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Thursday, May 02, 2019

Hunter Biden splits from his brother Beau's widow Hallie after two years together

Joe Biden's son Hunter, 49, has reportedly split from his partner of two years Hallie Biden, 45, who was the widow of his late brother Beau.

The break-up comes on the heels of Joe Biden's highly anticipated presidential campaign announcement just last week.

In 2016 Biden said he didn't run for president because he was grieving over Beau's death and was notably mum on his son Hunter's tawdry affair that tarnished his family's wholesome reputation.

Hallie was the wife to Joseph 'Beau' Biden, the former Attorney General of Delaware and a major in the National Guard, until he tragically passed away at the age of 46 from brain cancer in 2015. The two share a son and daughter.


Actions Speak Louder Than Words: The Real Donald Trump

15 Fascinating Facts About Honey Bees

No other insect serves human needs like the honey bee. For centuries, beekeepers have raised honey bees, harvesting the sweet honey they produce and relying on them to pollinate crops. Honey bees pollinate an estimated one-third of all the food crops we consume. Here are 15 facts about honey bees you might not know.

1. Honey Bees Can Fly Up to 15 Miles per Hour
Fifteen miles per hour might seem fast, but in the bug world, it's actually rather slow. Honey bees are built for short trips from flower to flower, not for long-distance hauls. Their tiny wings must flap 12,000 to 15,000 times per minute just to keep their pollen-laden bodies aloft for the flight home.
2. A Colony Can Contain Up to 60,000 Bees
It takes a lot of bees to get all the work done, from 20,000 to 60,000, in fact. Nurse bees care for the young, while the queen's attendant workers bathe and feed her. Guard bees stand watch at the door. Construction workers build the beeswax foundation in which the queen lays eggs and the workers store honey. Undertakers carry the dead from the hive. Foragers must bring back enough pollen and nectar to feed the entire community.

Liberal Hack and Idiot Mazie Hirono Attacks the President and Slanders AG Barr and Demands he Resign — It Gets So Bad Lindsey Graham Jumps In (VIDEO)

Senator Mazie Hirono is one the loudest and dumbest of the current Democrats in the US Senate.

On Wednesday at the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing with Attorney General Bill Barr Hirono used her time to attack President Trump as a “grifter and liar” and to slander the Attorney General and demand he resign.

Hirono rattled off a series of conspiracies, half-truths and lies to attack the Trump Administration and his Attorney General.

It got so bad that Chairman Lindsey Graham stepped in to cut off the liberal mouthpiece.
Graham accused Hirono of slander — which was being generous.


Obama’s Corrupt AG Eric Holder Unleashes on Bill Barr Mid-Hearing, ‘His Conduct is Unacceptable’

Obama’s corrupt Attorney General Eric Holder viciously attacked Bill Barr Wednesday afternoon during and after the Senate Judiciary hearing.

The coup plotters and swamp dwellers are not happy after Barr destroyed the Democrat Senators during the hearing — first Comey, now Holder.

Barr refused to be intimidated by the Democrat Senators during the hearing — He doubled down on the spying allegation and confirmed he is looking into the origins of the illegal CI investigations of Trump and his associates.

Barr also left Senator Da Nang Dick Blumenthal stunned after he refused to hand over his Mueller memos.


Peter Mayhew, Chewbacca in ‘Star Wars,’ Dies at 74

The Star Wars universe is mourning as news broke today of the death of one of the franchise’s most beloved — and most towering — cast members: Peter Mayhew, the 7-foot-2 actor who played Chewbacca in five movies died Tuesday at the age of 74.

Mayhew's family made the announcement from the actor's official Twitter account late Thursday afternoon.

"The family of Peter Mayhew, with deep love and sadness, regrets to share the news that Peter has passed away," they wrote. "He left us the evening of April 30, 2019 with his family by his side in his North Texas home."


Portland’s $6 Eighth-Ounces Are the Future of Cannabis

You might not feel it yet, but the price of cannabis is crashing nationwide.

To see your future, just fly to Portland, OR, then take a Lyft to Floyd’s Fine Cannabis on NE Broadway St., and lay down $6 cash on the scratched glass display counter.

You’ll walk away with an eighth-ounce of Purple Punch in a little, black, plastic, child-resistant prescription pill bottle. It’ll feel like someone made a decimal error, and you won’t be able to contain your glee.

