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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Best Black Acress Of The Year

ISIS Terrorists Get Special Surprise After 8 Women Lift Up Their Burkas

When ISIS chiefs saw their wives come into their home, covered head-to-toe in the traditional black burkas they forced them to wear, they certainly were not expecting to get a show. As each of the 8 women lifted their burkas to reveal what they had going on underneath, these chiefs were in for the shock of their lives.

Little did they know that fearless special forces troops had donned the full-length Islamic dress to slip undetected through ISIS’ defacto capital Raqqa to take down their terrorist commander.

After the eight men made their way through the town they located the house of a senior terrorist chief and relayed the location and coordinates to a U.S. Air Force mission control aircraft patiently circling thousands of feet above them.

When the eight-man SAS squad entered the house, they lifted up their burkas and opened fire on the stunned militants, who didn’t get even a second to run and hide from the rain of bullets headed their way. Underneath, they also had grenades, machine guns and enough ammo to wipe out the terrorist scumbags.

The U.S. spy plane then sent a message to a Reaper drone and in seconds a Hellfire missile was fired into the building- effectively vaporizing the ISIS commander and several of his henchmen.


JUST IN: Oregon protest leader Ammon Bundy arrested; 1 killed

One person was killed as authorities arrested a group of people -- including Ammon Bundy -- involved with the armed occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, the FBI and Oregon State Police said.

The deceased individual, who has not been identified, was the subject of a federal probable cause arrest, officials said.

Those arrested include Bundy, who has led the armed occupation; his brother, Ryan Bundy; and Brian Cavalier, Shawna Cox and Ryan Waylen Payne, authorities said.

The arrests took place along Highway 395.

Shots were fired, authorities said. They did not say who fired first.

UK man must notify police if he plans to have sex

LONDON (AP) — A British man has been ordered by a court to give police 24 hours’ notice if he plans to have sex with a female.

The unusual “interim sexual risk order” will be in effect until a further hearing is held in four months. A longer restriction may be sought at that point.

Sexual risk orders are used in cases where a person has not been convicted of a sex crime but is judged by police as posing a potential threat to the public.

The order was sought by North Yorkshire Police and issued by York Magistrates’ Court. It replaces an earlier order limiting the man’s sexual activity that was about to expire.

He must give police the name, age and address of any female he plans to have sex with at least 24 hours before engaging in such activity.


Troopers Investigating Fatal Crash West of Bridgeville

Bridgeville- The Delaware State Police Collision Reconstruction Unit is currently investigating a fatal crash involving a pedestrian that occurred late this afternoon.

Preliminary investigation indicates the incident occurred around 5:15 p.m. Tuesday January 26, 2016 as Janet L. Bradley, 60 of Bridgeville, was operating a 2016 Mazda CX5 westbound on Federalsburg Road just east of Barnes Road. For undetermined reason, J. Benjamin “Ben” Ewing Jr., 84 of Bridgeville was in the westbound lane when he was struck by the Mazda’s front right bumper, throwing him onto the shoulder. The Mazda continued westbound approximately 300 feet and came to a controlled stop on the shoulder.

Ben Ewing, who is a former Deputy Superintendent of Delaware State Police and former State Representative, was pronounced dead at the scene by Sussex County Paramedics.

Janet Bradley was properly restrained and was uninjured in the crash

The Collision Reconstruction Unit is continuing their investigation into this incident. Alcohol and speed were not contributing factors in this case. Federalsburg Road was closed between Barnes Road and Wesley Church Road for approximately three hours.

If anyone has any information in reference to this incident they are asked to contact Master Corporal K. Argo at 302-703-3264. Information may also be provided by calling Delaware Crime Stoppers at 1-800-TIP-3333, via the internet at, or by sending an anonymous tip by text to 274637 (CRIMES) using the keyword "DSP."

Reminder: Netflix Users With Grandfathered Standard Streaming Plans Will See A Price Hike Soon

Though most current Netflix subscribers got the news last fall that the price of their standard monthly streaming plan would be going up by $1 in a year, there were others that had been grandfathered in and were already paying less for that subscription. Netflix is now reminding those folks that they’ll be facing a $2 price hike soon.

Back in October, Netflix raised the price of the standard subscription — which includes high-definition streaming on one screen — from $8.99 to $9.99 for new subscribers, with current members staying at the same price for about a year. But there were those that had been grandfathered in and were allowed to keep paying just $7.99 for that service.


Maine Gov. Paul LePage: Bring back the guillotine for drug traffickers

Washington (CNN)Maine Gov. Paul LePage says his state is too easy on drug crimes, suggesting it should bring back the guillotine for serious offenders.

The Republican governor, known for his controversial statements, was speaking on local radio Tuesday about combating the drug epidemic in his state.

"What I think we ought to do is bring the guillotine back," he told WMOV. "We could have public executions and have, you know, we could even have (guessing) which hole it falls in."


Woman Stranded In Car Buried In Snow Since Friday Rescued

ACCOKEEK, Md. (AP) — Authorities say a woman has been rescued after being stranded inside a car buried in snow for three days.

Officials say the unidentified woman was rescued Monday near Accokeek. She had been trapped inside the car since Friday.

Major Luis Gurri says the vehicle was located on a side street that hadn’t been plowed. Gurri says a Humvee was able to get to the car and soldiers were able to get the woman out.


Donald Trump Is Not The Solution To GOP Incompetence

My colleague Ben Domenech was one of the many smart conservative and libertarians writers who took part in National Review’s symposium on Trump. He, like many of the others, offered a measured piece, rationally pointing out the multitude of reasons Donald Trump is neither conservative, principled, nor equipped to be the president. I hope it’ll matter.

I did notice, though, as I read through the pieces that I felt far less charitable than most of the writers towards Trump’s supporters—perhaps the most sensitive constituency to ever appear in American politics.

