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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Connecticut School: Veterans Didn’t Use Guns

Did you know that soldiers didn’t use guns to secure our freedom?

Neither did I. But apparently that’s the message being taught to kids in Glastonbury, Connecticut. You’re not going to believe this.

In honor of Veterans Day yesterday, an art teacher in one of the schools worked with students to make silhouettes of a soldier kneeling at a grave marked by a rifle and a helmet. Why? Because… ‘merica.

This teacher is educated enough to know you don’t win freedom with diplomacy. You do it by killing bad guys.

But a couple of other teachers were so triggered by the site of rifles that they demanded they be removed.

So what did the principal do? Did the principal embrace patriotism and stand up to these social justice warrior idiots who shouldn’t be allowed to teach children to begin with? Did the principal encourage teachers to actually teach about history?


The Aptly Named Jeff Flake

“Country over Party” outgoing U.S. Senator Jeff Flake (R-Arizona) wrote on the $100 check he sent to Alabama U.S. Senate candidate Doug Jones (D-NARAL).

Jones, now trailing Roy Moore, the Republican, by a few percentage points, told Chuck Todd on MSNBC in September that he doesn’t support restricting abortion after 20 weeks or really at all.

“I’m not in favor of anything that is going to infringe on a woman’s right and her freedom to choose,” Jones said. “That’s just the position that I’ve had for many years. It’s a position I continue to have. But I want to make sure people understand, that once a baby is born, I’m going to be there for that child. That’s where I become a right-to-lifer.”

So, no infanticide? That’s reassuring.

About a month ago, Jones “clarified” that he supports restrictions on “late-term procedures,” but even then he left himself wiggle room, the kind that as a practical matter could leave no restrictions on nine-months-plus abortion at all.


Tax Bill Both Feeds Cynicism and Cures It

What to make of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, the legislation passed by the Senate at 1:36 a.m. the Saturday before last, by a 51 to 49 vote, with only Republicans in favor?

Any final assessment has to await a conference with the House of Representatives that will attempt to bridge differences between the Senate bill and the one already passed by the House.

For now, though, the legislation is a mixture of really encouraging developments and really disappointing ones.


Gateway Pundit’s Lucian Wintrich Cleared of Charges Following UConn First Amendment Dust-Up

Lucian Wintrich, the White House correspondent for the Donald Trump-friendly Gateway Pundit website arrested by police after he grappled with a woman who had stolen pages of his prepared remarks at the University of Connecticut last month, is a free man.

Additionally, the state of Connecticut on Monday dropped the breach-of-peace charge that State Police slapped Wintrich with, and has charged the Quinebaug Valley Community College adviser who took away Wintrich’s notes before attempting to make a dash for the exits with larceny and disorderly conduct charges.

The incident occurred during a raucous appearance by Wintrich at his highly charged “It’s O.K. To Be White” speaking event on Tuesday, November 28.


Funeral Arrangements For Deputy Chief State Fire Marshal Sander Cohen

(PIKESVILLE, MD) – Funeral arrangements for Deputy Chief State Fire Marshal Sander B. Cohen, have been announced. They are as follows:

Thursday, December 14, 2017 11:00 a.m.

B’nai Israel
6301 Montrose Road
Rockville, MD 20852

A private interment will follow.
Parking at the funeral location is limited. Additional parking locations have been identified and are:


Saint Elizabeth Church
917 Montrose Road
Rockville, MD (Please enter off Tildenwood Drive)

Jewish Community Church
6125 Montrose Road
Rockville, MD

More Than 1 in 4 Americans Postpone Medical Treatment Because of the Expense

More than one in four Americans, or 29 percent, hold off seeking medical treatment because of the cost, according to a poll from Gallup.

Of the 29 percent of Americans who forgo seeing the doctor, 63 percent say their medical condition is either somewhat or very serious.

"The figure has been stable over the past decade, ranging from 29 percent to 33 percent since 2006," Gallup explains. "The percentage of adults who put off medical treatment had been lower before that, including 22 percent in 1991 and 19 percent in 2001."

Only 35 percent said their condition was not very serious or not at all serious.


NOI 12/9/17 Wicomico Garage Fire Mary Jane Drive


Date: December 9, 2017
Time: 6:00 a.m.
Location / Address: 6499 Mary Jane Dr., Salisbury, Wicomico Co.

