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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Experimental Ebola Vaccine Administered To Some In D.C.

WASHINGTON -- Some people in the Washington, D.C. area may now be resistant to Ebola, if an experimental vaccine can live up to some very high expectations.

Since a clinical trial began Monday, seven people have been vaccinated, and the hope is to vaccinate six more on Thursday, according to Dr. Shon Remich, director of Translational Medicine at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research in Silver Spring.

If no serious side effects are witnessed, others will be given stronger doses of the vaccine. The plan is for a total of 39 people to be vaccinated and studied over the coming seven to eight months.


911 emergency dispatchers instructed not to say 'Ebola' over radio

NEW YORK - 911 emergency dispatchers in New York have been instructed not to use the work 'Ebola' over the radio.

According to the New York Post, officials made the decision in an effort to minimize fear and panic since the radio channels are often monitored by civilians and the media.

The Post reports that dispatchers have been instructed to use the code ‘F/T' when discussing callers that have a fever and have a history of travel to West Africa.


Video shows moment a pregnant woman was forced out of her car and on to the ground at gunpoint while in LABOR - all because she was speeding to the hospital

A pregnant woman in Iowa had a particularly difficult labor this week when she was held at gunpoint on her way to the hospital.

Rachel Kohnen and her husband Ben were going 30 miles over the speed limit on Tuesday morning in Fort Dodge, Iowa, as Rachel was in labor and felt that if the two did not get to the hospital soon she was going to give birth in a car.

Around that time, a police officer turned on his sirens to pull the couple over, but they kept going, ultimately being stopped when dispatched officers threw down tire spikes, blowing out the couple's tires.

And now, in just released video from the dashboard camera of one of the officers, Rachel can be seen struggling to get down on the ground as multiple officers surround her with their guns drawn, this before being led off to the hospital in a squad car where she gave birth soon after.


For Bank Of America, Crime Is Now An Ordinary Course Of Business

Once upon a time banks made money in one of two ways: either by borrowing short and lending long, a/k/a the conventional banking way, or through investment banking, which includes advisory, underwriting and trading with the backstop of billions in deposits, aka the proto-hedge fund way.

Then things changed.

For a profoundly philosophical, if comically metaphysical essay, that uses several thousand excess words and footnotes to come to the miraculous conclusion that bank accounting is, get this, fickle, the following Bloomberg take  should be an amusing way to kill a few extra hours. Philosophical ramblings aside, it is, of course, very easy to determine if a bank made or lost money, and that does not even involve looking at the cash flow statement. One looks at the Non-GAAP bottom line and excludes the "excluded", or added back items.

As a reminder, the reason non-GAAP exists in the first place, is to goalseek an already meaningless number to just a cent or two above Wall Street consensus, so as to kickstart the buying of the stock by headline scanning algos. Because EPS may be meaningless but stock-tied compensation/incentive awards are quite meaningful, and lucrative, to executives.


Hunter Biden Kicked Out Of The Navy For Failing Cocaine Test

WASHINGTON—Vice President Joe Biden’s son Hunter was discharged from the Navy Reserve this year after testing positive for cocaine, according to people familiar with the matter.

Hunter Biden, a lawyer by training who is now a managing partner at an investment company, had been commissioned as an ensign in the Navy Reserve, a part-time position. But after failing a drug test last year, his brief military career ended.

Biden, 44 years old, decided to pursue military service relatively late, beginning the direct-commission process to become a public-affairs officer in the Navy Reserve in 2012. Because of his age—43 when he was to be commissioned—he needed a waiver to join the Navy. He received a second Navy waiver because of a drug-related incident when he was a young man, according to people familiar with the matter. Military officials say such drug waivers aren’t uncommon.


10 Shocking Reasons to End the Drug War (And Consider Legalization and Regulation)

This is not your ordinary Top 10 Buzzfeed list. Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, a group of law enforcement officials opposed to the war on drugs, created this list to show why the War on Drugs has been one of the most disastrous policies in American history. From mass incarceration and tremendous loss of life to billions of dollars seized from citizens every year, drug prohibition is a colossal failure. We need you to share this list to help get the word out. Help grow the number of people in this country and around the globe demanding legalization, regulation and control.

1. Mass Incarceration


As US Politicians Consider Travel Bans, Istanbul Quarantines Hospital Of Suspected Ebola Patient

Istanbul's Marmar University Training and Research Hospital is not accepting new patients after, as Daily Sabah reports, a person suspected of being infected with Ebola has been quarantined. The patient, who arrived by plane from Ivory Coast, is suffering high fever and nausea. While Lagos, Nigeria was CDC Director Frieden's worst nightmare with regard Ebola contagion, we suspect Istanbul is a close second with over 14 million people living there. This news comes as US politicians begin to call for visa restrictions and travel bans from infected nations.


National GOP Leaders Come Out Strong for Hogan

ANNAPOLIS, MD – October 16 – As the race for Maryland governor tightens, prominent GOP leaders from across the country have come out strong in support of Larry Hogan. Governor Jeb Bush, Governor Mitt Romney, Governor Bob Ehrlich, and Lt. Governor and former RNC Chairman Michael Steele have all penned letters on behalf of the Maryland gubernatorial nominee. In addition, former Homeland Security Secretary, Governor Tom Ridge will come to the state early next week for an evening reception while Republican Governors Association Chairman, Governor Chris Christie will make his second visit to Maryland for a fundraising breakfast.