Trump-ism is an ideology that judges all things on how they interact with Donald Trump. As a result, it is completely disconnected from any cogent philosophy or moral worldview. And though Trump’s fans characterize anyone who notes that the word clouds coming out of the candidate’s mouth are incoherent platitude-infused puffs of gibberish as snobby, monocle-wearing, America-hating elite, all I’m saying is that if you’re shopping around for a dictator, you can do a lot better than Donald Trump.

American politics has become a giant appeal to the base emotions of envy and/or anger—depending on what party you happen to be in. And Republican primary voters are about to bring every liberal fantasy about their regressive, anti-intellectualism, to vivid life. There are many rational people on the right who either justify or are sympathetic to this movement for understandable reasons: They’re sick of corruption. Sick of the frauds and the failed promises. Sick of the abuses of the other party. Republicans want their own Obama.

More here

The Blind Side Story Continues, Michael Oher Reaches Super Bowl 50

If you’re a football fan, it’s likely you watched and loved The Blindside.

The 2009 hit film was about a poverty stricken foster child who took up football and with the help of his adopted parents, worked up to one of the most touted NFL prospects in college football, eventually becoming a first-round pick.

Turns out, the main character is in fact based a real person along with the plot being factual, and that person is Michael Oher, the 29-year-old tackle for the Super Bowl 50 bound Carolina Panthers.

Oher played for the Baltimore Ravens from 2009 to 2013 and the Titans for one year, and now the Panthers. This will be Oher’s second Super Bowl, previously reaching and winning one with Baltimore.


Apocalypse Pig: The Last Antibiotic Begins to Fail

I mentioned on Monday that this past week was intended by the CDC, WHO and other health authorities to be a global awareness week for antibiotic resistance. Alarming news that came out of China at the end of the week certainly created new awareness of resistance, but possibly not what the organizers had in mind.

On Thursday, researchers from several Chinese, British and US universitiesannounced in the journal Lancet Infectious Diseases that they have identified a new form of resistance, to the very last-ditch drug colistin—and that it is present in both meat animals and people, probably comes from agricultural use of that drug, can move easily among bacteria, and may already be spreading across borders.

This is very bad news.


Troopers Investigate Fatal Motor Vehicle Crash- Delmar

Delmar, DE - The Delaware State Police Collision Reconstruction Unit is currently investigating a fatal motor vehicle crash that has claimed the life of a Maryland man which occurred early this afternoon east of Delmar.

The initial investigation has determined that the crash occurred at approximately 12:08 p.m. this afternoon, Tuesday, January 26, 2016, as a 65 year old Salisbury, MD man was operating a 1982 Chevrolet van and was traveling in a northbound direction on Old Stage Road approaching the intersection of Whitesville Road with a posted stop sign. For an unknown reason, the male operator failed to stop his vehicle at the stop sign and entered the intersection directly in front of a 2007 Hino 238, which was being operated by Robert D. Malaby, 55, of Salisbury, MD, and which was traveling in an eastbound direction on Whitesville Road. The front of the Hino struck the driver’s side door of the Chevrolet van. Both vehicles then rolled onto their right sides before exiting the north east corner of the intersection where they came to rest.

The 65 year old male operator, who was properly restrained at the time of the crash, was removed from the scene by Emergency Medical Services and transported to the Peninsula Regional Medical Center where he was pronounced dead. The name of the victim is being withheld pending the notification of his next of kin.

Robert D. Malaby, who was also properly restrained at the time of the crash, was not injured.

Whitesville Road and Old Stage Road in the area of the intersection were closed for approximately 3 hours as the crash was investigated and cleared.

This crash remains under investigation by the Delaware State Police Collision Reconstruction Unit. Alcohol use is not being considered as a factor in the crash.

Anyone who may have witnessed this crash is asked to contact Master Corporal Jay Burns at 302-703-3266. Information may also be provided by calling Delaware Crime Stoppersat 1-800-TIP-3333, via the internet at, or by sending an anonymous tip by text to 274637 (CRIMES) using the keyword "DSP."

Wait, what? Another snowstorm on the way?

Can we say "Uncle"?

With mounds of snow everywhere and backs aching from shoveling, this may not be the news you want to hear. But there's a chance another storm could roll up the East Coast toward the end of the week.

Some areas buried by the blizzard could have more wintry weather to deal with less than a week after the record-breaking storm departed, the Weather Channel warned.

There will be a storm system moving off the Southeast coast late in the week, AccuWeather meteorologist Jason Nicholls said.


Answers To Today's Puzzle 1-26-16

How many locks do you see open?

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The Future Of Europe – Hipster Right Slams Merkel’s Migration Catastrophe

“Future of Europe” is the title of a powerful new video created by the German branch of the Identitarian, anti-mass migration youth movement.

“You do politics that sacrifices our values and traditions for a multicultural utopia,” the video begins and leads into a series of short soundbytes by young men and women.

The youth in the video don’t have the typical “right wing” look often seen in the media. The young men and women look like average 20 somethings, no bald heads or combat boots, but plenty of hipster beards and fashionable haircuts.

The video is addressed to not only leading politicians like German Chancellor Angela Merkel, but to the entire generation known in Europe as the ’68ers, or as we know them “baby-boomers,” whose name is derived from the May 1968 protests in France.

The video talks about the migrant crisis as a colossal cultural and political event. Speaking directly to European leaders they say, “you impose tolerance and diversity but you mean self-hatred, self-denial, and self-abolishment. You love and support the foreign and hate and fight what is our own. You want to talk us into believing that we have no identity, that we are too homogeneous. We shall be repressed and replaced. You preach of the diversity of cultures yet you destroy them.”

The demands for the Identitarians are in their words, “an end to the politics that take away our rights to our identity and our self-determination,” and, “the end of the societal mainstream in which common sense yields to political correctness.”

