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Saturday, April 04, 2015

‘I Will Sue You Personally’: Man Caught on Camera Going Nuts Over the ‘Totally Ridiculous’ Thing He Found Firefighters Doing on Duty

You don’t see people chewing out firefighters very often, but one irate Northern California man wasn’t afraid to give them an earful.

The man’s issue: Butte County firefighters were shopping in downtown Oroville, California, at a Raley’s grocery store instead of at the closer — but more expensive — Wagon Wheel Market.

In video of the confrontation posted to YouTube Friday, the man objects to the firefighters driving the extra 8-mile roundtrip, complaining about the gas used and wear on the fire truck.

“It’s ridiculous for the taxpayers,” he says, citing the county’s fire tax.


Woman Who Chased Down Google Street View Car And Flashed It Could Now Be Facing Charges

While there are many people out there applauding the woman who chased down a Google Street View car so she could flash it and expose her chest to the world, thus, crossing that off her bucket list, local authorities in her Australian town aren’t quite so pleased with her public display. 

Brother of Famous Actress Admits He Faked Being Black to Get Into Med School — and It Worked!

In 1998, Vijay Chokal-Ingam was “determined to become a doctor,” but his 3.1 GPA significantly reduced his chances. When he realized his application wouldn’t cut it, he came up with a back-up plan — hepretended to be black.

Chokal-Ingam, brother of famous actress Mindy Kaling, said he “knew that admission standards for certain minorities under affirmative action were, let’s say… less stringent.”

In a
blog post, Chokal-Ingam explains how he ended up getting into the St. Louis University School of Medicine despite his low GPA and MCAT score:


Facebook's new nostalgia feature is already bringing up painful memories

On This Day brings back old posts, but they aren't always welcome

When Sean Forbes logged onto Facebook last week, he was confronted with the photograph of a Navy friend, standing in front of a tangerine sunset with his wife and son, smiling into the camera. Forbes had made the post three years ago to the day, after learning that his friend had committed suicide. "R.I.P." Forbes had written on his friend’s page at the time. "I’ve known you and your family 12 years and I’m at a complete loss at your passing."

Forbes’ memorial resurfaced through Facebook’s new On This Day feature, which highlights past posts on a private page and sometimes inserts them into your News Feed. The feature began rolling out to limited groups last Tuesday. "I was just in shock that this would be the image they’d choose," Forbes says. "It’s just such an in-your-face reminder of what happened, and it dredges up old memories and feelings."



Alix Bryan of the local Richmond WTVR News team decided to report the “GoFundMe” for fraud even though he or she (I’m not sure what their prefix preference is) had absolutely no reason to think it was fraud:

Ah, “just in case.” Also known as “because I hate Christians.” When that person was challenged about it, that person said they had investigated it “afterward.”

Money Smart for Small Business

What: Money Smart for Small Business Class 

When: Monday Evenings, April 27 –June 8, 2015 From 6:00-8:00 p.m. 

Where: One Stop Job Market, Conf. Room #013 31901 Tri-County Way Salisbury, MD 21804 

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Course Fee: FREE 

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*The instructor will be MaryAnn Moore of M & T Bank

Noah Thomas' parents arraigned; next hearing is August 12

Ashley White and Paul Thomas were charged Thursday with two counts of felony abuse and neglect of children

The parents of Noah Thomas were arraigned Friday afternoon through video conference.

Ashley White, 30, and Paul Thomas, 32, were charged Thursday with two felony counts of abuse and neglect of children.

One of White's charges is more serious. If convicted, White faces a maximum of 15 years in prison and Thomas faces a maximum of 10 years in prison.

Both are being held at the New River Valley Regional Jail in Dublin without bond. Their next hearing is August 12 at 1:30 p.m. in Pulaski County Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court.

The couple's son, 5-year-old Noah Thomas, was found dead in a septic tank March 26 after a five-day search.


'Miracle dog' survives being hit by car, clubbed, abandoned

SPOKANE, Wash. — The stray dog was hit by a car, clubbed in the head and left for dead in a ditch in Washington state. Days later, the 1-year-old bully breed mix showed up sickly and covered in dirt at a nearby farm.

Now, the dog that defied death is recovering with the help of good Samaritans and veterinarians at Washington State University.

The dog used to roam the streets getting scraps of food from people in Moses Lake, a farm town about 100 miles west of Spokane.

About a month ago, she was struck by a car. Then things got worse: Someone cracked her in the head with a hammer and placed her in a box in a farm field.

But the dog somehow survived and was discovered at a nearby farm with a dislocated jaw, leg injuries and a caved-in sinus cavity.

The wounds helped veterinarians piece together what happened, including the hammer blow.

"I'm assuming that the person who did this meant to put her out of her misery," said Sara Mellado, who learned about the dog's plight on Facebook and took the animal into her Moses Lake home.

She named the dog Theia.


Firefighter Brilliantly Shuts Down Officer Who Attempts To Violate His Rights “I Pay My Taxes, You Work For Me!”

15th District Police just Stoped me for no hing again tried to pull me out the car I requested a supervisor they turned there lights off and pulled off MUST WATCH!!

