be provided by calling Delaware Crime Stoppers at 1-800-TIP-3333 or via the internet at

Navy sailor staged racist vandalism, investigation finds

A U.S. Navy sailor who claimed someone had written a racial slur on his bed has been disciplined after he reportedly staged the incident.

Marquie Little, 27, an African-American crew member aboard the USS George H.W. Bush aircraft carrier, used a pseudonym to post photos of the slur Nov. 15, the Navy Times reported. As of Friday, the Facebook post had garnered 20,500 shares.

The Naval Criminal Investigative Service conducted an investigation and found inconsistencies in Little’s account, a naval spokesman said Friday.

Little denied staging the incident. The sailor was reportedly not charged with a crime but faced disciplinary action and additional counseling and training.

Despite having disproven Little’s claims, the Navy provided additional crew training and reemphasized that racism would not be tolerated.


Flag Status

Flag Status Alert: Lowering of the Maryland State Flag
This is to advise that Governor Larry Hogan has ordered the Maryland State Flag lowered to half-staff effective immediately and returned to full-staff at sunset on the day of interment (date unknown). This action is in honor of FBI Supervisory Special Agent, Carlos Wolff, who passed away on December 8, 2017, resulting from injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident.

Flag Status Alert: Maryland Flag is at Half-Staff
This is to advise that Governor Larry Hogan has ordered the Maryland State Flag lowered to half-staff effective immediately and returned to full-staff at sunset on the day of interment (date unknown). This action is in honor of Deputy Chief Fire Marshal Sander B. Cohen, who died in the line of duty on December 8, 2017

EXCLUSIVE – Jackie Mason on Gloria Allred: She Makes Hillary Clinton Sound Honest

BIRMINGHAM, Alabama — Comic legend Jackie Mason slammed lawyer and activist Gloria Allred as “the only person in the world that can make Hillary Clinton sound like an honest human being.”

“I don’t know any hooker in any wh*rehouse who is a bigger fake or fraud than her,” added Mason. “Every time she opens her mouth, you could bet your life there is another lie coming out. Even when she keeps her mouth closed, she finds a way to do something crooked.”

Mason was responding to Allred’s repeated refusal to release to the custody of an independent examiner the original copy of a yearbook that contains the only piece of physical evidence to be presented in the cases of numerous women who have gone public with stories alleging inappropriate conduct between Senatorial candidate Roy Moore and teenage girls.

Allred’s client, Moore-accuser Beverly Young Nelson, admitted on Friday to writing some of the words herself on the alleged Moore inscription in her yearbook.

Mason was speaking in a recorded interview set to air Sunday on this reporter’s talk radio program, Aaron Klein Investigative Radio, broadcast on New York’s AM 970 The Answer and NewsTalk 990 AM in Philadelphia.


An explosion near Times Square has forced the evacuation of a major transit hub. A suspect is in custody; he was the only person hurt.

An explosion Monday morning caused the authorities to evacuate one of the busiest transit hubs in New York City as the workweek was set to begin.

Mainstream Media Collapse: 3 Debunked Stories In One Week

The Fake News corporate media is accelerating its own downfall

The mainstream corporate media had a devastating week as three different stories about Trump-Russia “collusion” have fallen apart, resulting in suspensions, “corrections,” and insincere apologies.

Let’s examine these fake news stories and their impact.

Flynn Testimony

Former National Security Advisor Mike Flynn’s testimony that he was directed by President Trump to contact Russian officials while a candidate was proven false, but not in time to stop it from plunging the stock market, or for the View’s Joy Behar to bubble with glee about the inevitable impeachment of Trump.

After it was debunked, Trump floated the idea of a mass suit against ABC News for the damages caused by the fake Flynn report, despite the fact reporter Brian Ross was suspended over it.


Deace: The American Bar Association Should Launch Ethics Investigation into Gloria Allred

Reasonable people can certainly disagree on whether or not they believe the allegations leveled against U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore. Especially in the #MeToo era, as scores of women are rightfully coming forward for a long-overdue reckoning with Hollywood, Washington, the media, and other halls of elite power that ignored sexual misconduct for far too long.

