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Monday, February 06, 2017

Fraternal Order Of Eagles Daily Specials

Fake Hate Crime: Wisconsin College Student Put Anti-Muslim Graffiti on Own Door

A student at a Wisconsin college was arrested for defacing his own dorm room door with anti-Muslim graffiti in order to get attention, according to police.

Officials at Beloit College in Beloit, Wisconsin, were shocked when a student, 20-year-old Michael Kee, reported that anti-Muslim threats appeared on his door and on a wall outside his dorm room. The student told police he felt he was being threatened over his religion and ethnicity.

Police initially treated the incident as a hate crime, but after an investigation they determined that the student had perpetrated a fraud and painted the graffiti himself,according to WQRF.

Officials now say the student was affected by the outpouring of support a Jewish student recently received when he was a victim of a threatening note pushed under his door. Police said Kee “observed how the Beloit College community had come together after the first reported incident and wanted similar attention.”

The police added that Kee’s fraudulent hate crime would only served to “de-legitimize” victims of real hate crimes.


White Marlin Open To Stay In Federal Suit, Judge Rules

OCEAN CITY — There was some movement on Friday in the federal suit involving the alleged rules violation in the 2016 White Marlin Open (WMO), including a ruling by the judge the tournament will remain a party in the case and another ruling that it will not be afforded a “grossly disproportionate” amount of the $2.8 million at stake in attorney fees and costs.

About two weeks after the tournament’s conclusion, WMO officials reported a potential rules infraction that could disqualify the winner in the white marlin division, a 76.5-pounder caught by angler Phillip Heasley on the Kallianassa out of Naples, Fla. Heasley’s 76.5-pound white marlin was awarded a tournament-record $2.8 million in prize money because the Kallianassa was entered across the board in all added entry levels and was the lone qualifier.

The timing of the catch has been brought into question as has the assertion that Heasley and the captain and two mates on the Kallianassa were deceptive in their answers to some of the questions during the requisite post-tournament polygraph examinations for the winners in major categories.


‘Refuse Fascism’ Group Behind Berkeley Riot Received $50k from George Soros

One of the far-left “anti-fascist” groups behind last week’s riot in Berkeley, Refuse Fascism, received $50,000 from a group backed by socialist billionaire George Soros, according to the Daily Caller.

The Alliance for Global Justice, which is funded by the George Soros-backed Tides Foundation, reportedly donated $50,000 to fund Refuse Fascism, which openly brags about using violence to shut down conservative and libertarian speech.

“While it is unclear whether those who carried out the violence were paid to do so, the benefactors of the Alliance for Global Justice — and Refuse Fascism — are listed online,” reported the Daily Caller.

“Other notable donors include the city of Tucson and the United Steel Workers labor union. Charities associated with several major corporations also donated., the outdoor apparel and equipment company, gave $40,000. The Ben & Jerry Foundation, the charity associated with the ice cream maker, gave $20,000. And Lush Cosmetic gave $43,950. Another bit of irony is seen in the $5,000 contribution from the Peace Development Fund, a group that claims to support organizations that fight for human rights and social justice.”

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Screw Off, Feminists: An Open Letter To Men From A Real Woman

Dear Men,

Everyday there’s news/outrage about the latest female tragedy, the “war on women” the #SJW feminist women, the body-shaming women. Then there’s “rape culture” and “male privilege,” and “micro-aggression.” Seems to me, if you’re a man in this world, there’s nothing you can do right. If you tell a woman to smile, you’re a sexist. If you tell a woman she’s pretty, you’re reducing her to just her looks. If you tell a woman she’s smart, you’re a sexist for being surprised that she’s smart and more than just her body. If you vocalize that you think a hot woman is hot… oh geez. Bar and lock the doors, the feminists will stab you with their steely knives.

Well as a woman (yeah, it’s Courtney Kirchoff here, not Steven Crowder), here’s something you need to know: women love men. For being men.

Okay, several feminist keyboards have been reduced to dust. Chicas are hammering their keys like the old cavemen hammered their women before dragging them into the cave. Oh that right there? Joke. I know you feminists don’t think it’s funny. Nothing to you is funny. That’s why it’s funny.


US ex-Marine in Iraq speaks about Trump ban in viral video

In a Facebook video with over 40 million "likes," a US former marine who says he is working in Iraq, Steven Gern, on Wednesday justified US President Donald Trump's ban to prevent citizens of seven Muslim countries, including Iraq, from entering the US.

When Gern asked the Iraqis he knows what they thought of Trump's ban, they expressed contempt for Trump. However, when he asked if the locals would accept him - an American - with open arms if he left the confines of his work area and went into town, the Iraqi soldiers said he "absolutely would not be welcome."

When Gern asked, "What would happen to me?" they said the locals would torture Gern and kill him within an hour, possibly by beheading, then upload the video to social media for everybody to see "as an example."

"The point of it is, the point I'm trying to make is, this is the local populace who would do this. This isn't ISIS, this isn't Al-Qaeda, this isn't the PMU, this isn't a militia from the Iranians, or anything like that. This is the local populace that would do this.."


MSP DUI Arrests from 1/30/17 through 2/05/2017 (Berlin Barrack)

Casey Anthony joins crowd of 3,000 protesting at Trump's Florida home

WEST PALM BEACH, Florida - West Palm Beach Police said 3,000 people marched from Trump Plaza in West Palm Beach, across the Southern Boulevard bridge, and into Palm Beach to protest the Trump administration Saturday evening outside Mar-a-Lago.