"Voters are tired with the failed economic policies of the current administration and the politics-as-usual attitude of career politicians that have driven away countless jobs, businesses, and families from Maryland. Anthony Brown's increasingly negative and blatantly false campaign is turning them off even more," said Hogan. "With our race now receiving national attention, the momentum continues to surge in our favor and we are confident that Marylanders will vote for change on November 4."

Governor Tom Ridge will travel to Maryland on Monday, October 20 for an evening reception in Gambrills. Governor Chris Christie will join Hogan in Potomac for a breakfast reception on Tuesday, October 21.

Vehicle Hits House In Parsonsburg

A vehicle hit a house in the area of Forest Grove Road and Shavox Road.  Salisbury Special Ops has been dispatched to the scene to assist Parsonsburg Fire Department. The car hit a side wall of the house which caused the house to collapse. The house apparently has a basement and the car is partially in the basement.  The driver of the vehicle left the scene but apparently has since been found and is being transported to PRMC.

Why trust government with personal freedom when it can't protect from Ebola or even deliver the mail?

Earlier this week, FBI Director James Comey gave an interview to “60 Minutes” during which he revealed a flawed understanding of personal freedom. 
He rightly distinguished what FBI agents do in their investigations of federal crimes from what the NSA does in its intelligence gathering, when the two federal agencies are looking for non-public data.
The FBI requires, Comey correctly asserted, articulable suspicion to commence an investigation and probable cause to obtain a search warrant. It does this because its agents have sworn an oath to uphold the Constitution, and their failure to comply with that oath may very well render the evidence obtained by unconstitutional means useless in court.
The government can’t deliver the mail, pave potholes, balance the budget, fairly collect taxes, protect us from Ebola, even tell the truth. Who would trust it with personal freedoms?

US Steps Up Domestic Response To Ebola Crisis

The federal government is ramping up its response to the Ebola crisis after a second Dallas nurse became ill and it was disclosed that she had been cleared to fly a day before her diagnosis.

While Ebola patients are not considered contagious until they have symptoms and only two persons have been known to contract the disease in the U.S., the revelations Wednesday raised new alarms about whether hospitals and the public health system are equipped to handle the deadly disease.

Federal health officials were being called to testify before a congressional committee Thursday to explain where things went wrong.


Dallas Commissioners Will Declare State Of Disaster Tomorrow Over Ebola

While the message from the President is 'keep calm and avoid bodily fluids', it appears the commissioners in Dallas are slightly more concerned at the potential for Ebola to escalate:


While we are not sure where a "state of disaster" ranks relative to a "public health emergency" such as the one in Connecticut, we are certain of one thing - it will mean civil liberties will be reduced as government takes control.


Rand Paul: Obama is Downplaying the Ebola Threat

Senator says authorities not being honest about transmissibility of virus

Senator Rand Paul has accused Barack Obama of downplaying the threat posed by Ebola for political purposes, alleging that the President has “failed to show leadership” on the issue.

In an interview this morning with Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, the Kentucky Senator was asked by host Dom Giordano if the Ebola outbreak was morphing into an issue of incompetence and the White House “lying to the American people.”

“It adds to just a litany of things that the President has let us down on and failed to show leadership,”responded Paul. “So, I think it’s one thing after another, it’s not just one issue. The lack of leadership on Ebola, the equivocating, the downplaying, the underplaying, the, sort of, trying to calm everyone with really not being completely frank about the transmissibility of the disease, I think, doesn’t help any of them at the polls.”



INCIDENT: Burglary
DATE & TIME: 10/06/2014 @ 0818 Hours (Reported)
LOCATION: 300 Block of Wilson Road, Grasonville
VICTIM: Marilyn E. Washington of Grasonville

NARRATIVE: Victim reported her alarm company contacted her for an intrusion. When she went to reset the alarm she saw her door closing and a stocky figure walking away carrying two coats. 

The victim hesitated calling 911 for about an hour before reporting the theft. Nothing else was reported to be missing. Case remains under investigation.

DEPUTY: Dfc. Jason Rickard
CASE: 14-32845
DATE & TIME: 10/06/2014 @ 0847 Hours (Reported)
LOCATION: 800 Block of Chesapeake Drive, Stevensville
VICTIM: Denise Hurd of Stevensville

NARRATIVE: Victim reported the theft of two mountain bikes from behind her house. The bikes were older, one blue and the other silver and valued at $200.

DEPUTY: Deputy Brad Martz
CASE: 14-32847
DATE & TIME: 10/04/2014 @ 1637 Hours 
LOCATION: 800 Block of Stulltown Road, Sudlersville
VICTIM: Andrew R. Hege of East Berlin, PA.

NARRATIVE: Victim reported the theft of a chainsaw and replacement parts valued at $600 from his property. The items had been left out in the open for less than two hours before they were missing.

DEPUTY: Dfc. Jessica Kellogg
CASE: 14-32663
DATE & TIME: 10/05/2014 @ 1220 Hours
LOCATION: 1925 Main Street Chester, MD
VICTIM: Donna Hoyt of Chester

NARRATIVE: Victim reported while in the grocery store two males approached her in the frozen food section and one asked her a question about a product. Then the two walked away and the victim noticied her purse in the cart was open and her wallet missing.

One of the stolen cards was attempted to be used at a location on the western shore. The suspects were African-American males wearing hooded sweatshirts. 

The wallet and contents were valued at $50.

