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Thursday, October 20, 2016

The U.S. Media Has Fully Weaponized – A Remarkable Thing To Witness…

There are literally a hundred current stories/issues which, under normal non-corrupt circumstances, would be top headlines

The U.S. media has crossed the Rubicon into a world of abject nuttery. It’s one thing to predict it happening, it is quite another to bear witness.

There are literally a hundred current stories/issues which, under normal non-corrupt circumstances, would be top headlines. Instead the media hides the most jaw-dropping governmental corruption revelations, and choose to focus on the ridiculous.

On one hand, looking at the geography, there’s a sense that eventually they are going to have to cover stories like WikiLeaks, Project Veritas investigative series, or the now openly transparent corrupt leadership influence of the FBI.


I wonder how many people could have been fed

Tom Nicholson

A guy looked at my Corvette the other day and said I wonder how many people could have been fed for the money that sports car cost.

I replied I am not sure, it fed a lot of families in Bowling Green, Kentucky who built it, it fed the people who make the tires, it fed the people who made the components that went into it, it fed the people in the copper mine who mined the copper for the wires, it fed people in Decatur IL. at Caterpillar who make the trucks that haul the copper ore. It fed the trucking people who hauled it from the plant to the dealer and fed the people working at the dealership and their families. BUT,... I have to admit, I guess I really don't know how many people it fed.

That is the difference between capitalism and welfare mentality. When you buy something, you put money in people's pockets, and give them dignity for their skills.

When you give someone something for nothing, you rob them of their dignity and self worth.

Capitalism is freely giving your money in exchange for something of value.

Socialism is taking your money against your will and shoving something down your throat that you never asked for.

I've decided I can't be politically correct anymore. (I never was, actually)

FBI Agents Say Comey ‘Stood In The Way’ Of Clinton Email Investigation

“This is a textbook case where a grand jury should have been convened, but was not. That is appalling."

FBI agents say the bureau is alarmed over Director James Comey’s decision to not suggest that the Justice Department prosecute Hillary Clinton over her mishandling of classified information. 

According to an interview transcript given to The Daily Caller, provided by an intermediary who spoke to two federal agents with the bureau last Friday, agents are frustrated by Comey’s leadership.

“This is a textbook case where a grand jury should have been convened, but was not. That is appalling,” an FBI special agent who has worked public corruption and criminal cases said of the decision. “We talk about it in the office and don’t know how Comey can keep going.”

The agent was also surprised that the bureau did not bother to search Clinton’s house during the investigation.

Read more

Clinton Meltdown At Surprise Question - Vulgar Screams, Thrown Water

Bill Still received some information overnight that point out the serious character defects or total lack thereof on the part of the Democrat candidate for president. Hillary Clinton exhibited rage towards the moderator at the Commander-in-Chief Forum, Matt Lauer, for doing in one instance what he should have done for the entire thirty minutes, asking her and pressing her on a question that she hadn’t been fed in advance. She was supposed to go out, recite responses that were well rehearsed and wait for Trump to be caught off guard. Instead it was she who got the surprise and that triggered a rage that we’ve rumors of. Now a firsthand accounting of what happened was sent to Bill Still, and he’s sharing it with America.

The source of his information originated at a Comcast email address, the parent company of NBC. It is supposedly from members of the technical crew that worked the event and describes what happened moments after Clinton walked off the set. They described “a massive profanity-laced tirade” on the part of Clinton that was directed at Matt Lauer in particular, but had moments for others, including DNC Chairperson Donna Brazile.

As he learned, Clinton had been given all of the questions in advance but was tripped up by Lauer asking her something she hadn’t been given, throwing her completely off her game and script. The topic was a tricky one for Clinton, her use of an illegal home server for the storing, receiving and transmitting of government secret documents. One of those working the event for Comcast described her as visibly beginning to boil with the asking of that question.


Obama Lets Record Number of Central Americans Migrate into United States in 2016

A record number of Central American youths and ‘family units” migrated into the United States in 2016, as President Barack Obama directs border officers to help the migrants apply for asylum, jobs and Green Cards.

The taxpayers’ cost of Obama’s migration is also getting close to $200 billion, when measured over the next 75 years.

The Department of Homeland Security admitted Monday that a record 70,297 people in Central American “family units” arrived during the fiscal 2016 migration, from Oct. 1, 2015 to Sept. 3o, 2016, according to the Department of Homeland Security. In addition, another 46,893 young men, youths and boys — dubbed “unaccompanied alien children” or “UACs” — from Central America presented themselves at the border to apply for asylum under Obama’s migration process.


DELMAR: School Choice 2017-2018

Six ways State tried to cover up Clinton's emails

High-level State Department officials worked behind the scenes last year in several key ways to ensure the release of Hillary Clinton's emails inflicted as little damage as possible on the Democratic nominee, according to notes made public by the FBI on Monday.

Patrick Kennedy, State's undersecretary for management, was at the center of efforts to prevent the FBI from upgrading Benghazi-related emails to a classified level.

Although the State Department quickly denied wrongdoing on the part of Kennedy and dismissed GOP calls for his removal on Monday, the FBI notes prompted fresh scrutiny of the administration's approach to the Clinton email probe.

The 100 pages of "302s," or summaries of interviews conducted by the FBI, that were released this week shed light on the quiet push to manipulate the handling of Clinton's emails amid multiple investigations into her record-keeping.


Maryland to Help Retake Mosul

BALTIMORE, Md. (WJZ)– The massive battle to retake the Iraqi city of Mosul from ISIS is raging on. U.S troops are helping local forces to regain control of the city from the grips of the Islamic state and now, nearly 300 Maryland National Guard members are helping in the fight.

The two major resources coming from Maryland are man power and warplanes, uniquely equipped to protect the military from above.

Also on the front lines in the middle east are U.S. service members and 12 A-10 war planes from Maryland, nick-named wart-hogs does this one particular job very well according to Colonel Charles Kohler with the Maryland Air National Guard who also says the A-10s are vital because they’ll be flying low to protect service-members on the ground from attacks.

“It’s incredibly important. In any operation you want to be able to bring all of the tools to the fight and this is one of those tools that you need to use,” said Kohler.



I am Thurgood Marshall. Born in Baltimore, MD, in 1908 but most of you know me from my later career. I attended Howard Law because of segregation. In fact, I really wanted to go to University of Maryland's Law.

I did shakes things up a bit when, in 1936, I represented another black law school hopeful, Donald Gaines Murray, in a lawsuit against the University of Maryland and we won!

