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Tuesday, April 04, 2017

You’ll Absolutely Love This 800 Mile Yard Sale Going Through Maryland

Do you consider yourself a yard sale fanatic? Then you’re going to love this yard sale that spans over 800 miles. Really! Gas up your car and gather that loose change because the Historic National Road Yard Sale approaches.

You may already be familiar with the Historic National Road. The Maryland portion stretches for 170 scenic miles from Baltimore through Garrett County. 

The entire route goes all the way to St. Louis, Missouri. From May 31st to June 4th, this stretch of road will be lined with thousands of yard sales!  


How Feminists React To Muslim Vs Conservative Beliefs On Women

What a grand idea!!!! NOT! The Huffington Post decided to “celebrate” Muslim Women’s Day with a hashtag #MuslimWomensDay. It didn’t go quite how they expected.

The funny part is that the recent ‘Day Without Women’ was organized by a Palestinian terrorist who has now been forced to leave the country for lying on her VISA application. She was responsible for the deaths of two Israeli students. Even Washington Examiner reported that the 69-year-old Palestinian activist was convicted in the 1969 supermarket bombing in Israel that killed two Hebrew University students. Another woman who helped organize the Women’s March, Linda Sarsour, was accused of Islamic Terrorist links.

Ironically, the left aligns themselves with Muslims who oppress women, gays and anyone who disagrees with their religion. Now Huffpo is dealing with heaving to learn the reality of the Muslim religion that is definitely NOT supportive of feminism or any women’s rights. Ironically, the right has been the lead of women’s rights for over a hundred years. The suffrage movement was a Republican led movement… but of course the left doesn’t want you to know about that. Check out the hilarity on twitter:


Spotlight On Migrant Crimes Drums Up Support For Trump's Immigration Dragnet

As Donald Trump regularly spotlights violent crimes committed by immigrants who are in the country illegally, outrage is increasingly bubbling up in communities across the country.

In San Antonio last month, authorities charged 35-year-old Armando Rodrigo Garcia-Ramires, a Mexican national, with double capital murder in the shooting death of a 15-year-old girl, who was nine months pregnant with his child. The fetus died, too.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement confirmed that Garcia-Ramires was in the country illegally. Under the Obama administration, Garcia-Ramires was twice picked up by federal immigration agents, released both times, and later granted a work permit.

"If he had been detained and deported for being here illegally the first time around, the impregnation, the murder, the crime would have been avoided," says George Rodriguez, who writes a blog and hosts an Internet radio show called El Conservador,or The Conservative, from his home in San Antonio.


153 arrested in South Texas during 12-day ICE operation targeting criminal aliens, illegal re-entrants and immigration fugitives

ICE operation took place in Austin, San Antonio, Rio Grande Valley and Laredo areas
SAN ANTONIO — Federal officers from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) arrested 153 criminal aliens and others throughout South Texas during a 12-day enforcement action which ended Friday.
The operation began March 20 and ended March 31. ERO officers made arrests in the following San Antonio Field Office cities:  Austin/Waco (24), San Antonio (62), Laredo (29) and Harlingen (38). Of those arrested, 138 were men; 15 were women.
All the foreign nationals targeted by ICE officers during this enforcement action had prior criminal convictions. The vast majority of those arrested (137 of the 153) had criminal histories that included convictions for the following crimes: aggravated assault with a weapon, aggravate sexual assault of a child, driving under the influence (DUI), sexual assault, burglary, robbery, resisting officer, vehicular manslaughter, alien smuggling, domestic violence, cocaine possession, prostitution, fraud, simple assault, cocaine possession, dangerous drugs and controlled substance distribution.

Court Rejects Lawsuit Against Mississippi State Flag's Confederate Symbolism

A federal appeals court has rejected a lawsuit against Mississippi over the use of the Confederate battle flag in the state flag.

A black Mississippi resident said that the use of the Confederate symbol amounted to state-sanctioned racial discrimination. But the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that any emotional harm caused by the flag is irrelevant, legally speaking, and doesn't give him grounds to sue.


Delaware adopts new opioid regulations

DOVER — Delaware has instituted new regulations in an effort to combat opioid addiction, the Department of State announced Monday.

The policy, set down after more than a year of cooperation between state officials, medical professionals and others, provides limits on dispensing drugs and seeks to better educate Delawareans about the risks.

The new regulations state a first-time prescription for an adult cannot provide more than a seven-day supply. Minors can never be given more than seven days’ worth of painkillers.

In the event a doctor determines a patient needs a larger supply, he or she must thoroughly document the condition, examine the patients’ prescription history, schedule follow-up appointments and warn the patient about the dangers of opioids.