Posted by Tony Soto on Wednesday, March 25, 2015

5 explosive allegations from the Menendez indictment

The corruption indictment federal prosecutors released against Sen. Robert Menendez on Wednesday is filled with eye-popping allegations about the senator’s relationship with Florida ophthalmologist and donor Salomon Melgen.

Prosecutors seek to prove the New Jersey Democrat frequently used his office to further Melgen’s business interests in return for lavish gifts. But they also say he did personal favors for Melgen.

1. Visas for “foreign girlfriends”

Prosecutors say on multiple occasions, Menendez used his office to obtain visas for Melgen’s girlfriends.

In 2008, a Menendez staffer allegedly wrote to the State Department to vouch for the student visa application of a Brazilian lawyer, actress and model who was in a relationship with Melgen. Her tuition at the University of Miami, prosecutors say, was being paid by Melgen through his foundation.

Investigators also allege Menendez intervened in 2008 when a Dominican girlfriend of Melgen and her sister had their visas to visit Melgen denied.

“In my view, this is ONLY DUE to the fact that RM intervened,” one Menendez staffer allegedly wrote to another, appearing to reference Robert Menendez. “I’ve told RM.”

Menendez also allegedly helped a third girlfriend of Melgen get a tourist visa to visit him in 2007.

“She visited Miami, where she joined Melgen and Menendez for dinner at Azul, a restaurant at the Mandarin Hotel,” the indictment says. “Melgen introduced Menendez to Girlfriend 3 as the man who helped Girlfriend 3 with her visa.”

Woman Walks in on Boyfriend Allegedly Trying to Sexually Assault 12-Year-Old, Makes Him Pay

A Maine woman who walked in on her boyfriend allegedly trying to sexually assault a 12-year-old girl ran over him with a car, police said.

The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office said Linda Currier, 53, started fighting with boyfriend James Oliver, 48, Saturday after seeing the attempted assault,
WCSH-TV reported.

The fight continued outside and concluded when Currier ran over the 48-year-old with her vehicle, authorities said. Police added that they couldn’t reveal certain details, but said all adults present had been drinking.

Unexpected Snapshots of the 20th Century

Familiar people, places and events — seen from surprising new vantage points


Warning straight from the folks who will likely be handling multiple cases of this over the weekend...LILIES ARE TOXIC...

Posted by LostPetPR on Saturday, April 4, 2015

Has anyone lost a white dove? UPDATE

UPDATE: The dove as been claimed! Thank you so much for making these kind of connections possible.

It walks right up to us and has walked into our garage. It must belong to someone to seem so tame...or an Easter blessing....never seen one so pure white in the wild.
BJ Fleming

Jeanine Pirro again at center of Robert Durst hearing in New Orleans

HOUSTON — Attorneys defending New York real estate heir Robert Durst plan to call as a witness and subpoena Fox News host, former judge and Westchester District Attorney Jeanine Pirro on Thursday before a preliminary hearing in New Orleans.

Durst, 71, was arrested at a Canal Street hotel on March 14 in connection with the slaying of Susan Berman, a Los Angeles author and Durst's friend, 15 years ago.

In his hotel room, investigators found a .38 revolver and marijuana; Durst was charged with possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and possession of a firearm with a controlled substance.

Durst waived extradition, but Orleans Parish prosecutors have pursued the state charges, which, if he is convicted as a first-time offender, carry maximum sentences of 10 and 20 years.

After Berman's execution-style shooting, it was reported that Pirro's office had been looking to question her about Durst's involvement in the 1982 disappearance of his wife. After Kathleen Durst vanished, Berman had served as a spokeswoman for Durst, who later admitted that he lied to authorities about his actions the night he claims his wife left their Westchester County home and boarded a train to New York City.


Power Outage In Parsonsburg

We currently have 104 members still without power in the Parsonsburg area. Asplundh is currently en route to fix the tree issue. We appreciate your patience!

Posted by Choptank Electric Cooperative on Saturday, April 4, 2015


Don't Surrender Religious Liberty to Fascists

In a race to see who can cave the fastest, Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson reneged on his promise to sign his state’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA), instead sending it back to state legislators with a request to “recall it and change the language.” Perhaps he was upset that Indiana Governor Mike Pence wasgetting all the attention for wimping out on his own state’s religious freedom protections. Why should Republicans cave once when they can cave twice? Clearly, the beatings have been effective.

The brouhaha in Arkansas stems from the RFRA bill that passed the legislature on Tuesday and dares to assert, “[N]o human authority can, in any case or manner whatsoever, control or interfere with the right of conscience.” Furthermore, the state “shall not substantially burden a person’s right to exercise of religion … unless it is demonstrated that applying the substantial burden … (1) Is essential to further a compelling governmental interest; and (2) Is the least restrictive means of furthering that compelling governmental interest.”

Sounds reasonable enough, but when has reason ever stopped the Left? Indeed, to the ever-classy New York Times, such a bill can only be “driven by bigotry against gays and lesbians.”

More here

Countdown Crosswalk Added On Route 113

BERLIN – The countdown crosswalk long lobbied for by Berlin citizens is finally in place at the intersection of Route 113 and Bay Street.