The protest made its way along South Flagler Drive, to just south of Southern Boulevard, the closest protesters were supposed to be able to get to Mar-a-Lago.

Yet the crowds continued over the bridge and ended their march just outside the gates of Mar-a-Lago.


BERLIN MSP Press Release Bank Robbery Arrest 2-6-17

Report: Women integrated into IDF despite scientific evidence

For nearly two decades, the Israeli Defense Force has operated mixed-gender combat units, integrating female recruits into a variety of positions through the Israeli military. More and more combat roles have been opened to women who volunteer to serve in them, as opposed to the non-combatant units in which female soldiers served in the past.

IDF’s public relations division has made much of Israel’s progressive approach to gender in the armed forces, a new report suggests the army may be ignoring reality that does not conform to the vision it has pursued since the late-1990s.

According to the report, published by the national religious Liba Center, the IDF’s own studies of mixed-gender units reveal a far less optimistic view of female service in combat roles than the image projected by army spokespeople.

The Liba Report, segments of which were obtained by Arutz Sheva, cites internal army studies going back as far as 2000 which show female combat soldiers suffered serious physical injuries at a rate significantly higher than their male peers.

The first such study, conducted from 1999 to 2000, showed that women in combat units suffered serious injuries during training at a rate more than six times higher than men. While just 8% of men suffered such injuries, a full 50% of women did, including many suffering from broken bones.

A later study, also conducted in 2000, assessed the feasibility of integrating women into the elite air rescue unit – the 669. The conclusion of the study clearly stated that female service members were not suited to the physiological stress. Other studies surveyed showed that during times of physical exertion, including in combat situations, female service members are far more likely to suffer irreversible injuries.

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Preliminary Work Begins Next Week; Speed Limit Reduced as Traffic is Shifted to Bidirectional Pattern through March

The Maryland Department of Transportation’s State Highway Administration (SHA) is reducing US 50 (Ocean Gateway) to one lane in each direction between east of Backtown Road and Timberwind Lane in the town of Trappe (Talbot County) for emergency pipe replacement. Weather permitting, US 50 will be back into its normal configuration by late March.

Crews will install a 42-inch 160-feet long concrete pipe, in place of the existing 36 x 60 inch corrugated metal structure. They will also construct new end walls.

Prior to the actual pipe work, crews will reconfigure US 50, paving the median crossovers and setting concrete barrier for the bidirectional flow. This work is expected to take about two weeks, weather permitting.

Byron York: Justice Department demolishes case against Trump order

James Robart, the U.S. district judge in Washington State, offered little explanation for his decision to stop President Trump's executive order temporarily suspending non-American entry from seven terror-plagued countries. Robart simply declared his belief that Washington State, which in its lawsuit against Trump argued that the order is both illegal and unconstitutional, would likely win the case when it is tried.

Now the government has answered Robart, and unlike the judge, Justice Department lawyers have produced a point-by-point demolition of Washington State's claims. Indeed, for all except the most partisan, it is likely impossible to read the Washington State lawsuit, plus Robart's brief comments and writing on the matter, plus the Justice Department's response, and not come away with the conclusion that the Trump order is on sound legal and constitutional ground.


Scientists discover why you hate the sound of loud chewing

Have you ever wondered why you hate the sound of someone chewing his food loudly or breathing heavily? It's all in your head - literally.

Research from England's Newcastle University uncovered why some people suffer from misophonia, a condition where a person hates the sound of chewing, eating or repeated pen clicking. These noises are called "trigger sounds" and can create intense physiological responses in people with the disorder.

Patients with misophonia experienced changes in their brain activity when they heard trigger sounds, according to MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scans conducted during the study. Researchers played a variety of sounds that ranged from neutral to unpleasant, and the neurological responses of patients with misophonia were different than those without.


Slate Has a Problem With Powerful Women Weblog has published numerous attacks against women since November

Slate has launched a series of attacks on powerful women in the wake of Donald Trump's victory, raising questions about whether the hot take factory is threatened by strong female leaders.

Slate, which famously declared that "Donald Trump's Victory Proves America Hates Women," has repeatedly employed sexist smear tactics against influential women at the center of American politics.

Slate used the nomination of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court as an excuse to attack the Appellate Judge's mother, who made history as the first head of the Environmental Protection Agency. The headline of the article attempted to erase Anne Gorsuch as an independent woman, instead framing her as a mother.

"Remember When Neil Gorsuch’s Mother Tried to Dismantle the EPA," the post, which was republished from, asked. Slate has criticized other outlets for placing a higher priority on domesticity when discussing accomplished women, such as the controversy over the late-rocket scientist Yvonne Brill's obituary: "She may have worked at NASA in life, but the [New York] Times put her back in the kitchen in death."


Lawyer: Police responsible for ambulance problems at protest

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — Police said protesters who temporarily shut down a highway over the weekend delayed an ambulance, but an attorney for the demonstrators said officers are responsible for the vehicle getting stuck in traffic.

Saturday’s demonstration in New Haven involved more than 100 people protesting President Donald Trump’s immigration order. Police said the protesters obstructed the ambulance, forcing medics to perform an emergency medical procedure, when they blocked the northbound lanes of Route 34.

But attorney Patricia Kane said protesters had asked police to inform them if emergency vehicles needed to get through — and the officers did not do so.

