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Wednesday, May 08, 2019

New “Aging into Medicare” class at MAC

New “Aging into Medicare” class at MAC

 How do you make the transition from traditional health care insurance to Medicare? And when? 

Get the information you need at a new class, “65 – Aging into Medicare,” to be held at 10 a.m. on Friday, May 31, at MAC. 

MAC’s State Health Insurance Program (SHIP) is launching this new class during May, in recognition of Older Americans Month. The class will be repeated on a monthly basis. 

Registration is required. For more information or to register, call Jennifer Johnson at 410-742-0505, Ext 113; or email her at

Trump Has Redefined 'Electability'

In an age driven by the never-ending election campaign and the 24/7 news cycle, we are mercilessly subjected to speculation about what the next presidential election might bring. Regarding 2020, this is due in large part to a leftist media stricken with Trump Derangement Syndrome and completely obsessed with somehow moving beyond his presidency, even if it means fantasizing about which Democrat might be the next to occupy the White House.

The political prognosticators, of which there are legion, a busy featuring a number of “if-the-election-were-held-today” stories citing polls that find Joe Biden beating Donald Trump in a head-to-head matchup. Similar stories having Trump being beaten by Fill-in-the-Blank.

There are two major problems with this type of analysis, the most obvious that the election is not being held today or anytime soon. It is in 18 months, which is an eternity in presidential politics. Anything can happen to change the fortunes of any candidate for better or worse. Second, media polls are always suspect and often steered to produce an outcome favorable to the narrative they wish to push. In this case, that narrative is Trump losing in 2020.


Attorney General Frosh Warns Marylanders About DNA Testing Scam Targeting Medicare and Medicaid Beneficiaries

BALTIMORE, MD (May 8, 2019) – Maryland Attorney General Brian E. Frosh is warning consumers to be suspicious of representatives of companies that purport to offer "free" DNA testing to check for cancer. The DNA testing scam is a new twist used by scammers to trick people into giving away their health insurance information for the purpose of committing identity theft and fraud.

Read more in the full press release:

NOI 5/8/19 Wicomico Commercial Building Northwood Drive

new patch


Date:  May 8, 2019
Time:  6:39 p.m.
Location / Address:   1607 Northwood Drive, Suite 106, Salisbury, Wicomico Co.
Type of Incident:  Fire
Description of Structure / Property:  One story commercial building
Owner / Occupants:  Numotion: Wheelchair & Mobility Equipment Co.
Injuries or Deaths: None
Estimated $ Loss: Structure:  $150,000                      Contents: $80,000
Smoke Alarm Status:  n/a
Fire Alarm / Sprinkler Status:  None
Arrests(s):  None
Primary Responding Fire Department:  Salisbury Fire Department
# of Alarms:   1     # Of Firefighters: 25
Time to Control:  20 minutes
Discovered By:  Passerby
Area of Origin:  Storage room
Preliminary Cause:  Under Investigation
Additional Information:  Anyone with information is asked to call the Salisbury Office of the Maryland State Fire Marshal at (410) 713-3780.

At the Breaking Point: The Humanitarian and Security Crisis at our Southern Border

SBY MSP Enforcement Efforts – April 2019

Type of Incident: Enforcement Efforts – April 2019

The mission of the Maryland State Police is to serve the people of Maryland and those who visit our State through purposed policing that protects our citizens, prevents criminal acts and traffic crashes, and provides the highest quality of law enforcement services available anywhere. This is accomplished through a network of local barracks and specialized units working in consultation and cooperation with allied public safety agencies to address issues impacting public safety in Maryland and each jurisdiction through an inter-jurisdictional strategy.

The Maryland State Police – Salisbury Barrack strives each day to fulfill our mission all the while remaining focused on our core values of integrity, fairness and service. In doing so, Troopers were able to accomplish the following during the month of April 2019;

  • Handled 33 motor vehicle collisions
  • Conducted 1346 traffic stops while issuing 909 citations, 911 warnings and 119 safety equipment repair orders
  • Arrested 24 drivers for operating vehicles under the influence (DUI)
  • Investigated 77 criminal complaints
  • Arrested 17 adults and 2 juveniles for violations of various state laws
  • 9 adults were arrested for possessing a Controlled Dangerous substance
  • 33 persons were investigated, identified, located and arrested for outstanding warrants
  • Dispatched to 842 various other calls for service
Also focused upon in April was the enforcement of DISTRACTED DRIVING offenses to which; 315 Driving While Distracted Violations were cited, 42 Negligent Driving charges and 171 occupants not restrained by a seatbelt violation were recorded.

