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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

One of 1st Female Marine Grunts Faces Separation After Marrying Lance Corporal

One of the first women to become an infantry Marine is facing an other-than-honorable discharge after having a relationship with a subordinate in her new unit.

Cpl. Remedios Cruz, a rifleman with 1st Battalion, 8th Marines, pleaded guilty to fraternization as part of a pre-trial agreement after leaders discovered she'd married a lance corporal with whom she had a romantic relationship, officials confirmed.

A decision about whether Cruz, who was busted down in rank from sergeant, will be separated from the Marine Corps could come in days, said Maj. Jordan Cochran, a spokesman for II Marine Expeditionary Force. Cruz's case was first reported Wednesday by The New York Times.

Cruz was accused of adultery, larceny and fraternization, he said.

She pleaded guilty to fraternization during non-judicial punishment to avoid facing court-martial. She also waived her right to an administrative discharge board as part of the pre-trial agreement, Cochran said.

Cruz could not immediately be reached for comment. She told the Times she was ready to move on from the Marine Corps.

"The biggest mistakes I've made in the infantry were from my personal relationships," she said.


Former Illegal Alien Wins NY Assembly Primary in Foreign-Born Populated District

A woman who came to the United States as an illegal alien has won the Democratic primary for New York’s District 39 in the State Assembly.

Catalina Cruz, 35-years-old of Colombia, beat out her opponent for the Democratic nomination for the assembly seat, which encompasses Jackson Heights, Corona, and Elmhurst – three neighborhoods in Queens, New York.

Cruz came to the U.S. as an illegal alien with her mother from Colombia in 1992 and eventually was able to obtain a Green Card in 2005. In 2009, Cruz became a U.S. naturalized citizen.


"We're Going To Unmask You": James O'Keefe Set To Expose Deep State With New Investigation

Investigative Journalist James O’Keefe is set to make public a new investigation that will “unmask” and “put a face to the individuals who seek to disturb the fabric of our Republic.”

The investigation was teased in a 30-second trailer released on Friday under O’Keefe’s non-profit organization, Project Veritas.

It has become necessary to unmask, to personify, and to put a face to the individuals who seek to disturb the fabric of our Republic. In order to do that, we must expose them with their own words. See more: 


The IRISH built America, not slaves...

Best Questions to Ask on a First Date

Engaging in small talk with anyone can be a little nerve-racking — you’re on an improv stage for two, and have to think of things to say on the fly, avoid awkward silences, and come off as at least moderately charming to boot.

Engaging in small talk on a first date can be especially anxiety-ridden. While unspoken, you’re being actively evaluated on your attractiveness (both in personality and looks). It’s like a “job” interview for the position of potential significant other. Ace it, and it could be the start of a lifelong love affair. Blow it, and you might never see that someone special again.

No pressure, right?

As an aid in being successful at this kind of high-stakes small talk, you can find plenty of lists out there which suggest good questions to ask someone on a first date.

These lists tend to fall into two categories: basic, stock questions (“Where are you from?” “What do you do for fun?”), and more unique, out-there questions (“If you could only bring 3 things with you on a desert island, what would they be?”).

The problem with the first set of questions is that they’re boring; if someone is dating a lot, they get tired of being asked if they like their job and how many siblings they have. The problem with the second set, is that they can seem pretty random — and overly scripted — if you just drop them into conversation.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be an either-or equation. There’s a better way to ask first date questions that incorporates both types of them


'No evidence' having high levels of bad cholesterol causes heart disease

No evidence exists to prove that having high levels of bad cholesterol causes heart disease, leading physicians have claimed.

Researchers have warned statins - cholesterol-busting drugs - offer no protection to millions of people and doctors should 'abandon' them.

The findings add fuel to the ever-growing, controversial row over statins, as cardiologists continue to disagree on whether the cheap pills have any benefit.

Experts do agree that for people who already have a high heart risk - particularly those who have already had a heart attack or a stroke - statins are proven lifesavers, slashing the chance of a second attack.

High levels of LDL-C, known as bad cholesterol, has been considered a major cause of heart disease - the world's leading killer - for at least 50 years.


Congressman Andy Harris Receives NFIB Guardian of Small Business Award

WASHINGTON, DC: On Thursday, September 13, the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) awarded Congressman Andy Harris (MD-01) with the NFIB Guardian of Small Business Award for the 115th Congress.

Jon Kurrle, Vice President of Federal Government Relations, awarded Congressman Harris with the NFIB Guardian of Small Business Award on behalf of the congressman’s “strong small business voting record in the 115th Congress” and his “support of small business and free enterprise.” The Congressman received the NFIB Guardian of Small Business Award three times previously during the 112th, 113th, and 114th Congressional Terms. This will be his fourth consecutive Congressional term receiving the award.

Congressman Harris issued the following statement upon receiving the award:

“I am honored to receive the NFIB Guardian of Small Business Award from the National Federation of Independent Business. The NFIB is a strong advocate for small businesses across America. Small businesses, entrepreneurs, and innovators are the backbone of our country and employ the majority of our workforce. For many people, owning their own business is part of the American Dream. I will continue to support efforts to reduce the tax and regulatory burdens faced by our small employers.”

Republicans push to give your savings account a tax cut

House Republicans, having cut taxes on business income and individual earnings, are now looking to cut them on savings, through new universal savings accounts.

