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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Right way to do things...(Part 3 of 3)

Dennis Prager on The Nuclear Deal With Iran

Ocean City to put Tesla chargers at convention center, for free

OCEAN CITY —Recharge your life at the beach while you recharge your car at the convention center.

That’s the concept, as the city is looking to generate interest from electric car owners by installing three charging stations at the city lot just south of the convention center on 40th Street, a move inspired by the Tesla meet-up earlier this spring that generated plenty of tourism interest.

“It’s something that’s going to be growing in popularity,” said Councilman Wayne Hartman, who suggested the city participate in what Tesla calls it’s “Destination Charging Partner” program after talking with visitors at the April rally on the Boardwalk.

“With this, Tesla will put us on a mapper so people with Teslas can see us as a destination,” he said.


The Oligarch Recovery - Renting In America Is Most Expensive Ever

Characterizing the upward transfer of virtually all American wealth to a handful of oligarchs a “recovery,” represents a grotesque insult to the english language as well as common sense.

The writing was on the wall from the very beginning. I knew as soon as TARP passed that we as society would regret the day we bailed out the bankers who destroyed the world economy. It didn’t take long.

Bailed out Wall Street banks went ahead and paid themselves record bonuses less than one year after the bailouts. Then, in early 2013, the financial community’s next scheme to feed off the carcasses of the American public became crystal clear. They wanted to become America’s slumlord by buying millions of foreclosed homes and then renting them back to former homeowners. When I realized what was happening I published the post, America Meet Your New Slumlord: Wall Street. Here’s the opening paragraph:

Well they aren’t really your “new” slumlord in the sense you have been debt slaves to the financials system for decades. What I really mean is that it is now becoming overt and literal. Literal because financiers are now the main players in the real estate market and are buying all the homes ordinary citizens were kicked out of over the past few years. Yep, we bailed out the financial system so that financiers with access to cheap credit can buy up all of America’s real estate so that they can then rent it back to you later.


Things I Trust More Than Barack Obama

Student Loan Delinquencies Jump as Crisis Spreads

The share of Americans behind on their student loan payments jumped over the past year despite the improving economy, new data released Thursday show.

About 11.5 percent of outstanding student debt was at least 90 days late or in default as of June 30, up from around 10.9 percent at the same time last year, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. The New York Fed estimates that nearly one in four borrowers whose loans have come due are severely delinquent, or double the published rate, because nearly half of student debt doesn't presently require a monthly payment.

By contrast, the share of total household debt in distress fell to 3.98 percent, New York Fed data show. The figure hasn't been below 4 percent since 2007.


Worcester County health dept. collects $75K fed. grant

Hoping to reach more people such as watermen, farmers and small business owners in underserved communities, the Worcester County Health department applied for and received a grant for $75,000 from the U.S. Health and Human Services department to help with its effort to educate the public on government health insurance.

“Our role is to help people who are really hard to reach: agriculture, seafood and small businesses but who are the bread and butter of the Eastern Shore economy. They are often eligible for help but lack resources or a connection to the information,” Katherine Gunby, program coordinator said.

Sometimes politics also play a role.

“It’s been a challenge, this being a more conservative area. People misunderstand what this means for them,” she said. “We try our best to be open and honest, and letting people know if there’s a better financial option or tax credit — especially if they’re new to being covered by insurance.”


Two men die in industrial accident in Ellicott City

Victims thrown from bucket of lift machine 

Howard County police are investigating an industrial accident in Ellicott City where two men working for a construction company died. 

At approximately 7:45 a.m., personnel from the Howard County Police Department and Howard County Department of Fire and Rescue Services were dispatched to a construction site in the 9100 block of Father’s Legacy for an industrial accident involving two critically injured subjects. 

Rolando Lopez Mendez, 31, of Silver Spring, and Erik Morales Ortiz, 31, of Hyattsville, were working at the site when they both were thrown from the bucket of a lift machine when it tipped on its side. The men worked for Brothers Construction Framing Inc. 

Upon arrival, police found both men on the ground suffering from significant injuries. They were taken to Howard County General Hospital where they were both pronounced dead a short time later. 

It is unknown what caused the lift machine to tip over. Preliminarily, police found no signs of foul play. The accident remains under investigation by the Howard County Police Department and Maryland Occupational Safety and Health Agency (MOSHA).


Christians persecuted through selective enforcement of law

A Colorado court has ruled against a Christian bakery who refused to decorate a gay wedding cake.

In a ruling released Thursday, the Colo. Court of Appeals said the owner of Masterpiece Cakeshop, Jack Phillips, violated the state’s ‘public accommodations’ law by refusing to bake a cake for a gay couple in 2012.