An Alternative to Paying Court Debt: Working It Off

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. — When Steven Robinson first landed in county jail here for cocaine possession about a year ago, he had about $12,000 in court debt and his driver’s license had been suspended for more than 20 years because he never paid off earlier fines and fees.

But Robinson, 47, and other inmates in the Albemarle-Charlottesville Regional Jail are allowed to do community service to work off the debt that they rack up in fines and fees on their way through the court system. By doing more than 1,000 hours of community service while serving time, Robinson has gotten his debt down to about $5,000.

Under the debt-relief program, developed by the City of Charlottesville and two surrounding counties, the inmates’ debt is reduced by $7.25, the state’s minimum wage, for each hour they work. Inmates put in hours at jobs, such as clearing trash or maintaining parks, for various government agencies.


Ocean City Police Make Arrest for Multiple Thefts from Vehicles


OCEAN CITY, MD – (April 4, 2017): The Ocean City Police Department has arrested an Ocean City man for multiple thefts from vehicles after learning that he was selling the stolen property on a popular classified ads phone app.

In early January 2017, officers responded to a report of a theft from a vehicle that had occurred on Jamestown Road. The victim reported that items valued at approximately $1,000 had been stolen from the vehicle. Approximately a month later, officers learned the stolen property was being sold on a classified ads phone application that allows users to buy and sell goods. The stolen property was listed by the suspect, Justin L. Ehmcke, 34, of Ocean City, MD.

Through investigation, officers were able to positively identify Ehmcke and recover the stolen property. Ehmcke was ultimately arrested on February 20. Officers located a knife on his person at the time of his arrest. Officers charged Ehmcke with theft of less than $1,000 and possession of a concealed deadly weapon. He was seen by a Maryland District Court Commissioner and released on personal recognizance.

After additional investigation, officers obtained a search warrant for Ehmcke’s residence and a vehicle. Officers executed the search warrant on March 31 and located property from four additional theft from vehicle investigations.

Officers additionally charged Ehmcke with one count of theft of less than $10,000, three counts of theft of less than $1,000, and one count theft scheme of $1,000 to under $10,000. Ehmcke was seen by a Maryland District Court Commissioner and was released on personal recognizance.


'Impeach Trump' Banner Hung at Nationals Ballpark in D.C.

An "Impeach Trump" banner was hung at the Washington Nationals opening day game in D.C. by protesters, the Washington Post reports.

The huge sign also had the word "Resist" written on it and was unveiled at the end of the game as most of the crowd of 42,744 were leaving the stadium. It was hung off the banner from the observation deck off the first base side of the field.

The Nationals were playing the Florida Marlins at Nationals Park and last week had extended an invite to President Donald Trump to throw out the ceremonial first pitch, but he declined because of a conflict.


Proposal to use medical marijuana to treat heroin addiction dropped from Maryland bill

Supporters of a bill that would increase the number of licenses Maryland will issue to growers of medical marijuana dropped a proposal Monday that would have allowed the drug to be used to treat heroin addiction.

After the provision was eliminated, the House of Delegates rejected a flurry of Republican amendments to the legislation and gave it preliminary approval.

The provision would have added heroin and other opioid addictions to the list of conditions that could be treated with cannabis products recommended by a physician. It was added by a House committee on the recommendation of a work group that drafted the version of the legislation that came to the House floor.


In Melania Trump's Official Portrait, Twitter Notes Beauty, Bling

The White House revealed the first official portrait of first lady Melania Trump on Monday.

In a statement, Trump said, “I am honored to serve in the role of first lady and look forward to working on behalf of the American people over the coming years.”

The first lady is the first to be born in another country (Slovenia) since Louisa Adams, the wife of former President John Quincy Adams.

At 46, Trump is 24 years younger than President Donald Trump.

Twitter reacted to the portrait with its usual variety of viewpoints, from calling the photo beautiful to pointing out the $3 million ring she wore in it.


Study finds 41% of surveyed officers were sleep deprived

BALTIMORE (WBFF) - Sleep deprivation and policing can be a dangerous mix. A study published in JAMA a few years ago found nearly 41% of police officers surveyed suffered from sleep deprivation. More than 4,000 officers in North America were part of the survey.

In Baltimore, FOX45 obtained video that appears to show an officer asleep in his police car. The officer’s eyes are closed and his head is resting on his shoulder


More Spying Goin' On...

As many know, this morning Mike Cernovich revealed that Sean Hannity and Erik Prince (Blackwater) was spied on by the Obama Administration, but today just got a whole lot better. This just breaking from Rebel's Washington Bureau Chief, Jack Posibiec.

This may be morphing into the biggest scandal in presidential history!

UPDATE: If video doesn't load, open the tweet on Twitter by clicking on it and watch through Twitter.