Type of Incident: Fire

Description of Structure / Property: Two story detached wood frame garage

Owner / Occupants: Keith Bounds
Injuries or Deaths: None
Estimated $ Loss: Structure: $80,000 Contents: $50,000
Smoke Alarm Status: Unknown
Fire Alarm / Sprinkler Status: n/a
Arrests(s): None
Primary Responding Fire Department: Hebron
# of Alarms: 1 # Of Firefighters: 26
Time to Control: 1 hour
Discovered By: Passerby
Area of Origin: Interior first floor garage
Preliminary Cause: Under Investigation

Additional Information: Anyone with information is asked to call the Salisbury Office of the Maryland State Fire Marshal at (410) 713-3780.

Fusion GPS tried to tie Trump to Clinton’s pedophile pal Epstein as part of smear campaign

Fusion GPS, the opposition research firm whose Democrat-financed Russia dossier fueled an FBI investigation into Donald Trump, pitched other stories about the Republican presidential candidate to Washington reporters, including an attempt to tie him to a convicted pedophile who was once buddies with former President Bill Clinton.

Journalist sources told The Washington Times that Fusion founder Glenn Simpson pushed the idea of a close relationship between Mr. Trump and Jeffrey Epstein, who pleaded guilty in 2008 to soliciting sex from an underage girl.

The Trump-Epstein link appears purely social, far short of Mr. Clinton’s 20-plus plane rides on Epstein’s “Lolita Express” private jet around the globe in the early 2000s.

Behind the scenes, the private 'intelligence' firm run by former Wall Street Journal reporters was particularly active last year working to defeat Mr. Trump. Fusion leader Mr. Simpson, who railed against sleazy opposition research as a reporter, harbored a strong desire to bring down the builder of hotels with, well, "opposition research."


Parsons Cemetery Wreaths across America 2017 Ceremony December 16th, 10am


Democrats forgave Rep. Gerry Studds for preying on teen boys, hailed as gay rights pioneer

If Alabama voters choose Republican Roy Moore for the U.S. Senate in Tuesday’s special election, it won’t be the first time in the modern era that voters have sent to Congress a man dogged by a teen sex scandal.

Massachusetts voters stood by Democratic Rep. Gerry Studds even after he was censured by the House in 1983 for his sexual relationship at age 36 with a 17-year-old male congressional page, as well as making sexual advances toward two other teenage pages.

Far from dooming the Democratic Party, the episode barely registered at the ballot box. Democrats kept their House majority and gained Senate seats in 1984, while Studds was re-elected in his liberal Cape Cod district with 56 percent of the vote.

Sen. Cory Gardner of Colorado, who heads the National Republican Senate Committee, has called for the Senate to expel Mr. Moore if he wins. He said Thursday that the NRSC will never endorse the Republican candidate.


NRA-Republican Backed Bill Makes It Easier For Feds To Disarm Citizens

On Wednesday, the Republican controlled house voted to further federalize gun laws in this country.

While Ryan McMaken has noted the danger in further centralizing gun legislation, there is another deeply troubling aspect to this bill: it expands the ability of the Federal government to restrict Americans’ right to bear arms.

During the legislative process, the NRA supported merging the bill aimed at nationalizing concealed carry permits with another piece of legislation aimed at “fixing” the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS.) Obviously this legislation was inspired by the failure of the US Air Force to report the criminal record of Devin Kelley, who went on to commit a horrific shooting in Sutherland Springs, Texas. While the motivation to do something after this atrocity is entirely natural, unfortunately this bill is simply another example of the Federal government using its own failure to justify expanding its own power.

After all, the “Fix NICS” bill doesn’t seek to punish the US Air Force for its failure to properly process paperwork. Instead, it provides $760 million in additional funding for the Department of Justice to establish new guidelines to ensure compliance among Federal agencies. That funding can also be used “to ensure maximum coordination” between State government and Indian tribes with the NICS.

While the idea of bolstering the already existing Federal gun registry may strike some as relatively benign, it’s important to understand how it has been used in the past.


Oberlin College accused of bullying small business over students' arrests

Students at Oberlin College have long enjoyed pastries, bagels and chocolates from Gibson's Bakery, a century-old, family-owned business near campus.

That sweet relationship has turned bitter amid hotly disputed accusations of racism, roiling a school and town long known for their liberal politics.

The dispute, which began in November 2016 with the arrest of three black Oberlin students who tried stealing wine from Gibson's, is now a lawsuit in which the exasperated bakery owners accuse the college and a top dean of slandering Gibson's as a "racist establishment" and taking steps to destroy the family's livelihood.

The three students arrested at Gibson's pleaded guilty in August to attempted theft and aggravated trespassing and said in statements required by a plea agreement that their actions were wrong and that the store wasn't racist.