More info and video here

Governor Hogan Announces Continued Statewide Recovery Efforts for Winter Storm

State Remains in Recovery Mode, Governor Urging Marylanders to Remain Cautious

Governor Larry Hogan continues to direct all state agencies in a coordinated effort to keep Marylanders safe and informed in the aftermath of the recent historic winter storm. The state response and recovery efforts are well underway as crews work diligently to clear roads. Yesterday, Maryland Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) Executive Director Russell Strickland sent a letter of intent for the State of Maryland to pursue federal disaster assistance and to request that FEMA begin the coordination for joint damage assessments following the winter storm.

"As Maryland continues to recover and conditions on state highways continue to improve, I want to again thank the countless people who have worked 24-hours a day in response to this historic winter storm," said Governor Hogan. "Most importantly, I want to thank the citizens of Maryland for heeding our call to be patient and safe by staying off the roads – it has made a huge difference in our ability to effectively respond to this emergency.”

The state of emergency enacted by Governor Hogan last Friday remains in effect and will remain in effect until further notice is provided. The executive order signed by the governor continues to allow the Maryland National Guard to assist law enforcement and local communities across the state.

The Maryland Unites hotline, 1-888-756-7836, is still available for public inquiries into Department of Human Resources services including emergency shelter information and other human service needs.


A mob of Muslim men swarmed a group of Christian activists on British streets and said they were “taking over” the country.

Members of the political party Britain First held what it claims is the first “Christian patrol” through the streets of Bury Park, Luton. A video posted to YouTube on Saturday shows a swarm of Muslim men converge on the group of 20 cross-carrying Christians.

“You’re jealous that we’re taking over,” a shop owner says at the start of the video.

“We f–king hate you!” and “Muslims will take over! Watch!” two others scream as cops descend on the scene.

You Need To Watch This

Democrat facing murder charges sworn in behind bars

An Indiana councilman facing murder charges was sworn in from the wrong side of a jail cell.

Robert “Coop” Battle of East Chicago, Indiana, managed to get re-elected in November despite murder and federal drug charges. Paperwork required to take his oath of office was completed Jan. 15, and the ceremony was held afterward at Porter Council Jail. The board of elections received Battle’s paperwork last Friday

“It’s wrong for the taxpayers, wrong for our party. … I can’t remember a situation like this,” Lake County Sheriff Buncich told the Chicago Tribune on Monday.

Battle was pulled over for a traffic stop in September and charged with marijuana possession. Roughly $100,000 cash was also found inside his vehicle.

Stratcom: China Moving Rapidly to Deploy New Hypersonic Glider

China conducted six successful tests of a new high-speed hypersonic glide vehicle, the most recent in November, and also recently tested an anti-satellite missile, the commander of the U.S. Strategic Command said Friday.

Adm. Cecil D. Haney, the commander in charge of nuclear forces, said the tests are part of a worrying military buildup by China, which also includes China’s aggressive activities in the South China Sea.

“China continues to make significant military investments in their nuclear and conventional capabilities, with their stated goal being that of defending Chinese sovereignty,” Haney said during a speech to the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

“It recently conducted its sixth successful test of a hypersonic glide vehicle, and as we saw in September last year, is parading missiles clearly displaying their modernization and capability advancements,” he added.

The six tests of the hypersonic glide vehicle, regarded by U.S. intelligence agencies as a nuclear delivery system designed to defeat missile defenses, were first reported by the Washington Free Beacon.

Defense officials said the hypersonic glide vehicle tested on Nov. 23, known as DF-ZF, was launched atop a ballistic missile fired from China’s Wuzhai missile test center in central China.

The glider separated from the booster and flew at extremely high speed—between Mach 5 and Mach 10—along the edge of space.

More here

Trooper 4 Lands Near Old Mill In Delmar

We were told a pedestrian was struck in the Delmar area and Trooper 4 recently landed at or near the Old Mill. 

Harbor seal comes ashore during winter storm

ANGOLA — A young harbor seal may be suffering some frostbite, but is in good condition after coming ashore during this weekend's winter storm.

The young seal came ashore Jan. 24 at Joy Beach off Camp Arrowhead Road on Rehoboth Bay in the Angola area.

Suzanne Thurman of the Marine Education, Research and Rehabilitation Institute said the seal has an injury on her front flipper, possibly from frostbite, but was otherwise in good condition regarding body weight and alertness. Because she was found in good condition, the seal rested and then returned to the water in the afternoon on Jan. 24.

A second young harbor seal was saved on Monday, Jan. 25, Thurman said. The 1-year-old seal, which could possibly be the same seal found in Angola, was located on the shoulder of Route 1 near Conquest Road in Delaware Seashore State Park.


News Alert: OPM weighs options for D.C. area offices on Wednesday

An OPM spokesman said he wasn’t sure when the agency would make the decision about the status of federal offices in the D.C. region for Wednesday.

Read the full story.

The GOP Establishment Is Blinded By Their Hatred Of Ted Cruz

As actual voters get ready to weigh in on the GOP presidential race, establishment Republicans are laying down a marker: Sen. Ted Cruz must be stopped at all costs, even if it means nominating Donald Trump.

It appears that these Republicans are so blinded by their personal hatred of Cruz that they've convinced themselves that the party would be better off choosing somebody who represents everything they claim to abhor. In making this calculation, they are exhibiting the same shortsightedness and lack of pragmatism that they claim to hate about Cruz.

Though there's been plenty of talk about the national Republicans lining up behind Trump as a last-ditch effort to stop Cruz, former Senate Majority Leader and presidential candidate Bob Dole got the ball rolling publicly when he warned The New York Times of "cataclysmic" losses if Cruz is nominated while suggesting Trump would do better.