The House GOP attached the accounts, allowing individuals to save up to $2,500 annually on a tax-privileged basis, to what they are calling “Tax Reform 2.0" — a permanent extension of the individual-side tax cuts included in the December tax law.

House Republicans advanced the legislation through the Ways and Means Committee last week. The legislative package isn’t expected to reach President Trump’s desk this year, but the inclusion of the savings accounts sets up a future GOP Congress to enact them and transform the way Americans save.


Hey, dregs of society! Joe Biden wants your vote

You'd think Democrats would have learned their lesson about the electoral hazards of denigrating large numbers of voters. Hillary Clinton, for one, should have with her "deplorables" descriptor about Donald Trump's voters. She didn't, even after the example of the GOP's Mitt Romney, who lost his election with his off-the-record "47%" remark.

Now here comes Joe Biden.

Sure enough, he just came out denouncing President Trump's voters again, this time calling them the "dregs of society" to a gay special interest group that opposes Trump on Saturday.

Get a load of the pious tears and flapdoodle:

"Forces of intolerance remain determined to undermine and roll back the progress you have made," the former vice president warned his audience.


Judge Nap: ‘Another Version of the Clarence Thomas-Anita Hill Hearings’

Monday, senior judicial analyst Andrew Napolitano reacted on “Fox & Friends” to President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court associate justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s sexual assault allegations brought by Christine Blasey Ford, saying Kavanaugh’s hearings will be “another version” of the Clarence Thomas-Anita Hill hearings.

“[W]e’re going to see another version of the Clarence Thomas-Anita Hill hearings right before our eyes, sometime in the next few weeks, maybe as soon as Thursday,” Napolitano said.

He added, “This is a classic he said-she said. So, she’ll come before the Senate Judiciary Committee, she’ll make these allegations. The Democrats will throw her softballs, the Republicans will grill her and cross-examine her.”


An Obituary printed in the London Times.....Absolutely Dead Brilliant!!

Today we mourn the passing of a beloved old friend, Common Sense, who has been with us for many years.

No one knows for sure how old he was, since his birth records were long ago lost in bureaucratic red tape. He will be remembered as having cultivated such valuable lessons as:

- Knowing when to come in out of the rain;
- Why the early bird gets the worm;
- Life isn't always fair;
- And maybe it was my fault.

Common Sense lived by simple, sound financial policies (don't spend more than you can earn) and reliable strategies (adults, not children, are in charge).

His health began to deteriorate rapidly when well-intentioned but overbearing regulations were set in place. Reports of a 6-year-old boy charged with sexual harassment for kissing a classmate; teens suspended from school for using mouthwash after lunch; and a teacher fired for reprimanding an unruly student, only worsened his condition.

Common Sense lost ground when parents attacked teachers for doing the job that they themselves had failed to do in disciplining their unruly children.

It declined even further when schools were required to get parental consent to administer sun lotion or an aspirin to a student; but could not inform parents when a student became pregnant and wanted to have an abortion.

Common Sense lost the will to live as the churches became businesses; and criminals received better treatment than their victims.

Common Sense took a beating when you couldn't defend yourself from a burglar in your own home and the burglar could sue you for assault.

Common Sense finally gave up the will to live, after a woman failed to realize that a steaming cup of coffee was hot. She spilled a little in her lap, and was promptly awarded a huge settlement.

Common Sense was preceded in death,
-by his parents, Truth and Trust,
-by his wife, Discretion,
-by his daughter, Responsibility,
-and by his son, Reason.

He is survived by his 5 stepbrothers;
- I Know My Rights
- I Want It Now
- Someone Else Is To Blame
- I'm A Victim
- Pay me for Doing Nothing

Not many attended his funeral because so few realized he was gone. If you still remember him, pass this on. If not, join the majority and do nothing.

Breaking News: The Brooklyn Diocese paid $27.5 million to 4 men sexually abused by a religion teacher in one of the largest settlements by the Catholic Church.

Four men who were repeatedly sexually abused as children by a religion teacher at a Catholic church in Brooklyn received a $27.5 million settlement.

The settlement comes two weeks after the New York State attorney general announced a statewide civil investigation into sex abuse within the Catholic Church and its cover-up by church leaders.

Read More »

Four men who were repeatedly sexually abused as children by a religion teacher at a Catholic church in Brooklyn received a $27.5 million settlement.

The settlement comes two weeks after the New York State attorney general announced a statewide civil investigation into sex abuse within the Catholic Church and its cover-up by church leaders.Read More »

Baltimore's 'No. 1 trigger puller' on trial for racketeering

The man police called Baltimore’s “No. 1 trigger puller” is set to go on trial as part of a federal racketeering case against a gang accused in 10 unsolved killings.
Montana Barronette, along with 9 other men, is accused of being a member of vicious street gang “Trained to Go” – reportedly an offshoot of the Black Guerrilla Family.

The 23-year-old Barronette was arrested more than two years ago in connection to a 2014 murder, which was just one of up to a dozen homicides police believed he was behind, Fox Baltimore reported in August 2016.