Troopers of the MSP Salisbury Barrack have set the bar in trying to be truthful and transparent in an effort to advance a culture of honesty, clarity and trust. We will be helpful and supportive and have a positive attitude and passion for what we do. We will be proactive, take initiative, and try to anticipate citizens’ needs. We will always aim for 100% accuracy, and be consistent in how we interpret and implement state policies and procedures.

Woman arrested for trespassing at CIA headquarters asked to meet with ‘Agent Penis,' officials say

LANGLEY, Va. (FOX 5 DC) - A North Carolina woman has been arrested after she repeatedly went to the CIA’s headquarters in Northern Virginia and asked to meet with “Agent Penis,” according to court documents.

Jennifer Hernandez was arrested after she went to the CIA’s headquarters in Langley multiple times between April 22 and May 3, court documents stated.

According to investigators, Hernandez was found at the main entrance of the CIA’s headquarters on April 22 at about 8:15 p.m. Authorities said Hernandez stated she had applied for employment and was there to meet with her recruiter.



UPDATE: 4:23 PM PT -- The ATF now says, "Pursuant to an anonymous tip ATF and LAPD became aware of an individual conducting illegal firearms transactions outside the scope of the federal firearm license that the individual possesses." The ATF says they have seized more than 1,000 firearms, adding the public is in no danger.  
A massive stockpile of firearms has just been confiscated in a super rich area of Los Angeles ... and the sheer number of guns is jaw-dropping.

The weapons were recovered after a search warrant was served at a home in Bel-Air ... and the huge pile of guns are currently being laid out on the street.


Students who owe lunch money in Rhode Island district will get jelly sandwiches until debt is paid

Students at a Rhode Island school district who owe money on their lunch accounts will have the sole option of a sunflower butter and jelly sandwich until they are able to pay their balances, the district announced Sunday.

Warwick Public Schools, which has more than 9,000 pre-kindergarten through 12th grade students, said the district-wide policy will go into effect on May 13.

"If money is owed on a paid, free, or reduced lunch account a sun butter and jelly sandwich will be given as the lunch choice until the balance owed is paid in full or a payment plan is set up," said a post from the district on Facebook.

Warwick School Committee chairwoman Karen Bachus told NBC News that the sandwiches are served with the vegetable of the day, a fruit and milk.


Trump explains his businesses lost so much because he was avoiding tax

Donald Trump has responded angrily to reports his businesses recorded more than $1bn in losses, explaining they did so to avoid paying tax.

In early morning tweets, the US president appeared to confirm much of what was detailed in an explosive report about his financial losses between 1985 and 1994, and claimed avoiding taxes among real estate developers was then considered "sport".

"Real estate developers in the 1980’s & 1990’s, more than 30 years ago, were entitled to massive write offs and depreciation which would, if one was actively building, show losses and tax losses in almost all cases," Mr Trump tweeted.

"Much was non monetary. Sometimes considered 'tax shelter,' you would get it by building, or even buying. You always wanted to show losses for tax purposes....almost all real estate developers did - and often re-negotiate with banks, it was sport.


Midwest Banks Hit Hard By Surge In US Farmer Bankruptcies

U.S. farmers are defaulting and missing payments at alarming rates, forcing regional banks to restructure and refinance existing loans, according to Bloomberg. Regional banks, although still considered "healthy" for the most part, are requiring farmers to post increased collateral to "boost their defenses" against additional looming losses and default risks, further depressing US farm production while putting even more loans in danger of default.

According to a report by First Midwest Bank, past-due agricultural loans have soared 287% in 2018 vs the prior year. Additionally, cases handled by the Iowa Mediation Service involving farmers unable to make payments. jumped 20%. In six Midwest states, farmer bankruptcies rose 30% to 103 in 2018. This has caused banks like Farmers National Bank in Prophetstown, Illinois to restructure more loans in order to keep growers solvent while at the same time limiting their own risk.

