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Thursday, August 23, 2018

#TimesUp Gets Hijacked to Push Anti-Kavanaugh Political Agenda

When the issue of workplace sexual harassment and assault becomes political, something has gone terribly wrong.

Something has gone terribly wrong with the individuals leading that fight, and something has gone terribly wrong with the organizations backing it.

So is the case for the Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund, established to advance the #MeToo movement.

Perhaps most famous for its pins worn by celebrities on the red carpet for the Golden Globes, the Time’s Up organization’s stated goal—to provide everyday working women with free legal counseling and services to address workplace harassment and abuse—seemingly has nothing to do with politics.

But this week, #TimesUp leaders decided to wade into one of the most contentious political battles of our time: the nomination of D.C. Circuit Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.


Ganja cigarettes anyone?

Do not be surprised if legal cigarettes made from ganja (cannabis) hit the streets soon.

Major producers like Carreras are probing that and other cannabis possibilities, as increasing competition from illegally imported cigarettes continues to burn deeper into the profits of the legal trade.

It is no secret that British American Tobacco (BAT), the parent company of Carrerras, has, like other major US tobacco dealers including Phillip Morris, been looking at the cannabis market and the possibility of producing mild cigarettes restricted by the legal content of the main cannabinoids — cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), although only THC is psychoactive.

Carreras Limited's Managing Director Marcus Steele has said that, like parent company BAT, Carreras is prepared to compete in a legal cannabis environment.

“As long as it is legal, we are in the combustible business. It happens to be cigarettes, but if tomorrow morning it is cannabis, it is another product in the combustible side of the business. I am sure we would be more than interested,” Steele said at last Thursday's sitting of the Jamaica Observer Press Club.


Still No Answers From DNC One Week After Pledging To Review Ellison Allegations

One week after the Democratic National Committee (DNC) announced it was “reviewing” domestic abuse allegations against Minnesota Democratic Rep. Keith Ellison, the DNC has yet to provide the public with any updates on the allegations against him.

Ellison, the deputy chair of the DNC, is accused of physically and emotionally abusing his ex-girlfriend, liberal Sierra Club activist Karen Monahan. Ellison has vehemently denied Monahan’s allegations.

The DNC released a statement Aug. 14, just hours before Ellison locked up the party’s nomination for Minnesota attorney general, pledging to review the Ellison allegations, which the committee said “should be taken seriously.”

“These allegations recently came to light and we are reviewing them,” the DNC said in a statement, after initially remaining silent for 72 hours after the allegations came to light. “All allegations of domestic abuse are disturbing and should be taken seriously.”


ICE Has a History of Arresting and Deporting Nazis in America

Amid a politically-charged debate over its existence, Immigration and Customs Enforcement has removed war criminal Jakiw Palij, marking the 68th deportation of a Nazi from the United States.

On Monday, ICE arrested Palij, 95, a former labor camp guard, enforcing a 2004 court order the same day President Donald Trump praised ICE and Customs and Border Protection officials at a White House ceremony.

Specifically for ICE, created in 2003, this marks at least the fourth Nazi arrest, deporting Nazi concentration camp guards John Demjanjuk and Josias Kumpfin 2009, and soldier John (Ivan) Kalymon in 2011.

“Despite a court ordering his deportation in 2004, past administrations were unsuccessful in removing Palij,” White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said in a statement.


Dulles CBP Arrests Departing Illegal Immigrant Wanted on Felony Child Fondling Charges

STERLING, Virginia — U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers arrested a Salvadoran man at Washington Dulles International Airport Tuesday on an outstanding arrest warrant for felony fondling of a child.

CBP officers arrested Jose Orlando Mendoza Quintanilla, 39, of El Salvador who was living in Manassas, Virginia, as he waited for a departing flight. The original charge is from 2007 by the Manassas Police Department.

Mendoza Quintanilla is also wanted by federal authorities after an immigration judge ordered him removed in 2007 after Mendoza Quintanilla illegally entered the country.

Officers verified Mendoza Quintanilla’s identity and confirmed the warrant with Manassas Police. CBP turned Mendoza Quintanilla over to Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority Police.

“Felony sexual offense is a serious charge, and it is compounded by the age of the victim. This arrest illustrates Customs and Border Protection’s close cooperation with our law enforcement partners to return an allegedly dangerous fugitive to justice,” said Casey Durst, CBP’s Director of the Baltimore Field Office. “Arresting wanted fugitives at our nation’s ports of entry is one way in which CBP helps to keep our communities safe.”


DNC alerts FBI after detecting sophisticated effort to hack voter database: Report

The Democratic National Committee alerted the FBI on Tuesday that it had detected an advanced effort to hack into its voter database, according to a new report.

A cloud service provider and security research firm contacted the DNC early Tuesday that a fake login page had been created to try to collect usernames and passwords that would give access to the party’s database, a source told CNN.

The page appeared to look like the access page Democratic Party officials and campaigns use to log into Votebuilder, which hosts the voter database, the CNN report said.


CNN’s April Ryan Demands The White House Pay For Her Bodyguard

CNN political analyst April Ryan is reportedly demanding that the White House pay for a bodyguard she recently hired to protect her against threats.

Ryan, who is a White House correspondent, told The Hollywood Reporter in an interview published on Tuesday that she has had many threats made against her. She also claimed people follow her around whenever she is in public and wait for her when she’s leaving the White House.

“I’ve had some people wait for me outside the White House…. There is a concern now. I mean, I’ve had death threats, I’ve had craziness, so I have a real concern. An honest, real concern…. Do I have a bodyguard? Yes, I do.” Ryan said. “All I’m going to say for my safety is: I have a team.”

Ryan also said that she expects the White House to pay for her security team.


Salisbury Maryland WaWa

'Snowflakes' Banning Snowballs: 'The Five' Reacts to New Policy at Delaware State U.

The panel on "The Five" on Wednesday discussed a new ban on snowball fights on the campus of Delaware State University.

Dana Perino said the Dover, Del. campus decided to ban the activity citing "fear of potential harm to others."

