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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Fried Chicken Carry Out Dinners

Fried Chicken Carry Out Dinners
Friday, June 24th

4 PM - 7 PM

Dinners are $10 each and include
3 pieces of Fried Chicken, Two Sides, and a Roll

Willards Volunteer Fire Company Inc
7370 Main St, Willards, Maryland 21874

State Records Show Hillary Had "Zero Interest In Disclosing Emails To Public" As Law Requires

Judicial Watch today announced it obtained U.S. State Department records referenced in the May 2016 State Department’s Office of the Inspector General report criticizing former Secretary of State Clinton’s email practices. The OIG report references the records, which include new Clinton emails, but the records were not released to the public until now. The records were obtained under a June14, 2016, court order issued by Judge Emmet G. Sullivan in accordance with anunopposed motion by Judicial Watch to obtain the records.

Judicial Watch requested:

A. March 17, 2009 memorandum prepared by S/ES-IRM staff regarding communications equipment in the Secretary’s New York residence identified a server located in the basement

B. In November 2010, Secretary Clinton and her Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations discussed the fact thatSecretary Clinton’s emails to Department employees were not being received. The Deputy Chief of Staff emailed the Secretary that “we should talk about putting you on state email or releasing your email address to the department so you are not going to spam.” In response, the Secretary wrote, “Let’s get separate address or device but I don’t want any risk of the personal being accessible.”

C. In another email exchange, the Director of S/ES-IRM noted that an email account and address had already been set up for the Secretary and also stated that “you should be aware that any email would go through the Department’s infrastructure and subject to FOIA searches.”

D. OIG reviewed emails showing communications between Department staff and both individuals concerning operational issues affecting the Secretary’s email and server from 2010 through at least October 2012.

E. On January 9, 2011, the non-Departmental advisor to President Clinton who provided technical support to the Clinton email system notified the Secretary’s Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations that he had to shut down the server because he believed “someone was trying to hack us and while they did not get in i didnt [sic] want to let them have the chance to.” Later that day, the advisor again wrote to the Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations, “We were attacked again so I shut [the server] down for a few min.” On January 10, the Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations emailed the Chief of Staff and the Deputy Chief of Staff for Planning and instructed them not to email the Secretary “anything sensitive” and stated that she could “explain more in person.”


Recreational Crabber Charged with Violations, Failing to Protect Turtles

A St. Mary’s County man has been charged with possessing undersized crabs and failing to equip his crab pots with devices to prevent the drowning of diamondback terrapins.

Officers saw Joseph William Sullivan, 47, of St. Inigoes, crabbing off the dock of his home on June 15 and returned to check his catch. They discovered he was fishing 16 pots, 14 more than allowed a recreational crabber. Additionally, his floating live well contained undersized crabs. Further, none of his pots had a Bycatch Reduction Device, also known as Turtle Excluder Device, as required by Maryland law.

The diamondback terrapin is the state reptile, the University of Maryland mascot, and the only turtle that lives its entire life in the tidal waters of the Chesapeake Bay. Terrapins are drawn to the same bait used to attract blue crabs. Recreational crab pots are typically set in shallow, near-shore waters along creeks and marshes, the same locations terrapins live.

The 1 3/4-inch by 4 3/4-inch rectangular device is easy to install and allows crabs to enter a pot but excludes terrapins. Turtles and other animals that enter pots without such a device cannot escape and drown. Studies have shown that while effective at preventing other animals from entering, the excluding devices have little impact on the size and number of blue crabs caught.

Crab pots used by waterfront property owners in Maryland must be marked with the owner’s name and address and fitted with a by-catch reduction device at every funnel entrance.

Plastic bycatch reduction devices are found in many marine and tackle shops and often cost less than $2. Crabbers can also make their pots turtle-safe by following instructions found here.

Sullivan is scheduled to appear in St. Mary’s District Court on Aug. 4. If found guilty of all three charges, he could be fined as much as $3,000.

Read Donald Trump's Anti-Hillary Speech

In a speech in New York City on Wednesday, Donald Trump went after Hillary Clinton, calling the presumptive Democratic nominee “the most corrupt person ever to seek the presidency.”

Read the Republican presidential candidate’s prepared remarks, provided by his campaign:



Northrop Grumman honored 24 Maryland high school seniors earlier this month in an awards reception at the Marriott Renaissance Baltimore Harbor Hotel. This is the 14th year that Northrop Grumman provided more than $240,000 through the annual Engineering Scholars Program. The scholarships are awarded exclusively to students from Maryland who are interested in studying engineering, computer science, physics or math at an accredited college or university.

“Northrop Grumman is pleased to sponsor this scholarship competition, which supports the pursuit of an engineering education by some of the state’s best-qualified math and science students,” said Kathy Warden, corporate vice president and president of the company’s Linthicum-based Mission Systems sector. “These talented young men and women can be among the future technology and innovation leaders of our country.”

Rigorous application requirements for the scholarship include a score of a 27 on ACTs, 1700 on SATs and at least a 3.5 GPA. The application committee also looked closely at students’ work experience, community involvement and extracurricular activities. Each student receives $10,000, paid in four yearly installments, to be used for tuition, books, room and board and lab fees.

Memo Reveals Clinton Foundation Donor’s $100 Million Push

Memo Reveals Clinton Foundation Donor’s $100 Million Push

A Swiss billionaire and seven-figure Clinton Foundation donor is pouring millions of dollars into a nonprofit voter registration and turnout operation and appears to have shared information about the project with the Democratic Party, a leaked document reveals.

Hansjörg Wyss is accelerating a $100 million registration and get-out-the-vote plan in order to more quickly impact elections and the U.S. policy landscape, according to a document detailing the proposed work by his charitable group, the Wyss Foundation.