A year and a half after a local teenager was killed trying to cross the highway, crews from Maryland’s State Highway Administration (SHA) have completed $128,000 in improvements to the intersection.

“Safety is our number one priority,” said SHA spokesman Charlie Gischlar.

Gischlar said crews had just finished a variety of safety-oriented changes at the Route 113 and Bay Street intersection. The largest of those is a crosswalk complete with a countdown clock to give pedestrians visible and audible notification of how much time they have to safely cross the street. Crews have also made the intersection ADA accessible. In addition, the span wire that previously held the intersection’s traffic signals in place has been replaced with metal arms. Gischlar says the metal beams are higher than the wire was, which will make traveling the route safer for vehicles.


'Are you Christian or Muslim?'

Gunmen stormed the campus of Kenya's Garissa University in dawn raid

Al-Shabaab terrorists interrogated students whether they were Christian or Muslim as they went door-to-door during this morning's early morning massacre at a Kenyan university, killing at least 15 people.

The group raided the Garissa University campus shortly after 5am local time, overwhelming guards and killing anyone the suspected of being a Christian.

Kenyan Interior Minister Joseph Nkaissery said that only 280 of the 815 students in the college have so far been accounted for.

The terrorists stuck mid-way through Holy Week, the most solemn period in the Christian calendar. Tonight, the Christian students were planning to celebrate the Last Supper in preparation tomorrow for Good Friday.



Salisbury City Council Work Session Agenda For 4-6-15

Ed Schultz Loses Debate With Conservative, Cuts His Mic Off

MSNBC’s Ed Schultz likely didn’t know what he was getting into when he invited Heritage Foundation Fellow Ryan Anderson on “The Ed Show” to discuss the Indiana Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA). In the middle of the heated debate, during which Anderson schooled Schultz on the history and context of RFRAs, Schultz was forced to cut his guest’s mic off to save face.

“This law doesn’t open the door for discrimination,” Anderson began. “This is the law that’s been on the federal books, governing federal courts for 20 years–” (RELATED: Indiana Religious Freedom Law Is Nothing New: I Helped Write The One Clinton Signed)

“That’s not true,” Schultz cut in. “It does not have the definition of person connected to a corporation, would you agree?”

But Anderson noted that in the 2014 Hobby Lobby decision, the Supreme Court ruled the federal RFRA does apply to corporations. “Most churches are corporate persons, most charities are corporations. So the idea that a Religious Freedom Restoration Act doesn’t protect corporations really doesn’t have any basis in the law.”


Hunger Strike By Immigrant Mothers at Texas Facility

WASHINGTON — Federal civil rights officials will meet Monday with two immigrant mothers who’ve been leading a hunger strike at a family detention camp in Karnes, Texas.

According to advocates working with the detained families, investigators from the Department of Homeland Security’s Office for Civil Rights and Civil Liberties are expected to talk to the mothers about their allegation that they and their children were assigned to the facility’s medical clinic to punish them for the hunger protest.

The hunger strike has focused attention on a rarely scrutinized portion of the network of facilities run by the government’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, part of the sprawling Department of Homeland Security. The Karnes County Residential Center, about an hour southeast of San Antonio, currently houses about 300 mothers and their children who are awaiting a decision on their petitions for asylum.

About 40 are participating in the hunger strike.

Some of the women have been held for as long as 10 months, according to one of the detainees, Kenia Galeano, a 26-year-old from Honduras who spoke with McClatchy. They began refusing food on Monday to protest the lengthy detention of their children.

“We have come to this country with our children seeking refuge and we’re being treated as delinquents,” the women wrote in a letter explaining their actions.


Jack Nicholson and Kirk Douglas probably had their own secret tunnels to the Playboy Mansion

It seems an editor was looking through the magazine's archives in preparation for a feature on Hugh Hefner's birthday when he came across a pile of Polaroids dated 1977. The photos, which are included in the post, seem to show some kind of underground excavation. When the editor asked the Mansion's general manager to explain the pictures, he served up this ghost story-ready reply: "That's probably when they built the tunnels in the '70s."



What China Can Teach The World About Successful Health Care

Over the past six decades, China has been experimenting with radically different forms of health care systems.

As the country struggles to figure out the best way to get health care to 1.3 billion people, the rest of the world can learn from its past successes and failures, researcherswrote Wednesday in The New England Journal of Medicine.

Back in 1949, health care was free to everyone in China. The communist state operated all clinics and hospitals, and it employed all doctors, nurses and health workers.

Then in 1984, the government started implementing free-market reforms. People lost their free medical care. And by 1999, only 7 percent of those living in rural regions had health insurance.

Hospitals began to act like for-profit companies. Doctors and nurses were often rewarded for increasing hospital profits. So they started acting like entrepreneurs.

To patients, it seemed like everyone was just out to make a buck — or a yuan. And the public became increasingly angry and distrustful of doctors.

In 2008, the government began to abandon a system based largely on free-market principles and made a commitment to providing affordable health care for all by 2020. About 95 percent of the population had health insurance in 2012.


Next Steps For Memories Pizza Donations

Thank you all for supporting this family when they came under attack. A total of $842,387 has been raised because of your generosity.