Eighth-ounces of grass used to cost as much as $60 under prohibition. In some parts of California, you can still find them as high as $100.



Attorney General Bill Barr sparred with Democratic Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse Wednesday over the AG’s use of the word “spying” to describe the actions the FBI took against the Trump campaign.

Barr alleged during his testimony to the House Appropriations Committee in April that “spying did occur” against the Trump campaign as the FBI investigated alleged ties to Russia.

Whitehouse grilled Barr about his use of the term “spying” in relation to those efforts, suggesting that the term was not accurate because the activities of the DOJ were “authorized.”


After Judge's Arrest, Massachusetts Prosecutors Sue to Stop Courthouse Arrests of Immigrants

Days after a judge and court officer were arrested on charges they helped a man evade immigration authorities, advocates are filing a lawsuit against Immigration and Customs Enforcement's practice of arresting people at local courthouses.

The Middlesex County District Attorney's Office announced a group of prosecutors, public defenders and community groups plan to file a lawsuit on Monday over courthouses arrests, arguing the arrests deter victims and witnesses from cooperating with law enforcement on local criminal cases.

"Prosecutors are forced to abandon cases because many victims and witnesses are deterred from appearing in court. The policy also makes it more difficult to obtain defendants' appearance[s] in court," District Attorney Marian Ryan wrote in a joint statement with Suffolk County District Attorney Rachael Rollins.


John Bolton: White House Plans for Post-Maduro Venezuela

Juan Guaido, Venezuela’s lawful leader under its Constitution, was set to lead a march against Nicolas Maduro, who continued to cling to the South American nation’s presidency with the support of Russia, China, and Cuba.

The U.S. is among more than 50 countries around the world backing Guaido as Venezuela’s only legitimate leader.

After military officials warned Guaido of his pending arrest, he moved up the demonstration and called for the military to turn against Maduro, whose socialist regime has plunged the nation into corruption and poverty.

President Donald Trump’s national security adviser, John Bolton, told reporters Tuesday that “everything is on the table” from the U.S. perspective if the Maduro regime uses military force against civilian protesters.


Police officer shot in Parkville taken to Shock Trauma

PARKVILLE, Md. —A Baltimore County police officer was shot Thursday afternoon and a man was found dead in a house in the Parkville area.

SkyTeam 11 video showed police activity in the 3000 block of Linwood Avenue just east of Harford Road.

The officer was taken to Shock Trauma by ambulance and is in surgery.

Baltimore County Executive John Olszewski has arrived at Shock Trauma. He tweeted: "Our officers encounter dangerous situations and put their lives on the line every day to keep our communities safe. Today, a Baltimore County police officer was shot in the line of duty. I am praying for a full recovery and ask residents to keep the officer and their family in our thoughts."


Editor's note: It's being reported that the officer shot is the daughter of former OCPD Chief Bernadette DiPino

Not One Whisper Of A Scandal???

Candidates Sought For District 2 County Council Seat

Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh resigns amid scandal

BALTIMORE —Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh has resigned, more than a month after taking a leave of absence for health reasons and amid scrutiny over her children's books.

The announcement was made Thursday afternoon at the offices of the mayor's attorney, Steve Silverman.

Silverman read a statement from Pugh as follows:
Dear citizens of Baltimore,

I would like to thank you for allowing me to serve as the 50th mayor. It has been an honor and a privilege.

Today, I am submitting my written resignation to the Baltimore City Council. I am sorry for the harm that I have caused to the image of the city of Baltimore and the credibility of the Office of the Mayor.

Mark Kilmer Resigning From Wicomico County Council

I am writing to inform you that my family and I are moving out of Wicomico County at the end of June, which means I will have to resign my position on the Wicomico County Council. This resignation will be effective on June 15.

This wasn’t a decision that my family and I undertook lightly. However, family needs in Idaho have come to a point where I feel compelled to return there to assist with family issues. My immediate family is not a large one, and it is important that I return to help.

When running for re-election last year, I did not anticipate that this situation would arise. However, it has, and that means I must leave my position early. I certainly did not want to quit in the middle of the term, but my presence is needed with my family in Idaho.

It has been an honor to serve the people of Wicomico County over the past five years. There are many great people throughout District 2 who make up the backbone of our communities. I am saddened that my time serving them has to end, but I will always appreciate the trust they placed in me.

Trump Jr: Don’t Risk The 2nd Amendment By Voting Democrat

The right to bear arms is sacred, and endowed by God to every citizen from birth.

