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Saturday, February 02, 2019

Open Valentine's Day

Boonies will be open for Valentine's Day!
Join us for dinner ~ Thursday, February 14th
Offering a special menu from 5pm-9pm...
21438 Nanticoke Rd. Tyaskin, MD 21865

True statement

Letter to the Boss:
I have enjoyed working here these past several years.
You have paid me very well and given me benefits beyond belief.
I have 3-4 months off per year and a pension plan that will pay my salary till the day I die,
and then pay my estate one year salary death bonus
and continue to pay my spouse my salary with increases until she or he dies, not to  mention a health plan that most people can only dream of having.
Despite this,  I plan to take the next 12-18 months to find a new position.
During this time I will show up for work when it is convenient for me.
In addition, I fully expect to draw my full salary and all the other perks associated with my current job.
Oh yes, if my search for this new job proves fruitless, I will be coming back with no loss in pay or status.
Before you say anything, remember that you have no choice in  this matter. 
I can, and I will do this.

Every Senator or Congressman running for re-election 

        Are we stupid or what?

DeSantis Issues Order To Get Rid Of Common Core

Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis announced Thursday he will get rid of Common Core in the state and wants to have parents and teachers help implement a revised set of standards in 2020.

“Common Core has failed teachers, parents, and our children,” DeSantis wrote on Twitter Thursday. “That’s why I am issuing an Executive Order to eliminate Common Core in Florida. We will streamline standardized testing, make civics a priority in schools and increase the literacy rate.”

Common Core aimed to establish high academic standards in K-12 English and math.

Critics of Common Core said it was too rigid, confusing teaching methods for parents and takes away control from locals, according to Fox 13. DeSantis wants to implement a new plan, with the input of parents and teachers, in 2020.


U.S. Customs and Border Protection Media Releases Update

SAN DIEGO – U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers assigned to ports of entry along the California border with Mexico provided medical assistance to 967 travelers in distress that entered a port of entry from Mexico, in fiscal year 2018.

“The care, compassion, and professionalism shown by these officers is exemplified by the lives that have been affected due to their quick response and efficient care,” said Pete Flores, CBP director of field operations for San Diego. “These officers are called upon to assist in the delivery of a newborn or to perform life-saving CPR on a critically ill traveler and I am extremely proud of their dedication and service to the community.”

CBP officers responded to a variety of medical emergencies at the ports of entry. These included: more than six CPR events; the delivery of five babies; assisting multiple heart attack and stroke victims; and aided several who had been shot or stabbed while in Mexico. The travelers varied in age from newborns to an 85-year-old. Most travelers were simply entering the United States, but some were violators of U.S. laws that required medical care during their detention with CBP.

A few significant medical events are highlighted below:


Seeing Racism Everywhere: Photo Of Soot-Covered Coal Miners Criticized For ‘Blackface’

The New York Times isn’t the only outlet claiming white people with soot on their faces are actually portraying “blackface.” For the Times, it was Mary Poppins and the chimney sweepers.

For an opinion writer for the Arizona Central, part of USA Today, it was a photo of blue-collar workers having a drink after work.

Opinion contributor Rashaad Thomas says he was in Phoenix recently at a holiday party. The restaurant he was in had photographs on the wall, as many do, but one in particular stood out to him. This photo showed a group of seven or so coal miners, covered head to toe in soot, their faces blackened to varying degrees, drinking beer at a pub. The photo also shows one man who doesn’t appear to be covered in soot and an unhappy woman.

Thomas’ friends told him, “It’s coal miners at a pub after work.” He “asked a Latinx and white woman for their opinion.” The two said the photo appeared to be of coal workers having a drink after work.

This didn’t sit well with Thomas, who asked to speak to a manager.


HATE HOAX: Jussie Smollett Refuses to Turn Over Phone to Investigators - Was Filmed in Lobby After 'Attack" Appearing Normal!

What a complete shock!

The Jussie Smollett ‘assault’ story continues to disintegrate before our eyes.

And, once again, the American media took the bait and ran with the unsubstantiated and ludicrous allegations by a vocal Trump-hating leftist.

Actor Jussie Smollett arrived in Chicago on Monday night. He was out to get fast food at 2 a.m. when he was allegedly attacked by two Trump supporters in MAGA hats who recognized him in the freezing cold, beat him, poured bleach on him and put a noose around his neck.

Smollett’s story keeps changing.
Now the manager says he overheard the assault.


Polyamorous feeder who loves to fatten up his two girlfriends wants a THIRD partner

A feeder who loves to fatten up his two girlfriends wants to expand their polyamorous relationship by adding a third woman into the mix, but his partners aren't keen on letting a fourth person into their trio.

