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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Explain the Chinese spy, Sen. Feinstein

Imagine if it emerged that the Republican chairman of the House or Senate intelligence committee had a Russian spy working on their staff. Think it would cause a political firestorm? Well, this month we learned that Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) had a Chinese spy on her staff who worked for her for about 20 years, was listed as an “office director” on payroll records and served as her driver when she was in San Francisco, all while reporting to China’s Ministry of State Security through China’s San Francisco Consulate. The reaction of the mainstream media? Barely a peep.

Feinstein acknowledged the infiltration but played down its significance. “Five years ago the FBI informed me it had concerns that an administrative member of my California staff was potentially being sought out by the Chinese government to provide information,” Feinsteinsaid in a statement — which means the breach took place while Feinstein was heading the Intelligence Committee. But, Feinstein insisted, “he never had access to classified or sensitive information or legislative matters” and was immediately fired. In other words: junior staffer, no policy role, no access to secrets, quickly fired — no big deal.

But it is a big deal. I asked several former senior intelligence and law enforcement officials how serious this breach might have been. “It’s plenty serious,” one former top Justice Department official told me. “Focusing on his driver function alone, in Mafia families, the boss’s driver was among the most trusted men in the crew, because among other things he heard everything that was discussed in the car.”


WALSH: Democrats Who Won't Condemn Left-Wing Violence Don't Have The Temperament For Office

Somewhat lost in the Kavanaugh news this weekend was another violent Antifa outburst. Of course there is no need to qualify with the word "violent" when discussing Antifa, as violence is the group's whole point and its only method of communication.

This time, masked thugs shut down an intersection, blocked traffic, and physically threatened motorists who tried to pass through. At one point, they chased down an elderly man and beat his vehicle with batons while screaming obscenities at him. Police were nowhere to be seen. It appears that law enforcement decided to give the domestic terror group free rein for the afternoon.

Meanwhile, protestors in Washington D.C. were being arrested as they tried to disrupt the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation vote. Others were seen maniacally banging against the doors of the Supreme Court and accosting an elderly counter protestor. And all of this happened only a few days after Senator Ted Cruz was chased out of a restaurant by a swarming mob of unhinged harassers. These have become familiar scenes in modern America. Leftist "protests" and demonstrations have a habit of devolving into harassment and violence.

It would be too generous to accuse Democratic politicians of mere silence in the face of all this. Many of them have not been silent at all; they have been standing and cheering the chaos. Congresswoman Maxine Waters infamously encouraged her supporters to "create a crowd," confront Republicans, and "tell them they're not welcome anymore, anywhere."


Facebook’s creepy new speakers are freaking people out

Facebook is rolling out its first-ever tech gadget — and it’s every bit as creepy as you’d expect.

The social-networking giant on Monday unveiled a new line of voice-activated home speakers with screens that enable video chats with friends and family — but critics said they sound more like Big Brother spy devices.

In addition to collecting data on users’ commands with Alexa-powered artificial intelligence software, the Portal and Portal+ speakers are equipped with cameras that can follow users around a room and enhance the sound of their voices when they talk.

“Facebook’s like … look at this cool new gadget that eavesdrops on you and does creepy stuff with the info it collects,’” tweeted Ido Kolovaty, a professor at the University of Tulsa College of Law.

Indeed, CEO Mark Zuckerberg this spring reportedly pushed back the Portal’s launch date by nearly half a year after the Cambridge Analytica privacy scandal blew up.

Anticipating the privacy concerns, Facebook said Monday it is equipping the Portals with a cover to block the camera lens when users want privacy.

Users can likewise deactivate the microphone by pressing a button on the device — although critics noted that it’s not clear if there’s a way to turn it off with a voice command.

In a Monday blog post, Facebook noted that it “doesn’t listen to, view, or keep the contents of your Portal video calls.”Modal TriggerFacebook


Poll: Almost a Third of Millennials Identify as Socialists

Thirty-one percent of millennials identify as a democratic socialist or socialist, according to a study by Maru/Blue and BuzzFeed News released Thursday.

Participants were first asked what description “best reflects your current political leanings,” before being given options ranging from “Strong Democrat,” to “Strong Republican” or “Independent.”