State police charged 66-year-old Norman Clement, of New Haven, with inciting a riot, disorderly conduct, interfering with an officer and reckless use of the highway by a pedestrian.


Trump on Patriots' win: 'What an amazing comeback'

President Trump congratulated the New England Patriots moments after the team's stunning comeback in the Super Bowl.

"What an amazing comeback and win by the Patriots," Trump tweeted. "Tom Brady, Bob Kraft and Coach B are total winners. Wow!"

In an interview that aired before the game, Trump predicted the Patriots would win by 8 points.


WCSO CID Press Release - Feb. 6, 2016

Incident: Domestic Assault, Kidnapping
Date of Incident: February 3, 2017
Location: 500-block of Purnell Street, Salisbury, Maryland
Suspect: Joseph Owen Ellis, 27 years old of Salisbury, Maryland
Narrative: On February 3, 2017, Detectives from the Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigation Division were called upon to investigate a domestic assault incident. During the investigation it was learned that Joseph Ellis had assaulted a female victim while inside of his home, located in the area of the 500-Block of Purnell St, Salisbury, Maryland. Ellis refused to let the female victim leave the residence. The female victim was able to escape the residence and run to a neighbor’s house yelling for help. Witnesses observed Joseph Ellis drag the bloodied and beaten female victim back into his house, against her will.
At approximately 5:10AM , the Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office received a 911 emergency call in and dispatched deputies to this residence. Deputies arrived at the home and heard a female yelling for help from inside the residence. Deputies observed the female victim being physically restrained by Ellis. Ellis eventually released the female victim. The female victim told deputies that she was beaten and held against her will for over four hours. Deputies observed the female victim sustained significant injuries due to the assault.
Deputies attempted to talk Ellis out of the house. Ellis had barricaded himself inside the home and ignored orders from deputies to surrender. Ellis also verbalized that he was going to commit suicide.
Deputies forced entry into the residence and observed Ellis hanging by the neck, from a cord. Deputies immediately released Ellis from the makeshift noose and administered first-aid. Ellis and the female victim were transported to Peninsula Regional Medical Center for treatment.
On Saturday, February 4th, Ellis was released from PRMC. Detectives arrested Ellis and transferred him to the Wicomico County Detention Center. Upon initial appearance before a District Court commissioner, Ellis was ordered held without bond.
Charges: Kidnapping, 1st Degree Assault, 2nd Degree Assault (2 counts), False Imprisonment, Reckless Endangerment (2 counts), Possession of a Dangerous Weapon with Intent to Injure

Fruitland Police Department Press Release 2-6-17

Planned Power Outage For The Ocean Pines Area

Choptank Electric Cooperative is preparing for an emergency planned outage in our Ocean Pines area, scheduled for Wednesday, February 8 beginning at 12:05AM. It is expected to last until 5:00AM. This outage is necessary in order to make emergency repairs in our breaker station which feeds our Ocean Pines substation.

Please be sure that your contact information with us is up-to-date to ensure that you receive important messages from your Co-op. If you have any questions please call our Member Service Center at 1.877.892.0001 during normal business hours.

Lady Gaga Steers Clear of Politics in Super Bowl Halftime Show

Lady Gaga played several of her greatest hits and stayed away from making political statements during her performance Sunday night at the Super Bowl LI halftime show.

Opening with an a capella mash-up of “God Bless America” and “This Land is Your Land” under a flurry of red, white and blue-colored drones, the 30-year-old singer dropped down from the roof into NRG Stadium in Houston and launched into her hit “Poker Face” from atop an elaborate tower structure.


Report: Comments Deleted, Facebookers Banned From Gov.’s Page For Anti-Trump Posts

BALTIMORE (WJZ/AP) — Comments were deleted and at least three people say they were banned from posting on Govenor Larry Hogan’s Facebook page after a flood of digital requests asking the Republican to speak out against some of President Donald Trump’s stances.

Hogan spokesman Doug Mayer told The Baltimore Sun that the press staff deleted comments about Trump to prevent “coordinated political spam attacks from infiltrating and hijacking the page.”

“We have an obligation to the 146,000 people who like the governor’s page to keep the conversation fresh, appropriate, and on topic,” he said.

Hogan was vocal about not supporting Trump’s candidacy and didn’t vote for him, but he’s stayed largely quiet on the administration’s actions since the Jan. 20 inauguration.


Tim Brown Took This Sunset picture near Crisfield on Saturday

Recreatonal Safe Boating Course - 2017 Schedule

Hate Speech: Left Gives Platform to Reich’s False Claim

Newsweek has published a conspiracy theory written by UC Berkeley’s Professor of Public Policy and former Secretary of Labor, Robert Reich, questioning whether the anti-MILO rioters at Berkeley last week were paid by Breitbart News.

“Thursday night, Yiannopoulos had a friendly interview on Fox News’s ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ – a show that, according to the Washington Post, has ridden anger at left-wing activism into best-in-class prime time ratings,” wrote Reich on Saturday.

“Yiannopoulos wasn’t asked about the content of the speech that was shut down. The conversation focused instead on how Berkeley proved the point that the Left was ceding its right to federal grants by cracking down on free speech-- which raises the possibility that Yiannopoulos and Brietbart were in cahoots with the agitators, in order to lay the groundwork for a Trump crackdown on universities and their federal funding.”