Most Americans recognize that it’s not dependent on some old-fashioned notion about arming citizen militias. It’s a fundamental right that enables the people to maintain a check against the near-limitless power of government, which is granted by the people in the first place.

Democrats, particularly the field of 2020 presidential candidates, disregard our 2nd Amendment rights for political gain, demagoguing about violence and the illegal use of arms. If, Heaven forbid, one of these 2nd Amendment deniers were to win the White House in 2020, he or she would strip this sacred right from us without hesitation.

I had the pleasure of spending my weekend with some of the Americans most fervently committed to defending our 2nd Amendment rights at the NRA’s Annual Meeting in Indianapolis.


Medications That Wreck Your Memory

When people diagnosed with Alzheimer’s die and undergo autopsies, researchers have found that almost half of them never had the disease at all. So what is the problem? Why were these people mentally impaired near the end of their lives?

Many doctors believe prescription drugs were causing their confusion, and dementia. Nearly 90 percent of those 65 and older take at least one medication, and many of these drugs can cause cognitive problems.

“It’s crucial to look at the risks versus the benefits of many common medications given to older people,” Jacob Teitelbaum, M.D., author of the best-selling book “Real Cause, Real Cure,” tells Newsmax. “Physicians need to be more careful when prescribing drugs that can cause loss of brain function.”

Taliban Appears To Be Winning Against US-backed Kabul, Finds Pentagon Watchdog

It should come as no surprise to most that the United States' over 18-year long war in Afghanistan is a continual nightmare wrought with endless difficulties, earning America's lengthy post 9/11 quagmire the moniker of "the forever war".

But a new Pentagon inspector general report has confirmed the situation to be even worse than commonly perceived: the war to roll back the Taliban is not merely stalled, but there's indicators suggesting jihadist insurgents are actually winning. The report finds Afghan national forces backed by the US have seen a 31% surge in casualties in recent months.

The Pentagon watchdog concluded the following, according to Bloomberg:
Casualties among Afghan National Defense and Security Forces rose 31 percent from December 2018 to February 2019 over the same period a year earlier, while troop levels fell short again of authorized strength for the first quarter of this year.


Williams: What the Left Gets Wrong About Racial Disparities

My longtime friend and colleague Thomas Sowell has just published a revised and enlarged edition of “Discrimination and Disparities.” It lays waste to myth after myth about the causes of human differences not only in the United States but around the globe.

Throughout the book, Sowell shows that socio-economic outcomes differ vastly among individuals, groups, and nations in ways that cannot be easily explained by any one factor, whether it’s genetics, sex, or race discrimination or a history of gross mistreatment that includes expulsion and genocide.

In his book “The Philadelphia Negro” (1899), W.E.B. Du Bois posed the question as to what would happen if white people lost their prejudices overnight. He said that it would make little difference to most blacks. He said: “Some few would be promoted, some few would get new places—the mass would remain as they are” until the younger generation began to “try harder” and the race “lost the omnipresent excuse for failure: prejudice.”

Sowell points out that if historical injustices and persecution were useful explanations of group disadvantage, Jews would be some of the poorest and least-educated people in the world today. Few groups have been victimized down through history as have the Jews.


Obesity may overtake smoking as leading preventable cause of cancer

You probably know smoking causes cancer, maybe even that it's the leading preventable cause of cancer.

You might not know the second leading cause of cancer, because scientists have only recently made the connection.

It's obesity.

Researchers have been investigating a link between obesity and cancer for more than 15 years, but that link was only established conclusively in the past few years.

While public health officials have programs that address both obesity and cancer prevention, they haven’t tailored programs to specifically address obesity as a cancer risk factor.

They’ll have to.

Because of decreasing smoking rates and increasing obesity rates, obesity is predicted to surpass smoking as the No. 1 preventable cancer risk factor within the next two decades.

It’s already a public health concern in Michigan, which has the 10th highest adult obesity rate in the nation.

More than 32% of the state’s population is obese. That rate was as low as 25% in 2003. It has been rising steadily.


Unsafe Space

Pro-life demonstrators have been subjected to violence and vandalism at more than 50 college campuses since September.

Students for Life, the largest youth pro-life organization in the country, has tracked dozens of incidents on college campuses since the start of the 2018-2019 school year. Organizers have seen their displays stolen, destroyed, or vandalized, and some protesters have even been attacked for speaking out against abortion on campus. Students for Life President Kristan Hawkins said that "the pro-abortion fringe [is] turning to violence" at an alarming rate.