DEPUTY: Deputy Rudy Draper
CASE: 14-32743
INCIDENT: Burglary
DATE & TIME: 10/03/2014 @ 0915 Hours
LOCATION: 32000 Block of Park Ave., Queen Anne, MD
VICTIM: Toni Breeding of Queen Anne

NARRATIVE: Victim reported she left her purse downstairs before going to sleep and in the AM it was missing. In addition to the purse, a small amount of cash and a blue piggy bank were found to be missing. The loss was estimated at $1400.

DEPUTY: Deputy Andrew Neall
CASE: 14-32476
INCIDENT: Domestic Assault 
DATE & TIME: 10/09/2014 @ 2355 Hours
LOCATION: 300 Block of Cemetery Road, Grasonville
VICTIM: Anthony Kakuk of Grasonville
ARREST: Candice Faye Shull (21) of Grasonville

NARRATIVE: Victim stated that he had returned home and Shull had confronted him and an argument had occurred during which she had grabbed and scratched his throat area. Shull was located seated in a nearby car was placed under arrest for assault.

DEPUTY: Deputy Rudy Draper
CASE: 14-33232
INCIDENT: DWI / Resisting Arrest
DATE & TIME: 10/10/2014 @ 2227 Hours
LOCATION: RT 213 near John Powell Road, Church Hill

ARREST Stephen Douglas Campbell (60) of Queen Anne
CHARGES: DWI, Speeding, Giving False Name, Driving Suspended, Concealed Deadly Weapon, Resisting Arrest

NARRATIVE: A 2011 Pontiac 4 door was observed speeding (70/55) on RT 213 near John Powell Road and stopped in a parking lot of a restaurant nearby. The driver advised he didn’t have his wallet with him and that his name was Clifton Roosevelt Wiloy.

Due to an odor of alcoholic beverage on the driver’s breath, he was asked to step from the vehicle. While outside the car, it was noticed that there was a bulge in his rear pocket. When asked, the driver stated it was his brother’s wallet. When checked, the driver was identified as Stephen Douglas Campbell by a Maryland Identification Card.

When told he was under arrest, he attempted to pull away and refused to comply when told to place his hands behind his back. After additional resistance, Campbell was handcuffed. A search of the car resulted in locating an open Stiletto knife inside the driver’s door.

Campbell was transported to Sheriff’s Headquarters for processing. He was later held on a $100,000 bond by a District Court Commissioner. 

DEPUTY: Deputy Kevin Parks
CASE: 14-33557
DATE & TIME: 10/11/2014 @ 1058 Hours
LOCATION: 100 Block of 4th Street, Crumpton
VICTIM: Bruce A. Messer of Crumpton
ARREST Michael Anthony Lane (22) of Crumpton

NARRATIVE: It was reported by a family member of the victim that several wheels were missing from the rear yard area. It was also reported that Michael Lane had been in the rear yard earlier. A check at a local scrap yard indicated Michael Lane had sold them several wheels on October 10th. 

Lane was served a Criminal Summons for theft on October 16th.

DEPUTY: Deputy Patrick Sellers
CASE: 14-33593
DATE & TIME: 10/12/2014 @ 0059 Hours
LOCATION: Wells Cove Road, Grasonville
VICTIM: Kenneth A. Bjornsti of Chester

NARRATIVE: Victim reported being attacked by six men outside of an establishment in Grasonville. Subject reported an injury and appeared to be intoxicated. He was transported to the Emergency Room in Grasonville to be checked out.

An employee at the restaurant reported that the victim had been inside bothering an employee as she was selling shots and also had words with a group of men. At closing, several of the men were outside, when the victim again had words with them and appeared to lunge and kicked at them. The group then defended themselves by taking the victim to the ground and then walked away. No one at the scene could identify any of the men.

DEPUTY: Deputy Brad Martz
CASE: 14-33655
INCIDENT: Animal Bite
DATE & TIME: 10/13/2014 @ 1943 Hours
LOCATION: 100 Block of Pine Drive, Grasonville
VICTIM: Dfc. Jessica Kellogg - QACSO

NARRATIVE: Dfc. Kellogg was at a residence on Pine Drive attempting to serve an arrest warrant. The subject she was looking for wasn’t there and as she was walking away a white pit bull bit her on the left thigh. She sustained severe bruising on the leg. The case has been forwarded to QA Animal Control for follow-up.\

DEPUTY: Dfc. Jessica Kellogg
ASSIST QA Animal Control
CASE: 14-33841
DATE & TIME: 10/13/2014 @ 2355 Hours
LOCATION: 100 Main Street, Stevensville

NARRATIVE: A clerk at a convenience store reported two men had been in store, coming in together. They appeared to be intoxicated and began to argue, then going outside where a fight occurred. On arrival both subjects had left the location, however a second call came in from one of the subjects involved.

Deputies responded to a residence on Main Street in Stevensville and met with the caller. He was very intoxicated with visable marks on his left eye and a bleeding lip. The male stated he was jealous thinking the other male was having a relationship with the female clerk at the store. The male denied knowing the identity of the second male. The store clerk advised she didn’t know either of the subjects.

DEPUTY: Deputy Andrew Neall
CASE: 14-33867

10/06/2014: Dfc. C. Neall stopped a red Jeep Liberty on Main Street Grasonville for lack of registration stickers on the tag. The driver was identified as Domanic Davon Satchell (31) of Grasonville. A license check indicated him to be suspended & revoked. He was arrested and charged with driving a M/V while suspended & revoked.