The next steps are these:

- The final act on our ("Dana Show" staff) end is to give contact info of the O'Connor family to GoFundMe. No need for concern as GoFundMe will only release to this family and this family alone. After this, it is all between the family and GoFundMe.

- We are coordinating with a respected financial advisor, Ed Butowsky, and the O'Connors right now.

- Butowsky and an accountant are traveling to Indiana Monday morning, pro bono, to meet with the family and set them up so that a blessing doesn't become a burden.

We will update as to the progress. 


Energy Secretary: Iran Deal Blocks All Paths Toward Nuclear Bomb

Energy Secretary Dr. Ernest Moniz, who played a central role in negotiating a framework deal with Iran over its nuclear program, defended the preliminary agreement on Friday during an interview with All Things Considered's Melissa Block.

"This is a good deal because it satisfies our need to block all four pathways to a nuclear weapon," Moniz said.

Moniz dismissed critics of the deal, who said that the framework leaves Iran's nuclear infrastructure intact.

"In terms of the immediate issue, we should always keep in perspective that the breakout time has been dramatically extended," Moniz said. "And I would say for the issues of having time for diplomatic or other response two months versus 12 months is quite a big difference."

What Moniz is saying is that by reducing Iran's nuclear stockpile and by reducing Iran's enrichment capabilities, the deal increases the time it would take Iran to make a first nuclear bomb from 2 months to 12 months.


Purported kidnapper drops ultimatum to California police

SAN FRANCISCO — A person claiming to be the ringleader of a group that says it abducted a California woman last week in an attempt to get a ransom has backed away from a threat to police to apologize for calling it a hoax.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports Wednesday that attorneys for the 29-year-old Vallejo woman and her boyfriend received emails from the purported ringleader saying the group's ultimatum to cause further harm was wrong and it won't attempt further damage.

The newspaper previously reported an email it received from the anonymous person threatened police and demand they apologize to Denise Huskins.


It's good news, bad news for the Postal Service

The Postal Regulatory Commission found the agency made its first operational profit in six years — $1.4 billion. But the Postal Service still lost $5.5 billion in 2014. That's more than 10 times its net loss the year before. The loss brings the Postal Service to a total deficit of $51.7 billion since 2007. Sen. Tom Carper (D-Del.) said the agency doesn't have enough assets to stay competitive in the future, such as modernizing its fleet and mail processing centers.

Sowell: Etiquette Versus Annihilation

Recent statements from United Nations officials, that Iran is already blocking their existing efforts to keep track of what is going on in their nuclear program, should tell anyone who does not already know it that any agreement with Iran will be utterly worthless in practice. It doesn’t matter what the terms of the agreement are, if Iran can cheat.

It is amazing – indeed, staggering – that so few Americans are talking about what it would mean for the world’s biggest sponsor of international terrorism, Iran, to have nuclear bombs, and to be developing intercontinental missiles that can deliver them far beyond the Middle East.

Back during the years of the nuclear stand-off between the Soviet Union and the United States, contemplating what a nuclear war would be like was called “thinking the unthinkable.” But surely the Nazi Holocaust during World War II should tell us that what is beyond the imagination of decent people is by no means impossible for people who, as Churchill warned of Hitler before the war, had “currents of hatred so intense as to sear the souls of those who swim upon them.”

Have we not already seen that kind of hatred in the Middle East?

Read more here

DUI Stop Leads To Weapons Charges

OCEAN CITY — A Baltimore man was arrested for possessing multiple dangerous and deadly weapons early Wednesday morning after a routine drunk-driving traffic stop in north Ocean City.

Around 1:20 a.m. on Wednesday, an OCPD officer was on patrol in the area of 128th Street and Assawoman Drive and observed a vehicle approaching from the opposite direction fail to stop at a stop sign. As the vehicle passed, the officer noticed the driver, later identified as Michael Sciandra, 52, of Baltimore, was not wearing a seatbelt. The officer turned around and initiated a traffic stop around 131st Street.

The officer approached the vehicle and detected an odor of alcoholic beverage coming from inside and noticed Sciandra’s eyes were glassy and bloodshot and his coordination was sluggish. Sciandra was asked to step out of the vehicle for field sobriety tests, which he did not pass to the officer’s satisfaction. At that point, Sciandra was arrested for driving while impaired.


Hillary Campaign's Lease in Brooklyn Called Into Question

Even as accusations of violating election rules and an email-erasing scandal swirl around her, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is moving forward in her as-yet-unannounced 2016 run for the White House, leasing posh office space in Brooklyn for a campaign headquarters.

Politico reports that the Clinton campaign has signed a lease for two full floors at 1 Pierrepont Plaza in Brooklyn Heights, a pricey space advertised as "Modern Offices, Brooklyn Cool," and also housing the offices of Morgan Stanley and Loretta Lynch, President Barack Obama's nominee for attorney general.

The building's website calls it a "no-brainer in Brooklyn."

International Business Times, noting that the office is located in "one of New York City's wealthiest neighborhoods" with a median household income of $95,539, commented, "the signing could open Clinton's team to a Federal Elections Commission (FEC) complaint because she is not a declared candidate."