She said the ban was considered necessary after students were throwing snowballs inside dorms over the past winter as well.


'Big One' talk swirls as 69 massive earthquakes hit the Pacific's Ring of Fire in 48 hours

A large swath of earthquakes hit the Pacific's so-called Ring of Fire earlier this week, prompting some to wonder if it is a precursor to the oft-discussed massive earthquake, colloquially known as "the Big One."

Sixty-nine earthquakes, including 16 tremors registering 4.5 or above on the Richter scale, recently hit the area, according to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), whichrecorded the events but did not issue a warning.

Several of the quakes registered significant impacts, including one that hit 5.0 and shook the area on Tuesday morning. Fiji appeared to be the most impacted, as five tremors above a 4.5 magnitude hit the small island.


Maryland Fishing Report

This past weekend, I happened to pull up behind a pickup truck at a traffic light and I could not help but notice something about the license plate that impressed me.
First off, there was a bumper sticker that said “Stress is caused by a lack of fishing” and there were several years’ worth of ramp passes stuck one on top of each other, but what impressed me most was the license plate.
It was an older Maryland plate and it looked like it had been attacked by a gorilla with a 5-pound ball peen hammer. That relayed to me that this guy had spent a lot of time hooking up a boat trailer by himself and the trailer tongue hit the license plate now and then signaling “far enough.” The plate showed years of this and that this guy spends a lot of time fishing out of his boat.
As he pulled away, I gave him a mental salute. Here was a guy who knows how to handle stress.

Forecast Summary: Aug. 22-28
After some unsettled weather Wednesday and Thursday, anglers will finally get to experience stable, sunny weather for the rest of the week. This will warm Chesapeake Bay surface waters and move the pattern back toward fishing shallow early and then fishing in the deeper, cooler, more oxygenated waters.
Upper bay water clarity is still reduced from the high river flows. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration buoys, daytime water temperatures have cooled slightly, with Annapolis at 80, Gooses at 81 and Point Lookout at 81 degrees, but expect surface temperatures to rise throughout the week. The coolest waters continue to be located from the Susquehanna Flats down to Still Pond.
Since the record oxygen conditions in late July, oxygen conditions have returned back toward typical conditions. Monitoring data show adequate oxygen from surface down to about 23 feet at Swan Point down to the Bay Bridge, 15 feet at Bloody Point, and from the mouth of the Choptank down to the Maryland/Virginia line, over 30 feet. For anglers, continue to seek the best combination of clear, cool, oxygenated waters. This means fishing deeper or early in the morning in shallow waters when surface water temperatures can be ~3 degrees cooler.
There will be above average tidal currents all week as a result of the full moon Aug. 26.
For the full fishing conditions summary, and more detailed and up-to-date fishing conditions in your area, please be sure to check out Click Before You Cast.

Upper Chesapeake Bay
Fishing for striped bass has improved despite the increased amount of turbid water coming down the Susquehanna River from Pennsylvania. The striped bass have spread out along channel edges of several traditional locations. There has been relatively good fishing at the Bay Bridge, Swan, Love and Podickory points by those chumming, chunking or live lining spot. Those chumming and chunking are experiencing a large number of sub-legal striped bass and channel catfish in their chum slicks. Allowing baits to rest on the bottom at the back of a chum slick is a good tactic for targeting larger striped bass but also puts you bait in the sights of channel catfish that have moved down the bay due to reduced salinity.
Live lining spot has been a wonderful option for catching striped bass. Spot can be found near the mouths of the Magothy and Chester rivers as well as the shallower sides of the Bay Bridge, especially the western side. White perch are also holding at these same locations and worthy of holding on to for a little perch fry. Pieces of bloodworms on a simple bottom rig and a live well to transport your live spot to fishing locations are needed. When hooking your spot before sending them to the depths of a channel edge try a fairly large circle hook in the range of a 9/0 and hook the baitfish close to the tail. This will cause the spot to swim downward.
Jigging to suspended fish at the above locations is also a good way to get in on the striped bass action with soft plastic jigs. A few boats can be seen trolling here and there but the action has been reported to be rather sparse.
Middle Bay
Man holding up a channel catfish
Jay Bernstein holds up a big channel catfish caught at Thomas Point while fishing for striped bass. Photo courtesy of Jay Bernstein

Live lining spot for striped bass tends to be the biggest show in town. The spot are readily available and striped bass are holding on channel edges at many locations. The outside edge of Hacketts Bar, Thomas Point, the False Channel and the Diamonds have been getting a lot of attention but channel edges in the mouths of the region’s tidal rivers and the Kent Narrows are also good places to check for live lining spot. Spot can be found in about 10 to 15 feet of water on the Whitehall Bay side of Hacketts, Eastern Bay, the South River and the inside of Black Walnut Point on Tilghman Island in the lower Choptank.
There continues to be some early morning and late evening shallow water striped bass action in the lower sections of the tidal rivers. Topwater lures do well over shallow grass and jerkbaits or crankbaitsin slightly deeper waters. Places in the bay like Thomas Point and Poplar Island are good places to give casting a try. There have also been reports of some breaking fish in the bay near the anchored ships in the evenings.
Fishing for white perch continues to be very good. Casting small lures with light tackle along shoreline structure can be a lot of fun in the early mornings and late evenings. Fishing with a bottom rig or small jig head baited with grass shrimp is a great way to catch them around dock piers.
Lower Bay
Striped bass fishing has been focused largely on live lining spot since the spot are readily available in numerous locations. The rock piles just north of Point Lookout, channel edges at Point No Point and Cove Point or the channel edges near St. Georges Island. Most of the striped bass are suspended at about 25 feet at these locations. Bluefish are becoming more common in the region so it pays to have some extra spot. Sometimes what is left of your spot can be used as cut bait to seek some vengeance and some tasty fillets for the grill or a smoker.
Man holding a large red drum
Travis Long holds a beautiful red drum before releasing it. Photo courtesy of Travis Long
Chumming and chunking continues to be an effective way to fish for a mix of striped bass and bluefish along traditional channel edges in the bay or lower Potomac River. A good running tide is always important and many are reporting that the early morning hours can offer some of the best fishing.
Vertical jigging has been an effective way to fish many of the channel edges in the lower Potomac River or the shipping channel edges. Jigging large soft plastics or metal can also set the stage for some exciting catch and release fishing for large red drum along the shipping channel edges and the general area around the Target Ship.
Boy holding his cobia catch
Nick Long holds up a surprise catch of a cobia while jigging with his dad near the Target Ship. Photo by Travis Long

More than 100 migrants storm border of Spanish enclave 'throwing battery acid' at border guards

Over 100 African migrants forced their way into the Spanish territory of Ceuta on Wednesday after storming a barbed-wire border fence with Morocco and attacking police with caustic quicklime, a local official said.