Even so, students continue to boycott Gibson's over perceived racial profiling, causing business to suffer. Pressed by a reporter to provide evidence or examples of profiling, they said only that when black students enter the store, they feel as though they're being watched.


Ron Paul: Government Should Leave Bakers Alone

Last week the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in the case of Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission. The case stems from the refusal of Masterpiece Cakeshop, a bakery, to bake a wedding cake for a same-sex couple. The bakery was found guilty of a civil rights violation and ordered to stop refusing to bake and design cakes because they are for same-sex weddings. The bakery was also required to file reports on the steps it takes to comply and whether it turns down any prospective customers.

The decision to force the bakery to change its business practices reflects a mistaken concept of rights. Those who support government intervention in this case view rights as a gift from government. Therefore, they think politicians and bureaucrats can and should distribute and redistribute rights. This view holds it is completely legitimate to use government force to make bakeries bake cakes for same-sex weddings since the government-created right to a cake outweighs the rights of property and contract.

This view turns the proper concept of rights on its head. Rights are not gifts from government, so the government cannot restrict them unless we engage in force or fraud. The bakery did not use force to stop any same-sex couple from getting a wedding cake. It simply exercised its right to decide who it would accept as a customer. No one would support private individuals forcing bakery employees to bake a cake at gunpoint, so why is it right for the government to do it?

Some people claim that forcing the bakery to bake the cake is consistent with libertarianism. The reason they make this claim is they view the bakery’s actions as rooted in bigotry toward homosexuals. But even if this were true, it would not justify government intervention. Bigots and others with distasteful views have the right to use their property as they choose. The way to combat bigotry is through boycotts and other means of peaceful persuasion.


Harassment Politics Grip Washington and Spur Fear in Both Parties

Chatter in Washington around the rising tally of lawmakers toppled by sexual harassment allegations has shifted from “who’s next?” to “how does this end?”

While the U.S. capital has endured sex scandals since Alexander Hamilton’s affair with Maria Reynolds in the 1790s, the country has undergone a sudden shift in attitudes toward allegations of abuse, harassment or other inappropriate behavior and no historical templates exist for how it all might play out.

The cultural change has been moving so fast last week that Democratic Senator Al Franken and Republican Representative Trent Franks announced their resignations on the same day. That followed by a few days a decision by Democratic Representative John Conyers to retire while under pressure from Democratic leaders over harassment allegations. Many Washington insiders are speculating that the purge is far from over.


Former Agent Kallstrom: May Be a 'Fifth Column' Running FBI

Former assistant director of the FBI James Kallstrom said Sunday he believes there’s a “Fifth Column conspiracy” in the bureau determined to destroy President Donald Trump — and may have committed a “serious felony” in doing so.

In an interview aired Sunday with radio host John Catsimatidis on “The Cats Roundtable” on 970 AM in New York, Kallstrom said those trying to undercut the bureau from within are a small group.

“I’m coming more and more to the conclusion that this is a conspiratorial cabal among the fifth column to basically take away the presidency of the United States,” he said.

More here

NYC Terror Suspect Came to U.S. as Foreign Relative of ‘Visa Lottery’ Immigrant

The Bangladesh-born terror suspect who allegedly attempted to detonate a suicide-bomb in New York was able to enter the United States as a foreign relative of an immigrant, extended-family member who had won a visa to the U.S. under the Diversity Visa Lottery.

On Monday 27-year-old Akayed Ullah, a Bangladesh national, injured three individuals when he allegedly tried to detonate a suicide bomb in New York City in a planned terrorist attack.

In a statement by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Ullah was able to enter the U.S. in 2011 as a foreign relative after one of his family members was awarded a Green Card in the Visa Lottery.

Every year, the Visa Lottery — championed by Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) — gives out 50,000 visas to foreign nationals from a multitude of countries, including those with known terrorist problems..


Publishers Notes: Notice how WBOC never mentioned this fact.

Treasury Says Trump Agenda Will Pay for Tax Cuts

The Republican economic agenda will generate enough growth to pay for tax cuts being hammered out on Capitol Hill this week, the U.S. Treasury said Monday.

The Treasury said a combination of tax cuts, regulatory reform, welfare reform, and infrastructure development would change the long-run annual growth rate from a previous assumption of 2.2 percent to 2.9 percent. That forecast comes from the Trump administration’s budget.

