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Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Neocon Carnival of Constitutional Confusion

Several times a week I force myself to be subjected to five minutes or so of neocon chatter by Rush Limbaugh, Marc Levin (“The Grate One”), Sean Hannity, or the FAUX News Channel morning show. Their bloviations are filled with extreme hypocrisy and delusional contradictions.

For example, during the Bush administration the neocon mantra was “9/11 changed everything!” by which they meant, “to hell with the Constitution.” Whenever Judge Andrew Napolitano would challenge any of his FAUX News Channel colleagues over warrantless wiretaps, NSA spying, undeclared and unconstitutional wars, torturing of prisoners, the murder-by-drone of American citizens, etc., this was their mantra, their all-purpose slogan designed to censor all discussion. “Constitution Schmonstitution” was their unofficial motto.

Now that a Democrat is in the White House that has all changed. Marc Levin, who slavishly supported Bush’s “War on Terra” and all of its constitutional subversions, has even written a very silly book on the importance of sticking to the Constitution. His fellow neocons all sounded more like Mussolini than (James) Madison during the Bush administration but today they have all become born-again constitutionalists. At least until the next Republican is elected president.



Having trouble just making ends meet because of taxes that go to people who don’t work?
Check your State and see how you’d do not working at all! [BELOW] Hit that share button and Tweet or send an email link to every working man and woman you know.
A Cato Institute study has determined that welfare benefits in fact payout more than a full time minimum wage job in at least 35 states! WTF?
1. The free money is more than $15 an hour in over ten states
2. Welfare is more than a newly college educated teacher in eleven states makes
3. Outdoes the salary of a computer programmer in three states!
4. The highest welfare payouts are over $20 an hour! (Hawaii, with payments equaling $29.13 per hour, DC at $24.43 per hour, Massachusetts at $24.30 , Connecticut at $21.33, New York at $21.01 per hour, New Jersey at $20.89 per hour, Rhode Island at $20.83 per hour and Vermont at $20.36 per hour)

Main Street Gym Thanks Their Supporters


Cutting calories slows aging, new study finds

Reducing calorie intake could help slow aging and deter chronic disease in mammals, a new study shows.

The study, conducted on female mice by neuroscientists ant the NYU Langone Medical Center, suggests that restricting diets affects hundreds of genes linked to aging and memory formation. Cutting back on food by 30 percent virtually stopped the expression of those genes, the researchers said.

Previous studies found a dietary impacts on one or two genes, while this study analyzed the impact on more than 10,000, said professor Stephen D. Ginsberg, who was senior study investigator.

Ginsberg, in a written statement, cautioned that calorie restriction was not “the fountain of youth” but did “add evidence for the role of diet in delaying the effects of aging and aging-related disease.”

For the study, researchers fed female mice – which are more prone to dementia than males – 30 percent fewer calories from a carbohydrate diet than those fed to other mice.


Hidden Camera Report Catches ‘Obama Phone’ Agents Illegally Signing People Up

They’re lined up outside welfare offices, on street corners and in supermarkets: people hawking free cellphones for those in need

They’re lined up outside welfare offices, on street corners and in supermarkets: people hawking free cellphones for those in need.

CBS2 Investigative Reporter David Goldstein says it’s called the California Lifeline Program, but it’s more commonly known by another name.

“Is that what they call the ‘Obama phones?’ ” asked one customer.

The program exploded under President Barack Obama: 14 million American have the free phones, costing $2.2 billion in subsidies nationwide in 2013. And it’s all paid for by taxpayers.

Full article here

How The IRS & Homeland Security Are Expanding Undercover Work

Those guidelines apply only to the law enforcement agencies overseen by the Justice Department. Within the Treasury Department, undercover agents at the I.R.S., for example, appear to have far more latitude than do those at many other agencies. I.R.S. rules say that, with prior approval, “an undercover employee or cooperating private individual may pose as an attorney, physician, clergyman or member of the news media.”

Across the federal government, undercover work has become common enough that undercover agents sometimes find themselves investigating a supposed criminal who turns out to be someone from a different agency, law enforcement officials said. In a few situations, agents have even drawn their weapons on each other before realizing that both worked for the federal government.

- From the New York Times article: More Federal Agencies Are Using Undercover Operations

If this article doesn’t prove to you without a shadow of a doubt what the prosecutorial priorities of the U.S. federal government are I don’t know what will. I have been railing for years on this site about how the rule of law is dead and buried in the USA. How the “justice” system is targeting average citizens for non crimes, while allowing the large financial criminals responsible for destroying the global economy to get off on DPAs, or deferred prosecution agreements originally crafted to deal with juveniles (see: The U.S. Department of Justice Handles Banker Criminals Like Juvenile Offenders…Literally).


A Message From The Facebook Page Of Andy Harris

Andy Harris, M.D.
My parents fled Communism and legally immigrated to the United States because they believed the United States was a nation governed by laws. The President’s illegal actions today threaten the fundamental belief of Americans in the rule of law.

Joe Sobran, making the world safe for democracy

[CLASSIC: 08/20/2002] —During turbulent times like the present, Americans make fervent appeals to "democracy," which they equate with freedom. President Bush is eager to impose democracy on Iraq and other countries whose governments he
disapproves of. Woodrow Wilson only wanted to "make the world safe for democracy": Bush wants to make the whole world democratic. Everyone seems to take for granted that democracy is the ideal form of government.

Why? What's so great about majority rule? A majority may be as tyrannical as a single dictator, and majorities have often deprived minorities and individuals of their rights -- exploited, enslaved, and murdered them. Democratic Athens executed Socrates.

Woodrow Wilson only wanted to "make the
world safe for democracy": Bush wants to make the whole world democratic. Everyone seems to take for granted that democracy is the ideal form of government.

Majority rule has its uses, as long as it doesn't threaten or violate more fundamental principles, A chess club can elect its officers, but it can't vote to change the basic rules of chess; or it ceases to be a chess club.

Most great political philosophers since Plato have dreaded democracy, fearing that demagogues would stimulate and exploit the selfish passions of the majority. The best recent critique of democracy is Hans-Hermann Hoppe's book,Democracy: The God That Failed.

The Framers of the U.S. Constitution took great pains to create a republican system in which majority rule would be tempered and inhibited by many restraints. They thought the best guarantee of freedom was to specify the powers of government and to limit it strictly to those powers.

Nevertheless, we now talk as if America, freedom, and democracy were all the same thing. It's assumed that government may justly do almost anything, provided it does so with majority support.

Actually, we don't owe our freedoms to democracy. We owe them to older legal traditions, inherited from Anglo-Saxon law: habeas corpus, due process of law, the presumption of innocence, the right to a trial by one's peers, et cetera. The Framers of the Constitution were wise enough to preserve these protections against arbitrary state power.

But the Constitution, unfortunately, has failed to provide sufficient safeguards. Its protections have been undermined — by democracy. The Bill of Rights says that nobody can be deprived of his property "without due process of law." That means an individual trial in which the defendant is proved to have forfeited his property by his own acts.


State To Buy 255 Acres in Millington

MILLINGTON — Officials here say they were not consulted in the state Department of Natural Resources’ $2.8 million purchase of a couple of hundred acres of agricultural land that is in the town limits of Millington. And they’re miffed about being left out of the conversation.

“I perceive this as state arrogance,” Councilman Kevin Hemstock said, referencing the purchase of 255 acres belonging to Frederick and Mary Wick.

The state is using Program Open Space money to fund the purchase, which the Board of Public Works approved Nov. 12 by a 2-1 vote. Comptroller Peter Franchot dissented, portraying it as a highly irregular transaction.