Justin from Kershaw, South Carolina, opens up about his unusual relationship with his partners Lue and Shan on Friday night's episode of the WeTV reality series Extreme Love, revealing that the bigger they get, the less he can keep his hands off of them.

In a preview clip from the episode, Justin details how he feeds Lue and Shan to help them gain weight, but he insists he doesn't want them to risk their health by getting bigger.


Don Jr. Blasts Democrats After Another Fake News Narrative Related to Trump Tower Meeting Bites the Dust!

On Thursday, another fake news narrative related to the infamous Trump Tower meeting in June of 2016 blew up in the left’s face.

The Dems have been going crazy pushing a narrative that then-candidate Trump had foreknowledge of Don Jr.’s meeting with Russian lawyer Veselnitskaya since it was reported that Donald Trump Jr. received mysterious calls from a blocked number ahead of the June 2016 Trump Tower meeting.

Don Jr. told Senate investigators he couldn’t remember who called him from the block number.

The Democrats firmly believed this private mystery caller was Donald Trump because he calls from a blocked number, and because “Russia.”


More Than 11,000 Non-Citizens Registered to Vote in Pennsylvania!

Now we know how Hillary Clinton ‘won the popular vote’ in the 2016 presidential election.

On Wednesday, Pennsylvania confirmed that more than 11,000 non-citizens are registered to vote.

The Washington Times reported that a top Pennsylvania lawmaker called the state to immediately expunge the names of 11,198 non-citizens whom the state confirmed are illegally registered to vote.

State Rep. Daryl Metcalfe, a Republican and former chairman of a House government oversight panel, said the administration of Gov. Tom Wolf, a Democrat, belatedly acknowledged the large number of noncitizens in communications over the past two months.

“I believe that we need to take action and have those people removed immediately from the rolls,” Mr. Metcalfe told The Washington Times. “They were never eligible to vote.”

A so-called ‘glitch’ in the ‘motor voter’ process allowed for non-citizens to easily register to vote in Pennsylvania.


Muslim Advocates Urge Supreme Court To ‘Protect Church-State Divide’ In Bladensburg Cross Case

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WJZ) — A Muslim advocacy group is urging the Supreme Court to protect a church-state divide in regards to the Bladensburg Cross, a 40-foot monument at an intersection in a Maryland suburb.

Muslim Advocates and the law firm Arnold & Porter filed an amicus brief asking the U.S. Supreme Court to “affirm the country’s longstanding commitment to separation of church and state in two cases involving a 40-foot cross on state property in Prince George’s County, Md,”

In two consolidated cases to be decided by the Supreme Court, Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission v. American Humanist Association and The American Legion v. American Humanist Association, the justices must determine whether the cross violates the Constitution’s Establishment Clause.

The clause is a “fundamental protection that ensures that the government does not favor one faith over the other,”


Financial Blacklisting: NewsGuard Advises Advertisers to Avoid Pro-Trump Media

NewsGuard, the news-filtering browser extension recently partnered with Microsoft and run by neo-conservatives, Obama-Clinton alumni, and other assorted Trump haters, has advised advertisers to withdraw their business from websites on its blacklist of “unreliable” news websites — a list that includes Breitbart News, The Drudge Report, and the Daily Mail.

NewsGuard’s tactic is similar the one used by far-left smear peddlers Sleeping Giants, whose mission is to spread baseless accusations of racism and white supremacy to the advertisers of pro-Trump media outlets in order to put them out of business and silence their voice. Two of the sites on NewsGuard’s list, Breitbart News and the Daily Mail, are also prominent targets of Sleeping Giants.

The effect isn’t merely to silence pro-Trump media. It also ensures advertisers don’t market their products to Trump voters, causing them to rely less and less on consumers in the heartland, and more on progressive consumers who read establishment news sources. The ultimate result: corporations cater their products and “corporate values” even more to the latter, and not at all to the former.


Reps. Jordan and Meadows join call for FBI to explain show of force in Roger Stone arrest

Two more high-ranking Congressional Republicans are asking FBI director Christopher Wray to explain the bureau’s show of force when arresting Roger Stone, a longtime adviser and confidant of President Trump, last week at his Florida home.

Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, the ranking member of the House Committee on Oversight and Reform, and Rep. Mark Meadows, R-N.C., the ranking member of the Government Operations Subcommittee, sent a letter to Wray and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to request a briefing on the tactics employed during the raid. The letter also raised concerns about CNN’s “apparent advanced knowledge of the raid.”

“These raids are dangerous, and they pose serious risks to the officers, the arrestee and his family, and the community," the two lawmakers said in their letter. "Given Stone's advanced age and the nature of charges against him, as well as his statement that he would have surrendered voluntarily, it is unsettling that the Justice Department chose to use agents in full tactical assault gear to arrest Stone.”