Don Vogel, the bank’s president and chief executive officer said: "when you’re a rural community bank, if you’re not involved in agriculture, you probably don’t have a future." Farmer loans make up 79% of his bank's portfolio and include "probably three generations" of farmers. He continued: "It is a long rough patch and it’s probably going to last longer. There’s not one little thing that you can neglect during these times."


New slavery exhibition opens at Rackliffe House this May

An exhibition entitled “The Enslaved at Rackliffe House and Worcester County, MD: A Local Story,” opens to the public at Rackliffe House near Assateague Island National Seashore on May 21.

The exhibition covers topics including The Middle Passage, Growth of the Slave Economy, Resistance to Slavery in Worcester County, Methodism and African-American Life, and the US Colored Troops. It includes images as well as two cases of artifacts, one of which displays pieces discovered during an archaeological dig on the Rackliffe property.

“The full story of Rackliffe House cannot be told without a historically accurate portrayal of all the people who lived here,” said Ed Phillips, Jr., President of Rackliffe House Trust. “2019 is a timely occasion to open this show as it marks 400 years since the first African came to the Americas.”


Divided OC Council Approves Budget With Modest Tax Hike; Council Members Exchange Jabs Before Vote

OCEAN CITY — Resort officials this week approved the fiscal year 2020 budget on first reading, but not before a somewhat heated and philosophical debate about the property tax rate, which, depending on sematics, will go up for some this year.

At the conclusion of a marathon budget wrap-up session last month, the Mayor and Council had a decision to make on the tax rate for fiscal year 2020. For years, it has been the council’s policy to set the property tax rate at the constant yield, or a rate which generates the same amount of municipal funding needed to maintain the same level of services and programs as the prior year.

When the fiscal year 2020 budget was first presented back on April 2, the property tax rate was set at the constant yield rate of .4585, which is actually lower than the fiscal year 2019 constant yield rate of .4656 because property assessments were flat or even declines slightly in some cases during the latest assessment cycle.


House Dems to Admin. Staffers: Comply With Probes Or No Salary

House Democrats reportedly want to hit administration officials where it hurts — withholding salaries of Interior, Commerce and Department of Justice staffers who block committee investigations.

According to The Hill, House Oversight and Reform chairman Rep. Elijah Cummings, D-Md., sent letters calling for eight current and former Trump administration officials to provide information on two of the panel’s investigations.

"Please be advised that any official at the Department who 'prohibits or prevents' or 'attempts or threatens to prohibit or prevent' any officer or employee of the Federal Government from speaking with the Committee could have his or her salary withheld pursuant to section 713 of the Financial Services and General Government Appropriations Act," Cummings wrote, the news outlet reported.


Taxpayers fund research for world's richest, most powerful companies

Fortune 100 companies are among the most aggressive at lobbying Washington — and collect nearly $100 billion a year in federal contracts and grants, according to a watchdog report that suggests taxpayers are feeding the bottom line.

Most of the $399 billion collected from 2014 to 2017 went to buy goods or services, especially the complex and expensive weaponry upon which a modern military relies, OpenTheBoooks found.

But the watchdog’s report did find billions in grant money, too.

IBM components in New York and California, for instance, got more than $103 million for “using high-resolution scanning tunneling microscopy to explore the use of atomic spins on surfaces as quantum bits.”

The report profiles 10 giants in particular — AT&T, Boeing, Caterpillar, Federal Express, Ford, General Dynamics, GE, IBM, Lockheed Martin, McKeeson — which spent more than $220 million on lobbyists from 2014 to 2017, and raked in almost $295 billion in federal money.

More here

California Is Beginning To Feel The Negative Side Of Minimum Wage Hikes

After Massachusetts and New York, California is beginning to experience the negative side of minimum wage hikes, too; job losses.

That’s according to a recent University of California Riverside study, which shows that California’s minimum wage hikes have slowed job growth in the state’s booming restaurant industry.

California was among the first states to launch minimum wage hikes towards the “living wage” of $15 per hour by 2022—a 50% hike over 2012.

