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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Very Creative

MSP Press Release 12-12-15 (Berlin Barrack) Alcohol Related Collision

Wreaths Across America lays wreaths on Kent Island

KENT ISLAND, Md. - Wreaths Across America is an organization that will lay wreaths at cemeteries in all 50 states this weekend.

They travel in a convoy to bring attention to their mission, and Friday they came through Maryland on their way to Washington.

Twenty-four cemeteries on foreign soil will take part in this as well.

Their mission is to honor those who served, remember those who gave their lives and to educate children about the cost and value of freedom. They got that message across Friday.


North Carolina First Grader Dragged A MILE By School Bus After Driver Closed Door On Her Arm

Many parents in America entrust their children to the care of others. Teachers, babysitters and bus drivers are all entrusted with this responsibility. However, one bus driver shows that that trust can be misplaced after he discovered that he had accidentally closed the bus’ door on the arm of a little girl and then dragged her for a mile.

A first grader was dragged for almost a mile down the road by a school bus after the driver accidentally closed the door on her arm.

The substitute driver only realized Chelsea Klepzig was trapped in the door when he arrived at the next stop in Forsyth County, North Carolina.

Incredibly, the six-year-old escaped with only minor injuries – despite being carried by the bus for the best part of a mile.

But her sneakers, which were ripped apart as her feet dragged on the ground, show what a lucky escape the first grader had.

The driver has now been suspended without pay as school officials decide whether to fire him.

Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools said in a statement they are ‘so thankful the student is OK and it was not worse.’

Little Chelsea had been returning home from Union Cross Elementary School on Monday afternoon when the horrific accident occurred.

Her grandmother was waiting at the Stonington Way Court bus stop, in Kernersville, to collect her, when the door closed on her granddaughter’s arm as she went to get off.

Horrified Estrella Klepzig chased after the bus in her car as Chelsea desperately clung on to the side with her feet and legs dragging on the ground.

‘I had to follow him,’ she told Fox 8. ‘I kept flashing him to stop, stop because I didn’t see her feet anymore. [He] didn’t even give her a chance to move. She was still in the door.’


Police: Maryland Man Had Plans To Attack Government Offices

EDGEWATER, Md. (AP) — Police say a Maryland man who was threatening people’s lives and claimed to “own” the government may have been planning a mass shooting.

Anne Arundel County police spokesman Lt. Ryan Frashure says officers arrested 56-year-old Kirk Green on Saturday after he caused a disturbance at a grocery store. Frashure says officers later found guns, ammunition and plans to attack government agencies inside his vehicle at his Edgewater home.

Police say Green had circled locations on a map and had written in a journal that he planned to “take back the land.”


Woman Faces Jail Time For Leaving Dog At The Mercy Of Fleas Who Drained His Blood

There is a special place in hell for those who needlessly and callously torture animals. One Virginia woman did not torture her dog, per se, but instead, allowed the dog to be drained of his blood by fleas that sucked him dry. Now, because of her treatment of the poor pooch, the woman is facing jail time.

A Virginia woman has been sentenced to six months in jail after she left her dog tied up outside, allowing it to be slowly and painfully killed by fleas in what police are calling one of the worst cases of animal abuse they’ve ever seen.

Josefina Baldera Soils was convicted on a misdemeanor animal cruelty charge stemming from an incident on September 9 when a neighbor found her mixed-breed dog, Golden, tethered to his kennel outside in the rain and wailing in pain.

Amanda Hios, who lives at the Country Aire trailer park in Prince George’s County, said Solis’ pet was crying for at least eight hours that day.

When she went outside the check on him, she found the animal huddled under his dog house and crawling with thousands of fleas.

‘I had never heard an animal so sad in my life,’ Hios told the station WTVR.

Hios summoned an animal control officer, who was also taken aback by the state of the dog.

‘It was an astonishing amount of fleas on the dog,’ Prince George County Animal Control supervisor Job Greene said.

The dog appeared listless, was having difficulty breathing and was too weak to lift his head off the ground.