That additional growth would generate more than enough revenue to pay for the tax cuts. Over a ten-year period, the move from 2.2 percent growth to 2.9 percent growth would generate $1.8 trillion in additional tax revenue, enough to cover the $1.5 trillion in tax cuts with $300 billion left over. This means that even if the tax cuts sets to expire in 2025 under the GOP proposals were made permanent or extended, there still would be no additional debt created by the tax overhaul.

More here

Power Outage In Pittsville Area

Number of Customers Affected: 1,046
Number of Outage Orders: 2
Earliest Report: Dec 12, 2:52 PM
Estimated Restoration: Dec 12, 6:00 PM

Untying the Ties That Bind Us

Whether Al Franken realizes it or not (bet on not), his resignation speech epitomizes the moral rot that is eating at the foundations of our nation. A lampooning of Franken’s self-serving remarks displayed on the cover of Friday’s New York Post said it all: “I didn’t do anything wrong, but I’m leaving.”

How did we become a nation where blaming everyone but oneself for one’s problems can reasonably be labeled as “quintessentially American?” How did we manage to convince ourselves that right and wrong are individualized — and negotiable — concepts? Beginning with the so-called revolution of the ‘60s, we abandoned the sacred in favor of the profane.

Columnist David P. Goldman defines sacred as “that which endures beyond our lifetime and beyond the lifetime of our children, the enduring characteristics that make us unique and will continue to distinguish us from the other peoples of the world, and which cannot be violated without destroying our sense of who we are.” He asserts, “The sacred is what a country’s soldiers are willing to die to protect; unless there is something for which we are willing to die, we will find nothing for which we are willing to live.”


NFL HELL: Ejected Player Tries Charging Stands to Fight Fans

Dumpster fire grows as player behavior spirals out of control

The Seattle Seahawks – Jacksonville Jaguars game turned ugly late after a scuffle on field and near-scuffle between a player and fans.

As Jaguars quarterback Blake Bortles took a knee to run out the clock in the final seconds, two Seahawks defenders hit him late, starting a fracas on the field.

Seahawks defensive tackle Quinton Jefferson was ejected for fighting, and as he made his way into the tunnel, turned back to argue with nearby fans in the stands. As the two parties exchanged words, someone appeared to throw an object on Jefferson, setting Jefferson off. Jefferson tried climbing into the stands to fight the fan, but was stopped by security before the situation escalated.


EPA Blocks Public Comment on Fluoridation

By Paul Connett, PhD

(OMNS Dec 11, 2017)-- On December 7 and 8, the EPA's National Drinking Water Advisory Council held its annual meeting at their headquarters office on Constitutional Avenue in Washington, DC. After sitting through lengthy discussions all day on December 7 (in which the word "fluoride" was not mentioned once), Bill Hirzy PhD, Ellen Connett and myself (Paul Connett) finally got our chance to speak during the Public Comment period on Friday morning, Dec 8.

We were told that we had three minutes each to say what we had to say. When you bear in mind all the things that we wanted to say about fluoride's neurotoxic effects - which the EPA's Office of Water has largely ignored for over 20 years - and their recent cavalier declaration that further review of fluoride's toxicity was a "low priority," three minutes was grossly inadequate. In fact, not one of us got very far before we were cut off.

Here as best we can recall it are what each of us had to say in our 3 minutes before we were cut off.

Dr. Bill Hirzy reports:

I cited my 27-year career as the highest ranking chemist/senior scientist at EPA headquarters in the Toxics Office and my study of fluoride toxicity dating from 1986. I pointed out the study that Dr. Connett, three other Fluoride Action Network (FAN) supporters and I published in December 2016, and how it predicted a substantial IQ difference would exist between U.S. children with slightly higher fluoride exposure and those with lower exposure.

I added that "a study funded by federal public health agencies (Basash et al., 2017) - including EPA - recently confirmed FAN's prediction of IQ losses among children in Mexico whose pregnant mothers' urine fluoride levels were slightly higher than mothers with lower fluoride levels. And that FAN's prediction of lower IQ associated with fluoride exposure had been transmitted several times to EPA, orally and in writing, since 2014."

I was cut off at that point.

I was going to point out that the groups of children born each year - about four million - would suffer an aggregate lifetime income loss of at least about $100 billion, based on published data on the connection between IQ and income; that this was an annual loss to the U.S. economy.

I also stated, at the very end of the meeting (after the chairperson had gaveled the meeting to a close) that I realized that EPA was - in the federal power structure of cabinet vs. non-cabinet agencies - a junior partner to the Department of Health and Human Services, the parent agency of the U.S. Public Health Service and its CDC/Oral Health Division. I entreated the EPA officials there to nevertheless display some courage, "buck it up," I said and "show the courage that EPA's Union employees have shown in dealing with fluoride."