The letter continues: ‘”[T]he presence and proximity of television news cameras during Stone's arrest raise questions about whether any Justice Department or FBI personnel alerted the media about Stone's imminent arrest.”


College President: ‘Elite Universities’ Are ‘Ultimate Sources’ of Political Correctness

Hillsdale College President Larry Arnn told Breitbart News Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow during a Sirius XM Breitbart News Daily interview Wednesday that “elite universities” are the “ultimate sources” of politically correct dogma.

Arnn began by explaining his school’s pedagogical approach.

“When you’re 17 years old, when you’re deciding where to go to college, you’re probably too young to make up your mind whether you’re a liberal or conservative. You need to learn some things. Kids sometimes say to me, ‘I want to get into your college. I’m a conservative.’ I always say, ‘What’s that?’ and then they stumble, you know?”

Arnn added, “The first part of education is learning what fundamental things mean. That’s what the great books are about. That’s what natural science is about. And so you make them strong by letting them do the work to learn, and then they can figure out what they are.”

Arnn shared an exchange with Rush Limbaugh regarding the politics of Hillsdale College’s students and alumni...

More here

CRS: President Can Build Border Wall Without National Emergency or Additional Action by Congress

The Congressional Research Service (CRS) says President Trump has the legal authority to build significant portions of a border wall without additional congressional authorization or declaring a national emergency.

That conclusion was reached in a report released by the non-partisan federal agency on January 10. A Department of Defense official made a similar legal argument in testimony before the House Armed Services Committee on Tuesday.

As for the declaration of a national emergency to construct the wall, while many legal scholars agree that the president has the legal authority to do so, the expectation is that any such declaration would be immediately met with a legal challenge, possibly to be filed in the very liberal Ninth Circuit, where a judge would likely halt any construction of a border wall, possibly until the case made its way to the Supreme Court.

The report cited two sections of Title 10 of the U.S. Code: Section 2803 and Section 284, which are are separate and distinct from Section 2808, the section of Title 10 that grants presidential authority under the National Emergencies Act.

More here

Largest fentanyl bust at US border could've killed nearly 56 million people

PHOENIX — U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials announced Thursday their biggest fentanyl bust ever, saying they captured nearly 254 pounds of the deadly synthetic opioid from a load of Mexican produce heading into Arizona.

The drug was found hidden Saturday morning inside a tractor-trailer after a scan during secondary inspection indicated something else was in the load, Nogales CBP Port Director Michael Humphries said.

The quantity of fentanyl, which is 80 to 100 times stronger than morphine, had the potential to kill nearly 56 million people, based on previously reported numbers from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration.

Ingesting as little as 2 milligrams of fentanyl, equivalent to a few grains of table salt, can be lethal, according to the DEA.

Agents also seized a much smaller number of fentanyl pills and a large cache of methamphetamine and arrested the Mexican man driving the truck.

Mexican traffickers have been increasingly smuggling the drug into the United States, mostly hidden in passenger vehicles and tractor-trailers trying to head through ports of entry in the Nogales, Arizona, and San Diego areas.


Virginia Senate passes bill allowing firefighters and EMTs to carry weapons

RICHMOND — Firefighters and EMTs could carry concealed weapons while on duty under a bill the Virginia Senate narrowly passed Tuesday.

The measure, sponsored by Sen. Amanda F. Chase (R-Chesterfield), would require emergency personnel to obtain the usual concealed-carry permit as well as permission from the local fire or emergency medical chief. The local elected governing body would also have to sign off.

Chase, who drew attention this year for wearing a gun on her hip on the Senate floor, is the mother of an EMT. She said emergency responders called to the scene of a volatile emergency — such as an active shooting — might need to defend themselves, particularly in rural areas where sheriff’s deputies are spread thin and sometimes slow to arrive.

Democrats opposed the measure, led by Sen. Jeremy S. McPike (D-Prince William), a volunteer firefighter in Dale City, who warned that arming firefighters and EMTs without training would pose a danger and create a legal liability.


Seaford School District Salaries Over $100,000

The Seaford School District lies on the western edge of Sussex County. The district hovers around the just below 3,500 mark most of the time. Even though their enrollment is the same, they have two more administrators making over $100,000 than they did four years ago. Like their neighbor to the south, Laurel, they have a high percentage of low-income students and English Language learners. 

The Wilmington Education Improvement Commission brought up both of these districts many times in their reports on Delaware public schools. Seaford reminds me of the school district I grew up in with its make-up four elementary schools, a middle school, and a high school. But that’s where the similarities end. My school district was about 3/5ths the size of Seaford. Which means they have a lot of kids in their buildings.

