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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

SPD Press Release 2-17-15 - (Suicide Investigation)


As you read the information after clicking below, it will soon be obvious that words alone cannot fully express the effect of a war like this upon a nation.
Back in the 1860's Sherman said it best, "War is hell." We know that there are times when war is necessary, but no one should doubt that there is a large price to pay that cannot only be measured in dollars.

A good summary of what was required to win WWII in the air.

CA$H BA$H- benefits Parsonsburg Volunteer Fire Auxiliary @ Parsonsburg Fire Dept.

Newt on Radical Islam

‘The Storm Is Coming’: Franklin Graham Shares Grim Prediction After ISIS Kills 21 Christians

Following the brutal beheading of 21 Coptic Christians in Egypt, Rev. Franklin Graham issued an unequivocal warning to those dismissing the growing threat posed by the Islamic militants within ISIS, also known as Daesh.

Graham, the son of evangelist Billy Graham, published a Facebook post in response to the graphic video depicting the mass execution.

“Can you imagine the outcry if 21 Muslims had been beheaded by Christians?” he wrote. “Where is the universal condemnation by Muslim leaders around the world?”

Saudi Arabia condemns ‘terrorist’ killing of American Muslims in North Carolina

Farris Barakat, center, remains on his knees after prayer during a funeral service for his brother Deah Shaddy Barakat, Thursday, Feb. 12, 2015, in Raleigh, N.C. Deah Shaddy Barakat, his wife Yusor Mohammad Abu-Salha, and her sister Razan Mohammad Abu-Salha were killed Tuesday at a condominium in Chapel Hill, N.C. Craig Stephen Hicks was charged with three counts of first-degree murder. (AP Photo/The News & Observer, Corey Lowenstein) (The Associated Press)DUBAI, United Arab Emirates – Saudi Arabia on Sunday condemned the killing in North Carolina of three American Muslim college students as a “heinous terrorist” act, and called for an end to incitement against Muslims.

The statement carried by the official Saudi Press Agency also condemned as a “terrorist” act the recent attacks that killed two people in Denmark, one at a panel discussion that included an artist who caricatured the Prophet Muhammad and the other outside a synagogue.


Closing and Delays for Wednesday 2-18-15

Somerset County Schools- Closed on Wednesday 2-18-15

Wicomico County Schools - Schools will be closed Wednesday. Central Office 2 hour delay 

Salisbury Christian School - SCS will remain closed again on Wednesday, February 18th due to ice on the roads

Delmar School District *Elementary, Middle and High School* will be closed Wed 2-18-15

UMES will open @ 10 am Wednesday, Feb. 18. Essential employees should report as scheduled. 

Accomack County Schools -Due to continued bad road conditions All schools and offices will be closed tomorrow. Be safe and warm! 

Caroline County Public Schools will be closed Wednesday, Feb. 18, due to icy secondary roads. Offices will open at 10 a.m.

Worcester County Schools - Due to icy back roads, Worcester County Public Schools will be closed for students and 10-month staff on Wed., February 18, 2015.

Worcester Prep - ‏School is closed Wednesday, February 18th

Faith Baptist School - School closed February 18th. 

Laurel School District - Closed February 18th

Salisbury University - Opening at 10am

Talbot County School - Closed Wednesday

Seaford School District - Closed to students and staff Wednesday February 18th. 12 mth staff should report to work by 10 am 

The Salisbury School will be closed on Wednesday, February 18th, 2015 due to snow. Please stay safe and warm.

We will continue to update and move to the top when we get updates.


MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) - Video below shows the family of a suspected thief lashing out after their son was shot during an armed robbery. Relatives of Adric White, 18, believe the Good Samaritan who opened fire should have "just left the store." The Good Samaritan told FOX10 News he was shopping at the Family Dollar on Stanton road when he noticed a masked gunman leading one of the employees to the front of the store.


American Blood On Obama’s Hands – Knew In May Where ISIS Hostages Were Held – Refused To Act

Katherine Herridge reports that the United States, including the White House, knew last May where all four of the now murdered Americans being held captive by ISIS were located. The information was complete to the point of identifying the specific building in which they were being held, but Hussein Obama refused to act to rescue them.

Contrary to previous claims of vague or unspecific intelligence, Herridge’s sources state that the information even included building layouts and diagrams. Obama has said in the past that we didn’t have actionable intelligence; apparently the bar for action by this White House is extremely high, to the point of paralysis.

She reports that there was a seven week delay in the time between when the information was first obtained until the belated action was finally undertaken. During that period of time ISIS became aware that the security of their facility had been compromised and removed and separated the four hostages.

Herridge’s sources within the intelligence community described “a significant delay on behalf of the White House,” and a decision to wait for more intelligence prior to taking action.

Whether intentional or through sheer ineptitude, Hussein Obama once again succeeds in failure, with Americans paying the price for having his pathetically low caliber of individual steering our nation.

SHHHH.....Don't Tell Anyone

Japan - some interesting facts:

* In roughly a decade Hiroshima returned to what it was economically before the fall of the atomic bomb. 
* Japan prevents the use of mobile phones in trains, restaurants and indoors.

* For first to sixth primary year Japanese students must learn ethics in dealing with people.

* Even though one of the richest people in the world, the Japanese do
 not have servants. The parents are responsible for the house and children.
* There is no examination from the first to the third primary level because
 the goal of education is to instill concepts and character building.
* If you go to a buffet restaurant in Japan you will notice people only eat as
 much as they need without any waste because food must not be wasted.
* The rate of delayed trains in Japan is about 7 seconds per year!!
 The Japanese appreciate the value of time and are very punctual to minutes and seconds.
* Children in schools brush their teeth (sterile) and clean their teeth after a  meal at school, teaching them to maintain their health from an early age.
* Japanese students take half an hour to finish their meals to ensure proper digestion because these students are the future of Japan.

The Japanese focus on maintaining their culture,  therefore......