Perhaps the most laughable part of the interview was Dole's statement of Cruz: "I question his allegiance to the party." And of Trump: "[H]e has toned down his rhetoric."

Dole is questioning the allegiance of Cruz, a lifelong Republican, yet gives a pass to Trump, who has attacked Ronald Reagan, donated to Democrats and flirted with running for president for the Reform Party in 2000.


Abe Vigoda, Known for ‘Godfather’ Movies and ‘Barney Miller,’ Dies at 94

NEW YORK (AP) — Character Abe Vigoda, whose leathery, sunken-eyed face made him ideal for playing the over-the-hill detective Phil Fish in the 1970s TV series “Barney Miller” and the doomed Mafia soldier in “The Godfather,” died Tuesday at age 94.

Vigoda’s daughter, Carol Vigoda Fuchs, told The Associated Press that Vigoda died Tuesday morning in his sleep at Fuchs’ home in Woodland Park, New Jersey. The cause of death was old age. “This man was never sick,” Fuchs said.

Vigoda worked in relative obscurity as a supporting actor in the New York theater and in television until Francis Ford Coppola cast him in the 1972 Oscar-winning “The Godfather.” Vigoda played Sal Tessio, an old friend of Vito Corleone’s (Marlon Brando) who hopes to take over the family after Vito’s death by killing his son Michael Corleone (Al Pacino). But Michael anticipates that Sal’s suggestion for a “peace summit” among crime families is a setup and the escorts Sal thought were taking him to the meeting turn out to be his executioners.


Officials may temporarily turn Niagara Falls into trickle

NIAGARA FALLS, N.Y. (AP) — New York officials are considering temporarily turning some of Niagara Falls into a trickle.

Plans to replace two 115-year-old pedestrian bridges could involve shutting down the water flowing over one section of the falls by building a temporary structure to redirect it to another.

It was done once before, for a 1969 study of erosion.

The result then, as now, would be a rare look at the rock formations that lie beneath the American Falls and Bridal Veil Falls on the United States side of the tourist draw, and perhaps an even more robust Canadian Horseshoe Falls, where 85 percent of the water flows over normally. Together, the three waterfalls fed by the Niagara River along the northern border comprise Niagara Falls.


With Open Gates: The forced collective suicide of European nations

Governor Hogan Introduces Legislation to Combat Maryland’s Heroin and Opioid Epidemic

Bills Provide for Stricter Drug Trafficking Penalties, Strengthen Prescription Drug Monitoring Program

Governor Larry Hogan today introduced legislation that will help combat Maryland’s heroin and opioid epidemic by strengthening the existing Prescription Drug Monitoring Program and facilitating the prosecution of drug trafficking as part of a criminal enterprise. The proposed legislation is based on recommendations from the governor’s Heroin and Opioid Emergency Task Force, which submitted its final report to the administration in December 2015.

“Our administration is committed to doing everything in our power to bring all the various stakeholders together to find the best ideas, and to work toward solutions to the heroin and opioid crisis that has overtaken our state,” said Governor Hogan. “These two bills will give medical professionals and law enforcement the tools they need to attack this crisis from every direction, with everything we’ve got. This problem is real and it demands our full and immediate attention.”

Governor Hogan is proposing legislation that would amend Maryland’s Gang Statute to better model it after the federal Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization Act (RICO). The federal RICO Act, originally passed in 1970 to combat organized crime, has been expanded and used to go after a variety of organizations, from corrupt police departments to motorcycle gangs. Although 33 states have also adopted similar state RICO laws, Maryland has not.

The governor’s proposed changes would aid in the prosecution of, and provide civil penalties for, drug traffickers as part of an ongoing criminal enterprise.

Another crucial tool to combat the state’s heroin and opioid epidemic, the Maryland Prescription Drug Monitoring Program was created to assist health professionals and law enforcement in identifying and investigating prescription drug use and abuse. However, despite consistent increases in user registration and access since implementation, widespread adoption of the Monitoring Program has not yet occurred.

In order to make the Monitoring Program a more robust tool in the fight against prescription opioid abuse, Governor Hogan’s proposed bill would make improvements to the system while phasing in mandatory registration and use.

What's For Dinner: CHICKEN KIEV

Serves 6

  • 6 boneless, skinless chicken breasts
  • 1 cup all-purpose flour
  • 3/4 cup panko or seasoned breadcrumbs
  • 1/2 cup (1 stick) unsalted butter, softened
  • 1/4 cup parmesan cheese, grated
  • 1/4 cup fresh parsley, minced
  • 3 eggs, beaten
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced
  • 1 lemon, juiced
  • vegetable oil, as needed, for frying
  • kosher salt and freshly ground pepper, to taste


Governor Hogan Introduces Legislation to Eliminate Gerrymandering in Maryland

Proposes Nonpartisan Redistricting Apportionment Commission, Constitutional Amendment

Governor Larry Hogan today introduced legislation that will reform Maryland’s broken redistricting process and put the state on a new path toward fair representation, election integrity, and transparency. Based on recommendations from the governor’s bipartisan Redistricting Reform Commission, the administration is proposing a nonpartisan Apportionment Commission to replace the existing, governor-led redistricting process.

“An overwhelming majority of Marylanders favor an independent, nonpartisan panel for redistricting over the existing biased process,” said Governor Hogan. “For too long, fair elections and a healthy, strong, and competitive two-party system have been nearly impossible in our state. This is about recognizing a problem and choosing to do the right thing to solve it.”

Maryland’s congressional districts have been widely recognized as some of the most gerrymandered districts in the country, and Governor Hogan has remained outspoken in his commitment to redistricting reform. Last year, he established a bipartisanRedistricting Reform Commission, which diligently studied the issue and the states that have adopted independent, nonpartisan redistricting commissions, and therefore greatly reducing the politics and partisanship that comes with redistricting. The Commission also held five public hearings across the state and received input from hundreds of Marylanders on the need for redistricting reform and ideas on how to implement a more fair and transparent system.