“Phillips believes that decorating cakes is a form of art, that he can honor God through his artistic talents, and that he would displease God by creating cakes for same-sex marriages,” the justices wrote in their ruling against him.

They also claimed that forcing Philips to decorate a gay wedding cake wouldn’t place an undue burden on him.



46 million Americans go to food banks, and long lines for dwindling food supplies begin at 6:30 AM

Those that run food banks all over America say that demand for their services just continues to explode

Those that run food banks all over America say that demand for their services just continues to explode. It always amazes me that there are still people out there that insist that an “economic collapse” is not happening. From their air-conditioned homes in their cushy suburban neighborhoods they mock the idea that the U.S. economy is crumbling. But if they would just go down and visit the local food banks in their areas, they would see how much people are hurting.

According to Feeding America spokesman Ross Fraser, 46 million Americans got food from a food bank at least one time during 2014. Because the demand has become so overwhelming, some food banks are cutting back on the number of days they operate and the amount of food that is given to each family. As you will see below, many impoverished Americans are lining up at food banks as early as 6:30 in the morning just so that they can be sure to get something before the food runs out. And yet there are still many people out there that have the audacity to say that everything is just fine in America. Shame on them for ignoring the pain of millions upon millions of their fellow citizens.

Poverty in America is getting worse, not better. And no amount of spin from Barack Obama or his apologists can change that fact.


Decision looming on continuation of free OC events

OCEAN CITY —Time is running out for the city to decide whether the summer fireworks and laser shows will have to continue on a year-to-year approval, or if they may be improved by virtue of a longer-term contract.

After having let the issue sit for several months, Ocean City officials have to make a decision by September if they want to continue with the free family attractions held during the summer, as well as addressing the funding mechanism that has limited the city’s ability to bring in further events beyond what it already has.

The city’s tourism commission reviewed numbers this week purporting to show attendance at the events, although the accuracy of the count is somewhat subjective.




Approximate number of daily trips taken on Phoenix's light rail system, which beats the ridership estimates for 2020.

More than $1 billion

Amount Maryland made in casino and lottery revenue last fiscal year, which is a 19 percent increase and the first time profits exceeded $1 billion. Much of the boost is due to the opening of a new casino in Baltimore.


Number of the largest subway/light rail systems in the country that are fully accessible for the disabled. They're in San Francisco and Washington, D.C.

$2 million

Amount the Louisiana state police recently spent on security for Gov. Bobby Jindal's many out-of-state trips as he runs for president. Lawmakers tried (and failed) to stop the agency from footing the bill.

$138 million

Amount that New York City paid in settlements related to damages and injuries caused by potholes in the past six years.


The number of states where someone can teach home school -- which has been on the rise over the past decade -- without having a high school diploma.

1 in 3

The rate of jail deaths that are suicides, the leading cause of fatality among inmates. The number of people who died in jail or prison has been on the rise for several years.


Police: Bomb threats made in and around Annapolis

WASHINGTON — Annapolis and Anne Arundel County officials are investigating a set of bomb threats made against local businesses on Saturday.

Maj. Scott Baker, a spokesman for the Annapolis Police Department, said bomb threats demanding money were made over the phone in a 15-minute time span.

No bombs were found and no injuries were reported.

In Annapolis, calls were made to the SunTrust Bank on Main Street and the Giant supermarket on Bay Ridge Road. Baker said Main Street was temporarily shut down.


Mitt Romney to jump in race, challenge Trump?

Is this the latest strategy to help the Republican establishment fend off the seemingly unstoppable force of Donald Trump?

There are reports from political insiders that Mitt Romney, the GOP presidential nominee in 2012, is now considering an entry into the 2016 race for the White House.

The rumor was fueled by former Trump adviser Roger Stone, who tweeted: “With the weak performance of @JebBush my sources tell me @MittRomney is reconsidering getting in.”

Stone appeared on CNN over the weekend to discuss his theory Romney may run.

FAA: Some flights resume after tech glitch spurs massive delays

WASHINGTON — The Federal Aviation Administration is beginning to resume some flight operations after “technical issues” caused massive delays and groundings Saturday.

Officials at Reagan National and Baltimore-Washington International Thurgood Marshall airports confirmed that delayed flights were getting ready to depart.

Passengers should continue to check with their airline for information about their specific flight. Residual delays are expected even after the issue gets resolved.