For Canadian marijuana investors, coming to U.S. is a ‘crapshoot’ that can end in lifetime ban

Immigration lawyer sees ‘potential chilling effect’ on investment; investor who was banned calls it ‘one of the worst experiences of my life’

Visiting the U.S. is a “crapshoot” that could lead to a lifetime ban for foreign nationals who are invested or work in the Canadian marijuana industry, which could hurt the booming sector, immigration lawyers said Friday.

Todd Owen — a senior officer with U.S. Customs and Border Protection, or CBP, overseeing border operations — told Politico in an interview published Thursdaythat border agents would still seek to permanently ban any foreign visitor who admits to working or investing in the cannabis industry, or admits to have taken the drug, even after recreational marijuana use becomes legal in Canada on Oct. 17.

MarketWatch confirmed that stance in an email exchange with a CBP spokeswoman, who said investors could face a permanent ban from entering the U.S.

“Although medical and recreational marijuana may be legal in some U.S. states and Canada, the sale, possession, production and distribution of marijuana or the facilitation of the aforementioned remain illegal under U.S. federal law,” spokeswoman Stephanie Malin said in a statement.


Andrew Gillum ‘Proud’ of Movement that Demands End to ‘Disaster Capitalism’

NEW YORK — An organization that has a close relationship with Florida Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum calls for an “end” to “disaster capitalism,” rants against Independence Day and spreads malicious falsehoods about Israel.

Dream Defenders Co-Director Phillip Agnew recently described a long and close working and personal relationship with Gillum and said he considers Gillum to be “part of the movement.” Dream Defenders Action Fund, the electoral and c4 nonprofit arm of Dream Defenders, was part of a progressive coalition that reportedly committed $3.5 million to help Gillum win the Democratic primary against Gwen Graham.

Gillum himself said in June that he is “pleased and proud” to have snuck food to Dream Defenders activists during a 30-day sleep-in protest at the Florida State Capital, referring to a 2013 month-long anti-gun protest in the wake of the Trayvon Martin shooting. “I hope you keep at it,” Gillum said of Dream Defenders activism during a June event.


"What Keeps Them Up At Night?"

“Government has coddled, accepted, and ignored white collar crime for too long. It is time the nation woke up and realized that it’s not the armed robbers or drug dealers who cause the most economic harm, it’s the white collar criminals living in the most expensive homes who have the most impressive resumes who harm us the most. They steal our pensions, bankrupt our companies, and destroy thousands of jobs, ruining countless lives.” – Harry Markopolos, Madoff Whistleblower

The tenth anniversary of the Wall Street created financial catastrophe brought back some bittersweet memories this week. I wrote my first articles during the summer/fall of 2008 for Seeking Alpha. They included: Is The U.S Banking System Safe? (Aug 2008), The Great Consumer Crash of 2009 (Aug 2008), Looming Financial Catastrophe: A Real Inconvenient Truth (Aug 2008), Is Wachovia the Worst Run Bank in America (Sept 2008), The U.S. on the Precipice (Sept 2008), On Board the U.S.S. Titanic (Sept 2008), Our Coming Depression (Oct 2008), among others. I was pumping out 5,000 word articles every 2 or 3 days.

I was full of piss and vinegar. I was outraged by the actions taken by Paulson, Bernanke and Bush in bailing out criminal bankers with our money. This ensemble of accurate and acerbic articles led to requests for appearances on Glenn Beck’s CNN show, Neil Cavuto’s show, and several others. My need for my day job led me to turning down the invitations. I did several radio interviews, but kept a relatively low profile.

Ten years later, I’m running low on piss and vinegar. Irrationality reigns. Abnormal is the new normal. Delusions and new paradigms rule the day. During manias it is virtually useless to try and use facts and rational arguments against propaganda, misinformation and hype. The delusional will have to be clubbed like a baby seal once again to regain some sense of reality.

During the crisis in 2009, some guy kept badgering me with emails and phone calls to appear in his documentary about the financial crisis. He had been reading all my Seeking Alpha articles and my early Fourth Turning articles tying the financial collapse to the start of our current twenty-year Crisis. His name was Steve Bannon, a former Goldman Sachs banker and obscure documentary filmmaker. My 30 seconds of fame was appearing in his excellent documentary called Generation Zero, weaving the Financial Crisis into the Fourth Turning generational theory. I wonder whatever happened to that guy.

In the midst of the crisis I had the opportunity to attend a lecture/discussion where the Assistant Secretary of the Treasury provided his false narrative about the causes of the crisis and the taxpayer funded bailout of the criminal Wall Street banks. His goal was to convince the audience the government had the best interests of the common people in mind with their $700 billion injection into insolvent Wall Street banks, who took extreme risks and blew up the world. After his initial monologue the plan was to open it up to questions from the audience.

I had told a number of people I was going to ask a question that would make him uncomfortable. After he fielded a bunch of softball questions they handed the microphone to me. I asked him if the Federal government takeover of Fanny and Freddie were nothing more than a $200 billion backdoor bailout of the Wall Street banks, since the taxpayer was forced to backstop two insolvent zombies and not forcing Wall Street bankers to incur mortgage losses.


Lisa Page: Possible There Was ‘Literally Nothing’ to Collusion Story Before Mueller

Former FBI lawyer Lisa Page admitted under oath that a text exchange with FBI agent Peter Strzok meant that “it still existed in the scope of possibility that there would be literally nothing” to the Russia collusion story on the eve of Robert Mueller’s appointment to investigate that issue as special counsel, according to a Sunday Fox News report.