After repeatedly misspelling “Breitbart,” Reich then asked his readers to “connect these dots,” in typical conspiracy theory form, before adding “I don’t want to add to the conspiratorial musings of so many about this very conspiratorial administration, but it strikes me there may be something worrying going on here.”

Reich, who works directly for the college administration at Berkeley, has repeatedly floated this conspiracy theory since the riot last week. He first suggested it in a CNN segment with host Don Lemon.

In addition to not shutting down Reich when he made his baseless allegation, CNN’s Lemon egged him on from the start,..

More here

The Washington Post Has Declared War On Peacemakers; Dennis Kucinich Rages Against The Military-Industrial-Complex

I have dedicated my life to peace. As a member of Congress I led efforts to avert conflict and end wars in countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Syria and Iran. And yet those of us who work for peace are put under false scrutiny to protect Washington’s war machine. Those who undermine our national security by promoting military attacks and destroying other nations are held up as national leaders to admire.

Recently Rep. Tulsi Gabbard and I took a Congressional Ethics-approved fact finding trip to Lebanon and Syria, where we visited Aleppo and refugee camps, and met with religious leaders, governmental leaders and people from all sides of the conflict, including political opposition to the Syrian government.

Since that time we have been under constant attack on false grounds. The media and the war establishment are desperate to keep hold of their false narrative for world-wide war, interventionism and regime change, which is a profitable business for Washington insiders and which impoverishes our own country.


Deplorable? Obama Sent $27 Billion Taxpayer Money To Fund Sanctuary Cities In 2016

In the President Donald Trump-era, there could be a high-cost to running a sanctuary city...

On January 25, 2017, the President issued an Executive Order denying federal funding to sanctuary cities who choose not to comply with federal laws regarding deportation of illegal entrants.

Reaction to the new policy from across the political spectrum was immediate. However, the politicians, pundits and journalists admitted that the total amount of federal funding was undetermined.

Our organization, American Transparency (website: was able to identify that number. We found nearly $27 billion ($26.74 billion to be exact) in federal funding (FY2016) for America’s 106 Sanctuary Cities. Our new report, “Federal Funding of America’s Sanctuary Cites” details federal grants and other forms of federal spending that flow to those cities.

Using our OpenTheBooks interactive map, search federal funding by city. Just click a pin and scroll down to review the municipal agencies and entities (FY2016).


McConnell: Not Using Federal Funds to Investigate Voter Fraud

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on Sunday put the kibosh on using taxpayers' money to investigate President Donald Trump's claim of voter fraud in the presidential election.

In an interview on CNN's "State of the Union," the Kentucky Republican said he believes there likely is voter fraud, though not as widespread as Trump has suggested.

"I think the states can take a look at this issue," he added. "Many of them have tried to tighten their voter rolls, tried to purge people who are dead."


Woman brutally attacked in 2012 sues to own stun gun

BALTIMORE (AP) — A Maryland woman who says she needs to defend herself after being brutally attacked five years ago has filed a federal lawsuit over a prohibition on owning a stun gun.

Leah Elizabeth Baran tells The Washington Post ( ) her ex-boyfriend, who was convicted of beating her in 2012, threatened to kill her after he’s released from jail.

Baran says she’s been preparing, including by purchasing a gun and practicing shooting. But Baran calls herself a begrudging gun owner and is suing because she’d rather be able to incapacitate an attacker with a stun gun.


Town takes stand after mayor forced to remove Christian flag

A Mississippi town rallied Saturday after its mayor said he was forced to remove a Christian flag following the threat of a lawsuit by an atheist organization, WREG reported.

More than 100 supporters united at the Veterans Memorial Park in Rienzi, where the group waved Christian flags – a red cross on a blue background in the upper left corner of an all-white base.

"I never dreamed that something like this would have happened in a town this small, but it happened," Rienzi Mayor Walter Williams told the station.

"We're gonna fly that flag again," he said, "and I'm hoping it's not going to be long" before it happens.

Williams said he removed the Christian flag after receiving a letter from the Freedom from Religion Foundation that stated a $500,000 lawsuit could be filed against him if the town did not remove the flag.


Social media giants fight Trump’s anti-terror plan while providing platform for terrorists

Twitter’s $1.6 million pledge to help fight the White House’s anti-terror immigration order is just the latest case of social media companies taking on Trump, but critics say the same companies are doing next to nothing to stop dangerous radicals from using their platforms to spread hate.

According to sources, radical social media accounts are using photos of Nawar al-Awlaki, the 8-year-old daughter of cleric Anwar al-Awlaki who was killed in the U.S.-led raid in Yemen on Sunday, to recruit members. That’s just the latest in a plethora of social media strategies and campaigns created by extremists to recruit and spread their jidhadi message.

“Recruitment has many forms, and sharing the news of her death and her picture can be seen as a motivation to some to join the jihadi cause,” a spokesperson for the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) told Fox News. “MEMRI’s Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor has observed many accounts, both jihadi and non-jihadi, discussing the killing of Nawar al-Awlaki and displaying her picture.”

Companies like Twitter and Facebook have been hit with a slew of civil lawsuits the past year alleging that the companies are liable for the deaths of those killed in terror attacks by ISIS and organizations that have used social media platforms to spread their message. Among those suing are the families of the Pulse Nightclub victims, who filed a lawsuit against Twitter, Facebook and Google alleging the companies provided “material support” to ISIS and helped radicalize the shooter.

A Facebook spokesperson told Fox News that terrorist activity is not allowed on the platform.