The document details the scope of Democratic efforts to boost grassroots organizing, and sheds light on how some of the left’s deepest pockets are facilitating those efforts through nonprofit vehicles generally restricted to charitable activity.

Wyss is a controversial figure. He is currently being sued in Washington state court over allegationsthat illegal drug tests by his former medical device company resulted in patient deaths.


Louisiana sheriff calls deputy’s death ‘cold-blooded murder’

HARVEY, La. (AP) — A sheriff’s deputy in a New Orleans suburb was just about to search a suspect when the 19-year-old flipped around, pulled out a gun and reaching over the officer, shot him in the back, a Louisiana sheriff said, calling the incident a “cold blooded murder.”

Jefferson Parish Sheriff Newell Normand late Wednesday said the suspect, identified as Jerman Neveaux, was later apprehended and admitted to shooting Detective David F. Michel Jr. The sheriff said Neveaux was on probation for a previous crime and didn’t want to go to jail if Michel found the weapon he was carrying.

“So he killed the deputy,” Normand said. “What do you say about that?”

The sheriff said the officer had noticed Neveaux walking behind another person who appeared to be nervous, so he pulled over. Michel approached Neveaux and placed him up against the police vehicle so he could search him, Normand said. But Neveaux flipped around, “went chest to chest” with the officer, pulled out a gun and shot him in the back.

“As Detective Michel fell to the ground, he fired two more shots at point-blank range into the back of Detective Michel,” Normand said.


Online Gun Store Sells 30,000 AR-15s In Week After Orlando

In the aftermath of the Orlando shooting, gun sales have started to pick up again, just as the case was in the aftermath of the Newtown tragedy.

We first reported that in the aftermath of the Orlando shooting, Adventure Outdoors owner Jay Wallace said that AR-15s and other firearms were flying off the shelves because people are afraid that the government is going to take guns away. This trend is now spreading to other gun stores, as we now learn that online gun store Hunter's Warehouse, based in Bellevue, Pennsylvania sold more than 30,000 AR-15 semi-automatic rifles in one seven day period after the Orlando shooting.

Tom Engle, the owner of Hunter's Warehouse said the shooting itself wasn't pushing up gun sales, rather it was the fear that the government would start banning guns that drove people to purchase now.

"Shootings don't push up gun sales. It's when the government starts talking about banning particular guns and up go gun sales. When people lose their right to buy a particular gun or a particular type of gun, they go after them and they want them then."


Montgomery Co. taxes ranked 3rd-highest in region for most incomes

ROCKVILLE, Md. — Every county likes to be at the top of the list of the best places to live, but how does your county stack up when it comes to tax rates?

The Montgomery County Council Office of Legislative Oversight reported that when it comes to the tax burden on individuals and businesses, the county comes in third for most income levels.

The OLO report released Tuesday compared the tax burden in six jurisdictions: Montgomery, Howard, Frederick and Prince George’s counties in Maryland, Fairfax County in Virginia, and D.C.

For a family of three at various income levels from $25,000 to $150,000, the report shows that Montgomery County’s tax burden is the third-highest in the region at all levels, except for the $50,000 income level, where Montgomery County comes in fifth.

Fairfax County residents have the highest burden at the $25,000 level, while Frederick County residents top the list at the $150,000 level.


Donald Trump: Hillary Clinton 'Opened the Pandora’s Box of Radical Islam'

Hillary Clinton’s actions as Secretary of State “opened the Pandora’s box of radical Islam” even while she “refuses to acknowledge the threat posed by Radical Islam,” Donald Trump charged in a broad rebuke of the presumptive Democratic nominee.

In a televised address from his hotel in New York’s SoHo neighborhood, Trump stronglycriticized Clinton’s policies while she was Secretary of State, including her leadership role in advocating for the U.S.-led NATO intervention in Libya.

Trump also spotlighted Clinton’s role in allegedly denying security requests to the fated U.S. Special Mission in Benghazi, her support for the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and for the rebels targeting Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s regime, and her involvement with the Iran nuclear deal.

All of these polices, Trump stated, have made the world far more dangerous by fostering radical Islamic terrorist groups and other extremists. And they cost “thousands” of American lives and “trillions of dollars,” Trump stated.


This Election Could Help Make or Break Your Retirement

With the future of Social Security in question and a dangerous shortfall in many Americans' savings, five states are testing out bold and controversial legislation to get people to put away more for retirement. The new laws could give much-needed financial options to one in five Americans, opening the door to similar experiments in other states—depending on who gets elected in November.

Connecticut, Illinois, Maryland, and Oregon have all passed laws requiring employers to either offer their own retirement plans or seamlessly connect workers to a well-designed state plan. California is considering a similar scheme. When these plans are in place (the first will take effect next year, at the earliest), retirement experts hope they’ll become laboratories to improve the American 401(k).

"Because different states are trying different approaches, state plans can be the innovation labs for better retirement," said Joshua Gotbaum, a guest scholar at the Brookings Institution and former head of the U.S. Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp. "They can—and I think, will—create new options for gig workers, for portability, for lifetime income, and for getting better coverage at lower cost."


New rule lets feds hack your computer anywhere, anytime

'We're going to wake up in a few years in George Orwell's 1984'

A proposal that Washington bureaucrats be given nearly unfettered permission to hack into private computers, which WND reported earlier was being described as the ultimate “Big Brother” move, is drawing strong opposition from privacy activists and members of Congress.

“We’re in the midst right now of one of the biggest battles in the privacy world that we have faced,” said U.S. Rep. Blake Farenthold, R-Texas, on a website mobilizing opposition. “If we keep down this path, we’re going to wake up in a few years in George Orwell’s 1984. This is why, as we fight for security, any intrusion on privacy needs to be narrowly tailored and aggressively overseen.”