In the second assault on the Spanish border in a month, seven police officers were lightly injured when migrants threw quicklime and battery acid as they tried to scale the fence, a spokesman for the Spanish government's representative in Ceuta told AFP, adding that some 115 migrants managed to enter the tiny territory.

An undetermined number of migrants were also injured in the assault on the border.

More here

After Student Murdered By Illegal Immigrant, White House Tweets Video Of "Permanently Separated Families"

Following the arrest of an illegal immigrant suspected of murdering 20-year-old student University of Iowa psychology student Mollie Tibbetts, the White House on Wednesday tweeted a video of families that have been "permanently separated" after an illegal immigrant murdered a loved one.
For 34 days, investigators searched for 20-year-old Mollie Tibbetts. Yesterday, an illegal alien, now charged with first-degree murder, led police to the cornfield where her body was found.

The Tibbetts family has been permanently separated. They are not alone.


The first customer was literally at the door at 4:00PM to get their Trump flag. The movement lives on...

Alan Dershowitz Has Bad News For Anyone Thinking President Trump Will Be Implicated In Cohen Case

Liberal Harvard professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz on Wednesday took the wind out of the sails of those who hope Michael Cohen’s Tuesday plea deal with prosecutors will lead to President Trump’s impeachment or criminal implication.


Are You Addicted to Your Phone? Signs of Mobile Phone Addiction

Cell phones are even more pernicious than booze, smoking, and drugs because they seem so useful. An article on Be Brain Fit covers the signs of addiction to mobile phones and how to remedy them.

There are many signs that you are getting too attached to your cell phone:

You find yourself always checking it and cannot refrain from using it. Or you lose track of time while using it.
You get angry, anxious, or panicked if you cannot use your phone. You pay more attention to it than to your family or other people. You even prefer to socialize over the phone than in person.
If people bring up your excessive phone use, you feel defensive and guilty. You resort to lying in order to hide it. You even stop paying attention to other parts of your life.
In addition, there are physical signs like eye strain, headaches, insomnia, pain and numbness in your wrist, pain in your back, and shifting weights.

People who are anxious, depressed, socially anxious, stressed, or suffer from ADHD or OCD are vulnerable to cell phone addiction. So are those who feel they have no social support. Teenagers are the most vulnerable.


Sen. Warren Asked About Illegal Alien Murdering Iowa Girl

Report: Endangered Species Act Costs Economy Billions More Than Admitted Read Newsmax: - Conservative News in Politics, Health, Finance & More Urgent: Do you approve of Pres. Trump? Vote Here in Poll

Protecting endangered species likely costs the economy hundreds of billions of dollars more than the federal government’s official estimates, according to a new study released Tuesday, the Washington Examiner has reported.

The libertarian think tank Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI), which conducted the study, explained that the government does not factor in broader economic cost, such as lost investment opportunities for energy development.

The study stressed that "The economic impact of the Endangered Species Act (ESA) is so large that states often impose regulations and management regimes as part of an effort to prevent species from being added to the endangered species list," citing as an example several western states which negotiated with the federal government to prevent an endangered listing for the chicken-sized sage grouse, which would have cost an estimated $5.6 billion in annual economic output.


Army Reinstates Dozens Of Discharged Immigrant Recruits And Reservists

The U.S. Army has reinstated more than 30 recruits it had forcibly discharged from a program created to fill high-demand positions throughout the military in exchange for a fast track to citizenship, according to documents filed in federal court on Monday.

Linden H. St. Clair, who serves as an adviser on matters relating to military accessions and retention to the Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Army, said in the documents that as of Aug. 17, 32 reservists had been brought back into active duty and another six, who had yet to enter training, have had their discharges revoked.

The army is reviewing the cases of more than a hundred other immigrant enlistees who were abruptly rejected from the program earlier this summer — some after years of waiting in legal limbo to begin training.

The Military Accessions Vital to the National Interest, or MAVNI, was launched in 2009. It was designed to facilitate the search for highly skilled immigrant applicants with backgrounds in medicine and linguistics. In exchange for risking their lives, they were promised expedited U.S. citizenship.


Feds Say Marketplace Will Expose Bad Colleges, But States Find It’s Not So Easy

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos plans to help students pick a college and a major by publishing more information about how much they might earn and owe after graduation. But, as experience from nearly two dozen states illustrates, the plan will be challenging to implement, and it’s unclear whether teenagers and other prospective college students will use the new information to make decisions.

The consumer information push is related to the Education Department’s decision to scrap the Obama-era gainful employment rule, which cut off funding for career-focused colleges if they saddled students with too much debt. The rule was aimed largely at for-profit colleges; the department announced in January 2017, just before President Donald Trump’s inauguration, that such schools made up 98 percent of the 800 or so schools out of compliance with the regulation.

Now, instead of regulating such institutions, the Education Department hopes a marketplace approach will help all students make informed decisions about where to enroll — possibly by requiring colleges to post earnings and debt data on their websites, and also by revamping the College Scorecard, a federal website built to help students compare colleges.

The department has announced it will add earnings data by major or program of study, and it’s possible other changes will be made as well.


Hyundai Rotem closing Philadelphia plant

Hyundai Rotem will write the final chapter of an unhappy Philadelphia story when it closes its railcar plant later this month.