America's First Government-Owned Marijuana Store

Dead Head. Girl Scout Cookies II. Skywalker. Blue Magoo. Pot of Gold. These are just a few of the names of the product that a team of about 10 government employees hawks seven days a week from a renovated storage barn in North Bonneville, Wash. Just two months old, The Cannabis Corner is the nation’s first municipally owned pot store. Struggling financially, the city of 1,000 -- located along the Columbia River and just 40 miles from Portland, Ore. -- is hoping to make a profit selling little baggies of weed at $12 to $20 a pop. A public development authority like the one that runs Seattle’s Pike Place Market operates the store. The five-member board makes all the business decisions and plans to use any profits to fund community projects. The Cannabis Corner has a distinct advantage over its competitors: Because it’s run by the government, it doesn’t have to pay federal taxes. For now, North Bonneville is the only city in the pot business. But that could soon change. Four states have legalized pot and are setting up marketplaces to sell it -- Alaska, Colorado, Oregon and Washington. Another five states are expected to vote on legalization in 2016.


FAA says technical problem causes East Coast flight delays

WASHINGTON (AP) — Flights bound for the Washington area and some flights from airports in the New York City area that must fly over the Washington region were being delayed or grounded Saturday due to “technical issues” at an air traffic control center in Virginia, the Federal Aviation Administration said.

The agency is investigating an automation problem at an air traffic center in Leesburg, Virginia, FAA spokeswoman Kathleen Bergen said. The center handles high-altitude air traffic for a region that includes Baltimore-Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport, Washington’s Reagan National Airport and Dulles International Airport.

The FAA said it is directing high-altitude flights around the affected airspace. The problem is not believed to be caused by any accident or hacking.


ISIS Enshrines a Theology of Rape

Claiming the Quran’s support, the Islamic State codifies sex slavery in conquered regions of Iraq and Syria and uses the practice as a recruiting tool.

QADIYA, Iraq —
In the moments before he raped the 12-year-old girl, the Islamic State fighter took the time to explain that what he was about to do was not a sin. Because the preteen girl practiced a religion other than Islam, the Quran not only gave him the right to rape her — it condoned and encouraged it, he insisted.

He bound her hands and gagged her. Then he knelt beside the bed and prostrated himself in prayer before getting on top of her.

When it was over, he knelt to pray again, bookending the rape with acts of religious devotion.

“I kept telling him it hurts — please stop,” said the girl, whose body is so small an adult could circle her waist with two hands. “He told me that according to Islam he is allowed to rape an unbeliever. He said that by raping me, he is drawing closer to God,” she said in an interview alongside her family in a refugee camp here, to which she escaped after 11 months of captivity.


More tram ads coming after returns of $67K

OCEAN CITY — Whether or not you like them, get ready to see more tram-top advertising panels next season.

Ocean City government’s Transportation Committee voiced support this week to expand the offering for next year to all 16 of the city’s tram coaches, spurred on by the fact that the existing 10 advertised coaches have nearly broken even for the year, and will thus be profit-makers in 2016.

“We started with it as an unfunded item to build the panels, and we have come about $5,000 short of covering the cost in the first year,” city Public Works Director Hal Adkins said.


Voters Could Make Ohio 1st Midwest State to Legalize Marijuana

Ohio will vote on a constitutional amendment to legalize marijuana in November, state officials announced Wednesday.

If the measure passes, Ohio would become the fifth state and the first in the Midwest to legalize the recreational use of marijuana, in addition to the District of Columbia.

A pro-marijuana group, ResponsibleOhio, gathered enough signatures to place the measure on the upcoming ballot, Secretary of State Jon Husted said in a statement.


Black lawmakers back disruptions of Sanders, Democrats' events

Black lawmakers on Capitol Hill are defending the young activists using confrontation to press top Democratic presidential candidates to tackle the nation's protracted problems of racial injustice.

In recent weeks, members of the Black Lives Matter movement have gone after the leading Democratic hopefuls — most notably during a viral weekend encounter with Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) — urging them to prioritize criminal justice reform and other race-related issues on the campaign trail.

The activists have employed the controversial tactic of interrupting stump speeches and other public forums, which has drawn ire from many Democrats as an uncivil and misguided effort that targets allies, rather than opponents, of such reforms.

But a number of black Democrats disagree, arguing that race-based problems have been neglected for too long, even by liberal policymakers, and the activists have tapped into a vein of frustration that justifies their methods.

“They really are speaking to the issues, and we're really long overdue responding to those issues,” Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) said in a phone interview. “They've been pointed, nonviolent and strong, and I'm not offended.


Member of infamous 'San Quentin 6' killed by fellow inmate

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — Hugo Pinell, a notorious killer with ties to the 1960s and 1970s black revolutionary movement, spent the last 45 years in California's prison isolation units partly for his own protection. Just days after he was moved into the general prison population, fellow inmates stabbed him to death in an exercise yard.

Now family members are demanding answers, arguing that authorities at the state prison east of Sacramento should have known he would be a marked man. Pinell, 71, became infamous a generation ago for his role as one of the San Quentin 6, helping to slit the throat of San Quentin prison guards during a failed 1971 escape attempt that killed six.

