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Wednesday, November 02, 2016

2/6 Marines Memorial March

Queen Anne's County Office of the Sheriff
This past Saturday, MSP Centreville along with allied agencies from Queen Anne's County, Kent County and Cecil County Sheriff's Offices assisted a group of Military War Vets in a walk from the Arlington National Cemetery to the MD/DE line on Route 301. Their Ultimate destination will be the New Castle County DE Police Department Headquarters in New Castle, DE; arriving Tuesday, November 1st. Leading this Group is Nick Hurst who is a police officer from the New Castle County, DE Police Department. Nick is also a United State Marine Corp War Veteran. MSP Centreville and Allied Police Agencies escorted this group from the Bay Bridge to the MD/DE Line on Route 301.

The walk is titled, "2/6 Marines Memorial March", because this is the unit which Nick served in with the United States Marine Corps from December 2004-December 2008. During that time frame Nick's unit was deployed twice to Fallujah Iraq. Nick created this Memorial March to honor the men he lost in combat and those from his unit who took their own lives because of PTSD.

The walk began on October 27,2016 at Nick's roommates gravestone in the Arlington National Cemetery and will end at the New Castle County Police Headquarters on November 1,2016. Nick is raising money for the Semper Fi Fund.

 At the end of the Maryland stretch of the Walk, Maryland State Police Lieutenant (Ret) Kevin Wood treated the group to lunch at his Chick-fil-A restaurant in Middletown, DE. LT Wood is pictured in the second photo on the left (back row).

Semper Fi Fund donation link is:

Rasmussen Poll: 40% of Clinton-Leaning Voters Say They Could Change Their Minds

Survey partly conducted after FBI announcement

A full 40 per cent of undecided voters who are leaning towards Hillary Clinton say they could still change their minds on who to vote for between now and November 8, compared to just 29% who are leaning Trump.

The new Rasmussen poll was partly conducted after the FBI’s announcement on Friday that it would re-open the investigation into Clinton’s email scandal.

The latest survey shows that 86% of Americans are now sure of how they will vote. Out of the figure who remain unsure, 40% of Hillary supporters remain unconvinced, compared to 29% of Trump supporters.


Hannity Breakdown of Clinton Investigation by FBI

Hackers Likely Stole Hillary Classified Docs in 2014 Yahoo Breach

Over 500 million Yahoo accounts were hacked, and Huma used Yahoo

Hackers likely stole the classified information saved on Huma Abedin’s Yahoo email account that originated from Hillary Clinton.

Remember that over 500 million Yahoo accounts were hacked in 2014, and given that Abedin used her real name as her email username, her account in particular would be of interest to hackers.

Additionally, if hackers – especially state-sponsored hackers – knew top-level US officials like Abedin were using Yahoo accounts, that may explain why the 2014 breach occurred.


Early voting update: Black vote declining with 24.4 million ballots cast

Washington (CNN)A dip in African-American turnout has knocked Democratic early voting numbers off their 2012 pace in key battleground states like North Carolina.

The trend is also evident in early vote data from other swing states that could play key roles in deciding the election, including Florida and Georgia.

More Latino voters, however, are among the more than 24.4 million American voters who have already cast their ballots -- including 12.4 million in battleground states -- according to a CNN analysis of the latest early voting numbers.

Trump On FBI Investigation: 'Could Be The Mother Lode' To Expose Hillary's 'Bombshell Of Corruption'

“She’s the candidate of yesterday, we’re the movement of the future.”

GOP Nominee Donald Trump reveled in the announcement that the FBI has reopened the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email server, telling supporters Sunday night that “This could be the mother lode.”

Mom's Doing Fine!

A Viewer Writes: Car accident on Route 50

Just drove past a head on car accident at the corner of East Main St. and Route 50. One of the cars involved was an unmarked police cruiser.

Team Clinton tracked Weiner’s sexting since 2011

Team Clinton was keeping tabs on Anthony Weiner’s sexting habits as far back as 2011, according to WikiLeaks emails.

One disturbing report came to the attention of John Podesta, now chair of Clinton’s presidential campaign, and Neera Tanden, a Senate aide and 2008 presidential campaign staffer, when Jennifer Palmieri, the current campaign communications director, forwarded news of an investigation into Weiner’s contacts with a Delaware teenager.

“Police on Friday afternoon came to the home of a 17-year-old high school junior to ask her about direct online communications she has had with Rep. Anthony Weiner,” read the report dated June 10, 2011.

“Two officers from the New Castle County Police Department arrived at the girl’s home around 4:30 p.m. and asked to speak with the girl’s mother about the daughter’s contact with Weiner. Another officer appeared at the home a short time later.”


National Sandwich Day is Tomorrow!

Minority-owned company files suit against state's cannabis commission

BALTIMORE (WBFF) -- A minority-owned company based in Annapolis, Maryland has filed suit against the state's cannabis commission claiming it was unfairly denied a preliminary license to grow medical marijuana.

Alternative Medicine Maryland, LLC filed suit in Baltimore City Circuit Court claiming the commission "was derelict in its legislatively mandated duty to actively seek to achieve racial, ethnic and geographical diversity when licensing medical cannabis growers."

The suit states that the commission "ignored race and ethnicity throughout the licensing process in clear contravention of its authorizing statute."


NAACP sues North Carolina for removing black voters from rolls

The NAACP of North Carolina filed a federal lawsuit Monday accusing boards of election in the state of removing eligible voters from their voter rolls, disproportionately affecting African-American voters.

According to the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, the state board and two county election boards have put some 4,500 voters' ability to vote in limbo. State and local officials are violating the National Voter Registration Act and the Voting Rights Act, the civil rights group said.

"The Tar Heel state is ground zero in the intentional, surgical efforts by Republicans to suppress the voice of voters," said NAACP-NC President Rev. William Barber II. "The NAACP is defending rights of all North Carolinians to participate in this election. We're taking this emergency step to make sure not a single voter's voice is unlawfully taken away. This is our Selma and we will not back down and allow this suppression to continue."

The NAACP is asking the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of North Carolina to halt the election boards from continuing to remove people from voter rolls, as well as to restore the registrations of individuals who have been removed.