In July, Page and Strzok were called to testify before a joint session of the House Judiciary and House Oversight Committees about their text exchanges.

According to the report by Justice Department Inspector General (DOJ-IG) Michael Horowitz in May 2017, Strzok texted Page to let her know he was considering joining Mueller’s investigation, which was just beginning. He told her he wanted to join to “fix it” after the Clinton mail investigation and complete “unfinished business,” stating he was willing to forgo an assistant directorship to be part of “[a]n investigation leading to impeachment.” But Strzok still had reservations about joining Mueller. As the DOJ-IG report puts it:

May 18, 2017: Mueller was appointed Special Counsel on May 17, 2017. The next day Strzok and Page exchanged text messages in a discussion of whether Strzok should join the Special Counsel’s investigation. Strzok wrote: “For me, and this case, I personally have a sense of unfinished business. I unleashed it with MYE [Midyear Exam, the investigation into Clinton’s emails]. Now I need to fix it and finish it.” Later in the same exchange, Strzok, apparently while weighing his career options, made this comparison: “Who gives a f*ck, one more A[ssistant] D[irector]…[versus] [a]n investigation leading to impeachment?” Later in this exchange, Strzok stated, “you and I both know the odds are nothing. If I thought it was likely I’d be there no question. I hesitate in part because of my gut sense and concern there’s no big there there” [Emphasis added].

In the closed-door section of her testimony, revealed for the first time in Sunday’s Fox News report, Page confirmed that Strzok meant there was no proof of collusion. “I think this represents that even as far as May 2017, we still couldn’t answer the question,” Page, who had been attached to the FBI’s investigation of Russian election interference for nine months, told Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-TX).


Trump Orders Immediate Release Of All Text Messages, Carter Page FISA Application From Russia Investigation

President Trump has ordered the Department of Justice to release all text messages related to the Russia investigation with no redactions, of former FBI Director James Comey, his deputy Andrew McCabe, now-fired special agent Peter Strzok, former FBI attorney Lisa Page and twice-demoted DOJ official Bruce Ohr.
WH: Trump has “directed the Department of Justice (including the FBI) to publicly release all text messages relating to the Russia investigation, without redaction, of James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, and Bruce Ohr.”
The statement reads in full:

"At the request of a number of committees of Congress, and for reasons of transparency, the President has directed the Office of the Director of National Intelligence and the Department of Justice (including the FBI) to provide for the immediate declassification of the following materials: (1) pages 10-12 and 17-34 of the June 2017 application to the FISA court in the matter of Carter W. Page; (2) all FBI reports of interviews with Bruce G. Ohr prepared in connection with the Russia investigation; and (3) all FBI reports of interviews prepared in connection with all Carter Page FISA applications.

In addition, President Donald J. Trump has directed the Department of Justice (including the FBI) to publicly release all text messages relating to the Russia investigation, without redaction, of James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, and Bruce Ohr"


As we reported last Monday, Trump had been expected to release the documents any time - with specific attention to the Page documents and the "investigative activities of Justice Department lawyer Bruce Ohr" - who was demoted twice for lying about his extensive relationship with Christopher Steele - the former MI6 spy who assembled the sham "Steele Dossier" used by the FBI in a FISA surveillance application to spy on Page.


Kavanaugh Accuser’s Lawyer Adds Detail Omitted In Feinstein Letter

Debra Katz, the attorney representing Christine Blasey Ford, contradicted a claim Ford made in her initial letter accusing Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of attempted rape.

In her letter to Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein, Ford said that there were four other people besides herself present at the party where she claims Kavanaugh held her down and attempted to force himself on her.

“The assault occurred in a suburban Maryland area home at a gathering that included me and four others,” Ford wrote to Feinstein, according to a copy of the letter obtained by CNN.

Ford also said in her account to The Washington Post that “there were four boys at the party” and “two in the room” where she was allegedly assaulted.

On CNN Monday morning, Ford’s lawyer provided a different account of how many people were present at the party.


It's Time to Hold America's 'Educators' to Account

Every serious problem with which this nation is afflicted has education as its common denominator.

Last week, in an effort to blame a president for his administration’s failings before a disaster occurred, a Washington Post editorial stated that Donald Trump is “complicit” with a hurricane. Such a statement should set off alarm bells, but not for its pathetically inane level of political bias. That the Post would not only consider such an editorial for publication but actually publish it is a testament to the pitiful state of American education. And it’s time for Trump to demand a Republican-controlled Congress hold nationally televised congressional hearings to deal with what has become an existential threat to our republic.

According to, the definition of complicit is “choosing to be involved in an illegal or questionable act, especially with others.” Thus, the Post’s editorial board is asserting that the president of the United States and a storm are partners in crime. It is impossible to believe the board isn’t fully aware that such an assertion is a complete non-sequitur. Nor can we be expected to believe they seriously think that if Trump only fell into line with the progressive worldview and kept America in the economy-crushing Paris Accord, that Hurricane Florence would either not exist, or would have turned to sea instead of making landfall.

We suppose it’s worth something that at least the editors knew the word “collusion” was spent.


Is Dianne Feinstein the Most Corrupt Senator in the United States?