10/12/2014: Deputy Parks stopped a maroon Chevrolet on RT 213 near Island Creek Road after it passed several vehicles, including Deputy Park’s at a high rate of speed. The driver was advised he had been stopped for 76 in a 55 MPH zone and identified as Duane Antonio Jones (24) of Chestertown. An odor of alcohol was noted and Jones was requested to attempt several field sobriety tasks. After his attempts, he was placed under arrest for DWI. He was released on his signature from the MSP Barrack to a sober individual.

10/14/2014: A black Dodge pickup was stopped on RT 8 by Deputy Andrew Neall for a speeding violation. Indicators that the driver may have been drinking were present and he was asked to attempt several field sobriety tasks. Based on the observation of the attempts and other factors, Lloyd Edward Barron (57) of Stevensville was charged with DWI. He was released at the scene on his signature to a sober family member.

Obama defines US as "Muslim Country"

In an interview with French TV station, says number of Muslims residing in US justifies regarding it as a Muslim Country

A few days ago President Obama, in an interview he gave France's Canal+ TV Channel, said that the American people need to be better educated about Islam, since US could and should be regarded as a Muslim country. He said that the number of Muslims residing in the US makes it "one of the biggest Muslim nations". 

In reality the US has one of the smallest percentages of Muslims of any Western country. The number of Muslims in the US is approximately 4.5 million, 1.5% of the population, one of the smallest minorities in the US. Since there are approximately 1.5 billion Muslims in the world, the number of Muslims in the US is approximately 0.3% of the world Muslim population. By comparison there are between approximately 6 million Jews in the US, who account for approximately a third of the world's Jewish population. Whereas many Americans regard it as a society based on "Judeo-Christian values", it is doubtful if there is one sane American who would define it as a Jewish country. 

CDC speaks on enterovirus link to illegal-alien kids

Disease common in Latin America was rare in U.S.

The CDC denies a causal link between the surge of illegal-alien children from Latin America and the enterovirus D-68 outbreak in the United States, but government data show the virus was rare in the U.S. before this year.

“There is no evidence that unaccompanied children brought EV-D68 into the United States; we are not aware of any of these children testing positive for the virus,” the CDC emailed WND in response to a request for comment.

The CDC argued EV-D68 is not new to the U.S., having been identified in California in 1962.

“In previous years, it has not been as commonly identified as other enteroviruses,” CDC said. “This year’s increase in confirmed cases is not due to a recent introduction in the United States.”


Ohio, Texas schools close amid Ebola scare

Both buildings to be disinfected after student traveled on flight to Cleveland

Several schools in Ohio and Texas canceled classes Thursday over concerns that staff members and some students might have come in contact with an Ebola-infected person.

An email sent to parents by the Solon City School District said they closed Solon Middle School and Parkside Elementary School in Ohio Thursday after they learned a middle school staff member may have traveled aboard the same airplane, though not the same flight, as Dallas nurse Amber Joy Vinson.

Vinson, 26, one of two nurses who contracted Ebola after caring for Dallas Ebola victim Thomas Eric Duncan, had returned to the Cleveland area to plan her wedding.

Read more

Delmarva Power Continues Reliability Work

Current Project to Benefit Customers in Salisbury, Md.

In order to improve electric service reliability in Salisbury, Md., Delmarva Power is installing new poles, cross-arms and wiring along portions of Vine and Divisions Streets, Schumaker Drive and Snow Hill Road.

Motorists could experience traffic delays between 7 a.m. and 4 p.m., Monday through Saturday, until the targeted completion date of Dec. 15, 2014. There could be brief power outages while the new wire is being installed.

The project is part of the company’s investment of approximately $15 million in reliability improvements in the Salisbury and Fruitland areas this year.

“This project is one in a series of system upgrades we are making to maintain reliability for our customers,” said John Allen, Delmarva Power Region Vice President

Public Interest Group Sues D.C. Obamacare Exchange For Letting Congress Apply For Coverage

The conservative public interest group Judicial Watch filed a taxpayer lawsuit Wednesday alleging that the District of Columbia Health Benefit Exchange Authority provided Obamacare small business coverage to 12,359 employees of Congress, despite D.C. Exchange Act restrictions limiting such coverage to businesses with 50 or fewer employees.

The lawsuit, filed in D.C. Superior Court, contends that "both the House and the Senate falsely claimed that they each employ only 45 full-time employees."

The suit references official application documents that it says were filed by the House and Senate with the D.C. Exchange Authority and obtained through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.

The Judicial Watch suit contends the application documents also falsely state the employer type category for the House and Senate as "local/state government."


Andy Harris Speaks About Ebola

Andy Harris, M.D.

Today, I attended the House Energy and Commerce Committee hearing on Ebola. The Administration should impose some level of travel ban pending the creation of protocols that will protect healthcare workers and all Americans. Because current protocols are not working, we must limit the ability of individuals traveling from infected areas to enter the United States. In addition, the FDA needs to remove bureaucratic red tape to get vaccines, treatments, and diagnostic tests for Ebola available to the public as soon as possible. We can stop significant spreading of this disease, but it is going to require protocols that actually work being put in place and all healthcare workers remaining incredibly diligent.

Buzz kill? Richmond puts brewery on public tab

RICHMOND, Va. — Thirsty for jobs and good times, the city of Richmond is vowing to build a brewery on the James River.

The estimated $36 million tab includes $5 million from Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s “Opportunity Fund.”

If approved by the City Council, most of the money will be raised with a general revenue bond, which puts the city’s taxpayers on the hook if the Stone Brewing Co. venture goes bust.