“Data analysis suggests that while the restaurant industry in California has grown significantly as the minimum wage has increased, employment in the industry has grown more slowly than it would have without minimum wage hikes,” the study says. “The slower employment is nevertheless real for those workers who may have found a career in the industry.”



On today’s show, we get into President Donald Trump’s latest approval ratings, which show his popularity surging while “Sniffy” Joe Biden takes a commanding lead among Democrats. But Biden’s biggest obstacle has always been himself, and he did what he’s known for: sticking his foot in his mouth.

Tiger Woods received the Presidential Medal of Freedom from the president, and liberals are attacking Woods for accepting it. Plus, 2020 presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg joins the list of Democrats insisting America was never great. Either they don’t understand what is meant by “make America great again,” or they’re hoping their voters don’t.


Twitter suspends conservative activist David Horowitz

The Twitter purge of conservatives continued Tuesday as the social-media giant suspended longtime activist David Horowitz.

The suspension, initially reported by OANN host Jack Posobiec, came the same day as Mr. Posobiec’s account devoted to documenting assaults on trump supporters, @MAGAphobia, was suspended.

Mr. Horowitz’s certified account @horowitz39 showed up as suspended Tuesday evening.

Mr. Horowitz is a former leftist who edits FrontPage Magazine and directs Discover the Networks, a watchdog group that tracks liberals and leftists.

The Horowitz Freedom Center, which still had a Twitter account, denounced the suspension as “@jack continuing his fascist censorship of conservative voices.”


Take a Look At This Website

I'm sure Joe Biden is not happy about this website.

The Wrong Narrative

A year ago, in Seattle, a man living in a city-funded homeless encampment raped a woman in the bathroom of a Volkswagen dealership in the city’s Ballard neighborhood. Christopher Teel had arrived from Texas as a transient and was evading multiple warrants, but the city-sanctioned encampment welcomed him without conducting a criminal-background check.

The story caused a sensation, with wide media coverage and public demands for increased security measures, but the crime victim remained silent and her identity was kept secret. Nearly a year later, the victim, Lindsey, contacted me. After being raped, she had approached city leaders and met with the sitting councilman for nearly an hour but was received, she says, with dismissiveness. Teel’s crime against her did not fit the preferred narrative of compassion for the homeless, so the political class downplayed it. By the time Lindsey reached out to me, she was ready to speak out.

Lindsey asked me to create a short documentary so that she could tell her story in her own words. I’ve worked for more than a decade as a documentary filmmaker, but my interview with Lindsey was one of the most wrenching I’ve ever done.

More/video here

Arizona Construction Company Sues Over Border Fence

A construction company based in Arizona is suing the Department of Defense over the “highly flawed solicitation and award” process used by the Army Corps of Engineers, the Washington Examiner reports.

Fisher Industries CEO Tommy Fisher told the Examiner that for the past two years, the Army Corps has blocked pre-qualified companies like his from bidding on jobs. Fisher’s company has filed two complaints with the DoD over contracts awarded to other companies. In a formal suing document filed in April, Fisher went on to accuse the Army Corps of withholding standard proposal requests to keep companies from making bids that would be lower-priced and more quickly completed.

Fisher told the Examiner that his lawsuit will hopefully draw attention to the government’s bidding process.


Court Ruling Allows Residents To Sue County Over Animal Shelter Conditions Citing Waste Of Tax Dollars

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A lawsuit can now move forward against Baltimore County over how its animal shelter is run.
A ruling from the State Court of Appeals said that county residents can sue the county; citing waste of their tax dollars in the alleged mismanagement of the animal shelter.
“We feel the animals deserve better and the people who voice concerns should not continue to be ignored,” Lynn Greene said.
The fight started years ago over alleged mistreatment of animals at the shelter.
Anne George is the lead plaintiff in the case. She said the lawsuit is not about money, but change.


More women donated to President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign than any of the Democratic 2020 presidential candidates, according to FEC data.

10,375 women have donated to Trump in the first quarter of 2019, more than double the nearest Democratic challenger. California Sen. Kamala Harris had the second highest number of female donors with 3,850.