Golden was rushed to a veterinary clinic but died en route from blood loss.


Police Pursuit Ends In Deadly Crash On I-95

A police pursuit that ended in a crash Friday afternoon has left two people dead, police said.

Maryland Transportation Authority police said officers tried to initiate a traffic stop around 1:40 p.m. on northbound Interstate 95 near Eastern Avenue in southeast Baltimore.

MdTA police said the vehicle fled, crossed the grassy median into oncoming traffic just south of Joppa Road near White Marsh and struck a vehicle head-on.


How A Conservative Congressman Ended Up On The Terrorist No-Fly List

Republican Rep. Tom McClintock of Elk Grove, a liberty-minded conservative and staunch defender of gun rights, took to the House floor Thursday to warn the nation about the perils of strict firearms legislation, offering that “the most effective defense against an armed terrorist is an armed American.”

McClintock, delivering his remarks as many lawmakers across the country seized on the recent mass shooting in San Bernardino to renew their push for tougher laws, said that if just one person in the room had been able to return fire, “many innocent lives could have been saved.”

“But Californians are subject to the most restrictive gun laws in the country, making it very difficult for law-abiding citizens to exercise their Second Amendment right to defend themselves,” he said. “And in a society denied its right of self-defense, the gunman is king.”


Read more here:

Landfill commercialization could return to Worcester

When Ocean City government made the decision to get out of the trash disposal business, opting to ship its tons of waste to Pennsylvania be incinerated in order to produce electricity, the reduction in volume had immediate consequences for the rest of the county’s solid waste division.

Primarily, that would be a significant loss of income and the loss of the ability to gain new income, until, perhaps, now.

The division has three parts: the central landfill in Newark, recycling and the homeowner convenience centers. The central landfill is making money, Public Works Director John Tustin said this week. The other two aren’t, to the tune of about $1.5 million annually, he said.

The county commissioners expressed interest in ideas to help close the gap earlier this year.


PROOF Liberals Are LYING About The ‘Mass Shooting Tracker’

GunsAreCool/Reddit has apparently become the go-to source for mass shooting statistics, but is their information accurate?

Hardball with Chris Matthews, The Daily Show and WaPo have all cited the “mass shooting tracker” featured on Reddit’s GunsAreCool forum which says America has seen somewhere in the neighborhood of 353 mass shootings in 2015 alone.

Mere seconds of investigation into this “tracker” proves otherwise.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation defines a “mass shooting” as an event in which four or more individuals are killed as a result of a shooting. This excludes the shooter, which GunsAreCool includes in their “tracker”

Going by that definition, are Reddit’s statistics accurate?

Not by a long shot. Let’s take a look at the first seven “mass shootings” recorded by this “tracker.


This Could Be Fate of Tashfeen Malik if No One Will Do Burial — and It’s Strictly Forbidden by Islam

The body of San Bernardino terror bride Tashfeen Malik could be cremated if no one soon volunteers to perform her funeral — an act strictly forbidden by Islamic law.

Cremation is forbidden for Muslims and Islam requires the body of the deceased be washed and shrouded prior to the funeral. A funeral prayer then precedes the burial. The body of the individual is finally laid to rest on his or her right side, facing the direction of Mecca.

But, Malik doesn’t seem likely to get that treatment. Sources told Fox News that Muslim leaders want nothing to do with her funeral and that her body remains unclaimed.

“No one wants to claim her and no one wants to do the funeral,” a “well-placed source” within the Muslim community told Fox News. “They are all waiting for someone else to be the one to take care of this part of it.”


Trump's Muslim Ban in Action

'Disrespectful' American flag photo banned from yearbook

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. —A Massachusetts woman’s Facebook post about her daughter’s high school refusing to allow a photo of her in the yearbook, because she is standing with an American flag, has gone viral.

But the school says that’s not the reason they won’t include it.

Lisa Traux said her daughter’s employer bought a page in her yearbook to congratulate her on her hard work, but when school officials saw the photo of Morgan Truax, 18, showing her patriotism, they told her they were uncomfortable with the American flag in the background.

“Does anyone find this photo offensive? Apparently, Foxborough High School finds it offensive,” Lisa Truax’s post said. “They won’t allow the picture in the yearbook, because it’s the American flag. We are American! We live in America! OMG, what is this country coming to?”


Leaving His Mark

Boardwalkin’ in December brings different view of OC

Picturing the Ocean City Boardwalk as December rolls along conjures a scene ripe for tumbleweeds, should the climate allow, but looking more closely, some form of the July juggernaut still exists and isn’t too hard to find.

The rides are closed, the pier is closed and many of the shops and restaurants are closed. But some are open and continue, as they have in the past, to have different reasons for that. Not all are to serve the public at present, but as Internet commerce begins to find a handhold in the region and next summer is always just around the corner, some businesses are taking the time to prepare, to plan and even to relax themselves.

For example, the arcades are open, usually. Marty’s Playland keeps a skeleton crew aboard and is open nearly every day this month. Sportland opens too, but keeps a less formal schedule.

“Every quarter dropped hits a wire, so eventually those wires need to be replaced,” Playland supervisor Jeff Jankowski said. “We don’t do a lot of business every day, but it’s usually enough to pay the electric bill.”


JUST IN: Bomb Threat Evacuates N.J. Mall

Riverside Square Mall in Bergen County has been evacuated due to a bomb threat, according to the Bergen County Sheriff’s Department.

A note was reportedly found in a bathroom inside the Hackesack mall. Traffic is being diverted from Hackensack Avenue onto Route 4.

Authorities said the mall was being evacuated out of caution. A bomb squad heading to the scene early Saturday afternoon, the Bergen County Sheriff’s Department said.


Our Duty as American Muslims

We are the only ones who can lead a winning fight against the radicalism crippling our faith.

After San Bernardino, American Muslims have to come to terms with an ever more apparent truth: that we, and our mainstream Muslim brethren, are the only ones who can lead a winning fight against the radicalism crippling our faith.

What’s most troubling about the San Bernardino massacre is that Syed Farook seemed to have been, by almost all accounts, an ordinary American. He was an educated and employed 28-year-old first-generation citizen, born to Pakistani immigrants.

Like many Americans, I have a similar background, which makes the attack all the more concerning. It seems unthinkable that someone in such a position could be susceptible to radicalization. Yet we have seen this happen time and again, particularly among younger Muslims in the Middle East, Europe and now America.


Scientific Effort Aiming To Confirm Climate Change Has Local Roots

WALLOPS ISLAND, Va – James Yungel has been flying the same stretch of Greenland since 1993 when scientists started to hear about a trend some were calling “global warming.”

Yungel is the Program Manager for Wallops Island Remote Sensing Team and he says the mission in the early years was to determine whether Greenland’s glaciers were losing ice and snow, or in scientific terms, mass balance.

Yungel says you only have to look at the Jacobshavn, which is Greenland’s largest glacier, to see that the mass balance of the ice is overwhelmingly negative.

“The ice and the front edge of that glacier have moved seven miles,” said Yungel. “You can really see the depression in the ice and that noticeable difference is something we’ve been seeing over the past 20 years.”


The Fox In The Hen House

The Veterans Affairs Department says it’s no longer routinely placing employees accused of misconduct on paid administrative leave, but on detail to another area in the department instead. Deputy Secretary Sloan Gibson said the VA is also conducting its own disciplinary investigations separate from the inspector general. He told the House Veterans Affairs Committee the IG disciplinary reviews take too long and cost too much.

Dead Freddies issues first response to wage lawsuit

In a response filed Dec. 7 in U.S. District Court in Baltimore, the ownership and management of Ocean City restaurant Dead Freddie’s contends that it broke no wage and hour laws when it did not pay overtime to a number of employees who often worked more than 40 hours a week.

In its response to the class action suit filed Aug. 27 by a number of employees, Dead Freddie’s asserts that two of the plaintiffs in the case were cooks who were exempt from overtime regulations.

The defense also denied that owner Stephen Carullo told server captains in 2011, “no one in the hospitality business gets overtime,” as stated in the claim.

Two former employees, Desmond Dale and David Brow, were paid a salary during their tenure at the restaurant as cooks, the defense confirmed, and admitted Brow was often required to work in excess of 40, and sometimes in excess of 100 hours per week. All other claims regarding Dale were denied. It will be up to the court to decide if cooks employed at Dead Freddies qualify as salaried employees exempt from overtime.


Surprised About Donald Trump's Popularity? You Shouldn't Be

There are a lot of surprising things about Donald Trump's campaign. He has been atop polls almost constantly for nearly five months. Contrast that to GOP primaries of recent past, in which a series of "front-runners" have come and gone before a nominee was chosen.

Likewise, he seems not only immune to fact checks but is helped when he is perceived to be a victim of media targeting — even when he has made blatantly untrue claims and refused to back down.

Wednesday provided the latest Trump news that shocked (shocked!) many: Nearly two-thirds of likely GOP primary voters said in a Bloomberg poll that they supported his proposal to block all Muslims from entering the U.S. — a proposal that many legal scholars say would be unconstitutional and that many of Trump's GOP opponents blast as "un-American."

But when you look at Americans' attitudes, not only on that specific question of Islam but toward politics in general, a lot of things that have surprised the political establishment about Trump aren't surprising at all.

Americans Feel Negatively Toward Muslims


Commission Approves New Berlin Police Station Plan; Exterior Changes Sought

BERLIN – Plans for the town’s new police station continue to move ahead, as the project received site plan approval from the Berlin Planning Commission this week.

In spite of concerns that the building didn’t look as if it belonged in Berlin and questions regarding the station’s location, the commission voted 6-0, with Ron Cascio abstaining, to approve the plans. A condition of the approval, however, was that the project’s architects return to the commission with design details that would make the building blend better with the town’s existing structures.

“We will take your comments very seriously,” architect Tim Crosby said.

Crosby and engineer John Salm presented plans for a stone-accented 9,000 square foot building to be erected at the intersection of Bay Street and Decatur Street, just off Route 113. Salm said the building would be set back off the road with parking on three sides as well as a fenced storage area in the back. Stormwater management will be addressed through rain gardens and nearly all of the trees existing on the site will remain in place.



Called for supporters of GOP presidential hopeful Donald Trump to be shot

Loring Wirbel, board member of the American Civil Liberties Union’sColorado chapter and co-chair of the ACLU’s Colorado Springs chapter, called for supporters of GOP presidential hopeful Donald Trump to be shot before they vote for the billionaire businessman.

Comparing Trump to Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels, Wirbel wrote in his Facebook page:

The thing is, we have to really reach out to those who might consider voting for Trump and say, “This is Goebbels. This is the final solution. If you are voting for him I will have to shoot you before election day.” They’re not going to listen to reason, so when justice is gone, there’s always force, as Laurie would say.


President Obama authorizes Dec. 24 half-day closing

Federal employees will get a half-day off on Thursday, Dec. 24.

President Barack Obama signed an executive order Dec. 11 permitting federal employees to take off the last half of the scheduled workday on Christmas Eve.


Seven years in office and still no change.

For almost two terms in office the President has been promising change… and hope… and stuff.

But it won’t happen overnight. In fact it hasn’t happened overnight for 7 years now.

The Washington Free Beacon put together a hilarious video that documents a selection of the many times Obama has put forth policy proposals and promises, only to add the caveat that it aint gonna happen any time soon.

Attention LEOs working Christmas Eve

My family and I belong to an organization called

The Thin Blue Line

We are ambassadors, who promote the brave and good within our blue protectors, especially during this time of unrest.

Our home will be open to any LEO that will be working on Christmas Eve. From 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. we will provide chili, drinks and desserts.

It’s our privilege to show you appreciation for working on the holidays and Every Day

Nathan, Crystal and Colby
1122 Nevins Place
Salisbury, MD. 21804


Officials will visit possible excursion train backer in NC

Worcester County can almost hear that excursion train between Berlin and Snow Hill a’coming ‘round the bend, as local economic development representatives prepare to tour a North Carolina railroad tourism operation the end of this month.

On Dec. 28, Bryson, N.C.-based Great Smoky Mountain Railroad will fly in the economic development directors from both towns, along with Worcester County Economic Development Director Mary Mears and Berlin Town Administrator Laura Allen, for a three-day tour of its facilities.

Berlin Economic and Development Director Ivy Wells promised that 2016 would be “the year of the excursion train” in her town.

“I specifically want to see what the economic impact is in the neighboring towns, Bryson City and Ashville,” she said. “It’s on their dime and we’re really interested to talk to the people there.”


Kudlow: This Is War. Seal the Borders. Stop the Visas.

I know this is not my usual position.

But this is a war.

Therefore I have come to believe there should be no immigration or visa waivers until the U.S. adopts a completely new system to stop radical Islamic terrorists from entering the country.

A wartime lockdown.

And a big change in my thinking.

ISIS and related Islamic terrorists are already here. More are coming.

We must stop them.

Until FBI Director James Comey gives us the green light, I say seal the borders.

Here’s what we must do: Completely reform the vetting process for immigrants and foreign visitors. Change the screening process. Come up with a new visa-application review process.

Stop this nonsense of marriage-visa fraud.

And in the meantime, seal the borders. I agree with Jessica Vaughn, director of policy studies at the Center for Immigration Studies, who argued many of these points in excellent detail on the National Review website on Friday.

Again, why am I taking this hardline position? In the past I have been an immigration reformer, not a restrictionist.

But we are at war.

Read more here

From The Facebook Page Of Martin O'Malley

This was just posted a few minutes ago.

“Assassinate Trump” Says Rick Ross in New Song 'Free Enterprise' w/ John Legend - Wants Trump Killed

Ted Cruz Vows To ‘Utterly Destroy ISIS’ As President

Senator and GOP Presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) says, if elected President, he’ll take a page from Ronald Reagan when it comes to fighting ISIS. “We win. They lose.”

He then went on to say, “We will utterly destroy ISIS. We won’t degrade them. We won’t weaken them. We will utterly destroy them.”

In an exclusive interview on Breitbart News Daily, Cruz tells host Steven K. Bannon he’d start by using overwhelming air power. He likened the effort to the carpet bombing of the Iraqi army during the first Persian Gulf War. He called what Obama is currently doing “pin prick,” or “photo op foreign policy,” given the low number of air sorties a day – from 10 to 20. During the Gulf war the U.S. was flying as many as “1,100 in a day,” Cruz notes.

Cruz also said he’d arm the Kurds.

“They are actively fighting ISIS on the ground right now. They are having significant successes. But ISIS is using American military equipment that they seized in Iraq. The Kurds unfortunately are using outdated equipment and Obama refuses to arm them because of political concerns about Baghdad.” Cruz maintained the Kurds would act as “boots on the ground” but also said that to the extent further military troops are required “We should do whatever is necessary to utterly and completely destroy ISIS.”

Read more


Gun rights groups hope exhibition will illustrate absurdity of gun free zones

Gun rights groups are issuing a call for crisis actors to take part in a fake mass shooting at the University of Texas campus in Austin, in an effort to demonstrate the ineffectiveness of gun free zones.

Yesterday, pro-Second Amendment groups Come and Take It Texas and announced the “Life and Liberty Event to End Gun Free Zones,” an event which will include a theatrical performance of a mock mass shooting, reports The Hill.

A spokesman for the two groups said actors would pretend to be shot by armed assailants using cardboard guns.

“It’s a fake mass shooting, and we’ll use fake blood,” Matthew Short told theAustin American Statesman, adding the performance would include realistic gun sounds and even first responders.


Even Kids get It!

Area Spirit Kitchen Fills Valuable Need In Community On A Weekly Basis

BERLIN – As a long line of people waited for the doors to open outside the Stevenson United Methodist Church in Berlin earlier this week, congregation members Ray Stevens and Vicky Nock stood in a circle of volunteers with their hands joined together, and their heads bowed in a moment of prayer.

When the doors open a few moments later, dozens of people flood inside to get a hot meal and pick up donated food bags to take with them back to their homes.

The people were bundled in warm clothing, representing a wide range of ages and ethnicities. Yet, the one thing that they all had in common is that they were in dire need of food.


Clearly, We Need More Shame And Judgment In Our Society

This is what happens when you don’t have enough shame and judgment.

His name is Paul Wolscht. Paul is a 52-year-old pervert, a “transgender” activist, and a “trans consultant” from Canada who was recently given a glowing profile in a gay news site whose name and web address I will not promote. He is, just like every other “transgender,” a homosexual cross dresser and clinical narcissist who wears skirts and makeup because he finds it sexually stimulating (underscored in this case by the fact that his chosen girl name is, I’m not kidding, “Stefonknee”), but there is one detail about Paul that makes him somewhat unique. You see, our hero isn’t just a “transgender” — he’s a “transager.”

A while after getting married and fathering seven children, Paul realized he’s actually a girl. A 6-year-old girl, to be precise. Upon arriving at this scientific conclusion, he abandoned his family and went to live with a couple of deviants who “adopted” him as their son. It will come as no surprise that he has a sexual relationship with his “adopted father.”



Majority of Americans have a negative view of Islam

A new Rasmussen survey indicates that most likely voters agree with GOP front runner Donald Trump that a temporary ban on Muslim immigrants and travelers should be imposed.

The survey found that a large majority of Republicans, two thirds, agree with Trump, while a plurality of all voters agree with Trump’s proposal.

Among all voters, 46 percent favor a temporary ban on Muslims entering the United States, while 40 percent are opposed. A further fourteen percent declared that they are undecided.


Thanks Obama

Firefighters, paramedics offer insight into emergency service

In an effort to show government officials and members of the media what it takes to go into a burning building to save lives, Ocean City firefighters and paramedics gave them that opportunity last Sunday morning at the Worcester County Training Center in Newark.

Obviously, it can be stressful, as was evidenced by the required blood pressure and pulse checks administered to participants after their arrival at 7:30 a.m.

Next, was fit testing for a smoke mask, which consisted of eight overall tests ranging from heavy breathing to talking and bending.

“We do fit testing every year to make sure the masks fit properly,” said Ryan Whittington, president of the International Association of Firefighters in Ocean City. “We want to make sure there is a seal during all movements so the smoke cannot come in and choke us.”


This Is How It's Done On The Shore


He’s facing jail time for threatening to blow up a MP’s house

Well this is cute. Remember the Muslim convert who stood outside Parliament last week, with a sign asking people if they were brave enough to hug him since wasn’t a terrorist?

Yeah, he’s a terrorist. He’s facing jail time for threatening to blow up a MP’s house. No, seriously…


Navy preparing to open SEAL screening process to women

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — The U.S. Naval Academy is preparing to open its screening process for Navy SEAL training next year to women who are juniors at the academy, the superintendent said Monday.

Vice Adm. Walter "Ted" Carter told the academy's Board of Visitors at their quarterly meeting that the school is waiting for specific guidance from the Navy before definitely opening next spring's screening. He noted it could take longer before female midshipmen will take part in the rigorous 24-hour marathon screening process.

"We'll be ready to put women through the screener as early as next year," Carter said. "I don't know that we could move any faster, but it could be longer depending on what the details of the policy decisions are."

The superintendent's comments come less than a week after Defense Secretary Ash Carter announced the military will open all combat jobs to women.


Trump: Death Penalty for Cop Killers

GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump on Thursday said he would support the death penalty for anyone who kills a police officer.

"One of the first things I'd do in terms of executive order if I win would be to sign a strong, strong statement that will go out to the country, out to the world, that anybody caught killing a policeman, policewoman, police officer — anybody killing a police officer: death penalty," Trump said in Milford, New Hampshire for a New England Police Benevolence Association event.


Wouldn't You Agree?

Birth Control Approach On Assateague Tweaked With Recent Horse Deaths

ASSATEAGUE — With a survey recently completed in November, the current population of wild horses in the Maryland section of the Assateague Island National Seashore has dipped to 88 after at least four more have perished recently.

The Assateague Island Alliance (AIA), the friends group of the Assateague Island National Seashore that provides support for the famed wild horses on the barrier island, completed a population survey in November and learned the size of the herd had diminished, causing the National Parks Service to consider adjusting the ongoing contraceptive program for the mares on the island.

The November survey determined “Taffy,” the oldest mare on record on Assateague at 34, along with an unnamed mare known simply as N6G, who was 33, were classified as missing or presumed dead. In addition, another mare known as “Sarah,” or N6EH, was found on the marsh around kilometer marking 21 and was unable to get back up and was humanely euthanized. Recently, a 23-year-old stallion known as N9BQ was found dead, and in October, “Sham,” the oldest known stallion ever on Assateague had to be euthanized due to rapidly deteriorating health.


Gingrich: Time for World War on Islamic Terrorists

The United states is "in a war with international efforts to create Islamic supremacism," former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said Friday, pointing out that the battles are world wide and Congress needs to make an authorization for a global fight.

"ISIS itself is a term that has very limited meaning," Gingrich told Fox News' "America's Newsroom" host Martha MacCallum, pointing out that there are extremists in the United States as well as overseas.

"One of the people, of the two killers in California, one was born in Indiana," said Gingrich. "The husband was not an immigrant; he was from Indiana. We have, I think, 20 cases now in Minnesota of various Somali-Americans who have been involved with terrorism."

FBI Director James Comey has also said there are about "1,000 people in the U.S. under surveillance right now for involvement with Islamic supremacism," said Gingrich, "So I think, that this is a much more complicated story."

Gingrich said back in 2001, he was at the CIA counter-terrorism center where he was being briefed, and at that time, the potential recruiting base was about 3-5 percent of Islam, or about 39-65 million people.

"I said 'and what's your target set?' Oh, about 5,000 people in Al-Qaida. Well, if you're targeting 5,000 but the real recruiting is 65 million, you clearly don't have the right size strategy, and you don't have the right size approach," he recalled saying.


Harley - Davidson - Starts Job Cutting in Milwaukee

Harley-Davidson Inc. began handing out pink slips this month in Milwaukee.

The Milwaukee-based motorcycle company is moving forward on its plans to lay off 250 salaried support staff globally in the fourth quarter.

Harley-Davidson (NYSE: HOG) also offered early retirement incentives to many Milwaukee employees, said spokesman Tony Macrito.

"That’s largely going to be completed by the end of the year," Macrito said. "The adjustment in positions and structure is being made in every part of the business."


Sharyl Attkisson: White House hiding Obama pics

Request for photos of president during Benghazi attack stonewalled

(Headlines & Global News) During a Tuesday morning interview on C-SPAN’s “Washington Journal,” former CBS investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson spoke of the brick wall she encountered while attempting to obtain official White House photographs of President Obama from the night of the 2012 Benghazi terror attacks in Libya.

Sharyl Attkisson exposes the establishment media in “Stonewalled: My Fight for Truth Against the Forces of Obstruction, Intimidation, and Harassment in Obama’s Washington.”

Attkisson said she was first told by the photo office that she would get the pictures by the end of the day, but was then referred to the then-deputy press secretary, Josh Earnest, who refused to communicate with Attkisson or her team, Breitbart reported.


WalMart, (and others) Are Scams Customers

While I rarely go shopping, I went to the store yesterday and came across this mystery. 

The bag on the left clearly says Party Size for $3.98. Interestingly enough, the bag is 15.5 ounces. The bag on the right is the regular bag of chips for the same amount of money but what's interesting is, it's 17.5 ounces. 

Now I don't know about you but wouldn't you think/believe that a Party Size bag would have more chips in it, especially for the same price? So you see Party Size and assume you are getting more when in fact they are screwing each and every person. 

Now here's the bigger kicker. I could not believe the price of groceries. However, do you people not think about how groceries skyrocketed when the price of gas went over $4.00 a gallon, yet now it's down to $2.00 a gallon and NOTHING has come DOWN in price???

UPS & FedEx are still charging an extra fee because of the price of gas, yet it's gone way down and their still gouging AMERICANS and the government has done nothing about all this fraud. 

Businesses are stealing money from Americans and I personally cannot believe our representatives are just letting this fly under the radar. 

Would You Pay $.20/Minute To Stow Your Dog While Shopping?

There are dog watchers, dog walkers, dog hotels, and dog salons, but when you just need to keep your pooch pal outside of a store for a couple of minutes while you run an errand, do you resort to the old “tie the leash to the parking meter” technique? A startup in NYC is betting that you’ll be willing to pay for the convenience of stashing your dog in a “curbside kennel” while you shop. 

Defense Rests in Porter Trial; Journalists Ejected For Trying To Record Video In Court

The defense has rested its case in the trial of Officer William Porter.

The defense presented 12 witnesses over three days before resting its case just before 12:30 this afternoon.

Judge Barry Williams dismissed the jury of seven women and five men for the weekend.

After a one hour hearing with attorneys to discuss jury instructions recessed court until Monday at 9 a.m., when the jury will receive instructions and hear closing arguments.

If there are no further legal issues, the jury could begin deliberating as soon as Monday afternoon.

Today, the defense called four character witnesses including Porter’s Mother Helena, who called her someone "who likes to keep the peace and is a peacemaker."


Congress Pulls Together Proposal To Ban Internet Access Taxes Permanently, Likely To Become Law

There never has been a tax on email or bandwidth use, for most of us, because Congress made it illegal to charge one more than 15 years ago. That law, though, was temporary and for the better part of two decades, has constantly needed to be extended or renewed. This year, Congress appears finally to be sick of doing that and has real plans to make it permanent, once and for all. 

More than 200 attend Liberty University weapons course

LYNCHBURG — More than 200 people poured into a free Liberty University course on carrying concealed weapons a week after university President Jerry Falwell Jr. encouraged students to seek permits to counter any possible armed assault on the campus.

About 220 people attended the class Thursday night at the Liberty University School of Law.

The course’s popularity was far greater than previous times it had been offered, when 40 to 50 people had attended, said Liberty University Police Chief Richard D. Hinkley.

“I think it’s amazing,” Hinkley said.


Is Shopping On Christmas Day The Next Big Thing In Retail?

For better or worse, we’ve come to a point where shopping on Thanksgiving day is no longer a fringe case. But what about Dec. 25? With the exception of some vital retailers — drugstores, the occasional supermarket, gas stations, and, most importantly, movie theaters — most stores don’t even mess with the idea of opening on Christmas. But a new survey says that a not insignificant number of shoppers would be willing to buy stuff after they clean up all the wrapping paper. 

FDA’s Voluntary Guidance Failing To Curb Antibiotic Overuse In Farm Animals

Two years ago, the Food and Drug Administration — after decades of delay — paid lip service to the idea of reducing the use of medically important antibiotics for growth-promotion in farm animals, by asking the drug makers to voluntarily stop selling antibiotics specifically for that purpose. Critics called the FDA actions pointless while the drug and beef industries weren’t bothered in the least. And now, by the FDA’s own numbers, we can see why. 

Anheuser-Busch Distributor Incentive Program Raises More Concerns Of A Stifled Craft Beer Market

With its $107 billion merger with SABMiller making waves and federal regulators investigating its purchase of several small distributors, one might think that Anheuser-Busch InBev would lay low when it comes to rocking the distribution boat. But that’s apparently not the case, as the company recently unveiled an incentive program that would provide distributors with a sliding scale of bonuses if most of the beer they sell comes from the brewer.

New Driving Rules For Salisbury Maryland

Makes Scents To Me?


Christmas Shopping