A total of 22 percent identified as “Strong Democrat,” versus 10 percent as “Strong Republican.”

The pollsters then asked, “Would you call yourself a democratic socialist, a socialist or neither?” A total of 31 percent responded “yes,” with 18 percent responding “Yes, a democratic socialist,” 8 percent with “Yes, a socialist,” and 5 percent with “Yes, either a socialist or a democratic socialist.”

Millennial men were far more likely to identify as some kind of socialist, with a total of 40 percent responding affirmatively to the question.

Roughly a quarter, 23 percent, answered, “Neither, but I need to learn more,” indicating potentially identifying as a socialist in the future, yet 32 percent said, “Neither, I’d never call myself a democratic socialist/socialist.”

A total of 28 percent of respondents said they would be “Much more likely” or “A little more likely” to vote for a candidate running for political office if he referred to himself as a “socialist.”


Police Union Refuses to Endorse Warren Over Her Attacks on Law Enforcement

Boston police officers: 'Warren has made derogatory comments to law enforcement and we can’t stand with her'

One of Boston's largest police unions has refused to endorse Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren (Mass.) in her bid for re-election this year, citing the senator's "derogatory" attacks on law enforcement.

Last week, the Boston Police Patrolmen’s Association announced it could not support Warren because her tenure in the Senate and comments rebuking the criminal justice system as "racist" prove she doesn't "stand" with law enforcement, according to the Boston Herald.

The union, which represents over 1,500 law enforcement officers, has opted to endorse Warren's Republican challenger, Geoff Diehl, instead.

"We hope (this endorsement) helps get him elected," the union's president Mike Leary said. "We stand with the people who stand with us and Elizabeth Warren has made derogatory comments to law enforcement and we can’t stand with her for that."

In a statement released by the Diehl campaign highlighting the group's backing, Leary added that when it came to public safety and the issues important to law enforcement officers the difference between the two candidates was sufficiently defined.

"The choice is very clear," Leary said. "We have an advocate who will fight for Boston police … as opposed to someone who undermines our efforts to keep neighborhoods safe."


Donald Trump: 'I Think a Lot of Democrats Are Going to Vote Republican' in 2018

President Donald Trump believes many Democrats are ready to vote Republican, in reaction to the rise of the far left in the Democratic party.

“I think a lot of Democrats are going to be voting Republican on November 6th,” Trump said on Monday, commenting on the 2018 Congressional midterm elections at the White House.

The president said he had many friends who were Democrats, but that the party was pushing politics too far left.


MSP Salisbury Press Release: Motor Vehicle Theft and Vehicle Tamperings

Type of Incident: Stolen Vehicle, Vehicle Tamperings
Date and Time: 10/7/18 2330 hrs.-10/8/18 0800 hrs.
Location: Nottingham Woods development, Barnsdale Drive, Bowman Drive, Sherwood Circle, Parker Road, Salisbury, Wicomico County

On 10/8/18, troopers from the Maryland State Police Salisbury Barrack responded to the area of Nottingham Woods off of Parker Road in reference to a stolen vehicle and vehicles that had been tampered with. The vehicle that was stolen was left unlocked with the key in the vehicle. The stolen vehicle is a black 2017 Nissan Sentra Maryland registration 8CW7169.

Additionally, troopers responded to the area of Barnsdale Drive in reference to a vehicle that had been rummaged through. This vehicle was also left unlocked with loose change laying in and around the interior.

The Maryland State Police strongly encourages citizens to lock all vehicles and to not leave valuables in view. It would also be advantageous to install motion detected flood lighting and security cameras around your property to deter suspects.

Troopers are seeking public assistance with the investigation. Anyone with information concerning this incident is asked to contact Maryland State Police Salisbury Barrack, Trooper J. Huntington at (410) 749-3101 ext. 0. Callers may remain anonymous.

Report: Administration Moves to Boost Ethanol Use

The Trump administration is plowing ahead with plans to promote the use of ethanol — a move likely to rally Midwest Republicans, but rile independent oil refiners and a group of bipartisan lawmakers, The Washington Post reported.