Today's Democrats & Media

Class action lawsuit filed against Mylan over EpiPen pricing

WASHINGTON (Sinclair Broadcast Group) - The company that increased a branded 2-Pak version of the Epipen shot to more than $600 is facing a class action lawsuit.

According to a press release by law firm Hagens Berman, a group of purchasers believes Mylan "engaged in an illegal organized scheme to systematically increase EpiPen prices by 574 percent."

The complaint states that since Mylan secured the rights to distribute the life-saving drug in 2007, it increased prices 17 times from $90.28 to $608.62.

“Mylan has tried every trick in the book to avoid taking accountability for the millions of people who are living without the EpiPen they need to prevent a life-threatening allergic reaction," Steve Berman stated.


Jesse Turner Dies One Month After His Retirement

Jesse Turner, the long-time owner of the Berlin Shoe Box, which closed for good last month, died last weekend after an illness. He was 86. His death comes just weeks after he was celebrated by town officials and friends and family at a retirement event held in his honor. His business -- a staple on Main Street in Berlin -- closed in February.
Upon hearing the news, Berlin Mayor Gee Williams said, "I think like everyone else I was shocked. I heard just a few days before that he was sick but I didn’t know his illness would lead to immediate death. Thank goodness the community had the opportunity to show Jesse what he meant to all of us. (at the events celebrating his retirement) No one had any indication he had any serious illness he was the same old Jesse. Hopefully that’s how he spent his last month. At least we got to let him know how special he was to our community. He was a very respected and loved man by so many citizens."
Lewis N. Watson Funeral Home is handling arrangements. The funeral is set for Saturday at 11 a.m. at First Baptist Church located at 528 Booth Street and Delaware Avenue, Salisbury, Maryland . Viewing is 6-8 p.m. Friday at the church.

Most recent stories on Turner:…/final-days-for-berlin-shoe-b…/

Retirement celebration…/long-time-berlin-business-ow…/

Another GOP Redistricting Map Ruled Unconstitutional

North Carolina's Republican-controlled legislature suffered another redistricting defeat Monday when a federal court ruled the map it drew and passed for boundaries for Greensboro's city council seats are unconstitutional.

U.S. District Judge Catherine Eagles blocked permanently the enforcement of a 2015 law approved by the General Assembly that directed how council members in North Carolina's third-largest city would be elected and laid out new district lines. Some local citizens sued, and the city later joined in the lawsuit to challenge another provision preventing changes to Greensboro city government through local referenda.

Eagles sided with those who sued, who argued the challenged district boundaries were drawn to attempt to guarantee a partisan advantage for Republicans by packing Democratic voters in to certain districts, according to her ruling. She wrote population differences among the eight council districts created weren't justified by legitimate redistricting criteria. Democrats generally have comprised the majority of the council over the past two decades.

"This is not a case where it is difficult to discern legislative motivation," Eagles wrote. "The districting plan in the act violates the equal protection rights of the plaintiffs and all Greensboro voters."


Should This Student Be Prosecuted? ***Language Warning***

This is currently a live video feed while people are voting. You will need to click on the "READ MORE" below to see the video. This is to prevent the video from auto playing.

Md. mom ruled unfit for trial in kids’ disappearance

WASHINGTON — The Maryland mother of two children who have been missing since 2014 remains not competent to stand trial in their disappearance, a judge ruled on Monday.

Catherine Hoggle’s attorney told Montgomery County District Court Judge Patricia Mitchell that she is doing better in the psychiatric hospital where she was she has received treatment since September 2014.

Since then, the case has been on hold. Her doctor told the judge that Hoggle is still unable to understand what’s going on around her and therefore incapable of assisting in her own trial.


I Resemble This Remark

Wanted Suspect Dead And Another Injured In Crash After Fleeing Attempted Traffic Stop In So. MD

(LEONARDTOWN, MD) — One wanted individual has died and another was injured following a crash that occurred in St. Mary’s County early this morning after they refused to stop for a trooper.

The deceased is identified as Tabais L. Robinson, 24, and the injured man is Andre T. Gross, 23, both of whom are from Calvert County. Robinson was wanted on a parole retake warrant and on a warrant for violation of probation. Gross is wanted on five warrants from the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office involving theft, failure to appear and child support. He has been charged today by troopers with possession of cocaine after suspected cocaine and synthetic marijuana were found in the car in which he was a passenger. He is currently being held at the St. Mary’s County Detention Center.

Shortly after 12:30 a.m. today, a Maryland state trooper from the Prince Frederick Barrack was working speed enforcement on Rt. 4 in Solomons, Md., prior to the Thomas Johnson Bridge. He observed a southbound BMW following another car and failing to dim its headlights. As the car passed he also saw the vehicle had no working tag light.