Trump’s average donation per woman donor is also much lower than his top female opponents. New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand’s average donation was $1,321, and Sen. Harris’s average was $935 per woman respectively, while Trump’s donors average out to $141.


DOJ threatens executive privilege over Mueller report if Dems carry out contempt vote

The Department of Justice (DOJ) says it will ask President Trump to invoke executive privilege over the Mueller report if the House Judiciary Committee goes through with its threat to vote on whether to hold Attorney General William Barr in contempt.

Assistant Attorney General Stephen Boyd in a letter on Tuesday to Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.) threatened to turn to the presidential power on the eve of the contempt markup before the panel, a move that is certain to deepen the agency’s feud with Capitol Hill.

"In the face of the Committee’s threatened contempt vote, the Attorney General will be compelled to request that the President invoke executive privilege with respect to the materials subject to the subpoena," Boyd wrote in the letter to Nadler, which The Hill obtained.

"I hereby request that the Committee hold the subpoena in abeyance and delay any vote on whether to recommend a citation of contempt for non-compliance with the subpoena, pending the President’s termination of this question," he added.

A committee aide told The Hill that Nadler plans to go forward with the contempt proceedings on Wednesday.


Infuriating Democrats, Trump Plans To Redefine Poverty, Cutting Americans From Welfare

The Trump Administration is looking into altering how it determines the national poverty level, which may put some Americans at risk of losing access to welfare programs, according to Bloomberg. The move might occur from changing how inflation is calculated in the "official poverty measure" according to a regulatory filing by White House Office of Management and Budget. That formula has been used for decades to try and determine where the poverty line is and what people qualify for social programs and federal benefits.

The measure is calculated at three times the cost of a minimum food diet and adjusted every year as prices rise. It was first set in the 1960s and, in 2018, a family of four making no more than $25,900 was considered under the poverty line. This figure determines eligibility for federal, state and nonprofit programs like Medicaid and food stamps.

By changing this measure, the poverty level could wind up rising at a slower rate. One proposal has been a shift to "chained CPI", which regularly shows a slower pace of price gains than the already rigged traditional measures. It shows slower inflation growth because it assumes consumers will substitute less expensive items when prices rise.


Melania Trump marks the first anniversary of Be Best

One year after Melania Trump launched her Be Best program, she announced Tuesday that she is expanding its most prominent component — combatting cyberbullying — to include a comprehensive push for online safety for children.

“This past year has shown me that children are vulnerable to more than just social media, and so I expanded one of my pillars to online safety,” the first lady said at an event in the Rose Garden celebrating her program’s anniversary.

Trump also said she is planning trips focused on children that will show the world “that the U.S. cares.” She did not offer much detail of her plans to expand Be Best, but key online safety issues facing children include sexting, overuse of screen time and learning to identify fake online news.


CNN Contributor: ‘When a Woman Gets Pregnant, That Is Not a Human Being Inside of Her’

CNN contributor Christine Quinn on Monday night participated in a discussion about state-level "heartbeat bills," where she claimed, "When a woman gets pregnant, that is not a human being inside of her."

Quinn, the former Democratic speaker of the New York City Council, appeared on CNN's Cuomo Prime Time alongside fellow CNN contributor and former Republican senator Rick Santorum (Pa.), where they had a fiery debate about abortion. During the introduction of the segment, host Chris Cuomo mentioned the Georgia Heartbeat bill that would later be signed into law on Tuesday by Gov. Brian Kemp (R., Ga.).

"These so-called heartbeat bills are exactly what you said, six-week bills. They for all intent and purposes are an end-run around Roe v. Wade and a clear attempt to make abortion illegal across the country," Quinn said. "That's what they are… This is a clear attempt to take decisions about a woman's body and birth out of the hands of a woman and out of the hands of doctors and that to me is really shocking."


Trump should send migrants to Guantanamo

The word is out: if you want to cut the long line of people waiting legally to immigrate to America, just sneak across the southern border and ask for asylum. Every day now, Customs and Border Protection agents stop more than 3,000 people entering the U.S. illegally and the number has been trending upward rapidly. No one knows how many others slip through undetected.