It already has. Clinton has been hit with a complaint filed with the FEC from the Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust (FACT), which claims, "Hillary Clinton's activities have extended beyond merely testing the waters to determine whether a candidacy for President is feasible, and she should be deemed to be a candidate under the Act. Consequently, she is bound by the Act's contribution, registration and reporting requirements, which do not appear to have been met."

"The Commission must conduct an immediate and thorough investigation into these practices," the complaint states.

More here

Assistant fire chief in Indiana demoted after tying noose

MARION, Ind. — An assistant fire chief in Indiana has accepted a demotion after tying a rope into a noose in the presence of a black firefighter whose wife belongs to the family of a lynching victim.

City Attorney Tom Hicks said Marion firefighter Rick Backs accepted a demotion to private in a meeting Tuesday with Fire Chief Paul David, the Chronicle-Tribune reported ( ).

An investigation by David found Backs tied a rope into a noose and left it in a fire station kitchen Feb. 13. Black firefighter Mikel Neal said Backs threw the noose at him, but other firefighters said Backs laid the noose on a table.

Hicks said Backs was allowed to keep his job because of a "lack of disciplinary history and his avowed statement that it was not racially motivated."


Remembering Dr. King

Reverend Martin Luther King Jr., was assassinated April 4, 1968.

Pastor of Atlanta’s Ebenezer Baptist Church, he rose to national prominence through the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. Awarded the Nobel Prize in 1964, Congress set aside his birthday as a national holiday.

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., said Aug, 28, 1963: “Now is the time to open the doors of opportunity to all of God’s children. … In the process of gaining our rightful place we must not be guilty of wrongful deeds. Let us not seek to satisfy our thirst for freedom by drinking from the cup of bitterness and hatred. We must forever conduct our struggle on the high plane of dignity and discipline. We must not allow our creative protest to degenerate into physical violence. … New militancy which has engulfed the Negro community must not lead us to a distrust of all white people, for many of our white brothers, as evidenced by their presence here today, have come to realize that their destiny is tied up with our destiny and their freedom is inextricably bound to our freedom. We cannot walk alone.”

On April 16, 1963, Rev. King wrote: “I stand in the middle of two opposing forces in the Negro community. One is a force of complacency. … The other force is one of bitterness and hatred, and it comes perilously close to advocating violence. It is expressed in the various black nationalist groups that are springing up across the nation, the largest and best-known being Elijah Muhammad’s Muslim movement. … I have tried to stand between these two forces, saying that we need emulate neither the ‘do-nothing-ism’ of the complacent nor the hatred of the black nationalist. For there is the more excellent way of love and non-violent protest. I am grateful to God that, through the influence of the Negro church, the way of non-violence became an integral part of our struggle.”

There's lots more here..

Boardwalk wind turbines reinstalled after damage

Installing wind-based energy production turbines on the roof of a Boardwalk condo is a daunting enough project without suspected vandalism.

But turbine business owner Scott Lebowitz is past all that, “We settled with the insurance company in December, from there it’s a matter for the insurance company and the OCPD.”

Lebowitz said that a few weeks after the initial turbine system was installed with some local fanfare in late 2013, it was discovered that it had been tampered with. That in itself is sort of extraordinary, considering that the workers now replacing the damaged units need a crane to maneuver the replacements into place.

Nevertheless, the investigation and settlement took almost one year to the day to get the ball (re)rolling.


Saturday Date Night Special

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Israel’s New Missile Defense System ‘Phenomenal’

Israel's "David’s Sling" anti-ballistic missile system successfully passed a series of trial runs, shooting down incoming surface-to-surface and air-to-surface-missiles in a drill simulating rocket bombardments of Israeli cities, Defense Ministry officials said Wednesday.

The Defense Ministry indicated that the mid-range missile defense system, which is capable of intercepting incoming projectiles from over 300 kilometers (180 miles) away, should become operational in two months.

The series of tests was carried out under the auspices of the Defense Ministry’s research and development branch in conjunction with the US Missile Defense Agency and Rafael Advanced Defense Systems.

The system’s MMR radar discovered and tracked an incoming missile and submitted the data to the battery’s central nerve center, whereupon the flight-path was mapped and an interception point calculated. The system then launched an anti-ballistic missile that intercepted the target, destroying the approaching rocket as planned.

More here

Chicken seller Jim Perdue and the Pa. DEP man in the moon: By Ray Wallaced

At Tuesday’s Pa. DEP hearing, Jim Perdue’s lackeys openly displayed they care more about making profit than making Pennsylvanians sick from hexane air pollution.

To quickly confirm that Jim now hopes you overlook the public hearing's winning testimony from honest, local, air-breathing citizens, just scroll down to "THE LATEST NEWS" on his website:!news/cfnd

...where you may see for yourself that:

1. Jim continues to ignore ALL the latest news that documents what in fact happened at the DEP hearing.

2. When, on Jim's above website, you click on "Read More" at the most recent Feed & Grain News item listed (it's dated March 2, 2015), notice that Jim doesn't let you access news he claims is titled:

Perdue Receives Approval for Grain Elevator and Soybean Crushing Facility

Has any such "news" been completely removed from the Internet because it's so obviously untrue?
Is Jim Perdue so desperate and out of touch that he thinks he can get away with advertising that his polluting factory somehow got approved 29 days before the March 31, 2015 hearing?