In a conference call Monday, an unnamed administration official said the Environmental Protection Agency’s directive to draft a rule allowing year-round sales of E15 — fuel that’s 5 percent ethanol by volume, is aimed “at increasing the supply of biofuels and providing consumer choice,” the Post reported.

Currently, sales of E15 are prohibited during the summer because of concerns about air pollution.

The American Petroleum Institute and others argue higher ethanol levels can cause harm to vehicle engines.


Steyer’s NextGen PAC and Affiliates Have Registered 230K New Voters

Tom Steyer's NextGen America PAC and some of its state-based affiliates have successfully registered at least 230,000 new voters in 10 different states, but appear to have had their largest success in the swing state of Florida, according to a state-by-state statistical breakdown NextGen posted online.

Laws vary from state to state, but generally speaking, voter registration drives are prohibited from asking what party a new voter will join, asking how the person will vote, or denying someone a voter registration form if they ask for one.

With those limitations in mind, NextGen's strategy to influence the vote is targeting millennials on college campuses, a more Democrat-minded cadre of voters.


Treasure Hunters Challenge FBI Over Dig for Legendary Gold

Surrounded by dozens of stone-faced FBI agents on a frigid winter's day, Dennis and Kem Parada stared down at the empty hole and knew something wasn't right.

The father-son duo spent years combing this bit of Pennsylvania wilderness with high-end metal detectors, drills and other tools to prospect for a fabled cache of Civil War gold. They felt certain they'd discovered the hiding place of the long-lost booty, leading the FBI to the mountainous, heavily wooded area last March.

Now, at the end of the court-sanctioned excavation, the FBI escorted the treasure hunters to the snow-covered site and asked them what they saw. They gazed at the pit. Not so much as a glimmer of gold dust, let alone the tons of precious metal they said an FBI contractor's instruments had detected.

"We were embarrassed," Dennis Parada told The Associated Press in his first interview since the well-publicized dig last winter. "They walk us in, and they make us look like dummies. Like we messed up."

Since that day, however, neighbors' accounts of late-night excavation and FBI convoys have fueled suspicions that the agency isn't telling the whole truth.


Arizona Democrat Donor Charged with Felony Sexual Abuse

A political donor to Arizona Democrat David Garcia was charged with felony sexual abuse and misdemeanor assault of a woman, according to arrest records.

The donor, lawyer Sal James Rivera, had asked the woman to drive him home from the Garcia campaign's election night party because he was too drunk to drive himself. Rivera became sexually aggressive during the ride—first asking for oral sex and then physically groping her—forcing her to stop at a still-open convenience store, according to the police report.

The sexual assault occurred on Aug. 28, but Rivera was not charged until Sept. 25.

Rivera had donated over $3,000 to Garcia's gubernatorial campaign, all before the Aug. 28 election party, state campaign finance records show.

There has been no documentation that any of the money has been returned by the Garcia campaign, which did not respond to a Free Beacon inquiry on what it planned to do with the money.


Donald Trump Fires Back at Clinton: 'Hillary Never Got it. That's Why She Lost'

President Donald Trump fired back at Hillary Clinton on Tuesday after the failed presidential candidate complained about his presidency.

Clinton said that Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s swearing-in ceremony at the White House on Monday “further undermined the image and integrity of the court,”comparing it to a “political rally” on CNN.

Reporters questioned the president about Clinton’s comments during a meeting with U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley in the Oval Office.



Ok this is freaky.......

Mayor De Blasio Signs Law Establishing 'Third Gender' For NYC Birth Certificates

In what will no doubt be celebrated by millions of New Yorkers as an important milestone in the city's march toward a more inclusive future, NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio on Tuesday signed into law a bill that will make it much easier for transgender individuals and others who don't ascribe to one of the "traditional" genders to make sure their "correct" gender identity is reflected on their birth certificate and other identifying documents.

The bill creates a third gender - 'X' - that can now be listed in the place of male or female on birth certificates. De Blasio signed the bill at a ceremony flanked by his wife, First Lady Chirlane McGray, and a host of LGBTQ activists, several of whom spoke at the signing.

One trans activist said that while the bill might seem like a "small change", for trans and non-binary individuals, it's "monumental."