Assessment & Repair Work Beginning on Underground Sewer Pipes

The Town of Ocean City’s Public Works Department will be conducting assessment and repair work on its underground sewer pipes during the offseason. This work is scheduled to begin on November 1.

During this time, residents may observe public works vehicles or private contractor vehicles, as well as personnel, working in and around sewer manholes in Ocean City neighborhoods. In some instances traffic diversion measures may be needed in order to allow for access to the manholes and underground pipes.

The initial assessment phase is scheduled for November 1, 2016 to December 31, 2016. After the assessment has been completed, specific repairs, including lining, repairs, removal and replacement, will be conducted as necessary. The repair phase of the project will take place from January 1, 2017 to May 31, 2017.

This is the first year of a planned five year project that will result in the complete assessment and rehabilitation of the town’s underground sewer collection system. For questions or concerns about this project, please contact the Public Works Wastewater Division at 410-524-6760.

Caught! Clinton Voters Being Bussed To Polls

Poll: Donald Trump Takes 3-Point Lead in Virginia — 15-Point Swing in Past Month

NEW YORK CITY, New York — Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has taken the lead in the latest poll out of the battleground state of Virginia, with his Democrat rival Hillary Clinton slipping 15 points in a month.

The Hampton University Center for Public Policy (CPP) poll out on Wednesday afternoon shows that Trump has taken a three-point lead over Clinton in the Old Dominion, inside the poll’s margin of error of 4.57 percent. The survey of 802 Virginians, taken from Oct. 26 through Oct. 30—meaning it was conducted both before and after the FBI announced its reopening of the criminal investigation into Hillary Clinton’s illicit home brew email server—found Trump at 44 percent and Clinton at 41 percent.


BREAKING: WAR ON THE STREETS OF PARIS: Armed migrants fight running battles in the French capital

A MIGRANT turf war erupted into violence on the streets of one of Paris' trendiest neighbourhoods early this morning as asylum seekers beat each other to a pulp with wooden clubs.

The area around Stalingrad Metro station was turned into a refugee battleground as rival gangs of migrants set upon each other in shocking scenes of violence.

Asylum seekers wearing hooded tops wielded makeshift clubs fashioned from lengths of wood which they used to bludgeon each other as horrified pedestrians looked on.

DC-area drivers rack up camera tickets, some on stolen tags

WASHINGTON — For most drivers, getting one expensive red-light or speed-camera ticket is troubling enough, but some drivers are pulling in dozens of citations and not paying a penny toward them.

“It’s astonishing, the number of drivers who are driving about with 10 or more automated tickets,” said John Townsend, with AAA Mid-Atlantic.

Last year, the District had 300 drivers with 10 or more tickets; in Montgomery County, that number was 908, and in Prince George’s County, 10 motorists were caught at least 10 times by speed or red light cameras, according to numbers obtained by Townsend.

The hundreds of repeat offenders in D.C. owe the city about $250,000. For drivers caught by red-light cams, it’s $150, and speeding by a camera can cost anywhere from $50 to $300, according to AAA.


Ocean Pines Police Press Release 11-2-16 ***FRAUD ALERT***

****FRAUD ALERT******
Victim: Bernice Flax of EXIT Reality at the Beach
11002-3 Manklin Meadows Ln., Ocean Pines, MD
It was reported to our office on today's date that Ms. Bernice Flax, CEO of Exit Reality located in Ocean PInes has become a victim of identity theft/Fraud.
Ms. Flax's company email and phone number has been jeopardized by an unknown person. The suspect has created an email that is very similar to her own and has listed properties on craigslist adding the fraudulant email as contact for deposits etc.
At this time should you need Ms. Flax's services, we are requesting that you contact her directly at 410-629-9070.

How America's Elections Are Hacked, Missing Link Discovered

Black Box Voting, founded in 2003, performs nonpartisan investigative reporting on elections in an attempt to stop vote rigging.

You may be wondering what the term “black box” means. A “black box” system is non-transparent; its functions are hidden from the public. Elections, of course, should not be black box systems.

Here is a link to a free copy of the book, Black Box Voting HERE.

Author Bev Harris became known for groundbreaking work on electronic voting machines, which can remove transparency of the vote count.

With voting machines, all political power can be converted to the hands of a few anonymous subcontractors:


Justice Department official gave Clinton camp 'heads up' about testimony

A Justice Department official with close ties to Hillary Clinton Campaign Chairman John Podesta sent him a "heads up" last year to warn that lawmakers might question witnesses about the presidential candidate's private emails, messages released Wednesday by WikiLeaks show.

Assistant Attorney General Peter Kadzik, the official now in charge of informing Congress about the revived Clinton email probe, gave a personal status update to the Clinton campaign in the email sent May 19, 2015.

The message from his Gmail account to Podesta was titled: “Heads up.”

“There is a [House Judiciary Committee] oversight hearing today where the head of our Civil Division will testify,” Kadzik wrote. “Likely to get questions on State Department emails.”

The warning came just two weeks after Kadzik’s son had written to Podesta asking for a job on Clinton’s presidential campaign. In the same May 19 message, Kadzik also gave an update about a separate filing in a related Freedom Of Information Act case.


‘Boo Boo’ the Black Bear Gaining Fame In Md.

BALTIMORE (WJZ)-– A black bear named Boo Boo has become quite the celebrity here in Maryland.

Boo Boo has been frequenting Brenda K. Douglas’s backyard in Hancock, Maryland since December 2015, CBS News reports.

Douglas says that the young bear initially came around the neighborhood with his mother and fellow cub, but recently it has been “standing” solo.

“Even when we see him out the window,” Douglas says. “He seems to like to pose when someone is visible.”


CNN Polls: Donald Trump Leads Nevada and Arizona

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is campaigning in Arizona today, but a new poll of the state released by CNN shows that Trump is leading the state comfortably.

Trump now leads Clinton by 5 points in Arizona among likely voters with 49 percent of the vote. Clinton earns 44 percent while Gary Johnson as slipped down to 5 percent. Green Party candidate Jill Stein has one percent.

Trump is also leading comfortably in Nevada, as the CNN poll there shows him ahead by six points. Forty-nine percent of likely voters support Trump while only 43 percent support Clinton.