The South Korean company is vacating its 300,000-square-foot factory on Weccacoe Avenue in South Philadelphia where it has been for 10 years.

Starting in 2009 Hyundai built 120 Silverliner V EMU commuter cars for SEPTA, and later performed car refurbishments for the agency through 2016. The Silverliners were plagued by faulty welds requiring repairs, leading to operations problems for SEPTA.

The facility employed as many as 300 workers, and will close for good at the end of August.

China’s CRRC Corp. recently won out over Hyundai for a $137.5 million SEPTA contract to build new bilevel cars.


Cardinal Wuerl and the case of the predatory perverted Pittsburgh priest George Zirwas

George Zirwas was known to be part of a small ring of gay predatory priests in the Pittsburgh diocese who got teenaged boys drunk and sexually assaulted them.

Even after the ring was exposed and Zirwas’s compatriots were put on trial in 1988, prosecutors couldn’t charge Zirwas with a crime, although multiple criminal activities of his had been reported to the Pittsburgh diocese.

The new Pittsburgh bishop, Donald Wuerl, referred Zirwas to psychiatric treatment. Upon approval by psychiatrists, Bishop Wuerl allowed Zirwas to continue serving as a priest in the diocese. As additional reports of sexual abuse by Zirwas came in, Wuerl kept allowing Zirwas to serve, in four different parishes over seven and a half years before removing him from the priesthood.


A Viewer Writes: Mary Beth Carrozza

On Friday night 8/10 I was invited on board for the Somerset Co. Republican cruise. It was a great affair and most of those candidate hopefuls whom are on the Repub. ticket were there. Wolf, local commissioner candidates, Charles Otto, Carl Anderton, and Mary Beth.

I hadn't seen her in Somerset Co. and hoped I'd get to meet her. She's virtually unknown except to a few folks here and after she announced her platform she continued to circulate and finally I got to talk to her. I explained to her the vacuum as far as the electorate in the Somerset and Wicomico counties of her political efforts in so far as name and facial recognition and the fact her campaign was not nearly aggressive enough toward Jim Mathias.

I can assure you his is against her. I got the feeling from conversation emphasis in this area isn't a matter of importance nor Mathias' escapades to date. I felt her regard as far as all the charades Mathias has propagated during his term(s) wasn't a factor in winning the office. Taking into consideration Mathias has done enough to be hung several times over she's complacent to the fact 'not a lot of voters know the whole story and won't' because taking into account her reluctance to be the voice of change and talk about it to her credit, I got the feeling she was offended by me telling her the truth. So be it.

This is fact, Mathias is from Baltimore, and she's from Wash. D.C. area. Neither of which is a plus for those from the Eastern Shore to vote their slate.

Mathias has a huge head start on her and knows all the crooks locally to work for donations. He is owned body and real estate by Mike Miller who has committed $1,000,000 to his war chest for Mathias' vote on domestic issues. And on and on. Carrozza can't seem to understand in the 85 or so days left, waiting to expose these truths isn't the tactic that's going yield votes to overcome him. As a test I polled several of the other attendees and the general consensus
was she will get her ass kicked in grand fashion by Mathias. I agree. She's listening way to much to the collegiate sooth-sayers who act as her campaign co-ordinators who will very handily facilitate the waste of the Republican nomination for this seat. I told her I liked her and wished she'd win but there's no way in Hell that's going to happen. Depending on people to remember dead issues is a joke and to my estimation so is her tactics. If she's not aggressive in her campaign the what can I expect from voting for her? Is this the profile and silhouette of effectiveness the Shore has for four years if she does win?

I feel you may know her better than I but I know people and they're NOT going to vote for her if she's NOT a COUNTER Puncher like Trump.

Please council her as you have others.

Elizabeth Warren Dismisses Mollie Tibbetts’ Murder: We Have ‘Real Problems’ Like Family Separation

But Tibbets’ parents permanently separated from their child

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) suggested illegal alien family separation at the southern border is more pressing than preventing criminal illegals from committing violent crimes in the country.

During a CNN appearance Wednesday, Warren was asked about the murder of 20-year-old Mollie Tibbetts, who was allegedly killed at the hands of an illegal alien, and if Trump’s goal to secure the border could help prevent future illegal immigrant violence.

After quickly acknowledging the tragedy, Warren immediately pivoted to current U.S. immigration policy, specifically separating adults and children at the southern border to weed out smugglers.


Rahm Emanuel tells the truth about Chicago violence and gets fierce blowback

Chicago's mayor evidently forgot one of the iron laws of the Democratic Party: no members of any victim class can be held responsible for any problems that result from their behavior. The ever expanding list of victim classes has grown from blacks to include all "people of color" (basically, everybody but Caucasians, who implicitly are deemed "colorless"), even elite and privileged ones like Sarah Jeong; poor people; and people who choose sexual and gender adventurism, among others.

Perhaps it was the shock of seeing 75 people shot and 12 killed the weekend before last that impelled Rahm Emanuel to speak honestly about why such extreme violence is concentrated in a couple of neighborhoods.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel blamed the city's massive crime problem on a "shortage of values" after at least 75 people were shot over the weekend.

"We have a heavy heart," the Democratic mayor said at a news conference Monday. "Our souls are burdened. What happened this weekend did not happen in every neighborhood of Chicago but it is unacceptable to happen in any neighborhood of Chicago. We are a better city." ...


Pottsville priest, 30, faces sex charges

HARRISBURG — A Roman Catholic priest was charged on Tuesday with groping a 17-year-old girl and sending her nude images of himself, just a week after a grand jury reported the church had covered up decades of child molestation by priests across the state.

The charges of felony corruption of minors and misdemeanor indecent assault against 30-year-old Kevin Lonergan were not a result of the landmark grand jury investigation but stemmed from a complaint filed in June, after the grand jury had finished its work, authorities said.

Lonergan is an Allentown Diocese priest from Pottsville.

This is at least the second case of possible priest abuse being investigated in the Allentown Diocese since the grand jury finished its report, which identified 301 “predator priests” in a half-dozen Pennsylvania dioceses, including 37 in Allentown, going back to the 1940s.