All the while these same hypocrites sanctimoniously preached political correctness to everyday Americans, of course.

However, reasonable people cannot disagree on this—Gloria Allred is either a hack or disgrace. And there should be an ethics investigation conducted by the American Bar Association to find out which it is.

Full disclosure, I have known Roy Moore for years and considered him a friend prior to these allegations. I endorsed his candidacy full-throat this entire year. And then, like so many others that admired his courage of conviction, I was devastated once these allegations emerged.


Diamond and Silk share a message for Rep. John Lewis

Social media stars react on 'Fox & Friends' after congressman refuses to attend the opening of a civil rights museum because Trump will be there..

MS-13 foiled in attempt to kidnap, kill teen boy on Long Island

Long Island police say they foiled an MS-13 kidnapping and murder plot when they saw the intended 16-year-old male victim being coerced into a van.

Plainclothes officers arrested five members and associates of the notorious immigrant street gang on conspiracy charges after Wednesday’s takedown in Brentwood, Newsdayreported.

President Trump went to Brentwood in July and vowed to crush MS-13, while pledging a tougher approach on immigration. "They have transformed peaceful parks and beautiful quiet neighborhoods into blood-stained killing fields," he said about the gang. "They're animals."

Officers told Newsday that two of the suspects, Vidal Contrera-Ortiz, 18, and Miguel Rivera, 20, were illegal immigrants.

The three other suspects -- Jorge Bermudez Cedillos, 18; Lilliana Villanueva, 17; and Oscar Fuentes, 18 -- came to the U.S. as unaccompanied minors.


This Pro-life student will make you rethink abortion debate

Being physically assaulted is a price the pro-life generation is willing to pay to rescue a child from abortion and serve women with a message of hope.

That’s the position 15-year-old Purity Thomas has taken in the wake of a violent assault she experienced Saturday at the hands of a Planned Parenthood client – an attack that left with her with a concussion.

In what some may see as an unlikely twist, it also left Thomas with a renewed resolve to keep coming back to her local Planned Parenthood facility to pray and counsel.

Thomas was praying outside of a Planned Parenthood abortion facility in Roanoke, Virginia, when a woman became enraged and began threatening Thomas and her teenage friends with violence..

More here/video

Trump Demands Border Wall, Immigration Cuts at Swearing In of Pro-Amnesty DHS Secretary

President Trump demanded the construction of a wall along the United States-Mexico border and major cuts to legal immigration levels during a swearing in ceremony for newly confirmed Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen.

Before Vice President Mike Pence swore Nielsen in — a bureaucrat who previously worked in President George W. Bush’s administration — for the DHS position, Trump reassured his supporters that a border wall would be built along the southern border in order to stop illegal immigration and the flow of drugs from various Mexican cartels.

Trump additionally reiterated his desire to seriously reduce legal immigration levels — the U.S. currently admits more than 1.5 million immigrants every year — by ending the process of “chain migration,” whereby new immigrants to the country are allowed to bring an unlimited number of foreign relatives with them.


Report: Never Trump Ex-Jeb Bush Staffer Admits Planting Anti-Roy Moore Story in Washington Post

A Friday Big League Politics report claims Tim Miller, a Republican operative prominent in the “Never Trump” movement, helped pitch the Washington Post story in which the first allegations of sexual misconduct nearly 40 years ago were made against Alabama GOP senatorial nominee Roy Moore.

The report contains screenshots of what are alleged to be text messages between Miller and conservative publisher Charles C. Johnson of The texts show Miller insulting Judge Moore’s fitness for office and bragging about how “Beth” is “good to work with.” He is implied to be referring to Beth Reinhard, one of the two authors of the original Washington Post story.


More Evidence That Rising Minimum Wages Are Going To Crush The Restaurant Industry

Casual dining investors, despite the retail route, have become increasingly optimistic over the past month and a half with several of the largest names in the industry rallying 15-20% into the holiday season.