WND reported last month when the alarm was raised by the Rutherford Institute, which offered its assistance to Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., who is opposing the rule change.

At issue is a proposed change to Federal Rule of Criminal Procedure 41, which addresses search warrants.

If the change is adopted, Rutherford warned, it would “erode individual privacy” by granting vast new authority to investigators.

“Police State USA: How Orwell’s Nightmare Is Becoming Our Reality” chronicles how America has arrived at the point of being a de facto police state, and what led to an out-of-control government that increasingly ignores the Constitution. Order today!


New York City Will Provide Free Tampons and Pads in Public Schools, Prisons, and Shelters

Obama's whitewashing of the Orlando massacre

BOCA GRANDE, Fla. — Truly, there is no reserve of cynicism vast enough for decent, freedom-loving Americans to fully comprehend the diabolical motivations of President Obama and the henchmen he has running his administration.

It defies even the most dishonest and criminal imagination. It really is enough to make good people seriously question where the president’s loyalties actually lie.

Of course, it is all part of Mr. Obama’s plan to exacerbate those very questions about where he was born and whether he is a closet Muslim — because that automatically turns even decent people into frothing lunatics for dabbling in such conspiracies and innuendo.

His is the lowest, most crass and degrading cynicism and it permeates every action and every statement made by this White House.


‘Johnny U’ items donated to Berlin

Sandra L. Unitas, the widow of Colts legend Johnny Unitas, met with Berlin Mayor Gee Williams last Friday to donate a few items to the town.

Among them was a pool table, once owned by “Johnny U,” that the town plans to give to nonprofit Worcester Youth and Family Counseling.

She also offered a custom TV cabinet that the couple commissioned just before he passed away about 14 years ago. Williams said that item could be a good fit in the town’s visitor’s center on Main Street, where videos are shown of different attractions and special events in the town.

The encounter was something of an accident. Unitas was in town shopping and visiting a restaurant, and walked into Town Hall to ask if she was parked in an appropriate space.


Trump right on this deal where “No Irish Need Apply”

There are times when you have to say Donald Trump has a point about immigration policy.

The visa was initially a well-meaning effort by Democrats to ensure a small measure of fairness in the immigration system, which has become completely Asian and Hispanic dominated since 1965. It was intended to help Europeans but through sheer numbers of applicants Europe suffers badly.

Ireland, north and south, will get a grand total of 76 visas, despite the fact it was the Irish Lobby for Immigration Reform that won them from a reluctant Congress.

Despite having more Medal of Honor winners, helping the Union stay together duringthe Civil War and inventing the Catholic health and school system, Ireland finishes way behind some interesting countries.

There is Afghanistan with 285 visas, Syria with 356, Iran with 4,500, Saudi Arabia with 253, and Libya with 273. Ask 99 percent of Americans and they would say Ireland certainly deserves to be considered for much higher numbers, not to mention all they have contributed to America. But such is the political correctness that Ireland are even comes in behind Mali, in Africa (see the full list below).

It is not good enough and high time immigration self-corrected from the 1965 Act, which quite rightly removed the overwhelming European bias, but in the process ended immigration except in tiny numbers from the countries that helped make America great.

No less a figure than Ted Kennedy recognized the bias at the end of his career and was trying to correct it.


OCPD Needs Help To Identify This Vehicle

We need your help! Officers are attempting to identify a vehicle that was involved in a hit and run collision that occurred on June 22 at 12:30 p.m. The vehicle appears to be a dark grey, 2011 or newer extended cab Ford F250 or F350 Super Duty pickup truck. The vehicle should have damage to the front passenger side bumper, grill and headlight area. The owner of the vehicle is believed to either live in or frequent the 28th Street area. If you recognize this vehicle, please contact Pfc. Michael Karsnitz at or leave a tip at

SPD Press Release 6-23-16 (UPDATE-Home Invasion/Robbery Arrest)

House Republicans Offering Proposals for Health Care Changes

WASHINGTON (AP) — House Republicans are unveiling new proposals to repeal and replace President Barack Obama’s health care law, as Speaker Paul Ryan seeks to showcase a GOP governing agenda amid the tumult of the presidential campaign.

The plan, revealed Wednesday, relies on individual tax credits to allow people to buy coverage from private insurers, and includes other largely familiar GOP ideas such as medical liability reform and expanding access to health savings accounts. It proposes putting $25 billion behind high-risk pools for people with pre-existing conditions and for others, and transforming the federal-state Medicaid program for the poor by turning it into state block grants or individual per-capita allotments to hold down spending.

But the 37-page white paper falls far short of a full-scale replacement proposal for “Obamacare” and leaves key questions unanswered, including the size of the tax credits, the overall price tag of the plan, and how many people would be covered. Republican aides said it’s intended as an overall roadmap showing how the GOP would approach undoing and replacing Obama’s health law with a Republican in the White House, and specific legislative details would be answered as the actual bills are written next year.

A White House statement early Wednesday denounced Ryan’s proposal as “nothing more than vague and recycled ideas to take health insurance away from millions and increase costs for seniors and hardworking families.”


Corey Lewandowski to join CNN

Former Donald Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski is joining CNN as a political commentator, according to a source familiar with the arrangement.

It's a salaried position and will make Lewandowski exclusive to CNN, effective immediately.

Trump fired Lewandowski on Monday, ending the tenure of the fiery operative who faced a steady string of controversies while guiding Trump's skeleton campaign operation to a shocking victory in the 2016 Republican presidential primary. That same afternoon, his first in-studio interview was with CNN's Dana Bash (an NBC News reporter caught up with him outside of Lewandowski's apartment as he headed down to the studio).