Seaford School District
6 Schools
3,475 Students, 3,486 four years ago
14 Over $100k

African-American: 37.2%
American Indian: .3%
Asian: 1.1%
Hawaiian: .5%
Hispanic/Latino: 20.4%
White: 35.5%
Multi-Racial: 5%
English Language Learners: 18.3%
Low-Income: 47.7%
Special Education: 17.5%

Jason Cameron, Principal, Seaford M.S., $113,045


Amazon Super Bowl Commercial

Were truer words ever spoken?

Young King Arthur was ambushed and imprisoned by the monarch of a neighboring kingdom. The monarch could have killed him but was moved by Arthur's youth and ideals. So, the monarch offered him his freedom, as long as he could answer a very difficult question. Arthur would have a year to figure out the answer and, if, after a year, he still had no answer, he would be put to death.

The question?...What do women really want? Such a question would perplex even the most knowledgeable man, and to young Arthur, it seemed an impossible query. But, since it was better than death, he accepted the monarch's proposition to have an answer by year's end.

He returned to his kingdom and began to poll everyone: the princess, the priests, the wise men and even the court jester. He spoke with everyone, but no one could give him a satisfactory answer.

Many people advised him to consult the old ugly woman, for only she would have the answer.

But the price would be high; as the woman was famous throughout the kingdom for the exorbitant prices she charged.

The last day of the year arrived and Arthur had no choice but to talk to the old woman. She agreed to answer the question, but he would have to agree to her price first.

The old ugly woman wanted to marry Sir Lancelot, the most noble of the Knights of the Round Table and Arthur's closest friend!

Young Arthur was horrified. She was hunchbacked and hideous, had only one tooth, smelled like sewage, made obscene noises, etc. He had never encountered such a repugnant creature in all his life.

He refused to force his friend to marry her and endure such a terrible burden; but Lancelot, learning of the proposal, spoke with Arthur.

He said nothing was too big of a sacrifice compared to Arthur's life and the preservation of the Round Table.

Hence, a wedding was proclaimed and the woman answered Arthur's question thus:

What a woman really wants, she to be in charge of her own life.

Everyone in the kingdom instantly knew that the woman had uttered a great truth and that Arthur's life would be spared.

And so it was, the neighboring monarch granted Arthur his freedom and Lancelot and the ugly woman had a wonderful wedding.

The honeymoon hour approached and Lancelot, steeling himself for a horrific experience, entered the bedroom. But, what a sight awaited him. The most beautiful woman he had ever seen lay before him on the bed. The astounded Lancelot asked what had happened.

The young beauty replied that since he had been so kind to her when she appeared ugly, she would henceforth, be her horrible deformed self only half the time and the beautiful maiden the other half.

Which would he prefer? Beautiful during the day....or night?

Lancelot pondered the predicament. During the day, a beautiful woman to show off to his friends, but at night, in the privacy of his castle, an old ugly woman? Or, would he prefer having a hideous woman during the day, but by night, a beautiful woman for him to enjoy wondrous intimate moments?

What would YOU do?

What Lancelot chose is below.

BUT....make YOUR choice before you scroll down below.


Noble Lancelot said that he would allow HER to make the choice herself.

Upon hearing this, she announced that she would be beautiful all the time because he had respected her enough to let her be in charge of her own life.

Now....what is the moral to this story?

The moral is.....

If you don't let a woman have her own way... It's going to get ugly!

FANAA - Americans with No Ability Act

The Americans With No Abilities Act (ANAA) 

Democrats are considering introducing legislation that will provide new benefits for many more Americans. The Americans With No Abilities Act is being hailed as a major legislative goal by advocates of the millions of Americans who lack any real skills and ambition.

“Roughly 50 percent of Americans do not possess the competence and drive necessary to carve out a meaningful role for themselves in society,” said California Sen. Kamala Harris. “We can no longer stand by and allow People of Inability (POI) to be ridiculed and passed over. With this legislation, employers will no longer be able to grant special favors to a small group of workers, simply because they have some idea of what they are doing.”

In a Capitol Hill press conference, Nancy Pelosi pointed to the success of the U.S. Postal Service, which has a long-standing policy of providing opportunity without regard to performance. At the state government level, the Department of Motor Vehicles also has an excellent record of hiring Persons with No Ability (63 percent).

Under the Americans With No Abilities Act, more than 25 million mid-level positions will be created, with important-sounding titles but little real responsibility, thus providing an illusory sense of purpose and performance.

Finally, the Americans With No Abilities Act contains tough new measures to make it more difficult to discriminate against the non-abled, banning, for example, discriminatory interview questions such as, “Do you have any skills or experience that relate to this job?”