A Moral Primer

Obama’s legacy: government-induced chaos at home, moral equivalence abroad.

The last but long gasp of the Obama administration is characterized not so much by deceit and incompetence as by growing chaos. Everything appears to be coming apart. The chariot of state now veers up and down with a terrified Phaethon clueless at the reins. Whether it is ISIS, Ebola, Putin, or Obamacare, the common strain is not simple incompetence, but a maladroitness born of intolerant ideological fundamentalism.

Have our government agencies ever seemed more corrupt or useless or both, staffed by political cronies and leftist zealots? What ever happened to the old IRS, GSA, VA, Secret Service, NSA, NASA, EPA, or Justice Department? All seem now mere appendages to a larger agenda of fundamentally transforming America.

We are mired in the slowest recovery in modern times, alleviated only by recently falling oil prices, which came despite, not because of, the president’s efforts. Fiscal sobriety is now redefined as a $600 billion annual deficit rather than the usual $1 trillion, again brought about by efforts other than Obama’s own. Yet the president has an unfortunate habit of taking credit for the good that he opposed and fobbing off on others responsibility for the bad that he embraced. There is interest in watching Obama’s press conferences, but mostly in appreciating how ingeniously he serially blames others for his own blunders.

Our foreign policy is such a wreck that it makes the mess of the Carter administration seem inspired in comparison. Europe is pouting because it finally, after a half century, found what it wanted in Obama, and yet it rues the fact that he is turning the United States into Europe — without a United States left to protect either. By Putin’s sheer force of malice and Obama’s paralysis, Russia is now sowing havoc from its borders to the Mediterranean. China is hesitant only to the degree that it cannot quite fathom whether such presidential ineptness could be real, or whether it is instead some intricate American feint designed to entice a cocky Beijing into overstepping its bounds.


Fmr Border Patrol Official: Obama 'Ready to Go Off the Cliff' on Amnesty

Former Border Patrol National Deputy Chief Ronald Coburn declared that the President Obama's executive order on immigration will put Border Patrol agents "at much greater danger" and that the president is "ready to go off the cliff" on Thursday's "The Real Story" on the Fox News Channel.

"It will make the situation much, much worse. I see the president is sprinting toward a precipice ready to go off the cliff, only he has the American people tethered on a rope and [he is] taking us down with him. First, do no harm. When it comes to comprehensive immigration reform, it's better to have no reform than to have bad reform. I lived through the Immigration Reform and Control Act of '86. I saw the mistakes made then. In 2003 when I was assigned to the White House as the Director for Law Enforcement, I advised both the White House, the Bush administration, and Congress, that it would be a bad idea to repeat what we experienced through the previous amnesty program. This should not be about amnesty. This places the Border Patrol agents at much greater danger, and they probably have the most dangerous law enforcement job in America" he stated with regards to the president's planned executive order.


Baltimore man gets 25 years in roommate's scalding

BALTIMORE – A judge has sentenced a Baltimore man to 25 years in prison after prosecutors say he threw boiling water on his roommate after a dispute over breakfast sausages.

Prosecutors say 39-year-old Donte Frye was convicted of assault for luring his roommate to the top of basement stairs and throwing a pot of boiling water on his face in April 2013, causing second-degree burns and severe scarring. Prosecutors say Frye thought his roommate had eaten his breakfast sausages.

Frye was sentenced Monday.

The hefty prison term follows two prior convictions of attempted murder. Prosecutors say Frye stabbed two roommates in separate attacks in 1993 and 2004.

Prosecutors say Frye's a "violent repeat offender" who hasn't shown remorse, even mocking the victim of the boiling water attack in a recorded jail call.


College Student Who Witnessed Campus Shooting Made an Incredible Discovery When He Dumped Out His Backpack: ‘Direct Intervention From God’

Florida State University senior Jason Derfuss said at first he didn’t want to accept that he’d just heard a gun fired right behind him.

But as the 21-year-old was exiting Strozier Library about 12:25 a.m. Thursday, he knew what the “loud bang” was.

So Derfuss said he turned around very slowly and saw all the proof he needed — an image of the silent gunman firing two point-blank shots and a person crumpling to the ground, the Tallahassee Democrat reported. The shooter went on to wound two other FSU students before police fatally shot him.


Early Excursion Train Study Balances Potential With Infrastructure Needs

SNOW HILL – An initial feasibility study indicates there is potential for an excursion railroad operation in Worcester County, but that a number of physical issues would need to be addressed first.

Infrastructure improvements would need to be made to the railroad track itself and boarding locations would need to be built before a tourist train could be up and running between Berlin and Snow Hill, according to a report presented Tuesday to the Worcester County Commissioners.

Randy Gustafson of Stone Consulting, the company that handled the feasibility study, said the main issue was the track, which is currently being used by Maryland and Delaware Railroad Co. freight trains. He said it needed to be improved in areas and that passing sidings in Berlin and Newark had to be built.

“It needs help,” he said. “It needs additional ties. It’s not necessarily a lost cause.”


Keep The Momentum, Replace Obamacare

Through the Save Our Healthcare Project, Dr. Ben Carson & American Legacy PAC recruited over 450,000 Americans and helped to elect a new Senate majority dedicated to replacing Obamacare.

Organizers Train Newly Minted Protesters in St. Louis

Protesters anxiously awaiting the St. Louis grand jury decision relating to the shooting death of 18-year-old Mike Brown have been training activists all weekend in preparation for the day the grand jury makes an announcement about whether to indict Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson for Brown’s death.

In a small room located on South Jefferson Avenue in a building used by IUOE Local 148, organizers like Rev. Osagyefo Sekou are instructing groups of individuals about tactics relating to resisting police commands during demonstrations. Sekou is a St. Louis native who grew up in the area but now lives in Massachusetts.

Topics covered by organizers like Sekou as well as Deray McKesson and others included decentralized protest actions, jail support, first aid, legal issues, as well as staying safe on the streets during demonstrations.

McKesson explains, “Today we’ll talk about what it means about decentralized actions. So one of the four parts of what we’re doing is we are not actually telling you where to go or what to do or anything to do with most of your actions. We have some central things planned, but the power of this movement has been with really strong decentralized actions.”


A Third of All Federal Student Loans Could Go Bad, Treasury Advisory Committee Warns

( – Four years after the federal government took over the student loan program, nine percent of student loans are in default and another 23 percent have the potential to go bad as well, according to a report by the Treasury Borrowing Advisory Committee (TBAC).

“Millions of student-loan borrowers are in default on their student loans; many more could face default in the near future,” Deputy Treasury Secretary Sarah Bloom Raskin said during a Tampa speech on Nov. 6th, two days after the report was released.

According to data released Nov. 7 by the Federal Reserve, Americans currently owe $1.3 trillion on their student loans. The level of education indebtedness has increased 84 percent since 2009.

”Since the passing of the Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act of 2010 (SAFRA), all federal student loans are made directly by the Department of Education and funded by the U.S. Treasury,” the TBAC report explained. “For a variety of reasons, loan growth is increasing and default rates are high and rising.”

And the current nine percent default rate, which exceeded auto loan delinquencies for the first time ever, is likely the tip of the iceberg.


New Sentences For Death Row Inmates

Maryland has four inmates on death row. In 2013, though, the General Assembly repealed the state's authority to carry out executions. According to a report from the Capital News Service, two of those four inmates are currently seeking to have their sentences changed, a move with which we would agree.