The trooper followed the BMW across the bridge and then activated his emergency equipment in an attempt to make a traffic stop. The driver, later identified as Robinson, failed to stop and accelerated away. The trooper notified the Leonardtown Barrack the suspect was traveling between 80-90 mph on Rt. 4.

The trooper saw the vehicle’s headlights go off as the car turned onto Fairgrounds Road. Robinson drove down Fairgrounds Road with no lights on. Just prior to Rt. 5, Robinson lost control of the car, before striking a street sign, a ditch and overturning several times. Robinson was ejected from the car.

Emergency medical personnel were summoned immediately. Robinson was transported to Medstar St. Mary’s Hospital, before being transferred to Medstar Washington Hospital Center, where he was pronounced dead later this morning. Gross was transported to Medstar St. Mary’s Hospital, where he was treated for injuries. He was arrested by troopers following his release.

The investigation by the Maryland State Police Crash Team is continuing.

Caption This Photo 4-4-17

Md. sheriffs oppose proposed ‘sanctuary state' bill

FREDERICK, Md. - A pair of Maryland’s top sheriffs are blasting the state’s General Assembly about a bill being considered by lawmakers in Annapolis which they say will create a “sanctuary state” for illegal immigrants. While Gov. Larry Hogan is promising a veto if the bill hits his desk, law enforcement officials warn that some damage may have already been done with Maryland now at the center of the sanctuary debate.

This bill, which now sits at the State Senate Committee, has already passed the House. Supporters call it the “Trust Act” and is aimed at easing the fears of undocumented immigrants. Police officials are calling it something else – a “sanctuary bill” that would block local police from cooperating with federal immigration officials when they arrest an illegal alien who has committed a crime. While this debate goes into limbo, the sheriffs of both Frederick and Harford County warned on Monday that word of this bill is spreading thought the illegal immigrant pipeline, putting Maryland as a prime destination for individuals wanting to avoid federal immigration laws.

“Not only will it make it a sanctuary state, but a magnet state,” said Sheriff Chuck Jenkins with Frederick County. “Meaning anybody can come into this state, commit a serious crime, a violent crime without any fear of removal. That’s a bad thing, so not only will we become a sanctuary, we will become a magnet for criminal activity.”


Duh, Like Who Didn't know That!

Companies implanting Microchips into Workers

The syringe slides in between the thumb and index finger. Then, with a click, a microchip is injected in the employee's hand. Another “cyborg” is created.

What could pass for a dystopian vision of the workplace is almost routine at the Swedish start-up hub Epicenter. The company offers to implant its workers and start-up members with microchips the size of grains of rice that function as swipe cards: to open doors, operate printers or buy smoothies with a wave of the hand.

“The biggest benefit, I think, is convenience,” said Patrick Mesterton, co-founder and chief executive of Epicenter. As a demonstration, he unlocks a door merely by waving near it. “It basically replaces a lot of things you have, other communication devices, whether it be credit cards or keys.”

The technology itself is not new: Such chips are used as virtual collar plates for pets, and companies use them to track deliveries. But never before has the technology been used to tag employees on a broad scale. Epicenter and a handful of other companies are the first to make chip implants broadly available.


Quiz: If You Can Get 10/15 On This Law Test, You Must Be A Police Officer

HILARIOUS Cartoon Explains Who Liberals Will Never Tell To Leave…

Robert Gehl reports it’s supposed to be against the law for illegal immigrants to receive any sort of welfare assistance and that’s a problem for leftists.

Because they want everyone to benefit from the largesse that is the public dole, they need to come up with a way to get taxpayer dollars to these illegal aliens. And Rahm Emanuel has found a way.

The Chicago Mayor and his city council have approved city-issued identification cards to ensure that they will be able to receive the welfare and other public assistance the illegal aliens so rightly deserve.


Together We Will-Delmarva

All democratic, liberal, progressive groups in the Wicomico, Worcester, and Somerset County area are invited to attend a Tri-County meeting. Up for discussion is strategizing across our counties for the upcoming 2018 mid-term elections.

Meeting location will be at the Cannon Building, behind the Wicomico County Public Library, second floor.


Picture is from approximately 1979, just before the murder.

Growing Number of Americans Love Jesus but Don't Go to Church, Barna Finds

While an increasing number of Americans are reportedly abandoning the institutional church and its defined boundary markers of religious identity, many Americans still believe in God and practice faith outside its walls, a new Barna study has found.

While an increasing number of Americans are reportedly abandoning the institutional church and its defined boundary markers of religious identity, many Americans still believe in God and practice faith outside its walls, a new Barna study has found.