Authorities have charged just two priests as a result of the grand jury investigation, including a priest who has since pleaded guilty.


Attorney: Former IT Aide Imran Awan Deserves No Jail Time Because Trump, Republicans Were Mean

An attorney filed a sentencing memo on behalf of former House IT aide Imran Awan, claiming that President Donald Trump, other Republicans, and “conspiratorial media” attacks serve as a sufficient substitute for jail time for his client’s bank fraud conviction.

Attorney Chris Gowen, a former aide to Hillary Clinton, argued to Judge Tanya Chutkan, a President Barack Obama-appointee, that Imran should be spared jail, in part because of Trump, who engaged in “incoherent rambling” about the former IT aide.

“Considering … the conduct of several government officials, including the president of the United States, Imran Awan respectfully requests this court to sentence him to time served with a fine of $4,004,” Gowen wrote in the sentencing memo filed Wednesday.

Imran pleaded guilty to lying on a loan application on July 3. He was also banned from the House network in February 2017 after congressional investigators alleged he made “unauthorized access” to House computers and other cyber violations, but faced no charges related to this.


MSNBC Host Downplays Mollie Tibbetts, ‘Fox News Talking About A Girl In Iowa’

Left ignores another murder by an illegal alien

Christina Greer apologized for her “flippant” remark Wednesday morning.
MSNBC guest and Fordham University professor Christina Greer dismissed the murder of Mollie Tibbetts, who was allegedly killed by an illegal alien, by referring to her as just “a girl in Iowa.”

Greer was upset Trump and Fox News weren’t covering the Manafort and Cohen trials enough and were instead focusing on Tibbetts’ death and the dangers of illegal immigration.

“Fox news is talking about a girl in Iowa and not this,” Greer complained on Tuesday.

Senator Tom Cotton went to Twitter and wrote, “Mollie would be alive if our government had taken immigration enforcement seriously years ago.”


Fourth instance of mob violence this year shuts down Chicago’s fanciest shopping district

Business interests and police are doing their best to minimize attention to the slide into mob rule of the streets in Chicago's nicest, most famous neighborhood. But shoppers, tourists, and ordinary working Joes and Janes can no longer take for granted the freedom to walk around Chicago's upscale shopping district along North Michigan Avenue near the famous Water Tower. Four times this year, mobs of "urban youths" have taken to "wilding" and attacking random pedestrians while looting stores.

The latest instance happened on Tuesday. CBS Chicago reports:

A brawl involving dozens of teenagers broke out near Chicago's Water Tower Place Tuesday night, prompting a flurry of 911 calls as the mob spread to Chicago Avenue and State Street.


The Fake Promise Of Adult Day Care

Cold Dark Clouds

The sun always shines brightest in the northern hemisphere during summer’s dog days. Here in America, from sea to shining sea, the nation burns hot. But, all the while, cold dark clouds have descended over the land of the free.

In case you ever wondered – yes, they really did say it… [PT]

For example, Senator Mark Warner – an absolute goober – is currently running interference for the Democrats on a proposal to silence political criticism. Yet for Warner, and his cohorts, all political criticism is not created equal. Criticism of President Trump is allowed and encouraged. Criticism of Washington insiders, like Warner, is what they want to prohibit.

Mark Warner, who at the behest of the leftist lamestream media complex makes as though he doesn’t understand what the “free” in “free speech” stands for. The dying corporate media want to de-platform their competition, as alternative media are eating their lunch. Leftist authoritarian politicians are more than happy to lend a helping hand, so as to get rid of all those pesky critics of the corrupt sty of parasites in Washington and the assorted bureaucracies it has spawned. With the mid-terms approaching and the much heralded “blue wave” beginning to look like an ever diminishing wavelet, shutting down Trump’s internet-based support is seen as a bonus. Silicon Valley firms bending to these demands better be careful – they may well be in violation of anti-trust laws by now or alternatively in violation of the first amendment. They cannot have their cake and eat it. We would strongly recommend ignoring politicians on this issue – all of whom will eventually be gone anyway. Tech firms should should get off the thin ice they are on now and remain above the fray by invoking the first amendment. [PT]

The guise of Warner’s would-be regulation is to prevent the bugaboo of Russian spread disinformation. Hence, Warner wants to destroy free speech to save it. Zero Hedge, via Martin Armstrong, offers the particulars…

“The Democrats want full disclosure regarding any online political speech. They even want the Federal Trade Commission to have unbelievable power and require all companies’ algorithms to be audited by the feds as if they even have qualified staff to conduct such audits.

“On top of that, they have proposed tech platforms above a certain size must turn over internal data and processes to ‘independent public interest researchers’ so they can identify potential ‘public health/addiction effects, anti-competitive behavior, radicalization,’ scams, ‘user propagated misinformation,’ and harassment — data that could be used to ‘inform actions by regulators or Congress.”’


Black Voter Support For Trump Nearly Doubles To 36%: Rasmussen

Support for President Trump among black voters hit 36% according to a new Rasmussen poll released on Thursday - nearly doubling his approval rating among African-Americans from the same day last year, which stood at 19%.

The boost corresponds with all-time low unemployment among blacks of 5.9% in May, which President Trump and others have been touting:

What's more, the Rasmussen poll comes amid controversy over the reported existence of a tape which contains Trump saying the N-word. The curiously timed allegations were brought by former White House aide and apprentice contestant Omarosa Manigault Newman - who was fired from the Clinton administration after being shuffled around four times.

That said, the Washington Post refutes Rasmussen's results with a Friday article entitled "No, one-third of African Americans don’t support Trump. Not even close."

Polling firms that have interviewed far more African Americans, and that are much more transparent than Rasmussen, all show that Trump’s black approval rating is much lower than 36 percent.

For example, Gallup has interviewed thousands of African American respondents in 2018. Its polling suggests that Trump’s black approval rating has consistently been around 10 to 15 percent through 2018.

Perhaps it depends on who's doing the asking, and what part of the country the questions are being asked?