CNS reporter Max Bennett wrote that Heath William Burch — on death row since 1996 for a double homicide — is seeking a commutation of his death sentence from Gov. Martin O'Malley to life without the possibility of parole. Attorneys for Jody Lee Miles, on the other hand, are asking Maryland's highest court — the Court of Special Appeals — to vacate Miles' death sentence. His attorneys are seeking a sentence of life with the possibility of parole.

Miles' attorneys are joined by Maryland's attorney general, Douglas Gansler, in seeking a court review of the sentence. But while Miles' attorneys are hoping to get the convicted murderer a second chance at life through a lesser sentence allowing for the possibility of parole, as well as access to work, education and rehabilitation programs, Gansler wants to ensure the rest of Miles' days are spent behind bars.


Churches Won’t Be Charged “Rain Tax” if they Preach Global Warming

If the left can’t get around the First Amendment one way, it will find another way around it.

Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley made national news last year when he fought to pass and signed a tax bill that levied a tax on Marylanders, businesses and churches for the amount of “impervious surface” they have on their property.

Though the O’Malley administration calls it a “fee,” it is commonly called the “rain tax” throughout the state. It is wildly unpopular and the promise to fight to repeal the tax was a large factor in Maryland electing Republican Larry Hogan governor this month.

Now Prince George’s County is offering a way for churches to avoid paying the tax, which is estimated to be an average of $744 per year for them — preach “green” to their parishioners.

So far 30 pastors have agreed to begin “‘green’ ministries to maintain the improvements at their churches, and to preach environmentally focused sermons to educate their congregations” to avoid being hit with the tax, The Washington Post reports.


A Legacy of Liberalism

The current problems facing blacks in America owe more to the Great Society than to slavery.

Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes said there were “phrases that serve as an excuse for not thinking.” One of these phrases that substitute for thought today is one that depicts the current problems of blacks in America as “a legacy of slavery.”

New York Times writer Nicholas Kristof asserts that there is “overwhelming evidence that centuries of racial subjugation still shape inequity in the 21st century” and he mentions “the lingering effects of slavery.” But before we become overwhelmed, that evidence should be checked out.

The evidence offered by Mr. Kristof in the November 16 issue of the New York Times seems considerably short of overwhelming, to put it charitably. He cites a study showing that “counties in America that had a higher proportion of slaves in 1860 are still more unequal today.” Has he never heard statisticians’ repeated warnings that correlation is not causation?

The South long remained a region that blacks fled by the millions — for very good reasons. But, in more recent years, the net migration of blacks has been from the North to the South. No doubt they have good reasons for that as well.


Eric Holder Sides With Alleged Cop Killers, Again

Earlier this year when President Obamanominated cop killer advocate Debo Adegbile to head up the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice, Attorney General Eric Holder applauded the move. Because of Adegbile's voluntary work on behalf of convicted cop killer Mumia Abu Jamal, who brutally murdered Philadelphia Police Officer Daniel Faulkner in cold blood back in 1981, his nomination was voted down in the filibuster proof, Democrat controlled Senate 52-47. In 2011 under Adegbile's leadership at the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, the death penalty sentence of Mumia Abu-Jamal was overturned despite thirty years of multiple courts upholding the his murder conviction. Major law enforcement groups representing hundreds of thousands of officers from across the country sent letters directly to President Obama strongly condemning the nomination and worked with Senators to block Adegbile from working in DOJ.
“I’m very disappointed in the Senate’s vote. At a time when significant voting rights cases and other consequential matters are pending, it is more critical than ever to have a confirmed leader for the Civil Rights Division. Mr. Adegbile is a uniquely qualified nominee and an exceptional lawyer. He deserved to have his nomination considered wholly on the merits. His record was either misunderstood, or intentionally misrepresented for the sake of politics," Holder said when Adegbile's nomination was blocked.
Now, Holder has sided with a new set of alleged cop killers in Virginia by taking the death penalty out of consideration for four gang members who kidnapped and murdered Police Officer Kevin Quick. 
Four gang members who were charged with the murder of a reserve Virginia police officer, Kevin Quick, will not be facing the death penalty, federal prosecutors told reporters Friday.

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder has taken the death penalty off the table, but the co-defendants will face the possibility of life in prison for their alleged role in killing Quick, 45. He was reported missing on Feb. 1 and his body was found several days later.

The suspects -- Daniel Lamont Mathis, Shantai Monique Shelton, Mersadies Lachalle Shelton and Travis Leon Bell, also known as Kweli Uhuru -- were charged in May, according to The Associated Press.

Indictments released in May allege that the suspects who carjacked, kidnapped and killed Quick were members of the Virginia street gang, 99 Goon Syndikat, which reportedly has ties to the Bloods from Los Angeles

Assateague Analyzing Feces To Determine Mares’ Future Pregnancies

ASSATEAGUE — While it certainly isn’t the most glamorous aspect of managing the famed wild horses on Assateague, a biological technician is spending much of November conducting pregnancy tests on many of the mares on the barrier island in an attempt to predict how many if any new foals will join the herd in the coming year.

Assateague Island biological technician Allison Turner has been following as many as 29 mares in the population of wild horses on the barrier island waiting for them to defecate. The samples are collected, frozen and sent to a lab to be analyzed to determine if any of the mares will be expecting next spring.

There could be one or two new foals next spring, or as many as five or six, or possibly even zero. For two decades or more, Turner has been carefully monitoring the birthing habits of the island’s most famed residents and the information, more specifically the fecal matter, she collects this month will help tell the story for the next year.


Town ends bid to ban tobacco sales after outcry

An American town who were bidding to become the first in the country to ban tobacco sales have dropped the plan after widespread public outcry.

Officials in Westminster, Massachusetts had proposed to ban the products from the town's stores to stop young people from taking up smoking

A vote on the plan had been due to take place last week, but a rowdy opposition made up of local people and businesses meant the public meeting had to be ended early.


Obama to dine with top lawmakers tonight

President Obama has invited senior lawmakers to the White House for dinner Wednesday night so that he can explain his plans to use executive authority to change the nation’s immigration laws, according to several congressional aides.

Obama has invited Senate Majority Leader Harry M. Reid (D-Nev.), House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and the leaders of the congressional Asian, Black and Hispanic caucuses, said the aides, who were not authorized to speak publicly about the plans.

Obama did not invite GOP leaders to the meeting, according to aides.


A Letter To The Editor: Lost Dogs

Hi Joe,

I just wanted to share a quick story with you. I first learned of SBY News back in 2010. My dog had run away when a plumber left my back door open. I felt so sick to my stomach because I had no idea where my dog was. After a few days of searching a State Trooper who saw me walking along Rt. 50 looking for my dog suggested I go to your site and post about my lost dog. Shortly after you posted about my lost dog I got a call from someone who was able to conform that my dog was hit by a car and what animal hospital to find her. Sadly my dog had died but we were able to at least identify her and that gave us some closure.

Well today my Border Collie who is just over one year old got off her chain. This time I had a GPS pet tracker attached to her collar. I was able to go to the app and pull up the map and I was able to see exactly where she was. I live close to the 13 Bypass and she was very close to that highway. Luckily I was able to get to her in 10 minutes. She is now home safe and sound.

I wanted to share this story with you because I see so many people that have lost dogs and I can relate to the panic and anxiety you can feel not knowing where your dog is. Fact is a dog can move pretty fast and cover a lot of ground and they can be anywhere if they get away. I know that I couldn't sleep and I drove around for days when I lost my other dog in hopes that I could find her.