L.A. Times Tracking Poll: Donald Trump Leads Hillary Clinton by 5.4 Percent

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s lead is now 5.4 percent over Hillary Clinton in the latestL.A. Times tracking poll.

Trump is now at 47.8 percent while Clinton is at 42.4 percent.

Trump’s support has jumped four points since last week, while Clinton has fallen three points, a seven point net gain.


Florida's Early Voting Numbers Look Good for Donald Trump

Florida’s early voting numbers show that Donald Trump is on track to win the state if he can gather support from half of the state’s “No Party Affiliated” voters by November 8.

The calculation assumes that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton each keep 87 percent of their partisan supporters in Florida, gain 4 percent or 5 percent from the other party, and lose 8 percent or 9 percent to third-party candidates. Those numbers match the data provided in a recent TIPP poll for Investors Business Daily.

Based on TIPP’s data, and the 4 million early votes cast by Monday, Trump will get 45.4 percent of the state’s vote — and the November win — if the NPA vote splits 48 percent for Trump, 33 percent for Hillary Clinton, and 19 percent for third parties, including Jill Stein of the Green Party.

That scenario would leave Clinton with 42.1 percent of the statewide vote, and third-party candidates would get 12.5 percent of the statewide votes.


With Only Six Days Remaining, Trump Surges in the Polls as Hillary Supporters Abandon Ship

This is simply not good for Hillary. With only six days remaining in this critical election, possibly the most important in modern times, Hillary is witnessing a complete and utter collapse in her support.

She was witnessed this historic collapse due to the FBI bombshell that has rocked the world, making her the first ever Presidential candidate to be under active investigation by the FBI, WHILE running for the highest seat of power in the country.


Pat Caddell: Hillary Clinton’s Criminal Investigation a 'Constitutional Crisis' like Watergate

Pollster and political analyst Pat Caddell told Breitbart News Daily SiriusXM host Alex Marlow on Monday, “There are conflicts all over the place”regarding Hillary Clinton’s ongoing email scandal, which Caddell compared it to the Watergate scandal of the Nixon era.

“Do you want a President who is under investigation from day one?” asked Caddell, pointing out that the email scandal could easily consume any Clinton presidency, just as Watergate did to Nixon’s.

“Last night on Political Insiders on Fox, ” continued Caddell, “my colleague Doug Schoen, who had been for Hillary Clinton, stunned everyone by saying he could no longer consider supporting her because if she were elected, there would be a constitutional crisis. I then equated the situation to Watergate in 1973.”

Added Caddell, “This investigation cannot go away,” pointing out that if there is confidential or classified government emails among the 650,000 or so discovered on a laptop belonging to former Congressman Anthony Weiner and his wife, Clinton aide Huma Abedin, that alone could be a crime.


Alabama pipeline blast sparks worries about South gas prices

A fatal explosion has shut down a pipeline supplying gasoline to millions of people across the Southeast - the second accident and shutdown in two months - raising the specter of another round of gas shortages and price increases.

It happened when a dirt-moving track hoe struck the pipeline, ignited gasoline and sparked a blast Monday, killing one worker and injuring five others, Georgia-based Colonial Pipeline said. Flames and thick black smoke continued to soar on Tuesday, and firefighters built an earthen berm to contain the burning fuel.

Four of the injured remained hospitalized, Colonial spokesman Bill Barry said at a Tuesday afternoon news conference in nearby Helena, Alabama. He had no updates on their conditions or the severity of their injuries. Another worker was treated at the scene, Barry said.


FBI Unsuccessfully Pressed Justice Dept to Investigate Clinton Foundation

FBI agents tried unsuccessfully to convince the Justice Department to investigate the Clinton Foundation earlier this year for giving donors special political access and favors.

While the Clinton Foundation said it was never contacted by the FBI regarding an investigation, New York FBI agents are keeping inquiries alive as they continue to feud with the Justice Department, accordingto the Wall Street Journal.

New details show that senior law-enforcement officials repeatedly voiced skepticism of the strength of the evidence in a bureau investigation of the Clinton Foundation, sought to condense what was at times a sprawling cross-country effort, and, according to some people familiar with the matter, told agents to limit their pursuit of the case. The probe of the foundation began more than a year ago to determine whether financial crimes or influence peddling occurred related to the charity.

Some investigators grew frustrated, viewing FBI leadership as uninterested in probing the charity, these people said. Others involved disagreed sharply, defending FBI bosses and saying [Deputy Director Andrew] McCabe in particular was caught between an increasingly acrimonious fight for control between the Justice Department and FBI agents pursuing the Clinton Foundation case.


Who knows a guy who acts like this when sick?

Hillary Clinton staffers knew FIVE YEARS AGO that Weiner was talking to underage girl

Hillary Clinton's staffers knew as early as 2011 that Anthony Weiner had been messaging an underage girl, but they did nothing about it, according to WikiLeaks emails published Monday.

John Podesta - now chair of Clinton's presidential campaign - and Neera Tanden, another adviser, were forwarded news of an investigation into Weiner's online contact with a 17-year-old Delaware high school student by Jennifer Palmieri, the current campaign communications director, in June 2011.

At the time he was married to Huma Abedin, another member of Clinton's inner circle, who is now at the center of fresh FBI investigation into the handling of classified material while Clinton was in office.


Md. judges instructed to impose 'least onerous conditions' when setting bail

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WBFF) -- Maryland's Chief District Judge is instructing judges to impose the "least onerous conditions" on defendants when setting bail.

That could mean lightening the burden a bit for a defendant, when appropriate.

The order comes after an opinion from Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh, who says holding defendants because they can't afford bail likely would be found unconstitutional.


Fruitland Robbery Update

‘Clinton’s black son’ to make ‘bombshell announcement’

Sources believe it will 'rock Hillary's campaign'

Danney Williams, the man from Little Rock, Arkansas, who has claimed since the 1990s to be the black illegitimate son of former President Bill Clinton, will hold a press conference Tuesday at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., to make an announcement his supporters characterize as a “bombshell that will rock Hillary’s campaign.”

Sources close to Williams who are planning the news event refused to divulge details of the announcement to WND.

Williams has demanded that Bill Clinton participate with him in a DNA test to verify his claim.