I went on to become very famous when I litigated that case you may remember, Brown v. Board of Education. I was also heavily involved in the beginnings of the Civil Rights Movement. I was the executive director of the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund, which started before the 1950s. I later went on to become a Supreme Court Associate Justice, where I presided from 1967 (thanks to President Johnson) until 1991.

Many of the more Conservative Members of the Court accused me of Judicial Activism, which I fully admitted in some of my writings. While this is not a good thing, I still was the first Supreme Court Justice and sought to further the Black communities in America to obtain equality.

I died just two years later and was buried in Arlington Cemetery next to my second wife, Cecilia Suyat.

Always learn about History... and

Dare to be informed!


Clinton Media Chief Urged Fake "U-S-A" Chants At DNC "To Contrast Trump's Angry White Men"

According to leaked emails from the Clinton Campaign, one man's patriot is another "person of undefined sexual identity"'s "angry white man."

The latest Wikileaks dump exposes the hypocrisy of a divided America as Oren Shur - Direct or Paid Media for the Hillary Clinton campaign - calls for fake "U-S-A" chants during Hillary's DNC speech.. to contrast the hate-speech-filled "U-S-A" chants at a Trump rally...

It's all about the optics...

Maryland legislator plans to overhaul 'jacked up' medical marijuana commission

Cheryl Glenn thinks Maryland's medical marijuana commission is "jacked up."

Glenn, a state delegate representing Baltimore, said she thinks the commission lacks diversity and its process for issuing growing and processing licenses to companies was not transparent. She plans to file a bill on the first day of the General Assembly's next legislative session to overhaul the state's medical marijuana commission. The session starts Jan. 11.

"We can do better and we will do better," Glenn said during a panel discussion hosted by the Greater Baltimore Committee on Wednesday. She was joined on the panel by state Sen. Jamie Raskin, D-Montgomery county, Curio Wellness CEO Michael Bronfein and Caren York, a senior policy advocate for the Job Opportunities Task Force

The Natalie M. LaPrade Medical Cannabis Commission issued 15 grower licenses and 15 processor licenses in August. The commissioners selected the firms based on redacted applications and scores determined by the Towson University Regional Economic Studies Institute.


Donald Trump warns of voter fraud, calls GOP leaders 'naive'

Donald Trump warned Monday of “large-scale voter fraud” on Nov. 8, heaping doubts about legitimacy on an already unsettled electorate — though Democrats and Republicans alike said they don’t see evidence of rigging in the presidential contest.

Mr. Trump, who is trailing Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in key states ahead of Election Day, said he already suspects problems at “many polling places” and wonders why other party leaders aren’t as worried as he is.

“Why do Republican leaders deny what is going on?” Mr. Trump said on Twitter. “So naive!”

He offered no proof, though.

Jon Husted, the Ohio secretary of state, called Mr. Trump’s warnings irresponsible. Ohio is a critical swing state that was ground zero for claims of election fraud by some Democrats in 2004.


Delaware State Police Investigating Bomb Threat

Wilmington, DE- The Delaware State Police are currently investigating a bomb threat that was found written on a wall at a local high school this morning.

The incident occurred around 10:43 a.m. this morning, Thursday, October 20, 2016, when a bomb threat was located written on a wall in a second floor bathroom of St. Mark’s High School, located at 2501 Pike Creek Road, Wilmington. The threat advised that there were several bombs inside of the building. The school was evacuated and students were placed in a pre-determined location while K-9 units from the Delaware State Police, Wilmington Police Department, and the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control conducted a sweep of the building. Nothing out of the ordinary or suspicious was located and staff and students were allowed back to resume their daily activities.

This incident remains under investigation by the Delaware State Police at this time.

If anyone has any information in reference to this bomb threat, they are asked to contact the Troop 2 Youth Aid Division at 302-834-2620. Information may also be provided by calling Delaware Crime Stoppers at 1-800-TIP-3333, via the internet, or by sending an anonymous tip by text to 274637 (CRIMES) using the keyword "DSP."

Halloween Open House This Saturday

Come join us Saturday for our Halloween Open House! We will have costumes available, games, prizes, and a special trick or treat for your pets section under our pavilion where you can pick out items such as toys, treats, and some other items for your pet!

In addition, for Saturday only, all cats with black and orange colors will be just $25.

SPD Press Release - (Robbery Investigation-Rite Aid) 10-20-16

American Muslim Women PAC Press Conference

First Ever American Muslim Women PAC Announce Endorsement for Hillary Clinton, Ready to Hit the Ground Running

Washington, D.C., –
The American Muslim Women Political Action Committee (AMW PAC), the first ever political action committee focused specifically on American Muslim women, today announced its endorsement for Hillary Clinton for President.

“Our primary goal is to elect leaders and support policies that represent our values,” said Mirriam Seddiq, a Maryland Immigration and Criminal Defense attorney and creator of the PAC. “In the simplest terms, we believe in basic human rights and the right of each individual to live their lives as they choose. Hillary Clinton is a candidate that not only understands those values, but has spent her life dedicated to them in her public service.”

The mission of the new PAC is to provide American Muslim women a platform from which to speak out in support of political candidates and policies that impact their community. Its formation of the PAC comes on the heels of an uptick in anti-Islamic rhetoric and speculation around the role of women in the Islamic community, triggered in part by Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump’s comments on Ghazala Khan’s appearance at the Democratic National Convention.

“After hearing Donald Trump demonize Muslims, and imply things about our women and culture, I realized we need to take more ownership of the political conversation happening in this country,” said Seddiq. “For years we’ve been letting other people tell us what our problems are. This PAC provides a platform for us to talk about our problems, our needs and who we want to help us address them.”


Citizens Wondering What's Going On In Downtown Salisbury

Crowd Manager Training

Internal Anger At The FBI Over Clinton Investigation Continues To Grow

This is a story that refuses to go away. Recall the post from earlier this month, Backlash Grows Months After the FBI’s Sham Investigation Into Hillary Clinton, in which we learned:

Feeling the heat from congressional critics, Comey last week argued that the case was investigated by career FBI agents, “So if I blew it, they blew it, too.”

But agents say Comey tied investigators’ hands by agreeing to unheard-of ground rules and other demands by the lawyers for Clinton and her aides that limited their investigation.

“In my 25 years with the bureau, I never had any ground rules in my interviews,” said retired agent Dennis V. Hughes, the first chief of the FBI’s computer investigations unit.

Instead of going to prosecutors and insisting on using grand jury leverage to compel testimony and seize evidence, Comey allowed immunity for several key witnesses, including potential targets.

What’s more, Comey cut a deal to give Clinton a “voluntary” witness interview on a major holiday, and even let her ex-chief of staff sit in on the interview as a lawyer, even though she, too, was under investigation.