If people knew such a device as the GPS tracker existed then it may save a lot of people the grief of losing a pet. I am not trying to sell anything so I will leave the brand of the device I use out of this email. If you would like to know what tracker I use I will be happy to provide it. This tracker is small and waterproof and fits on the collar. It cost me about $100 for the tracker and $9 a month for the tracking service.

This device also keeps track of my pets activity so I can be sure she gets the proper exercise and in February there is an upgraded tracker that will also monitor the temperature and alert you if your dog is getting to hot or to cold to prevent weather related deaths.

Today I had a brief moment of that horror I felt in 2010 when I lost my beloved dog. Luckily that horror was short lived because I was able to use my smart phone and open the app and was able to see exactly where my dog was. I really hope other people can be spared the misery of not knowing where their pet is.

Anyway thanks for taking the time to read my note. I know your a busy man with tons of email.

Thank you for all you do for us here on Delmarva. I hope to get the chance to shake your hand someday and thank you in person for your service to all of us.

Helpful Tips From International Association of Fire Fighters

Obama to issue immigration order on Mexico’s ‘Revolution Day’

No doubt it’s just a quirk of the calendar, but President Obama is making his announcement to grant legal status for millions of illegal immigrants on Mexico’s “Revolution Day.”

The president’s prime-time address Thursday coincides with the date in 1910 when the Mexican revolution began. The timing hasn’t escaped the notice of the Americans for Legal Immigration PAC, a group that opposes the president’s plan.

“November 20 is Mexican ‘Revolution Day‘ or Mexican ‘Civil War Day,’ which is the equivalent of America’s 4th of July,” said William Gheen, president of ALIPAC. “Obama’s choice of this date for his departure from his oath of office and the U.S. Constitution creates a permanent symbolic relationship between his actions and Mexico’s violent revolutionary and civil wars from 1910-1920.”


Coach Hal Chernoff Inducted Into Hall Of Fame

I hope this does not seem boastful, because I am actually honored and humbled to have been sent this letter. I never thought that the work we did in the Main St Gym would would ever cause the men and women of the Washington D.C,’s Hall of Fame to consider including my name as one of their inductees for 2014.

To think that boxing people like Sugar Ray Leonard and other greats have been past inductees, still has me shaking my head and asking if I am really deserving. But this one time I'm going to let go and just enjoy it.

Sadly, I won’t make the dinner and ceremony on Nov 21st, because I will be in Wilmington DE trying to help my fighter Alex Guerrero win the NABA Belt.

I guess sacrificing all the weddings, birthdays, holidays anniversaries and other events must be one of the criteria for being considered, and in that category I certainly met the requirement.

I am very honored.

Yours in Shock
Coach Hal

Spin Cycle: AP Issues Preemptive Defense of Obama's Amnesty Order

In my immigration post yesterday (need I remind you that I generally consider myself a supporter of reform?), I predicted that administration "surrogates [will] attempt to cite reams of precedent to demonstrate how Obama's de facto mass legalization of millions of illegal immigrant adults is really a non-story." Other presidents have used executive orders to impact immigration policy, they'd argue, deliberately ignoring questions of scope, intention and implication. Bullseye. Over to you, Senate Democrats:

But even officially partisan Democrats couldn't match the efforts of their allies in the mainstream media. The Associated Press published a "report" that could easily have been concocted in the basement of the DNC:

Two presidents have acted unilaterally on immigration - and both were Republican. Ronald Reagan and his successor George H.W. Bush extended amnesty to family members who were not covered by the last major overhaul of immigration law in 1986. Neither faced the political uproar widely anticipated if and when President Barack Obama uses his executive authority to protect millions of immigrants from deportation. Reagan's and Bush's actions were conducted in the wake of a sweeping, bipartisan immigration overhaul and at a time when "amnesty" was not a dirty word. Obama is acting as the country - and Washington - are bitterly divided over a broken immigration system and what to do about 11 million people living in the U.S. illegally. Obama wants to extend protection from deportation to millions of immigrant parents and spouses of U.S. citizens and permanent residents, and expand his 2-year-old program that shields immigrants brought illegally to this country as children. A tea party-influenced GOP is poised to erupt, if and when Obama follows through on his promise.

Janet Yellen Shills for the Democrats

At a conference last week, Federal Reserve Chairman Janet Yellen recycled a shopworn Democrat talking point about the supposed crisis of income inequality and stalled economic mobility. “The extent and continuing increase in inequality in the United States greatly concerns me,” Yellen said, going on to wonder “whether this trend is compatible with values rooted in our nation’s history,” especially “equality of opportunity.”

Like the mythic “war on women,” this progressive sound bite is misleading and duplicitous, based on statistical sleight of hand. Worse yet, it is a pretext for more and more government expansion and intrusion into the economy, and for more and more redistribution of income through entitlement programs. It makes one wonder what one of the most powerful government officials impacting the economy, supposedly a politically neutral technocrat, is doing recycling Democratic campaign slogans.

The “income inequality” claim depends on ignoring numerous data that contradict it. For one thing, it glosses over the mobility among the 5 income cohorts over time, assuming that the same people are rich or poor year after year. But as Stephen Moore and James Pierson point out, “In America they [the rich] don’t generally stay rich for long. A few years ago the Department of Treasury examined what happens to the wealth of families across several generations. Guess what: the poor got richer and the rich got poorer. The incomes of poor households rose 80 percent from 1987 to 1996 and then more than doubled from 1996 to 2005. The richer people were at the start of this period, the more income losses they suffered in subsequent years.”


Obamacare Architect Exposes Progressive Totalitarianism

Professor Jonathan Gruber of MIT, who designed the Affordable Care Act, used to be the symbol of the Democrats’ technocratic bona fides, and an example of how big government with its “scientific” experts can solve social and economic problems from health care to a warming planet. Yet a recently publicized video of remarks he made at a panel in 2013, along with 2 other videos in the same vein, has now made him the poster child of the elitist progressives’ contempt for the American people, and their sacrifice of prudence and reason to raw political power.

In the video Gruber explains the spin and lies the Dems used to give cover to their Congressmen so they could vote for Obamacare. Especially important was avoiding the “t-word.” So, Gruber crows on the video, “This bill was written in a tortured way to make sure [the Congressional Budget Office] did not score the mandate as taxes. If CBO scored the mandate as taxes, the bill dies.” He also explained how the bills’ writers covered up the obvious redistributionist core of the legislation, which to work has to take money from the healthy young to pay for health care for the sick and old. “If you had a law which said that healthy people are going to pay in — you made explicit healthy people pay in and sick people get money, it would not have passed.”

Then this handsomely paid consultant to the “most transparent administration in history” revealed the foundational contempt progressives have for the “people” whose champions they claim to be: “Lack of transparency is a huge political advantage. And basically, call it the stupidity of the American voter or whatever, but basically that was really, really critical to getting the thing to pass.” As David Horowitz tweeted, “Progressive totalitarianism: We know what’s good for you and will lie, cheat and then compel you to agree with us.”


SFD Calls For Service 11-19-14

  • Wednesday November, 19 2014 @ 19:26Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury
  • Wednesday November, 19 2014 @ 16:51 Nature: Service CallAddress: 908 Upshur St Salisbury, MD 21801
  • Wednesday November, 19 2014 @ 15:56 Nature: Trash FireAddress: 838 Brown St Salisbury, MD 21801
  • Wednesday November, 19 2014 @ 13:34Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury
  • Wednesday November, 19 2014 @ 13:16Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury
  • Wednesday November, 19 2014 @ 10:36Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury
  • Wednesday November, 19 2014 @ 10:11Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury
  • Wednesday November, 19 2014 @ 09:16 Nature: Vehicle Accident w/InjuriesAddress: Tilghman Rd & E Salisbury Pkwy Salisbury, MD 21801
  • Wednesday November, 19 2014 @ 09:06Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Parsonsburg
  • Wednesday November, 19 2014 @ 08:48 Nature: Automatic AlarmAddress: 119 South Blvd Salisbury, MD 21801
  • Wednesday November, 19 2014 @ 00:30Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury

Did Gruber Videos Force Obama to Speed Up Amnesty?