Details remain sketchy, and that has skeptics wondering if the city will see a replay of the stalled downtown baseball stadium project touted by Mayor Dwight Jones.

“There is no free lunch,” said Paul Goldman, a Richmond lawyer and longtime civic activist. “The public is in a ‘show-me’ mode.”


Traffic Alert Eastbound Route 50

There has been an accident on Route 50 eastbound prior to Walston Switch Road. The road is currently open but traffic is backing up in that area.

1st Dallas Nurse With Ebola To Be Sent To Maryland

DALLAS (AP) -- The first Dallas nurse to have contracted Ebola after treating an infected Liberian man is scheduled to be moved Thursday to a specialized medical facility in Maryland.

The National Institutes of Health said in a statement that Nina Pham, 26, will be taken from Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas to the NIH center in Bethesda, Maryland. The NIH facility has one of four biocontainment units in the United States.

Texas Health Presbyterian officials said Wednesday that Pham was in good condition.

Hospital spokesman Wendell Watson said Thursday the move is necessary because numerous employees are being monitored for symptoms of the virus and aren't available to work.


Univ. Of Md. First East Coast Medical Center To Offer Proton Therapy

Cancer tumors doctors couldn’t touch may soon become fair game.

Alex DeMetrick reports the University of Maryland will be the first East Coast medical center to offer cutting edge proton therapy.

Inside the newest building at the University of Maryland Medical Center, technicians are working on some of the newest cancer technology–a proton therapy center.

Like a small scale linear accelerator, it’s still a city block long and designed to go after cancer tumors doctors can’t normally treat.


Michelle Obama Mocks Democratic Voters: 'I Ain’t Going to Vote... I Couldn’t Wake Up'

In speeches designed to fire up Democrats to vote in midterm elections, President Obama has at times described voters in his party as having a "congenital defect." Wednesday, First Lady Michelle Obama suggested the problem might just be that they're sleepy.

Mrs. Obama spoke at a rally in Philadelphia for the Democratic candidate for governor of Pennsylvania, Tom Wolf. In an effort to boost turnout in November, the first lady told the crowd that she runs across voters "who are like, no, I ain’t going to vote, or I couldn’t wake up." But she stressed that every vote matters:

So this is where -- when I find people who are like, no, I ain’t going to vote, or I couldn’t wake up, or it doesn’t matter, or why -- 20 votes decided who your Governor was in 2010, and it could decide who the Governor is this time.

The first lady wasn't finished with the sleepy-voter theme. Later in her remarks, she expanded on the idea:

You know your 20 people. You know the people in your neighborhood, in your church, in your family who aren’t focused. And you can’t leave anybody behind.

That nephew you know who sleeps -- get him up. Wake him up. (Laughter.) Young people, you all know folks who aren’t paying attention. Your classmates, your dorm mates -- wake them up, get them out.


John Cannon Owned The Stage Last Night In Council Forum

Give credit where credit is due. When John Cannon was asked a question the man not only answered it, he did so with total knowledge, homework, experience and no excuses. 

Laura Mitchell was the champion of stating she prides herself of telling people when she doesn't have the answer, she'll get back to you on that. That was not the case with John Cannot OR Matt Holloway, for that matter. 

As we all know, I have what I believe to be the KNOCK OUT PUNCH for Laura Mitchell two weeks before the election. Let me just say this, (until that time arrives). Matt Holloway and John Cannon do not live off of government subsidies. They are hard working AMERICANS who take pride in working and serving the public every day.

You will not see either gentleman in line at the grocery store using an EBT Card, unlike Mitchell. Quite frankly I'm tired of seeing LIBERALS fully capable of working jobs like Mitchell and JT sucking at the taxpayer teat and laughing right in your face about it. 

Vote for John Cannon and Matt Holloway and send Laura Mitchell packing. Unless you are into watching someone sit at home while YOU pay their bills.

$5.00 Burger Night At All Station 7 Restaurants Tonight

Free Skin Cancer Screening at Peninsula Regional Medical Center on October 23

Free skin cancer screenings will be held at the Richard A. Henson Cancer Institute at Peninsula Regional Medical Center on October 23, 2014 from 3:00 to 6:30 p.m. Appointments are required. To schedule an appointment, call 410-543-7006.

The screenings are part of a Peninsula Regional’s campaign to encourage wellness, including early detection and teach prevention of skin cancer. More than 1 million new cases of skin cancer will be diagnosed in the United States this year. “The key to successful treatment of most types of skin cancer is early detection and treatment,” said Thomas M. DeMarco, MD, Medical Director of the Richard A. Henson Cancer Institute. Current estimates are that one in five Americans will develop skin cancer in their lifetime and those rates are higher on Maryland’s Eastern Shore.


Tonight At "The Station" In Laurel

Nearly 30 Countries Enact Ebola Travel Bans, but Not US

Nearly every African nation has instituted travel bans on West African countries with significant Ebola outbreaks.

Though the Obama administration has insisted travel bans are not necessary, even countries outside of Africa are beginning to start such travel bans, with Colombia and the Caribbean island of St. Lucia on Wednesday adding their names to a growing list of nearly 30 countries that block travelers from virus-stricken Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea.

African nations including Kenya, Zambia, and South Africa make up the bulk of the countries that have instituted some kind of ban, and now that countries on the other side of the Atlantic have begun imposing restrictions, calls for the U.S. to follow suit have intensified.