Shoppers Saddened by Al Boscov’s Cancer Diagnosis

WILKES-BARRE -- Boscov's shoppers are reacting to the sad news about the company's long-time chairman, Al Boscov. He revealed that he is battling late-stage cancer and that he does not have much time left.

We talked to everyone from Wilkes-Barre's former mayor, to a business professor, to shoppers, who are all saddened by Boscov's diagnosis.

The Boscov's in downtown Wilkes-Barre has stood for decades, even when the Diamond City seemed to be on a decline.


State Minimum Wage Increases Cost 1.8 Million Jobs So Far

State minimum wage increases phasing in around the country will result in 1.8 million job losses with "minimal" increases in workers' salaries, a report from the American Action Forum reports.

According to the center-right group, 22 states and the District of Columbia will implement minimum wage increases this year – but it'll come at a cost of 383,000 job losses.

"The full minimum wage increases over the next several years will cost 1.8 million jobs," policy analysts Ben Gitis and Curtis Arndt contend. "When combined with recent previous minimum wage increases in some of the same states, the total loss comes out to 2.6 million jobs."

"In the end, the additional earnings transferred from the job losers to the job keepers are minimal," and under minimum wage increases, "for each job loss, total wage earnings only rise by $6,900," the report states.


New Evidence Shows There's Still Bias Against Black Natural Hair

Stories about black women whose employers asked them to cut their dreadlocks or to trim their big afros have surfaced with more frequency in the last few years. Now a new study confirms that many people —including black ones— have a bias against the types and styles of natural hair worn by black people.

The "Good Hair Study" was conducted by Perception Institute, which describes itself as "a consortium of researchers, advocates and strategists" that uses emotional and psychological research to identify and reduce bias in areas such as law enforcement, education, civil justice and the workplace. The study resulted from a partnership with Shea Moisture, a black-owned hair and body products company, and aimed to better understand the connection between implicit bias and textured hair.

The "Good Hair Study" asked over 4,000 participants to take an online IAT, orimplicit association test, which involves rapidly-changing photos of black women with smooth and natural hair, and rotating word associations with both. According to the study, "a majority of people, regardless of race and gender, hold some bias towards women of color based on their hair." But the results also indicate that this bias islearned behavior, and can be unlearned.


Trump Listens To Obama and Clinton On Immigration

BERLIN MSP Press Release 2-6-17 (BANK ROBBERY)

At the request of Berlin MSP the picture that was issued in the press release has been removed. The photo was issued in error.

When Old Medicine Goes Bad

Most of us have reached for a painkiller, at one time or another, only to discover the date on the label shows it's expired. But what does an "expiration" date on medicine really mean? Is it dangerous if you take it anyway? Less effective?

It turns out that date stamped on the label actually means a lot. It's based on scientific evidence gathered by the manufacturer showing how long the drug's potency lasts. Companies expose their medications to different environments, different temperatures and humidity levels to see just how long it takes for the medication to degrade to the point that its effectiveness is compromised.

The general rule, says pharmacist Mike Fossler, with the American College of Clinical Pharmacology, is that once a drug is degraded by 10 percent it has reached "the end of its useful life." If you take it months or even years past the expiration date, it's unlikely to do you any harm, he says; it just might not do you much good.


Left-Wing Hosts Suggest Berkeley Riots Were Conducted By Right-Wingers

Progressive journalist Cenk Uygur, who hosts the popular online news show “The Young Turks” with Ana Kasparian, suggested Thursday the Wednesday riot at the University of California – Berkeley was conducted by right-wingers.

Uygur and Kasparian addressed the riot in an episode titled, “Why The Media Is Wrong On Berkeley Protest.” Ugyur maintained that there is no way to know who the protesters are even though anti-fascist “black bloc” protesters have essentially taken credit for the violence.

“Could the right-wing come in masked? Could it be 4chan guys who come in to cause trouble so they can then turn around and do exactly what they did today, ‘Oh you have to take away the funding from Berkeley?,'” Uygur asked.

He said that Berkeley is teaching science and facts, and “the right-wing hates facts.” “What a convenient Reichstag fire we just had,” Uygur, a former MSNBC host, added.


Newsweek's Michael Wolff: 'Media Losing to Trump,' Look Ridiculous

The "media keeps losing to Donald Trump," columnist Michael Wolff wrote for Newsweek last month, and he proceeded to call out CNN's"Reliable Sources" host Brian Stelter for being a "ridiculous figure" Sunday.

"I mean this with truly no disrespect, but I think you can border on being sort of quite a ridiculous figure," Wolff told Stelter on Sunday. "It's not a good look to repeatedly and self-righteously defend your own self-interest. The media should not be the story. Every week in this religious sense, you make it the story. We are not the story."

Stelter's CNN Sunday program deals with media topics in politics.

"I love your show," Wolff commended, before returning to criticism. "I wish you wouldn't turn to the camera and lecture America about the virtues of the media and every one trying to attack it.

"The media will be fine."


Services set for prison guard slain in Delaware uprising

DOVER, Del. (AP) — Funeral services have been set for the Delaware prison guard killed last week during an inmate uprising.

According to Evan W. Smith Funeral Services , a first visitation for Lt. Steven Floyd will be held Friday evening at Delaware State University Memorial Hall. A second visitation will take place Saturday morning at the same location, followed by a funeral service and interment at a cemetery in Frederica.

Floyd, 47, was found dead early Thursday after a hostage standoff at the James T. Vaughn Correctional Center near Smyrna.