Almost all of these people fail to meet the definition of a refugee, which is someone with a specific and well-founded fear of persecution in the place they are fleeing. But they have been coached to say the magic words necessary for arresting officers to begin a lengthy adjudication of whether or not they are bona fide refugees deserving asylum — which can take years. Thanks to permissive laws and activist progressive judges — especially those on the renegade Ninth Circuit based in San Francisco — the government must often release these asylum-seekers into America, after which most will evade authorities unless they are caught for another crime.

The Customs and Border Protection is completely overwhelmed. Its leaders have asked for help from the Pentagon, courts, and Congress to little avail. Progressive California judges continue to hand down rulings that tie the hands of the government across the entire southern border. The chances are nil that this Congress will pass any law that moves away from the open border many of its progressive members seemingly desire.

More here

What's the Matter With Virginia?

LEXINGTON, Va. -- Clare Perry considers herself a Democrat. Grayson Pearce is a Republican. She's from Richmond, and he's from Virginia Beach. Despite holding opposing political values, they both have the same question: What is the matter with Virginia?

In particular, what's wrong with its politics?

A few months ago, in a cascade of disgraces, both Gov. Ralph Northam and Attorney General Mark Herring admitted to having worn blackface. Then, Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax was accused of sexual assault by two women.

Now the stories have seemingly disappeared from the front pages, or any pages, of the local news outlets.

For both Perry, 20, and Pearce, 19, the fact that all three controversies were left drifting in the wind is mind-boggling.


Ocean City Ranked 7th Best Place To Buy A Beach House By Rental Company

OCEAN CITY, MD. (WJZ) — If you’re in the market for a beach house, you may want to consider Ocean City.

The seaside town was just ranked seventh best place to buy a beach house.

Vacation rental company, “Vacasa” looked at items including rental home income and operating costs.


Best places to buy a beach house in 2019

Fox News: The Masters of the Universe Violate Americans’ Civil Rights

A Fox News column published on Monday questions whether or not social media companies like Facebook have too much power to regulate speech.

Ned Ryun, the CEO of American Majority, argued in a column on Monday that the recent bans of conservative figures by Facebook should spark a debate about the level of power that social media companies have to regulate speech.

Ryun points out that these companies have grown to such a size that could be classed as a “publisher” or “telecommunications company.” If they were classed under either of these two categories, Facebook would likely only be permitted to ban users if they break the law.

Ryun argues that the ability to speak on these platforms should be considered a civil right.


Dems Colluded With Ukraine Against Trump

The Democratic National Committee asked Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko for help in its unseemly plot to sabotage Donald Trump’s presidential campaign in 2016, according to media reports.

The revelation comes as a backlash continues to build against Deep State Democrats for foisting the now-discredited Trump-Russian electoral collusion conspiracy theory on the American public as a way to explain Democrat Hillary Clinton’s unexpected defeat and to cover up President Obama’s leadership role in a real-life left-wing conspiracy to take down Trump’s campaign, transition team, and new administration.

The Ukrainian Embassy in Washington, D.C., now acknowledges DNC contractor Alexandra Chalupa asked the Ukrainian government for dirt on Trump and for information about his one-time campaign manager Paul Manafort’s dealings with Russia’s neighboring country, John Solomon reports at The Hill newspaper.

Chalupa spends much of her time spreading lies and trashing President Trump on Twitter. For example, on May 4, she urged the Twenty-Fifth Amendment be invoked to overthrow Trump.

She wrote:

Pelosi’s Equality Act Would Undo Trump’s Most Significant Achievements

Back in October, House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi told an audience at Harvard University that if the Democrats retook the House, one of her top legislative priorities would be to pass the misnamed Equality Act, a bill that would impose radical sexual ideology on the nation.

Democrats took the House, and Pelosi wasn’t bluffing. She’s now pushing a bill that would undo some of the most significant achievements of the Trump administration. Here’s how.

The Equality Act adds the phrase “sex (including sexual orientation and gender identity)” to our nation’s civil rights laws that ban discrimination on the basis of race. This means the law would suddenly treat people as racists if they dare to dissent from the left’s ideology on sex, sexual orientation, and gender identity.

Here are the major Trump victories that the Equality Act would undo.

1. The Equality Act would force employers to cover abortion, and medical professionals to perform or assist in performing abortions.