On top of her McCarthyite smear of Judge Kavanaugh, she’s closely tied to both Chinese and Russian operations in the United States.

To date, only one fairly obscure member of Congress has asked our intel people—in this case, the FBI--to look into the alarming case of a Chinese agent becoming her office manager and personal chauffeur. An excerpt from Rep. Jim Banks’ letter to FBI Director Wray:

It has recently come to light that U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein, the former chair of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, employed a staff member who was using his position to secretly report information to the Ministry of State Security in China. Given the type of information Senator Feinstein had access to and China’s position as a top foreign adversary of the United States, this revelation is alarming.

The Chinese agent is apparently working without annoyance in California. Feinstein is running for reelection. I wonder if he is planning to vote for her.

Banks asked for an investigation and a briefing. That was last month, and I haven’t seen anything since. Have you? Yet the “news” is chock-a-block with thousands of column inches on an unknown event alleged by an unknown woman who claims it happened when she and Judge Kavanaugh were in high school 35-40 years ago.


Feds Studying Elderly LGBT With Alzheimer’s

The National Institutes of Health is spending over $100,000 studying elderly lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender individuals who have Alzheimer's but do not have HIV.

The "novel investigation" is part of the "Rainbows of Aging" research being conducted by the University of California, San Francisco. The study began last month, and has received $142,974 from taxpayers so far.

"By 2030, there will be nearly six million sexual and gender minority (SGM) older adults aged 60 and older in the U.S. who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender," according to the grant for the project. "Approximately 350,000 SGM older adults in the U.S. currently have Alzheimer's disease and related dementias (ADRD), with projections nearing one million by 2030."

"Yet, almost nothing is known about the prevalence or risk of ADRD in SGM older adults without HIV/AIDS," the grant states.

Researchers said the study is important because "nothing is currently known" about older gays and lesbians with Alzheimer's but who do not have HIV. Further study is necessary to provide "culturally relevant screenings."

More here

U.S. Immigrant Numbers Hit 44.5 Million, Near 108-Year Record

The immigrant percentage of the U.S. population has hit 13.7 percent, near the 1910 record of 14.7 percent, according to the latest release by the Census Bureau.

In 2017, 13.7 percent of people (one in 7.3 people) in the United States were immigrants, up from 13.5 percent in 2016, and up from 5 percent (one in 20 people) in 1970, according to the bureau’s data.

The rising share means 44.5 million people in a population of 325.7 million people were born abroad. That 44.5 million includes roughly 22 million naturalized citizens, 11 million other residents, including more than 1.5 million foreign temporary visa-workers, plus roughly 11 million illegal immigrants, according to the bureau:

The millions of migrants are concentrated in the coastal metropolises, such as Los Angeles and New York, but many are migrating into interior states. According to the New York Times:


Two of Kavanaugh’s Ex-Girlfriends Defend His Character

Two women who dated Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and who knew him in high school issued statements defending his character in response to an accusation of sexual misconduct.

Maura Fitzgerald, who dated Kavanaugh in college, said she and Kavanaugh have been good friends since high school. "I dated him in college and he was and is nothing like the person who has been described. He always conducted himself honorably with me at all times when we were together. He was always a perfect gentleman, and I vouch for him completely," Fitzgerald wrote.

A girlfriend from high school, Maura Kane, said she has been friends with Kavanaugh for over 30 years. "I’ve been friends with Brett Kavanaugh for over 35 years, and dated him during high school. In every situation where we were together he always respectful, kind and thoughtful," Kane wrote.

"The accusations leveled against him in no way represent the decent young man I knew," she added. "We remain good friends and I admire him as a husband, father and professional."


Woodward Warns: I'll Release Tapes

Talk of Bob Woodward's new tome, just like all the recently released political books, came and went quickly.

President Trump has deemed "Fear: Trump in the White House" "a total fraud," a "work of fiction," and "totally discredited." Some of the book's most salacious quotes have been roundly denied by the people who supposedly said them. And conservative websites, including The Daily Wire, have cast some doubts on Woodward's methodology.

So with the waning publicity for the book, Woodward took to the airwaves to re-hype it. Appearing on CBS (his book was published by Simon & Schuster, a division of CBS) on Thursday, Woodward tried his best to hawk his book.


EU approves Copyright Directive, including internet ‘link tax’ and ‘upload filter’

The European Parliament has voted in favor of the Copyright Directive, a controversial piece of legislation intended to update online copyright laws for the internet age.

The directive was originally rejected by MEPs in July following criticism of two key provisions: Articles 11 and 13, dubbed the “link tax” and “upload filter” by critics. However, in parliament this morning, an updated version of the directive was approved, along with amended versions of Articles 11 and 13. The final vote was 438 in favor and 226 against.

The most important parts of this are Articles 11 and 13. Article 11 is intended to give publishers and newspapers a way to make money when companies like Google link to their stories, allowing them to demand paid licenses. Article 13 requires certain platforms like YouTube and Facebook stop users from sharing unlicensed copyrighted material.


Bipartisan House Group Demands Answers from Google on Censored Chinese Search Engine

A bipartisan group of congressmen has demanded answers from Google over the development of a censored search engine for China in cooperation with the strict Chinese communist government.