Iran Says Shipment Will Boost Its Supply of Uranium

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — Iran's nuclear chief says it will have 60 percent more stockpiled uranium than it did prior to the landmark 2015 agreement with world powers after a shipment expected later this week.

Ali Akbar Salehi was quoted by the semi-official Fars news agency on Sunday as saying that Iran will receive a final batch of 149 tons of natural uranium by Tuesday, in addition to 210 tons already delivered since early 2016.

Under the nuclear accord, Iran's import of uranium is supervised by the International Atomic Energy Agency.

Low-enriched uranium can be used for civilian applications, including power generation and medical research. Highly enriched uranium can be used in nuclear weapons.


NOI 2/4/17 Wicomico Outbuilding Fire Avalon Blvd.

Date:   February 4, 2017
Time:   3:21 p.m.
Location / Address:  8246 Avalon Blvd., Salisbury, Wicomico Co.
Type of Incident:  Fire
Description of Structure / Property:  12’ x 24’ wood frame residential outbuilding
Owner / Occupants:  John Wimbrow
Injuries or Deaths:  None
Estimated $ Loss: Structure:  $10,000.00                   Contents: $10,000.00
Smoke Alarm Status:  n/a
Fire Alarm / Sprinkler Status:  n/a
Arrests(s):  None
Primary Responding Fire Department:  Delmar
# of Alarms:  2     # Of Firefighters:  30
Time to Control:  25 minutes
Discovered By:  Neighbor
Area of Origin:   Burn barrel
Preliminary Cause:  Accidental, unattended burning
Additional Information: 

That travel-ban lifting judge said what?

Claimed in courtroom none arrested from 7 designated countries since 9/11

The judge who issued a stay on President Trump’s executive order temporarily barring entry to the U.S. by those from Iraq, Iran, Syria, Yemen, Sudan, Libya and Somalia erroneously claimed in his courtroom that no person from those countries have been arrested in the U.S. since 9/11.

In a courtroom exchange Friday with Department of Justice lawyer Michelle Bennett, federal Judge James L. Robart, asked, “How many arrests have there been of foreign nationals from those seven countries since 9/11”?

“I don’t know the specific details of attacks or planned attacks,” said Bennett, who is from the Department of Justice’s Civil Division.

“The answer to that is none, as best I can tell,” said the judge.

While Robart was clearly wrong – travelers and immigrants from the seven countries have indeed been involved in the murders of Americans and other heinous crimes – a better answer would have been: No one knows just how many have been arrested because no one has been counting mere arrests.


World leaders duped by manipulated global warming data

The Mail on Sunday today reveals astonishing evidence that the organisation that is the world’s leading source of climate data rushed to publish a landmark paper that exaggerated global warming and was timed to influence the historic Paris Agreement on climate change.

A high-level whistleblower has told this newspaper that America’s National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) breached its own rules on scientific integrity when it published the sensational but flawed report, aimed at making the maximum possible impact on world leaders including Barack Obama and David Cameron at the UN climate conference in Paris in 2015.

The report claimed that the ‘pause’ or ‘slowdown’ in global warming in the period since 1998 – revealed by UN scientists in 2013 – never existed, and that world temperatures had been rising faster than scientists expected. Launched by NOAA with a public relations fanfare, it was splashed across the world’s media, and cited repeatedly by politicians and policy makers.


States Are Cracking Down on Protests

Republicans in statehouses across the U.S. are devising legal tools to regulate inappropriate public dissent as demonstrators take to the streets to protest President Donald Trump in waves not seen since the Vietnam War.

At least 10 bills to limit protests have been introduced in recent months. North Dakota is considering protection for motorists who unintentionally kill protesters blocking roads. Washington state Senator Doug Ericksen would punish those who “disrupt our economy.” Next week, North Carolina Senator Dan Bishop will call for imprisoning people who intimidate ex-officials, after former Governor Pat McCrory was pursued down a Washington, D.C., alley by a group chanting “Shame!”

“That extends over the borderline of decency,” Bishop said in an interview. Though such demonstrators are “constitutionally entitled” to express their views, he said, they aren’t free to threaten violence.

At the state level, bills have been proposed in Missouri to prohibit demonstrators committing illegal acts from wearing masks or robes; in Iowa, to levy five years in prison for traffic disruptions; in Washington, to punish protesters who interfere with commerce; and in Minnesota, to keep roads clear and allow governments to sue violators for costs. All are awaiting committee hearings or other legislative hurdles.


Bureaucrats Attempting to Sabotage Trump with Leaks

Many of the 2.7 million bureaucrats employed by the federal government oppose President Donald Trump’s policies and are actively attempting to sabotage his agenda.

That sabotage comes in several forms, from secretly circulating emails among fellow ideologically-committed members of the federal bureaucracy plotting strategy, to working behind the scenes with Democratic legislators to create out-of-the ordinary bureaucratic actions, to leaking confidential documents to the press.

Philip K. Howard, chairman of Common Good, “a nonpartisan reform coalition that believes individual responsibility, not rote bureaucracy, must be the organizing principle of government” is recommending President Trump beat these efforts to sabotage his agenda through an executive order to “replace the current system.”

Howard “argues that the civil service system, as currently structured, deprives the President of his executive power under Article II of the Constitution,” Common Good said in a statement released on Monday.