The conference will be hosted by a non-partisan coalition of civil rights, child-welfare and pro-life leaders.


Biggest Election Fraud In History Discovered In The United States: Breaking Now

If Clinton Goes Down, Loretta Lynch Will Go Down With Her

Oh, Loretta.

I’ll bet that AG Loretta Lynch is shaking in her boots right now, because when Hillary Clinton goes down, Lynch’s career will go down with her. Heck, maybe they’ll even be cellmates.

Loretta Lynch’s ties to the Clintons go back to 1999 when then-President Bill Clinton appointed her to run the Brooklyn US Attorney’s office. She left in 2002 and went into private practice, but returned to the Brooklyn office in 2010 at the behest of President Barack Obama. (Here’s her official bio.)

In 2015, she was sworn in to become the 83rd Attorney General of the United States, taking the place of the blatantly corrupt Attorney General,Eric Holder, who will probably be most famous for his roles in the Fast and Furious operation, inciting racial tensions, and his mishandling of the Lois Lerner/IRS debacle.


The Clinton Collapse - Only The Deep State Is So Precise

The Deep State's most prescient elements must derail Hillary's campaign to clear a path to Trump's executive team.

Back in August, I asked Could the Deep State Be Sabotaging Hillary? I think we now have a definitive answer: "These blast points on Hillary's campaign... too accurate for the Mainstream Media. Only the forces of the Imperial Deep State are so precise."

The Mainstream Media is presenting the FBI investigation as a "lose-lose" situation for embattled FBI Director Comey. If Comey remained quiet until after the election, he would be accused of colluding with the Clinton campaign and its allies in the Department of Justice (sic).

But in going public, he stands accused by Democrats of "intervening in an election," i.e. raising doubts about Hillary's judgement and veracity days before Americans go to the polls.

Another narrative has Comey's hand forced by the threat of disgusted FBI agents leaking information that would show the FBI caved into political pressure from the Democratic Party and Clinton campaign to keep relevant material out of the public eye until after the election.


More people from far-flung corners of world sneaking into US

An increasing number of people from far-flung corners of the world have tried to sneak into the United States among the hundreds of thousands of other, mostly Latin American migrants caught at the Mexican border in the last year, according to arrest data from the Homeland Security Department.

The arrests of more than 8,000 people from India, China, Romania, Bangladesh and Nepal between October 2015 and the end of August is offering a new challenge to immigration agents tasked with fully identifying would-be immigrants and quickly deporting people caught crossing the border illegally.

The group of overseas migrants represents a tiny fraction of the more than 408,000 people caught crossing the Mexican border illegally in the last year. But the arrests suggest a rising trend in the number of migrants opting for a convoluted trek that sometimes wends across the seas to South America, over land to Central America and then through Mexico before arriving at the U.S. border illegally.

For decades Mexico dominated the discussion on illegal immigration as the country from which most immigrants went to the border illegally. But in recent years the number of Mexican nationals who have been trying to sneak into the United States has dropped.


Trump revels in FBI surprise: 'Nothing will get done' if Clinton is under investigation as president

Donald Trump warned Americans on Monday that Hillary Clinton is "likely to be under investigation for a very long time" and would thus be too distracted to lead the country as president.

Last week's bombshell announcement by FBI Director James Comey, that the bureau had reopened its probe into Clinton's handling of classified material, breathed new life into Trump's campaign, which had been dogged by sexual assault allegations and dwindling poll numbers.

"What happened today, starting with the FBI, maybe the system will become a little less rigged. Beautiful," the Republican nominee, told a crowd of supporters Friday night. "It's everybody's deepest hope that justice at last can be properly delivered," he declared at an event on Saturday.

But as Trump continued to criticize Clinton on Monday, he also cautioned voters who remain undecided just eight days before the Nov. 8 election.


Falling prices, borrowing binge doom Midwest ‘go-go farmers’

Some farmers loaded up on easy credit when grain prices were high - and kept borrowing after they crashed. Now debt and delinquencies are rising fast, raising fears of broader turmoil in U.S. agriculture.

A third-generation farmer, Matt Gibson eyed a big expansion of his family’s business in late 2011, as grain prices soared in a searing Midwestern drought.

By August of 2012, days before corn prices peaked, the Gibson family had borrowed nearly $18 million in a series of loans from Chicago-based BMO Harris Bank.

The Gibsons took on more debt after the drought broke the following spring, sending grain prices tumbling. By 2015, with grain prices at half their peak, BMO and others creditors sued the Gibson businesses seeking to recoup more than $30 million.

The travails of Matt Gibson, 39, and his family are emblematic of a new class of “go-go farmers,” a term coined by fellow Midwest growers and agricultural economists. Many, like the Gibsons, borrowed heavily to expand their farms, then borrowed more in an effort to plant their way out of a commodity price crash, according to dozens of interviews with Midwest farmers, lenders and agriculture experts.

Their distress could foreshadow broader economic turmoil in the grain sector, which includes corn, soybeans and wheat.


Chris Gaubatz: President Hillary Clinton Is ‘Exactly What the Muslim Brotherhood Would Want’

Chris Gaubatz, vice president of, joined Breitbart News Dailywith SiriusXM host Alex Marlow on Monday to talk about the time he spent undercover at the Council on Islamic-American Relations (CAIR). The results of that investigation are chronicled in the book Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld That’s Conspiring to Islamize America.

Gaubatz said one surprising discovery he made about CAIR is that “we all hear CAIR is a civil-rights firm, and while I was in CAIR-Maryland’s Virginia office, before I worked in D.C.’s national office, I was the intern there, and their lawyer – Morris Days at the time – was taking money from Muslims that were working on their immigration case.”

“Now, if CAIR was a civil-rights firm, they actually would have vetted their lawyer, but they’re not. They’re Hamas,” Gaubatz said. “So this lawyer was taking money from Muslims, working on their immigration cases, except that he wasn’t a lawyer. He never passed the state bar exam. He wasn’t licensed to practice law anywhere in the country. In fact, he had a rap sheet out of Philadelphia.”


US election polls show Hillary Clinton has worst ratings since presidential race began

Hillary Clinton is the most unpopular she's ever been, disliked by six out of ten voters, a poll showed Monday - and there could be worse to come for the candidate as the impact of the FBI's email bombshell becomes clearer.