Hillary Deserves 'Prison', Not the Presidency

Donald Trump launched a massive attack on a Hillary Clinton presidency Wednesday, calling the Democratic nominee "the most corrupt person ever to seek the presidency" and saying her foreign policy "cost America thousands of lives and trillions of dollars and unleashed ISIS across the world."

In his 40-minute speech in New York City in front of a slew of supporters often halted by standing ovations, Trump picked apart Clinton's candidacy one issue at a time:

Clinton has "perfected the politics of personal profit and even theft."
"Her leadership style volcanic impulsive, disdainful and disdainful of the rules."
Clinton needs to go to "prison to pay for the crimes that she's already committed against our country."
Clinton "gets rich making you poor."
Clinton's decisions as Secretary of State "spread death, destruction and terrorism everywhere she touched."

But in perhaps his strongest assertion, Trump ripped Clinton for failing to disclose 1,000 foreign donations.

"Hillary Clinton may be the most corrupt person ever to seek the presidency of the United States," Trump said to a near two-minute standing ovation.

More here

Paul Ryan trashes House gun control sit-in as "fundraising scheme"

House Speaker Paul Ryan slammed the Democratic-led sit-in on gun control, calling it a "publicity stunt" and a "fundraising scheme" during a press conference Thursday.

"We are not going to allow stunts like this from carrying out the people's business," Ryan told reporters, just as the House's #NoBillNoBreak protest surpassed the 24-hour mark. "Why do I call this a stunt? Well, because it is one - let's just be honest here."

"They're staging protests," the Republican leader said. "They're trying to get on TV. They're sending out fundraising emails."

"If this is not a political stunt, why are they trying to raise money off of this -- off of a tragedy?" he questioned, reading off some emails Democratic committees had sent out Wednesday. "I'm really not sure what their plan and endgame is here...They know this isn't going anywhere. It already failed in the Senate."


Now Hiring: Willie Nelson (For Colorado Marijuana Business)

DENVER (CBS) – Willie Nelson needs some good help when it comes to getting his marijuana business up and running in Colorado.

He is now accepting applications for Willie’s Reserve, or what he calls his “premium cannabis lifestyle brand” which will feature his own strain of pot.

The website for Willie’s Reserve says there will be a full product launch this summer. It includes flower, preroll, vape and edibles.


Here's the story behind Hillary Clinton's claim about landing under 'sniper fire' in Bosnia

A false claim that Hillary Clinton made while campaigning for president in 2008 is coming back to haunt her in the 2016 election cycle.

The presumptive Democratic presidential nominee said in a speech at George Washington University in March 2008 that she landed "under sniper fire" during a 1996 trip to Bosnia. The war ended in 1995, but tensions within the country were still high.

"There was supposed to be some kind of a greeting ceremony at the airport, but instead we just ran with our heads down to get into the vehicles to get to our base," she said in 2008.

The Washington Post debunked this claim days after Clinton made it.

Old news footage reveals that there was, in fact, a greeting ceremony at Tuzla Air Base when Clinton landed. She met an 8-year-old Muslim girl who read her a poem, and video of the landing shows Clinton and her daughter, Chelsea, calmly walking away from the plane and then greeting people on the tarmac:


Democrats end sit-in tackling gun control after more than 25 hours

Democrats announced from the House floor they were ending their sit-in over gun control.

The announcement comes within an hour of Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi's (D- Calif.) planned statements scheduled at 2 E.T.


300K More Muslim Voters Than in 2012

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) estimates more than 300,000 Muslims have registered to vote since the 2012 presidential election.

CAIR has been labeled a terrorist organization by the United Arab Emirates and was named by federal prosecutors as an unindicted co-conspirator in a Hamas-funding operation. However, CAIR still operates freely within the U.S.

According to a CAIR analysis of voter information, there are currently some 824,000 registered Muslim voters. CAIR arrived at this figure by matching the voting records against a list of 43,538 traditionally Muslim names. In 2012, CAIR used the same methodology to estimate that there were around 500,000 Muslim voters.

“Knowing that more than 300,000 American Muslims have registered to vote since the last presidential election is a validation of the national and local Muslim community efforts to get out the vote,” CAIR Government Affairs Director Robert S. McCaw said in a statement.


Donald Trump's Immigration Plan Boosts Wages, Cuts Unemployment, Says Hillary Clinton's Wall Street Donor

Donald Trump’s immigration and labor reform policies would force down unemployment, pressure companies to raise Americans’ wages and salaries, and even make housing cheaper for young families, according to a supposedly critical report by Moody’s Analytics now being cited by Trump’s critics, including Hillary Clinton.

“As the immigrants leave, the already-tight labor market will get tighter, pushing up labor costs as employers struggle to fill the open job positions,” the report acknowledged. “Mr. Trump’s immigration policies will thus result in … potentially severe labor shortages, and higher labor costs,” the critical report promises.

The formal unemployment rate would immediately drop by a third, from 5 percent in 2016 to 3.5 percent in 2017, the report predicts. Housing prices would drop by almost 4 percent in 2018 and 2019, says the Moody’s report.

The prediction complements Trump’s repeated populist argument on the campaign trail that large-scale immigration slashes Americans’ salaries.


IRS Admits To Illegally Seizing Bank Accounts; Agrees To Give The Money Back

It's the stuff of libertarian dreams. The IRS admits that it wrongfully took money from innocent citizens, and it gives the money back.

This is actually happening to victims of a little-known form of civil asset forfeiture carried out by the IRS on the premise of "structuring" violations. In case you didn't know, depositing or withdrawing just under $10,000 from your bank account multiple times is viewed as suspicious and possibly criminal activity.