Ever since the election Obama has been tossing out one shiny distraction after another.

There was a fake “climate pact” with China that didn’t obligate it to anything. Obama suddenly began beating the drum for net neutrality by sending progressive activists after his own FCC chair in one of the most hilarious Wag the Dog moments of his administration.

Amnesty was supposed to be his weapon of choice for sabotaging Republican legislative action. The Republicans propose X, Obama goes into amnesty mode.

For appearance’s sake, the amnesty rollout was supposed to follow a Republican “failure” to move forward allowing Obama to posture as the only serious guy in Washington who is just trying to get things done while Congress keeps obstructing and arguing.

Now Obama is jumping the gun.

Executive amnesty is not all that popular even among Democrats. Pulling that move ideally required blaming Republicans. Announcing his plans with a high profile speech before the GOP Senate is even in session makes it obvious that Obama is not responding to anything Congress did or did not do.

Sure there will be plenty of the same old “If Congress passes the bill that I want, it will supersede my illegal amnesty” nonsense, and “I’m ready to work with Congress anytime, but first I’m going to rule unilaterally like some mad emperor because they suck” stuff in there. And it’s going to look thinner and faker than it would have a little later.

So why is Obama doing it?


The Vanishing White Democrat

It wasn’t all that long ago that the Democrats were predicting the end of the Republican Party.

With the rise of Obama, James Carville began peddling a new book “40 More Years” promising that the Dems would rule for generations.

Just this year Carville predicted that the Republican Party would become extinct if it lost to Hillary Clinton. But it was the Democratic Party that was going extinct in Carville’s own backyard.

Republicans began winning Senate seats in Louisiana for the first time in a century in just the last ten years. If Landrieu loses, then both of the Louisiana’s Senate seats will be unprecedentedly held by Republicans.

And Louisiana isn’t an outlier. Bill Clinton couldn’t stop Arkansas from going full Republican with two Republican senators and a full suite of Republican representatives for the first time in history. That’s all the more amazing in a state that only had two Republican senators before that for over a century.

The Democratic Party is going extinct in places like Louisiana, Arkansas and West Virginia. It’s vanishing because the working class White Democrat is becoming extinct.


Utah revives plan for executions by firing squad

SALT LAKE CITY – Some Utah lawmakers want to allow firing squads to execute prisoners again to avoid problems with lethal injection drugs.

The proposal from Republican state Rep. Paul Ray would call for a firing squad if Utah cannot obtain the drugs 30 days before a scheduled execution.

Ray says he thinks it's the most humane way to kill someone because an inmate dies instantly.

An interim committee approved the idea Wednesday, but lawmakers must sign off in their session next year.


Local Author To Celebrate Her New Book "Learn Spanish The Gringa Way"

Franklin Graham Slams Muslim Service at National Cathedral

The Rev. Franklin Graham, son of "America's Preacher" the Rev. Billy Graham, has slammed the Washington National Cathedral for allowing Muslims to hold their first prayer service there Friday.

On his Facebook account, Graham wrote, "Tomorrow, the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C. — one of the most prominent Episcopal churches in America — will host a Muslim prayer service to Allah.

"It’s sad to see a church open its doors to the worship of anything other than the One True God of the Bible who sent His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, to earth to save us from our sins.


Lawsuit: Ferguson officer raped pregnant woman

FERGUSON, Mo. — This small Midwest city has a new problem -- a lawsuit that claims a corrections officer raped a pregnant woman and that police in the city have engaged in a "pattern of violence against the citizenry."

The woman sued Officer Jaris Hayden and the city of Ferguson and alleges the assault happened at the city jail while she was about three months pregnant. Court papers identify the alleged victim by her initials, J.W., because she says she is a rape victim.

In addition to the lawsuit, Hayden, 29, of Ferguson, faces four criminal charges, including two counts of having sexual contact with a prisoner, one count of permitting escape from custody and one count of acceding to corruption by a public servant, according to St. Louis County court records. Police arrested him on Nov. 12.

Hayden will plead not guilty to the charges at his arraignment on December 3, said Scott Rosenblum, who is defending Hayden from the criminal charges.

"At that point, we will start receiving the discovery and evidence and we will start responding to that," Rosenblum said. "He is looking forward to defending himself in court."


Obama vs. Us

Suppose you saw a person driving his car on the wrong side of a highway, against the traffic. Would you call him a stupid and/or incompetent driver?

You say, "Williams, what kind of question is that? Of course he's one or the other!" I'd say, "Hold your horses. What are his intentions?" If the driver's intentions are to cause highway calamity, one can hardly call his actions stupid or incompetent. Given his intentions, he is wisely acting in a manner to achieve his objectives.

This observation lies at the heart of my colleague Dr. Thomas Sowell's column last week, in which he says, "Pundits who depict Obama as a weak, lame duck president may be greatly misjudging him, as they have so often in the past." After suffering an elective trouncing at the polls, President Barack Obama issued Congress an ultimatum, saying that if it doesn't enact the kind of immigration law that he would like, he will unilaterally issue an executive order to change the nation's immigration laws. This threat, along with other abuses of his office, is not a sign of presidential stupidity or incompetence.

Obama is doing precisely what he promised during his 2008 presidential campaign, to cheering and mesmerized crowds: "We are going to fundamentally change America" and "We will change America. We will change the world."


Wicomico County Council Meeting 11-18-14

Video Courtesy of Pac14

Democrats lash out at Pelosi - John Bresnahan and Lauren French

House members go on the record with rare open criticism of their leaders.

The discontent with Nancy Pelosi is breaking out in the open.

Democrats in the House have quietly grumbled about Pelosi since suffering devastating losses on Election Day, but there is a growing number of members willing to go public on their party leaders.

The list of grievances — from the election losses, to routine procedures erupting into nasty fights — has shaken the confidence many Democrats hold in their leader. So while Pelosi was reelected unanimously by voice vote to the top House Democratic post on Tuesday during a closed-door party meeting — with no audible disagreement, according to a source in the room — the incoming minority leader is about to be in the worst position with her caucus since the end of their short-lived majority in 2010.

“They wiped the floor with us, so no, we’re not feeling good,” said Ohio Rep. Marcia Fudge, chairwoman of the Congressional Black Caucus. “We think clearly there was a lack of a coherent and compelling message. We believe that certainly our leadership worked hard, but there obviously was something lacking because we lost so many seats. I want to see members who have a better handle on the caucus brought in, whether they be young or old. I want people who have a good pulse of what is going on in our caucus … people who are more inclusive.”


Bent plates, duct tape and leaning out the trunk

Absurd tactics of stingy drivers who dodge road tolls that cost just 26 CENTS - leaving other users with a $36million bill

Paying toll charges is an unfortunate reality of life on the road that most drivers just learn to deal with.

But, as these pictures show, some motorists are so desperate to cling onto their loose change that almost anything is fair game for dodging the collectors- who often ask as little as 26 cents.

Everyday tactics for avoiding number plate-tracking cameras including bending the plate back or trying to change the numbers by smearing on grease.