"He has been a target from just about every group in prison because of his notoriety and what he did years ago," Keith Wattley, his attorney, said a day after the killing on Wednesday. "This was foreseeable, which is what makes it so much worse and why the family is looking for answers as to why prison officials let this happen."


Somerset County: Free Rabies Clinic

Texas Beard Policy for Prisoners Won't Cost Taxpayers

Taxpayers will not have to bear the costs of a new beard policy for inmates after all.

Last week, the Texas Department of Criminal Justice said it was discarding its "clean-shaven" grooming rule for inmates who wanted to grow beards for religious reasons. Beginning Aug. 1, inmates can file a request to their respective wardens to grow beards of no longer than a half-inch in length.

If granted, they will have to have new and more frequent identification photos taken. The cost of needed paperwork and the manpower to process it all was estimated by the department to be $500,000.

But a Texas Department of Criminal Justice spokesman said Tuesday that the agency has reconsidered the cost of the new policy.

"No taxpayer dollars are being used as a result of the new grooming policy," said Jason Clark, the spokesman.


The #1 reason why Donald Trump is the chimpanzee America needs

Just a few weeks ago, US talk show host Stephen Colbert was asked if he thought that Donald Trump had a chance of becoming President of the United States.

Colbert responded sincerely. “Honestly, he could. And that’s not an opinion of Trump. That’s my opinion of our nation.”

He’s right. The Land of the Free may very well be ready for something completely different. And Trump certainly seems able to deliver.

He is, after all, unique in his field. Donald Trump has never served in politics, and his blunt style is almost the exact opposite of every other major candidate.

But there’s one thing that really sets him apart, that, in my opinion, makes him the most qualified person for the job:

Donald Trump is an expert at declaring bankruptcy.

When the going gets tough, Trump stiffs his creditors. He’s done it four times!

Candidly, this is precisely what the Land of the Free needs right now: someone who can stop beating around the bush and just get on with it already.


Florida Judge Says No to State-Paid Makeup for Prisoner's Face Tattoos

A judge has denied a Palm Springs man's request for state money to pay for a makeup artist to cover his facial tattoos during his upcoming trial on murder charges in a 2012 Delray Beach double homicide.

Marcus Jerry, 22, is one of three men a Palm Beach County grand jury indicted in October 2013 in connection with the deaths of Alfonso Hunter, 68, and Reginald Taylor, 52. The men were fatally shot just days before Christmas when two men entered a beauty supply-convenience store and opened fire, police said at the time.

Jerry's attorney, Frederick Susaneck, asked Circuit Judge Richard Burton to authorize payment by the state for a makeup artist to cover Jerry's facial tattoos so jurors won't see them when he stands trial. Burton denied the request, saying the state shouldn't have to pay to cover tattoos Jerry had before his arrest.


Who Really Needs To Go "Back To School"?

Former Baltimore Assistant State's Attorney Discusses Mosby's Role In City Violence

Former Baltimore Assistant State's Attorney Roya Hanna wrote op-ed on the Baltimore Sun in which she claims Marilyn Mosby has played a major role in the city's increase of violence.

Hanna left the State's Attorney's office in April, before the unrest.

In her op-ed, she criticizes Mosby's handling of the Freddie Gray case, and more.

She discusses the op-ed and the spike in crime in Baltimore on Maryland's News Now with Mary Beth Marsden. Listen to the full interview HERE

American Idol - Shout to the Lord

The College Bubble 2.0

On Monday, we got some color on Hillary Clinton’s $350 billion plan to make college more affordable. As we recently noted, students and former students across the country owe more than $1.2 trillion in college loans - doled out by our government in the name of helping high school graduates further their education, and as Bill Ackman so eloquently put it earlier this year, "there’s no way they’re going to pay it back." But at this point, extra funding is backfiring. Half of young graduates are either unemployed or only working part-time, which is a startling sign that the jig is up. In conjunction with the poor economy, new technology, developing markets killing jobs, and the massive increase in applicants with degrees, the value of college degrees is drastically falling in the economy of today. College is in a bubble, and it is going to pop soon...

The following video should open a few more eyes to the startling crisis facing today's young adults and the American higher education system...


Main Street Gym Benefit

Six Person Charter Fishing Raffle, Benefits the Main St Gym. Tix $10 Drawing at Headquarter Live on Fri Sept 18th (Third Friday)
Music with Don Hall & Blessed Gypsy and Chris Duarte.
Call Coach Hal 410-430-6687

Freedom And Central Planning Can Never Coexist

The average person is a statist, whether he realizes it or not. It is important that liberty activists recognize and accept this fact because the truth of our limitations as a movement determines the kinds of solutions into which we should ultimately put our time and energy. The fantasy of a final grand march of an awake and aware majority on the doorsteps of power is just that: a fantasy. Some people might argue that given more time, such an event could be organized or could happen spontaneously. But these people seem to forget that the immediacy of any crisis inspires awareness and cuts the bindings of complacency for only a certain percentage of any given population. With “more time” often comes more complacency, not less.