President Trump has already used executive orders to begin the implementation of the agenda which American voters supported in the November elections. While an executive order specifically aimed at the federal bureaucracy would be controversial, even Politico recognizes that many bureaucrats are actively seeking to undermine Trump’s political agenda.


Judge dismisses ‘Clock Boy’ lawsuit against Ben Shapiro, awards attorneys’ fees

Conservative commentator and activist Ben Shapiro happily announced the lawsuit against him by Ahmed Muhammed, dubbed “clock boy,” was dismissed on Wednesday with attorney’s fees awarded to Shapiro.

The father of Ahmed filed the lawsuit against Daily Wire editor-in-chief Ben Shapiro for defamation for his comments about an incident where Ahmed was arrested for bringing to school what appeared to teachers to be a home-made bomb. The 14-year-old Ahmed said that he was merely showing off a clock that he had fashioned together, and that the school and the police had overreacted because he was a Muslim. He was arrested, detained for three hours, and later suspended for three days over the incident.

The lawsuit cited a segment on Fox News where Shapiro accused Ahmed of perpetrating a hoax for the claim of defamation.


MILO Security Coordinator: Berkeley Police Had a ‘No Arrests Policy’

Breitbart Senior editor MILO appeared alongside his tour security coordinator Tej Gill on Breitbart News Daily hosted by Breitbart Editor in Chief Alex Marlow to discuss the riots at UC Berkeley and the inaction of Berkeley Police Department.

Marlow: “We’ve got Tej Gill here in the studio who’s been running security for MILO’s tour, which is easier said than done. He’s a Navy SEAL, you’ve heard him on the show a few times talking about various issues with Steve Bannon back in the day. Tej I wanna get your thoughts on all this and what kind of environment does this create for someone like you who makes his living in security, when you’ve got your client being called all of these horrific names, saying he’s literally orchestrating a hoax so his own followers get harassed and attacked, get bloodied, get beaten at his own events.”

Tej replied, “it creates a dangerous environment. The only thing that this guy [Berkeley Professor Robert Reich] said that’s correct is that these guys were not students, the guys in the black, they’re anarchists from out of town. They’re the same people that shut down UC Davis, they’re the same people that created chaos at University of Washington in Seattle.”

"..They look like ISIS when they march in. They’re organised, well funded, I wouldn’t go as far to say well equipped but I was standing up top with the police when these guys marched in and we’re getting reports that anarchist are 4 blocks away, 3 blocks away, 2 blocks away, they’ve got bats, they’ve got weapons. They actually had shields with them, every other one had a shield that was about 3 foot by 6 foot covered in back trash bags, I don’t know what it was made out of. But they walked into the campus, single file like a military unit, cut straight through the crowd about one row of people back behind the barriers and the surrounded the building.”

Much more here

Navy SEAL Raid in Yemen Spotlights Issue of Female Terrorists

Lost in much of the news media coverage surrounding the deadly Navy SEAL raid in Yemen last Sunday is that the details of the operation spotlight the issue of female terrorists inside that country, extremists who could potentially abuse the U.S. refugee program.

Numerous articles the past two weeks have sought to frame President Donald Trump’s temporary halt on refugees while the government revamps its flawed security screening process as an action that disproportionately harms female refugees, as if only males could be potential jihadists.

“Children, women account for most Syrian refugees to US,” reads a Boston Globe article.

Missing from the debate about the refugee program’s impact on women are reports that female fighters aided al-Qaida militants during last Sunday’s raid in Yemen, one of seven countries singled out in Trump’s temporary refugee halt.

The commandos were taken aback when some of the women grabbed weapons and started firing, multiplying the militant firepower beyond what they had expected.

A source said: "There were women among the AQAP fighters who “ran to pre-established positions as though they had trained to be ready and trained to be combatants and engaged with us.”

Even the Center for American Progress, the George Soros-funded progressive think tank reported on the gaping holes in counter terror strategy when it comes to screening for female terrorists.

“The Unaddressed Threat of Female Suicide Bombers” was the title of a January 5, 2012 CAP piece.


UC Berkeley Thug Who Beat Conservative and Bragged About It Online – Is University Staff Member!

A UC Berkeley rioter and thug who bragged online about beating conservatives outside the Milo Yiannopoulos speech on Wednesday night — works at the university.

Dabney Miller, a staff member at the UC Berkeley, bragged about how he beat conservatives. He posted images of one man he knocked to the ground and pummeled with his fists before someone pulled him away.

Dabney Miller draws a paycheck from the UC Berkeley administration.

On Wednesday Breitbart senior editor Milo Yiannopoulos was scheduled to speak at UC Berkeley – the historical home of the free speech movement.

Violent far left rioters and goons shut the talk down.


SPD Press Release - (Weekly Shoplifting Arrests) 2-6-17

Arizona House Committee Passes Bill To Support Sound Money

An Arizona bill that would eliminate state capital gains taxes on gold and silver specie, and encourage its use as currency, passed an important House committee this week. Final approval of the legislation would help undermine the Federal Reserve’s monopoly on money.

Rep. Mark Finchem (R-Tucson) introduced House Bill 2014 (HB2014) on Jan. 9. The legislation would eliminate state capital gains taxes on income “derived from the exchange of one kind of legal tender for another kind of legal tender.” The bill defines legal tender as “a medium of exchange, including specie, that is authorized by the United States Constitution or Congress for the payment of debts, public charges, taxes and dues.” “Specie” means coins having precious metal content.