Agreed retired FBI agent Michael M. Biasello: “Comey has singlehandedly ruined the reputation of the organization.”

Comey made the 25 agents who worked on the case sign nondisclosure agreements. But others say morale has sunk inside the bureau.

“The director is giving the bureau a bad rap with all the gaps in the investigation,” one agent in the Washington field office said. “There’s a perception that the FBI has been politicized and let down the country.”


As Trump complains of ‘rigged’ election, state officials find possible evidence of just that

With the Nov. 8 presidential election looming, the Indiana State Police are investigating “thousands” of cases of possible voter fraud in the Hoosier State.

Secretary of State Connie Lawson, a Republican, told WIXN-TV in Indianapolis that her office ran a report of the Statewide Voter Registration System and discovered that thousands of voters’ birthdays and first names were changed. Lawson’s office became aware of a potential issue with voter data after some voters visited to check their voter registration and found their information was incorrect.

“These records were changed on paper forms, at the BMV [Bureau of Motor Vehicles] and online. At this time, my office is not sure why these records were changed, but we have evaluated the Statewide Voter Registration System and have found no indication it has been compromised,” Lawson said.


Putin on Russia-US Relations Deteriorating: It all started with NATO bombing of Serbia / Yugoslavia

Over 4,500 redactions in Hillary FBI docs!

The FBI claims it is releasing another round of documents to provide transparency for its investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server.

“The FBI’s FOIA Library contains many files of public interest and historical value,” a notice reads when one accesses the archive, which includes another 100 pages of interviews and notes released today.


FINALLY, A Candidate Willing To Face Reality & Willing To Fix America

Key Overtime Changes Raise Seasonal Business Concerns; Exemption Raised From $23K Annual Salary To $47K

OCEAN CITY – New overtime rules set by the U.S. Department of Labor took center stage Tuesday at a seminar hosted by the Ocean City Chamber of Commerce and the Ocean City Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Association (OCHMRA).

Attorney and guest speaker Doug Desmarais of Smith & Downey, P.A. addressed questions and concerns from nearly 80 local business owners who attended the event.

The administration’s new guidelines on overtime pay will take effect in every state Dec. 1, but with unique seasonal employment and business hours, many Ocean City employers at the meeting stressed their concerns about current and future business practices.

“Unfortunately, the folks who are running laws are not always people that have lived and walked in your shoes,” Desmarais said. “They paint things with a very broad brush.”


After Body Cameras Show That Black Lives Matter’s Claims Are Fabricated, They Don’t Want Them

Reports show that police complaints are down 93% Why does a group so focused on police accountability want body cameras to go away?

On the Movement for Black Lives website, which is a coalition of black social justice groups including black lives matter, you will find a very large list of demands. Under the “End the War on Black People” section, demand number 7 states

An end to the mass surveillance of Black communities, and the end to the use of technologies that criminalize and target our communities (including IMSI catchers, drones, body cameras, and predictive policing software).

We are pro-black lives, but oppose Black Lives Matter, which is a political group that is doing more harm for black people than helping. Many police agencies are embracing body cameras. The public loves body cameras. They show 100% transparency when it comes to police accountability.

This brings us to the big question of why does Black Lives Matter want to end the police use of body cameras?

In a study done last year by Cambridge University, researchers tracked 2,000 police officers using body cameras. The study covered 4,000 shifts which came out to 1.5 million hours of police work. The end result: police complaints nearly vanished. Agencies who used body cameras had a 93% drop in officer complaints.

Researches stated that this was due to and “observor effect”. When officers and the public are both aware that they are being recorded, their behavior is a whole lot better.


Elections Expert: "We Now Have 4 Million Ineligible and Dead Voters on American Voter Rolls"

Elections expert J. Christian Adams told FOX and Friends on Tuesday morning there are 4 million dead people on US voter rolls.

Adams, who was the Voting Section Attorney at the US Department of Justice, filed six suits in the past year against Philadelphia and Broward County, Florida where the voter rolls are corrupted.

Adams said he had one case in Texas where the person died in 1944.

Far left groups continually sue to keep the voter rolls the way they are. The Obama administration has no desire to clean up these voter rolls.


Clinton's FBI Files Literally Mention "The Shadow Government" at the State Dept. Wow.

A powerful group of high-ranking state officials referred to as “The Shadow Government”. Really?

So Skull and Bones John Kerry is sitting over there in a group literally nicknamed “The Shadow Government” which decides what information will be released to the public and what will be censored in regard to fellow high-ranking elitist Hillary Clinton?

It’s almost a laughable cliché… except there it is in black and white.

And still there are people in this country who claim there’s no such thing as a cover up and it’s all a conspiracy.

Please. Give us a break.

(H/T: Lily Dane)

See Also: Video: John Kerry Admits They’re Making “Order Out of Chaos” to Create “World Order”

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New Emails: Hillary Needs Podium, 'Cannot Walk Around'

In 2009, Abedin said Clinton would object to speaking with crowd on both sides or without podium

Emails obtained by Citizens United through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request and released on Tuesday suggest that walking around a stage may have been a challenging burden for Hillary Clinton as early as 2009.

In a 2009 email exchange between top Clinton aide Huma Abedin and Clinton Global Initiative employees Amitabh Desai and Ed Hughes, Abedin revealed that Clinton could not walk around the stage like her husband Bill Clinton and would need a podium for an upcoming address.

"Just want to make sure someone has coordinated with you on hrc speech set up," Abedin wrote. "She won't be able to give it in the round like [Bill Clinton] does walking around with microphone," she explained. "Are we able to set it up so shes speaking at a podium [sic]?

How Hillary’s lawyers ran roughshod over the FBI

Last August, FBI officials paid a visit to Hillary Clinton’s lawyers’ office in Washington and begged to see six laptop computers containing the former secretary of state’s classified e-mails. They were told to take a hike, and they did.

Clinton’s lawyers “declined to provide consent” for the bureau to even search the laptops, let alone seize them, claiming they may contain “privileged communications.”

Instead of seeking to subpoena the evidence, the FBI meekly “wished to arrange for secure storage of them in a manner agreeable to both the FBI and the attorneys” — even though the attorneys lacked authorization to handle the material, which included Top Secret information.
While arrogantly stiff-arming the FBI, Clinton’s lawyers “admitted that the e-mails contained on these laptops had been viewed by attorneys who did not have a security clearance at the time,” a newly released FBI report of the incident reveals.


Heroes Haven Hero Welcome Escort Last Night

Study: 1 in 2 American Adults Already In Facial Recognition Network

DMV records, plus a cavalier approach to mugshot databases, puts half of the US in the system

Half of all American adults are already in some sort of facial recognition network accessible to law enforcement, according to a comprehensive new study.