Germany's War Over a Word

Europe is being torn apart; divided by the aftershocks of the financial crisis, Europeans seem able to find common ground only in a common enemy. To hear Geert Wilders of the Netherlands or the U.K. Independence Party in Britain tell it, the crisis is not just about refugees: The influx of primarily Muslims is a threat to Western civilization itself, on par with the Arab invasions of the seventh century and the Ottoman invasions of the 16th.

It’s no coincidence that my country, Germany, has also seen a resurgence of a once-common, but more recently discarded, term: “das Abendland.” In English it is usually translated as “the Occident,” but its literal translation is quite poetic: “the Evening Land.” The far right uses it as a synonym for Western Europe and its values; the anti-immigrant movement that sprung up at the height of the refugee crisis, usually referred to by its acronym Pegida, is known in full as Patriotische Europäer gegen die Islamisierung des Abendlandes (“Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamicization of the West”).

The term didn’t always have a sinister ring to it. Philosophy majors may recognize it from the German title of Oswald Spengler’s 1918-22 opus “Der Untergang des Abendlands,” usually translated, not quite accurately, as “The Decline of the West” (“Untergang” more accurately translates as “Downfall”).

Before that, “Abendland” was commonly used in the 19th century in connection with the rediscovery of the German past, specifically the music and architecture of the medieval period. The past and the homeland, “Heimat,” blurred together into the notion of a romantic Western European past, the Abendland, becoming a cultural and psychological bulwark against the disenfranchising anonymity of urban industrialization.


North Korea's Nuclear Strength, Encapsulated in an Online Ad for Lithium

WASHINGTON — The online ad reads like something only a metallurgist could love: an offer to sell 22 pounds of highly pure lithium 6 every month, set for delivery from the port of Dandong, China.

But it caught the attention of intelligence agencies around the world for a simple reason: Lithium 6 offers a fast way to turn an ordinary atom bomb into a hydrogen bomb, magnifying its destructive power by up to 1,000 times. The seller listed in the ad — who even provided his cellphone number — was identified in a recent United Nations report as the third secretary in the North Korean Embassy in Beijing.

When President Trump meets with President Xi Jinping in Florida this week, administration officials say, his top agenda item will be pressing China to sign on to the most powerful set of economic sanctions ever imposed on North Korea over its nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programs. Mr. Trump has repeatedly vowed to stop the North’s nuclear efforts, telling The Financial Times in an interview published on Sunday: “If China is not going to solve North Korea, we will. That is all that I am telling you.”


TV Tattle Tale, Shock 4-Stroke Penalty Cost Golfer Major

It started almost four decades ago when TV viewers heard one golf legend, Tom Watson, give another legend, Lee Trevino, advice during the 1980 Tournament of Champions at La Costa. A fan dialed up the PGA tour, said he saw Watson commit an infraction and after video review, bingo, he was assessed a 2-stroke penalty.

Sunday, a fan called into the LPGA and said he saw Lexi Thompson on Saturday at the ANA Inspiration place her ball down in front of her mark on the 17th hole about one inch from where it technically should have been placed. As a result, the then current tournament leader incurred a mind blowing 4-stroke penalty, effectively stealing the first major championship of the year from the 22-year-old Florida native.

As reported, Thompson was penalized two strokes for playing from the wrong place. On top of that, consequently, another 2-stroke penalty was tacked on for signing an incorrect scorecard after her Saturday round for not accounting for the assessed 2-stroke penalty.

Thompson, the fifty-four hole leader, commandeered the top of the leaderboard, ahead by two strokes on Sunday, when she was notified on the 12th hole by an official that she incurred the penalty. The penalties dropped her into second place and two strokes behind the leader. Thompson battled back to tie So Yeon Ryu to enter a sudden death playoff, but her fairy tale ending crashed when Ryu sunk a birdie putt on the first playoff hole to win her second major title.


OC Council Agrees To Cut Redundant Fire Protection Standards

OCEAN CITY — Resort officials last week repealed some sections of the town’s fire protection code that could save homeowners thousands of dollars by reducing a few minimum standards deemed to be redundant.

Ocean City Fire Marshal David Hartley last Tuesday presented to the Mayor and Council a handful of sections in the town’s existing fire protection code that have been determined to be redundant in new construction with technological advances. For example, heat detectors and hallway pressurization are currently required in the Ocean City fire code in all structures exceeding 50 feet.

Heat detectors and hallway pressurization are required in minimum national standards for fire protection, but they have been determined to be redundant, unnecessary and even ineffective in many cases for a variety of reasons. For example, Hartley explained with advances in sprinkler systems and smoke detectors in individual units, the heat detectors and hallway pressurization have become redundant in new construction and only add to the cost of construction unnecessarily.