Today’s legislation is based on recommendations from that Commission and moves Maryland one step closer towards real and lasting reform. Governor Hogan is proposing a constitutional amendment that would repeal existing provisions relating to the redistricting process, and instead create the General Assembly and Congressional Legislative Redistricting Apportionment Commission. Following the decennial census of the United States, this nonpartisan commission would be tasked with dividing the state into legislative and congressional districts, in accordance with state and federal constitutional provisions. This independent process would result in more election districts being based on population, compactness, and natural boundaries, as opposed to politics and partisanship.

As Saudi Arabia Bans CHESS, What Will Go Next in the Land of the Lash?

The board game was banned because it encourages gambling – after all, nothing gets the punters in like a five-hour draw between two pasty-faced Russians

At this rate, Saudi Arabia is in danger of losing its reputation as the fun capital of the world.

The Grand Mufti has seen fit to ban that most decadent of board games – chess.

At first I thought perhaps the queen was insufficiently covered up for him, or that he thought the idea of bishops was a bit too kafir.

But apparently it’s on the grounds that it encourages gambling.

After all, nothing gets the high rollers piling into Vegas like the prospect of a five-hour draw between two pasty-faced Russians.

While I understand and sympathise with what must be yet another crushing blow to all those Riyadh high street bookies, my main worry is where does this leave other games in the Arab world.


Gun Store Owner Dies in Shootout with Customers

A gun store shootout in Mississippi left the owner and his son dead and two customers, also a father and son, with gunshot wounds.

Jason McLemore, 44, and his son Jacob Edward McLemore, 17, died from multiple gunshot wounds, the Pearl River County coroner told the Sun Herald. Audy McCool, 52, and his son, Michael McCool, 29, were both hospitalized.

The McCools walked into McLemore's Gun Shop, north of Picayune, on Saturday afternoon to pick up a weapon they were having repaired, Pearl County Sheriff David Allison told WLOX-TV. Allison said one of the men "became agitated" about paying a $25 service charge even though the gun had not been repaired.


Why We March for Life: ‘To

Tens of thousands of young people are marching for life in Washington, D.C.

In an exclusive interview with Breitbart News, some students from The Catholic University of America (CUA) in the nation’s capital say they are marching to show millennials care about women in crisis pregnancies and their babies.

CUA student Christiana Gellert says it’s important Americans know millennials care about something more than what’s superficial.

“I’m here to show that millennials care about something more than just changing our profile pictures or putting up an angry status on Facebook, to show we’re willing to brave the cold weather and the blizzard for what’s important,” she explains.

Fellow student Isaac Kimmel asserts, “March for Life gives us an opportunity to win this for the cause of life.”

“It’s pretty hard to ignore 300,000 people walking down the streets of DC and across the national mall,” he continues. “This is a cause that’s very frequently ignored by the national media, and it’s a difficult cause because it’s often very contentious. It’s important to keep it in the national consciousness.”

Kimmel says Americans need to be reminded that abortion has been legal in this country for over four decades.

“Abortion has cost our country tens of millions of lives,” he says.


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Trump May Skip Fox Debate for Own Town Hall — Over Megyn Kelly

GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump might skip Thursday's debate on Fox News Channel and hold his own televised town hall at the same time if the network doesn't drop Megyn Kelly from its team of moderators, his campaign manager tells New York magazine's Gabriel Sherman.

Trump has been calling on Fox News to drop Kelly, who is scheduled to moderate with two other Fox anchors, Chris Wallace and Bret Baier. The trio moderated the first GOP debate of the season, in which Kelly and Trump sparred over a question about his treatment of women.

Trump objected to the question and criticized Kelly for it the next day. When he said she had "blood coming out of her wherever" he was accused again of attacking women, though he said he was meaning it was coming out of her ears.

Trump took up the feud again last week with a serious of tweets saying Fox shouldn't allow Kelly on the debate stage because she is biased against him. Fox responded that Kelly would not be removed from the team of moderators.


Bill to hike minimum wage to $10.25 by 2019 headed to Senate floor

A proposal to increase the state’s minimum wage is headed to the Senate floor.

Senate Bill 39 increases Delaware’s minimum wage from $8.25 to $10.25 per hour by 1919 a figure similar to the one proposed by the Obama administration for a national minimum wage.

An amendment to the bill would go a step further.

According to the amendment, the minimum wage would increase by 50 cents a year beginning in 2016 and ending in 2019, and adds additional provisions increasing the minimum wage by $1.20 a year beginning in 2020 and ending in 2023.

Removed was a cost of living adjustment that in the current economy would bring only small gains in the base wage . However, some economists are predicting a higher rate of inflation at some point that would drive up the COLA formula.


Top Ted Cruz Activist Jumps Ship … Joins Donald Trump Campaign


Michelle Wiles – one of the Palmetto State’s most influential conservative activists – is leaving the South Carolina leadership team of Ted Cruz and joining the campaign of Donald Trump, sources close to both campaigns told us this week.

The Upstate social conservative – widely known and respected in evangelical circles – had been one of Cruz’s most articulate, well-connected South Carolina supporters.

Now her support will go to “The Donald.”

If this scenario sounds familiar, it should …

This isn’t the first time an influential female Cruz supporter has gone over to Trump’s team … and it may not be the last.


Stacey Dash Fires Back: ‘BET Lies to Black People’

Fox News contributor Stacey Dash created quite the controversy this week when she suggested that black entertainers who support self-segregation–à la BET and Black History Month–are hypocrites for trashing the lack of black Oscar nominees.

In response, BET took cheap shots at the 49-year-old actress and suggested she return the check the network paid her for a recurring role on a now-defunct show.