"This might seem like a small change, but it's monumental to many of us," said Tanya Walker, a trans activist who spoke at the bill signing ceremony. "We won’t longer need a doctor to decide what we know is our identity. We won’t have to be out again and again."

.@NYCMayor along with @NYCFirstLady will sign into law this piece that will allow a person to amend gender marker on their birth certificate through self-attestation, removing the requirement of a medical affidavit & offer X as a gender marker option for non-binary ppl.

View image on Twitter
“This might seem like a small change, but it’s monumental for many of us”- @Tanyaasapansa63 co-founder of @NYTAG1 NY Trans Advocacy Group. “We won’t longer need a doctor to decide what we know is our identity. We won’t have to be out again and again.”
McGray celebrated the law, saying it would help more LGBTQ individuals live life with "dignity."

"Now New Yorkers will be able to have a birth certificates that reflect and affirm who they are and go through life with the same dignity," said First Lady Chirlane McGray at the ceremony.


Officers in Freddie Gray case appeal claim to Supreme Court

BALTIMORE — Five of the police officers charged in the death of Freddie Gray, who suffered a fatal spine injury while in custody, are appealing a lawsuit against Baltimore's top prosecutor.

The Daily Record reports that the appeal filed Thursday follows a May decision by a Richmond, Virginia-based federal appeals court to block the lawsuit. The lawsuit alleges Baltimore City State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby maliciously investigated and defamed them.

Gray died at 25 years old in 2015, a week after he suffered a spinal injury in a police van. His death sparkeddays of protests. Mosby charged six officers in his death and arrest. Three were acquitted and Mosby dropped the remaining cases.

David Ellin, who represents Lt. Brian Rice, said a writ of certiorari was filed Thursday with the Supreme Court.

The appellate court found Mosby has prosecutorial immunity. The appeal asks the Supreme Court to review that finding.


Minnesota Teacher Resigns After Posting Call to 'Kill Kavanaugh'

A Minnesota teacher has resigned from her position after allegedly making a Twitter post encouraging someone to kill Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

“So whose [sic] gonna take one for the team and kill Kavanaugh?” the unnamed teacher allegedly posted following Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court.

The teacher was originally placed on paid leave pending an investigation by Rosemount, Minnesota’s Independent School District 917 into her post, but has since reportedly resigned.


Five Teenage ‘Mean Girls’ Falsely Accused A Boy Of Sexual Assault. They Weren’t Punished.

Several high school girls — dubbed "mean girls" — claimed a male student sexually assaulted them because they “just don’t like him.” Now the school district and district attorney are facing heat over the fact that neither punished the young women at all.

Now the boy’s parents, Michael J. and Alicia Flood, are suing the parents of the five girls and the Seneca Valley School District in Pennsylvania over their son’s treatment. They say in their 26-page lawsuit their son “was forced to endure multiple court appearances, detention in a juvenile facility, detention at home, the loss of his liberty, and other damages until several of the girls reluctantly admitted that their accusations were false.”


Rand Paul Worries ‘Someone is Going to Be Killed’ In Current Political Climate

‘Those who are ratcheting up the conversation… they have to realize that they bear some responsibility if this elevates to violence’

U.S. Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) is worried that the current political climate could get someone killed.

Speaking with Kentucky radio host Leland Conway Tuesday, Paul urged his fellow lawmakers to be mindful of their rhetoric amid escalating tensions between the parties.

The senator expressed concern that the division could lead to an “assassination” following the highly-charged fight over the Supreme Court and Brett Kavanaugh.


Man 'kills girlfriend by running her over with a car on their front lawn'

A Memphis man with a history of domestic violence has been charged with murder after police say he attacked his girlfriend with a brick and then repeatedly ran over her with his car.

According to the Memphis Police Department, on Sunday night officers responded to a home in the 3200 block of Carnes Avenue, where they found the lifeless body of 31-year-old Amanda Petrowski.

Petrowski’s long-time boyfriend and the father of her two children, 34-year-old Santrez Traylor, initially fled the scene but was later arrested and charged with second-degree murder and aggravated assault.


Hillary Clinton: 'Civility Can Start Again' if Dems Win Back House, Senate

Twice-defeated presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said Tuesday that civility towards Republicans has to wait until after the November midterm elections.