Ohio's unfunded pension liability more than $25K per resident

Ohio’s public pension plans have so much debt that paying it off today would cost each resident $25,080.

According to a new report, “Promises Made, Promises Broken 2014,” by nonprofit State Budget Solutions, the amount of unfunded pension obligations in Ohio has grown to nearly $290 billion, fifth highest in the nation.

That’s despite recent changes in the pension plans that were supposed to address the unfunded liability.

“That’s a very scary place for Ohio. The national average is $15,000, so $25,000 is just terrible,” said Joe Luppino-Esposito, SBS editor and general counsel and the author of the report.

He said the $25,080 places Ohio third regarding highest per capita debt. Alaska, due in part to its low population, was first, in front of Illinois.

Ohio has several individual plans — for teachers, police and fire, state employees, school employees and the State Highway patrol. Participants and the public employer contribute to the plans like non-public workers, and employers contribute to Social Security.


Obamacare = A Death Panel For The U.S. Economy

Did you know that some Americans are being hit with health insurance rate increases of more than 500 percent? Taking advantage of “the stupidity of the American voter”, the Democrats succeeded in ramming through one of the worst pieces of legislation that has ever come before Congress. The full implementation of Obamacare has been repeatedly delayed, but now we are finally starting to see the true horror of this terrible law. Thanks to Obamacare, millions of American families are losing health plans that they were very happy with, health insurance rates are skyrocketing, millions of workers are having their full-time hours cut back to part-time hours, rural hospitals all over the country are dying, and thousands of doctors are being driven out of the industry thus intensifying the greatest doctor shortage in U.S. history. Obamacare is a slow-motion train wreck of epic proportions, and the full effect of this law is only beginning to be felt. In the end, the economic impact of this law will likely be measured in the trillions of dollars.

One of the primary reasons why Democrats experienced so much pain during the recent elections was because millions of Americans are receiving some very disturbing letters from their health insurance providers. At a time when U.S. incomes are stagnating, health insurance rates are rising to absolutely ridiculous levels.

As the New York Times recently reported, even the Obama administration is admitting that “substantial price increases” are on the way…

The Obama administration on Friday unveiled data showing that many Americans with health insurance bought under the Affordable Care Act could face substantial price increases next year — in some casesas much as 20 percent — unless they switch plans.

The data became available just hours before the health insurance marketplace was to open to buyers seeking insurance for 2015.

An analysis of the data by The New York Times suggests that although consumers will often be able to find new health plans with prices comparable to those they now pay, the situation varies greatly from state to state and even among counties in the same state.



Incredible Post At 4:15 PM Today

Don't miss this incredible article at 4:15 PM today. ALL of Maryland will be talking about it!

Terrible People Create Fake Amazon Pages, Convince Walmart To Price-Match Them

It seemed like a great victory for consumers whenWalmart announced that it would price-match select online retailers, including However, because we’re not evil, we didn’t foresee how some people would misuse the price-matching privilege to scam Wally World into selling them video game consoles at cut-rate prices.

Kotaku reported this evil scheme that will ruin price-matching for everyone earlier today. It appears to have started when Sears accidentally listed some Nintendo bundles featuring the handheld 3DS and the Wii U console for only $60.


One Reader's Shocked Response Upon Learning His Health Insurance Cost Just Doubled

My wife and I own a small business and we had previously (in 2013) been buying health insurance on our own for ourselves and our two kids. The cost was about six hundred per month with a $5200 deductible, $6800 total out of pocket exposure for the family of four.

After spending months trying to register for the ACA in late 2013 and early 2014 my kids got put on our state's insurance (at "no cost") and my wife and I bagged an ACA policy at a subsidized cost of $281 per month with a total out of pocket of about $6500 (just for the two of us).

Attached is the ACA notification of next year's price increase. As you can see the cost goes from $281 to $555, a monthly increase of $274, a percentage increase of 97%.


Board of Education Recognizes Outstanding Achievements at Nov. 18 Awards & Recognitions Night

Congratulations to the many students, parents, staff members, schools, programs and community partners who were recognized Nov. 18, 2014 at the first Board of Education Awards & Recognitions Night of the 2014-2015 school year.


Oh Boy! has his its first snag this open enrollment season. Some consumers trying to open their accounts received an error message saying the site had too many visitors. Others got a message asking them to come back later. But other areas of the site are working normally. The Obama administration said the website is stable and working well. A million consumers visited the site over the weekend and 100,000 submitted applications. About 7 million people are enrolled in the health care program. Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Matthews Burwell expects that number to grow to 9 million.

House Vote in Favor of Keystone XL Pipeline an Act of War

Rosebud, SD – In response to [the] vote in the U.S. House of Representatives to authorize the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline, the Rosebud Sioux Tribal President announced that the Rosebud Sioux Tribe (Sicangu Lakota Oyate) recognizes the authorization of this pipeline as an act of war.

The Tribe has done its part to remain peaceful in its dealings with the United States in this matter, in spite of the fact that the Rosebud Sioux Tribe has yet to be properly consulted on the project, which would cross through Tribal land, and the concerns brought to the Department of Interior and to the Department of State have yet to be addressed.

“The House has now signed our death warrants and the death warrants of our children and grandchildren. The Rosebud Sioux Tribe will not allow this pipeline through our lands,” said President Scott of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe.

“We are outraged at the lack of intergovernmental cooperation. We are a sovereign nation and we are not being treated as such. We will close our reservation borders to Keystone XL. Authorizing Keystone XL is an act of war against our people.”

In February of this year, the Rosebud Sioux Tribe and other members of the Great Sioux Nation adopted Tribal resolutions opposing the Keystone XL project.


Ferguson: A Highly Organized, Scripted Agenda to Overshadow the Executive Amnesty Announcement?

History has shown that so many revolutions that many of us have cheered on over the years have turned out to be completely fabricated (or at the very least, co-opted) for an ultimate end game.

Let me start this article by letting you know (in case you didn’t) that every massive rights movement in modern American history has ultimately wound up infiltrated…

Every single one. Remember Occupy Wall Street? These things may even appear to start out organically, but at some point they get co-opted and steered by powerful people for a specific agenda. The question always becomes, “How long has this been going on?” and “What is the endgame?”

The Ferguson situation reeks of COINTELPRO.

For more on that, just go read “Counterintelligence: A Documentary Look at America’s Secret Police” subhead “The FBI’s Counterintelligence Operations Against: Black, Puerto Rican, Native American, and Chicano/Mexicano movements.” It’s filled with the FBI’s own declassified memos pointing to the reality that the FBI and other agencies have historically run counterintelligence programs in this country “designed to systematically disrupt and destroy domestic Third World liberation movements and their leadership by any means necessary.” [author's emphasis, not mine]

It’s all a playbook and people just keep getting conned by it over and over and over. It’s the Hegelian Dialectic: problem — reaction — solution.

The Michael Brown/Darren Wilson case in Ferguson, Missouri has blown up. It has been engineered to do so. See the article below on just how highly organized, scripted and surely funded this thing has become. A state of emergency has preemptively been declared for 30 days in Missouri before the grand jury’s decision has even been announced. “Planned responses” (not protests) have been organized for 83 cities across the nation and Canada. They are even holding informational meetings and “direct action trainings” in the lead up to the decision. The cops are stocking up on riot gear and rubber bullets. Residents are emptying gun stores.


Federal Tax Liens Against Sharpton and Raw Talent

A list of federal tax liens against the Rev. Al Sharpton and one of his businesses, Raw Talent. Document types marked as “Release of Federal Lien” signify that the amount has been paid off by a prior lien.