In a victory for lawmakers working to make it harder for the government to take property from innocent Americans, the Internal Revenue Service plans to give people who have had money seized over the last six years the chance to petition to get their money back, The Daily Signal has learned.

According to a GOP source, the IRS told the House Ways and Means Oversight Subcommittee that it will send letters to everyone the agency seized money from for alleged structuring violations, which involves making consistent cash transactions of just under $10,000 to avoid reporting requirements, starting in October 2009.

One petition has already been granted, and others are likely to follow.

The IRS has seized entire bank accounts with no notice or due process, alleging the owners sought to avoid federal bank reporting requirements. The aforementioned pattern of banking is described as "intentionally structuring cash transactions," and they call it a crime.

This nefarious provision of the Bank Secrecy Act is purportedly targeted at drug traffickers, money launderers and terrorists, but it has swept up hundreds of innocent people—including small business owners who lost everything because they deal wholly or partly in cash.

Carole Hinders, owner of a Mexican restaurant in Iowa that only accepted cash, had her entire bank account of $33,000 seized even though she did nothing wrong. The IRS seized $63,000 from Randy Sowers, a dairy farmer in Maryland, because he was depositing under $10,000 into his bank account.

Ken Quran, the owner of a convenience store in North Carolina, had his entire bank account of $150,000 seized after working nonstop for years to build it up. His crime? Withdrawing cash from his bank account in amounts under $10,000.


In Exclusive Interview, Inmate Talks About Addiction, Recovery, Teaching Fellow Prisoners About Accountability In Jail, His Future

Chase Fehrenbach was sentenced to 21 years in prison in 2008 for armed robbery , theft and burglary, crimes he said he committed to fund his heroin addiction. He is pictured with a dog he helped rehabilitate through his prisons outreach Paws fora Cause Program
GEORGETOWN, Del. — For the last eight years, 32-year-old coastal Delaware native Chase Fehrenbach has woken up each morning in a small, cold jail cell in Sussex Correctional Institute (SCI) in Georgetown, Del.

He doesn’t look like most of the other hardened criminals who reside behind the walls and the razor wire fences of one of the First State’s oldest and highest security prisons. He’s a fit, good looking fella with sincere and almost piercing eyes, a kind demeanor and an intellectual and introspective vernacular. He’s quite an artist as well. Yet, Fehrenbach wasn’t always this person.

Eight years ago, Fehrenbach was a full blown heroin junkie, who, in order to feed his growing need for the powerful drug, went on a crime spree that included armed robbery, theft and burglary that landed him in prison for a staggering 21-year sentence for an essential first time offense.

Growing up as a kid on the coast, Fehrenbach seemingly had it all: good family, close friends and a loving girlfriend who would soon become his fiancé. Like many youths, Fehrenbach used alcohol and drugs recreationally in his mid to late teens, but in his early 20’s, he was prescribed pain pills after getting his wisdom teeth removed and he says, that triggered what he now realizes was a “rampantly addictive personality.” The pill addiction quickly intensified and turned to full blown heroin use.


Secret DNC Memo: Hillary Vulnerable on Clinton Foundation

A hacked 42-page Democrat National Committee memo released on Monday reveals the dizzying array of Clinton Foundation scandal facts the DNC considers “vulnerabilities” for presumptive Democratic Party presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

The secret document, titled “Clinton Foundation Vulnerabilities Master Doc FINAL,” is one of several newly released internal memos obtained by the hacker known as “Guccifer 2.0.” Totaling over 22,000 words in length, the DNC vulnerabilities dossier paints a portrait of a political party besieged by media coverage of foreign Clinton Foundation donations spawned by the investigative New York Times bestselling book, Clinton Cash.

The document chronicles hundreds of news reports of Clinton Foundation malfeasance featured under devastating headings created by DNC staffers themselves. Track-change comments featured inside the document contain the names “Lauren Smith” and “Jeremy Brinster,” both of whom are listed as former or current DNC research staffers. The DNC’s own descriptive headings, which are backed up by mainstream media reports, demonstrate how politically toxic the DNC considers the Clinton Foundation’s acceptance of foreign donations during Hillary Clinton’s tenure as Sec. of State.


Potent fentanyl has K-9 units taking extra precaution

BALTIMORE —It's a common scenario with police when an officer and their K-9 unit search for drugs.

However, it is now a scenario that has law enforcement taking as much precaution as ever.

The Baltimore police are aware of the dangers their K-9's face. This includes K-9's Lucian and Clint, who are considered as close as family to those with them in the department.

"It's the same as going into a building looking for somebody that it is with a human," said Steve Sturm, training supervisor with the Baltimore Police Department. "He's watching my back and I'm watching his back."

Now, along with tradition illegal drugs like marijuana and cocaine, dogs are also in search of synthetic fentanyl, which could make the search as dangerous as ever. That is because the drug not only can be absorbed through touch, but by airborne powder which can be dangerous and even deadly.


Voters Trust Donald Trump to Keep America Safe; Favor Muslim Ban

Americans trust Donald Trump to keep America safe more than former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, despite repeated assertions from Democrats that she is one of the most qualified candidates for president in history.

A new poll from Morning Consult shows that 41 percent of Americans believed that Trump would do a better job of keeping the country safe while only 37 percent favored Hillary Clinton. (Twenty-two percent said they didn’t know or had no opinion).

Trump’s boost comes from Independent voters, as 38 percent say they trust Trump while only 26 percent favored Clinton.

The poll also shows that Americans support Trump’s proposal for a temporary ban on Muslims traveling to the United States.

More here

Here's what Hogan, McAuliffe are offering to lure FBI HQ

Maryland and Virginia have offered to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to help lure the FBI and its millions of dollars in economic impact to one of three sites in Greenbelt, Landover or Springfield.