SFD Calls For Service 10-15-14

  • Wednesday October, 15 2014 @ 20:01Nature: Smoke InvestigationAddress: N Salisbury Blvd & Salisbury Byp Salisbury, MD 21801
  • Wednesday October, 15 2014 @ 18:17Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury
  • Wednesday October, 15 2014 @ 18:17Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury
  • Wednesday October, 15 2014 @ 15:08Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury
  • Wednesday October, 15 2014 @ 14:52 Nature: Vehicle Accident w/InjuriesAddress: 105 E College Ave Salisbury, MD 21801

Justice Department Seizes Money from US Citizens

Times continue to be terrifyingly desperate for fiscally insolvent federal and state governments. Following recent news that the U.S. government made savings & retirement accounts a prime target for confiscation, we now have this bombshell from the Washington Post: The executive branch of government has seized money from thousands of innocent U.S. citizens with absolutely no due process.Police departments around the country, at the command of the Justice Department & Homeland Security, have confiscated money from over 200,000 citizens – in some cases tens of thousands of dollars – even though many of them committed no crime! Why? Because our state & federal governments are broke, bankrupt and in desperate need of capital. Just like this administration, law enforcement is shredding the Constitution and rule of law. The Police State is now being expanded to unlawfully gain access to citizens' money. Experts advise that you have only ONE choice if you want to protect your savings and retirement from the eventual overreach of government confiscations and seizures.


Take Away The Realtors, Bloggers, Friends and Spouses, This Event Was Very Poorly Attended

Thank God for PAC 14, the Blogs and perhaps your local paper because it became very clear last night, this event was very poorly attended.

It's truly a shame but when you have Liberals physically attacking TAX PAYING CITIZENS, why take the risk any more, right? When you have Liberal elected officials taking down your name and address in order to intimidate you, why take the risk any more, right?

Just like Common Core, dumb everyone down enough so they just won't care and the left wing will rule the world. What a great country we live in any more. 

Wicomico County Health Department and Salisbury University Collaborating on Tuberculosis Testing at Salisbury University

(Wicomico County) Wicomico County Health Department (WiCHD) and Salisbury University are collaborating on preventive health measures following diagnosis of tuberculosis in an SU student.

The student is currently under medical care and is no longer attending classes. “There is no risk of additional exposure to SU students, faculty or staff,” according to Lori Brewster, Wicomico County Health Officer, “and the risk of infection from previous exposure to the student affected is small.”

According to the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DHMH), in 2013 there were 178 cases of TB in Maryland and 224 cases in 2012. “Tuberculosis is difficult to contract. It usually takes at least eight hours of close proximity in a small room for TB transmission to possibly occur, and the air space is only contagious when the untreated patient is actually present,” Brewster said. “A healthy person cannot be infected from casual exposure such as walking through the halls or eating in the same room as the affected person.”

The WiCHD has begun reaching out to those who may have had closer contact, including classmates. They will be offered the opportunity for TB testing. The tuberculin test is being done simply as a precaution to ensure no others were infected before the affected student began treatment. (Please note that a positive skin test result DOES NOT mean a person has active tuberculosis. It simply means that at some time in the past, he or she may have been exposed to the tuberculosis germ.)

Attached is more information about tuberculosis, including links to the CDC. Maryland TB Control officials are assisting the WiCHD in carefully monitoring the situation to ensure all necessary steps are taken to protect the health of students, faculty and staff. For more information call the WiCHD at 410-543-6943.

The Public Is Fed Up With Laura Mitchell

One citizen expresses his disgust with Laura Mitchell as well. 


The noon hour today is going to be HUGE. We will deliver local news stories that I'm confident will blow you away. Spread the word. 


WASHINGTON  U.S. Senators Barbara A. Mikulski and Ben Cardin (both D-Md.) today announced that $62 million in federal energy assistance funds will be available to Maryland families struggling to pay their heating bills this winter through the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). In fiscal year 2013, Maryland LIHEAP provided 113,787 households with LIHEAP financial assistance.
“No family should be forced to choose between paying the heating bill and putting food on the table,” Senator Mikulski said. “Too many people are being stretched and stressed by high energy costs. This critical energy assistance for low income families will help those most in need care for themselves and their families as winter approaches.”
“We cannot leave the most vulnerable Maryland families in the dark and cold. This federal funding is good news for low-income families who rely on LIHEAP to keep their homes safe and warm during the winter months,” said Senator Cardin. “As a matter of public health and safety, the federal government has a responsibility to help keep the power on for households in need.”  
In October, Senators Mikulski and Cardin along with 46 bipartisan Senate colleagues sent a letter to Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Mathews Burwell requesting the funding be made available. That letter is available here.
Eligibility for LIHEAP is based on income, family size, and the availability of resources.
For more information on Maryland LIHEAP, visit:

Headline News cancels Jane Velez-Mitchell's prime time show amid massive CNN cuts

Headline News has canceled Jane Velez-Mitchell's show and laid off her staff in the midst of an eight per cent staff cut across CNN.

Velez-Mitchell's program had been on for six years on HLN, a sister network to CNN, before ending Monday.

She was told of the termination on Tuesday, according to a CNN executive, who said that the cut will affect her and 11 other staff members.


Maryland Approves Recreational Projects Across The State

Anne Arundel, Frederick, Kent and Washington counties will soon receive funding for recreational enhancements through Program Open Space. Governor Martin O’Malley and the Board of Public Works approved the projects at today’s meeting.