Conducted over a year and relying in part on Freedom of Information and public record requests to 106 law enforcement agencies, the study, conducted by Georgetown Law’s Center on Privacy and Technology, found American police use of facial recognition technology is a scattered, hodgepodge network of laws and regulations.


WikiLeaks: Podesta, Soros Henchman Schemed Over Scalia Replacement

An email released by WikiLeaks on Tuesday reveals that Clinton campaign Chairman John Podesta discussed possible Supreme Court replacements for Justice Antonin Scalia with a top George Soros henchman — barely a day after Scalia’s death.

“Remember our discussion of Wallace Jefferson, Chief Justice in Texas?” Chris Stone, Soros’ right-hand man and president of Open Society Foundations, asked John Podesta in an email titled “Scalia Replacement.”

"Yup," Podesta responded simply. The exchange not only shows the callous opportunism of liberals who couldn't even wait 48 hours before salivating over replacing Scalia with a leftist activist masquerading as an impartial justice — but also the outsized influence that Soros and his Open Society Foundations exert on American politics.


Nearly 400,000 Michigan Residents Brace for Obamacare Spike

Michigan residents are bracing themselves for double-digit increases in prices for individual plans on the state’s Obamacare exchange.

The sticker price for individual plans on Michigan’s Obamacare exchange is set to go up to 16.7 percent next year and will go into effect starting November 1, 2016, when open enrollment on begins again, the Detroit Free Press reported.

Most people in Michigan do not pay the full sticker price for Obamacare because of the tax credit subsidies available to those who qualify, which increase as the premiums increase.

This means that the cost of insuring people who get subsidies is ultimately shifted to the taxpayer.


Trump Ad Attacks Clintons on NAFTA, American Jobs Disappearing

The Trump campaign released a 30-second TV ad simply titled “Deals” on Tuesday, one day before the final presidential debate.

“Our economy once dominated the world. And our middle class thrived. Today, jobs are gone. Factories closed,” the ad says, blaming bad trade deals on the Clintons.

Trump will renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and cut taxes to make it easier to re-open manufacturing centers on U.S. soil, the ad says. Senior Policy Advisor Peter Navarro in a statement:

The Clintons have influenced every bad trade deal over the past 20+ years. From NAFTA to TPP to shipping our jobs offshore to China, this is the economic disaster of our time. It’s a politician-made disaster with the names of Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama all over it. We can’t afford any more of Hillary Clinton’s ‘leadership’ on this issue. Donald Trump on the other hand has a plan to cut taxes, reduce regulations, crack down on the trade cheaters, and renegotiate every bad Clinton trade deal in order to put American workers first.


Hillary Dodges Wallace On Pay For Play Allegations

During Wednesday night’s presidential debate, Chris Wallace held Hillary Clinton’s feet to the fire over allegations that the Clinton Foundation engaged in “pay-for-play” behavior when she served as secretary of state.

“There have been a lot of developments over the last ten days since the last debate,” Wallace posed. “I’d like to ask you about them. These are questions that the American people have, Secretary Clinton, during your 2009 Senate confirmation hearing, you promised to avoid even the appearance of a conflict of interest with your dealing with the Clinton Foundation while you were Secretary of State.”

“Emails show that donors got special access to you,” he continued. “Can you really say you kept your pledge to that Senate committee, and what happened and what went on between you and the Clinton Foundation? Why isn’t it what Mr. Trump calls pay to play?”


WikiLeaks reveals Obama’s line in the sand. You won’t believe what it is

It turns out that Barack Obama does indeed have a line in the sand – and it’s the WikiLeaks dumps that are battering Hillary Clinton’s campaign, and damaging to his legacy.

In a recent interview with "Meet the Press" anchor Chuck Todd, Joe Biden said that the U.S. would launch a “secret” cyber counter-attack against Russia in retaliation for their hacking into the DNC and other individual email accounts.

That threat may have translated into John Kerry asking Ecuador, which is hosting Julian Assange in their UK embassy, to sever the WikiLeaks head’s Internet connection. Ecuador has announced that it did remove Assange’s access to the web; the State Department has denied involvement.

Because WikiLeaks has numerous back-ups, the cut-off hasn’t slowed the steady release of embarrassing revelations about Clinton and her campaign.

If that is the sum total of Obama’s retaliatory repertoire, it is no wonder the Russians are acting with impunity around the globe.

If Biden is right, President Obama is moved to confront Russia not over hundreds of thousands being slaughtered in Syria – not because of the barrel bombs or chlorine gas – nor over Russia’s takeover of Crimea from Ukraine, with whom we have a security treaty.


Billionaire Clinton "Hillblazer" Pushes New Tax That Funnels Middle Class Money To Wall Street

“I find the whole thing astonishing and what’s remarkable is the amount of anger whether it’s on the Republican side or the Democratic side,” the Wall Street mogul said at the World Economic Forum in Davos. “Bernie Sanders, to me, is almost more stunning than some of what’s going on in the Republican side. How is that happening, why is that happening?”

– From January’s post: Billionaire CEO of Blackstone Trolls the American Public – He Doesn’t Get Why People Are Angry

David Sirota just penned a very important and interesting article zeroing in on how Wall Street is maneuvering to propose and implement a new retirement tax on Americans under a Hillary Clinton Administration.

Leading the charge is billionaire financial oligarch Tony James, who is COO of private equity giant Blackstone. Mr. James is a generous contributor to Hillary Clinton’s Presidential run, and is listed as a “Hillblazer” by her campaign for having raised at least $100,000 toward her candidacy.

While many Americans already know that much, most of you will be totally unaware of his aggressive plan to force a 3% payroll tax on the public which will be immediately funneled to Wall Street management firms, including “alternative managers” such as hedge funds and private equity. It seems like a very bizarre time to initiate such a proposal considering many public pension funds are actively ditching alternative managers after realizing they’ve been paying extraordinarily high fees for pitiful performance. In other words, they’ve been ripped off.


Hillary's Nonsensical Gun Control Spiel During Final Debate

Hillary Clinton flip-flopped her way through answering a question on gun control during Wednesday night’s third and final presidential debate.

Clinton first told moderator Chris Wallace that while she is a strong believer in the Second Amendment, she also believes “there can be, and there must be reasonable regulation.”

“I want people who shouldn’t have guns not to be able to threaten you, kill you or members of your family,” she continued. “When I think about what we need to do, we have 33,000 people a year who die from guns. I think we need comprehensive background checks, we need to close the online loophole, close the gun show loophole.”