"Students speaking up for mothers and their pre-born infants face real opposition to the simple truth that we want to love them both," she said in a statement. "I'm proud of the commitment of our student leaders who take time away from their studies and all the activities available to them on high school, college and university campuses to speak for the least of these."

The group has launched a new website documenting the vandalism incidents from 2012 to 2019 in order to draw attention to the state of free speech on campus. More than 50 displays or protests have been vandalized during the current school year, according to a release. Students for Life also published a Facebook video showing students and faculty members stealing crosses from displays, erasing chalk messages, and threatening protesters.

Terry Schilling, executive director of the American Principles Project, said that intimidation tactics have long been employed on college campuses. Those measures can backfire in the face of resistance. He said the lengths that abortion supporters go to silence peaceful pro-life demonstrations reflect "how powerful the pro-life argument is."


Bossie: Biden must answer for the lies sold to the American people by Team Obama

“Sleepy” Joe Biden is counting on his eight years as President Obama’s vice president to provide some sort of nostalgic boost for his third run for the White House in the past 32 years.

But “the problem with nostalgia” – to quote former Sen. John Edwards as he described the presidential candidacy of Hillary Clinton in 2007 – “is what we tend to do is only remember what you like and you forget the parts you didn’t like.”

The disgraced former Democrat senator from North Carolina was, of course, referring to the scandal-plagued administration of President Bill Clinton, which paved the way for the launch of seven independent counsel investigations by then-Attorney General Janet Reno.

The same thing holds true for Biden. Once you get past the warm and fuzzy nostalgia for Biden – the elder career politician chosen by the youthful Barack Obama as his running mate – reality slaps you right in the face.

The first thing you might remember about Biden’s record as Obama’s vice president is his description of the signing into law of ObamaCare as a “big f------ deal.”


Medications That Wreck Your Memory

When people diagnosed with Alzheimer’s die and undergo autopsies, researchers have found that almost half of them never had the disease at all. So what is the problem? Why were these people mentally impaired near the end of their lives?

Many doctors believe prescription drugs were causing their confusion, and dementia. Nearly 90 percent of those 65 and older take at least one medication, and many of these drugs can cause cognitive problems.

“It’s crucial to look at the risks versus the benefits of many common medications given to older people,” Jacob Teitelbaum, M.D., author of the best-selling book “Real Cause, Real Cure,” tells Newsmax. “Physicians need to be more careful when prescribing drugs that can cause loss of brain function.”

The common drugs listed below are associated with memory loss and confusion. If you are taking one or more of them — the mental effects are often more severe when they are taken in combination — talk to your doctor about alternatives.

More here

Barr accuses Dems of using criminal justice process as ‘political weapon’

Attorney General William Barr fired back Wednesday at Democrats who for weeks have called his integrity into question over his handling of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia report, suggesting during a testy Capitol Hill hearing they were only using the issue to score political points ahead of the 2020 election -- and advising that the DOJ's role in the controversy is now "over."

“We have to stop using the criminal justice process as a political weapon,” Barr said during a back-and-forth with Connecticut Democratic Sen. Dick Blumenthal.

The dust-up with Blumenthal came after the senator told Barr "I think history will judge you harshly” and accused him of using his summary of Mueller’s probe to exonerate Trump of obstruction of justice. The senator called Barr the “fall guy for this report."

“I didn’t exonerate,” Barr replied. “I said that we did not believe that there was sufficient evidence to establish obstruction.”

Barr continued: “The job of the Justice Department is now over… the report is now in the hands of the American people. Everyone can decide for themselves. There’s an election in 18 months – that’s a very democratic process. But we’re out of it.”


Press Release: Reappointment Of Department Heads


A sportswriter attending New Orleans’ Jazz Fest was severely triggered at the site of a man wearing a MAGA hat.

“Just yelled at a prick with the audacity to wear a fucking make America great again hat in the middle of a jazz festival,” boasted SBNation‘s Natalie Weiner on Twitter Monday. “I don’t understand how people an be so hateful, I really don’t.”

I’m not sure if she was referring to the man in the MAGA hat or herself. She never says what the MAGA-hat wearer did, if anything, to provoke her ire. His only crime appears to be his hat.