It wasn’t long before Dash hit back.

“Thank you for reminding me, since most people have never heard of that show,” Dash wrote Thursday.

Dash’s op-ed entitled, “How BET Lies to Black People,” argues that “Oscars are awarded to the actors and actresses who excel.”

“What’s next?” Dash asks, “Giving a blue ribbon to the kid who stayed home from field day? Giving a Nobel Peace Prize to a President who escalated wars in Iraq and Afghanistan?”

“My problem goes back to the notion that every area of life needs to break down exactly according to demographic ratios except in those areas in which black people have decided they want to have their own space,” she said about BET’s double standard.

More here

The scandalous, rebellious, and tragic life of JFK’s sister Kick

The story of Kathleen ‘Kick’ Kennedy, the rebellious fourth daughter of Rose and Joseph Kennedy who defied her family for love, was unpublicized after her untimely death at the age of 28.

“She was the only rebel of the family,” says Lynne McTaggart, author of 1983's "Kathleen Kennedy: Her Life and Times." “If you look at all nine [Kennedy] children, she was the only one who didn't march down the prescribed road.”

Her story was recently featured in the series "Million Dollar American Princesses" on the Smithsonian Channel, the Daily Mail reports. The documentary was narrated in part by Kick’s namesake, Robert F Kennedy Jr’s 27-year-old daughter.


Supreme Court: You Can’t Shut Down A Consumer Class Action By Offering Settlement

If you believe that a company has wronged you and other consumers in the same way, you can file a class-action lawsuit seeking to represent all the purported victims of the company’s misbehavior. But can that company preempt the entire lawsuit by offering you a full settlement in advance? Today, the U.S. Supreme Court (well, six of them) said no.

Here’s the quick-sketch background on this case. The U.S. Navy hired a company called Campbell-Ewald to come up with a recruiting campaign that included sending out marketing text messages to consumers who, as required by law, had actively opted in to receiving such texts.

A man named Jose Gomez sued Campbell-Ewald, claiming that he never opted in to these messages and alleging that the company had violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). He intended for the lawsuit to be a class action, representing consumers who were similarly texted without permission, but before he could file the motion for class certification, Campbell offered Gomez a settlement and moved to dismiss the case, even though Gomez rejected the offer.

Campbell claimed that its offer of a settlement rendered Gomez’s individual lawsuit moot because the offer would have provided him with complete relief. In fact, Gomez would have received $1,500 from Campbell, three times the statutory penalty for the alleged violation.

Going a step further, Campbell contended that, because Gomez had not yet filed his motion for class certification, any related class action was similarly mooted.


County Executive Announces: What Did The Blizzard of 2016 Cost Wicomico County?

January 26, 2016 - County Executive Bob Culver has reported on the “Blizzard of 2016” and its cost. Fortunately, Wicomico County wasn’t hit as hard as some of our neighboring counties north of us and across the bay. As we are aware the storm began Friday, January 22, 2016 with snow accumulating approximately 5 to 7 inches before turning to rain in the early morning hours of Saturday and returning to snow on Saturday afternoon.

On Friday afternoon, the Department of Public Works activated its salt trucks salting intersections and main roads and then followed with the snow plows. There were 58 employees from both Roads and Solid waste involved in this process. During the height of the storm many of these employees were working or on call around the clock attempting to keep the roads cleared for the citizens.

The total cost of the operation was $79,305.55 which included labor, fuel, meals and 200.42 tons of salt.

Executive Culver wants to express his appreciation to the employees who were gone from their families during the weekend and the citizens for helping by staying off the roads so the work could continue.

**Update-Driver Dies from Injuries**

Troopers Investigate Fatal Crash- Seaford

Seaford, DE -
Jennifer L. Ayon, 32 of Seaford, died Monday January 25, 2016 as a result of the injuries she sustained in the January 15, 2016 crash west of Seaford.

The investigation is continuing by the Delaware State Police Collision Reconstruction Unit.

Texas Grand Jury Indicts Center for Medical Progress Filmmakers, but Not Planned Parenthood

A Harris County grand jury indicted David Daleiden, the founder of the Center for Medical Progress and Sandra Merritt for their roles in the release of undercover videos of Planned Parenthood executives on Monday.

Both Daleiden and Merritt were indicted for tampering with a governmental record.

The grand jury issued an additional indictment for Daleiden for prohibition of the purchase and sale of human organs.

The grand jury did not indict Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast.


Trump Floats Lawsuit Over Cruz’s Birthplace

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump says he may file a lawsuit over rival Ted Cruz’s eligibility for the White House.

Trump hammered Cruz to a crowd of supporters in the Iowa town of Sioux Center, just nine days before the Hawkeye State’s first-in-the-nation caucuses.

“I’ve said Ted has a lot of problems — number one, Canada. He could run for the Prime Minister of Canada and I wouldn’t even complain because he was born in Canada,” Trump joked.

“The Democrats are going to sue if he ever got the nomination within two days. There have already been two lawsuits filed, but they don’t have standing. I have standing to sue. Can you imagine if I did it? Should I do it just for fun?”

More here

Does a Poor Sense of Smell Predict Alzheimer's Disease?

Yuck! What's that smell? Well, according to some researchers, your ability to answer that question may predict your chances of developing Alzheimer's disease.

Many research studies over the last 20 years have demonstrated a connection between an inability to detect odors and a decline in cognition. Several of those studies also demonstrated a predictive relationship where a poor sense of smell in people who did not have dementia predicted an increased likelihood of those same individuals developing symptoms of Alzheimer's disease over time.

For example, one study involved 308 adults ages 46-86 without cognitive impairment who were studied over the course of three years. Researchers found that a decreased ability to discriminate between odors was strongly correlated with an increased risk for the development of cognitive decline.

Researchers have also looked at mild cognitive impairment.