“There are other matters that I think are sensible that are the kind of reforms that would make a difference that are not in any way conflicting with the Second Amendment,” Clinton added. “You mentioned the [District of Columbia V.] Heller decision, and what I was saying that you referenced, Chris, was that I disagreed with the way the court applied the Second Amendment in that case.”


IBT: Hillary Clinton Could Turn Taxpayer Funds into Revenue Stream for Her Wall Street Donors

David Sirota writes in the International Business Times that a Wall Street executive who could be Hillary Clinton’s choice for Treasury Secretary has a plan to give the financial industry control over billions in taxpayer funds for retirement savings. This plan, Sirota notes, would “enrich” the Wall Street hedge fund and private equity industries “that have donated millions to support Clinton’s presidential bid.”

From IBT:

While Hillary Clinton has spent the presidential campaign saying as little as possible about her ties to Wall Street, the executive who some observers say could be her Treasury Secretary has been openly promoting a plan to give financial firms control of hundreds of billions of dollars in retirement savings. The executive is Tony James, president of the Blackstone Group.

The investment colossus is most famous in politics for its Republican CEO likening an Obama tax plan to a Nazi invasion. James, though, is a longtime Democrat — and one of Clinton’s top fundraisers. The billionaire sculpted the retirement initiative with a prominent labor economist whose work is supported by another investment mogul who is a big Clinton donor. The proposal has received bipartisan praise from prominent economic thinkers, and James says that Clinton’s top aides are warming to the idea.


Trump campaign: Donald Trump was putting potential fraudsters 'on notice'

A spokesman for Donald Trump’s campaign on Thursday said Mr. Trump’s declining to say whether he would accept the outcome of the election was the GOP presidential nominee’s way of putting people thinking about committing voter fraud “on notice.”

“What Mr. Trump was doing was very simply making the case that he’s putting on notice anyone looking to commit voter fraud or voting irregularities,” Trump campaign spokesman Jason Miller said on Fox News.

“It’s important that we have strong integrity at the ballot box, that we have strong integrity in our elections, and that’s simply what this was about,” he said.

Asked at Wednesday’s debate if he would accept the results of the election, Mr. Trump said he’d “tell you at the time” and “keep you in suspense.”

His Democratic rival Hillary Clinton called that response “horrifying.”


WCSO Press Release 10-20-16

Robinson, David
Incident: Assault
Date of Incident: 18 October 2016
Location: 8000 block of Mar-Lynn Drive, Delmar, MD
Suspect: David Craig Robinson Jr., 26, Delmar, MD
Narrative: On 18 October 2016 at 2:57 AM a deputy responded to a reported 911 call from a residence in the 8000 block of Mar-Lyn Drive in Delmar. Upon arrival, the deputy met with a female resident who had obvious signs of injury to her face. During the ensuing investigation, the deputy learned that these injuries were reportedly inflicted by the resident’s boyfriend, David Robinson during an argument.
The deputy placed Robinson under arrest and transported him to the Central Booking Unit where he was processed and taken in front of the District Court Commissioner. Following an initial appearance, the Commissioner detained Robinson in the Detention Center in lieu of $10,000.00 bond.
Charges: Assault 2nd Degree

Siebenberg and Mosler
Incident: Fugitives Apprehended
Date of Incident: 18 October 2016
Location: Richmond, VA
Matthew Joseph Siebenberg, 24, Salisbury, MD
Nichole Elizabeth Mosler, 29, Salisbury, MD
Narrative: On 18 October 2016, deputies traveled to Richmond, VA to extradite two fugitives back to Wicomico County. Matthew J. Siebenberg was sought on an arrest warrant that was issued after he failed to comply with the requirements of a conviction to register as a sex offender. Siebenberg was convicted of Incest with a juvenile victim back in 2010. Siebenberg failed to show at the Sheriff’s Office to check in as a sex offender as required on 20 September 2016 and was also unable to be located at his address of record. Additionally, Siebenberg was wanted on a Circuit Court Bench Warrant that was issued after he failed to appear for a violation of probation hearing in an unrelated Assault 2nd Degree case.
Nichole E. Mosler was sought on an arrest warrant for Escape 2nd Degree that was issued after she failed to show at the Wicomico County Detention Center to serve a period of incarceration in a theft case.
It was believed that both Siebenberg and Mosler were together and they were featured as such as two of Wicomico County’s “Most Wanted” on local media outlets. A tip was received through Crime Solvers that led authorities to their location in Richmond, VA. Upon their return to Wicomico County, both Siebenberg and Mosler were detained without bond.
Charges: Failure to Register as a Sex Offender (Siebenberg) and Escape 2nd Degree (Mosler)

Johnson, Jarvan
Incident: Assault
Date of Incident: 18 October 2016
Location: 1500 block of Jersey Road, Salisbury, MD
Suspect: Jarvan Johnson, 31, Salisbury, MD
Narrative: On 18 October 2016 a deputy arrested Jarvan Johnson following an allegation of an assault. According to the complainant in this case, she and Johnson had engaged in an argument when Johnson threw a small box at her. Johnson then allegedly grabbed the complainant around her neck in what she believed was an attempt to choke her.
Johnson was transported to the Central Booking Unit where he was processed and taken in front of the District Court Commissioner. Following an initial appearance, the Commissioner released Johnson on $25,000.00 unsecured bond.
Charges: Assault 2nd Degree

Journalists Find Nightmare In Haiti, Clinton Looting Worse Than Thought

Infowars crew members flew to Haiti with filmmaker Gary Heavin to help the people harmed by Hurricane Matthew

Alex Jones discusses the tragedy of Hurricane Matthew and what the Infowars crew witnessed in Haiti.

FLASHBACK: Hillary Didn't Accept The Results Of The 2000 Election

With talk of a "rigged" system as a centerpiece of Donald Trump's presidential campaign, many have begun to ask whether or not he'll accept the election results on November 8th. While some on the left are complaining that questioning the legitimacy of a presidential election is unprecedented, it wasn't long ago that many of them were doing just that--including Hillary Clinton herself!

In October of 2002, during a heated midterm election, then-New York Senator Hillary Clinton declared that President George W. Bush had been "selected" and not "elected" in 2000.

In 2002 Newsweek reported:

At a private fund-raiser in Los Angeles for Democratic Sen. Jean Carnahan of Missouri, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton told the crowd that President Bush merely had been "selected" president, not elected, Newsweek reports in the current issue.


Clinton's Constantly Stick To Their Lies

Donald Trump Won Third Presidential Debate, Internet Decides

Donald Trump won the third and final presidential debate — or at least that’s what you’d think if you were reading the Internet Wednesday night.