Ellen Connett reports:

WCSO Press Release - Dec. 11, 2017

Incident: Burglary 4th Degree / Resisting Arrest
Date of Incident: 9 December 2017
Location: 2300 block of Pine Way, Salisbury, MD
Suspect: George W. Mister, 20, Deal Island, MD
Narrative: On 9 December 2017 at 9:35 PM, a deputy responded to a reported disturbance in the 2300 block of Pine Way in Salisbury. The deputy learned that a subject, later identified as George Mister, attempted to enter a residence where a juvenile’s birthday party was being held. According to the subjects at the residence where this occurred, Mister was telling them that he wanted to join the party as he was attempting to push open a door that was being held closed.
Mister had left before the deputy’s arrival but after following his tracks in the snow he was located hiding in the parking lot of a nearby car dealership. Mister, who was found to be under the influence of alcohol, was uncooperative with the deputy and resisted the effort to be taken into custody. At one point in the process, Mister kicked the deputy in the shin.
Mister was transported to Central Booking where he was processed and taken in front of the District Court Commissioner. Following an initial appearance, the Commissioner detained Mister in the Detention Center on bond pending a future bond review.
Charges: Burglary 4th Degree, Disorderly Conduct, Intoxicated and Causing a Public Disturbance, Assault 2nd Degree, Resisting Arrest

Report: Fusion GPS Paid Senior Justice Department Official's Wife During 2016 Campaign

Fusion GPS, the firm behind the Trump dossier, paid the wife of a senior Justice Department official during the 2016 election, a Fox News report revealed on Monday.

The senior Justice Department official is Bruce Ohr, who was demoted last week, just before Fox News reported that he had met with dossier author Christopher Steele during the campaign, and with Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson after the election.

He was demoted for not disclosing those meetings to the Justice Department, according to Fox News.

Until last week, Ohr was both associate deputy attorney general, putting him four doors down from Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, and director of the Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force. Ohr was removed from his first title just a day before Fox News reported on his meetings with Fusion GPS.


Secretary of State’s Office Warns Marylanders to Beware of Charity Scams This Holiday Season

ANNAPOLIS, MD – As the holidays approach, Governor Larry Hogan and Secretary of State John Wobensmith warn citizens to beware of scam charities and deceptive practices. Charities in Maryland and beyond rely upon the generosity of citizens to provide programs and services to those in need across the state.

While the holidays inspire a spirit of generosity among many Marylanders, it is important to be vigilant about scams that are posing as legitimate charitable organizations.

All charities who solicit money in Maryland are required to register with the Office of the Secretary of State if they collect $25,000 or more in direct public support or use paid solicitors to raise funds for the organization. Marylanders can use the Secretary of State website to confirm if a charity is authorized to raise money in Maryland:

The Secretary of State’s Office urges citizens to recognize “red flags” that can help determine if a charity is worthy of support. Ask questions and be suspicious of any charity that won’t provide satisfactory information. Examples of “red flags” that should help you question whether a charity is worthy of your support include:
Did the organization refuse to send you written material or financial information?
Did the solicitor offer to send a person to collect your contribution?
Did the charity send you an invoice or statement that indicates a payment due for a contribution you never pledged?
Does the organization’s name and logo closely resemble another charity with a similar purpose?

The Secretary of State’s Office investigates complaints about charity fraud. If you think you’ve been the victim of a scam or to report a potential scam charity, contact the Investigations Unit at 410-260-3879 or 800-825-4510.

More information about charities can be found on the Secretary of State’s Charity page:

Dem Rep's Former Campaign Aide Pleads Guilty to Paying Opponent to Drop Out of 2012 Primary

A strategist for Rep. Robert Brady (D., Pa.) on Friday admitted to helping cover up the Brady campaign’s $90,000 contribution to a Democratic primary opponent to bribe him to drop out of the race.

Donald Jones pleaded guilty to lying to federal agents and has agreed to cooperate in the investigation going forward, Roll Callreported.

Both Jones and fellow Brady Aide Ken Smukler were charged in October with making illegal campaign contributions on behalf of Brady to former Philadelphia Municipal Court Judge Jimmie Moore to bribe him to drop out of the 2012 primary race. Moore pleaded guilty to hiding the $90,000 payment.

"I accept full responsibility for my actions and consider my guilty plea a first step in making amends," Jones said in a statement. "I apologize to the people of Philadelphia and to my family for bringing this dishonor upon them."