Homeschool Info Meeting TODAY 6:30pm, Panera, Salisbury

If you are curious about homeschooling and would like to learn more from veteran home schoolers who have educated their children through high school, come to a

Homeschooling Information Meeting

Panera in North Salisbury
Tuesday, April 4th at 6:30pm
If you are a veteran homeschooler wondering about a program that provides accountability, encouragement, support, an integrated curriculum, and community as you homeschool your children, this meeting is for you, too.

Are your young children wiggly learners who respond well to movement, song, visual, tactile, auditory and other multi-sensory modalities? Are you interested in having your children learn how to learn instead of just checking off boxes on a scope and sequence chart? Come and learn more about a fabulous way to train your child's brain to retain information at our Classical Conversations Information Meeting.
Please register using the following link, or email Tammy at

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg Launches ‘Equal Pay’ Campaign for Women

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg’s has launched an “equal pay” campaign that claims “women are still paid 20 percent less than men, on average, in the United States.”

The campaign, which launches on Tuesday, also claims on their site that “Black and Hispanic women are paid even less” before offering women 20% off discounts for a range of services in protest.

Several companies have partnered with the campaign, including the popular ride-sharing app Lyft, which will donate 20% of revenue to “organizations that serve women and families” on April 4.

“At Lyft, we celebrate a diverse and inclusive culture, and we participate to make change happen — whether that’s at work or in the car,” the company wrote in a post on their website. “That’s why we’re teaming up with LeanIn.Org on their #20PercentCounts campaign and donating 20% of proceeds from rides taken between 8 AM and 6 PM on April 4 to organizations that serve women and families, including Dress for Success®, Feeding America, Boys & Girls Clubs of America, and AAUW.”


Bit by Bit, Trump Methodically Undoing Obama Policies

WASHINGTON (AP) — Amid the turmoil over staff shake-ups, blocked travel bans and the Russia cloud hanging overhead, President Donald Trump is steadily plugging away at a major piece of his agenda: Undoing Obama.

From abortion to energy to climate change and personal investments, Trump is keeping his promises in methodically overturning regulations and policies adopted when Barack Obama was president.

It hasn’t all been smooth sailing.

Trump recently failed to fulfill his pledge to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, which continues to stand as Obama’s most recognizable domestic policy achievement. Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan couldn’t persuade enough fellow Republicans to back new health care legislation last month. Ryan pulled the measure just before a scheduled House vote.

Trump has had better outcomes in other areas.


Governor Larry Hogan Announces Funding to Fight Sexual Assault Crimes

More Than $369,000 in Federal Grants Distributed to 15 Agencies Statewide

ANNAPOLIS, MD – Governor Larry Hogan today announced that the Governor’s Office of Crime Control & Prevention has awarded a total of $369,080 in federal Sexual Assault Services Program grants to fund programs offering direct intervention and related assistance for victims of sexual assault. This federal funding comes from the Office on Violence Against Women at the U.S. Department of Justice, and is authorized by the Violence Against Women and Department of Justice Reauthorization Act of 2005 Technical Amendments.
“Our administration is committed to protecting all victims of domestic violence and sexual assault, and these additional resources will help to provide treatment and services that can make a real difference in their lives,” said Governor Hogan. “I encourage all Marylanders to join us in working to prevent these crimes and providing critical support for victims.”
The Sexual Assault Services Program is the first federal funding stream solely dedicated to the provision of direct intervention and related assistance for victims of sexual assault. Funds provided through this program are designed to supplement other funding sources to rape crisis centers at the state and territorial level, and play a vital role in assisting sexual assault victims through the healing process, as well as assisting victims through the medical, criminal justice, and social support systems.

Decriminalizing prostitution could be the key to closing Rikers Island

A blue-ribbon panel’s proposal for closing Rikers Island claims there’s no room for hookers in the city’s jails of the future.

A report from the Independent Commission on New York City Criminal Justice and Incarceration Reform says Albany lawmakers should consider reclassifying prostitution as a civil offense rather than a criminal one, which would essentially let hookers off with a summons instead of sending them to jail.

“The modern thinking on this is that the defendants in prostitution cases, whether it’s around the world or around the corner, are victims,” commission chairman and former state Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman said Sunday while formally releasing the report.

“They need help, those people, and the law enforcement have to get the real perpetrators of this, not the victims: the traffickers, whether it’s the pimp who is standing 10 blocks from here and doing this or whether it’s these big cartels who victimize somebody.”


People are fleeing New York at an alarming rate

More people are leaving the New York region than any other major metropolitan area in the country.

More than 1 million people moved out of the New York area to other parts of the country since 2010, a rate of 4.4 percent — the highest negative net migration rate among the nation’s large population centers, US Census records show.