As the two candidates went head to head for 90 minutes onstage at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, it was clear that the Republican nominee had won the Internet over.

In a poll run on the Drudge Report near the end of the debate, 76 percent of voters believed that Trump defeated Clinton handily, while 24 percent thought she had won.

It’s worth noting that voters didn’t seem to think Trump performed as well as he did in St. Louis, when he garnered 92 percent of the Drudge poll.



The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) today is urging the Justice Department to investigate the use and impact of face recognition, given mounting evidence that it is violating the rights of millions of Americans and having a disproportionate impact on communities of color. This comes on the heels of a report released today by Georgetown Law's Center on Privacy & Technology that found that police departments across the country are frequently using face recognition technologies to identify and track individuals - whether crossing the street, captured on surveillance cameras, or attending protests. The report highlights that existing deficiencies are likely to have a disparate impact on African Americans.

In Maryland, police throughout the state can run face recognition searches of over 7 million Maryland driver's license and ID photos, over 3 million Maryland arrest booking photos (mug shots), and the Federal Bureau of Investigation's (FBI) Next Generation Identification (NGI) database of 24.9 million mug shots. Georgetown Law's report shows that use of Maryland's system has not been audited in the 5 years it has been active. No policy was provided in response to Georgetown's public records request, but a fact sheet on the system indicates that probable cause is required prior to a search.

The ACLU of Maryland is raising concerns about recent revelations in documents obtained from Geofeedia, a social media monitoring software marketed to law enforcement agencies, that police in Maryland can use facial recognition software to identify faces in photographs of demonstrations posted on social media platforms and match them to persons with open warrants. Use of facial recognition in this context has obvious chilling effects on the exercise of First Amendment freedoms, particularly given the imperfections in both computer and human facial matching, which recent studies show have an error rate of 50 percent. And the claimed use of facial recognition in protests about police misconduct raises questions about whether the technique is being used in a racially disparate way, as well as whether the "probable cause" standard is being adhered to.

Clinton Extreme Meltdown From Surprise Question – Screams, Thrown Water, Obscenities

Bill Still received some information overnight that point out the serious character defects or total lack thereof on the part of the Democrat candidate for president. Hillary Clinton exhibited rage towards the moderator at the Commander-in-Chief Forum, Matt Lauer, for doing in one instance what he should have done for the entire thirty minutes, asking her and pressing her on a question that she hadn’t been fed in advance. She was supposed to go out, recite responses that were well rehearsed and wait for Trump to be caught off guard. Instead it was she who got the surprise and that triggered a rage that we’ve rumors of. Now a firsthand accounting of what happened was sent to Bill Still, and he’s sharing it with America.

The source of his information originated at a Comcast email address, the parent company of NBC.  It is supposedly from members of the technical crew that worked the event and describes what happened moments after Clinton walked off the set. They described “a massive profanity-laced tirade” on the part of Clinton that was directed at Matt Lauer in particular, but had moments for others, including DNC Chairperson Donna Brazile.
As he learned, Clinton had been given all of the questions in advance but was tripped up by Lauer asking her something she hadn’t been given, throwing her completely off her game and script. The topic was a tricky one for Clinton, her use of an illegal home server for the storing, receiving and transmitting of government secret documents. One of those working the event for Comcast described her as visibly beginning to boil with the asking of that question.

Inciting Incident in video below.

The one thing Donald Trump said that was the most important of the presidential race

By touting his wealth, he has invoked the dream of great prosperity

In the 16 months since Donald Trump announced his candidacy, he has said many hard-hitting and provocative things.

But he has also said the single most important thing of the campaign.

It was a statement that was so obvious and deceptively simple that it largely evaporated into the political ether. But it was also a statement of such power that it transformed the Republican presidential race — and may very well determine the future path of the nation. And it was only five words long.

“I’m rich!” he exclaimed. “I’m really rich.”



For you all to ponder today:

Why would Jake Tapper from ABC News be seeking 'advice' from Podesta and Clinton campaign about false tweets?

Once again the close ties between MSM and Clinton campaign shown through emails no one ever believed would be revealed to the public!

Link to Email

No, Ma, this election ain't fixed... there ain't nothin' to see here. Right?

O'Keefe: TV Networks Spiked Story Over Fear of "Retribution" From Hillary Clinton

Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe says that television stations across America canceled appearances he was set to make on their networks over fears of “retribution from a future Hillary Clinton administration.”

O’Keefe released his second bombshell video in the space of two days, shocking footage that shows Democratic party operatives scheming on how to “successfully commit voter fraud on a massive scale.”

Yesterday’s video, which proves that the violence at Donald Trump rallies – blamed on Trump’s “rhetoric” by the media – was in fact planned in advance by individuals connected to Hillary Clinton’s campaign, went viral online but received little mainstream coverage.

Now we know why.

“Project Veritas Action had television exclusives lined up around the country, those television stations spiked the story at the last minute,” said O’Keefe.

“Our sources tell us the reason they did so was fear of retaliation and retribution from a future Hillary Clinton administration,” he added, concluding, “Truth is dangerous, especially when it challenges those in power.”


Hillary Fixer Breaks Ranks: I Arranged Sex Trysts For Her — With Men & WOMEN

Stunning revelations of Clinton bag man!

Hillary Clinton is a secret sex freak who paid fixers to set up illicit romps with both men AND women!

That’s the blockbuster revelation from a former Clinton family operative who is sensationally breaking ranks with his one-time bosses to speak to The National ENQUIRER in a bombshell 9-page cover story — on newsstands Wednesday.

“I arranged a meeting for Hillary and a woman in an exclusive Beverly Hills hotel,” the man, who was hired by the Clintons, via a Hollywood executive, to cover up their scandals, told The ENQUIRER.

“She had come to the studio to see the filming of a movie in 1994.”

“While I was there, I helped her slip out of a back exit for a one-on-one session with the other woman. It was made to look casual, leaving quietly [rather] that being caught up in the melee … but really it was for something presumably more sordid.”

What’s more, it wasn’t just Hillary’s flings with women that the shadowy Mr. Fix It helped to orchestrate!


LOL: Lyin' Media Triggered After Trump Says He'll Wait And See Before Accepting Election Results

Mr. Trump, don't you realize you're supposed to surrender this country to the international banks Hillary's plotting in secret with to destroy U.S. sovereignty?

Donald Trump didn’t go along with Chris Wallace’s demand he accept the results of the election regardless of whether or not Democrats commit massive voter fraud.

Instead, Trump told Wallace he’ll have to “look at the results at the time” before making any sort of concessions and until then, “I’ll keep you in suspense.”


QUIZ: Who Am I?