* No political leader or a prime minister from an Islamic nation has visited Japan
 not the Ayatollah of Iran, the King of Saudi Arabia or even a Saudi Prince!
* Japan is a country keeping Islam at bay by putting strict restrictions on Islam
 and ALL Muslims.
     1) Japan is the only nation that does not give citizenship to Muslims.
     2) In Japan permanent residency is not given to Muslims.
     3) There is a strong ban on the propagation of Islam in Japan
     4) In the University of Japan, Arabic or any Islamic language is not taught.
     5) One cannot import a 'Koran' published in the Arabic language.
     6) According to data published by the Japanese government, it has given temporary residency to only 2 lakhs, Muslims, who must follow the Japanese Law of the Land. These Muslims should speak Japanese and carry their religious rituals in their homes.
     7) Japan is the only country in the world that has a negligible number of embassies in Islamic countries.
     8) Muslims residing in Japan are the employees of foreign companies.
     9) Even today, visas are not granted to Muslim doctors, engineers or managers sent by foreign companies.
   10) In the majority of companies it is stated in their regulations that no Muslims should apply for a job.
   11) The Japanese government is of the opinion that Muslims are fundamentalist, and even in the era of globalization they are not willing to change their
 Muslim laws.
   12) Muslims cannot even rent a house in Japan.
   13) If anyone comes to know that his neighbor is a Muslim then the whole neighborhood stays alert.
   14) No one can start an Islamic cell or Arabic 'Madrasa' in Japan ..
   15) There is no Sharia-law in Japan .
   16) If a Japanese woman marries a Muslim, she is considered an outcast forever.
   17) According to Mr. Kumiko Yagi, Professor of Arab/Islamic Studies at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, "There is a mind frame in Japan that Islam is a very narrow minded religion and one should stay away from it."

The Japanese might have lost the war, but they are in charge of their own country.
   There are no bombs going off in crowded business centers, "Honor Killings", nor  killing of innocent children or anyone else.  
Something to think about.

'Road rage' shooting: Inside the life of the mother gunned down

LAS VEGAS (ABC) - The family of a Nevada woman who was gunned down in front of her home after what police described as a road rage incident is grieving their loss and expressing sadness that her young grandchild will grow up without her.

Tammy Meyers died Saturday night after being shot late Thursday evening after taking her teenage daughter to practice driving at a school parking lot in Las Vegas, authorities said.

Meyers, 44, had four children and one grandchild, and now the family is grappling with what their life will be like without her.


Cameron Airshow 2014

GM recalls 81K Malibus, Pontiacs for power steering problem

NEW YORK —General Motors is recalling more than 81,000 vehicles because of problems that can cause power steering to fail.

The recall covers certain Chevrolet Malibu, Malibu Maxx and Pontiac G6 vehicles with power steering from the 2006 and 2007 model years.

GM said a message will be displayed on the Driver Information Center and a chime will sound if power steering is lost. It said drivers can still maintain control, but that requires greater effort at low speeds.


I Don't Look Good Naked Anymore

Is The Washington Monument Shrinking?

WASHINGTON (AP) — Government surveyors have determined a new height for the Washington Monument that’s nearly 10 inches shorter than what has been thought for more than 130 years, officials will announce Monday.

The new measurement puts the monument at 554 feet, 7 and eleven-thirty-seconds of an inch, as measured from the floor of the main entrance to the top. Ever since the stone obelisk was completed in 1884, however, the historic height has been recorded at 555 feet, 5 and 1/8 inches. It’s a number circulated for decades on tours of the capital and in civics classes about the monument honoring the nation’s first president.

So could this be a case of an incredible shrinking monument? Has it sunk into the ground more than previously thought? No, not even close, said the chief scientist at the National Geodetic Survey, which conducted the measurement with accuracy to within one millimeter.



Effective 2-17-15 at 1500 hours, the Maryland State Police Berlin Barrack in Worcester County in conjunction with local agencies and the State Highway Administration have lifted the Snow Emergency Plan.

Please use caution on roadways in and around the Worcester County area. Be mindful of black ice at night and try to limit travel after dark.   


REISTERSTOWN, MD (February 17, 2015) — Maryland Governor Larry Hogan and other state officials are asking residents to be prepared for extremely cold weather over the next few days. The National Weather Service has forecast unusually cold temperatures through Saturday morning around the state.

“The snow storm has ended, but winter has not,” Governor Hogan said. “Dangerous temperatures are forecast for Maryland over the next several days. Now is the time to prepare your home, your car and your pets.”

Make sure pipes, especially those on exterior walls, are insulated or keep a faucet on the lowest level of your home turned on a slow stream. Make sure pets have appropriate shelter free of frozen blankets. And make sure all of the fluids in your vehicles are full, have a car charger available, keep a blanket in your car and make sure family and friends know your expected time and route of travel in case you are in an accident or become disabled.

“Extreme cold can be deadly,” said Van Mitchell, Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene Secretary. “Residents should be aware of the risks. Dress in warm layers. Check on elderly friends and neighbors, as they are especially at risk. Never use a gas range or oven to heat your home.”

Because of cold temperatures, sidewalks and some roadways may have patches of packed snow or ice, making falls a serious hazard. Residents, especially the elderly and those with limited mobility, should avoid walking on slippery surfaces.

“Help us help you,” said Maryland Emergency Management Agency Executive Director Clay Stamp. “If possible carry a cell phone with you at all times, even when just walking out to get the mail or newspaper in some neighborhoods or rural areas, your fall might not be discovered quickly, and frostbite, hypothermia and death could occur quickly in single-digit temperatures.”
Hypothermia occurs when the body temperature falls below 95ºF. Frostbite is the freezing and subsequent destruction of body tissue that is likely to occur any time skin temperature gets much below 32ºF. The areas most likely to freeze are toes, fingers, ears, cheeks and the tip of the nose.