So, history becomes a kind of balancing act, with crisis generating the necessity of intelligent and moral action in some people but rarely, if ever, in most people (even during the American Revolution, in which patriots represented a stark minority). The reason that the culture of freedom consistently plateaus and remains stuck at underdog status is because human beings are, first, often acclimated to the idea that crises are things that only happen to other people, and, second, they are obsessed with the idea that governments should retain prohibitory and administrative power o


Ocean City Desperately Finding Ways To Tax & Fee Residents Because They Refuse To Reduce Salary Expenses

I have been told the town of Ocean City's phones are going crazy over this letter. 

The letter in this case was written on August 7th then mailed to the condo's management company who in turn mailed it to the owner. So in some cases the owners don't get the letter until August 12th. If they don't submit an application with payment by August 18th they could be fined from $25 to $1000 per day and subject to removing the floating dock. 

Also, if they don't get the application in on time they will have to remove the floating dock which may cost about $1000 then submit an application. In many cases these floating docks have been in place for over 10 years.

The Racist Views of Planned Parenthood’s Founder

In the wake of the recent and ongoing Planned Parenthood scandal regarding the harvesting and sale of baby hearts, livers, lungs, and other organs, late last week a group of black pastors requested that a bust of Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, be removed from a temporary Smithsonian exhibit named, ironically, “Struggle for Justice.”

The pastors are deeply offended at Sanger’s inclusion in the program because of her direct ties to eugenics and overall disdain for African-Americans.

Until now, many Americans have trustingly assumed that Planned Parenthood is a benevolent health care provider, but after watching the horrific videos, complete with senior employees’ casual disrespect for human life and dignity, the public is beginning to ask more probing questions about Planned Parenthood’s founding, mission, and ongoing work.


UPDATE...Lost Yorkie In Hunter Mills Development

Lost in Hunters Mill development. His name is Louie, he is a Yorkie. If found please call 410-341-0059.

Troopers Take Local Children to a Water Park

The Delaware State Police partnered with the Criminal Justice Council and the First State Community Action Agency of Sussex County to organize a fun day for children of local communities in Sussex County, Delaware yesterday. This event took place at the Jungle Jim’s–River Safari Water Park in Rehoboth Beach. 

On Thursday, August 13, 2015, 50 children from the following communities spent the day with troopers and community chaperones, making lasting memories at the waterpark: Coverdale Crossroads, Cool Springs, Pinetown, Delmarva Campground, Laverty Lane and Walker’s Mill. Other Strong Communities were also invited but were unable to participate this time. 

Troopers worked closely with the Lingo family, owners of the water park, as well as the Criminal Justice Council, which generously provided admission, lunch, ice cream and a pavilion for everyone to use for the day. Totaling the children, troopers and chaperones, approximately 80 people participated. 

First State Community Action Agency arranged transportation to and from the water park through two school buses provided by Perry Transportation. At the conclusion of the event, troopers conducted a bullying-prevention and school safety presentation. 

Throughout the entire day, the children were very well-behaved and represented their families and communities well. One of the children, very happy and having fun going down a water slide, was heard saying in disbelief, “That Trooper just went down a water slide with me.” At the day’s end, they said they had a “ton of fun” and did not realize or see this side of police officers.

“The support and generosity of the Lingo family at Jungle Jim's made the event one to remember,” said organizer Corporal Matthew Blakeman.

Martin O'Malley: Enough With the Clinton Email Talk

Democratic presidential candidate Martin O'Malley said Thursday he doesn't think the public discussion about Hillary Clinton's email scandal is doing any good for the party.

During an interview with MSNBC, O'Malley was asked about Thursday morning's news that Clinton's private email server is now in the hands of the FBI.

"I think it underscores why we need to have conversations and need to start having our debate within the Democratic Party about the ideas that will actually create jobs, get incomes to go up, make our country safer," O'Malley said.


Muslim Asylum Seeker Beheads IKEA Shopper in Sweden

A Muslim asylum seek beheaded an IKEA shopper in Sweden this week and killed another one. (Photo Bare Naked Islam)

In response to the violent murders IKEA will quit selling kitchen knives in its store.

It’s IKEA’s fault for displaying knives in the store. reported:

The IKEA superstore near Stockholm which witnessed a double murder this week by Eritrean asylum seekers has responded by ending the sale of kitchen knives in-store, and the government has stepped up its policing at asylum-lodgings to defend against a backlash.