I'm a Pediatrician. Here's What I Did When a Little Boy Patient Said He Was a Girl.

“Congratulations, it’s a boy!” Or, “Congratulations, it’s a girl!”

As a pediatrician for nearly 20 years, that’s how many of my patient relationships began. Our bodies declare our sex.

Biological sex is not assigned. Sex is determined at conception by our DNA and is stamped into every cell of our bodies. Human sexuality is binary. You either have a normal Y chromosome, and develop into a male, or you don’t, and you will develop into a female. There are at least 6,500 genetic differences between men and women. Hormones and surgery cannot change this.

An identity is not biological, it is psychological. It has to do with thinking and feeling. Thoughts and feelings are not biologically hardwired. Our thinking and feeling may be factually right or factually wrong.


Credibility of Fox News On the Line with Poll That Shows Jones Up by 10

Fox News put its credibility on the line when it released a new poll on Monday that shows liberal Democrat Doug Jones leads conservative Republican Roy Moore by 10 points, 50 percent to 40 percent, in tomorrow’s special election for the U.S. Senate in Alabama.

The contrast between the results reported by Fox News and every other recent major poll could not be sharper.

Earlier on Monday, an Emerson Poll was released that shows Moore up by nine points, 53 percent to 44 percent.

The five other most recent polls featured in the Real Clear Politics Average of Polls all show Moore in the lead.

More here

Sarah Sanders SHUTS DOWN CNN's Jim Acosta in Heated Exchange 12/11/17


County Executive Bob Culver has ordered the County Roads to help the citizens in the unincorporated areas dispose of remnants from "Benji" the Winter Storm that hit the County on December 8-9, 2017.

The branches need to be placed beside the road and be the size for an individual to handle. There will not be any bagged products picked up nor any raking of leaves/debris.

There will be two pickup days, Friday, December 15, 2017 and Friday, December 22, 2017. All interested should call the Roads Department at 410-548-4875 by December 21, 2017 to request this service. When calling you need to leave your name, address, and phone number.

This is not a normal service, however, the weight of the snow has left many citizens with a large amount of fallen tree limbs. As always, the Newland Park Landfill accepts brush at no cost to citizens. Please use discretion when requesting this service.

Millennial Delivers EPIC DEFENSE of HOUSE PARTIES before the L.A. City Council, Watters LOVES IT!!

6-Year-Old YouTube Star Earns $11 Million Reviewing Toys

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A family’s toy review videos, starring their six-year-old son, has turned the youngster into one of the richest YouTube stars online.

Ryan, the star of Ryan ToysReview, finished in the Top 10 of Forbes’ highest-paid YouTube stars in the world this year. The six-year-old’s massively popular channel has reportedly earned $11 million in 2017.

The channel has attracted a huge following of parents and children who watch Ryan test out new toys and give his thoughts on them. Ryan ToysReview started in 2015 when the boy was only four; it now has over 10 million subscribers and his videos were reportedly viewed over eight billion times during the 12-month period Forbes was tracking them.

“He loves Cars, Trains, Thomas and friends, Lego, Superheroes, Disney toys, open surprise eggs, play doh , Pixar Disney cars , Disney Planes, monster trucks, minions, playtime at the fun, family fun adventure and so much more!,” Ryan’s parents write on the family’s YouTube channel.


WOW! How lucky is this guy?

Major cold/snowy blast on the way

The biggest weather story of the week in the Mid-Atlantic region is likely to be the bitter cold coming at mid-week because of its unusual nature for this time of year; however, there are also multiple waves of energy in the northern branch of the jet stream that can cause snow on numerous occasions during the upcoming five days or so. The first upper-level system to monitor is likely to generate some snow and/or rain shower activity in parts of the Mid-Atlantic region and there can be some snow squall activity as very cold air pours into the region later tomorrow into tomorrow night. After a very windy and cold day on Wednesday, a second wave of energy will drop southeast towards the Mid-Atlantic region on Thursday and it could generate some accumulating snow in a very cold air mass. Another snow threat will come late Friday as a couple of waves of upper-level energy try to consolidate near the Mid-Atlantic coastline and the result could be some more snow for the I-95 corridor region from DC-to-Philly-to-NYC.

Winds will pick up significantly on Tuesday night and continue strong on Wednesday with gusts to 40 mph possible and actual air temperatures will struggle to reach 30 degrees.

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Bundy Jury Excused til 12/ 20!

Email: FBI Told Sessions He Didn’t Need to Disclose Contacts With Russian Ambassador

A newly released email bolsters Attorney General Jeff Sessions' claim that he only failed to disclose contacts with the Russian ambassador to the U.S. on a form because an FBI agent told him that he did not have to do so.