The Democrat is seen unfavorably by 60 per cent of voters to Trump's 58 per cent, according to the ABC News/Washington Post tracking poll.

That is her worst showing since the survey began tracking in May last year, shortly after she announced her candidacy.

The survey was conducted from Oct. 27-29 - only partially after the FBI sensationally announced on Friday that it was investigating thousands of emails that might be related to the former secretary of state's private server.


Clinton Knew She Was Helping Islamists Move Into Power In Libya

Hillary Clinton received intelligence that her effort to bring down Libyan president Muammar Gaddafi was leading to the rise of al-Qaeda militants and the Muslim Brotherhood in the country, according to emails released by WikiLeaks.

More than a year before the Benghazi attack, Clinton learned that al-Qaeda terrorists were infiltrating the post-Gadaffi transitional government. Clinton also acknowledged that the Muslim Brotherhood wielded the “real power” in the rebel movement that Clinton was supporting — and that their Brotherhood allies in Egypt were waiting in the wings to move into Libya’s oil sector.

Clinton received a “CONFIDENTIAL” memo from Sidney Blumenthal on March 27, 2011. The subject of the email was “Re: Lots of new intel; Libyan army possibly on verge of collapse.”


Joe Albero To MC This Auction On November 10th

Come join us and help our local Maryland Food Bank for the Holidays. 

Increase In Credit Card Use Boosts Boardwalk Tram Revenue

OCEAN CITY — Thanks in large part to the opportunity for riders to use credit cards at the point of sale, the Boardwalk tram has already blown past its revenue projections for fiscal year 2017 with two solid months of summer remaining on the front end of next season.

Through much of last winter, the Public Works’ transportation department began exploring the use of credit cards for mid-Boardwalk pick-ups in the interest of increasing revenue and improving the customer experience. Credit cards could always be used at the terminals on either end of the Boardwalk, but for customers picking up the tram mid-trip somewhere along the Boardwalk, it had been strictly cash and carry.

This year, however, Boardwalk tram staffers began carrying hand-held credit and debit card approval devices allowing customers to board mid-trip and simply swipe their cards without digging around for exact change. On Monday, the Transportation Committee got an update on the results for the first season and the figures were impressive.


Hillary Clinton photo illustrates pathological lying in Google results

Why would anyone want to associate “pathological lying” and Hillary Clinton?

For several hours starting about 10:30 p.m. Sunday, a Google search for the terms “pathological lying” was producing a picture of Mrs. Clinton.

The picture appeared as the illustration for what Google calls a special “featured snippet block” at the top of the page. The snippet quotes from, and includes a link to, the Wikipedia article for “pathological lying.”

By early Monday morning, the image had been removed from the Google search.

Part of what made the result odd is that while Mrs. Clinton has been accused of dishonesty and dissembling for the entire quarter-century since she became a national political figure as first lady, the Wikipedia article itself doesn’t mention her or any specific cases of dishonesty by her.


U.S. Trucking Companies Slash Fleets Amid "Tepid Shipping Demand"

For months now we have been writing about the collapse of class 8 truck orders. For the month of September, net class 8 orders were down 16% YoY while LTM orders were down a staggering 41%. In fact, the level of trailing 12-month net orders is the lowest since January 2011 with YoY changes now in negative territory for 19 consecutive months.

Therefore, it should come as little surprise that large trucking companies in the U.S. are being forced to slash fleets amid slumping demand and slack capacity. According to the Wall Street Journal, several U.S. trucking companies, including Swift, Werner and Covenant, have all been forced to cut 1,000s of trucks from their fleets as "overcapacity has driven down pricing." Of course, all this means that class 8 truck manufactures are unlikely to see an uptick in new orders anytime in the near future with Werner promising it won’t add trucks “until they see meaningful improvement in the freight and rate markets.”


FBI agents ‘wanted to investigate Clinton foundation but were barred by Justice Department’

The FBI has spent the past year investigating the Clinton Foundation over claims they were trading access for donations to the charity, leading to friction between the bureau and the Justice Department. 

Agents in New York and Little Rock have been leading the probe, but have been ordered by senior officials in Washington and the Justice Department to scale back the extent of the probe due to a lack of evidence.

The row emerged over the weekend in the aftermath of the decision by FBI Director James Comey to announce the bureau has reopened its investigation into Hillary Clinton's email server - less than a fortnight before the election.


3-year-old crushed to death by hayride wagon wheel

HAGERSTOWN, Md. (AP) — Authorities say a 3-year-old West Virginia boy is dead after he fell under the wheel of a farm wagon during a hayride in western Maryland.

Washington County Sheriff’s Deputy First Class Carly Hose tells The Journal of Martinsburg, West Virginia, that Samuel Choi fell off the side of the wagon and was run over Sunday afternoon north of Hagerstown.

Sheriff’s Detective Howard Ward tells The Herald-Mail of Hagerstown that the child was climbing on the wagon. Ward says there were six or seven people on the hayride.


NOI 11/1/16 Somerset Dwelling Fire Champ Road


Date:   11/1/16
Time:   2:48 p.m.
Location / Address:  10460 Champ Road, Princess Anne, Somerset Co.
Type of Incident:  Fire
Description of Structure / Property:  Two story wood frame single family dwelling 
Owner / Occupants:   Russell Williams
Injuries or Deaths:  None
Estimated $ Loss: Structure:  $80,000                      Contents: $30,000
Smoke Alarm Status:  Present, activated
Fire Alarm / Sprinkler Status:  n/a
Arrests(s):  None 
Primary Responding Fire Department:  Princess Anne
# of Alarms:  1     # Of Firefighters:  15
Time to Control:  1 hour
Discovered By:  Neighbor
Area of Origin:  Second floor bedroom 
Preliminary Cause:  Accidental, electrical (failure of extension cord)
Additional Information:  The occupant has been displaced and is being assisted by family members.

Hillary Clinton gets her worst ratings since presidential race began, says poll

Hillary Clinton is the most unpopular she's ever been, disliked by six out of ten voters, a poll showed Monday - and there could be worse to come for the candidate as the impact of the FBI's email bombshell becomes clearer.