The response of the Swedish authorities to the ‘stabbings’ which killed what is reported to be a Swedish native mother and son shopping in the Västerås branch of IKEA – the largest in the country – has mystified some international observers.


Ocean City: Police/ Courts

Alleged rape

Police from the Worcester County Sheriff’s Office arrested Victor Checco-Penna, 26, of the Dominican Republic after he allegedly raped a 19-year-old woman on July 31.

The investigation was turned over to the Worcester County Bureau of Investigations upon police arrival and the victim was transported to the hospital for a rape kit collection.

A Maryland State Police Trooper had to be called in to act as a translator during interviews and the execution of search warrants during the investigation following the incident.

Based on translated interviews with the alleged victim, Checco-Penna was arrested and charged with second-degree rape, fourth-degree sex offense and assault in the second degree on Aug. 5.

View more cases HERE

Land of The Freebies, Home of the Enslaved

Al Gore Is Being Urged to Run Against Hillary

Supporters of Al Gore are talking among themselves – and with the former vice president of Bill Clinton – about his running for president in 2016, reports say.

An unnamed senior Democrat tells Buzz Feed News, "They're figuring out if there's a path financially and politically," adding: "It feels more real than it has in the past months."

ABC's Rick Klein tweeted a former Gore adviser confirmed the Buzz Feed report.


Tick bite leads to amputation of woman's limbs

CNN - A tick bite led to amputations on all four of an Oklahoma woman's limbs. Doctors did it to save Jo Rogers' life from the aggressive bacteria the insect passed on.

It's the worst case of Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever they'd seen, Roger's cousin Lisa Morgan told CNN affiliate KOCO.

Rogers fought for her life on a ventilator in a medically induced coma. Her family is now focusing her attention on getting through this.

"You're going to get to watch your boys grow up," her cousin Lisa Morgan tells her. Rogers, 40, has two sons, ages 12 and 17.

The intensity of Rogers' case may be rare, but infections unfortunately are not.


15 Signs You May Have ADHD: Oh Look, A Chicken

About 4% of adults have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and many others have never been diagnosed. (About half of kids with ADHD still have it in adulthood.) Here are 15 signs of adult ADHD.

A diagnosis can be important. Adults with ADHD tend to have lower incomes as well as higher rates of accidents, unplanned pregnancies, and substance abuse than those without it, says Martin W. Wetzel, MD, an assistant professor of psychiatry at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, in Omaha.

Children with ADHD can be overly energetic, but adults may just feel edgy or restless.

"Adults don’t show the more obvious signs such as running and jumping," says Colette de Marneffe, PhD, a clinical psychologist in Silver Spring, Md. "Hyperactivity presents more subtly in the form of restlessness."


Martin Armstrong Warns: "Everything Is Connected"

I think it is all part of the idea that we can alter society forcing it to do as we desire.

Politics is based upon this. Socialism is all about robbing one class to benefit the other.

There is no comprehension that everything is connected and this permeates analysis as well. This is not my personal discovery for many have seen these connections in Eastern Philosophies. I think in economics,politicians are not interested in such realizations for it means they are not the masters of the universe.

You take Obama’s policy against Russia. He has effectively been disrupting everything around Europe and the consequences are pouring in refugees to Europe and his sanctions have hurt European farmers and the economy. It is not deliberate, but it is reckless for there is no recognition of how everything is connected.

Every action has a consequence.


147 Pounds Of Cocaine Found In Shipping Container At Port

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Customs officials found 147 pounds of cocaine in a shipping container at the Port of Baltimore.

The cocaine, which was discovered on Aug. 4, was in a shipping container from Brazil.

It’s the largest cocaine seizure U.S. Customs and Border Protection has seen in Baltimore since April 2007, when CBP officers found 310 pounds of cocaine inside 3 gym bags inside a refrigerated shipping container from Ecuador.

Officers found the cocaine last week when they noticed abnormalities in a shipment of lumber when using non-intrusive imaging technologies. The white powdery substance was packed in 57 bricks concealed in two gym bags. It tested posted as cocaine.


Over 1,200 City Workers in Baltimore Make Six-Figure Salaries

A review of city salary data shows that over 1,200 city workers in Baltimore are making $100,000 or more a year in salary and overtime pay.

A search of a database of the salaries of the city’s 14,000 workers shows that over 1,200 workers in city services and the police and fire departments make two and, in some cases, three or more times more than the average salary of citizens of the city.


DNA Is Said to Solve a Mystery of Warren Harding’s Love Life

WASHINGTON — She was denounced as a “degenerate” and a “pervert,” accused of lying for money and shamed for waging a “diabolical” campaign of falsehoods against the president’s family that tore away at his legacy.