“As a non-abled person, I can’t be expected to keep up with people who have something going for them,” said Mary Lou Gertz, who lost her position as a lug-nut twister at the Toyota plant in Georgetown, KY due to her inability to remember “righty tighty, lefty loosey”. “This new law should be real good for people like me. I’ll finally have job security.” With the passage of this bill, Gertz and millions of other untalented citizens will finally see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Said Sen. Dick Durbin, II: “As a senator with no abilities, I believe the same privileges that elected officials enjoy ought to be extended to every American with no abilities. It is our duty as lawmakers to provide each and every American citizen, regardless of his or her inadequacy, with some sort of space to take up in this great nation and a good salary for doing so.”

This message was approved by Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Diane Feinstein, Kamala Harris, Maxine Waters, Cory Booker, Bernie Sanders, Chuck Schumer, Jeff Flake, Chris Van Holland, Elizabeth Warren & Nancy Pelosi....... all Americans With No Abilities whatsoever!!

Biden: GOP Stole Florida and Georgia Governorships with 'Voter ID Laws'

Former Vice President Joe Biden blamed Democrat losses in Florida and Georgia’s 2018 gubernatorial races on Republican-driven electoral fraud via “voter ID laws” that “keep people from being able to vote.”

Biden also linked President Donald Trump to “white supremacists” and the “forces of hate” that led to the murder of Martin Luther King in 1968.

Biden made his allegations during Monday’s National Action Network’s annual breakfast in Washington, DC.– an organization founded and run by MSNBC’s Al Sharpton.


Liberal Logic

Democrat Spokesperson Ocasio-Cortez Trashes US System: Allowing People to Keep Their Money and Make Billions Is Immoral (VIDEO)!

Committed Socialist and Democrat Party mouthpiece Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) went off on the American capitalist system on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday.

Ocasio Cortez has warped ideas on the success of Socialism. A trip to Venezuela is warranted for this one.

During her talk with The Atlantic’s Ta-Nehisi Coates Ocasio-Cortez trashed the US system despite its unprecedented success in world history. Completely blind to history and the world around her Ocasio-Cortez continues to promote Marxist ideology.
This is the modern day Democrat Party.
Ocasio-Cortez likes to wrap up her conceit and ignorance as compassion.

FOX News reported:

When asked whether “a world that allows for billionaires” is “a moral outcome,” Ocasio-Cortez responded: “No it’s not. It’s not.”

She then said that she does not believe all billionaires “like Bill Gates, for example, or Warren Buffett are immoral people.”

“I’m not saying that, but I do think a system that allows billionaires to exist when there are parts of Alabama where people are still getting ringworm because they don’t have access to public health is wrong,” Ocasio-Cortez said.

“I think that it’s wrong that a vast majority of the country does not make a living great wage. I think it’s wrong that you can work 100 hours and not feed your kids. I think it’s wrong that corporations like Walmart and Amazon can get paid.”

POLL: Will Socialists Like Ocasio-Cortez Destroy The Democrat Party?


Homeland Security Created A Fake University In Michigan As Part Of Immigration Sting

Homeland Security agents created a fake university in Michigan to attract foreign nationals who wanted to use student status to extend U.S. visa privileges, according to a federal indictment unsealed Wednesday. The University of Farmington didn't have any professors or hold any classes — but that didn't matter to "students" who used the sham school to stay in the U.S. illegally, the government says.

Officials say the university attracted recruiters who were paid thousands of dollars for connecting students to the bogus school, which had an actual office space in Farmington Hills, Mich. Eight alleged recruiters are now under arrest, and dozens, if not hundreds, of people who enrolled could face charges and/or deportation as part of an undercover operation that began in 2015.

Posing as the university's owners and staff, agents from Homeland Security Investigations worked with the recruiters to gather false student records, including transcripts, to deceive immigration authorities, according to the indictment. HSI operates within U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.


Covington Catholic Chaperone: Our Boys Were "Targeted" For MAGA Hats, Christianity, the Right for Life and "Color of Their Skin" (VIDEO)!

Jill Hamlin, a mother and chaperone for Covington Catholic High School, went on FOX and Friends on Tuesday morning to tell the real story of what happened to the high school boys at the March for Life last week in Washington DC.

Hamlin says the boys were targeted because of their faith, their pro-life stand, their support for President Trump and for the color of their skin.

FOX and Friends: You say the boys were targeted. Is part of the reason because they wore MAGA hats?

Jill Hamlin: I think that was part of the reason why they were targeted. And they were targeted fro what they stood for. Which is Christianity, the Right for Life, and they were singled out. And I believe they were singled out for the color of their skin. And also I don’t know why Nate Phillips targeted Nick Sandmann.