Who Am I?

Here's HINT:
I was around and publicly active in the Thirties through early Nineties. I made a ton of changes happen in my day!

Answer will be available at 7:00PM Tonight!

Give it a shot! Take a guess!

Former Secret Service: Hillary Completely Incompetent

Her public image is completely fake

Former Secret Service agent Gary Byrne testified that Hillary Clinton is “completely incompetent” and behaves like an unstable dictator.

“Watching her with her dictator-like attitude walking around the West Wing of the White House berating people, who can take her seriously?” said Byrne on The Alex Jones Show Monday. “It was a joke.”

“The Hillary Clinton that I know, that I wrote about in my book Crisis of Character, is completely incompetent,” Byrne continued. “And the truth is if people pay attention they’ve also heard that from the Director of the FBI.”

“He either told us she was completely incompetent, or she was just too stupid to understand the security measures that were supposed to be in place.”


What WikiLeaks Revealed

Being that few have time to go over the 20K+ emails dumped over a 12-day span the following contains a bullet point list showing many things revealed in them.

Note: As you will see, many of the things revealed run counter to Clinton's assertions during last night's debate. Being we know her propensity to lie in order to get elected, coupled with her fantasies about Russia, one has to question, do you believe emails spanning the last eight years or talking points?

Federal grand jury is being convened to investigate criminal conduct by Anthony Weiner

As federal authorities continue to investigate Anthony Weiner's sexually charged online chats with an underage girl, has learned that a grand jury could hear the case against the ex-congressman as soon as the end of the month.

The FBI, the New York Police Department, and US attorneys in New York and North Carolina opened investigations into Weiner's conduct in late September, after reported that the former politician carried on a months-long online relationship with a 15-year-old high school girl.

Weiner has already been hit with a federal subpoena for his cell phone, CNN reported last month.

The feds are apparently looking to move quickly - a federal grand jury is expected to hear allegations against Weiner in the next few weeks, sources tell


DC Metro Police under fire for arrest of black girl


 Below is the description listed on Youtube for this video

17 years old, was commuting home with her friends from Bell High School. She was walking to the metro gates with a bag of chips and lollipop then stopped by transit police because she had food. That's all the back story I was able to get from her and her friends. When filming started after they had already handcuffed her.

In the other videos, she keeps asking them to loosen the handcuffs
But they won't. They then took her up to police vehicle to search her but they slammed her against the car. She screams that they just slammed her face against the window. Officer Vinh (big Asian man with white tee) did most of the violent arresting / assaulting
Sent her to the juvenile processing station near Minnesota Ave. They wouldn't let the person filming this video use her phone to call her mom and unfortunately her mom just got a new number so she didn't have it memorized for home to call her.

EDITORS NOTE: Metro rules state there is no eating while on the train or in the station and that citations or arrests will be made to enforce the law

BlackLivesMatterDC has posted this video to their twitter account. 

New ATF De Facto Ammo Ban? Wetted Nitrocellulose

If you think Clinton and Obama haven't been working to take away your Second Amendment Right already, you're flat wrong. And she'll go even further regardless of what she said during the final debate.

The Sedition Act: The Bad Penny Returns

In much of what was formerly known as “the free world”, freedom is being dramatically curtailed by governments.Nowhere is this truer than in the US. I discussed the future of freedom of speech with an American recently. She postulated that it could never be taken from her, as she was assured freedom of speech under the Constitution. She’s correct in the latter part of her statement. Her Constitution clearly states:

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof, or abridging the freedom of speech.”

But as to the former part of her statement, that she could never have her freedom of speech removed is, I believe, entirely incorrect. Not only is her freedom of speech currently at risk, but this is nothing new in the US. The first suspension of this constitutional right came as early as 1798.

The Sedition Act of 1798 was passed by John Adams’ federalist government. It criminalised the making of statements that criticised the federal government. The Act was used by the Adams government to prosecute newspaper owners if they favoured the views of the Jeffersonian Democratic-Republican Party.

One person who was attacked was David Brown, who was fined and imprisoned for publishing the words, “No Stamp Act, No Sedition Act, No Alien Bills, No Land Tax, downfall to the Tyrants of America.” Another was James Callender, who accused the president as a “repulsive pedant, a gross hypocrite and an unprincipled oppressor".

Those who opposed the passage of the Act stated that it violated the First Amendment to the Constitution, which guaranteed the right to free speech. They were quite correct.


Record 64.7 million non-English speakers in U.S.

Doubles since 1990, with Arabic fastest growing

A new report shows explosive growth in the number of U.S. residents 5 years of age and older who speak a language other than English at home.

The report by the Center for Immigration Studies, which breaks down new Census data, shows a record number of new immigrants in the country whose primary language is not English, and the fastest growing language is Arabic.

In 2015 a record 64.7 million U.S. residents spoke a foreign language at home – up 5.2 million since 2010 and up 1.5 million in just the last year. The largest percentage increase from 2010 to 2015 was for speakers of Arabic, Hindi (an India language) and Urdu (Pakistan’s national language).

More than one in five U.S. residents now speaks a foreign language at home, according to the CIS report.

“A common language is the means by which immigrant groups communicate with each other and with the larger society,” said Steven Camarota, the center’s director of research and co-author of the new report.


Wikileaks: Bill Clinton Boasts of Hillary's 'Working Relationship' with Muslim Brotherhood

In a speech Bill Clinton gave at the home of Mehul and Hema Sanghani in October 2015, revealed to the public for the first time by WikiLeaks, former President Bill Clinton touted Hillary Clinton’s “working relationship” with the Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohamed Morsi in Egypt as an example of her diplomatic skills.

President Clinton also gave his wife a lot of credit for negotiating the Iran nuclear deal, in a passage that began with the standard Democrat “stuff happens” shrugging defense for foreign policy failures:

Finally, we live in a world, as I said, that’s full of good news and bad news. The United States cannot control it all, but we need a president who’s most likely to make as many good things happen as possible, and most likely to prevent big, bad things from happening. You can’t keep every bad thing from happening; who’s most likely to be able to get people involved in a positive way. Even the people who don’t like the Iran nuclear agreement concede it never would have happened if it hadn’t been for the sanctions. Hillary negotiated those sanctions and got China and Russia to sign off – something I thought she’d never be able to do. I confess. I’m never surprised by anything she does, but that surprised me. I didn’t think she could do it. The Chinese and the Russians to see past their short-term self-interest to their long-term interest and not sparking another nuclear arms race.


Illegal Family Crossings at Mexican Border Up 95% from Last Year

A report from Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson reveals the number of illegal border crossing apprehensions of Family Units from Central America and Mexico hit the highest level on record.