Long before Lucy Mercer, Kay Summersby or Monica Lewinsky, there was Nan Britton, who scandalized a nation with stories of carnal adventures in a White House coat closet and endured a ferocious backlash for publicly claiming that she bore the love child of President Warren G. Harding.

Now nearly a century later, according to genealogists, new genetic tests confirm for the first time that Ms. Britton’s daughter, Elizabeth Ann Blaesing, was indeed Harding’s biological child. The tests have solved one of the enduring mysteries of presidential history and offer new insights into the secret life of America’s 29th president. At the least, they demonstrate how the march of technology is increasingly rewriting the nation’s history books.


Intelligence community wants Clinton's security clearance suspended

Security experts say that if Hillary Rodham Clinton retained her government security clearance when she left the State Department, as is normal practice, it should be suspended now that it is known her unprotected private email server contained top secret material.

“Standard procedure is that when there is evidence of a security breach, the clearance of the individual is suspended in many, but not all, cases,” said retired Army Lt. Gen. William Boykin, who was deputy undersecretary of defense for intelligence in the George W. Bush administration. “This rises to the level of requiring a suspension.”



Salisbury Jewelers

Throughout history, jewelry has been a part of human adornment. Some of the earliest artifacts of the human race are jewelry. They have found shells with holes in them that were probably worn as jewelry thousands of years ago. The modern jeweler fills that place in today’s society. Along with retailing rings, necklaces and bracelets, many of the jewelers along the way were also watchmakers.

Salisbury has the sixth oldest jewelry store in the United States in Kuhn’s. The original owner was Amos W. Woodcock, who started the business in 1853. He sold it to G. M. Fisher in 1906, who sold it to his employee, John A. Kuhn, in 1923. The store remains today on Main St. in Salisbury operating as Kuhn’s Jewelers.

When Amos Woodcock started, he was the only jeweler inSalisbury. By 1878, a D. B. Farlow was listed as a jeweler. Farlow is not listed by 1891, although two new businesses listed themselves as jewelers. They were C. E. Harper and George W. Phipps. Harper took on a partner by the turn of the century, and their business was listed as Harper & Taylor.

The Salisbury Directory of 1907 lists Harper & Taylor, George W. Phipps along with the newly acquired store of Amos Woodcock by G. M. Fisher. G. M. Fisher put out a “calendar plate” beginning in 1910. In 1912, there were many different plates with the central theme of fruits, flowers or a Victorian lady in different styles of dress. The last one he put out was in 1913 and is slightly smaller than the previous plates. The same basic list of jewelers was in place in 1916 with the only difference being a W. J. Collins replacing George W. Phipps. Five years later, in 1921, only G. M. Fisher and Harper & Taylor were listed.

By 1931, Harper & Taylor was not listed. This could be as a result of the Peninsula Hotel burning down in 1929. Harper & Taylor had their business in the hotel and probably elected to not relocate their business elsewhere after the fire. Although they did not continue, two new jewelers appeared on the scene, W. C. Collins and Russell P. White.

In the directory of 1940, there appeared two more familiar names, Charles A. Blizzard and Preston W. Burbage. These two, along with Kuhn’s and White’s, were the mainstay jewelry stores well into the 1960’s.

There have been other names listed as jewelry stores that are all but forgotten now. Names such as S. Goldinger, Ira F. Hearn, Joseph W. Brown, Herman W. English and Richard W. Fields are now but a memory. And businesses such as Bailey’s Time Shop and Dixon’s may bring back a memory to someone.

The largest jewelry store of my youth was Castleberg’s. It was located initially in the Wicomico Hotel and had the large corner store that faced both Main and Division Streets. They later moved down Main St. where they maintained their jewelry and watch business. The last of the great watchmakers in Salisbury, Rodney Graves, was employed there and still works out of a shop behind his house.

Now, you can get jewelry from any number of stores, but you can’t get your watch repaired by a true artisan. I remember Mr. Graves always had a series of magnifying loops attached to his glasses for close viewing, In fact, with the advent of the new digital watches; there is not much to repair. When something happens to it, you just throw it away and get a new one. Another example that we have become a throw-away society.

Fees for minor HVAC permits to more than double in Ocean City

OCEAN CITY — If you’re looking to replace any hard-wired HVAC equipment soon, be prepared to pay an extra $35.

The City Council voted this week to more than double the city’s current fee for nonstructural electrical and mechanical replacement permits, from the current $30 up to $65, a number which is thought to better reflect the actual cost of staff time spent reviewing the permits.

However, Councilman Wayne Hartman continued his strident objection to the increase, voicing his view that hiking the cost of minor permits was a losing proposition.