The Democrat is seen unfavorably by 60 per cent of voters to Trump's 58 per cent, according to the ABC News/Washington Post tracking poll.

That is her worst showing since the survey began tracking in May last year, shortly after she announced her candidacy.

The survey was conducted from Oct. 27-29 - only partially after the FBI sensationally announced on Friday that it was investigating thousands of emails that might be related to the former secretary of state's private server.


Limbaugh: Make no mistake, Democrats ‘in panic’

'Why does a world-class pervert have secret government emails on his home computer?'

With the FBI renewing its investigation into the emails of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, radio host Rush Limbaugh says Democrats have officially hit the panic button.

“Make no mistake, they are in panic,” Limbaugh said on his national broadcast Monday.

Limbaugh noted that in the emails that have been revealed thus far by WikiLeaks, there’s been none from Mrs. Clinton herself, only messages from her associates such as John Podesta and Huma Abedin. But now that the FBI is reportedly investigating emails found on the computer of Abedin’s estranged husband, disgraced former Congressman Anthony Weiner, there may be some messages to or from Hillary there.

“Of all of these leaks from WikiLeaks, there’s not a single Hillary Clinton email,” Limbaugh explained.

“What if, on the … Weiner laptop, what if there are Huma emails back and forth between her and Hillary and what if they go a long way toward indicating that there was intent and knowledge that they were doing something illegal? I think that’s why the panic on the Democrats’ side, and make no mistake, they are in panic.”


Trump: I’d Get ‘Electric Chair’ for Cheating on Debates Like Hillary

GRAND RAPIDS, Michigan — Republican nominee Donald Trump told an audience of roughly 8,000 cheering fans that if he had cheated in presidential debates the way rival Hillary Clinton had, he would be sent to the “electric chair.”

Trump was commenting on the revelation by Wikileaks on Monday that CNN commentator Donna Brazile, who is now the chair of the Democratic National Committee, had been caught again passing debate questions from the network to the Clinton campaign during the Democratic primary.

Brazile had been exposed earlier doing the same — passing a question to the Clinton campaign in advance of a town hall debate against Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT).


Some Cities Want Their Immigrants to Vote

“Look at illegal immigrants voting all over the country,” Donald Trump recently claimed in a Fox News interview, part of his ongoing effort to cast doubt on the integrity of the presidential election. There’s no evidence to support the Republican nominee’s claims of election fraud, but some cities are moving to expand voting rights to include noncitizens.

The latest is San Francisco, where the Nov. 8 ballot will include a measure allowing the parents or legal guardians of any student in the city’s public schools to vote in school board elections. The right would be extended to those with green cards, visas, or no documentation at all. “One out of three kids in the San Francisco unified school system has a parent who is an immigrant, who is disenfranchised and doesn’t have a voice,” says San Francisco Assemblyman David Chiu, the son of Taiwanese immigrants. “We’ve had legal immigrants who’ve had children go through the entire K-12 system without having a say.” Undocumented immigrants should also have the right, Chiu adds, to bypass the “broken immigration system in this country.”

Noncitizen voting isn’t as radical as it might sound. For more than half of U.S. history, from 1776 until the 1920s, noncitizens were widely permitted to participate in elections. “We had 40 states that used to allow it,” says Ron Hayduk, an associate professor of political science at San Francisco State University. “Immigrants could vote, not just in local elections,” he says. “They could even run for office—and did win office.” The hope, Hayduk says, was that immigrants would feel more invested in civic life if they were able to participate in American democracy.


Chicago Report: 119 Dead People Voted 229 Times, Say City Records

Chicago investigators have found 119 deceased residents who apparently voted 229 times after their burial.

According to CBS 2 Chicago, many dead Chicagoans are never removed from voter rolls. After combining Chicago Board of Election voter histories and the Social Security Administration’s death master file, they found more than one hundred instances of dead Chicagoans who apparently voted years after their verified deaths.

One man who passed away in 1993 was found to have voted 11 times after his death. Another man who died in 1994 has voted six times since he passed into the next world.

“There are just a few instances here where a father came in for a son, or a neighbor was given the wrong ballot application and signed it,” said city election board spokesman Jim Allen, calling the dead voting “clerical errors.”


Maryland’s Newest Citizens Vote to Defend Immigrants

COLLEGE PARK, Md. (AP) — Faced with a Republican candidate who threatens to identify and deport all immigrants living in the country without legal permission on his first day in office, many Maryland Latino voters see the election as an opportunity to send a message from those unable to speak for themselves.

University of Maryland undergraduate student Tatiana Escobar, 20, a naturalized citizen as of Oct. 5, said she feels that it is her duty to vote for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton on Election Day now that she has the privilege.

“Voting gives people voices,” she told Capital News Service. “Maybe some people don’t see it that way, but I really do think that way and mainly in a presidential election…we need to focus on who we elect as commander-in-chief.”

Latino voters are a growing portion of Maryland’s electorate, and many feel solidarity with undocumented friends and family unable to cast ballots. They feel that Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s promise to deport immigrants without proper papers has struck close to home.


West: Don’t forget about keeping Congress

The results of the November 8 elections will not only determine who lives in the White House, it will also decide the composition of Congress. There are only a handful of possible outcomes: A majority of Congress will be held by either the Republicans or the Democrats, or the majority will be split with a Republican-controlled House of Representatives and a Democratic-controlled Senate. Each of these scenarios has its own possibilities and challenges given the consequences of a Trump or a Clinton presidency. Putting aside the intrigue and significance of the presidential election, let’s focus for a few minutes on Congress.

For starters, don’t forget about the post-election lame duck session. We join with other voices decrying the illegitimacy of a lame duck session of Congress. Except for dire emergencies, we cannot imagine a circumstance where senators or representatives should make decisions that are binding on the very people who just voted to remove them from Congress. Nevertheless, Congress has manufactured an emergency by failing to fund the government beyond December.

So, the first order of business for the lame duck session is to pass a funding measure that resists the temptation to spend more money than is needed to keep the federal government open.


VA Increased Employee Bonuses in 2015

Despite more problems at the Department of Veterans Affairs, the agency handed out more than $177 million in bonuses in fiscal 2015 to nearly 189,000 employees.