Via FOX and Friends:
Watch the latest video at


Muslims demand Nike pull Air Max 270 over 'Offensive' Logo

Thousands of people are demanding sports apparel giant Nike recall its Air Max 270 shoe, saying that the "blasphemous" logo is offensive to Muslims.

A petition, which garnered more than 14,000 signatures by mid-day Wednesday, claims that the logo resembles “Allah,” the Arabic word for God, written in Arabic script.

Petitioner Saiqa Noreen says the logo “will surely be trampled, kicked and become soiled with mud or even filth.”

“It is outrageous and appalling of Nike to allow the name of God on a shoe,” Noreen wrote. “This is disrespectful and extremely offensive to Muslim’s and insulting to Islam.”

Noreen is also demanding Nike recall the "blasphemous and offensive shoe and all products with the design logo resembling the word Allah from worldwide sales immediately."


Judge to Hear Argument from Mark Harris to Declare Him Winner in NC-09

A North Carolina Superior Court Judge will hold a hearing on Tuesday to consider a request filed by Republican Mark Harris to declare him the winner of the uncertified election in the state’s 9th Congressional District.

Attorneys for Harris filed a petition for a writ for mandamus and appeal for failure of the State Board to act in Wake County Superior Court earlier this month, asking the court to order the newly organized North Carolina Board of Elections to certify him the winner of the November 6 election in which the election boards of the eight counties that comprise the district certified him to be the winner by 905 votes over the Democratic candidate, Dan McCready.

In the filing, attorneys for Harris asked the Court:


Defense official: Pentagon can build parts of wall without Trump emergency declaration

President Trump wouldn’t need to make an emergency declaration to have the Pentagon build at least some of his border wall, a top Defense Department official told Congress Tuesday, though he said no final decisions have been made.

Defense Undersecretary for Policy John Rood told Congress that under at least one provision of federal law, theDefense Department already has powers to build roads and fences on the border to block drug-smuggling corridors in support of homeland security.

And Mr. Rood assured Rep. Mo Brooks, Alabama Republican, it wouldn’t take an emergency declaration to trigger.

“No,” he told the congressman flatly, adding that they are prepared to follow through if Mr. Trump orders them. “If we judge it to be a lawful order, yes sir. And I assume it would be.”


The MAGA Movie Fully Explained 5:5

The New Yorker

Did The WCSO Get A New Vehicle?

Father Pavone: Trump Is 'Most Pro-Life President We Have Ever Had'

Father Frank Pavone, national director of Priests for Life and Missionaries of the Gospel of Life and president of the National Pro-life Religious Council, heralded President Donald Trump as “the most pro-life president we have ever had,” offering his remarks in a Thursday interview on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Tonight with hosts Rebecca Mansour and Joel Pollak.

Mansour asked about the theme of science for Friday’s March for Life in Washington, DC.

Pavone explained, “The speakers at the rally and also at the educational convention, which actually started today, sponsored by the March for Life, are focusing on this theme that good pro-life thinking is good science, and vice-versa.”


Hoyer Overstated the Costs of the Government Shutdown

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) may have overstated the cost of the government shutdown by not mentioning an expected bounce-back, according to a report on Thursday.

President Donald Trump signed a short-term spending bill that helped reopen the government on January 25. Soon after, the Congressional Budget Office estimated that the shutdown cost the economy $11 billion.

The figure was cited by numerous outlets and some lawmakers.

But said Hoyer left out a critical piece of information when citing the figure, too.


The Ruling Class and an Undeclared Civil War

Over the past 73 years, devoid of any meaningful national misfortune, the American social order has undergone a major transformation. Historically, societies tend to stratify themselves along economic or pre-ordained class lines. The United States has long prided itself on the belief that class distinctions were no longer a part of a unique American culture. However, the current social structure has evolved into a near impregnable three-tier categorization in which the ruling class, that sits astride the social order, has revealed, thanks to the election of Donald Trump, open and unabashed disdain for the two lower classes and the unleashing of a radicalized army of malcontents.

The citizens who provide the primary labor and resources for the economic engine of the country constitute the second tier. The third is comprised of those who have been betrayed by a self-serving education system and are conditioned to be totally dependent upon a government dominated by the ruling class.

Unlike any other period in the nation’s history, one stratum of society, the American elites of the past half-century, by their control of education, entertainment, the media and politics, have totally dominated and overwhelmingly and negatively influenced the culture and national character. They are chiefly responsible for what it is today.

This American aristocracy is now entirely made up of those who have no recall or firsthand experience of the years of adversity prior to 1940.

Read more here

Jussie Smollett: True hate crime or another hoax?