WCSO Press Release - Aug 23, 2018

Jones Jr, Darrell
Incident: First Degree Assault
Date of Incident: 21 August 2018
Location: 900 block of Powhattan Blvd, Salisbury
Suspect: Jones Jr, Darrell Wayne, 26, of Brookville, MD
Narrative: On 8-21-18 at 927 pm, Deputies were dispatched to a residence in the 900 block of Powhattan Blvd for a reported disturbance involving a man with a gun. Upon arrival, Deputies made contact with two victims who advised during an argument, a male identified as Darrell Jones pulled out a handgun and pointed it at the victims. Jones fled into a residence before police arrived. When Deputies approached the residence looking for Jones, they found he escaped through a rear window and fled. Jones was located in the area and arrested. He was transported to Central Booking where he was held without bond.
Charges: 2 counts of 1st degree Assault, 2 counts of 2nd degree Assault, 2 counts of Reckless Endangerment.

Accuser Karen Monahan: Keith Ellison Asked Me to Stop Hinting at Alleged Abuse

Karen Monahan, a Minneapolis political activist, claims her ex-boyfriend Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) reached out to her during the #MeToo movement and said he did not “want to have to look over [his] shoulder” for the accusations of abuse she recently made public.

Even though the Democratic National Convention Chair is not worried, the accusations of domestic abuse are gaining attention. Monahan, a 44-year-old Iranian-American, spoke to CBS News, telling her story about the man who wants to be Minnesota’s next Attorney General.


Breaking News: The D.N.C. said a hacking attempt it learned of this week was a false alarm. The suspicious activity was merely a test.

The committee had contacted the F.B.I. out of fears that it was another Russian attack, like Moscow’s during the 2016 campaign.

Judicial Watch Demands Re-Opening Of Hillary Email Probe After More Classified Info Found

Judicial Watching is calling for a re-opening of the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails after finding more classified information on the former Secretary of State’s non-“” email system.

On Thursday, the watchdog revealed that it had received two batches, 184 pages and 45 pages, of newly uncovered emails belonging to Hillary Clinton from the U.S. Department of State sent and received over her unsecured server.

The emails were uncovered by a FOIA lawsuit filed on May 6, 2015, after the State Department failed to respond to a March 4, 2015 FOIA request seeking all emails sent or received by Clinton in her official capacity as Secretary of State, as well as all emails by other State Department employees to Clinton regarding her non-“” email address.

Judicial Watch broke down what they found:

On June 7, 2011, Clinton received classified information on her non-secure email account from former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, which Blair also forwarded to Jake Sullivan, about Blair’s Middle East negotiations with Israel, the Palestinians and the French

On January 26, 2010, Clinton’s Deputy Chief of Staff Jake Sullivan sent classified information via his unsecure Blackberry to Huma Abedin’s State Department email account that he’d earlier sent to Clinton’s and Abedin’s non-secure email accounts about U.K. negotiations with Northern Ireland.

On October 28, 2010, Clinton exchanges information with her friend Marty Torrey – a congressional aide – who asks Clinton in an email if she would advise that Torrey meet with former Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf. Clinton responds through her non-secure email account approving the meeting and notes that she is emailing him from Hanoi, Vietnam.

An email chain dated April 8, 2010, which contains a memo from Sid Blumenthal to Hillary Clinton related to the change of government in Kyrgyzstan, contains information classified “confidential” and is redacted as “foreign government information” and “foreign relations or foreign activities of the United States, including confidential sources.” Blumenthal urges Clinton to “develop relations” with the new government in Kyrgyzstan.

These emails caused Judicial Watch founder Tom Fitton to call for the Department of Justice to re-open the investigation into Clinton’s use of a private email server during her time in office.


The #WalkAway Movement Is Taking America By Storm

At now over 100,000 members in its Facebook group and widespread international media coverage, the #WalkAway movement of former Democrats telling their stories about why they left their party has resonated deeply with a core feeling currently in the American people.

Started by NYC hairstylist Brandon Straka in late May the movement has caught flame because it speaks to how the Democratic Party of today, where far-left sentiments ranging from universal socialist programs to demonizing our first responders and border control, to questioning the very goodness of America itself, are edging closer to gaining a seat at the table.

We are a far ways away from the Democratic Party that stood as a big tent party that governed America for much of the 20thcentury, and which led us through World War I, the Great Depression, World War II, through much of the fight against Communist aggression in the Cold War both domestically and internationally, and even as a moderate and pragmatic governing force under President Bill Clinton.


WILLIAMS: Enough's Enough

During the weekend of Aug. 4-5 (and the preceding Friday night), 12 Chicagoans were shot dead, and 62 others were shot and wounded, the Chicago Tribunereported. Before last week's mayhem, 1,718 Chicagoans had been shot since the beginning of the year, and 306 had been murdered. Adding to this tragedy is the fact that Chicago's clearance rate is less than 15 percent. That means that in more than 85 percent of Chicago's homicides, no suspect is charged. Chicago is by no means unique in this lawlessness. Detroit, Baltimore, Philadelphia, St. Louis and some other major cities share high rates of homicides.


The #WalkAway Movement Is Huge! The Real Walk Away Story Being Underreported.


The Sweden Democrats, a far-right party with an anti-socialist platform that seeks to limit immigration to the Scandinavian country, could win up to 25 percent of the vote in Sweden’s upcoming September elections, NBC reports.

Should that happen, such a result would “likely earn the Sweden Democrats more seats in Parliament than any other single party,” NBC’s Alexander Smith said.

Although the party reportedly had white supremacist and neo-Nazi ties in its early years, its leader since 2005, 39-year-old Jimmie Akesson, “claims to have kicked the extremists out of the party, pulled up its roots in white-supremacist and neo-Nazi activism, and turned it into a slick electoral machine that has doubled its vote every four years,” The Guardian reportedin 2014 after the party took 13 percent of the vote in that year’s election.

This year, the Sweden Democrats could double that and become a sizable force for the destruction of socialism in Sweden’s fractured, many-party system.