The number of people leaving the region — which includes parts of New Jersey, Connecticut, the lower Hudson Valley and Long Island — in one year swelled from 187,034 in 2015 to 223,423 in 2016, while the number of international immigrants settling in the tristate area dwindled from 181,551 to 160,324 over the same period, records show.


Police, minority groups differ over immigration bill

ANNAPOLIS, Md. —The heat is on over an immigration bill that's languishing in a Senate committee.

Gov. Larry Hogan has vowed to veto the bill while minority groups, including Muslims, are saying the legislation addresses racial profiling.

Bill opponents, including police, are calling on residents to demand that they want a state of law and order, not a sanctuary state. Supporters said it builds trust between residents and police, and guards against racial profiling.

"Not only will we become a sanctuary, but we will become a magnet for criminal activity," Frederick County Sheriff Charles Jenkins said.

"I've heard stories of children who have stopped wanting to go to school, people who have hid in closets, people who don't want to go to restaurants," said Nadia Syahmalina, with the Muslim Democratic Club of Montgomery County.


Dem Candidate Admits That He Lives Outside District He Is Running to Represent

Georgia Democrat Jon Ossoff, who is running to fill the congressional seat vacated by Tom Price earlier this year, admitted on Saturday during a town hall meeting that he does not currently reside in Georgia's sixth congressional district.

A town hall constituent asked Ossoff whether he lived in "district 6," citing conservatives and news outlets spreading the information that he did not live there.

Ossoff acknowledged that it was "absolutely right and appropriate" for voters to ask questions pertaining to the candidate's connections to the district they wish to represent.

"It is absolutely right and appropriate for voters to ask whether or not someone who is seeking to represent them has the kinds of deep connections and roots in the district like I do," Ossoff told the constituent.


Subject: Breaking News: Attorney General Jeff Sessions ordered a broad review of police agency agreements, including those that address abuses, as in Baltimore

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has ordered a sweeping review of federal agreements with thousands of law enforcement agencies, as lawyers for the Justice Department went to court on Monday to seek a 90-day delay in a consent decree to overhaul Baltimore’s troubled Police Department.

Mr. Sessions announced the review, which will include an examination of all federal police-related programs, in a memorandum to his department dated March 31. The examination, which reflects President Trump’s emphasis on law and order and reducing violent crime, could lead to a further retreat on consent decrees nationwide.

Sportsmanship Award

On the championship night of the Washington D. C. Golden Glove Tournament, a committee of organizers and officials got together to decide who should get the single Sportsmanship of the Tournament Award. It is given to the boxer that has displayed real sportsmanship in the tournament regardless of winning or losing. 

This year Main St Gym’s 9 year old Gavin Brown fought a very tough battle against Khyrie Proctor of DC with Gavin emerged victorious. But what really pleased the crowd, officials and his coaches was the sincere embrace of his opponent at the end of the bout and the way both of these young fighters showed true sportsmanship, maturity and respect by immediately going to their opponents corner to congratulate opposing coaches on a job well done. For that reason the 2017 Sportsmanship Award was given to both of these young fighters in a testament that the sport of boxing has always helped to build respect for yourself and those around you.

Gavin is a student at Delmar Elementary School and is the son of Christy Spindler and Ryan Watson who is an assistant coach at Main St Gym. 

Main St Gym had a total of 5 boxers win this years State Golden Glove Championship and we are very proud of all of them, but having a boxer win this award mean a great deal that goes beyond scoring a point or two more than your opponent. It means that men and women involved with boxing outside our area are able to recognize that our kids are taught to respect their opponent and their entire team win or loses. It shows that our work to instill character in our kids and especially in Gavin’s case has succeeded. It makes us all that much more proud of his performance.

Matt Drudge: “Something Doesn’t Feel Right In D.C.”

Patrick Ewing hired as Georgetown head coach

The former Knicks great has been hired as head coach at Georgetown, the university confirmed Monday afternoon.

The Vertical reported that Ewing was scheduled to meet with school officials in D.C. on Monday. Apparently, that meeting went well.

Ewing is currently employed as an assistant coach with the Charlotte Hornets, who are one game out of the eighth seed in the Eastern Conference. Ewing has been an assistant coach in the NBA since 2002. He will leave his job with the Hornets staff immedietly, according to The Vertical.

"Patrick was never underestimated as a player but he's always underestimated as a coach and a person," former Knicks coach Jeff Van Gundy told the Daily News. "He has all the qualities you need as a coach and person to get the job done."



Experts say this story is just the tip of the iceberg

In what may be the most explosive episode of his high-profile television career, psychologist and TV show host Dr. Phil exposed the little-known phenomenon of human trafficking of sex slaves among the elite echelons of society.