2 Minutes of Truth

The dust-up between New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul over presidential fidelity to the Constitution — particularly the Fourth Amendment — was the most illuminating two minutes of the Republican debate last week.

It is a well-regarded historical truism that the Fourth Amendment was written by victims of government snooping, the 1770s version. The Framers wrote it to assure that the new federal government could never do to Americans what the king had done to the colonists.

What did the king do? He dispatched British agents and soldiers into the colonists’ homes and businesses ostensibly looking for proof of payment of the king’s taxes and armed with general warrants issued by a secret court in London.


Medical records a factor in fatal car crash that killed NyAnn Smith

An assistant prosecutor with Wicomico County says it took almost a year to file charges in the death of a Baltimore County woman because they were waiting on medical records.

A friend of NyAnn Smith said this week the case was closed, but the prosecutor's office says it remained open.

The charges against 23-year-old Taylor Morrison, the son of Pokomoke City Mayor Bruce Morrison, all relate to a medical condition that involves him blacking out -- that he did not report to the MVA before getting his license.

Smith's parents said in a statement that the Wicomico County sheriff pushed their case along when they raised concerns about the police report.


Joey & Gina’s Italian Comedy Wedding Brings Full Audience Production to the WY&CC

Salisbury, MD – Joey and Gina are getting married, and everyone is invited to the wedding! The hysterical, full audience participation production of Joey & Gina’s Italian Wedding is coming to the Wicomico Youth & Civic Center on Saturday, September 19 at 5:30 p.m. Guests can dance, act and laugh themselves silly alongside the wedding party, as Joey and Gina try to keep their special day from turning into a complete disaster. Anything and everything that can go wrong, does during the two and a half hour performance. Will Father Goldstein remain sober? Will club dancer, Losy Linhan keep her clothes on? Will DJ Angelo finally find his life partner?

Ovation Dinner Theatre, the area’s only audience-interactive comedy dinner theatre features professional, premier live and theatrical entertainment. Complementing their performance, the WY&CC’s Encore Catering will provide the evening’s meal. Non-alcoholic beverages will be available, and guests are permitted to bring their own spirits.

Tickets to the performance are $60, but guests can save $10 per ticket if purchases are made by Aug. 21. A group rate is available for parties of ten or more. Additional fees may apply to all ticket prices. For more information and tickets please visit

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Family Says HOA Threatening To Sue Over Purple Play Set In Their Backyard

Is the color purple harmonious with nature? That depends on who you ask: one Missouri homeowners association says a purple play set in the backyard strikes a discordant note with its environment, but the family who owns it says it fits in perfectly with fall foliage. The family says the HOA has threatened to sue them over the swing set and slide.

Though the owners of the purple swing set acknowledge that there are rules regarding the color of play equipment, the family says they’re not violating those guidelines.

“There’s nothing in the rules about color,” the mom told WDAF-TV. “What it says is it has to be harmonious with the community and with nature and there is nothing that dictates the color of the swing set.”


Justice Department Says It’s Not Illegal To Sleep Outside

If I want to sleep in my backyard, no one is going to hassle me (except maybe a few birds and the odd possum), but if I want to take a nap in a public park I may be violating some city ordinance and find myself fined or arrested. But lawyers for the U.S. Dept. of Justice say that laws barring people from sleeping in public spaces are unconstitutional.

In Idaho, some homeless people are challenging a Boise city ordinance against sleeping or camping in public spaces. Last week, lawyers for the DOJ contributed a “statement of interest” [PDF] that supports their contention that, because the city lacks sufficient shelter space, these local laws effectively criminally homelessness in violation of the Eighth Amendment, which limits government’s ability to determine which type of behavior can be treated as criminal.


Local Official Thinks It’s Uncool To Pay $25 Parking Ticket In Pennies, But Affirms Man’s Right To Do So

A Pennsylvania man who was rebuffed when he tried to pay a $25 parking ticket he owed to his borough entirely in pennies should’ve been able to use those coins, a local official said, but really, it was kind of rude for him to do so.

The handyman had found the $25 ticket on his work truck, after he parked it the wrong way on a street while he was picking up some tools at a house for about 10 minutes, he told the Chambersburg Public Opinion, and was annoyed at the amount.

“I just thought the amount of the ticket was ridiculous. I wasn’t parked at a hydrant, wasn’t blocking traffic or emergency vehicles,” he said.

He decided to use coins to tick someone off.

“I work too hard for my money and thought it would be fun to get back at someone, inconvenience them like they inconvenienced me,” he told the paper.


Whistleblower: Working At Planned Parenthood Is Morbid; “You Can Feel It. You Can Hear Screaming”