Approved by whom? The Pa. DEP man in the moon?

Sorry, Jim. If you can't handle your proposed Pa. factory waste any better than you handle your own chicken waste, your own website, and the Pa. DEP, who will OK your application to forever yearly dump hundreds of tons of toxic hexane gas into already polluted Susquehanna Valley air?

Drug-Resistant Intestinal Illness Spreading in US

An intestinal illness carried by international travelers is spreading across the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The culprit bacteria have proven to be resistant to the antibiotic Cipro, most commonly prescribed to treat the infection.

Called Shigella, the bug turned up in 243 cases in 32 states and Puerto Rico between May and February, the CDC said in a statement today. The biggest clusters were reported in California, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania.

"These outbreaks show a troubling trend in Shigella infections in the United States," CDC Director Tom Frieden said in the statement. "Drug-resistant infections are harder to treat and because Shigella spreads so easily between people, the potential for more—and larger—outbreaks is a real concern."

Infections with Shigella are not normally fatal, according to the CDC. About a quarter of the cases in the most recent outbreaks were hospitalized, and no deaths were reported.


2nd Amendment Update On Taxes By Delegate Kathy Szeliga

Tax Update

Last Minute Tax Gets Legs!

We've been working hard to hold the line on Governor Hogan's budget priorities. The Senate voted unanimously for the budget. Next week, the House will vote on the conference committee version of the budget. We should have tax relief this year. However, it's not a concept that's been used in Annapolis for 20 years.

The Leadership in the House is stalling any tax relief measures.

Here are some of the taxes that have been proposed this year but will NOT pass:

Chicken Tax - $15 million annual tax on poultry farmers - HB 886
Death Tax - eliminate the death tax repeal we passed last year HB 730
Bottle Tax - 5 cent tax on every bottle - can be redeemed if you return a bottle HB982
Bag tax - bans plastic bags and puts a 10 cent tax on paper bags - HB 551
Tobacco Tax - a $90 million annual tax on tobacco products - HB 108
Tax on Utility Bills for solar & wind - ramps up to a $566 million annual tax HB 377

It's not too late to get some tax relief passed this year. I will continue to work on a few measures coming over from the Senate. Tax relief is proving to be a tough concept for too many in Annapolis to embrace. Oh what a difference a year makes!

Parents who locked kids in feces-stained, ‘cage-like’ room get suspended sentence

WASHINGTON — The parents of three young children kept locked up and fed through a gate have been sentenced to six years plus probation, but their jail time will be suspended.

On Monday, March 30, the parents, who are not married but live together, plead guilty to three felony counts of child neglect. Scott Suggs, 28, and Brandy Kangas, 36, were sentenced to six years in prison but all six years were suspended.

They were also sentenced to indefinite probation including 10 years of good behavior. During that 10-year period they have to be “model citizens,” says Spotsylvania County Commonwealth Attorney Bill Neely.

On Dec. 16, 2014 a Spotsylvania County couple was arrested for child neglect of their three young kids. Police were tipped off by a good Samaritan.


Delegate Kathy Szeliga On 2nd Amendment Update

Bills on firearms a heavy lift

One of the most frequently asked question I've received lately is about firearms legislation. 48 firearms related bills have been introduced this year. As usual, the pro 2nd Amendment bills have a tough time in Annapolis.

There are a few bills moving through the process, but until the 2015 legislative session comes to a close, I won't count on anything passing.

The good news is the anti-firearm legislation is not moving.

I promise to update you on this important issue when session ends. My support of the 2nd Amendment is well known. There are many subscribers to my email updates who do not agree with me on this issue. We will have to agree to disagree.

Female Driver Charged with 5th Offense DUI

Newark, DE - The Delaware State Police arrested a Wilmington woman yesterday afternoon and charged her with her 5th offense DUI.

The incident occurred around 1:05 p.m. Friday April 3, 2015, as a trooper on patrol observed a red Ford Focus traveling northbound on Harmony Road approaching Green Ridge Road. The intersection is controlled by a traffic light, and at the time, the northbound light was red. The Focus continued through the red light without stopping and was immediately pulled over by the trooper who was following directly behind the vehicle. Ann M. Baker, 54 of Wilmington, was the lone occupant of the Ford and an odor of alcohol was detected. A DUI investigation ensued and Baker was subsequently transported back to Troop 6 where an inquiry into her driving record revealed four previous DUI convictions (05/30/87, 10/11/02, 06/17/04, and 07/16/12); this arrest would make #5.

Ann Baker was charged with 5th Offense Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol, Driving While Suspended or Revoked, Failure to Have Insurance in Possession, Expired Tags, and Failure to Stop at a Red Light. She was arraigned a JP11 and released after posting $10,000.00 secured bond.


 Salisbury’s Bicentennial

Salisbury was in the middle of the Great Depression in 1932, as was the rest of the country. The only difference was that Salisbury and the entire Eastern Shore didn’t depend on the world “west of the Chesapeake Bay” as it does today. My grandmother once told me that she would never have known that the rest of the country was having hard times except for the fact that more tramps appeared at her back door asking for something to eat. The Eastern Shore had practically everything it needed, and there was work for anyone willing to go for it.