According to Dr. Phil, the victim, and reliable sources who corroborated her story, the girl — now a young woman, perhaps in her mid-20s — was flown around the world on private jets and forced to have sexual relations and engage in unspeakable acts with wealthy businessmen, political leaders, and other establishment figures. Much of what was described on the the Dr. Phil Show sounded satanic, analysts said.

Experts who have studied the phenomenon, though, say this story is just the tip of a gigantic iceberg that stretches across the globe and is especially concentrated in power centers such as Washington, D.C., New York City, and London.


Susan Rice requested to unmask names of Trump transition officials, sources say

Multiple sources tell Fox News that Susan Rice, former national security adviser under then-President Barack Obama, requested to unmask the names of Trump transition officials caught up in surveillance.

The unmasked names, of people associated with Donald Trump, were then sent to all those at the National Security Council, some at the Defense Department, then-Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and then-CIA Director John Brennan – essentially, the officials at the top, including former Rice deputy Ben Rhodes.

The names were part of incidental electronic surveillance of candidate and President-elect Trump and people close to him, including family members, for up to a year before he took office.


President Trump Announces Who He Will Be Donating His Salary To

President Donald Trump will be donating his first quarter's salary to the National Park Service, according to White House Spokesman Sean Spicer. The announcement was made during Monday's White House press briefing.

In total, the president will be donating $78.333.32 to the park service. Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, who was at the briefing to accept the check, has said the money will go to improve maintenance of the nation's battlefields.


Georgetown Hires Former Star Center, Hall of Famer Patrick Ewing to Coach

Georgetown University basketball legend Patrick Ewing will return to coach the team he led to a national championship as a player in 1984, a source confirmed to NBC Sports.

Ewing replaces John Thompson III, whose father coached Ewing from 1981 to 1985. They took Georgetown to the national championship game three times in four years together, winning the title with a victory over the University of Houston in 1984. That year, Ewing won an Olympic gold medal with the men's national team.


DNC Chair Goes On Profanity-Laced RANT Against Trump – Then He Realized Cameras Were Rolling

Democrats talk a big game about being tolerant and open minded and engaging in conducive and cohesive discourse. But they are the biggest hypocrites out there that exist. The new chair of the Democratic National Committee, Tom Perez, was caught on video going off on a profanity-laden rant against President Trump and his administration. Perez was placed in office after Debbie Wasserman Shultz and Donna Brazil who were both ousted for colluding with the Clinton campaign during the 2016 presidential election. Brazil fed debate questions to Clinton and Schultz ultimately ended up consulting for the Clinton campaign. Absolutely no shocker there. Perez may not be colluding with them but he surely is a no better replacement and this video will show you exactly why. Watch below, More

USA Today Fooled By Fake North Korea Twitter Account For Second Time

On Thursday, USA Today released an article about the latest spat between North Korea and Arizona Senator John McCain and incorrectly quoted North Korea by pulling a tweet from a parody North Korean government Twitter account. The newspaper quoted the parody account, @DPRK_News, as calling John McCain a “noted idiot” believing that the statement was coming from the North Korean government itself. According to the Daily Caller, this is not the first time USA Today has fallen for the fake account.

On Thursday USA Today reported:

The state-run North Korean News Service accused McCain of attacking that nation’s dignity.

“Noted idiot John McCain denounced as an infantile lunatic angrily soiling himself after slandering august personages of DPRK,” the service tweeted Thursday.


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What Intersection Is This?

Old-Fashioned Rest Stops Disappearing in Some States

For more than half a century, old-fashioned, no-frills highway rest stops have welcomed motorists looking for a break from the road, a bathroom or a picnic table where they can eat lunch.

But in some states, these roadside areas are disappearing.

Cash-strapped transportation agencies are shuttering the old ones to save money, or because they don’t attract enough traffic or are in such bad shape that renovating them is too costly. Or, the stops have been overtaken by tourist information centers, service plazas that take in revenue from gasoline and food sales, or commercial strips off interstate exits.

Florida, Michigan, Ohio and South Dakota are among the states that have closed traditional rest stops in the last two years. And a battle is brewing in Connecticut over a proposal to shut down all seven stops on its interstate highways to save money.

But advocates of maintaining traditional rest areas say even if motorists are offered flashier options for pit stops, the ones that sprung up as highways did are still needed for driver safety and convenience. Some view them as a tranquil, environmentally friendly alternative to crowded service plazas and commercial strips.

“Shutting them down would be the end of an era,” said Joanna Dowling, a historian who researches rest areas and runs the website “Rest areas take you away from the road and the hecticness of travel and immerse you in the natural landscape.”