More than 300 senior executives of the troubled agency received $3.3 million in bonuses, for an average payment of about $10,000 each, USA Today reported Monday. Bonuses for non-executives averaged about $900.

The report comes in the wake of an aborted attempt by the Pentagon to recoup enlistment bonuses paid to National Guardsmen who served in Iraq. Critics said the VA bonuses raise fresh questions about the agency’s system for evaluating employees.

“On Wall Street, these bonuses would be laughable,” the advocacy group said on its web site. “But VA is not Wall Street. Instead, it is a beleaguered agency with persistent criminal actors harming veterans on a regular basis.”

Among the managers receiving bonuses, the newspaper reported, was the former top VA official in Ohio who retired the same day he received a termination notice. Another bonus went to the chief of staff at the scandal-ridden Phoenix VA Medical Center, who got the cash award four months before he was fired.


Bobby Knight: ‘In a Donald Trump Administration, There Will Be No Bullsh*t’

GRAND RAPIDS, Michigan — Thousands of Donald Trump supporters filled the DeltaPlex arena on a cool Halloween morning — some in costume — as the Republican presidential nominee made a bid to expand the electoral map and win a state that has long eluded Republican presidential candidates.

The crowd — some 8,000 strong in the DeltaPlex stadium — waited patiently through warmup speeches and delays, and were rewarded with an appearance by former Indiana University basketball coach Bobby Knight, who introduced Trump.”

“Donald Trump is a tough son-of-a-bitch,” he said, to cheers.

He added that Trump would never allow what Hillary Clinton allowed to happen in Benghazi: “There will never again be four Americans sent out on a hill and left to die,” he said.

Trump emerged to wild cheers, and walked through a familiar list of the country’s glaring economic and foreign policy problems.

He talked about the departure of jobs from the state, including the closure of Ford production facilities, which are relocating to Mexico [while Mexicans continue to pour into the US illegally and take even more jobs-- Editor].

“This is your one chance, right now, November 8th, to change it,” Trump said.

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What Have Democrats Done for Blacks?

While politics is about policies and the role and scope of government, politicians' appeal to voters is the critical aspect of those proposals in winning elections. This reality created the class-driven politics of the Franklin Delano Roosevelt era and the 1960s-identity politics that we still see today.

In this presidential cycle, identity politics continue with emphasis on the women’s vote, the Hispanic vote and the black vote as opportunities to tickle the ears of these voting blocs with specific messages and promises. Without question, Democrats have excelled in controlling these demographics for decades due to skillful manipulation of issues that create victims of whichever group needs rescuing while painting Republicans as misogynists, racists and bigots. Democrats always present their solutions through the lens of government control, even to the point of becoming a ward of the state, in contrast to Republicans who offer personal achievement and responsibility yielding individual freedoms and prosperity. Yeah, who’d want that, right?

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has approached the black vote just like he’s approached every other aspect of his campaign — vacant of nuance or poll-tested phrases. Instead, Trump directly challenged black voters: What do you have to lose?

He made a speech last week offering his plan for black Americans based on “three promises: safe communities, great education and high-paying jobs.” True to less-than-articulate form, The Donald told a Toledo, Ohio, rally, “And we’re going to work on our — ghettos…” He continued to note these areas to have “so many horrible, horrible problems — the violence, the death, the lack of education, no jobs.”

Naturally, Hillary Clinton’s Leftmedia apparatus latched onto the politically incorrect word “ghetto” so as to charge Trump with racism.

Not even a year ago, calling attention to “too many communities, from Baltimore to St. Louis to Oakland to Memphis to Chicago” a Dec. 10, 2015, CNN article noted the “need for reconstruction in impoverished urban areas” citing the dismal situation in Chicago where “a quarter of black adults and half of black youth are unemployed, about 50 public schools have closed in recent years, along with more than 70 grocery stores and dozens of businesses.” Continuing in the piece written by Wayne Drash and Bill Kirkos, “There are more jobs to be had in the ghetto than there are people.”

Oh, wait! That was Jesse Jackson admonishing Barack Obama and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel — both Democrats — for failing to address key issues in the black community, while using the same term “ghetto.”

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The Hillary Clinton Takeover of the United States

Is it time for a reminder of this venomous woman's behavior (temperament - right!)

DSCC Chairman Transfers Illegal Campaign Cash to U.S. Treasury

Sen. Jon Tester (D., Mont.), who chairs the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, quickly moved to donate more than $50,000 in potentially illegal contributions to the U.S. Treasury on Monday.

The Democratic incumbent transferred $51,800 from his campaign to the Treasury Department two days after after the Boston Globe reported that the Boston-based Thorton Law Firm may have illegally reimbursed partners for campaign contributions.

Tester is among more than a dozen Democratic senators and Senate candidates scrambling in the wake of the report finding the law firm gave partners bonus checks that mirrored their political contributions in a potential violation of federal law.

Marneé Banks, a spokeswoman for Tester, told the Hill on Monday evening that the Montana Democrat has worked to fix the U.S.’s “broken” campaign finance system.

“He’s fighting to clean up Washington and fix it,” Banks said. “He’s incredibly frustrated with the gridlock that has prevented Congress from passing his legislation which increases transparency in elections, and he’ll keep working to bring people together to ensure that we have more sunlight in campaigns.”


Armed Robbery In Fruitland?

We're told there's been an armed robbery at the Red Fox in Fruitland, south of the Main Street stop light. 

UPDATE: Trooper 4 and K-9 Dogs are tracking suspect.

The suspect has not been apprehended. 11:12 AM

Wind Farms Cause Sleep Loss, Stress and Anxiety

Living near wind turbines can cause stress, anxiety and sleep loss, a government report has admitted.

The report, commissioned by the former Department for Energy and Climate Change last year, found a “clear link” between the amount of noise emitted by a wind farm and the irritation nearby residents experience.

If turbines exceed 40 decibels, there is an “increased risk” of sleep deprivation, thus in turn leading to stress and anxiety.

However, the sleeplessness was caused more by the frustration evoked from living near a loud wind turbine than the turbine itself, the report added.

It recommends that “excessive” noise should be curbed, citing the possibility of modifying turbine blades to stop disturbances.

However, it is not just noise that causes irritation..