In a House subcommittee exchange Tuesday, an El Paso, Texas bishop told Republican Louisiana Rep. Clay Higgins that the Vatican’s wall “has arms embracing and opening to the world” when asked if the Roman Catholic Church supports border security.

Higgins was quick to point out that the U.S. was just as open to the world — at “328 ports of entry — legal entry,” the Washington Examiner reported.

Higgins told Bishop Mark Seitz that “the sovereignty of the church has been protected by the security of the church. One of the most famous walls in history is the wall around the Vatican. I would ask you, bishop, in the area that you serve, do your churches lock their doors after hours?” he asked.



The New York Times editorial board blamed President Donald Trump for the paper’s decision to publish an anti-Semitic cartoon.

The paper’s editorial board said in a Tuesday editorial that the president’s failure to stop a rise in anti-Semitism played a part in the image that “came to be published” in its pages.

After acknowledging the paper published a “bigoted” and “appalling” anti-Semitic cartoon in the headline and opening sentences of the editorial, the board quickly shifts to lecturing readers about the “insidious” nature of anti-Semitism and the particular danger of anti-Semitic imagery in this political moment.


Graham Promises to Investigate Misconduct in 2016 Investigations of Trump, Clinton

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R., S.C.) said Wednesday he plans on using the powers of the Senate Judiciary Committee to investigate possible misconduct with the federal investigations into both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in 2016.

In his opening statement as committee chairman during a hearing to question Attorney General Bill Barr, Graham moved past Barr's handling of Robert Mueller's report to talk about the unfairness and possible corruption regarding 2016 investigations. Graham argued Clinton received favorable treatment due to blatant bias against Trump from politically motivated agents of the FBI, notably Peter Strzok and Lisa Page.

"We're going to—in a bipartisan way, I hope—deal with Russia, but when the Mueller report is put to bed, and it soon will be, this committee is going to look long and hard into how this all started," he said.


WaPo Fact Checker Gives Biden ‘Four Pinocchios’ for Claiming Tax Cuts Only Benefitted Wealthy

The Washington Post‘s fact checker gave former Democratic Vice President Joe Biden a "Four Pinocchio" rating for comments he made about President Donald Trump's tax cuts only benefitting the rich.

"There's a $2 trillion tax cut last year. Did you feel it? Did you get anything from it? Of course not. Of course not. All of it went to folks at the top and corporations," Biden said during a campaign rally in Pittsburgh on Monday.

Glenn Kessler, the Post's fact checker, started his analysis of Biden's false claim by saying, "Here we go again. Democrats have long attacked President Trump's tax cut in misleading ways," adding that Biden's comment is a "whopper." He went on to say the biggest problem with Biden's claim is his "sweeping declaration" that all of the tax cuts benefitted the wealthy.


28-year-old man suffers stroke from cracking his neck

GUTHRIE, Okla. —A 28-year-old man who is a young father suffered a major stroke.

Josh Hader, of Guthrie, tore an artery in his neck leading to his brain. The cause of the stroke? He popped his neck.

“The moment I heard the pop, everything on my left side started to go numb,” Hader said. “I got up and tried to get an ice pack from the fridge, and I remember I couldn't walk straight.”

His father-in-law rushed him to the emergency room.

“I had about six or seven nurses and doctors surrounding me,” Hader said.

“He could have formed more clot on that tear and had a life-ending stroke. He could have died,” said Dr. Vance McCollom, at Mercy Hospital.


What A Great Idea

Salisbury Police Department
We recently installed a mailbox out in front of the station where you can bring your old and torn US flags.
And a big thanks to Chris' Auto Body on Elm St for the paint.

Editor's note:  This is a great idea.  Good Job to SPD in
Salisbury, Massachusetts

House leaders deliver remarks after the House Judiciary Committee hearing on the Mueller report.

Gutfeld on banning the handshake

Former Vice President Joe Biden has only been in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination for a week, but he's having his presence felt across America. It's like he's hugging the nation and breathing on our necks.

Yep, a survey by Totaljobs found that three out of four people want all physical contact banned at work. Coincidence? No. It's now just too hard to figure out what’s appropriate.

And now some companies want to ban handshakes. All in an effort to curb the creeps in our corridors.

So – no more physical contact altogether – abdicating our roles as sensible humans, leaving it all up to the people in HR who can annoy you without even touching you. Which I'm totally, 100 percent behind. Well, make that 99 percent.