Maryland Republican Gov. Larry Hogan has committed to spending $317 million in state and local funds, while Virginia Democratic Gov. Terry McAuliffe has offered about $120 million. The Washington Post first reported reported the amounts Tuesday, a day before the deadline for bids.

Each site needs significant upgrades to absorb the FBI's roughly 11,000 headquarters employees, and the money would cover transportation improvements and other upgrades to minimize the impact on the communities where the FBI lands.

The commitments will be an important consideration for the General Services Administration as it picks the best option for the 2.1 million-square-foot headquarters campus. The GSA previously issued environmental impact statements outlining the challenges at each site.


Maryland Gov. Hogan says he is not voting for Trump; more refugees entering MD than during Dems control

Maryland Republicans were beside themselves with joy that in a blue, blue state they succeeded in electing a Republican governor in the fall of 2014.

The bloom is now off the rose as Governor Larry Hogan says point blank he will not vote for Donald Trump and doesn’t agree with most of what Trump says. (By the way, Hogan owes some of his electoral success to help from NJ Governor Chris Christie an up front supporter of Trump, so who knows what is going on there!).

By saying what he did, he has now, for all intents and purposes, thumbed his nose at 248,000 Marylander Republicans who voted for Trump in the primary. See Blue Ridge Forum here (248,000 orphaned GOPers).

I don’t want to get too deep into the weeds of Maryland Republican politics, but long-time Republican observer and former staffer for Congressman Roscoe Bartlett said this (below) on her facebook page.

This would have been an excellent way for the Governor to respond to demands that he tell Marylanders where he stands in this fall’s election. My prediction is that Hogan has just guaranteed that he will be a one-termer.


Memo Reveals Clinton Foundation Donor’s $100 Million Registration, Turnout Push

A Swiss billionaire and seven-figure Clinton Foundation donor is pouring millions of dollars into a nonprofit voter registration and turnout operation and appears to have shared information about the project with the Democratic Party, a leaked document reveals.

Hansjörg Wyss is accelerating a $100 million registration and get-out-the-vote plan in order to more quickly impact elections and the U.S. policy landscape, according to a document detailing the proposed work by his charitable group, the Wyss Foundation.

The document details the scope of Democratic efforts to boost grassroots organizing, and sheds light on how some of the left’s deepest pockets are facilitating those efforts through nonprofit vehicles generally restricted to charitable activity.

Wyss is a controversial figure. He is currently being sued in Washington state court over allegations that illegal drug tests by his former medical device company resulted in patient deaths.

According to the memo, the Wyss Foundation initially planned to spend $100 million over the next five years on voter registration, outreach, organizing, and legal and policy advocacy on voting laws. But that won’t be enough, the group said.

The document, titled “Wyss Foundation Democracy Strategy Discussion Memo,” was saved in a Microsoft Word file suggesting it was created in March 2015.

“We believe these efforts will alter the electorate, but they will not do it in time to fully achieve the Wyss policy agenda within the next ten years,” the memo stated.


Video: Police hunt arsonists after Walmart fireworks aisle set ablaze

Authorities say a Walmart in west Phoenix was evacuated after a group of people set off fireworks inside the store.

The Phoenix Fire Department says the resulting flames were extinguished before spreading to a nearby display of charcoal, lighter fluid and propane.

Police are still looking for the arsonists.

Fire investigators believe at least two men and one woman were involved in the incident that happenend last Wednesday evening.


40 Percent of Bernie Sanders Supporters Will Not Vote for Hillary Clinton

A June Bloomberg pollfinds that almost half of those who supported Vermont socialist Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary race do not support Hillary Clinton — and nearly a quarter of them will vote for presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump.

Only five percent of Sanders supporters who haven’t come around to Clinton yet plan to vote for her in the general election, Bloomberg found. They spoke to a couple dozen Sanders fans about their perceptions of Clinton and Trump:

Homemaker Laura Ames from Texas, who will vote for Trump: “I’m a registered Democrat, but I cannot bring myself to vote for another establishment politician like Hillary. I don’t agree with a lot of what Trump says. But he won’t owe anybody. What you see is what you get… I do follow her on Facebook, and I don’t care about her emails. Ugh, this is so hard. I guess an endorsement would probably sway me.”

San Francisco community organizer Eric Brooks, who believes Clinton is a “war criminal”: “I will absolutely never vote for Clinton… I’d be okay voting for Johnson as a protest vote. But as a Green Party member, I’m going to vote for Jill Stein. If you care about the climate, like I do, it makes a lot of sense strategically to vote for Stein, because she could get five percent, which has implications for the Green Party getting federal funding… Nobody in this election has to worry about being a spoiler.”

Baltimore non-profit worker Perry Mitchell: “There’s zero percent chance that Hillary Clinton could ever get my vote. She’s a corporate candidate. I don’t vote for corporate candidates. I don’t do the lesser of two evils.”

Sanders supporter Bako Nguasong: “I don’t know if I’m voting. She’s definitely the lesser of two evils, but I don’t trust her… I know Donald Trump is evil, he’s a racist, he’s a misogynist… [Clinton] not for the people. She’s about money.”



The Supreme Court on Thursday blocked President Obama’s immigration executive actions, in a tie decision that delivers a win to states challenging his plan to give a deportation reprieve to millions.


If This Doesn't Give You Goose Bumps...

Former Concrete Plant Property Rezoning Advances; Major Hotel-Restaurant Complex Eyed For Downtown Site

OCEAN CITY — A major change to the downtown skyline inched closer to becoming reality this week after resort planners signed off on a heavily-conditioned zoning change for the historic Cropper concrete plant property to accommodate a vast hotel and restaurant complex.