In effect, passage of the bill would “legalize the Constitution” by treating gold and silver specie as money.

HB2014 passed the House Ways and Means Committee by a 5-0 vote, with four members abstaining.

Under current Arizona law, gold and silver are subject to capital gains tax when exchanged for Federal Reserve notes, or when used in barter transactions. If the purchasing power of the Federal Reserve note has decreased due to inflation, the metals’ nominal dollar value generally rises and that triggers a “gain.” In most cases, of course, the capital gain is purely fictional. But these “gains” are still taxed — thus unfairly punishing people using precious metals as money.


Preschool Teacher Screams In Speech To BLM Protesters: ‘We need to start KILLING people! We need to start KILLING the White House!’

An out of control activist connected to the Black Lives Matter movement equipped herself with a megaphone to spew obscenities in a speech to a group of protesters. The volatile speech spoke of committing acts of violence and ‘killing’ The White House.

The woman is thought to be a Kindergarten teacher, according to her own words. Does anyone else see a problem with this?

At around 1:50 in the video recorded on Sunday, January 29th during an anti-Trump protest in Seattle’s Westlake Park, the nameless woman was shown wearing a coat that had Black Lives Matter written on the back. She went on a rampage describing her plan to rid the world of everything American:

‘And we need to start killing people. First off, we need to start killing the White House. The White House must die. The White House, your f***ing White House, your f***ing presidents, they must go! F*** the White House’.


A Viewer Writes: ECI Stabbing

"ANOTHER STABBING within the past week at the minimum security building the annex".

What’s Driving Population Declines in More States?

Eight states lost population between 2015 and 2016, and 12 others recorded their lowest population increase of the decade, as economic woes and lower birth rates hit some states harder than others.

Connecticut, Illinois, Mississippi, New York, Pennsylvania, Vermont, West Virginia and Wyoming lost population. The last time so many states registered a drop in population was from 1986 to 1987, when oil prices collapsed. Twelve Western and Southern states, along with the District of Columbia, lost population then.

Meanwhile, Alabama, California, Hawaii, Kansas, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, North Dakota, Oklahoma and Virginia saw anemic growth of between 0.02 and 0.66 percent in the number of people living inside their borders. That’s less than the nation’s increase in population of 0.7 percent and the lowest growth those states had experienced since 2010.

The reasons behind the declines vary. Some reflect national mortality and birth trends, as more deaths occur as the population ages and the millennial generation has fewer babies. That has led to the slowest population growth in the U.S. in 70 years, as Brookings Institution demographer William Frey points out.


Questions For Today 2-6-17

Three questions for today!!

  1. Did you watch the Super Bowl?
  2. Did you watch the halftime show?
  3. Did you like the halftime show?

States Reconsider Driver’s License Suspensions for People With Drug Convictions

When Shane Bradwell got out of jail in 2011, he knew he would have a hard time getting a job, so he decided to start a house-painting business. But he quickly ran into a roadblock: Massachusetts suspended his driver’s license, not because he was a bad driver, but because of his drug conviction.

That meant Bradwell had to balance scrapers and brushes and even a gallon or two of paint on his bike. On workday mornings, he peddled to the bus stop, hopped on the bus with all his gear, and traveled as far as he could. Then he unloaded all of his stuff, rearranged it on his bike, and rode the rest of the way to his job site.

Massachusetts last year joined the majority of states that have scaled back or scrapped laws that automatically suspend the driver’s licenses of people with drug convictions and often charge hefty fees to get them reinstated. Unfortunately for Bradwell, Massachusetts made the change after he had borrowed money to pay the $500 fee to get his license back.


Does Having More Black Officers Reduce Police Violence?

The unrest in Ferguson, Mo., following the death of Michael Brown in summer 2015 drew renewed scrutiny to police violence and revealed just how little the public knew about its pervasiveness. At first, there were widespread calls to address what officerslooked like since Brown was African-American and the officer who shot him is white. The dominant theory was that if police departments better reflected the racial makeup of the communities they served, incidents of police violence would decrease. Maybe, the thinking was, another result would be less friction between officers and the public.

This rationale seemed intuitive, and Ferguson offered fertile ground for testing the theory. In 2015, two in three residents in the city of 21,000 were black, but only three officers in the 53-member force were. This disparity appeared as a tangible underlying factor that may have contributed to Brown's death.

In the years since, a somewhat clearer picture about who is killed in police encounters has emerged thanks to reporting by the Washington Post, The Guardian, andMapping Police Violence project. Today, data overwhelmingly confirm that black people are involved in and are victims of police-involved killings at greater proportions than any other racial group in the country. But even as more research explores the role of race in police violence, the findings have been inconclusive and sometimes contradictory.


Boston Judge Unblocks Trump Travel Ban, Asks "Where Does It Say Muslim Countries?"

Update: It appears President Trump is pleased with the judge's decision...
*  *  *

As we detailed earlier, in a blow to every mainstream media news outlet (and likely hurting a lot of feelings), President Donald Trump’s ban on immigrants from seven Muslim-majority countries will take effect in Boston on Sunday after a federal judge refused to extend a temporary ruling blocking its enforcement.

As Bloomberg reports, the decision by U.S. District Judge Nathaniel Gorton on Friday dealt a setback to rights advocates who argued that blocking people from seven nations in the Middle East was unconstitutional. Gorton was weighing whether to extend a seven-day order blocking parts of Trump’s Executive Order.

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