The pros: Banning all touching, including handshakes, means one will ever be able to say you "made them feel uncomfortable" – and that's good if someone in management wants to fire you.

Not touching anyone also reduces the spread of viruses – especially when Ed Henry is around.

The cons: We can no longer tell who the weirdo is if the weirdo can’t be weird in public.

More here

Omar Blames U.S. For Devastation In Venezuela

Julian Assange gets 50 weeks in prison for jumping UK bail

Julian Assange was sentenced to 50 weeks in a UK prison Wednesday for violating his bail conditions when he holed up in London’s Ecuadorian embassy to avoid arrest.

The WikiLeaks co-founder, 47, was found guilty of breaching the UK’s Bail Act last month when he entered the embassy in 2012 to avoid extradition to Sweden on sexual assault allegations, which he has denied.

Assange saluted with his fist as he arrived at Southwark Crown Court on Wednesday for his sentencing, the Daily Express reported.



Venezuela banned private citizens from owning guns seven years ago, leaving firearms solely in the hands of the army and the police. Now, as the country’s opposition attempts to oust the oppressive Maduro regime from power, it is a decision some have come to regret.

Interim President Juan Guaido called for a military uprising, dubbed Operacion Libertad, against socialist dictator Nicholas Maduro on Tuesday. Venezuelans have been protesting for months against Maduro’s “re-election,” which the United States has declared to be illegitimate in light of Maduro’s jailing of political dissidents and protesters.

As the unrest in the country approached a breaking point, some citizens told Fox News in December that they wished they had guns available to them to fight back against the Maduro regime. A 2012 gun ban made that option all but impossible.


Covington Catholic High student Nick Sandmann sues NBC for $275M

Covington Catholic High School student Nicholas Sandmann is suing NBCUniversal for a whopping $275 million over the media coverage he received earlier this year, his lawyer said Wednesday.

Sandmann was at the center of a viral controversy back in January, alongside reports suggesting that he and his classmates had initiated a confrontation with Native American elder Nathan Phillips outside the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. Subsequent reporting and video evidence contradicted that version of events.

Sandmann's attorney, Todd V. McMurty, announced the defamation suit against NBCUniversal.



Some donors who supported Catherine Pugh’s re-election campaign want their money back as the Democratic Baltimore mayor is embroiled in her kids’ book fiasco.

Pugh allegedly sold her self-published “Healthy Holly” books to the University of Maryland Medical System (UMMS) for $500,000 while on the system’s board. The FBI and IRS executed search warrants against Pugh on Thursday and several officials, including Maryland Republican Gov. Larry Hogan, called on the 69-year-old mayor to resign.

“I have requested the Committee to Retain Catherine E. Pugh return my contribution to her campaign in full,” former state Del. Connie DeJuliis of Baltimore County said, The Baltimore Sun reported Tuesday. “I am disappointed in the mayor’s lack of judgment, to say nothing of her lack of integrity.”


See Larry run? Republican Maryland Gov. Hogan has a super PAC

Gov. Larry Hogan has what appears to be a super PAC, a development sure to stoke speculation that Maryland’s chief executive might challenge President Trump in the Republican Primary in 2020.

Change Maryland Action Fund bills itself as a political organization that can accept contributions in unlimited amounts. Neither the Federal Election Commission nor the Maryland State Board of Elections were able to track down a statement of organization for the group on Tuesday. But it has begun soliciting contributions as Hogan more closely considers a presidential bid amid a busy national travel schedule. Last week, he was in New Hampshire for the first time as a potential contender.

In an email fundraising appeal issued in April, Change Maryland Action Fund described itself as the “official organization” backing Hogan, saying it was “founded by the governor’s closest friends and supporters.”


Dad's birthday suprise really backfires

Local Events This Weekend

Thursday Morning Funnies

D.C. ranks as third worst city for personal hygiene

DC. is quite often getting voted as one of the best cities to live in for any number of reasons. We are apparently the second best "state" for millennials, we are the 7th best city for leading an active lifestyle and we consistently rank in the top 10 cities for working parents.

But a survey result that came through my inbox today has me DISTURBED! Did you know that D.C. residents are the least likely to change their underwear??

According to a study on Americans' personal hygiene habits conducted by Quality Logo Products, D.C. ranks as the third worst city for personal hygiene, behind Seattle and Denver.


Pittsville Bands present......Pittsville MUGS