Wicomico County Executive Bob Culver Announces the Morris Mill Dam Rehabilitation

Work is set to begin on the Morris Mill Dam Rehabilitation project starting the week after Labor Day, Sept. 4th- 7th.. At that time South Division Street in Fruitland will be closed between Morris Mill Road and Emily Drive. A detour route using US 13 Business will be established.

Work is expected to last approximately one year during which time the outfall structure and cross road piping will be replaced. Larger vegetation along the embankments will be removed and the downstream slope will be armored to protect against a washout.

The work is being done in compliance with a Maryland Department of the Environment mandate to bring the dam up to current standards.

Any questions related to the project should be directed to Wicomico County Public Works - Roads Division at 410-548-4872.

Cynthia Nixon sounds confused by her own 'universal rent control' plan

Cynthia Nixon may be an accomplished actress, but she apparently has a big problem handling material that’s not included in her script.

In Brooklyn on Thursday, the gubernatorial candidate and her running-mate, City Councilman Jumaane Williams, tried to tout “universal rent control,” a pet proposal of their party’s rising socialist wing.

But when reporters asked just what that policy means and how it would be enacted, the pair found themselves in over their heads trying to explain.

In fact, Nixon couldn’t offer much of anything in the way of details — or, more important, cost figures: Asked how much rent increases would be limited to under her plan, she replied: “Well . . . it depends on what would be passed in that cycle.”

Williams wasn’t much help, either — and he’s a veteran tenant activist. But he offered assurances that “it’s a very good concept.”


Immigration Problem? Put Some ICE on It

President Donald Trump hosted an event at the White House Monday honoring the men and women of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the Customs and Border Protection agencies.

“You are the patriots and you are the heroes,” Trump told the assembled agents and agency personnel. “You keep us safe and you keep us free. I am honored every single day to serve as your commander-in-chief. I will never leave your side; I will never leave the fight.”

It’s a good thing, too. Both agencies are increasingly under fire by the Left and the media as the debate simmers over illegal immigration and how the government is supposed to handle it. According to leftists, the government shouldn’t do anything at all about illegal immigration. In fact, they are calling for the outright abolition of ICE.

Don’t underestimate the power behind that challenge. The proposal to dismantle ICE may have started as an offhand remark by Bernie Sanders’s socialist padawan Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, but it is now a mainstream Democrat plank. Likely 2020 presidential candidates such as Kirsten Gillibrand, Elizabeth Warren, and Kamala Harris have all joined the call. And three House Democrats introduced legislation to follow through.


Strategic Analyst Warns China Is ‘Literally Buying Up’ U.S. Officials

China’s “extremely effective” influence operation campaign has “literally changed the direction of American foreign policy” in part by “buying up” former U.S. officials, strategic affairs analyst Bill Gertz warned on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

“China’s information and influence operations have been extremely effective. They are literally buying up former officials,” said Gertz, a veteran defense and intelligence beats journalist who is now senior editor for the Washington Free Beacon.

“They are utilizing coercive measures to get U.S. businessmen who have interests in China to do their bidding, and very little is being done about it,” Gertz (pictured above) told Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

“I mean, we hear a lot about Russian influence operations. What China has been doing over the last 30 years is huge compared to what the Russians have done in terms of influencing the U.S. government,” Gertz added. “They have literally changed the direction of American foreign policy towards China.”

Gertz, whose 2000 book, “The China Threat: How the People’s Republic Targets America,” sounded some early warnings on the issue, lamented that both Republican and Democratic administrations succumbed to the “big propaganda theme” that “China is not a threat.”

Fortunately, Trump has directly confronted and rejected that theme, he said.


California Used Loopholes To Keep Thousands on SNAP From Having to Work

Despite 10-year-low unemployment, California took advantage of loopholes in federal regulation to keep more than 800,000 federal welfare recipients from having to work.

This conclusion is based on the response of the U.S. Department of Agriculture to an application to waive SNAP's work requirements for 55 of California's 58 counties, issued to the state in July and recently obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

California's waiver, which will last until August of 2019, exempts more than 800,000 able-bodied, childless Californians from having to work while on SNAP. This in spite of the fact that California's unemployment rate—4.2 percent—is at its lowest level in at least 10 years.


The 10 Commandments of Success

Editor’s note: The following excerpt on the “The Ten Commandments of Success” is taken from The Business of Life (1916) by Frank Crane. It has been condensed from the original.

It is the purpose of this piece of writing to give a glimpse of the fundamentals of success. I would indicate, not all the elements, but what kind of elements they are that enter into a triumphant existence.

I do not have in mind success in your particular calling. I have nothing to say concerning some things in which you are much interested, to wit; how you can sell more goods in your grocery, how you can acquire prominence as an actor, how you can be elected to office, or get rich or play the fiddle, or write a best seller. But I shall speak of things that will result in such goods as your own self-respect, the love and esteem of those who know you, a settled feeling of courage toward destiny, of hope in the future and of satisfaction with the past – in other words, life success instead of vocational success.

Vocational training is necessary. But life training is more necessary. You ought to serve a thorough apprenticeship to become an expert mechanic, baker, or lawyer, and receive a business training to become a good secretary, but all that is not the prime business of school. For the first goal of education should be to make you a wholesome, efficient, and cheerful man.

There are two kinds of success: success of distinction and success of satisfaction.

Success of distinction means getting rich, or famous, or in some way marked out among your fellows.


30,000 ISIS Fighters Still in Syria and Iraq, Inspector General Reports

WASHINGTON -- The number of ISIS fighters believed to remain in Syria and Iraq is much higher than previously estimated, according to a new report to Congress from the U.S. Lead Inspector General.

At the end of December, the U.S.-led coalition said in a statement to Reuters that "due to the commitment of the Coalition and the demonstrated competence of our partners in Iraq and Syria, there are estimated to be less than 1,000 ISIS terrorists in our combined joint area of operations, most of whom are being hunted down in the desert regions in eastern Syria and Western Iraq."

Earlier that month, where Iraq declared victory over ISIS, the coalition estimated there were fewer than 3,000 ISIS fighters left in the region. At successive briefings, the Defense Department has declared continued success against the terror group.

