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Friday, September 30, 2016

TV Clip Shows Donald Trump Did Not Support Iraq War, Despite Lester Holt, 'Fact Check' Claims

A rediscovered 2003 interview of Donald Trump has knocked sideways the Democrats’ media-magnified strategy to hide Hillary Clinton’s support for the 2003 Iraq campaign.

The Democrats’ strategy is to divert attention from Clinton’s support for the war by arguing that Trump backed the Iraq campaign in 2003. They base that claim on a tepid 2002 endorsement by Trump when he was being interviewed on Howard Stern’s radio show. “Yeah, I guess so,” Trump said when asked if he supported the pending campaign.

In sharp contrast to Trump’s comments as a New York real-estate developer, then-New York Sen. Hillary Clinton repeatedly spoke in favor of the campaign, and she cast her vote to authorize and fund the war.


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Anonymous said...

The Iraq war will continue to forever haunt us.That Hillary thinks she has the pull to impose such a thing on Trump is highly disturbing.Does the technology exist that could actually re create the contents of an interview? Lets say for instance that an interview never occurred in the first place.If a major talk show host or interviewer went along with it could an interview(supposedly years in the past)be created to make someone appear to have said something?