In May, CNN broke the news that Sessions "did not disclose meetings he had last year with Russian officials when he applied for his security clearance," calling it "the latest example of Sessions failing to disclose contacts he had with Russian officials."

At the time, Sessions' office claimed that they had not disclosed a pair of meetings with Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak because they were told by the FBI that the former Alabama Republican senator did not need to disclose meetings that were part of his official duties as a lawmaker.

The story received wide play, nonetheless, and was picked up by the Washington Post, CNBC, andPolitico.

But on Monday, CNN reported that a newly released email indicates Sessions was telling the truth.


Millennials Are Destroying The Next Generation and It’s Ruining America

Respect. Dignity. Gratitude. Pride. Hard work.

These are some of the values that my parents instilled in me. They are values that my wife and I are trying to instill in OUR children.

The same can be said for many of our friends who are also parents. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for many Millennials – and so I’ve got some tough love to share with you that your parents clearly missed the boat on.

You’re screwing up your kids. And for the love of America, you need to get it together.

Did you hear that?

It was the collective gasp of tender little snowflakes across the country, preparing to skip this entire article and head right to the “comments” section so they can declare that I’m parent shaming.

It’s true. I am. Many of you suck at being parents. ‘matter of fact, part of me almost wishes you had to apply for a breeding license these days.

Relax. I’m not here to judge you. Everyone else has already handled that.


Wicomico County Foreclosures

datefor saleforeclosure %foreclosures

Social Security Won't Give You Security

Liberal Violence knows no bounds, even children are not safe!

Signs Of The Peak: These 10 Charts Reveal An Auto Bubble On The Brink

U.S. auto sales have hovered well north of replacement rates for several years now on the back of an improving labor environment and more importantly an extremely accommodating financing market characterized by $0 down, 0% interest loans to subprime borrowers, with perpetually longer maturities to help manage monthly payments...because if your monthly payment is $500 you can afford it, right?

But, according to data presented in Experian's Q3 2017 auto financing market update slides, the auto market may finally be on the brink of running right off the other side of Ford's proverbial "Plateau."

First, as we've warned numerous times, inflated auto sales continue to come solely from an unprecedented expansion in consumer credit...


Miami University pro-life display illegally banned, lawsuit claims

HAMILTON, Ohio -- A pro-life student group refused to post “trigger warnings” ordered by Miami University officials and now has sued the school in federal court after the students’ anti-abortion display was banned by school officials.

The lawsuit filed Wednesday on the Miami students’ behalf by the national Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) contends school officials suppressed students’ free-speech rights by requiring such warnings be posted near hundreds of miniature graveyard crosses symbolic of aborted babies.

But Miami officials said Thursday the disagreement is based on an “unfortunate misunderstanding” and vowed that if any errors were made they will be rectified.

According to the lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court for Southern Ohio, Miami University officials “refused to approve the (Pro-life) display unless plaintiffs agreed to post warning signs around campus that effectively urged people not to view it, forcing plaintiffs to present a ‘trigger warning’ for their own display.”

School officials allegedly cited “emotional trauma” student viewers might suffer, according to ADF officials, if they viewed the miniature cross display.

The October display has been an annual tradition on Miami University Hamilton’s campus, said Alliance officials in a statement.

“No university official has the authority to censor student speech simply because of how someone might respond to it,” said ADF Legal Counsel Travis Barham. “Like all government officials, public university administrators have an obligation to respect students’ free speech rights. The First Amendment secures the freedom of all students to participate in the marketplace of ideas, and it prohibits university officials from imposing trigger warnings that restrict what some students can say to spare the feelings of others.”

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Terrorist In NYC Still Alive

St. Louis carjacking suspect charged murder of boy, 9

A suspected carjacker has been charged with murder in the fatal car crash that took a young boy's life as he was on his way home from Disney World.

Darian Cummings, 17, was charged with second-degree murder on Friday in St. Louis, where in April a stolen SUV slammed into the family sedan of nine-year-old Caleb Lee, killing the boy.

On April 25 at around 3am, two male suspects asked a pair of St. Louis University students for a ride, police said. After the students agreed, the males brandished a gun and demanded their wallets, phones, and the car.

The carjackers let the students, a man and woman who were both 21, out of the car uninjured after they agreed to the demands.


Maryland State Police Easton Barrack investigate 4 car head on collision on US Rt 50 in Talbot County

(Easton, Md.) – Maryland State Police are investigating a four-vehicle collision in Talbot County.