"You cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for, what you care about," Clinton said in an interview with CNN's Christiane Amanpour. "That's why I believe, if we are fortunate enough to win back the House and/or the Senate, that's when civility can start again. But until then, the only thing the Republicans seem to recognize and respect is strength."

Clinton has criticized calls for civility in the past. In June, The Guardian asked her about civility in political discourse in the midst of controversy over children being separated from their parents at the U.S.-Mexico border.

"Oh, give me a break. Give me a break!" Clinton said. "What is more uncivil and cruel than taking children away? It should be met with resolve and strength. And if some of that comes across as a little uncivil, well, children’s lives are at stake; their futures are at stake. That is that ridiculous concept of bothsideism."

Clinton is not the first Democrat to challenge civility.


NBC News Reporter Gets Blank Stares When He Asks College Students if They’re Voting

NBC News correspondent Jacob Soboroff struggled to find young voters at a large California college campus in a new report airing Tuesday.

Soboroff hit the road for Orange County, a traditionally conservative stronghold in the blue state, and went to the University of California-Irvine campus. He noted the large student body could potentially have the political sway to flip a Republican House district in the county to the Democrats, but the students at a bus stop he visited didn't appear interested.

"Sorry, not to be annoying, but we're with NBC News … Is anyone here going to vote in the election on November 6?" Soboroff asked. "Anybody? Anybody? Nobody's going to vote?"

One person shook his head while most others looked on blankly until someone finally answered in the affirmative. Two students spoke with him and said they mainly cared about school and how expensive it is, although one added he didn't follow the news.


Jealous calls Hogan 'bully' to those with speech impediments after new online campaign video

A new video from the Gov. Larry Hogan campaign released online highlights only a number of gaffes by Democratic challenger Ben Jealous, including saying he is running for governor of Virginia. Now, Jealous is crying foul over the ad, saying it is bullying.

In a late morning news conference Tuesday, Jealous told reporters he has had a stuttering issue since he was a child and that was the reason for the misplaced words in the video. He referred to the governor as "dude" in the news conference, saying that what Hogan is doing is not cool.


Soros-funded network drives anti-Kavanaugh activism

George Soros may not be passing out twenties to activists on the street, but that doesn’t mean President Trump was wrong when he accused the Democratic megadonor of having a hand in the anti-Kavanaugh protests.

Mr. Soros has been a key funder through his Open Society Foundations of a left-wing network of protest groups, including the Center for Popular Democracy, which has received millions of dollars from the Soros philanthropy and helped spearhead demonstrations against Supreme Court Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh.

“Most any left-wing group of any consequence at all is getting Soros money,” said Scott Walter, president of the Capital Research Center. “In my decades of studying left-wing groups, I almost never find a group that lacks funding from Soros.”

In a pivotal moment, Ana Maria Archila, co-executive director of the Center for Popular Democracy, and another center activist cornered Sen. Jeff Flake, Arizona Republican, in an elevator and criticized Justice Kavanaugh. Ms. Archila earned $178,071 in 2016, according to tax records on GuideStar.

Other Soros grantees involved with #CancelKavanaugh include the American Civil Liberties Union, the Human Rights Campaign, NARAL Pro-Choice America and Planned Parenthood.

Even so, Open Society was outraged when Mr. Trump described the protesters last week as “paid professionals” with “professionally made identical signs,” which he said were “paid for by Soros and others.”


Liberal Profs Hit a Grand Sham in Journal Hoax

You've heard of fake news -- but what about fake academia? According to three gutsy professors, it's alive and well and being featured in plenty of peer-reviewed journals. Together, the trio set out to prove it in a scholarly hoax that's taken the entire education world by surprise.

Medieval religious scholar Helen Pluckrose, author and mathematician James Lindsay, and philosopher Peter Boghossian aren't conservative (as a matter of fact, they call themselves "Left-leaning liberals), but they certainly share a lot of conservatives' concerns about the bias of higher education. Fed up with the "grievance studies" that they think have taken over academia, they set out to prove what a joke the field of gender and identity studies has become.