But the new report estimates "roughly 14,000 fighters" still in Syria and "15,500 to 17,100 ISIS fighters" remaining in Iraq at the conclusion of the quarter at the end of June.


Netflix cancels 'The Break with Michelle Wolf'

Netflix has canceled two of its talk shows, “The Break With Michele Wolf” and “The Joel McHale Show With Joel McHale.”

The move comes just months into both shows’ runs — with McHale’s having premiered in February and Wolf’s in May. It also comes as Wolf has seen her star rise, thanks in part to an appearance hosting this year’s White House Correspondents dinner, where her speaking engagement drew rave reviews from viewers but prompted the WHCA to apologize for some of its content.

Netflix declines to release viewership information for its original shows, so it it unknown what size audiences Wolf and McHale drew. It remains to be seen whether the cancellations represent a retreat from the variety-talk format that the streaming service has been making an aggressive push into. A new season of David Letterman’s “My Next Guest Needs No Introduction” is in the works, as are new shows from Hasan Minhaj and Norm Macdonald. The streaming also recently picked up Jerry Seinfeld’s “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee,” luring the comic away from his longtime home at Sony’s ADVOD service Crackle.


79-Year-Old Homeowner Greets Alleged Intruder with Shotgun Blast to Both Legs

A 79-year-old homeowner in Benzie County, Michigan, greeted an alleged intruder with a shotgun blast to both legs.

Up North Live reports the homeowner heard strange noises in his barn just before 11:30 pm Tuesday night. He armed himself and went to investigate.

Once inside the barn, he confronted an alleged intruder, ordering him off his property. At that point, the homeowner said the suspect allegedly came at him in a “threatening manner,” so he fired the shotgun, hitting the suspect in both legs.

The Record-Eagle reports that Benzie County Sheriff’s deputies arrived and had the 37-year-old suspect transported to Munson Medical Center: “Benzie County Sheriff Ted Schendel said [the suspect] was hit with birdshot.”


Illegal Alien Arrested by ICE, Wanted for Murder in Mexico, Has Five Anchor Babies

An illegal alien living in the United States who was recently arrested by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and is wanted in Mexico on homicide charges has five U.S.-born children that have been rewarded with birthright citizenship.

Joel Arrona-Lara, an illegal alien from Mexico, made national headlines this week when he was arrested by ICE agents while driving his pregnant wife to the hospital. The establishment media immediately portrayed Arrona-Lara as a victim of President Trump’s increased immigration enforcement, but soon after ICE revealed that the illegal alien is wanted in Mexico for murder.

In a statement to Breitbart News, ICE officials said Arrona-Lara was originally brought to their attention after he was charged with homicide in Mexico.


Governor Larry Hogan Cuts Ribbon on Newly Renovated Baltimore City School

Governor Larry Hogan Cuts Ribbon on Newly Renovated Baltimore City School21st Century School Buildings Program Successfully Underway
ANNAPOLIS, MD - Governor Larry Hogan today attended and spoke at the 21st Century School Buildings for Our Children: Community-Wide Ribbon Cutting Celebration for Arundel Elementary/Middle School in Baltimore City, Md. The governor was joined by Baltimore City Mayor Catherine Pugh, Baltimore City Schools CEO Dr. Sonja Brookins Santelises, Maryland Stadium Authority Chairman Tom Kelso, students and teachers, and other state and local officials.
“I believe that every child in Maryland deserves access to a world-class education regardless of what neighborhood they happen to grow up in,” said Governor Hogan. “And a key part of that is making sure our students are educated in facilities that are modern, safe, and efficient and provide them with an environment that encourages growth and learning. That’s exactly what we are achieving through the 21st Century School Buildings Program.”
The 21st Century School Buildings Program is currently underway to provide Baltimore City children with the healthy, safe, efficient, and modern school buildings they deserve. For example, the new Arundel building features an outdoor amphitheater for instructional and performance use. The Hogan administration is opening five newly renovated campuses in Baltimore City just this week, bringing the total to nine improved schools with 28 more city schools in the construction or planning stages.
“We have invested $5.5 billion just in Baltimore City, including $3.8 billion in K-12 education in the City. This is above and beyond the legislative funding formulas and in spite of declining enrollment,” said the governor.
New and renovated school buildings will support excellence in teaching and learning with flexible and adaptable spaces, learning areas designed for interaction and collaboration, technology-equipped classrooms, and shared community spaces that will enrich the schools' neighborhoods. The program is a partnership between the Maryland Stadium Authority, Baltimore City Public Schools, the City of Baltimore, and the Interagency Committee on Public School Construction.

The 7 Keys to Depressing Yourself

Sure, some people seem to have a genetic advantage when it comes to getting depressed, but that’s not most people. Most people depress themselves, unintentionally. However, if you want to guarantee that you’re depressed, you can’t leave it to chance. Instead, you need to methodically follow these steps until you’re deeply depressed.

1. Focus on depressing things

I’m a happy person, but if I spend an hour thinking about putting my dog to sleep, women who broke my heart, people I love dying, and every crushing failure I’ve ever experienced, I’ll FEEL TERRIBLE. As I said, I’m a happy person, so I seldom do this, but there are people who have found a way to spend DECADES focused like a laser beam on traumatic memories from their past. These people are champions of depression!

2. Isolate yourself at home

If you want to be depressed, the LAST THING you should ever want to do is see another person who might cheer you up. It’s much safer to just isolate yourself at home where there’s no one else to make you feel better. Plus, if you stay by yourself, it’s much easier to maintain the false illusion that no one cares. Bonus points!


12 Animal Stereotypes - And How True They Really Are

Do elephants really have good memories? Are owls really wise, and are sloths really lazy? Ever since the beginning of civilization, human beings have relentlessly anthropormorphized wild animals, to the extent that it can often be difficult to separate myth from fact, even in our modern, supposedly scientific age. On the following images, we'll describe 12 widely believed animal stereotypes, and how closely they conform to reality.
01of 12 - Are Owls Really Wise?