As more information about the alleged hate-crime investigation began circulating on Wednesday evening, it showed that once again journalists, politicians and celebrities might have run too hard and too soon with another unfounded allegation. Much like in "The Truth About The Lincoln Memorial Incident," accurate reporting can come only with time, but that didn't stop media figureheads from lambasting all Trump-supporters, again.

Smollett, an actor on a television show, Empire, claimed he was attacked during the early hours on Monday by two people he could not give descriptions of, not even as to their sex. He claimed they hurled racial and homophobic insults as they assaulted him and then proceeded to pour an "unknown liquid" on him before wrapping a thin rope around his neck.

Smollett then told police he went to his friend's apartment with the rope still around his neck and continued to wear it until police were dispatched 45 minutes later. Upon their arrival, Smollett asked them to turn off their body camera recordings. During the initial interview, no mention was made indicating that the attackers were Trump-supporters but TMZ ran the headline "Attackers Shouted 'MAGA Country'" anyway. When police were asked to verify this, they could not, and so they followed up with Smollett, where he then stated that the perpetrators did yell the confusing sentiment.

Before waiting for more information, Kamala Harris, who had an established relationship with the actor, and Cory Booker took to Twitter, where they both offered support to the actor as well as phrasing his attack as a "modern-day lynching."

More here

Pro-Abortion Democrats: Are They Now the Deathocrats?

So here we are in America, about to relive the nightmare of scores of Germans under the Nazis, as we stand in shock as cheering Democrats begin legalizing the murder of full-term, live babies.

Oddly, in New York, they are saying anyone can perform these late-term (including birth) abortions — which means the trusty coat hanger will become the tool of choice by those back-alley dwellers we thought the Democrats hated.

Several points seem obvious. Democrats who support this debauchery have lost the right to ever say how much they love and care about “the children.” You know — the children that Republicans separate from families at the border, making sure they are actually related to the adults they come in with and are not being sold into sex slavery.

How dare those Republicans think a young 25-year-old covered with MS-13 tattoos could possibly mean us harm? House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) chokes on her words of love for these rapists and murderers asking those heartless Republicans if these gang bangers don’t have a spark of divinity in them. Hey, Nancy, why don’t you invite a group of them to live in your huge home behind that big wall and then tell us what you think about that spark? It will give you a chance to experience that socialist dream you want to thrust on the rest of us.

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Pennsylvania admits 11,000 non-citizens are registered to vote

A top Pennsylvania lawmaker called on the state Wednesday to immediately expunge the names of 11,198 non-citizens whom the state confirmed are registered to vote, despite not being eligible.

State Rep. Daryl Metcalfe, a Republican and former chairman of a House government oversight panel, said the administration of Gov. Tom Wolf, a Democrat, belatedly acknowledged the large number of non-citizens in communications over the past two months.

“I believe that we need to take action and have those people removed immediately from the rolls,” Mr. Metcalfe told The Washington Times. “They were never eligible to vote.”

Just days earlier, officials in Texas announced they had found nearly 100,000 non-citizens on the state’s voter rolls.

The numbers, while not yet evidence of massive voter fraud that President Trump said marred the popular vote in the 2016 election, are nonetheless higher than the almost-zero levels of voting mischief that the president’s critics have suggested.


Judicial Watch Sues for Anti-Trump Dossier Communications

FOIA Lawsuit also Seeks Records of Communication Between Baker and Glenn Simpson, Nellie Ohr, and David Corn – Three Other Key Figures Tied to Dossier.

Judicial Watch has filed a lawsuit against the Department of Justice for all records of communication from January 2016 to January 2018 between former FBI General Counsel James Baker and anti-Trump dossier author Christopher Steele.

The FBI claimed it had no responsive records, but Baker was deeply involved with the FBI’s investigation of the Trump campaign and is currently the subject of a criminal investigation for leaking to the media.

The FBI’s “no records” response is belied by Baker’s closed-door congressional testimony in October 2018, in which he reportedly testified that David Corn, a reporter at the far Left Mother Jones magazine, had provided him with a copy of the anti-Trump dossier the day after President Trump’s 2016 election victory. Baker also reportedly testified that he believed at the time Corn received the dossier from Simpson, the co-founder of Fusion GPS.

Fusion GPS employee Nellie Ohr is the wife of former Associate Deputy Attorney General Bruce Ohr, who was a key conduit between dossier author Christopher Steele and the FBI. Former FBI Director James Comey himself called the dossier “salacious and unverified.”

Judicial Watch in August 2018 filed a related lawsuit seeking records about the Ohrs’ involvement in the anti-Trump dossier and the FBI’s meetings with the Democratic National Committee’s law firm Perkins Coie. In November Judicial Watch filed a lawsuit about the firm itself.