Starting in August of 2017, the professors started cranking out fake papers and submitting them to scholarly journals under different names. The more absurd the topic, the more likely it seemed to get published. Among other things, the trio wrote entire sham essays on subjects like: dog parks becoming "petri dishes for canine 'rape culture,'" what motivates heterosexual men to eat at Hooters, the fat-exclusionary culture of bodybuilding. They even argued for replacing "western astronomy" with "feminist astronomy."

Their experiment worked. Seven of the 20 papers were accepted, all having undergone so-called "rigorous" peer review. "Their submissions were outlandish," the Wall Street Journal points out, "but no more so, they insist, than others written in earnest and published by these journals." When the three professors revealed what they'd done, the academic community exploded. They were outraged that anyone would pull back the curtain on what the trio calls "absurd and horrific scholarship."


Hillary Clinton: Democrats 'cannot be civil' with Republicans anymore

Hillary Clinton, in a television interview Tuesday, rejected the idea that Democrats should be “civil” with Republicans in the age of Donald Trump, embracing a more confrontational and aggressive political approach.

“You cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for, what you care about,” Clinton said.

Speaking to CNN’s Christiane Amanpour, the 2016 Democratic presidential nominee said, “That’s why I believe, if we are fortunate enough to win back the House and/or the Senate, that’s when civility can start again. But until then, the only thing Republicans seem to recognize and respect is strength.”

More here

Anthony Weiner Set for Early Release From Federal Prison

Disgraced former Rep. Anthony Weiner (D., N.Y.), who is serving a 21-month prison sentence for sending sexually explicit messages to an underage girl, will be released from federal detention early because of good behavior, according to the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

Prison records show that Weiner, who was sentenced in September 2017 and began his term two months later, is scheduled to be released in May 2019, three months before his initial scheduled release date in August 2019, theNew York Post reported Monday.

A spokesperson for the Bureau of Prisons confirmed to Politico on Tuesday that Weiner will be released early for "good conduct."

The former Democratic congressman and failed New York City mayoral candidate experienced a political downfall in recent years due to repeated sexting scandals, Politico reported.

Before his sexual abuse scandal roiled New York and national politics, Weiner was a popular all-star Democrat, winning several terms in the U.S. House of Representatives by wide margins. But when Weiner was outed for sending an explicit image to an adult via his Twitter in 2011, the congressman resigned in shame.

Weiner announced a brief and unsuccessful 2013 bid for mayor of New York City, which came to a screeching halt when he was again revealed to be sending sexually explicit photographs under the pseudonym "Carlos Danger."


$23 Billion Bill To "Fully Fund" Border Wall To Be Introduced This Week

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy plans to introduce a bill this week that will fully fund President Trump's much-promised border wall, according to an exclusive report by Breitbart. Border wall prototypes (Getty)

The "Build the Wall, Enforce the Law Act" would allocate $23.4 billion on top of the $1.6 billion already spent in order to build the wall the rest of the way, as well as provide for a "variety of enforcement measures."

McCarthy said in a statement to Breitbart News that: "President Trump’s election was a wakeup call to Washington. The American people want us to build the wall and enforce the law. Maintaining strong borders is one of the basic responsibilities of any nation. For too long, America has failed in this responsibility."


Democrats Want To Boycott Maine Over Sen. Susan Collins' Pro-Kavanaugh Vote

Yep, the whole state.

Democrats are looking to punish Sen. Susan Collins for failing to accede to the demands of anti-Kavanaugh protesters, so they've proposed boycotting Collins' state until the state dumps Collins.

The Portland (Maine) Press-Herald reports that angry leftists are organizing against Maine — planning to "boycott" the state by canceling scheduled travel and avoiding Maine's signature products, from blueberries to lobster.

Leftist commentator John Fugelsang initiated the boycott, asking his followers on Twitter to "vote against" visiting Maine until something is done about the state's non-compliant senator.


Cecil Student Burned After Cell Phone Ignites

Deputy State Fire Marshals are currently investigating the events surrounding a student who was injured including burns to his hands after it was reported a cell phone had exploded on a Cecil County school bus.