GO HERE to view.

People Trust Social Media Less Than Any Other Form of Communication

And here's why we still use them anyway.

No matter how much Facebook messes with our emotions and pressures us to give up our data to their advertisers, they’ve hardly done anything serious enough to drive us away. Most people trump it up to apathy — we don’t care how much we’re violated if we get to use the service for free. But a new study poses another possible answer.

Last week, Pew Research Center released a report on privacy in the “post-Snowden era” and how Americans see government surveillance, social media sites and advertisers. Unsurprisingly, 91 percent of everyone surveyed believe “consumers have lost control over how personal information is collected and used by companies.”

In the report, Pew gathered a number of factlets without pulling them together for the key insight about why we still use social media sites even though we know they’re taking and selling our information to advertisers.

No one trusts social media

Across all channels of communication — including texts, emails, cell phone calls, landlines and instant messaging clients — social media came out as the leading champion of distrust, and the only method of communication that a majority of people gave the condemnation of “not at all secure.”


Missing Cat 11-18-14: UPDATE

Hello Mr. Albero,

Great news!  Flower has been found!!! Thank you for helping us!

Medal of Honor

Black World War I hero who was a 'Harlem Hellfighter' and shot 20 times could receive Medal of Honor posthumously for saving the lives of his comrades 95 years ago

Nearly 100 years after he single-handedly fought off a German attack and saved a comrade from capture despite suffering serious wounds, Sgt. Henry Johnson is a step closer to getting a posthumous Medal of Honor.

In an unprecedented move, congress is looking at changing a law that would allow a black World War I soldier from upstate New York who saved a comrade while fighting off a German attack in France, to be honored.

A number of congressmen including Chuck Hagel, the secretary of defense, has sent Congress a letter saying Sgt. Henry Johnson should receive the nation's highest military decoration for bravery in combat.

The railroad porter from Albany was serving in the all-black 369th Infantry Regiment when he killed or wounded several enemy soldiers while saving a fellow soldier from capture.

The president gets the final word on the medal request, which also requires passage of special legislation in Congress because Johnson's actions were more than five years ago.

The current legislation specifies that heroic actions have to have taken place within five years to be considered.


Weather Channel Co-Founder Predicting Snowier, Bitterly Colder Winter Ahead

( – The pre-Thanksgiving cold snap and a monster storm forecast to dump five feet of snow on Buffalo, N.Y. Tuesday are just “a preview” of the coming winter, which will be much colder and snowier than normal, predicts Joseph D’Aleo, co-founder and first director of meteorology at the Weather Channel.

D’Aleo, now chief forecaster atWeatherBell Analytics, was one of the few meteorologists to accurately predict a colder-than-normal November.

He expects several major East Coast snowstorms and “widespread below-zero temperatures” that will plunge much of the nation into a deep freeze for as long as six weeks this winter.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if it snows in Atlanta, Dallas, and Birmingham,” he told

“We’ve been talking about this being another one of those historic winters since the spring. The summer before last, we had seen last winter as being one that people near the Great Lakes would remember for a long time, and it turned out to be the coldest December to March on record in Chicago, and the snowiest in Detroit, and top five coldest in many places in the central [part of the U.S.]


21 Facts That Prove That Government Dependence Is Out Of Control In America

If you could stay home and watch television, play video games and hang out with your friends all day at government expense, would you do it? Of course most Americans that collect money from the government each month are not abusing the system. Many truly are incapable of taking care of themselves, and others are just receiving government benefits (such as Social Security) that they feel that they have earned by a lifetime of hard work. But with each passing year the number of Americans jumping on board “the safety net” continues to grow rapidly, and a lot of these people should be able to take care of themselves. Today, the American people collectively receive more money from the government than they pay in taxes. And remember, the federal government uses our money to build roads, inspect our food and fund the military as well. So what does this say about our economy? Could it survive without all of these debt-fueled transfer payments? And what does this say about our society? At one time, our nation was known for our work ethic. What would our forefathers say about us today? The following are 21 facts that prove that dependence on the government is out of control in America…

1. According to a Congressional Budget Office study that was just released, approximately 60 percent of all U.S. households get more in transfer payments from the government than they pay in taxes. Here is more about this stunning report from Mark J. Perry’s Carpe Diem blog …

Some additional analysis and commentary will be provided here that reveal a yet-to-be discussed major implication of the CBO report – almost the entire burden: a) of all transfer payments made to American households and b) of all non-financed government spending, falls on just one group of Americans – the top one-fifth of US households by income. That’s correct, the CBO study shows that the bottom three income quintiles representing 60% of US households are “net recipients” (they receive more in transfer payments than they pay in federal taxes), the second-highest income quintile pays just slightly more in federal taxes ($14,800) than it receives in government transfer payments ($14,100), while the top 20% of American “net payer” households finance 100% of the transfer payments to the bottom 60%, as well as almost 100% of the tax revenue collected to run the federal government. Here are the details of that analysis.


Mardela Springs Christmas Heritage Tour


Customer Shoots, Kills Armed Man During Attempted Daytime Robbery

On November 18, a customer in an Indianapolis pawn shop foiled an attempted daytime armed robbery by shooting and killing the suspect.

The pawn shop was Cash America, 2428 E. 38th Street.

According to The Indianapolis Star, the robbery was attempted about 2:18 p.m. and when Indianapolis Metropolitan Police (MPD) arrived on scene they initially thought the store owner had shot the suspect. But they learned that “a customer at the shop shot [25-year-old] Tyerre Allen… multiple times after Allen brandished a weapon as he entered.”

Witnesses say the unidentified customer “engaged the suspect to try to thwart the robbery” and gunfire was exchanged. Allen was struck more than once, but the customer was not harmed.

Emergency medical personnel arrived shortly after the incident and pronounced Allen dead at the scene.


Health Care Group Offers ‘7 Reasons Not to Enroll in Obamacare’

( – The Citizens’ Council for Health Freedom (CCHF) is giving Americans seven reasonswhy they should not sign up for Obamacare when the three-month open enrollment period begins on November 15th.

The first reason is that “the higher cost of coverage and the high deductible, due to new taxes and mandates, are unaffordable for many, even with the federal taxpayer-funded subsidy,” says Twila Brase, president and co-founder of the Minnesota-based non-profit group, whose mission is to “protect health care choices and patient privacy”.

As a result, some federally qualified health care clinics are “running out of money” because even with the subsidy, some Obamacare enrollees can’t afford their high deductibles and are going to the clinics for free care, she told

People who sign up on the Obamacare exchanges will also find a limited choice of coverage and a reduced list of approved physicians and hospitals, she added.

“We just let people know they’re not getting a private policy. It doesn’t matter if it says Cigna, or Kaiser or WellPoint. People on Medicaid have cards that say Cigna, Kaiser, WellPoint. What Obamacare really is is Medicaid on a sliding-fee scale, so it’s a Medicaid-for-the-middle-class type of coverage,” Brase told

“You have to apply to the federal government. This is not private coverage, because you have to go through the government and you have to use only the plans that are available through the government. So we just like to let people know that one of the other risks is they have a policy that’s up for discussion by politicians, so it may go away.


Allah ‘The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful’ Praised On US House Floor, Reps Literally Bow To Muslim God

An abomination of sacrilegious proportions was witnessed Friday when the National Cathedral allowed Muslims to hold an Islamic prayer service within its dwelling.

Islam has overstepped its boundaries in a Christian nation of 73 percenters, and it’s getting progressively worse. Openly infiltrating our houses of government with blasphemous declarations to a false god, the particular people bowing their heads in reverence will disturb and anger you.