While the GOP frontrunners do battle over the issues, former Florida governor Jeb Bush – who at one point in the 2016 presidential campaign was one of the “Republican” frontrunners – has launched a new video featuring his mother, former first lady Barbara Bush.

“When push comes to shove, people are going to realize Jeb has real solutions,” Bush says of her son. “Rather than talking about how popular they are, how great they are, he’s doing it because he sees a huge need and it’s not being filled by anybody. Of all the people running, he seems to be the one who can solve the problems. I think he’ll be a great president.”

Wow … Bush has his own mother taking thinly-veiled shots at Donald Trump? Jeez …

Sad. Desperate. Pathetic.


16-Year-Old Voices Fears over ‘Refugee’ Rapes

“Please help us!… It is… very hard to live day-to-day as a woman” says 16 year old Bibi Wilhailm, a German girl who has uploaded her personal experiences of Arab and Muslim migrants in a new video that some claim is being censored by Facebook under it’s new “hate speech” guidelines.

The 20 minute video, apparently created by the 16 year old Facebook user Miss Wilhailm, starts with her saying that she is, “so scared everywhere, for example if my family and I go out together, or if I see a movie with my friends. Usually I stay out until 6pm in winter, and it is so scary. It is just very hard to live day-to-day as a woman.”

She talks about her experiences over summer, when a group of Muslims said that her and her friends were “sluts” for walking outside in t-shirts.

Miss Wilhailm then turns toward what she sees on social media, describing how she has seen, “a 17 year old attacked, a 15 year old attacked, two 12 year olds attacked, so many,” and questions, “why should we, children, have to grow up in such fear?”

“I cannot understand why they do this. But more importantly, I cannot understand why Germany is doing nothing! Why is Germany standing by, watching, and then doing nothing? Please explain, why. Men of Germany, these people are killing your children, they are killing your women. We need your protection,” she goes on to say adding, “The politicians live alone in their villas, drink their cocktails, and do nothing. They do nothing! I do not know what world they live in, but please, people, please help us! Please, do something!”

More here

Liberal Pro-Gas Tax Group Meeting In Secret


A group of liberal South Carolina Senators is meeting in secret in an effort to figure out how they can ram a totally unnecessary gasoline tax hike through the State Senate this year.

According to reporter Cynthia Roldan of The (Charleston, S.C.) Post and Courier, this group of eight lawmakers “is having closed-door meetings and neither the public nor other legislators are invited.”


Obama bans solitary confinement for juveniles in fed prisons

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama said Monday he will ban the use of solitary confinement for juvenile and low-level offenders in federal prisons, citing the potential for “devastating, lasting psychological consequences” from the use of the isolation as punishment.

“It has been linked to depression, alienation, withdrawal, a reduced ability to interact with others and the potential for violent behavior,” Obama wrote in an op-ed posted Monday evening on The Washington Post’s website. “Some studies indicate that it can worsen existing mental illnesses and even trigger new ones. Prisoners in solitary are more likely to commit suicide, especially juveniles and people with mental illnesses.”

Obama asked the Justice Department to review the use of solitary confinement last summer, as part of the administration’s increased focus on the criminal justice system. Activists have been pushing for changes to the prison system.


Investors Pull $24B from Equity Funds in January

Investors pulled $24 billion from equity funds in the first three weeks of January, as stock markets took a plunge following a decline in oil prices, Bank of America said Friday.

Emerging markets

The rout has been deepest in emerging-market equities, as funds have seen outflows for every week in the past three months, with investors redeeming $2.3 billion in the week ended Jan. 20—the largest outflow in 19 weeks.

Funds covering tech, financials, and consumer sectors all recorded their largest weekly outflows in nearly six months during that same period, while health care saw the largest outflows in over three months.


13 Hours Confirms Obama’s and Hillary Clinton’s Lies about Benghazi

It is impossible to experience the gripping new film 13 Hours and escape this conclusion: Obama and Hillary Clinton have lied through their teeth, gums, and cheeks about Benghazi.

Despite Obama’s and Clinton’s recurring lies to the contrary, the deadly attacks of September 11, 2012, on U.S. diplomatic and intelligence facilities in Benghazi, Libya, had no connection with political protests. In director Michael Bay’s political-action thriller, which Paramount Pictures calls “a true story,” these two outposts get slammed ferociously by growing waves of well-armed jihadists who know exactly what they are doing. As if mocking Obama’s and Clinton’s lies, they do not drop their picket signs and then suddenly grab grenades, rocket launchers, and mortar shells. Instead, these killers skip the placards and head straight for the firepower.

None of Benghazi’s mayhem depicted in 13 Hours involves Innocence of Muslims, the anti-Mohammed Internet video that Obama and Clinton faulted for the deaths of Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens, State Department technical officer Sean Smith, and private security contractors and former Navy SEALS Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods. This disconnect reinforces the untruth of Obama’s and Clinton’s synthetic claim.


Before It Melted

Former Pearson Exec Reveals Anti-American Agenda In Common Core

A former marketing executive for textbook publishing giant Pearson Education reveals the anti-American agenda behind Common Core and the Advanced Placement U.S. History framework in the third video of aseries produced by Project Veritas and focused on the corporate cronyism behind the education reform known as Common Core.

Kim Koerber, a former Pearson executive who now works as a sales consultant for National Geographic – another Gates Foundation-funded Common Core publisher – tells the Project Veritas undercover journalist that “conservative voters are afraid of everything,” and proceeds to say why Common Core is important in her view.

“The dead white guys did not create this country,” Koerber says. “They [presumably conservatives] want to talk about those dead white guys.”

Koerber continues that Common Core is necessary because “it needs to be come cohesion between the states.” She expresses frustration, however, that “Texas keeps screwing it up over and over again.”