16 members of the House, including Rep. David Cicilline (D-RI) who led them,signed an open letter to Google CEO Sundar Pichai expressing “serious concerns” over Google’s compliance with the Chinese government on the project, and asking whether the project could lead to surveillance of Americans living in China.

“We write to share our serious concerns about reports that Google is planning to re-enter the Chinese market with an app-based search engine that will comply with the Chinese government’s strict censorship and restrictions on free speech,” declared the letter. “As policymakers, we have a responsibility to ensure that American companies are not perpetuating human rights abuses abroad, and to ensure that our regulatory and statutory systems are able to deal with changing business environments.”


Concealed Carry Holder Praised for Shooting Suspect, Aiding Police Officer

‘We were lucky enough to have a good citizen on the street who’s a concealed carry holder’

A Chicago area man was hailed by police last week after he used his concealed weapon to shoot at a suspect who was firing on police.

The unidentified good samaritan, who owned a gun for 16 years but had never fired it, spoke to CBS Chicago saying he instinctively knew to draw and fire his weapon.

“I was there in the right time and the right moment,” the 42-year-old man said. “My instincts, you know, told me to do what I did. I didn’t think twice to do what I did.”


Google Engineers Quit After Secretive China Project Links Phone Number To Searches

A prototype of Google's censored search engine for China links users' searches to their personal phone numbers, "thus making it easier for the Chinese government to monitor people's queries," reports The Intercept.

The search engine, codenamed Dragonfly, revolves around the Android platform and is designed to remove content deemed by government officials to be sensitive or offensive - such as information about protests, free speech, political dissidents, democracy and human rights violations.

Sources familiar with the project said that prototypes of the search engine linked the search app on a user’s Android smartphone with their phone number. This means individual people’s searches could be easily tracked – and any user seeking out information banned by the government could potentially be at risk of interrogation or detention if security agencies were to obtain the search records from Google.
the search platform also appeared to have been tailored to replace weather and air pollution data with information provided directly by an unnamed source in Beijing. The Chinese government has a record of manipulating details about pollution in the country’s cities. One Google source said the company had built a system, integrated as part of Dragonfly, that was “essentially hardcoded to force their [Chinese-provided] data.” -The Intercept

"This is very problematic from a privacy point of view, because it would allow far more detailed tracking and profiling of people’s behavior," says Human Rights Watch senior internet research Cynthia Wong. "Linking searches to a phone number would make it much harder for people to avoid the kind of overreaching government surveillance that is pervasive in China."

Human rights groups have slammed Dragonfly, insisting that it could result in Google "directly contributing to, or [becoming] complicit in, human rights violations."

Google engineers agree - and they've been resigning over the ethical concerns with the project

Approximately 1,400 Google employees have signed a letter circulating within the company, asking executives to explain exactly what the hell is going on.


Deep State Exposed: Anti-Trump Foggy Bottom Leak Network Uncovered

It was mid-May, about six weeks after Trump appointee Mari Stull began her new job as senior adviser at the State Department’s Bureau of International Organization Affairs.

As senior adviser at the bureau, Stull was in charge of making sure President Trump’s agenda was represented at the many international organizations the U.S. participates in and mostly funds, such as the United Nations and its various agencies.

Stull and her boss, Amb. Kevin Moley, had just left for a trip to Geneva for the World Health Assembly. Back at the State Department, Erin Barclay, a senior career diplomat at the IO Bureau, invited more than ten civil servants within the bureau to a lunch meeting.


Police: Drunk Illegal Slams Into Construction Site, Kills Construction Worker

Suspected underage illegal alien drunk driver slammed through construction barriers

A man whose motor vehicle accident led to a construction worker’s death in Texas was identified as an illegal alien.

The incident happened in Dallas last Thursday on Interstate 35 around 3 a.m.

According to CBS Dallas, Juan Rangel-Rodriguez, 20, was taken into custody after he crashed through construction barriers on the highway, slamming “into an overhead sign support that was being held off the ground by a crane.”


State Rep Presses Wrong Button, Overrides New Hampshire Governor’s Veto By One Vote

A New Hampshire state representative who wanted to uphold a veto by Governor Chris Sununu of a bill likely to increases the cost of electricity to ratepayers pressed the wrong button and ended up being the margin of victory for the override.

New Hampshire Senate Bill 365 requires utilities to pay wood-burning power plants above-market rates. Sununu vetoed it June 19, saying it would increase electricity costs to residents.

But supporters of the measure tried to override the veto, saying it would increase the diversity and capacity of fuel by helping the wood-burning power plants. To accomplish the override, they needed a two-thirds majority in both chambers of the state legislature.

The state Senate easily passed the override, 21-3. But the state House of Representatives vote came in at 226-113 — or exactly two-thirds, without a single vote to spare.

A Republican opponent of the bill said that another Republican “who wanted to sustain the veto pressed the wrong button, but there was nothing that could be done,” according to The Union Leader.


DeVos: American Colleges Have 'Abandoned Truth'

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos on Monday blasted American universities for having “abandoned truth” in trying to protect students from hate speech, The Philadelphia Inquirer reports.

"More than a few institutions have been unwilling to provide a forum for their students to discuss serious policy matters that affect our country. I can and have found other forums, but what about students who cannot?" DeVos said in a speech for high school and college students at the National Constitution Center for Constitution Day.

She said that school faculty, "too often attempt to shield students from ideas they subjectively decide are hateful or offensive or injurious, or ones they just don't like. This patronizing practice assumes students are incapable of grappling with, learning from, or responding to ideas with which they disagree."


Census Bureau: Hispanic Household Income Hits Record High

The median household income for U.S. households in which the householder is Hispanic hit a record high of $50,486 in 2017, according to the Census Bureau’s annual income report, which was released last week.

“[W]e can confirm that real median household income was higher in 2017 than in any prior year for which we have data,” the Census Bureau told in specific reference to Hispanic household income.

The $50,486 Hispanic median household income in 2017 (as reported in Table A-1 of the Census Bureau report) was an increase of $1,786—or 3.7 percent--from the Hispanic median household income in 2016, which was $48,700 in constant 2017 dollars.


New Jersey: Democrat Endorses Mendendez's GOP Challenger

A third prominent Democrat has endorsed Bob Hugin, the GOP challenger to embattled incumbent Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ), in New Jersey’s competitive Senate race.

Though it has been more than four decades since New Jersey voters have elected a Republican to the U.S. Senate, Menendez’s highly publicized public corruption trial and defections by Democrats have led to polls that indicate Hugin is within striking distance of winning in November.

Though the Department of Justice dropped the charges against Menendez in January after a judge declared a mistrial in November, voters in New Jersey are serving on a very different kind of jury whose decision will be known when the polls close on November 6.

On Thursday, former Democrat Congressional candidate Mark Dunec announced his endorsment of Hugin, joining Teddy Price, a Democrat freeholder candidate from Toms River, and Brick Township council member James Fozman, two other well-known Democrats who have endorsed him over the last three weeks.


'Glaring factual problems'

The Washington Post's damning report claiming the Trump administration ramped up efforts to deny passports to some Hispanic people who are U.S. citizens had glaring factual errors, forcing editors to substantially revise the story multiples times, according to a HuffPost report Monday.

“The (Washington) Post withheld key data, mis-characterized information and lobbed an allegation of fraud at a deceased doctor without speaking to his family members, who complained publicly,” HuffPost wrote.

“The piece has been substantially altered three times, including Thursday after multiple queries from HuffPost.”

HuffPost reported The Washington Post “cited a number of specific policies to support its allegation of a crackdown” — but “all three practices predate Trump.”

The practices are “supposedly heightened scrutiny of birth certificates signed by midwives suspected of peddling fraudulent documents, supposedly unprecedented passport denials to people born far from the border, and a supposedly new focus on babies delivered by one Texas doctor,” HuffPost wrote.


Kavanaugh Accuser Christine Blasey Ford Donned Pussy Hat for Protest

Christine Blasey Ford, the woman who claims she was physically attacked at a high school party by Supreme Court Justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh three decades ago, has taken part in events opposing President Donald Trump, including a science march in California last year where she donned a version of the “pussy hats” worn at the January 2017 Women’s March.

Blasey Ford is cited in a San Jose Mercury News article as wearing the hat at the march, which the newspaper said was held because people were “angered by the Trump administration’s proposed cuts to research.”

“It’s a science party!” said biostatistician Christine Blasey, of Palo Alto, who will wear an elaborately knitted cap of the human brain — yarn turned into a supersized cerebral cortex — inspired by the “pussy hats” donned during the Women’s Marches. “Getting introverted people to the march — that’s huge,” [Blasey] laughed.

A photo of those hats is featured in the article and is accompanied by the caption, “Pleasanton knitter Eilene Cross made ‘brain caps’ for the upcoming March for Science, to be worn by friend Christine Blasey of Palo Alto.”


You Will Believe in True Love

Woman Accusing DNC Co-Chair Of Abuse Describe How Democrats ‘Smeared, Threatened, Isolated’ Her

DNC Deputy Chair and Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison has been accused domestic abuse by former girlfriend Karen Monahan. Monahan broke her story earlier in the year, claiming to have video evidence of Ellison physically abusing her and using sexist slurs toward her.

Monahan has been slowly telling her story through Twitter, explaining how Democrats in her state attempted to silence her and “isolate” her. When a follower asked if Democrats believed her claims, Monahan said, “I’ve been smeared, threatened, isolated from my own party.”

Monahan alleges she provided medical records to back up her claims of abuse, but state Democrats did nothing: “I provided medical records from 2017, stating on two different Dr. Visits, I told them about the abuse and who did it. My therapist released records stating I have been dealing [with] and healing from the abuse.”

“I knew I wouldn’t be believed,” Monahan said of her Democratic colleagues.


Guess Who!

America, We're on the Verge of a Miracle with #QAnon!

Democrats the Party of Victimhood, Not Victims

The next time you hear liberal Democrats talking about how much they care about the rights and wishes of victims and the oppressed, think about what some of them connected to a prominent Democratic U.S. senator did to a woman now accusing U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of assaulting her about 36 years ago when they were teen-agers.

The woman asked for confidentiality and anonymity. That’s what U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-California), the only member of the committee who had the letter, gave her. But then someone (or some-ones) informed other Democrats on the committee about the letter, and eventually leaked it (or at least key contents of it) to various reporters.

If you follow the bouncing ball in the Washington Post story on Sunday about the woman, reporters started showing up at her home and place of work asking her to go public. The Intercept, The New Yorker, and Buzz Feed are mentioned in the story specifically.