Family Unit apprehensions set an all-time high with 77,674 crossings in FY 2016.

Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC) hit the second highest mark. The 59,692 UACs were second to the 2014 historic mark of 69,970.


Just RELEASED: Day 13's Emails!

Yes, here we are for the thirteenth day in a row, more WikiLeaks emails for you to get informed... that is, if you dare!

This is the nail in the coffin. She sickens me.

Trump rally disrupter was once on Clinton campaign’s payroll

A Democratic operative working to support Hillary Clinton’s campaign was canned Tuesday after an undercover video emerged showing him bragging about hiring homeless people and the mentally ill to disrupt Donald Trump’s rallies.

The video — released after a year-long investigation by the conservative group Project Veritas — shows Scott Foval, formerly of the Americans United for Change, explaining the dirty tricks.
“They’re starting confrontations in the line, right?” Foval said in the video.

“They’re not starting confrontations in the rally. Because once they’re inside the rally, they’re under Secret Service control. When they’re outside the rally, the media will cover it no matter where it happens. The key is initiating the conflict by having leading conversations with people who are naturally psychotic,” he added.

Foval, the national field director for the group — was fired not long after the 16-minute video went online.


National Enquirer promises interview with Hillary Clinton's fixer detailing her scandals

The National Enquirer claims it will be releasing a bombshell interview with one of Hillary Clinton's fixers on Wednesday.

The tabloid claims that the story will reveal how this individual allegedly 'covered up Bill’s seedy romp with hookers' and the 'A-list celebrity' who had a 'secret affair' with Bill when he was president.

The person also claims to have details of the 'counter-attack' Hillary plotted against Monica Lewinsky as well as information about Hillary's 'secret trysts' with men and women.


Dept Of Justice Seeks to Intervene in Pocomoke City Race Bias Lawsuit

Justice Department Seeks to Intervene in Lawsuit 
Alleging Race Discrimination and Retaliation by 
Pocomoke City, Maryland, the Worcester County Sheriff 
and the State of Maryland

The Justice Department announced today that it has moved to intervene in Savage et al. v. Pocomoke City et al., a private lawsuit alleging race discrimination and retaliation under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 by Pocomoke City, Maryland, the Worcester County Sheriff and the state of Maryland. Title VII is a federal statute that prohibits employment discrimination on the basis of the basis of sex, race, color, national origin and religion

The United States’ complaint in intervention alleges that the Worcester County Sheriff and the state of Maryland subjected former Pocomoke City Police Officer Franklin Savage to a racially-hostile work environment while he was assigned to a joint task force operated by the sheriff’s office. Specifically, Officer Savage was repeatedly subjected to racial epithets as well as other racially-charged acts of harassment, humiliation and intimidation by his co-workers and supervisors. Officer Savage’s complaints about racial harassment allegedly resulted in a series of retaliatory actions against him by the Worcester County Sheriff’s Office and Pocomoke City, concluding with the termination of his employment. The complaint further alleges that Pocomoke City similarly retaliated against two other officers – former Pocomoke City Police Chief Kelvin Sewell and former Pocomoke City Police Lieutenant Lynell Green – for supporting Officer Savage in the course of his complaints. Chief Sewell was eventually terminated as well

The complaint seeks a court order that requires the defendants to implement policies and procedures that will ensure a workplace environment free of discrimination and retaliatory conduct. The United States also seeks relief, including monetary relief for the three charging parties as compensation for damages caused by the alleged discrimination.

Clinton-Bush Game of Thrones

The Bushes and the Clintons, the two “political dynasties” expect that Hillary Clinton will maintain the established status quo, if elected, and do not want Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump to occupy the Oval Office, US-based journalist and editor-in-chief of News Junkie Post Gilbert Mercier told Sputnik.

The US’ 2016 presidential election resembles nothing so much as a reality show, Gilbert Mercier, a US-based French journalist, author and editor-in-chief of News Junkie Post, deems.

However, to understand the underlying “forces” that drive today’s election one should look back into the US’ history.

“Just like in the mafia crime families whose influence reached its apex between the 1920s and the late 1950s, to fade away in the late 1970s, the US rival political families are in many ways organized in clans with their own structure of don, capo, consigliere and hatchet men. The Rockefellers and Kennedys operated like this. Since the election of Reagan, the two dominating clans have been the Bushes and the Clintons,” Mercier suggested in his interview with Sputnik.


Book review: It’s Dangerous to Believe

There’s a new witch hunt underway. Occurring at the behest of an ascendant secular orthodoxy, the 21st century version is no less zealous in its fervor, its dogmatic absolutism, and its lack of concern for the evidence than the Puritan witch hunts of 17th century New England. Its victims? Small Christian colleges, faith-based homeschoolers, and Catholic charities, according to writer Mary Eberstadt.

In her new book, It’s Dangerous to Believe: Religious Freedom and Its Enemies (Harper, 2016), Eberstadt argues that the long-running culture war over abortion and other kindred issues has, over the last decade, taken a sinister turn for the worse. In the past ten years, nuns have been forced by the federal government to include contraceptives in their health insurance offerings. Pastors in one of the country’s largest cities have been ordered to submit any sermons on homosexuality or other gender-related matters to the mayor’s office. Bakers have been sued and shamed out of business for refusing to provide wedding cakes at gay weddings, which now bear the imprimatur of state approval.

“Belligerent secularism, not religious traditionalism, is the true heir to Puritanism today,” Eberstadt declares. “It is standard-bearers within the progressive-secular alliance, not religious traditionalists, who now enforce dogma on the wider society, who police cultural precincts for heretics, and who shun and shame dissenters.”


Hillary off campaign trail for ‘drug holiday’?

Physicians detail evidence of Parkinson's disease

Has Hillary Clinton disappeared from the campaign trail because her physicians have temporarily taken her off of drugs to treat Parkinson’s disease?

That’s a question raised by Dr. Theodore “Ted” Noel, a retired anesthesiologist in Orlando, Florida, with 36 years experience who has a background in critical-care medicine.

Noel has produced new videos from recent Clinton appearances that he believes provides additional evidence to support his contention that Clinton is suffering from Parkinson’s disease.

“Is Hillary off the campaign trail because her physicians have put her on a drug holiday?” Noel asks, noting she also stopped campaigning for a prolonged period before the second debate.

“A ‘drug holiday’ is often prescribed for Parkinson’s disease patients,” Noel explained to WND. “The problem is that Parkinson’s patients need increased doses of their medication as the disease progresses.”

A drug holiday, he said, would “allow her physicians to get her drug-free for a while, so she can be on lower doses when the drugs are restarted.”