Protecting Life in Georgia

Pro-life organizations are praising Republican governor Brian Kemp for signing a law that will protect many babies who were previously vulnerable to abortion.

On Tuesday, Kemp will sign the state's Heartbeat bill to outlaw most abortions on babies who have a detectable heartbeat, which typically occurs six weeks after conception. The new bill, dubbed the LIFE ACT, is designed to protect "those who cannot speak for themselves."

"The LIFE Act reaffirms Georgia's commitment to life and the rights of the innocent unborn," Gov. Kemp said in an email to the Washington Free Beacon. "I am signing HB 481 to ensure that all Georgians have the opportunity to live, grow, learn, and prosper in this great state."

The bill passed the Georgia legislator in March despite outcry from Hollywood celebrities and pro-abortion activists. The state Senate voted 34-18 to pass the heartbeat bill, while the measure enjoyed a 92-78 majority in the General Assembly. Gov. Kemp said the legislation sends a clear message that the state stands by vulnerable residents and gives them the ability to thrive no matter their station in life.


Brit Hume: Pelosi seems 'unhinged'

Fox News Channel’s Brit Hume says House Speaker Nancy Pelosi seems “a little unhinged” by peddling the idea that President Trump won’t accept the 2020 election results if he loses.

The network’s senior political analyst told “America’s Newsroom” that recent comments by the California Democrat were rhetorically bankrupt and bizarre.

“We have to inoculate against that, we have to be prepared for that,” Mrs. Pelosi said for a New York Times piece published May 4. “If we win by four seats, by a thousand votes each, he’s not going to respect the election.”

Mr. Hume said such language, absent evidence, constitutes irresponsible fear-mongering.

“What’s notable about what she said is that she does not support it with any evidence,” he said. “I mean, Trump whines and complains about election results and says they’re unfair all the time, but he has never done anything to try and negate any election results that I’m aware of, and so she makes this extravagant claim and it’s not her only extravagant claim.”

More here

Survey: One Million Guatemalans Say ‘Very Likely’ to Migrate to U.S.

Roughly one million Guatemalans say they are “very likely” to migrate to the United States in the next three years, according to a survey posted by Guatemala’s Association for Research and Social Studies.

Ten percent of Guatemalans told the survey team they strongly wish to migrate in the next three years. The nation’s quickly-growing population is just above 17 million, but one-third are aged below 15. This data suggests that roughly 1.2 million Guatemalans wish to migrate during the next three years, and of those, 1 million prefer to migrate to blue-collar jobs in the United States.

The survey’s prediction of more mass migration to the United States comes as Democrats portray the Central American economic migration as a humanitarian emergency for Americans to solve.

More here

Black, Hispanic Democrats cross party lines on abortion bills

In North Carolina, the six Democratic legislators who broke ranks last month to join the GOP in passing an infanticide bill all had something in common: None was white.

Five of them were black; one was Native American. They included state Sen. Don Davis, who became the hero of North Carolina’s pro-life movement last week when he crossed party lines again to thwart Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper’s veto, sending the override measure to the House.

“One’s party affiliation should not determine one’s conviction to be an advocate for life,” tweeted North Carolina Right to Life. “Be sure to thank Senator Don Davis for voting to override Governor Cooper’s veto to protect born-alive survivors of abortion!”

Mr. Davis was hardly alone. In a legislative session that saw abortion rise to the forefront, black and Hispanic legislators were notable in their willingness to cross party lines, exposing a racial schism on a key Democratic issue and frustrating efforts to unite the party behind the push to “codify Roe.”


Happy Wednesday!

Wednesday Morning Funnies


A study of more than 80,000 women ages 50 to 79 links drinking two or more diet drinks a day with an increased risk for certain kinds of stroke, coronary artery disease and death.

Published today in the journal Stroke, a publication of the American Heart Association, the study follows other research that previously connected the artificial sweeteners found in diet soda and other beverages with a higher risk of stroke, heart attack, type 2 diabetes, obesity and other conditions.

But the study released today is one of the first to look at the link between drinking artificially sweetened beverages and the risk of certain types of stroke in a large, racially diverse group of older women.