This is what reporters do. But why were they able to do it?

Because this woman’s identity recently became widely known around Washington – directly against her stated wishes.


Kavanaugh Accuser’s Lawyer: It’s Not Her Job To Corroborate Her Story

Debra Katz, the attorney for the woman accusing Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault, said that it is not her client’s job to corroborate her claims.


Or Dan, Works For Me.

Cancel Fruitland Missing Person

WCSO Press Release

Incident: Disorderly Conduct / Resisting Arrest
Date of Incident: 14 September 2018
Location: Waverly Drive at Maryland Avenue, Salisbury, MD
Suspect: Elmer Lopez-Perez, 30, Georgetown, DE
Narrative: On 14 September 2018 at 10:51 PM, a deputy observed a physical affray on Waverly Drive in the area of Maryland Avenue in Salisbury. The deputy approached to intervene and separate Elmer Lopez-Perez, who appeared to be the primary aggressor, from the other participants. Lopez-Perez, who appeared extremely intoxicated, struggled against the deputy’s efforts to detain him and simultaneously commenced yelling and cursing at others in the immediate vicinity. Due to Lopez-Perez’ actions, traffic came to a standstill in the area and residents began exiting houses to see what the commotion was about.
The deputy placed Lopez-Perez under arrest and subsequent to that arrest discovered a knife in Lopez-Perez’ pants pocket.
Lopez-Perez was transported to the Central Booking Unit where he was processed and taken in front of the District Court Commissioner. Following an initial appearance, the Commissioner released Lopez-Perez on Personal Recognizance.
Charges: Disorderly Conduct, Disturbing the Peace, Resisting Arrest and Dangerous Weapon

Incident: Possession of CDS with the Intent to Distribute
Date of Incident: 16 September 2018
Location: Morris Street at West Road, Salisbury, MD
Suspect: Jakwon Marquise Ennals, 19. Salisbury, MD
Narrative: On 16 September 2018 at 9:27 a deputy stopped a vehicle for a traffic violation on Morris Street in Salisbury. Upon approaching the vehicle, the deputy detected the odor of raw marijuana emanating from within the vehicle. During a subsequent search, the deputy located a bag in the vehicle that belonged to Jakwon Ennals. A search of the bag revealed two baggies of suspected marijuana well above the threshold for a criminal charge along with two other baggies that held what was identified as cocaine.
Ennals was also discovered to have a .BB pistol in his waistband.
Ennals was placed under arrest and transported to the Central Booking Unit where he was processed and taken in front of the District Court Commissioner. Following an initial appearance, Ennals was detained in the Detention Center pending a District Court Bond review. At that bond review, Ennals was detained in the Detention Center in lieu of $5,000.00 bond.
Charges: Possession of CDS with the Intent to Distribute, Possession of CDS Not-Marijuana, Possession of Marijuana over 10 grams and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

Congressman Andy Harris To Visit Salisbury MAC Center

WASHINGTON, DC:  On Wednesday, September 19, Congressman Andy Harris (MD-01) will visit the Maintaining Active Citizens (MAC) center, a non-profit working with local seniors. Congressman Harris will tour the facility and receive an update on MAC’s various programs.

Date: September 19, 2018
Time: 10:00 – 11:15 am
Location: 909 Progress Cir.
Salisbury, MD 21804

Manhattan Liberals Bus North to Campaign for Dem Congressional Candidate

The Democratic congressional candidate for New York's 19th District, Antonio Delgado, shared a picture on social media of volunteers fired up to canvass for his campaign, but he didn't mention several were bused in from New York City.

Delgado, who is challenging incumbent Rep. John Faso (R., N.Y.), is a former rapper and six-figure lawyer at Akin Gump, a top-50 law firm with over $1 billion in annual revenue and the largest lobbying firm by revenue in the United States. He tweeted out a picture on Saturday showing him surrounded by a couple dozen volunteers in Kingston, New York.

"Check out our volunteers in Kingston before they went out to talk with voters in #NY19!" Delgado tweeted.

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Laurel Delaware

Just One More...

In Tax-Free States, Businesses Squirm at Collecting Online Sales Taxes for Others

The “Live Free or Die” state of New Hampshire is also the “Live Sales-Tax Free” state, one of only five that do not collect any tax on retail purchases. And despite a U.S. Supreme Court ruling in June allowing states to collect sales taxes when their residents buy online, some of New Hampshire’s online retailers don’t want to help other states collect their money.

New Hampshire lawmakers tried a couple of months ago to write a law that would have set up a series of hurdles for other states that want New Hampshire retailers to collect sales tax on their residents’ purchases. The bill called for outside tax authorities to first register with the New Hampshire attorney general, pay a fee and then prove the constitutionality of the sales tax. The legislation failed — partly because of fears it would expose the state’s small businesses to litigation from other states — but the resistance remains.

“It’s extremely unfortunate that retailers who do not have to collect taxes for the state of New Hampshire are going to be put in the position of having to collect for other states,” said Nancy Kyle, president and CEO of the New Hampshire Retail Association, representing 900 businesses in the state. “This is a very difficult thing for small retailers to implement.”

“I would advise my members to talk to the [state] Department of Justice and consult with their own attorneys,” she said.