After considerable debate about the potential impact on the neighborhood, the Planning and Zoning Commission on Tuesday voted to forward a favorable recommendation to the Mayor and Council for a zoning change for the historic George Burt Cropper concrete plant along the bay just north of the Route 50 Bridge and just south of 1st Street.

Attorney Joe Moore, representing Ropewalk Bel Air Properties LLC, which has a contract to purchase the property, presented a request for a zoning change of the property from M-1 manufacturing to Inlet-1, or I-1, a fairly unique zoning designation reserved for a handful of properties along the downtown waterfront.

Moore told resort planners the conceptual plan for the redevelopment includes a mixed-use facility including another location for the popular Ropewalk restaurant along with a hotel situated on the north end of the property. Moore said the site, which is situated prominently along the main entrance to the resort at Route 50, might be the largest undeveloped commercial property in the resort.


Wicomico County Fiscal Year Ending 2017 Adopted Annual Budget June 7, 2017

Trump Gives Wall Street A Whole New Meaning

FBI ‘revolt of Watergate proportions’ if Hillary skates

Ex-U.S. attorney has 'no doubt' charges will be referred to Lynch

A former U.S. attorney says there is no doubt that, before the November election, the FBI will recommend to Attorney General Loretta Lynch that she prosecute Hillary Clinton for mishandling of classified information, warning that intervention by the White House would provoke a revolt of Watergate proportions.

In an interview with WND, Joseph diGenova said that based “on all the available evidence, including what is publicly known and what is known in the law enforcement community, there is sufficient, credible evidence needed to meet the predicate to begin a grand jury – sufficient evidence for probable cause to believe various crimes have been committed.”


Pines Resident Bilked Out Of $40K In Internet Scam

OCEAN PINES — A 96-year-old Ocean Pines resident has been bilked out of $40,000 in an Internet sweepstakes scam, but authorities at least have some leads in what are typically long-shot cases.

Ocean Pines Police Chief David Massey this week said the elderly resident of the community had fallen prey to an Internet scam that has unfortunately become all too common. The victim was notified he had won nearly a million dollars in a contest, but needed to transfer money to the scammer in order to collect.

“They told him he had won $950,000 in a sweepstakes and they needed him to send them money to complete the transaction,” said Massey this week. “They asked him to send the money via wire, which is pretty typical for these kinds of scams.”

Massey said the unfortunate victim had fallen prey to a common scam that has popped up in the area in various incarnations in recent years, but what is rather unusual in this case is the large amount. The victim sent via wire two transactions totaling $20,000 each to the unidentified scammers.

“Anytime someone asks you to send money via wire, you can assume it’s a scam,” he said. “The same goes for Internet transactions and most transactions over the phone.”


Zackery Tyndall first to file for 2016 Berlin town election

Late last year, Zackery Tyndall and the Berlin Fire Company settled a two-year harassment suit that Mayor Gee Williams said, “created a wound” within the town.

Now, Tyndall, 26, and a recent Salisbury University graduate, says he would like to be the next Town Councilmember in Berlin’s District 2.

Tyndall was born and raised in Berlin, living on Grice and Grace streets, before buying his own home at the age of 20.

After wrapping up the lawsuit in October and graduating from SU in December, Tyndall says he is in something of a “transition period.”

“I feel almost like I’ve been put in a can, shaken around a lot, and then dumped out on the other side. It’s still a little difficult to find my way,” he said during an interview last Friday. “Now I’m just out on the other side trying to figure out what I like. I graduated with a degree in management and finance, so I have a passion for that.

“I think when you go to school you learn that there’s so much more to learn. If I could find something that would give me a deeper understanding of how businesses operate, I would enjoy that a lot,” he added.


U.S. Spends More on Medical Care for Inmates than Seniors, Veterans, Military Personnel

President Obama has repeatedly demonstrated that there’s an extra special place in his heart for incarcerated criminals, but this is a bit much. The administration spends a lot more money on the medical care of jailed convicts than retired seniors on Medicare, active U.S. military personnel or veterans, including an extra $100 million in one year alone, according to a federal audit released this month.

The Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) consistently pays outside doctors and hospitals more to treat inmates than Medicare or other federal agencies would pay for the same services, according to the report which is the result of a Department of Justice (DOJ) Inspector General investigation. “We found that the BOP is the only federal agency that pays for medical care that is not covered under a statute or regulation under which the government sets the agency’s reimbursement rates, usually at the Medicare rate,” the report states. “Instead, the BOP solicits and awards a comprehensive medical services contract for each BOP institution to obtain outside medical services.”

This means the BOP negotiates its own rates for medical services, which is outrageous and ends up costing American taxpayers tens of millions of dollars annually. Without the cost regulations that apply to all other federal agencies, the BOP pays a premium above applicable Medicare rates for medical care. In fiscal year 2014, for instance, the BOP spent at least $100 million more for medical care than it would have if it had paid Medicare rates. Other law enforcement agencies, including those within the DOJ like the U.S. Marshals Service and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), stay within the Medicare rates to provide outside medical services for individuals in their custody. So does the Department of Defense (DOD), the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and the Indian Health Service to treat members of the military and their dependents, veterans and Native Americans.


11 Explosive Clinton Cash Facts Mainstream Media Confirm are Accurate

Perhaps the most surprising thing about the forthcoming book rocking Washington right now is the number of stunning facts liberal media outlets have already confirmed and verified are accurate.

Here, then, are 11 facts that mainstream media say are true, verified, and facts from the upcoming blockbuster, Clinton Cash: The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich.

CONFIRMED: Hillary’s Foundation Hid a $2.35 Million Foreign Donation from the Head of the Russian Govt’s Uranium Company that Had Business Before Hillary Clinton’s State Dept.—a Clear Violation of the Memorandum of Understanding with the Obama Administration

The New York Times has confirmed that Hillary Clinton violated the Memorandum of Understanding she signed with the Obama administration promising to disclose all foreign donations during her tenure as Sec. of State.