A lot of the money was provided by the “alphabet agencies” of FDR’s New Deal that was supposed to get the country out of the doldrums of the Depression. Salisbury benefited to the tune of a new City Park and the 300-ft.long concrete and steel dam on Johnson’s Lake.

It was during this time that Salisbury decided to pull out all the stops and celebrate their 200th birthday. The city had been founded on August 8, 1732. The whole week of August 7-13th was decided upon to have this grand celebration. You name it and they had it. Parades, band concerts, sporting events, competitions for the children, a carnival, stunt flying, exhibitions of historic relics, school exhibits, a circus, the official ceremonies, a Historical Pageant held in City Park that included 330 participants, and the grand lighting of the new “electric” fountain in City Park (the one across from Wicomico Middle School). It seems as if everyone in town was involved in some way. There were traffic and parking regulations clearly designated and posted so that everything went smoothly.

The mayor of Salisbury, England, J. S. Rambridge, was present to help its sister city celebrate their 200th birthday. Special medals were struck for the occasion and they are frequently encountered today. A few of them had a loop attached that allowed it to hang from a ribbon attached to a bar that declared that the wearer was a “guest”. I think these were for the visitors from England as the only one I have ever seen is the one I bought from someone in England.

The Queen of the Bicentennial was Carolyn Waller, daughter of local attorney G. W. D. Waller. Their home at the time was what the Poplar Hill Mansion is now. She presided over a parade that must have been truly spectacular. Besides the Queen’s float, there were floats from other towns on the Shore with a Princess presiding over each float. Cars carrying political and local dignitaries, marching units of firemen and policemen, bands and comic divisions were also included. There were also fourteen floats that portrayed the city of Salisbury as a place of happy and healthful living. The categories for these floats were Hospitality, Agriculture, Dairying, Industry, Merchandising, Transportation, Financial Strength, Health and Hygiene, Recreation, Sportsman’s Paradise, Religion, Education and Aesthetics (whatever that was). The parade started at the college and proceeded to wind through downtown Salisbury on a route that covered a full four miles in its entirety.

The “Relics House” was at 704 N. Division Street. The number has since been changed to 320 N. Division Street. It was described as “one of the oldest houses in Salisbury, considerably more than one hundred years old”. It is still there and has an historic plaque out front that describes it as “The Little House – 1790”. The house itself is set back a good 75 feet from the street, but the sign designating it as 320 is right on N. Division St. In the early days, Miss Elizabeth Roxburgh lived there. Her father was an aide to George Washington during the Revolutionary War. There were displays set up to show how the early settler operated a loom and a spinning wheel. The loom, built in 1825, was hewn out by the hand of an early patriot. It was operated by his grand-daughter. She was 76 years of age at the time of the Bicentennial. Some of the rooms had been furnished with furniture of an earlier period in Salisbury’s history.

Since this was the year the Wicomico Historical Society was formed, the relics were under the care and direction of the Wicomico Chapter of the Women’s Eastern Shore Society of Baltimore. This Society lasted until 2007 when attrition and age diminished their ranks. At that time, they equally distributed their treasury to the nine counties on the Eastern Shore to further their historical endeavors.

OCFD Headquarters Project Put On Hold For Now; Renovation Could Be Scrapped In Favor Of Reconstruction

OCEAN CITY – Given the extra space with the early removal of the 15th Street water tower, city officials hesitantly suspended the renovation of the Ocean City Fire Department (OCFD) headquarters to allow for time to re-evaluate a potential rebuild.

In July 2014, the Mayor and City Council approved the design of a renovated fire headquarters on 15th Street. The renovation and addition comes to a total of $2 million with $1.5 million originally allocated in the bond and $500,000 coming from savings from the Boardwalk reconstruction and Fire Station 4 project.

In December 2012, the need for the project was presented to the Mayor and City Council. Deputy Fire Marshal Cliff Christello reviewed with the council at that time the 15th Street building was built in 1960 and consists of 18,000 square feet with bunk rooms, meeting area, dispatch area and administrative offices for the OCFD.


Hiring slowdown hits US: March jobs total is lowest in 15 months

A weakening U.S. economy spilled into the job market in March as employers added just 126,000 jobs 0the fewest since December 2013 – snapping a 12-month streak of gains above 200,000.

The unemployment rate remained at 5.5 percent, the Labor Department said in its monthly report Friday.

The March jobs data raised uncertainties about the world's largest economy, which for months has been the envy of other industrialized nations for its steadily robust hiring and growth.

Employers now appear wary about the economy, especially as a strong dollar has slowed U.S. exports, home sales have sputtered and cheaper gasoline has yet to unleash more consumer spending.


Troopers Conducting Death Investigation

Bridgeville, DE – Troopers are continuing their investigation into the death of a 35-year-old man after he and a female were involved in a pursuit in western Sussex County.

The incident began around 6:30 p.m. Friday April 3, 2015 when an off-duty trooper observed a vehicle matching the description of the one used in the bank robbery that occurred at the PNC Bank in Milford on Thursday April 2nd. The maroon Chevrolet Impala was located traveling westbound on Hickman Road (SR16) west of Greenwood before it turned southbound on Linden School Road and out of site of the trooper.