“People who say they want to teach the Constitution, only want to teach the part of the Constitution that they like,” she tells the journalist, who then asks her about the Second Amendment.

“But yet they don’t want to teach all of it,” she replies. “Damn the Second Amendment.”


Neighborhood clears road so father can visit son with brain tumor in hospital

Matthew Bryant wasn't about to let a few feet of snow keep him from visiting his ill son in the hospital.

The 39-year-old father woke Monday to find his street, Sharon Drive in Urbana, unplowed. With his 9-year-old son in Hershey Medical Center in Pennsylvania, he decided to reach Roderick Road by snowblowing about a mile of his street.

Bryant said he began working at 5 a.m. As midday approached, about 25 to 30 neighbors were helping him, he said.

“It almost brought me to tears,” he said.

His son, Tyler Bryant, was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor in June, according to Bryant. Doctors told the family at the time that Tyler had only a day or two to live, but he survived longer than that prognosis.


Navy Combat Ship Down For Lack Of Oil

The USS Fort Worth, a Navy littoral combat ship, has suffered extensive gear damagewhile docked at a port in Singapore. The Navy is blaming the incident on a crew error.

According to reports, the crew failed to use sufficient lube oil, leading to excessively high temperatures on the gears. Debris also found its way into the lubrication system, which also contributed to failure, Defense News reports. The crew did not follow standard operating procedures.


I Couldn't Help But Laugh At This Comment

Anonymous said...


It's spelled heroin. No one will take u seriously if u can't even spell. Idiot.

At The Rate We're Going, This Could Be The Next Mayor Of Salisbury


Got A Light?

Bernie and the Dept of Agriculture

Annapolis Report, Week 2

2016 Session
Annapolis Report - Week 2
Legislative Focus: SB-192

Like Texas, Florida, Nevada and California, completely exempt active duty military from state income tax, making Maryland more attractive to New Residents -while meeting Budget responsibilities (positive revenue).

Active Duty Military is an extremely mobile population, well informed and exceptionally industrious. It's a large presence in the National Capitol Region, with over 16,000 new people assigned here each year who can decide where to live. If we capture just half of them as new state residents, the Comptroller agrees we would actually collect more revenue, while honoring their service (and changing our reputation). 

My bill is co-sponsored by Sen. Peters (D, Prince George's), and cross-filed by Del. C.T. Wilson (D, Charles) and Del. Jason Buckel (R, Allegany). 

A sailor who lives in town, shops in town
Job Growth Ideas
This initiative was requested by the Calvert County Commissioners.
Commerce Zone

Authorize establishment by the County of a special "Commerce Zone" in priority funding areas where the County desires to see commercial development that automatically qualifies any company located in the designated "Commerce Zone" an immediate, graduated real property tax credit for 15 years.
News & Updates
Maryland to seek FEMA disaster aid after historic snowstorm      
     READ MORE HERE   - Baltimore Sun

Assembly Democrats likely to wrangle over Hogan tax cut specifics
     READ MORE HERE    - Baltimore Sun

Hogan Budget Includes $3M for Univ. of Md. at SMHEC for FY17
      READ MORE HERE    -
Upcoming Events

Fire/EMS Caucus - 5pm
Watermen Caucus - 6pm
Session - 8pm

Republican Caucus - 9am
Session - 10am
Committee - 1pm

SOMD Soil Conservation District - 9am
Session - 10am
Committee - 1pm
SB 66- Approval of Corporate Name BILL HEARING
Session - 10am
Committee - 1pm
Tri County Council Meeting, 6pm
Rural Maryland Council - 8am
Southern Maryland Delegation - 9am
Session - 11am
Committee - 1pm
Steve Waugh | Senator | St. Mary's & Calvert | Email |

OPM closes D.C.-area government on Tuesday

The Office of Personnel Management has decided the government in the D.C. area will remain closed one more day.

One Democratic Presidential Campaign Has Started Taking Taxpayer Money To Stay In The Race

Well, Democrats believe in welfare and equal outcomes, so this makes perfect sense (in a weird, liberal-logic kind of way).

According to this, Martin O’Malley (you know – that glorified potted plant that stands next to Hillary and Bernie at the #DemDebates) had to apply for what amounts to federal assistance to keep his presidential campaign afloat. Because what the Democrat Party needs is one more boring white guy running for president –
Former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley’s campaign will receive $846,365.09 in federal matching funds for his 2016 Democratic nomination, the Federal Election Commission (FEC) announced Friday.

This was O’Malley’s first regular request for matching funds. He received an initial $100,000 in January after being declared eligible for federal money in November. He was the first candidate to apply for funds and be declared eligible. To be eligible one must raise $5,000 in twenty separate states.

The FEC sent a request on Jan. 20 for the Treasury to transfer funds to O’Malley’s campaign. The taxpayer money matches contributions of $250 and below from individuals dollar for dollar.

MLK Rally in Corpus Christi!

Good thing to have

You are awesome with helping people find their lost pets. I thought that this would be a good thing to share also. People should also be reminded to place a sticker on their windows and doors stating that there are pets inside in case of a fire so the firemen would be aware of it.

The Italian Funeral

Pasquale died. His will provided $40,000 for an elaborate funeral. 

As the last guests departed the affair, his wife Angelina turned to her oldest and dearest friend. "Ah well, Pasquale would be pleased," she said.
"You're right," replied Maria, who lowered her voice and leaned in close...."So go on, how much did this really cost?"

"All of it," said Angelina. "Forty thousand."
"Aw No" Maria exclaimed, "I mean, it was very grand, but $40,000?"
Angelina answered, "The funeral was $6,500. I donated $500 to the church. The whisky, wine and snacks were another $500. The rest went for the Memorial Stone."
Maria computed quickly.
"Mama Mia. For the love of God Angelina, $32,500 for a Memorial Stone? How big is it?"