Verdict To Be Announced Today At Goodson Trial

Baltimore City Circuit Court Judge Barry Williams is expected to hand down the verdict today in the second degree murder trial of Baltimore City Police Officer Caesar Goodson, who is charged in the death of Freddie Gray, in April of last year.

Goodson, 46, was driving the van that transported Gray on the day of his arrest.

After hearing testimony over eight days, Judge Williams will announce his verdict after 10 a.m.

As he did with the trial of Officer Edward Nero last month, the judge is expected to announcing the legal reasoning behind his decision on seven different charges.

The court proceedings are expected to take around 20-30 minutes.


Russia Shockingly Adds Hillary Clinton To Terror Sponsor Watchlist

Today, the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) reported that it has just added democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton to its terror sponsor watchlist. This happened after this week’s discovery that one of the top monetary contributors to her current campaign is a suspected agent of Pakistan’s Directorate for Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) who has funneled millions of dollars to Islamic Sunni-backed terror groups throughout the Middle East.

A Comment Worthy Of A Post: Is The Cat Out Of The Bag?

Someone said that Ed Baker was hired by the Council. Is that true? If so, every Council member who agreed to that needs to be voted out next election. Another double dipper like Creamer. What is so complex about Wicomico County government that no new blood is allowed? Why does the Council need their own attorney anyway? Just more expense for the taxpayers and I guess a sign that they are going to continue to fight Culver on everything.

The Council is THE WORST by continuing to hire the same good old boys who have run this county into the ground. Creamer and now Baker. Wasting our money! Cannon was around for both hires. Does that tell you anything?

A Viewer Writes: " Subject: Kindness"

Dear Joe,

This may not be a newsworthy event, but I wanted to thank two ladies and employees at fruitland food lion for coming to my aid when I experienced a very bad diabetic low sugar episode while shopping. I was confused, sweating profusely and disoriented.

The two ladies ran and got juice and a candy bar and a chair. The employees opened up a lane for me and insisted on ringing up my purchases and bagging and loading them for me.

The two ladies were by my side until I recovered enough to safely leave the store.

I don't know if this is appropriate but I would like to mention the two ladies are black and I am white. I'm not so naive as to think racism does not exist. But it did not rear it's ugly head in my life today. It was just one human being coming to the aid of another. And I'm grateful.

Thank you.

Sharon Walton

Should we alert WBOC that it is raining?

Did You Know The Wicomico County Council Is Bringing Triple Dipping Ed Baker Back?

Clinton IT specialist invokes 5th more than 125 times in deposition

Hillary Clinton IT specialist Bryan Pagliano invoked the Fifth more than 125 times during a 90-minute, closed-door deposition Wednesday with the conservative watchdog Judicial Watch, a source with the group told Fox News.

The official said Pagliano was working off an index card and read the same crafted statement each time.

“It was a sad day for government transparency,” the Judicial Watch official said, adding they asked all their questions and Pagliano invoked the Fifth Amendment right not to answer them.

Pagliano was a central figure in the set-up and management of Clinton’s personal server she used exclusively for government business while secretary of state. The State Department inspector general found Clinton violated government rules with that arrangement


REMINDER: The Habig Cup 9th Annual Golf Tournament

Tomorrow is the LAST day to register

Si2 has arrived in Europe after 71 hours and 8 minutes of flying across the Atlantic Ocean

What a moment to remember! Bertrand Piccard has safely landed in Seville, Spain after spending 71 hours and 8 minutes flying across the Atlantic Ocean in a solar airplane, welcomed there by André Borschberg. He took off from New York City at 6:30AM UTC, 8:30AM CET, 2:30AM EDT on June 20th and has finally reached Europe after a spectacular flight. Charles Lindbergh completed the first transatlantic flight in 1927 from New York to Paris, and now Bertrand Piccard brings aviation to the next level with clean technology. I bet you Lindbergh never imaged a solar airplane could do the same.

Watch a compilation of the best moments during the flight here.

Relive the flight

Answer Me This...

Maryland Public Service Commission Public Hearing Notice

Go Spurs!

The real reason C-SPAN cameras aren’t showing Democrats’ gun control sit-in

It’s a politically convenient thing to imply — and House Democrats sitting on the floor of the House since 11:30 a.m. aren’t shy about implying it — that House Republicans shut off the normally unblinking eyes of the C-SPAN cameras to try to hide the Democrats’ sit-in demanding a vote on gun control.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) even accused House Speaker Paul D. Ryan (R-Wis.) of doing it himself.

But that’s actually not the whole story. In fact, the cameras are turned off as a matter of procedure when the House isn’t in session — and the Democrats are essentially forcing the House out of session with their sit-in. It also seems worth noting that, when the tables were turned eight years ago and Republicans were doing a sit-in, both the cameras and the lights were also off.

So let’s put partisan politics aside and explain the real reason the C-SPAN cameras — the only cameras allowed in Congress — are off.

When the new Congress got together in January of last year, like every new Congress before it, it voted on the rules that would govern it.


Kool Aid Under Lock And Key

Ponder This

Republicans Rock

The Only Thing That Changes When We Get Older Is Barney

Donald Trump Apologizes. To Pocahontas, Not Sen. Warren

Does presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump regret calling Sen. Elizabeth Warren Pocahontas?

He does.

During an interview with Fox News host Bill O’Reilly, Trump addressed the nickname he used for the Massachusetts senator.

“I do regret calling her Pocahontas because I think it’s a tremendous insult to Pocahontas — so to Pocahontas I would like to apologize to you,” Trump said.