Around 7:25 p.m. a trooper on patrol observed the maroon Impala on Shell Bridge Road entering the town of Bethel and began following close behind before other troopers began closing in on the suspected armed subject. Once on Sussex Highway (US13) the car turned northbound and continued to elude the now pursuing troopers. The car turned eastbound on Middleford Road and continued to travel through stop signs at numerous intersections until it eventually began traveling westbound on Seashore Highway (SR404) from Wilson Hill Road.

Bridgeville Police Department had deployed their Tire Deflation Device (Stop Sticks) in the westbound lane of travel near Oak Road and the Impala struck the device which began to slowly deflate the tires. As the vehicle began to pull to a controlled stop between Oak Road and Sanflippo Road, a gunshot was heard. As troopers and officers converged on the car, the passenger, a 35-year-old male, was found deceased in the passenger's seat with an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.

The driver, a 31-year-old female of Greenwood, was unharmed in the incident and was taken into custody without further incident. No charges have been filed on the female at this time.

The Delaware Division of Forensic Science responded to the scene and removed the body to conduct an autopsy to determine the exact cause and manner of death. Foul play is not suspected and the incident is being investigated as an apparent suicide at this time. State Police Detectives are working with Milford Police Department and continuing their investigation into this incident.

Hannity Battles Pat Buchanan Over Iran: You Sound Like Obama

Dover Man Arrested for 8th DUI

Dover, DE - The Delaware State Police have arrested a Dover man after he was found to be driving under the influence of alcohol for the 8th time.

The incident occurred at approximately 1:30 a.m. this morning, Thursday April 2, 2015, as a trooper on patrol observed a blue Ford Expedition traveling on Peachtree Run Road with an expired temporary registration. The trooper performed a traffic stop on the SUV and made contact with the operator, who was identified as Robert S. Crain, 52 of Dover. Upon contacting the driver, a strong odor of alcohol was detected and a DUI investigation ensued.

Crain was taken back to Troop 3 near Camden where he was arrested for his 8th DUI. A computer check revealed he had seven previous DUI convictions (01/03/96, 01/18/01, 03/20/03, 07/20/06, 12/05/07, 08/24/10, and 08/15/14); this arrest would make #8.

Along with the DUI offense, Crain was also charged with Driving While Suspended and Revoked, Expired Temporary Registration, No Insurance in Possession, and other traffic related offenses. He was committed to Sussex Correctional Institution on $8,103.00 cash bond after being arraigned at JP3.

**Final Update** Troopers Conducting Death Investigation

Bridgeville, DE – Troopers are continuing their investigation into the death of a 35-year-old man after he and a female were involved in a pursuit in western Sussex County.

The incident began around 6:30 p.m. Friday April 3, 2015 when an off-duty trooper observed a vehicle matching the description of the one used in the bank robbery that occurred at the PNC Bank in Milford on Thursday April 2nd. The maroon Chevrolet Impala was located traveling westbound on Hickman Road (SR16) west of Greenwood before it turned southbound on Linden School Road and out of site of the trooper.

Around 7:25 p.m. a trooper on patrol observed the maroon Impala on Shell Bridge Road entering the town of Bethel and began following close behind before other troopers began closing in on the suspected armed subject. Once on Sussex Highway (US13) the car turned northbound and continued to elude the now pursuing troopers. The car turned eastbound on Middleford Road and continued to travel through stop signs at numerous intersections until it eventually began traveling westbound on Seashore Highway (SR404) from Wilson Hill Road.

Bridgeville Police Department had deployed their Tire Deflation Device (Stop Sticks) in the westbound lane of travel near Oak Road and the Impala struck the device which began to slowly deflate the tires. As the vehicle began to pull to a controlled stop between Oak Road and Sanflippo Road, a gunshot was heard. As troopers and officers converged on the car, the passenger, a 35-year-old male, was found deceased in the passenger's seat with an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.

The driver, a 31-year-old female of Greenwood, was unharmed in the incident and was taken into custody without further incident. No charges have been filed on the female at this time.

The Delaware Division of Forensic Science responded to the scene and removed the body to conduct an autopsy to determine the exact cause and manner of death. Foul play is not suspected and the incident is being investigated as an apparent suicide at this time. State Police Detectives are working with Milford Police Department and continuing their investigation into this incident.

That Was Easy

Proper Wage

Five Beatles?

Wait For It!

F/A-18 Super Hornet Hi-Speed Low-Level Maneuvers

ND to join Wyoming lawsuit against federal fracking rules

BISMARCK, N.D. — North Dakota, whose oil riches have been unlocked by the use of hydraulic fracturing, said Tuesday it will join Wyoming in a lawsuit challenging a new federal rule requiring more information about the process when it's used on U.S. government lands.

The Obama administration announced in March that it will require companies that drill on federal lands to disclose the chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing. The U.S. Bureau of Land Management rule, under consideration for about four years, takes effect in June.

Wyoming and North Dakota believe the move is unlawful in part because it interferes with their own regulations that address the process.

"Our rules are very robust, very stringent and we enforce them," said North Dakota Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem.