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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Salisbury City Council: Notice Of Closed Session 3-13-17

Salisbury City Council Agenda & Packet for 3-13-17

Race Card Done Wore Out

We Are Being Played!

Welcome To Our Eastern Shore Sunday Television Broadcasting

While thousands are lining up around the Wicomico Civic Center to have their teeth worked on, those most fortunate can sit at home and watch the incredible variety of quality programming this Sunday morning. Now get me a beer and make me a samich! Yee Haw!

MSFA Remarks over Salisbury VFD Lock Out

Press Release - MSFA Remarks over Salisbury VFD Lock Out


The Maryland State Firemen’s Association (the MSFA) was formed in 1893, and its members include over 300 volunteer fire, rescue, and EMS companies throughout the state. "The mission of the Maryland State Firemen's Association is to serve, promote, advocate, and represent the interests of the Volunteer Fire, Rescue, and Emergency Medical Services of Maryland."

Adhering to our mission statement, we the MSFA, intend to help any volunteer fire company and protect what is rightfully theirs as provided to them through the trust of our fellow citizens. Allowing a paid or career fire department to simply take what is not rightfully theirs is unacceptable and irresponsible.

On February 22, 2017, approximately 10 volunteer fire fighters from Salisbury Fire Department Inc., Company No. 1 (Salisbury Station 1) voted to end their affiliation with the City of Salisbury as of July 1, 2017, and to move out of city owned facilities into a new facility outside of the Salisbury city limits. There are three volunteer fire companies within the City of Salisbury. Each of those fire companies is a separate corporation and each of the volunteer fire companies receives financial assistance from Wicomico County and the State of Maryland, including funds provided by the Maryland Military Department to volunteer fire companies. Upon receiving notice that the volunteers would be leaving in July, the City of Salisbury immediately evicted the volunteers from the Station.

The President of the MSFA, Michael A. Davis, has reached out to the Maryland Military Department, Wicomico County Executive Bob Culver, and the City of Salisbury. Maryland Military Department has been responsive and is researching the situation. Mr. Culver has expressed sincere interest to assist in this matter. Two calls to the City of Salisbury have not been returned despite expressing the urgency of this matter.

President Davis states “The Maryland State Firemen's Association does not condone the actions of the City of Salisbury locking out the volunteers and seizing the property of Salisbury Station 1. We kindly ask the City of Salisbury to allow the volunteers to have what is rightfully theirs, specifically equipment which was paid for by Salisbury Station 1 with county and state funding. We feel it is very unfortunate that the volunteer department wants to separate from the combination system but it is their right to do as they see fit to provide much needed emergency services to their citizens.”

60.5 % of fire and emergency services are provided by volunteers in the State of Maryland (data provided by Volunteer firefighters save counties an average of more than $60 Million annually. In this day and time, with declining volunteerism, an increase in training requirements, and average homes with 2 working parents, actions like these are detrimental to serving and protecting our neighbors. Volunteer Firefighter's, EMT's, and Rescue workers dedicate their lives to protecting their fellow man, woman, and child no matter the situation, economic status, or political interest.

The MSFA fully intends to use all available local, state, and nationwide resources available to help the Salisbury Station 1 with this matter, just as we would with any of our volunteer fire companies.

Keeps Your Kids Indoors This Afternoon As The Squirrels & Nuts Take Over Pemberton Park

In celebration of International Women's Day/A Day Without A Woman the Salisbury Misfits will be hosting a picnic in the park from 3-5pm

Only 2 requirements for attendance:
1. Bring a snack or food dish to share (chips, drinks, baked goods, salad dish etc.)
2. Bring at least $1 to donate to Planned Parenthood

*please don't leave any trash or liter since it's a public park and family place
*dress according to the weather
*if it rains a backup location will be announced the day before/morning of

Hope to see any of you who can participate there!

This Women’s Perspective!

I really have a hard time understanding the purpose of this women’s movement.

Why do these women think that staying home from work is an answer to anything? How would they feel if all men decided to stay home from work? What would happen if there were no police that day and they were robbed or raped? What if their child needed an emergency appendectomy and there was no women surgeon there that day to operate? What if an important piece of mail was not delivered because the mail carrier was a male? What would happen if you missed a job opportunity because the bus driver didn’t drive his route that day? What would happen if the ambulance didn’t show up at the scene of your family members car accident? The same would go for the women causing havoc on people’s lives for absolutely no reason but their own selfishness.

I started in the car business in 1977 when there were no women in it. Sure, I had my share of men looking down their noses at me. I had my share of them telling me a split tail would never run a store. I had my share of advances made. It sure as hell didn’t stop me from achieving my goals. I didn’t focus on what they said I couldn’t do, I focused on what I could. I chose a business in sales because there was no salary ceiling. You were paid on the job you did, not on a given salary. There was a risk but I could earn whatever I worked for. The automobile business provides an equal opportunity for everyone and anyone willing to work hard. Just as the United States of America does. Even more so for minorities with small business and education loans and grants to equal the playing field.

Woman won the right to vote almost 100 years ago. What the heck are some still complaining about? I believe if you set yourself apart like this then you obviously still think you aren’t equal.

And let me say this. God didn’t put everyone on this earth to be the same. He gave us all different talents and abilities to make the whole world perfect. If we all were musicians who would farm or be doctors and lawyers. Every single one of us has different talents. He made a male with more muscle and stronger bodies, he made females softer and able to carry children and give birth. We don’t demand the NBA draft Vietnamese men because it isn’t fair to only have black men on the team. We don’t demand that they draft women. Now if a woman could compete at that level, God bless her. Let her. But it hasn’t happened yet. And NO we shouldn’t make home plate bigger. And NO we shouldn’t make more rules to make things more fair. God made things perfectly fair. We were born for a reason with the talents we have. Use your God given talents to contribute to the world and stop trying to be something you aren’t! If we have to take from someone else to get something, then that in itself isn’t fair. 

Hell, I don’t even agree with saying buy from a female owned business tomorrow and I own many. If I don’t compete to earn your business, I don’t deserve to earn it. Period, plain and simple.

If you want to truly be equal in a field you chose to compete in……. then play the game with the rules that exist. Changing the rules to allow you to play just means you never were equal. Play something else! 

There are two things I will NEVER be able to do in this lifetime… Sing and throw a baseball. I promise I will never ask anyone to lower the standards so that I may do either at a competitive level.

I will be the best I can be every day with talents the dear Lord gave me and I will never take from another to gain for myself. I will give back to those more unfortunate then myself and help my fellow man in any way I can. 

I do not see gender nor do I see color, I see the soul that God allowed to walk the earth. I love each soul as if they were a part of me as they are made from the same light of our Lord.

I know where I will be tomorrow, sitting at my desk being the responsible human being I am. Here for my customers, here for my employees, and here for anyone who might need a car dealer on Wednesday March 8, 2017. 

Sandy Fitzgerald-Angello
Vice President/Dealer Operator, Pohanka Automotive Group of Salisbury, Pohanka Insurance Agency,
Cars Made EZ, Angellos Unique Gifts and most importantly…Mom, Nanna and Wife

Leslie Jones Wants to Fight ‘****face’ Ben Carson

Actress Leslie Jones says she wants to fight Dr. Ben Carson over recent comments in which he referred to American slaves as immigrants.

“I want to fight Ben Carson!!” Jones wrote to her 600,000 Twitter followers. “Cash me outside mutha**cka! How bout dat!! #Slaveswerenotimmigrants ***KFACE!!”

The Ghostbusters star’s desire to physically harm Dr. Carson is in response to comments he made while speaking to Housing and Urban Development employees Monday about his vision for the department’s future.


SU, City Announce 'Buy a Home, Build a Business' Program

SALISBURY, MD---Salisbury Mayor Jake Day and Salisbury University President Janet Dudley-Eshbach held a joint press conference to announce the “Buy a Home, Build a Business” program, a collaborative venture of the City, Salisbury Neighborhood Housing Services and SU.

“Buy a Home, Build a Business” offers down payment and closing cost assistance to recent SU graduates hoping to start and headquarter a business in Salisbury. Legal guidance, business development advice and startup money is available for entrepreneurs to get their business off the ground, and up to $5,000 of closing cost and down payment assistance is available to facilitate the purchase of a home within City limits.

A Message from Our President

The Salisbury Fire Department (SFD) exists to ensure the health, safety, and well-being of our community in an effective and efficient manner. The SFD is comprised of three stations: Station 1 Beaglin Park, Station 2 Brown Street, and Station 16 “Headquarters” Cypress Street. Our current staffing model has Stations 1 and 2 fire apparatus staffed Monday through Friday with career personnel from 7 am to 5:30 pm. After 5:30 pm and on the weekends, the SFD relies on volunteers to answer calls for service. Station 16 staffs one engine with career personnel 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week, 365 days-a-year. They also have volunteer members who respond for calls and help to staff equipment. All three stations have a staffed ambulance with career personnel every single day. This system has worked for many years. However, the volunteer service model has become less sustainable; volunteer service has declined not only in Salisbury, but across the country. Salisbury had over 13,000 calls for service in 2016; volunteer response accounts for 10% (1,300) of those calls.

Over the past four years, the SFD has been tracking operational concerns. In tracking “turn-out time” and “on-scene time”, there was an increased concern based on the statistical data. Statistics show that the volunteer response in our current model has failed to meet acceptable standards on nights and weekends. “Acceptable” is defined as a 10% or less failure rate. Over the past four years, the Station 1 volunteers have averaged a 50% “acceptable” response time. Not only is this a disservice to the public, but it is a major safety concern for our personnel as well. The SFD’s Fire Chief was obligated to make some major operational changes based on the declining volunteer response.

Attempted Operational Changes:


Mark Levin PROVES Obama Wiretapping on President Donald Trump

Americans are having less sex than they once did

It used to be that along with certain tax benefits, one advantage to being married was having more sex than singletons.

That benefit is steadily diminishing, according to a study released Tuesday. Overall, American adults are having less sex than they did a quarter century ago, with married people showing the most dramatic decline of all.

The paper, published in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior, showed a drop across gender, race, region, education level and work status. One factor is the higher percentage now of unpartnered people, who tend to have less sex than partnered ones. But a major driver is a steady fall in the rate of sexual activity for people who are married or living with partners, which reduces what had been known as the “marriage advantage.”


PETA Killed 1,411 Cats And Dogs In 2016, Only Got 57 Adopted

The animal rights activist group, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), euthanized 1,411 cats and dogs last year, while only 57 were adopted.

The animals rights group euthanized 1,428 animals and transferred 482 to other shelters last year, according to a report by the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (VDACS). Of the 2,007 animals acquired by PETA last year, the group only returned ten dogs and cats to their owners and successfully placed only 57 with adopting families.

On the other hand, PETA put down 557 dogs, 854 cats and 17 other companion animals.

The additional animals euthanized last year brought PETA’s death toll to over 36,000 since 1998. Most of the animals put down were processed at PETA’s headquarters in Norfolk, Virginia. PETA’s official blog states that killing dogs and cats, helps them “escape an uncaring world without trauma or pain.”


Police arrest 9 suspects ranging from 12 to 18 years old in connection to downtown assault


BALTIMORE (WBFF) – Baltimore City Police made nine arrests after a video surfaced of an alleged assault by a group of youth in downtown Baltimore that happened around 5 p.m. Tuesday.

TJ Smith, media relations chief, called the actions of the group “brazen.” He said the arrestees, who reportedly assaulted and robbed a man of his phone on Baltimore St., were as young as 12 years old and as old as 18 years old. One was in elementary school.

Police arrested a 14-year-old boy, 16-year-old boy, 14-year-old boy, 12-year-old boy, 14-year-old boy, 16-year-old boy, 13-year-old girl, all from Baltimore City, and a 13-year-old boy from Baltimore County, plus 18-year-old Derell Smith, of Baltimore. They are each charged with unarmed robbery and second-degree assault.


Salisbury MSP Press Release 3-7-17 (Shots Fired)

Dem Rep Maxine Waters: Trump ‘Not Normal,’ Does Not Deserve to Be President or Honored

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) said Saturday that President Donald Trump was “not normal, and he does not deserve to be honored” during MSNBC’s “AM Joy.”

“[Trump]’s not normal,” Waters told host Joy Reid. “And he does not deserve to be honored.”

Waters also said the president is not someone who “deserves to be president of the United States.”

She continued, “I don’t go to these ceremonial events where you’re praising and honoring and exchanging niceties. And for those people who say, ‘Oh, he became presidential,’ he did not. He cannot become presidential. He is who he is.."


65% of Docs are getting cash "kickbacks" from Big Pharma

(Natural News) Two-thirds of Americans are currently in the care of a physician that is being paid by a drug company, and they may not even realize it. A study conducted byGenevieve Pham-Kanter, Ph.D., surveyed more than 3,500 adults and linked their doctors to data from Open Payments, a government website that reports pharmaceutical and device industry payments to physicians.

The results of the study revealed that about 65% of the people surveyed had visited a doctor within the past year that had received payments or gifts from pharmaceutical or medical device companies. Even more shocking is that only 5% knew that their doctors had been given these incentives. Patients who were visiting an orthopedic surgeon or OBGYN doctor were shown to have the highest percentage of being under the care of a physician receiving some kind of incentive. Pham-Kanter said, “Patients should be aware of the incentives that their physicians face that may lead them to not always act in their patients’ best interest. And the more informed patients are about their providers and options for care, the better decisions they can make.” (RELATED: Get all the news Google is trying to hide from you at

The Open Payments website is a federal program that collects information about payments drug and device companies make to physicians in the form of travel, research, gifts, speaking fees, and meals. It also includes any ownership interests that doctors or their immediate family members may have in these companies as well. While most physicians receive payments averaging about $193, it does add up over time. Between August 2013 to December 2015 Genetech, Inc. ,the maker of drugs such as the allergy drug Xolair and anti-viral drug Tamiflu, made payments totaling $727 million to doctors and research hospitals.


Is College Worth It?

From the Slope of Hope: As I was strolling along in the chilly pre-dawn hours, I asked myself how much good college has done for me. It didn't take me long to conclude: zero. Some of you know that I graduated from college rather swiftly (in just 2 1/2 years), since I was eager to get into the world of work. The information I garnered during those 2 1/2 years hasn't been useful to me even once during the many years since I graduated, and there isn't a single contact I made in college that was beneficial to me in any way at all.

Simply stated, I could have gone straight from high school to work without any difference.

Centuries ago, the only reason the tiny percentage of people who attended university did so was in order to join the clergy. These days, the rather substantial percentage of those going to "college" (and those quotation marks are deliberate on my part) have very different reasons for going: namely (1) because their parents or society expects them to do so in order to get a "good" job; (2) to garner useful contacts, particularly if one is attending an elite school.

I was accepted into "elite" schools (Princeton and Brown among them), but I chose instead to go to a more middle-of-the-road school. I suspect if I had gone to a brand-name school, I would have indeed garnered valuable contacts, but frankly, I did all right without them.


You Get What You Pay For?

Chicken watering photo 1, label showing weight and cost per pound.
Watered chicken photo 2 - weight of Styrofoam tray and fluid filled diaper.

A Viewer Writes: Willards, State Police Crime lab

Maryland State police crime lab has been on scene on Poplar Neck Rd. Which has been closed off all night. Yellow tape around house and street by the lumber yard. Appears something Terrible has happened!

Local Media Covering Up Criminal Stories

While Salisbury News has taken somewhat of a beating by your local media, know that they are in FACT covering up stories on behalf of the Mayor and Police Chief.

Salisbury News has delivered several stories recently that even include crime stats for the City and even extend to Salisbury University, yet the majority of local media sources remain silent.

One recent story we did referencing a woman and her Son being assaulted at PRMC expanded yesterday after the victim went to a local Attorney and expressed their story, injuries and lack of cooperation from PRMC. When they asked for the records of the assaults, (according to our source) PRMC refused to deliver them.

They then went to the Salisbury Police Department where a representative asked them, are you the one who had their nose broken? The victim said, no. Well are you the Nurse that was assaulted? No. Come to find out FOUR people had been assaulted by the very same person that day.

Keep in mind, WBOC and the Daily Times had been informed, (according to our source) on this matter and they said NOTHING. Meaning that your local media is covering it up. 

Could it be because they tried calling SBYNews out last week only stating what Law Enforcement and the Mayor told them, yet they never once called me for OUR side of the evidence/story. Yeah, they are held to a higher standard, RIGHT?

Let me tell you an interesting story you may not be aware of. Years ago I was arrested and charged for allegedly assaulting the staff at the Zoo. When I went in front of the Commissioner she said, "Mr. Albero, how dare you use curse words in front of the children at the Zoo". I said, excuse me? She said, you used curse words in front of the children at the Zoo. I replied, that's not true. She replied, are you telling me the Director of the Salisbury Zoo is a liar? I replied, ABSOLUTELY. She replied, THAT WILL BE A $50,000.00 BOND! It turns out she was a friend of the Zoo Director, go figure. 

Nevertheless, when I was released I went directly to the States Attorney's Office with the video of the entire incident, from the moment I went in, to the time the Police showed up. There were several attorneys present who watched the video in which it PROVED that the ONLY person who had cursed was the Director of the Zoo. It also proved that it was the Zoo Staff that attempted to assault ME without being provoked. 

The charges were immediately dropped and to be honest I was asked on the spot if I wanted the Director arrested and charged, I said NO. There was no reason to put him through what I had just experienced. 

Don't you think for a second these people won't twist and turn things, because they DO and will. By the way, 4 assaults at PRMC and there's NOTHING on the SPD records either. I'll add, I have received an e-mail from another victim that very same day. Their information has been forwarded to the Attorney handling the case. 

Daughter of Valerie Jarrett will cover DOJ for CNN

CNN has tapped the daughter of President Obama’s closest adviser to cover the Department of Justice, The Post has learned.

Laura Jarrett quietly joined the network in September as a reporter in its Washington bureau.

She came to CNN with no experience in journalism. But the Harvard-educated lawyer defended companies and individuals against the Justice Department as a private litigator in Chicago.

Laura married fellow Harvard Law grad Tony Balkissoon in 2012 at a Chicago ceremony attended by Obama, her mom’s boss.

More here

Rev. Graham: Disney Is Pushing 'LGBT Agenda' Into The Minds of Your Children -- Watch Out!

In reaction to the news that Disney already has aired a cartoon showing two men kissing and is featuring a "gay character" in its upcoming Beauty and the Beast movie, Christian leader Franklin Graham said the Disney company is trying to "normalize" the homosexual lifestyle and "push the LGBT agenda into the hearts and minds of your children." He further warned parents to "watch out!" and let Disney know how they feel about its perverse agenda.

In a March 2 post on Facebook, Rev. Graham, son of evangelist Billy Graham, said, “Disney has aired a cartoon with same-sex couples kissing. It has also been announced that their new movie ‘Beauty and the Beast’ will feature a gay character in an attempt to normalize this lifestyle."

“They’re trying to push the LGBT agenda into the hearts and minds of your children—watch out!" he said.

"Disney has the right to make their cartoons, it’s a free country," said Graham. "But as Christians we also have the right not to support their company.."

More here


Earlier this week Katie May Cook, (according to witnesses) was driving at an extremely high rate of speed south bound on Powellville Road. As she went through the "S" curve at the pond she started to lose control of her 2004 Ford Taurus. As the vehicle went out of control she ultimately went off the road and struck a car and a home. Upon impact there was glass everywhere and a lot of body damage to her vehicle. Since she hit the corner of the residence, the foundation shifted to a point the occupant could not open the side door for quite some time. By the time they were able to pry the door open, Katie had taken off and State Police declared this a hit and run. 

Katie disappeared and is now at large. We learned last night she's gone as far as Jessup, Maryland. She has admitted to what she had done to another witness and a warrant is being drawn up for her immediate arrest. 

If you know Katie and or can get in contact with her, she needs to turn herself in immediately. If she continues to run it will only be worse for her. 

So you know, I am the owner of this property. Katie is obviously scared. Please tell her, (if you can get in contact with her) I said, accidents happen. It's not the end of the world and everything can easily be worked out. Please, turn yourself in before you destroy your life. It's just not worth it. 

UPDATE: Please contact Maryland State Trooper Lane at 410-749-5757 if you have any updates on this person.

Maxine Waters says debunked ‘golden showers’ accusation against Trump ‘absolutely true’

California Congresswoman Maxine Waters attempted to revive a debunked memo today during an appearance on MSNBC.

Water said she welcomes the appearance of a former British spy who allegedly authored the memo that was breathlessly published by BuzzFeed in January.

“I think they should really read it, understand it, analyze it and determine what’s fact, what may not be fact,” she said.

“We already know the part about the coverage that they have on him with sex actions is supposed to be true. They’ve said that that is absolutely true,” Waters said.

More here

A Day Without Women

Fmr Obama Secret Service agent Bongino shares info on Obama wiretaps – it’s about to ‘blow wide open’

Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino believes the Trump Tower wiretapping scandal, known as Obamagate by many on social media, is going to “blow wide open this week.”
The best-selling author, added that he plans on sharing information on the Obama administration this week with the public.
I'll be sharing more about the Obama administration this week, it's time. 
Bongino worked for the administrations of former Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama in the Presidential Protection Division.
He was a frequent presence on cable news shows throughout the 2016 presidential election season and had an explosive confrontation with CNN’s Don Lemon in defense of Trump.
It was so fiery that President Trump congratulated him for it.

In a Facebook Live video after the tweets, Bongino said the media wants to push the story that Trump might have pressured the FBI to tell him about the wiretap or that the president is lying.

Supreme Court won’t say if trans teen can pick bathroom

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court is leaving the issue of transgender rights in schools to lower courts for now after backing out of a high-profile case Monday of a Virginia high school student who sued to be able to use the boys’ bathroom.

The court’s order in the case of teenager Gavin Grimm means that attention now will turn to lower courts around the country that are grappling with rights of transgender students to use school bathrooms that correspond to their chosen gender, not the one assigned at birth.

The appeals court in Richmond, Virginia, and other appellate panels handling similar cases around the country will have the first chance to decide whether federal anti-discrimination law or the Constitution protects transgender students’ rights.


Baltimore City Council Gives Preliminary Ok To $15 Minimum Wage

The Baltimore City Council Monday night gave preliminary approval to a bill that would raise the city's minimum wage to $15-an-hour by 2023.

The vote was 12-3, with a final vote expected in two weeks.

Under the bill there would be gradual increases in the minimum wage starting in 2019. Until then, the city would be tied to the state minimum wage which is currently $8.75 an hour, but will increase to $9.25 an hour in July, and $10.10 an hour in July, 2018.

Workers under 21 would be exempt from the higher minimum wage.

Wake Up & Smell the Deceit

By Thornton Crowe

When Richard Nixon was exposed for lying during the Watergate hearings and using his executive privilege to thwart the investigators from learning the true nature of why the infamous Plumbers broke into the DNC headquarters, Americans were aghast at the revelations. It was hardly the first time an American president did this type of action. After his resignation, one close aid to Franklin Roosevelt made the comment that he hadn't done anything that all presidents before him had done - including FDR - but the one difference was, Nixon got caught.

In retrospect, watching all the nonsense that's occurred with the Democrats like Hillary Clinton, perhaps Nixon shouldn't have resigned; however, he loved the country more than himself and stepped down to spare us from further upset and embarrassment.  There are historians that agree, had he chosen to 'ride out the storm,' he might have weathered as well as Democrat predecessor.

Francis Gary Powers
In fact, many Americans today don't even remember or know about the incident during Dwight  Eisenhower's snafu when one of our U-2 planes was shot down over Russia on May 1, 1960 during the second Red Scare. CIA pilot Frances Gary Powers parachuted out of the fallen plane instead of taking the cyanide he was supposed to do in such an event. Causing a ruckus between DC and Moscow, which further heightened tensions between the US and Russia as it confirmed to Nikita Khrushchev, the US was running aerial surveillance of their region. Eisenhower refused to issue a formal apology and for a few days denied the incident to Americans, claiming it was a weather operation gone a rye. In the end, he admitted the truth and promised to halt the program.

With Watergate, there was no foreign hostile entity involved; it was an 'inside job.' And many Americans to this day, misunderstand the incident because they seldom seek out the real story behind the ordeal. The long short is this, it was an abuse of presidential power to spy on political opposition. Isn't that what wiretapping a presidential candidate during the election would be considered?

What we're finding is the Obama Administration's deep seated involvement grossly overthrows the Watergate scandal. This wasn't a group of 'plumbers' infiltrating Trump Towers; it was an all out cyber war against the opposition, having nothing to do with National Security. It's about retaining power and/or hiding illegal unconstitutional activities perpetrated by the prior Administrations. (Note: plural)

Had Obama or Clinton found anything of merit, rest assured, we would've have already heard about it contained just like we learned about the Bush tape. If anything had truly been found to be damning, it would simply be too irresistible for Obama's operatives and fake news networks to pass up.

Just for the record, no Obama spokesperson has denied tapping occurred and it was found out yesterday that FISA denied the FBI's request in May 2016, which is extraordinary given that particular court usually rubber-stamps requests with little evidence to warrant such actions. In October, they returned and was granted their request but the origins for the push are still being investigated. Who really requested it and why? Hint: It has absolutely nothing to do with the Logan Act.

Now, all these 'revelations' are designed to keep President Trump from following through with his campaign promises. Jobs and keeping Americans SAFE! While its not working out so hot, Obama and his cohorts are going to keep trying. It will depend on you, the American citizens, to discern truth from propaganda.  In short, like it or not, you're going to have to stay engaged!

Do you still wonder how and why professional politicians discourage regular citizens from running for elected offices as per our Founding Fathers' vision for American governance? 

Northern Virginia gang activity ‘out of control,’ says police chief

Gang activity is “getting out of control” in Northern Virginia and to blame for the deaths of two people whose remains were found in a Fairfax County park, police officials said Friday announcing the gruesome discovery.

The remains of two bodies were located Thursday night in the Holmes Run Park in Lincolnia. Police had yet to identify the victims or say how they were killed — but this isn’t the first time authorities have recovered human remains in the park. Two former MS-13 gang members were killed, dismembered and buried in Homes Run Park in 2013 and 2014 after they angered other members of the gang. Thirteen MS-13 gang members were convicted last year of those killings as well as another fatal shooting in Northern Virginia.

“This problem is horrible,” said Fairfax County Police Chief Ed Roessler. “This is four murders in this park. Obviously, we’ve had other murders in the region in the past few weeks. This is getting out of control and we need to stop it.”

More here

Why Teens Still Don’t Want to Get a Driver’s License

At 16, Henry Stock doesn’t see many reasons to get a driver’s license.

He can walk to stores near his home in Hollywood, Florida. Many of his friends are fellow gamers he can talk to online. And he can use a mobile ride-sharing app to get a ride when he needs one.

So while Stock has a learner’s permit, he hasn’t yet made much of a dent in the 50 hours of supervised driving he needs to get a full license in Florida.

“It’s more time and effort than I want to put into something that won’t benefit me a lot right now,” Stock said.

Other teens see things the same way. The share of high school seniors across the country who have a driver’s license dropped from 85.3 percent in 1996 to a record low 71.5 percent in 2015, according to data from the University of Michigan’s Monitoring the Future survey.


Malik Obama shares photo of brother Barack’s Kenya ‘certificate of birth’

An Obama has joined the birther movement.
Malik Obama, Barack Obama’s half-brother, tweeted image of what appears to be Barack’s birth certificate.
Except it’s not from Hawaii, but rather Kenya.

“What’s this?” he tweeted.

Heroin Just Killed My Baby

I try not to enter Brendan’s bedroom. It has been four months and it still smells of death. Today, as I open the door nausea overtakes me. I placed a small rug down to cover the vomit stain, but the edges of Brendan’s body fluids still peek out, taunting me, daring me to break down and never recover.

His hockey equipment is lying on the carpet with the bag open so that his sweaty items don’t grow mold. His empty soda cans and old gum wrappers are still on his nightstand where he left them.

All of the items from his brand new custom ordered 2015 orange RAV4 are stacked on his bed: a box of chocolates, his school work, a Columbine keychain, his NA tags that mark his sobriety, and all of the garbage I could not bear to throw away.

Heroin addiction has ruined our family. The day my 15-year-old son, Brendan, took his first hit, he changed my life. Yes, not just his, but mine too. And not just mine, everyone who loved him.


New bill in Arkansas would ban food stamp recipients from buying 'luxury' food items

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - A new bill was introduced on Monday that would prohibit food stamp recipients from buying what the bill calls "luxury food items."

House Bill 2148, introduced by Representative Clint Penzo (R-Springdale), would ban Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) recipients from buying food that is not "conductive" or may be "injurious" to human health. The bill also looks to ban foods that are "high in calories, sugar, and fat with negligible nutritional value."

A similar bill, HB1035, has been making its way through the Arkansas legislature. That bill would only allow recipients to only use food stamps on food or drinks that are considered "healthy foods."

HB1035 passed the House by a vote of 55-39 in January, but has been stuck in the Senate Committee on Public Health, Welfare, and Labor.