With the re-election of Speaker of the House John Boehner and fellow Republicans gaining majority in Senate comes an outrageous display of submission to Islam.

The Imam for the Islamic Center of Central Jersey (mosque) Hamad Chebli delivered an Islamic prayer praising Allah from the House floor November 13, while Boehner and other House Republicans bow their heads in agreement and respect.

Perhaps the most disturbing line from Chebli’s prayer is his declaration that America recognizes Allah as their god, saying “Thee do WE worship.”


13 College Majors Where The Pay Goes Nowhere

When deciding on a college major, students are encouraged to think about a few things: what they love to do; what they want to do; what jobs they imagine themselves in; and what the earning and growth potential is like for those careers.

For instance, they would probably want to know ahead of time that human services majors see their annual pay increase by only about $7,500, or 22%, over the first 10 years of their careers, compared with the average American worker, whose salary grows by about $25,000, or 60%, in that time.

That's according to Payscale, the creator of the world's largest compensation database with more than 40 million salary profiles. It recently looked at the difference between starting (less than five years of experience) and mid-career (10 or more years of experience) pay by college major, and it determined the 13 majors with the smallest salary growth.


Woman Receives Beating Because She’s a “White Girl in the Hood”

Is walking while white now a transgression worthy of a beating? Yes, according to 32-year-old Ebony Steward who faces felony assault charges after she punched two women for being white in a black neighborhood.

The idiocy of Steward’s actions are illustrated by the fact that one of the victims wasn’t even white – she was a light skinned black woman.

The two incidents happened in St. Paul on November 14. The first woman was punched in the face by Steward as she was exiting a nail salon, leaving her with swelling and bruising around her left eye. According to MyFox9, the attack was motivated by the fact that Steward “doesn’t like light-skinned people” (even if they are actually black) and can’t stand it when “bitches” are in her way.

Police were called but did not arrest Steward, merely asking her to leave the scene.

However, a short time later Steward launched another assault on University Avenue. “According to the complaint, when they arrived, they saw a woman later identified as Steward pull a woman to the ground in a parking lot and start punching her. Witnesses told officers there was no apparent reason for the violence.”

The second victim, a white woman, received blows to the back of the head and neck. Police arrested Steward and on the way to Ramsey County Law Enforcement Center, she admitted to officers that she assaulted the woman because she’s a “white girl in the hood.”


Dems' path after Obamacare: Down, down, down

There were 60 Democrats in the Senate on Christmas Eve 2009, when they voted in lockstep to pass the Affordable Care Act. Soon there will be 46 Democrats in the Senate, or perhaps 47, if Sen. Mary Landrieu manages to eke out a win in Louisiana. In plain numbers, the post-Obamacare trajectory has not been good for Senate Democrats.

The 46 or 47 Democrats in the next Senate are a bit different from the group that passed Obamacare. Sixteen of them took office after the Affordable Care Act was signed into law. They never had to vote for it and have never had to defend voting for it.

Are those post-Obamacare Democrats as strongly opposed to changing the law as their colleagues who voted for it? Or are they possibly a little less personally invested in staving off challenges? It's a question that will be tested in coming months.

"After [the midterms], the conditions for repeal and replace may be even better than most people think," writes a Senate Republican aide in an email exchange. "Not only is there a fresh crop of Republicans eager to make good on campaign pledges, but a significant number of Democrats have no particular attachment to the law and may even want to be rid of it as a political issue."


Democrats To Pelosi: Lady, You And Obama Totally Screwed Us Over

The circular liberal firing squad has formed–and Nancy Pelosi is facing incoming fire from all directions, according to Politico. After being shellacked in 2010 and bludgeoned in the 2014 midterms, members of the shrinking House Democratic Caucus are making their feelings known about Pelosi’s leadership. Additionally, some House members think that Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee chairman, Rep. Steve Israel, wasn’t honest with members of his own party about the electoral disaster they were heading into on November 4.

It seems Israel and others are trying to talk Democratic donors off the ledge after a being eviscerated by Republicans, which could make them hesitant to cut checks in the upcoming 2016 elections.

Right now, House Democrats are definitely pointing a lot of fingers at the Obama White House, but are also looking for ways to retool their messaging that they felt was not being hammered home to voters by Ms. Pelosi (via Politico):


Governor O’Malley issues Executive Order to Expand Commission on Climate Change

ANNAPOLIS, MD – Building on the O’Malley-Brown Administration’s efforts to address the effects of climate change, Governor Martin O’Malley today issued an executive order that expands the membership (list attached), mission and work of the Maryland Commission on Climate Change.

The Executive Order states that more must be done to achieve the State’s goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Maryland and prepare State and local governments as well as residents for the likely health, environmental and socioeconomic effects of climate change. The requirements of the Executive Order include an expansion of the Commission membership and the development of a plan to achieve an 80 percent, science-based reduction in Maryland’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 2050.

“Climate change is real, and Maryland is vulnerable. But we can make a difference through our actions and doing what works,” said Governor O’Malley. “It is critical that we move forward and continue to lead by example in addressing an issue threatening the Chesapeake Bay and our way of life. This expansion of the Commission on Climate Change’s membership and mission will help to further energize this effort.”


Black Thugs Aren't Black Heroes

If America wants to move beyond racism we must first move past the Democrat party. The black community is virtually void of "American pride" because we don't know our American history and we don't trust our God.

Can you imagine a Mount Rushmore erected with the faces of black heroes of the past? Harriet Tubman, Frederick Douglass , George Washington Carver, Jackie Robinson, Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr. and Hiram Rhodes Revels (the first black ever elected to congress during Reconstruction) are just a few that come to mind. Now picture the faces of Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin (hoodie included) memorialized into that same mountain top alongside any of the two above mentioned heroes. You can't can you?

As America awaits for the Clayton, Missouri grand jury to decide whether or not criminal charges will be brought against officer Darren Wilson, I contend we should've never gotten to this point. As heart wrenching as it is to witness any youth die too soon, Michael Brown's story should have never made it past the local news. In fact, if officer Darren Wilson were either a black officer or a black thug it wouldn't have! Liberals avoid nationalizing stories of blacks killing blacks because it doesn't fit their "America is a racist country" narrative. I can't help but to imagine how minority lives would be drastically changed for the better, and even spared, if media cameras were often turned away from white police officers and towards young black thugs. Perhaps, it would begin a wave of introspection in the 'hood like never before.


Hillary Clinton: The Nutcracker

Nothing says Christmas like a nice nutcracker … and if you’re in the market for one, the folks at Urban Outfitters have got you covered. Well, assuming you’re prepared to be called “horribly sexist” at holiday parties by the politically correct police.

We’re referring, of course, to the official Hillary Clinton edition nutcracker, which has been offered by the company for the past seven years.

Why is it suddenly so controversial? Well, Clinton is the presumed Democratic presidential nominee heading into the 2016 election cycle … and some people are, as we’ve noted on numerous previous occasions, desperate to be offended. Of course one writer views the Hillary nut-buster as a sexist “fail.”

“Calling powerful women nutcrackers reveals men’s fear of powerful women and this degrading school of thought is SO old-school!” writes Brooklyn’s Laia Garcia for Yahoo. “In the current cultural climate where ‘feminism’ is the word buzzing on everyone’s lips and faux-misandry is the new irony, this nutcracker fails to become the mocking, demeaning thing that its creators probably intended it to be and instead is a sign of triumph.”

Really? A “sign of triumph?”

Somebody has put a lot of thought into this …