“As a State, it is our responsibility to ensure that children of all ages and abilities have safe places to play, learn and grow,” said Governor O’Malley. “Thanks to Program Open Space, Maryland has been able to create recreational areas within 15 minutes of every Maryland family, areas where we can connect with one another, and enjoy the simple pleasures of our natural world.”

Anne Arundel County will receive $1.2 million to replace the existing natural turf fields at Garcelon area of Kinder Farm Park with synthetic turf. The new surface will be much easier to maintain and can be used in all types of weather without damage.

Frederick County will receive $32,090 to purchase and install tables, benches and trash receptacles at 100 Acres Wood Park.

Kent County will receive $44,000 to improve the Millington Pool facility. Work includes plastering the swimming pool shell, rehabilitating the bathhouse facility and modifying doorways to comply with the the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The county will also receive $13,500 for the Bayside Pool Facility to plaster its pool shell and replace piping.


Maid fired because of NBC chief medical correspondent's trip to her favorite soup place, in violation of Ebola quarantine

NBC chief medical correspondent Nancy Snyderman caused a local maid to be fired when she violated a voluntary Ebola quarantine agreement.

The maid, known only as Vilma, was turned away by two of her employers after Dr Snyderman visited her favorite New Jersey soup restaurant last week.

Vilma's brother is the chef at The Peasant Grill, near Princeton, and people in the town were concerned that the woman could have been exposed to the deadly virus.

They panicked because one of the members of the quarantined NBC crew went into the restaurant and they feared the chef may have then exposed his sister to the disease, TMZ reported.

Two homeowners who had been using Vilma for years told her she could not work with them until further notice.

Dr Syderman, 62, was one of seven people ordered to cut off all human contact for 21 days after the station's cameraman Ashoka Mukpo tested positive for Ebola while working in Liberia.


Homeowners face £1,000 increase in electricity bills: 'Folly' of relying on wind power 'will cost homes £26bn by 2030'

Homeowners are facing electricity bill increases of £1,000 and winter power cuts if the Government continues to rely on wind farms, experts warn.

A new report claims that if the Government continues to chase renewable wind power, the average household bill will soar by £1,000, costing homes £26billion by 2030.

The report, submitted to the Lords Science and Technology Select Committee, was authored by the Scientific Alliance.


Oregon governor's fiancée bought farmland to illegally grow marijuana - just months after she was paid $5,000 for 'green card' bogus marriage to an immigrant

The fiancée of Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber has admitted that she previously bought Washington farmland that was intended to be used to illegally grow marijuana.

Cylvia Hayes, 46, bought the $245,000 property at Colville Indian Reservation, Okanogan with her then-boyfriend just months after she was paid $5,000 to marry another man, an immigrant from Ethiopia.

The pot farm revelation, which was reported by The Oregonian on Monday, comes just days after Hayes admitted to the sham marriage and Kitzhaber, 67, revealed he had known nothing of it.

On Monday, retired real estate broker Patrick Siemion told the newspaper that Hayes and her then-boyfriend had bought the remote 60-acre lot in November 1997 with a $16,000 down payment.


Hillary Clinton touts affordable higher education in $225G Las Vegas speech

Hillary Clinton called for businesses to collaborate with universities to make higher education more affordable in a $225,000 speech Monday night at the annual University of Nevada Las Vegas Foundation dinner.

"Higher education shouldn’t be a privilege for those able to afford it," Clinton told a crowd of approximately 900 people. "It should be an opportunity widely available for anybody with the talent, determination and ambition."

The former secretary of State said that many students are affected by student loan debt "that can feel like an anchor dragging them down," and praised President Obama for increasing federal Pell grants by $1,000.


Lawsuit: Maryland Live! Failed To Pay For Job Training

Attorneys are pursuing a class-action lawsuit against Maryland Live! Casino in Hanover, accusing its operators of using a dealer school as a prop for job training to avoid paying the minimum wage.

The lawsuit was filed Tuesday in federal court by three people who underwent months of training to become dealers at the casino last year. Attorneys say hundreds more qualify as plaintiffs in the lawsuit and can join the litigation.


SMS Haunted Halls

Sermon fight in U.S. city: ‘Send the witch a Bible’

Tensions mount over lesbian mayor's attack on religious freedom

The fight over the subpoenas from the Houston mayor’s office for sermons by five area pastors in a fight over promoting transgenderism has reached new levels, with one commenter on a website that’s promoting citizen action on the issue stating, ” Just send the witch a Bible. That would cover the outline of the sermons and maybe lead to the salvation of the lost.”

That comment was from John Hays on the website for the Alliance Defending Freedom, which has taken up the pastors’ cause and is asking a court to quash the demands for the sermons.

Website Social Content Editor Emily Conley wrote about the dispute – that the city passed a law that “would allow members of the opposite sex to use each other’s restrooms, in the name of ‘prohibiting discrimination,” known as HERO (Houston Equal Rights Ordinance). Voters weren’t so thrilled, and respond[ed] by petitioning to repeal the ordinance or at least, put it up for a vote. They got over 50,000 signatures, more than three times the required number The city secretary … certified them as sufficient. But the mayor and city attorney defied the law, claimed less than the required number of signatures was valid – and threw out the petition.”


This Story Of A Dog’s Last Day On Earth Is Beautiful And Utterly Heartbreaking

I Died Today. By Duke Roberts.