Don’t Sweat The Election. The Next Crisis Is Already Baked Into The Cake

Friday was one of those days where you walk away from the screen for a minute and come back to find a completely different market. All it took was the FBI finding a trove of new Clinton emails, thus breathing new life into the Trump campaign and throwing what was a foregone conclusion back into doubt. Stocks tanked and gold popped, illustrating Wall Street’s preference in the upcoming election.

It will be this way until the vote, especially if polls continue to tighten and the outcome remains uncertain. So there’s no point in obsessing over fundamentals for now. Nothing real will matter until we find out who gets to mess things up going forward. Sort of like the original Ghost Busters where the demon/god says “Choose the form of the destructor.”


A Viewer Writes: Chelsea's husband - Marc Mezvinsky


All that talk about Don Trump LEGALLY using the tax system to his advantage makes you wonder why there was no talk about the Clintons using a personal trust for their own advantage.

Well, here’s another one: Chelsea’s husband, Marc Mezvinsky is the owner of the hedge-fund, Eaglevale Partners Fund LP (Limited partnership) which is based in Manhattan – but tax-filed in Delaware. Like many companies, Delaware is a tax haven due to its low or no corporate tax rates. Nothing wrong with that, unless you compare it to how the MSM lambast Trump for doing the same. Double standard??

So, Trump used a the tax system legally and the Clinton campaign and her puppets, the MSM, are blasting him for filing his taxes correctly yet accusing him of abusing the system when her own son-in-law is doing the same thing.

Why doesn’t anyone in the MSM press asking him why he didn’t register his company in NY????

By the way, Marc’s dad served time in federal prison for ripping off investors to the tune of $10 million!! Again, where’s the MSM investigative journalism there!?!?

And to top it off, Hillary got all that money from her speaking engagement at Goldman Sachs….. guess where Marc and his partners used to work?? You guessed it- Goldman Sachs!! Makes you wonder if it was an arranged marriage? Seriously, nothing is ‘below’ the Clintons!

You can verify this at the SEC filing :

Trump is right: – there has never been a more corrupt person running for office in our country’s history.

We cannot let her get elected. Thanks for all you are doing to shed light on her corruption. May God truly bless America!!

Report: FBI Has Enough Evidence to Prosecute Hillary Clinton for Public Corruption

An investigation into possible mishandling of classified information on Hillary Clinton’s private email server has expanded to consider whether Clinton’s work as Secretary overlapped with her work for the Clinton Foundation run by her family.

Fox News‘ Catherine Herridge published the report, citing unnamed FBI sources, Monday morning. The report indicates the initial security referral looking into whether or not classified information was mishandled has expanded to look at possible public corruption involving the Clinton Foundation.

The report paints a picture of an internal struggle within the FBI over whether or not to prosecute Clinton. Herridge quotes an unnamed FBI source saying, “many previous public corruption cases have been made and successfully prosecuted with much less evidence than what is emerging in this investigation.”


Walking Dead Clinton Inc

Hillary Or Hitler?

Do You Understand the Electoral College?

Hillary vs Wikileaks Explained For Liberal Idiots

Sorry for your loss

Clinton's Russia Attack On Trump Immediately Debunked By...The New York Times

For someone who likes to admonish her opponents for pushing "conspiracy theories" every time she finds herself embroiled scandal, Hillary Clinton seems to be more than willing to don the occasional tinfoil hat herself.

In her latest efforts to distract the public from the FBI's recent bombshell announcement, Clinton is claiming that GOP nominee Donald Trump maintains a "secret server" that privately communicates with Russia.

On Monday evening, Clinton tweeted out several "serious questions" about Trump's "secret server":


Is this the team you want in the Oval Office?

“Will The Server Do Hard Time?” Tucker Crushes Idiot O’Malley For Saying Hillary Is Not Under Investigation

Tucker Carlson had an intense clash with Maryland Governor, former presidential candidate, and idiot Martin O’Malley. He is so stupid in fact he is unwilling to even admit that Hillary is under investigation.

Instead he claims it is the email server that is under investigation. Carlson strikes him down.

“The front-runner in this race is under criminal investigation by the FBI,” Carlson said. “No, no she’s not Tucker,” said O’Malley.

“The director of the FBI just announced that I don’t know where you’ve been for the last two days that is a factual statement, and your position appears to be ‘it’s everybody’s fault but hers,” Carlson said. He avoids this attack by mentioning that Hillary supporters will still vote for her. Which is totally irrelevant.

“You won’t concede she’s the subject of it. You said instead it’s the server. Do you think that server would do hard time, perhaps the death penalty? … Let’s get to reality. She’s the subject of a criminal investigation,” Tucker said. Check out the full video below.


TIME: Hillary Clinton’s Emailgate Is an Attack on Women

In an op-ed for TIME magazine, Robin Lakoff, a professor of linguistics at the University of California, Berkeley, writes that the FBI’s criminal investigation of Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of classified email documents during her time as secretary of state is really a “bitch hunt” attack on Clinton simply because she is a woman. “It’s not about emails,” Lakoff writes. “It’s about public communication by a woman.”

From Lakoff’s TIME magazine op-ed:

I am mad. I am mad because I am scared. And if you are a woman, you should be, too. Emailgate is a bitch hunt, but the target is not Hillary Clinton. It’s us.

The only reason the whole email flap has legs is because the candidate is female. Can you imagine this happening to a man? Clinton is guilty of SWF (Speaking While Female), and emailgate is just a reminder to us all that she has no business doing what she’s doing and must be punished, for the sake of all decent women everywhere. There is so much of that going around.


296 Refugees Diagnosed with Active TB in Minnesota, Ten Times Any Other State; Majority Are Somalis

Two hundred and ninety-six refugees were diagnosed with active tuberculosis (TB) between 2010 and 2014 in Minnesota, according to the Minnesota Department of Health.

Seventy-one were diagnosed within one year of their arrival, while 225 were diagnosed after the first year.

The number of active TB cases reported among refugees arriving in Minnesota is ten times higher than reported in any of the fourteen other states that have released refugee TB data to the public, or made it available to Breitbart News.

The previous high among the other reporting states was Wisconsin, which reported 27 cases of active TB among refugees arriving in the state between 2014 and 2015.