As TDn2K points out, part of the optimism is attributable to a recent "acceleration" in average check size across the restaurant space with comps up 2.4% in November and 2.5% in October. Despite many brands focusing on price promotions to drive sales and traffic amid a decline in mall/retail foot traffic, both figures are higher than the 2.0% check growth experienced the first nine months of the year.

On the other hand, strong pricing has been completely offset by abysmal traffic comps resulting in overall flat sales comps. As TDn2Knotes, rolling 3-month traffic comps declined 2.5% in November across the United States, with the Midwest market fairing the worst at -4.1%.



Former Dem State Senator Indicted, Top Fiscal Watchdog Expecting More to Follow

BOSTON — A right-of-center Beacon Hill public money watchdog outfit is praising the federal indictment of former state Senator Brian Joyce on a slew of racketeering and money laundering charges, and announced it expects the legal hammer will soon fall on at least one more former Democratic state lawmaker.

The 102-page federal indictment lodged against the Milton Democrat Joyce was unsealed Friday morning shortly after his arrest.

Hours later, the Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance released a statement predicting that former Hingham state Representative Garrett Bradley could be next. Bradley, who abruptly stepped down from his post in July 2016, allegedly directed employees at his law firm to shower Democrats both locally and nationally with donations under a scheme that saw the firm in return reimburse the employees and spouses.


WATCH: President Donald Trump Speech at Mississippi Civil Rights Museum 12/9/17

Public Notice: Striped Bass Fishery Changes

Maryland Department of Natural Resources
Fishing and Boating Services
2018 Atlantic Coast Recreational and Charter Boat Striped Bass Fishery Changes — Effective Jan. 1, 2018

The secretary of the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, pursuant to the Code of Maryland Regulations (COMAR), announces changes to the recreational fishery to implement the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission’s Interstate Fishery Management Plan for Striped Bass.

Effective 12:01 a.m. Jan. 1, 2018, a person may not take or possess more than two striped bass per day from Maryland waters of the Atlantic Ocean, its coastal bays and their tributaries. The striped bass must be between 28 and 38 inches, inclusive, or greater than or equal to 44 inches. All other rules remain the same.

Democrat Accused of Masturbating in Front of Lobbyist Resigns, Denies Allegations

Democrat California Assemblyman Matt Dababneh (D-Woodland Hills), 36, announced his resignation on Friday, just days after he was accused of masturbating in front of a lobbyist at a party in Las Vegas.

Dababneh, who represents the 45th Assembly District, which located in the western San Fernando Valley, will official leave office on January 1, according to the East Bay Times.

“To be absolutely clear, the allegations against me are not true,” Dababneh reportedly wrote in a letter to Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon. “However, due to the current environment, I, unfortunately, do not believe I can serve my district effectively.”

California lobbyist Pamela Lopez said Dababneh allegedly followed her into a restroom and masturbated in front of her at a friend’s wedding party is Las Vegas in January 2016.


Trump Bashes WashPost Reporter for Tweet on Florida Rally Crowd Size

President Donald Trump on Saturday ripped reporter Dave Weigel of The Washington Post for posting a "phony photo" of an "empty" arena in Florida Friday before he arrived to speak at a rally where he endorsed Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore.

But Trump's tweet prompted Weigel to delete his "bad tweet on my personal account" and apologize, saying the president was "very fair to call me out."

Here's Trump's post:
View image on TwitterView image on TwitterView image on TwitterView image on Twitter
.@DaveWeigel @WashingtonPost put out a phony photo of an empty arena hours before I arrived @ the venue, w/ thousands of people outside, on their way in. Real photos now shown as I spoke. Packed house, many people unable to get in. Demand apology & retraction from FAKE NEWS WaPo!
Trump spoke at the Pensacola Bay Center, about an hour from Mobile, Alabama, and called on supporters to back Moore.

America "cannot afford" to let the Senate seat fall to Democrats, he said.

Moore, a 70-year-old Republican, is facing sexual assault allegations from several women who said they occurred when they were in their teens and Moore in his 30s.