Bowe Bergdahl 'deserter' investigation is complete - but verdict will not be determined until after November's elections

The Army completed its investigation last week into Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl's disappearance from a base in Afghanistan five years ago, but the Pentagon said Tuesday that it doesn't know when the report will be released.

'The investigating officer has done his work, but now that work is moving through the Army system, and at each stop ... there will ... be questions, requirements for clarification,' Army Colonel Steve Warren told reporters.

'So it's working its way through the system as would any other investigation.'

The results of the Army's probe into whether Bergdahl deserted his post will most certainly be withheld from the public until after November's elections, if it discloses its findings at all.


Former Salisbury City Council President Louise Smith Sues To Visit 95+ Year Old Woman

Court System:Circuit Court for Wicomico County - Civil System
Case Number:22C14001294
Title:Smith vs Palao
Case Type:Other CivilFiling Date:08/04/2014
Case Status:Open/Active

Plaintiff/Petitioner Information
(Each Plaintiff/Petitioner is displayed below)
Party Type:PlaintiffParty No.:1
Name:Smith, Virginia L
Address:229 Canal Park Drive
City:SalisburyState:MDZip Code:21804
Attorney(s) for the Plaintiff/Petitioner
Name:Maloney, Esq, Thomas J
Appearance Date:08/04/2014
Practice Name:Cockey, Brennan & Maloney
Address:313 Lemmon Hill Lane
City:SalisburyState:MDZip Code:21801
Name:Bosche, Esq, Ashley A
Appearance Date:08/04/2014
Practice Name:Cockey, Brennan & Maloney PC
Address:313 Lemmon Hill Lane
City:SalisburyState:MDZip Code:21801

Defendant/Respondent Information
(Each Defendant/Respondent is displayed below)
Party Type:DefendantParty No.:1
Name:Palao, Sally F
Address:21 Dockside Drive
City:MorristownState:NYZip Code:13664

Court Scheduling Information
Event Type:Injunction HearingNotice Date:09/24/2014
Event Date:10/10/2014Event Time:09:00 AM
Result:Result Date:

Document Tracking
(Each Document listed. Documents are listed in Document No./Sequence No. order)
Doc No./Seq No.:1/0
File Date:08/01/2014Entered Date:08/05/2014Decision:
Party Type:PlaintiffParty No.:1
Document Name:Line to Clerk
Filed by Attorney: Thomas J Maloney Esq,Ashley A Bosche Esq

Doc No./Seq No.:2/0
File Date:08/01/2014Entered Date:08/05/2014Decision:
Party Type:PlaintiffParty No.:1
Document Name:Case Information Sheet Filed
Filed by Attorney: Ashley A Bosche Esq,Thomas J Maloney Esq

Doc No./Seq No.:3/0
File Date:08/01/2014Entered Date:08/05/2014Decision:
Party Type:PlaintiffParty No.:1
Document Name:Verified Complaint for Temporary Restraining Order, Preliminary Injunction and
Permanent Injunctive Relief and Declaratory Judgment
Filed by Attorney: Thomas J Maloney Esq,Ashley A Bosche Esq

Doc No./Seq No.:4/0
File Date:08/01/2014Entered Date:08/05/2014Decision:Denied
Party Type:PlaintiffParty No.:1
Document Name:Motion for Temporary Restraining Order
Filed by Attorney: Thomas J Maloney Esq,Ashley A Bosche Esq

Doc No./Seq No.:5/0
File Date:08/01/2014Entered Date:08/05/2014Decision:Denied
Party Type:PlaintiffParty No.:1
Document Name:Motion to Shorten Time and Exparte Order
Filed by Attorney: Thomas J Maloney Esq,Ashley A Bosche Esq

Doc No./Seq No.:6/0
File Date:08/05/2014Entered Date:08/06/2014Decision:

Doc No./Seq No.:7/0
File Date:08/06/2014Entered Date:08/06/2014Decision:
Party Type:DefendantParty No.:1
Document Name:Writ of Summons - Civil Issued

Doc No./Seq No.:8/0
File Date:09/10/2014Entered Date:09/10/2014Decision:
Party Type:DefendantParty No.:1
Document Name:Return of Service - Served
Writ of Summons served 08/29/14

Doc No./Seq No.:9/0
File Date:09/10/2014Entered Date:09/11/2014Decision:
Party Type:PlaintiffParty No.:1
Document Name:Request for Hearing on Plaintiff's Request for a Preliminary Injunction
Filed by Attorney: Thomas J Maloney Esq,Ashley A Bosche Esq

Doc No./Seq No.:10/0
File Date:09/12/2014Entered Date:09/15/2014Decision:
Party Type:PlaintiffParty No.:1
Document Name:Notice of Service of Discovery Documents
Filed by Attorney: Thomas J Maloney Esq,Ashley A Bosche Esq

Doc No./Seq No.:11/0
File Date:09/24/2014Entered Date:09/24/2014Decision:
Document Name:Assignment Notice

Doc No./Seq No.:12/0
File Date:10/06/2014Entered Date:10/07/2014Decision:
Party Type:DefendantParty No.:1
Document Name:Request to Continue or Dismiss Hearing Scheduled for October 10th 2014

Doc No./Seq No.:12/1
File Date:10/08/2014Entered Date:10/08/2014Decision:
Party Type:PlaintiffParty No.:1
Document Name:Opposition to Defendant's Motion fir Continuance (loose papers to Judge's office
Filed by Attorney: Thomas J Maloney Esq,Ashley A Bosche Esq

Sources say Louise has an unusual interest in this woman.