Perkins Coie had hired Fusion GPS to dig into President Trump’s background. Baker reportedly told congressional investigators that Perkins Coie lawyer Michael Sussmann “initiated contact with [Baker] and provided documents and computer storage devices on Russian hacking.” The contact was made in late 2016 as federal investigators prepared a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrant to spy on Trump campaign aide Carter Page.

Baker also advised top FBI officials during the Hillary Clinton email scandal. He left his role as general counsel in January 2018 and resigned from the FBI in May 2018.

“The real collusion scandal of the 2016 election is the effort by the Clinton campaign and the Obama DOJ/FBI to spy on and destroy President Donald Trump,” Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said. “And it looks like the FBI is covering up documents on this Russiagate scandal, which is why Judicial Watch is again in federal court.”

Judicial Watch



Two Texas Highway Patrol Officers were conducting speeding enforcement on Highway 77, just south of Kingsville, Texas.
One of the officers was using a hand-held radar device to check speeding vehicles approaching the town of Kingsville.

The officers were suddenly surprised when the radar gun began reading 300 miles per hour and climbing.

The officer attempted to reset the radar gun, but it would not reset and then it suddenly turned off.

Just then a deafening roar over the mesquite tree tops on Highway 77 revealed that the radar had in fact, locked on to a USMC F/A-18 Hornet which was engaged in a low-flying exercise near its Naval Air home base location in Kingsville.

Back at the Texas Highway Patrol Headquarters in Corpus Christi the Patrol Captain fired off a complaint to the U. S. Naval Base Commander in Kingsville for shutting down his equipment.

The reply came back in true USMC style:
"Thank you for your letter . . .

"You may be interested to know that the tactical computer in the Hornet had detected the presence of, and subsequently locked on to, your hostile radar equipment and automatically sent a jamming signal back to it, which is why it shut down."

"Furthermore, an air-to-ground missile aboard the fully armed aircraft had also automatically locked on to your equipment's location."

"Fortunately, the marine pilot flying the Hornet recognized the situation for what it was, quickly responded to the missile system alert status and was able to override the automated defense system before the missile was launched to destroy the hostile radar position on the side of Highway 77, south of Kingsville."

"The pilot suggests you cover your mouths when swearing at them, since the video systems on these jets are very high tech."

"Sergeant Johnson, the officer holding the radar gun, should get his dentist to check his left molar. It appears the filling is loose.

Also, the snap is broken on his holster."

Semper Fi.

You Will Be Served Wearing This Hat At Caribbean Joe's In West Ocean City

While some bar / restaurants are refusing to serve customers wearing MAGA hats and shirts, we encourage/support your First Amendment Right at Caribbean Joe's. 

House Dems Reject GOP Proposal to Block Raises for Federal Employees Guilty of Sexual Misconduct

Vote was chaired by Democrat Tony Cardenas, who is accused of drugging teenage girl

House Democrats on Wednesday rejected a Republican proposal to add a provision that would block federal employees who were disciplined for sexual misconduct to receive the same pay raise as the rest of their colleagues.

Republicans attempted to add the provision to legislation proposed by Democrats to give federal workers a 2.6 percent raise. The Republican proposal was to simply stipulate that workers disciplined for sexual misconduct be exempt from the raise.

"During calendar year 2019, no increase in pay as authorized under this Act may be provided to any Federal employee who has been disciplined for sexual misconduct under chapter 75 of title 5, United States Code, or any other provision of law," read the Republican proposal.

Despite receiving support from 17 Democrats, the proposal was rejected in a 216-206 vote.

A spokesperson for House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy (Calif.) slammed the bill ahead of the vote to adopt the amendment on sexual misconduct.



Trump donates $100,000 from presidential salary to alcoholism research

WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump has donated his salary from the third quarter of 2018 to the federal agency that researches alcoholism and alcohol-related problems.

The White House says Trump donated $100,000 to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism.

Alcoholism is a personal issue for the president. His older brother, Fred Jr., died in 1981 after struggling with alcoholism, and the president has said he learned from his brother's experience.

Trump pledged as a candidate in 2016 to not accept the $400,000 annual presidential salary he would be due if elected.


Growing Old



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Get Those Liberals Out Of Office

Native American Elder Nathan Phillips Was Arrested for Assault and Escaping from Prison While Serving in Marines -- NOT in Vietnam!

The frauds in the mainstream media propped up far left Native American activist Nathan Phillips as an ‘Elder’ and ‘Vietnam Vet.’

The media piled on the Covington Catholic teens for ‘disrespecting’ and ‘mobbing’ the poor Vietnam Vet — how dare these boys be so disrespectful to a man who served in one of America’s nastiest wars!

Except he didn’t.

Nathan Phillips served in the United States Marines from 1972-1976.