Dog Found 2-17-15

Found this dog in the area of Pinehurst Elementary school. He has a dog tag that says his name is Sam. The home phone is disconnected and the vet is Listed as Dr. Pappas but the office is not open today.

ISIS militants reportedly burn to death 45 people in Iraqi town

Islamic State militants burn to death 45 people in western Iraqi town of al-Baghdadi -- not far from air base housing 400 US Marines -- local police chief tells the BBC.


Florida Attorney Offers Drivers A Bold Approach To Challenging DUI Checkpoints

Florida-based attorney Warren Redlich has attracted the attention of police and motorists alike due to a series of flyers he created to provide an option for drivers objecting to procedures at sobriety checkpoints.

At sobriety checkpoints, drivers are typically expected to roll their window down and provide their license and other documents. Redlich has created fliers for residents in ten states- New York, Florida, California, New Jersey, Ohio, Arkansas, Utah, Texas, Georgia and South Carolina- that drivers would place on their window. According to, the website that provides the fliers for downloading and printing, “the idea behind the flyer is that you keep it in your car and show it to police at checkpoints and traffic stops.”


First Lady Yumi Hogan Visits Sarah's House In Ft. Meade

ANNAPOLIS, MD - Yesterday, First Lady Yumi Hogan visited Sarah's House in Ft. Meade, a supportive housing program offering emergency and traditional housing for families in Anne Arundel County. The First Lady brought donations and led an art class for the kids at Sarah's House. Attached are pictures from the visit.


Gay Lawmaker Wants to Replace Statuary Hall Figure of Missionary Headed for Sainthood With Lesbian Astronaut

( – An openly gay State Senator in California has introduced legislation to replace a statue of Catholic missionary Father Junipero Serra in National Statuary Hall with a statue of Sally Ride, the first female U.S. astronaut and a lesbian.

The move by State Senator Ricardo Lara comes just weeks after Pope Francis announced plans to elevate Serra to sainthood.

“Dr. Sally Ride is a California native, American hero and stratospheric trailblazer who devoted her life to pushing the limits of space and inspiring young girls to succeed in math and science careers,” Lara said in a statement.

“She is the embodiment of the American dream whose accomplishments and life work will encourage future generations to reach for the stars and celebrate diversity and inclusivity.”

If the legislation is successful Ride would be the first member of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community and the first woman representing California to be placed in the hall at the U.S. Capitol.


Can You Pass A 5th Grade US History Test?

What A Beautiful Photo Of A Heartwarming Moment

Schools Start Treating E-Cigarettes as Drug Paraphernalia

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — Some schools are getting tougher on e-cigarettes, even punishing possession of the devices more harshly than regular cigarettes.

The devices, which heat a nicotine solution to create a vapor instead of burning tobacco, have passed traditional smokes in popularity among teenagers. Schools are clamping down because e-cigarettes, sometimes also known as vaporizers, can also be used for illegal substances like marijuana.

Most schools have folded e-cigarettes into their anti-tobacco policies, which typically punish students with detention, a letter home and sometimes a tobacco education class.

But other schools in states including North Carolina, New Jersey, Washington and Connecticut, are grouping the devices in with bongs and pipes, meaning students could face long suspensions and required drug tests and have possession of drug paraphernalia marked on their school record.


Spaghetti Dinner: UPDATE

Spaghetti Dinner

What:  Snethen Community House Fundraiser

When: Friday, February 20th - 5:00 - 7:30pm

Where: Snethen United Methodist Church
25970 Delmar Road, Mardela Springs, MD 21837
*The Community hall is directly behind the church* 

Cost:   Adults $8  Children 12 & under $3

Includes: Beverge, salad, bread, spaghetti & dessert

Eat - In or Carry - Out 

UPDATE: This event has been postponed due to the weather and the new date is March 13, 2015.

SFD Calls For Service 2-16-15

  • Monday February, 16 2015 @ 22:16 Nature: Automatic AlarmAddress: 305 Mill Pond Ln Salisbury, MD 21801
  • Monday February, 16 2015 @ 21:20 Nature: Automatic AlarmAddress: 1401 University Ter Salisbury, MD 21801
  • Monday February, 16 2015 @ 20:54Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury
  • Monday February, 16 2015 @ 20:40Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury
  • Monday February, 16 2015 @ 20:18 Nature: Automatic AlarmAddress: 530 Riverside Dr Salisbury, MD 21801

Somerset County Snow Emergency Plan

The Snow Emergency Plan for Somerset County, Maryland will be closed at 1330 hours (1:30 P.M.). Normal roadway operations will be in effect at that time.

Please remember that the roadways are still wet and many secondary streets are still snow covered. With the below normal temperatures, roadways may freeze over and become very slippery. Caution should be used for the remainder of the afternoon, into the evening and throughout the night.

Back Road Conditions

The back roads in Sussex and Wicomico County are not good. While they concentrate on the main roads, we probably won't see them plowing the back roads until some time this evening.

I'm told they are now starting to spread salt on the main roads after clearing the snow. So sit tight Ladies & Gentlemen, they'll get to us soon enough.  

Formula 1 Pit Stop 1950 vs 2013


Officer's shockingly low bail raises questions

43-year-old police officer Shawn Norton was released from jail on a meager $100 bail after he was caught driving drunk and leaving the scene of an accident.

The 16-year veteran of the police department was reportedly so drunk when he was arrested that he could not even stand, and had trouble getting out of his vehicle.

Just before midnight on Wednesday night, Norton was driving drunk when he got into a car accident with another vehicle and kept on driving.

A witness followed Norton and reported his vehicle to police, who tracked him down and arrested him. When police found Norton, he was driving in a vehicle with severe front-end damage near the intersection of Hartshorn Street and John Carver Road. When police pulled up behind him and put on their flashing lights Norton continued to drive away, making several turns.

Read more

Governor Larry Hogan Appoints William M. Pallozzi As Superintendent Of Maryland State Police

ANNAPOLIS, MD – Governor Larry Hogan today announced William M. Pallozzi as his appointee for superintendent of the Maryland State Police. With his appointment to superintendent and most current rank of colonel, Pallozzi has now served in every rank of the Maryland State Police.

“I am honored to have a law enforcement professional of Bill Pallozzi’s caliber join our administration,” said Governor Hogan. “For over two-and-a-half decades, Bill has risen through the ranks of the Maryland State Police, and I am confident that he will lead the men and women of this respected agency with the utmost integrity and will work tirelessly to protect and serve all the citizens of Maryland.”

Pallozzi began his career as a patrol trooper with the Maryland State Police in 1989. Since that time, he has held various supervisory and leadership positions, including commander of the Executive Protection Division; chief of staff in the Office of the Superintendent; chief of the Criminal Investigation Bureau; and chief of the Support Services Bureau. In his last role, he oversaw multiple, complex projects and programs impacting every aspect of the Maryland State Police.

Pallozzi graduated from North Georgia College, The Military College of the University of Georgia, in 1988 with a Bachelor of Science degree in criminal justice. Upon his graduation, he was commissioned as a 2nd lieutenant in the U.S. Army. Pallozzi served in the Military Police Corps, the Special Forces Group (Airborne), and the Special Operation Command Readiness Group. He was honorably discharged as a captain in the U.S. Army Reserves in 2003.

Additionally, Pallozzi holds a Master of Science in Management and Leadership and is a graduate of the Police Executive Training Program, both from The Johns Hopkins University. He has successfully completed more than 2,000 hours of professional education programs and training courses on a variety of topics, including executive management, legal issues, homeland security, and protective, investigative, and law enforcement operations.

Maryland Casinos Revenues Come In Below Forecasts

BALTIMORE, Md. (AP/WJZ) — Can Maryland casinos exceed the financial success the state originally planned? For anyone betting on the Northeast’s casino bonanza, the odds are long on projects hitting financial expectations.

In the last several states to open casinos — Maryland, Ohio and Pennsylvania — overall revenue is coming in below baseline forecasts, according to a review of state tax data. Officials blame miscalculations of spending habits and competition, but some also question how much the projected numbers reflected wishful thinking.

The casino industry has grown exponentially over the last decade as revenue-hungry states have moved to claim business that once went across state lines to Atlantic City, NJ, or the tribal-owned megaresorts in Connecticut. After Nevada, Pennsylvania has emerged as the country’s No. 2 gambling marketing, overtaking Atlantic City, where four of 12 casinos closed last year.


Why The Price Of Oil Is More Likely To Fall To 20 Rather Than Rise To 80

This is just the beginning of the oil crisis

This is just the beginning of the oil crisis. Over the past couple of weeks, the price of U.S. oil has rallied back above 50 dollars a barrel. In fact, as I write this, it is sitting at $52.93. But this rally will not last. In fact, analysts at the big banks are warning that we could soon see U.S. oil hit the $20 mark. The reason for this is that the production of oil globally is still way above the current level of demand. Things have gotten so bad thatmillions of barrels of oil are being stored at sea as companies wait for the price of oil to go back up. But the price is not going to go back up any time soon. Even though rigs are being shut down in the United States at the fastest pace since the last financial crisis, oil production continues to go up. In fact, last week more oil was produced in the U.S. than at any time since the 1970s. This is really bad news for the economy, because the price of oil is already at a catastrophically low level for the global financial system. If the price of oil stays at this level for the rest of the year, we are going to see a whole bunch of energy companies fail, billions of dollars of debt issued by energy companies could go bad, and trillions of dollars of derivativesrelated to the energy industry could implode. In other words, this is a recipe for a financial meltdown, and the longer the price of oil stays at this level (or lower), the more damage it is going to do.

The way things stand, there is simply just way too much oil sitting out there. And anyone that has taken Economics 101 knows that when supply far exceeds demand, prices go down

Oil prices have gotten crushed for the last six months. The extent to which that was caused by an excess of supply or by a slowdown in demand has big implications for where prices will head next. People wishing for a big rebound may not want to read farther.


Huge Hoax Holds Humanity Hostage

Wow! The Man-made Global Warming Hoax is a Hoax. Who saw this coming except anyone investing five minutes examining the scientific evidence from both sides? Or anyone remembering this is the same crowd of alarmists who warned of a new ice age in the 1970s. Let’s see, they wouldn’t buy the Brooklyn Bridge but they’re willing to mortgage the farm for the Golden Gate. Now people are beginning to say that the Global Warming Hoax is the biggest scientific scandal ever.

When you challenge someone’s religion be prepared for a spirited reaction. Those who realized Man-made Global Warming was a hoax have long recognized this is a faith-based movement. They also realized the agenda of the hipper-than-thou high priests of this movement has always been something other than a cool world. Science is advanced by hypothesis, experimentation, and analysis not by consensus. Consensus is a political term, a political concept and a clue that the Man-made Global Warming agenda is a political agenda. The only credible science these scam artists are using is Political Science.

Al Gore, the world’s self-proclaimed leading Man-made Global Warming expert and lobbyist and by sheer coincidence one of the world’s largest Green Entrepreneurs has garnered a Nobel Peace Prize, an Oscar and millions of dollars by scaring the wits out of people who believe the cherry-picked data he and others present as evidence. As a college professor I would be shocked if any freshman submitted a paper with the flimsy sources of his transparentlyfictitious movie. The unattributed scenes from the Hollywood movie Day After Tomorrow presented as unattributed evidence would’ve earned him an “F” forplagiarism.

Calling the Man-made Global Warming crusade a hoax isn’t fair to hoaxes. This is and always has been a scam perpetrated by the evil upon the naïve. It isn’t about the environment it’s about power. Have you ever noticed how the apostles of Man-made Global Warming use private jets and limos going to paved-over acres of paved-over rain-forest to hold self-promoting conferences? These are hypocrites masquerading as humanitarians holding humanity hostage with a huge hoax.


SPD Press Release 2-17-15 (Shoplifting)

Mother Asks Cop To Help Son Stay Out Of Trouble, Cop Chains Him To A Pole, Beats, Electrocutes Him

Fired Deputy now faces felony charges

A mother in Richmond County, concerned that her son was falling into bad company, asked a local Sheriff’s deputy to help set the 12-year-old boy on a straight path by talking to him. Instead, the cop opted to handcuff the child to a pole and beat him senseless.

Deputy Alton Walter has been fired and arrested following the incident, during which he is also alleged to have electrocuted the child with a taser.


Remaining Anti-Gunners In U.S. Senate Renew Push For Gun Control

Anti-gun U.S. Senator Bob Menendez (D-N.J.) and U.S. Representative Elizabeth Esty (D-Conn.), have introduced their Large Capacity Ammunition Feeding Device Act (S. 407 and H.R. 752, respectively), in yet another attempt to ban magazines that accept more than 10 rounds. Similar legislation has been introduced in previous Congresses, and has repeatedly failed since the expiration of the Clinton “large” magazine ban in 2004.

Firearms designed to use magazines that hold more than ten rounds have been around for more than a hundred years. Today they constitute a majority of all new firearms manufactured, imported and sold in the United States, for what the Supreme Court, in District of Columbia v. Heller (2008), called the central purpose of the Second Amendment: self-defense.While gun control supporters claim that the magazines are unnecessary for self-defense, millions of Americans disagree, and the Supreme Court has ruled in Heller that laws are unconstitutional if they prohibit firearms that are in common use for defensive purposes.


Heroin Epidemic on the Eastern Shore: Thursday, Feb. 19, 2015.

Sheriff Reggie Mason, State's Attorney Beau Oglesby and Deputy Health Officer Dr. Andrea Mathias will discuss the Heroin Epidemic on the Eastern Shore.

Doors open at 6:30 pm, meeting starts at 7 pm.
Ocean Pines Library
11107 Cathell Road
Ocean Pines, Md 21811

Biden has his own Brian Williams moment

Vice President Joe Biden, who stirred modest speculation about a possible presidential run with a visit to Iowa this week, had his own Brian Williams moment back in 2007.

During a CNN/YouTube Democratic debate in June of that year, Biden said he was “shot at” inside the Green Zone in Iraq then later walked back the comment to say that a mortar round landed roughly a few hundred yards away from a structure where he was staying overnight.

The Green Zone in Baghdad is a heavily fortified 10-square-mile area that houses Iraqi government offices, the U.S. embassy, and military headquarters that once were located in Saddam Hussein’s Republican Palace.

Biden, whose gaffes and garrulous ways have become legendary through more than four decades in politics, was in the middle of making a point about how difficult it would be to redeploy U.S. troops out of Iraq if a president decided to withdraw in six months.


Sussex County Drug Unit Arrests Four in Heroin Investigation

Millsboro, DE – The Delaware State Police Sussex County Drug Unit have arrested four people after the culmination of a several month investigation into illegal drug sales from a residence on Nora Lane.

On Monday February 16, 2015 around 6:10 a.m., the Sussex County Drug Task Force along with the assistance of the Sussex County Governor’s Task Force (GTF) and Delaware State Police Special Operations Response Team (SORT) conducted a search warrant in the 27000 block of Nora Lane. Upon executing the search warrant, Tyrone M. Adkins, 38 (Photo attached), and Sheree M. Abdussalaam, 45 (No photo available), Nathan A. Thompson, 25 (No photo available), and Rashell K. Thompson, 20 (No photo available), all of the Nora Lane address, were taken into custody without incident. The search revealed a total of 386 bags of heroin weighing approximately 5.79 grams, .1 gram of cocaine, 4.9 grams of marijuana, a Suboxone strip, drug paraphernalia, and over $2,200.00 in suspected drug proceeds. Also located and recovered was a stolen .40 caliber handgun with three fully loaded ammunition magazines.

All four subjects were transported back to Troop 4 in Georgetown where they were charged accordingly. Tyrone Adkins was charged with Possession with Intent to Deliver Heroin, two counts of Possession of a Firearm/Ammunition by a Person Prohibited, Possession of a Controlled Substance (Heroin), Receiving a Stolen Firearm, Conspiracy 2nd, Possession of Marijuana, and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. He was arraigned at JP2 and is being held at Sussex Correctional Institution on $50,200.00 cash bond.

Sheree Abdussalaam was charged with Possession of a Deadly Weapon by a Person Prohibited who also Possesses a Controlled Substance, Maintaining a Drug Property and Conspiracy 2nd. She was arraigned at JP2 and released on $13,000.00 unsecured bond.

Nathan Thompson was charged with Possession of Marijuana and Possession of Heroin. He was arraigned at JP2 and released on $1,000.00 unsecured bond.

Rashell Thompson was charged with Possession of Marijuana and Possession of Cocaine. She was arraigned at JP2 and released on $1,000.00 unsecured bond.

The most expensive dog breeds to insure


Man's best friend can also be a big financial headache. On the one side, you have the love and attention a dog can offer -- but on the other, there's the pampering, food, veterinary bills and insurance.

And the cost of insuring your canine companion is entirely dependent on its breed.

U.K.-based online insurance advisor Bought By Many has produced a list of the most- and least-expensive pedigree dog breeds to insure.


SFD Newsletter 2nd Quarter 2015

Getting ready for Westminster Dog Show

NEW YORK -- More than 3,000 of the world's most pampered dogs have descended upon Manhattan as the Westminster Kennel Club returns to New York City for its 139th annual all-breed dog show at Madison Square Garden on Monday and Tuesday.

Dogs from 192 different breeds and varieties will compete for the Best in Show prize. The honorable David Merriam, a former California state trial judge and bull-terrier breeder, will serve as Westminster's Best in Show judge for the first time, heading a panel of 33 officials that includes four previous Best in Show judges.

On Monday, the show will be broadcast on CNBC from 8-11 p.m. ET. The hound, toy, non-sporting and herding groups will be judged on the first night.

The final night will be shown on USA Network from 8-11 p.m ET. The sporting, working and terrier groups will be judged along with Best in Show.


A Comment Worthy Of A Post 2-17-15

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post " 3% Down Payments Lure 1st Time Homebuyers":

Problem also is that people are buying homes in economic uncertainty. The government wants us to believe that the recession is over and everything is fine. Hell, gas was down to almost $2 a gallon. Things must be great, right?

I bought my home a year ago. Put down a sizable down payment with very low interest rate and have a reasonable mortgage. But... a year ago I thought my job was secure, now we're being forewarned of cutbacks, layoffs etc. The number of businesses that have closed in Salisbury in just the last year is alarming and guess what? It's not going to improve. More businesses will close, people will move to find work and property values will plummet.

It used to be that home ownership was an asset and an investment. Not any more. If I could go back a year I'd rent and keep renting. No maintenance costs, taxes are the owners problem and if the neighborhood I'm in changes for the worse I can give notice and move, don't have to worry about unloading a house that was in a decent neighborhood when I bought it but now worth a third or even half what I paid for it. 

You borrow $200K for a house at 4.5% and on a thirty year conventional mortgage you'll pay on average double the purchase price. I know how apr's work etc. but in its most simplistic form you're still technically paying 100% of the property value so when you're still "by the numbers" in the hole, have gained nothing and have paid to maintain that property for all those years. Let's not even get started on capital gains and taxes on the proceeds of your home sale despite already having been taxed on the income you used to buy the home.

The more you work, the more you own, the more the government will turn the thumbscrews.

Sorry, drifted off topic a little but my point was that not all foreclosures are a result of buying more house than the owner can afford, sub-prime loans and deadbeats simply walking away. Whatever the reason it affects the overall economy.

A surprising number of presidents never graduated college

Media and potential opponents are scandalized that Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is considering a run for president even though he didn’t graduate from college. But if Walker (who dropped out of Marquette University in his senior year) won in 2016, he would be joining an exalted group that includes the two presidents most frequently named as the favorites of the American people.

Eleven presidents — exactly 25 percent — were not college graduates. Most prominent on that list are George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, who make up half of Mt. Rushmore’s foursome and are in the top three or top five in virtually every popular survey of favorite presidents. (A 2007 Rasmussen poll put Honest Abe and the Father of Our Country at number two and number one, respectively.) The most recent president to forego the benefits of a sheepskin was Harry Truman, and the list includes other fondly remembered (and a few barely remembered) chief executives.

Meet the presidents who dropped out or didn’t make it to college at all:


Science says people decide these 9 things within seconds of meeting you

Psychologists call it "thin slicing."

Within moments of meeting people, you decide all sorts of things about them, from status to intelligence to promiscuity.

VA chief: Employees being held ‘accountable’

Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Secretary Robert McDonald said Sunday that he is holding employees of his agency more responsible for their treatment of veterans after a scandal that engulfed the department last year.

“Nine-hundred people have been fired since I became secretary…so we’re holding people accountable,” McDonald said during an interview on NBC’s “Meet The Press.”

McDonald assumed the top post at the VA after reports of lengthy waiting lists and preventable deaths in the VA’s healthcare system rocked the agency in 2014.

The new chief said he is working to reduce the number of homeless veterans in the U.S., especially in cities such as Los Angeles.

“We’re putting in more vouchers that will get people into housing,” McDonald said of the VA’s Los Angeles plans. “On the property itself, we have buildings which are vacated. We need to do some seismic work on some of the buildings.”


SPD: 9 Snow Related Car Crashes So Far

Homeless man in Georgia breaks into mortuary, has sex with dead woman

Domonique Smith, 26, is expected to be charged with necrophilia after copulating with the corpse. He is already in jail after pleading guilty to burglary, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and receiving stolen property.

A homeless man in Georgia busted into a funeral home and committed a sex act on a dead woman, police said.

Domonique Smith, 26, was initially arrested for stealing a bike from the Hill Watson Peoples Funeral Service in Columbus, Ga., according to authorities.


Train Derailment Causes Fire In West Virginia; Explosions Continue

FAYETTE COUNTY, W.Va. (WSAZ) -- What was described as the "biggest" and "loudest" explosion following Monday's train derailment happened just before 11:30 p.m.

Emergency crews on the scene tell WSAZ that following that explosion all neighbors who were still in the affected area had been accounted for.

The American Red Cross estimated that nearly 1,000 people were affected in the evacuation area but only 85 people were in shelters on Monday night.


Study: Psychosis Five Times More Likely for Marijuana Users

A British study released Monday suggested that the risk of psychosis was five times higher for regular users of cannabis, adding to a growing body of evidence linking drug use and mental health disorders.

The six-year study published in the medical journal The Lancet reported on 780 people living in south London, 410 of whom were being treated for conditions including schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.


The Problem With Pot

There are a growing number of medical marijuana dispensaries across the United States and a majority of Americans who support legalization. But two critics of the drug said the science points to serious problems with pot.

Speaking at a Heritage Foundation event Monday, former drug czar William J. Bennett and federal prosecutor Robert A. White outlined the evidence in their new book, “Going to Pot: Why the Rush to Legalize Marijuana Is Harming America.”

“Almost all evidence is on our side, the side of science and fact,” said Bennett, former director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy under President George H.W. Bush. “The legalization advocates are winning the debate,” added White, a former assistant U.S. attorney for the District of New Jersey. “They are organized and well-funded. And they are winning because the public is not informed of the harms of marijuana.”


3% Down Payments Lure 1st Time Homebuyers

DES MOINES, Iowa — After years of moving around the country for his job with Marriott hotels, John Eddleman wanted to put down roots.

Last month, he bought a brick bungalow on Des Moines' south side, taking advantage of a recent federal policy change that allows down payments of as low as 3%.

"It came at just the right time because otherwise I would have had to scrape a lot more money together," Eddleman, 49, said. "At 3% down, you can't pass that up."

A collection of new policies — including lower down payment requirements, decreased mortgage insurance premiums and looser lending standards — are intended to make it easier for first-time buyers like Eddleman to get a loan.


A Letter To The Editor 2-17-15

This was the Daily Times calling me to say my paper was late today. Why would it say MD court on there caller ID.

Loose concrete removed from 5 Md. bridges over weekend

WASHINGTON — Emergency inspections of 69 Maryland bridges reveal two dozen need work to remove concrete of questionable stability.

Maryland’s acting Transportation Secretary Pete K. Rahn ordered the inspections after a piece of concrete fell from an Interstate 495/I-95 bridge onto a car driving underneath it on Suitland Road in Morningside, Maryland, last Tuesday. The car was damaged. The driver was not hurt.

Over the weekend State Highway Administration crews worked to remove loose concrete from bridges in five locations.


I Thought My Comment On A Post Would Be Worthy Of A Post?

Satterfield said his numbers were conservative, (6-10") and other reports were saying much more, he said. He also said WE were in the very heart of the major portion of what will fall from this storm.

While WBOC likes to claim it is very difficult to predict ALL weather forecasts here, Salisbury News is going to continue to call them out as PROFESSIONALS being PAID to bring us proper expectations. ESPECIALLY on a local level.

Mr. Draper, perhaps you could save a couple million by simply using what the Weather Channel delivers because your reputation is dwindling like the Daily Times.

While we're at it, are you going to report on the hanging in Salisbury, or do you prefer to cover up such stories because it hurts too many Liberals to see such a thing? Remember Vietnam? Remember the broadcasts back then. Remember the citizen in China being run over by the TANK? I'd bet quite a bit you broadcasted that back in the day and that was a suicide. But when it happens in SALISBURY, OH MY, NOOOOO! Did WBOC cover Whitney Houston or her Daughter???

I'm starting to believe the local black community is right.


UPDATE: Danny is safe

Wicomico First Alert

If seen, call 911.

Name: Dan Wilson Fisher
Description: 5'6, 130 pounds, Approx. 55 years old, blue eyes, brown hair, mustache, slight beard.
Last seen wearing a black jacket, black toboggan, black pants, and brown boots.
Last seen in Bivalve, Maryland.

-Silver/Champaign GMC Sierra,
-Maryland Tag # 97S003, Unknown Direction of travel

Mayor Ireton Said, You're Going To Be Able To Swim In The River In 10 Years

He was right.

Subject Wanted in Milford Home Invasion

Milford, DE – Troopers are looking for an Ellendale man wanted in connection with an early Monday morning home invasion that occurred northwest of Milford

The incident occurred around 3:00 a.m. Monday February 16, 2015 in the 6000 block of Melody Lane, when a male suspect, later identified as Dustin Niebert, 26 of Ellendale (Photo attached), unlawfully entered the home of a 91-year-old female while she was sleeping. Niebert proceeded to tie the victim up and then removed some jewelry and cash before fleeing in the victim's vehicle. The car was later located abandoned a short distance away.

A family member, who hadn't been able to reach the victim by phone, responded to the residence around 3:30 p.m. that afternoon and located the elderly female still tied up in her bedroom. She was transported by EMS to a local hospital where she was treated for apparent non-life-threatening injuries.

Dustin Niebert is wanted by state police for Robbery 1st, Home Invasion, Assault 2nd, two counts of Theft where the victim is over the age of 62, and Unlawful Imprisonment. He also has a warrant out of Milford Police Department for Shoplifting as well as having a Kent County Superior Court capias.

If anyone has any information in reference to Dustin Niebert's whereabouts they are asked to contact Detective D. Martin at 302-741-2825. Information may also be provided by calling Delaware Crime Stoppers at 1-800-TIP-3333, via the internet, or by sending an anonymous tip by text to 274637 (CRIMES) using the keyword "DSP."

Federal judge temporarily blocks Obama’s immigration executive action

A federal judge has granted a request by 26 states to temporarily block President Obama's executive action on illegal immigration while a lawsuit challenging the order makes its way through the courts.

Special Weather Related Closings of State Buildings, Liberal Leave and Emergency Information

All state offices and facilities will be closed beginning at 6:00 a.m. on Tuesday, February 17th until end of day shift. Emergency essential personnel should report as scheduled.

This closing and/or liberal leave information applies to principal units and independent agencies in the Ex​ecutive Branch except educational units under the jurisdiction of the University of Maryland, Morgan State University, St. Mary's College of Maryland, Maryland School for the Deaf and Baltimore City Community College.




REISTERSTOWN, MD (February 17, 2015) — Snow continues to blanket much of Maryland on Tuesday morning. Significant accumulations have already been seen in central, southern, and the Eastern Shore of Maryland, and snow has started to taper off in this morning in some areas and is expected to end around the state by midday. Because of very low temperatures, roadways could remain hazardous for motorists throughout the morning. Residents should avoid travel if at all possible.

"By remaining off roadways, state highway and local crews will be able to more efficiently clear our roads,” said Governor Larry Hogan.

Maryland residents should continue to use caution when driving and walking on slippery surfaces. “Marylanders can help us help you by staying off the roads and staying informed as to the current weather,” said Maryland Emergency Management Agency Executive Director Clay Stamp. “Find out the latest information by viewing local news and by checking MEMA’s website.”

MEMA continues to operate the State Emergency Operations Center in order to coordinate state response activities and provide necessary resources and information to local government agencies, and to help ensure residents’ safety.

In addition to staying off the roads, residents should take the following actions to help remain safe and prepared:

• Keep devices charged so you will have a way follow weather forecasts and local emergency information.
• Be cautious shoveling snow to avoid overexertion. Take frequent breaks and keep hydrated.
• If you must travel, make sure to have a car chargers, kitty litter or sand for traction, and extra drinks and snacks in case you get stuck in traffic.
• Let friends or family know of your travel route and expected arrival times.
• Make sure pets are not kept outside without shelter in cold and snowy weather and be aware that salt and other ice melting materials may hurt animal’s paws.
• Dress in layers, taking care to keep your hands covered.
• Know who to contact in the case of a power outage.

Pictures Of Area Roads This Morning

Mayor Ireton To Bring Back One Portion Of The Salisbury Festival

WiCo Landfill Closed Today

Good morning Joe. Just wanted to pass along that the Wicomico County Landfill is closed today.

Closings & Delays For Tuesday 2-17-15

  • Salisbury Christian      Due to an amazing winter storm SCS will be closed on Tuesday, February 17th. Enjoy the snow. School is closed!!
  • Accomack County  All schools closed tomorrow . No staff report. Be safe!
  • Talbot County Public Schools will be closed tomorrow 02/17/15, due to snow.
  • Dorchester County Public Schools and Offices will be closed on Tues., February 17.
  • Somerset County Public Schools will be closed tomorrow for all staff. The Board of Education meeting will be rescheduled. Please be safe and stay off the roads!
  • The Salisbury School will be closed Tues., February 17
  • Faith Baptist School - No School on February 17.
  • Worcester Prep - School is closed Tuesday, February 17th

  • Wicomico Schools and Central Office closed Tue Feb 17 due to inclement weather.
  • Delmar School District -  Closed Tuesday
  • Worcester County Schools - Closed Tuesday 
  •  Salisbury University closed 2/17 
  • Laurel School District Closed 2-17 

  • Milford School District Closed 2/17
  • Queen Anne's County Schools No School on February 17th
  •  Seaford School District  Closed Tuesday
  • Worcester County District and Circuit Courts are closed tomorrow.
  •  Wor Wic Community College will be closed on Tuesday, February 17
  •  Talbot County Circuit Court will be CLOSED today
  •  Due to winter wx, all Sussex County gov't offices are closed Tue, Feb. 17, 2015. The scheduled County Council mtg is canceled.
  • Maryland State Closing State offices & facilities will be closed Feb 17th beginning 6am til end of day shift. Emergency essential employees report as scheduled. 
  • State of Delaware offices are closed today during regular business hrs 8 am - 4:30 pm
  • UMES closed today Feb 17. Essential employees report to work as scheduled. Please monitor email, TV and social media. 
  • The Pocomoke City VA Outpatient Clinic will be closed on Tuesday, February 17, 2015, as a result of the winter weather. Veteran patients with scheduled appointments at the Cambridge or Pocomoke City VA Outpatient Clinics on February 17th can contact the Appointment Call Center Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. to reschedule their clinic appointment by calling 1-800-463-6295, ext. 7333.
    Veterans who need medical advice or have questions about their medications can call the VA Maryland Health Care System’s Telephone Care Line 24 hours a day, seven days a week by dialing 1-800-865-2441. If you have a life threatening emergency, please dial 911 
We will continue to update this list as we receive notice of other closings. 

Good Morning ISIS

Governor’s Statement on Weather Conditions

State of Delaware Offices Closed Today
(Wilmington) –  State of Delaware offices are closed today (Tuesday, February 17) during regular business hours 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Non-essential employees have been asked not to report to work for this period. Essential employees have been asked to report as scheduled. The Governor’s Office released this statement from Governor Markell on weather conditions:
“DelDOT crews are working hard this morning to clear Delaware’s primary roads,” said Governor Markell.  “While the snow will stop this morning, freezing conditions will remain throughout the day and some roads will remain treacherous.  DelDOT does not expect to start clearing secondary roads statewide until mid-day.  Due to those road conditions and because it does not appear that state facilities will be safe for employees and the public until some point late today, state offices will be closed. Other employers should evaluate for themselves whether and when their facilities will be safe and the status of road conditions in their vicinity.  We encourage drivers who do not need to travel to delay or refrain from going on the roads to give DelDOT plows time and ability to work.”

Salisbury Public Works Saves Another Drowning Resident


Weather-Related Closings at PRMC

Peninsula Regional Medical Center announces the following weather-related cancellations/closings/delays for Monday, February 16 and Tuesday, February 17, 2015.
  • Peninsula Regional Sleep Center sleep studies scheduled for Monday night, February 16, have been cancelled.
  • PRMC Cardiac Rehabilitation in Salisbury and Berlin will be closed on Tuesday, February 17.
  • PRMC Outpatient Pediatric Clinic will be closed on Tuesday, February 17.
  • PRMC Spin Class is cancelled for Tuesday, February 17.
  • PRMC Behavioral Health Partial Hospitalization Program is closed for Tuesday, February 17.
  • PRMC PLUS Volunteer orientation is cancelled for Tuesday, February 17 and rescheduled for March 17.
  • Peninsula Wound and Hyperbaric Center at PRMC will open at 10:00 a.m. on Tuesday, February 17.
  • All Peninsula Regional Family Medicine and Specialty Practices will open two hours late on Tuesday, February 17.
  • All Peninsula Regional offsite Outpatient Labs will open two hours late on Tuesday, February 17. Lab services at the hospital will open as scheduled without delay.
  • The Richard A. Henson Cancer Institute at PRMC will open at 10:00 a.m. on Tuesday, February 17.
Stay safe, Delmarva!
Keep up to date at the closings page on the PRMC website.

Because Michelle Obama Knows What's Best For Us, That's Why!

Got To Get The "Bread & Milk"

Now That's Thinking

2015 Super Bowl Ring

Great Ad