At approximately 8:45 p.m., Troopers from the Easton Barrack responded to a motor vehicle collision that occurred on Ocean Gateway (US. Rt. 50) and Skipton Landing Road in Easton, Maryland.

According to a preliminary investigation, a green Nissan, being driven by Katie Cray Long, 43, of Centerville, Maryland, was traveling westbound in the eastbound lanes of US Rt. 50. During this time the Easton Barrack received multiple 911 calls about the vehicle. A Short time later, the Easton Barrack was notified that a vehicle in that area was involved in a head on collision.

Upon the Troopers arrival it was learned that Long had struck three (3) vehicles, one being head on in the front passenger side of the vehicle. Long and the passenger of the vehicle that was struck head on were transported by aviation to University of Maryland Shock Trauma. Based on evidence at scene Long is being investigated for driving under the influence of Alcohol and Prescription Drugs.

US Rt. 50 was closed for approximately two hours at the site of the collision while investigators from the Maryland State Police Easton Barrack investigated the collision.

The collision remains under investigation.

Russia-China Gold Standard Spells End Of US Dollar Dominance

BRICS countries account for 40 percent of world’s population and around 23 percent of world’s domestic product, says expert

The BRICS counties are considering starting an internal gold trading platform, according to Russian officials. When this happens, the global economy will be significantly reshaped, and the West will lose its dominance, predicts a precious metals expert.

In 2016, 24,338 tons of physical gold were traded, which was 43 percent more than in 2015, according to Claudio Grass, of Precious Metal Advisory Switzerland.

Gold moving from the West to the East

“We have to put the BRICS initiative into a broader context. It is just part of a geopolitical tectonic shift which started decades ago. We have seen a constant outflow of physical gold from the West to the East. At the same time, the West has lost the economic war, and as a consequence, the focus now turns to the financial system. China dominates the world economy and has displaced the US as the world’s most formidable economic powerhouse,” he told RT.

The creation of a new gold standard by BRICS is also a step to end the US dollar’s domination of the global economy


Zang Warns Of Economic Implosion: "Enjoy your Christmas" Because All Bets Are Off In 2018...

Market analyst Lynette Zang predicts in the next market meltdown, “real estate, stocks, and bonds will all crash.” When asked when this will happen, Zang says, “Enjoy your Christmas,” but in 2018, all bets are off.

Greg Hunter interviewed Lynette Zang, Chief Market Strategist at, and her assessment of the 2018 economy is dire. Zang predicts, “In 2018, I don’t think they can hold these things together. I think we will see a major market correction in 2018. When that happens, that will cause the derivative implosion. We have to feel a lot of pain. . . . I think we are going to go into hyperinflation, and I think we will start to see that in 2018 because I think we will see these markets implode. I think we will see QE4 (money printing) for sure. . . . We have QE right now propping it up, according to the Fed’s own documents.”


Will Rogers Was Right

VA Suspends Applications for New ID Cards

The Department of Veterans Affairs has suspended applications for its new veteran identification card program due to a large number of applicants, according to a notice on its website.

The new, free ID card was ordered by Congress in 2015 as a way to give veterans proof of service at businesses without carrying a copy of their DD-214 forms. The VA a week ago rolled out the online application for the card for all honorably discharged veterans, but the system appeared to immediately face technical problems.

Tests by at least two reporters accessing the site with their own VA logins and military service credentials encountered repeated errors. One was able to successfully complete the process despite multiple rejections and system timeouts.

Currently, however, veterans who look to apply for the card are instead told they need to come back later.



Korean War Vet Kills Home Intruder

An 84-year-old Korean War veteran killed a home intruder Friday with a single shot right to the chest, and he’s crediting God with his success.

Two robbers tried to break into Korean War veteran Don Lutz’s home early on Friday morning in Lawrence County, Penn., but were quickly dissuaded by some serious firepower.

“Two guys tried to rob me, and I killed one of them,” Don Lutz said, according to WTAE-TV. “Maybe the other one, the bullet hit him, too. I hope so.”

Lutz recounted that he woke up Friday morning at about 1:15 a.m. to the sound of someone breaking into his house. He grabbed his gun, which was stored underneath his pillow, and ran into the two robbers.
“I just fired one (shot). It was in the dark, and he attacked me, and we were close and I shot him,” Lutz said. “I scuffled with them on the floor, and the one guy rolled over dead, and the other guy, he jumped up and he ran out the front door.”

Lutz shot one of the men in the chest at point-blank range.