At 3:09 p.m., Hacks Point Volunteer Fire Company and investigators with the Office of the State Fire Marshal were dispatched to Hack's Point General Store located at 1444 Glebe Road in Earleville for a burn subject. Upon arrival, firefighters and EMS personnel discovered Cecil County Public Schools bus #249 parked in front of the store with one of the students advising he had sustained burns his hands.

The preliminary investigation by Deputy State Fire Marshals has revealed the school bus departed Bohemia Manor High School and was the in process of dropping off students. During its route, students notified the school bus driver of a cell phone smoking and laying on the floor. It was reported an 18-year old male student picked the phone up in hopes of throwing the device out a window for the safety of other students. During the course of throwing the phone from the bus, the student received burns to his hands. Cecil County EMS personnel treated the student on scene and he was subsequently transported to Union Hospital of Cecil County with non-life threatening injuries.

Investigators are still in the process of interviewing witnesses and inspecting the phone and its components including the battery. It has not been confirmed if the involved phone was owned by the student who sustained the burns or if it was the property of another student. An origin and cause investigation will be conducted to determine how the phone or its battery exploded including if it was an internal malfunction or from an external source including being maliciously mishandled.

Steve Scalise mocks Clinton: 'Seriously, Hillary?'

House Majority Whip Steve Scalise on Tuesday mocked Hillary Clinton for claiming that Republicans are unable to be civil, and that civility cannot return to Congress until they are defeated.

"You cannot be civil with a policy party that wants to destroy what you stand for, what you care about," Clinton said on CNN. "That's why I believe if we fortunate enough to win back the House and, or the Senate, that's when civility can start again."

"But until then, the only thing that the Republicans seem to recognize and respect is strength," she added.

In response, Scalise tweeted, "Seriously, Hillary?"

Many Republicans have argued that it's the Democrats who have encouraged uncivil and even violent protests against President Trump's Supreme Court pick, Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Scalise has been calling for a more civil political discussion between the two parties ever since he was shot at a practice for a charity baseball game in 2017, an event that nearly took his life.


Break up Amazon before it does any more damage to America

When Jeff Bezos announced that Amazon would be raising its minimum wage to $15 an hour last week, the reception was rapturous. The Seattle Times called it “the just thing.” “Good for them,” said President Trump’s chief economic adviser Larry Kudlow. “I’m in favor of higher wages.” Bloomberg called it proof that “an even higher minimum wage is probably safe for big, productive cities.” Senator Bernie Sanders, a chief Bezos antagonist, called it “enormously important.”

“Unequivocally good news,” said The Washington Post.

The latter is owned by Jeff Bezos, an all-too-easily forgotten point these days. Because for all the questions to follow this announcement — Why now? What is Amazon eliminating to pay for this? How much praise does Bezos, recently crowned the World’s Richest Man, deserve while paying, as of 2017, a median Amazon income of $28,446? — we are not asking the real one.

More here

The Left promises to abuse power if they win; voters should take them seriously

In 2005, the Supreme Court issued its landmark decision in Kelo v. New London, diminishing Americans’ property rights. The ruling said that governments can seize your home through eminent domain, even if their intention is merely to hand the land over to private developers.

Conservatives saw this as one more bad ruling from a Supreme Court that issued a whole lot of them. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., was a bit more sanguine, and her famous response exemplifies the respect and reverence that liberals once had for the Supreme Court, just so long as it was influencing culture and moving the national conversation in a way they liked.

“It is a decision of the Supreme Court,” she said, emphasizing its finality. “If Congress wants to change it, it will require legislation of a level of a constitutional amendment. So this is almost as if God has spoken.”

Today, the Left is in a panic because they fear that God’s voice (and perhaps even his wrath) are about to turn against them. And it is making them very dangerous. The Supreme Court’s composition is changing, and they have responded like cornered animals, with their vicious and desperate campaign of slander and political dirty tricks during the confirmation process of Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Liberals are so accustomed to getting their way that they cannot control themselves. They fear an era is coming to an end, and they want to prevent this. So before the newly reinforced, John Roberts-led court has heard a case or issued a single ruling, they are already doing everything in their power to delegitimize the institution they once looked upon as almost God.


Puerto Rican mayor, two other gov officials arrested on corruption charges

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — A mayor and two former government officials in Puerto Rico face public corruption charges in separate cases that involve a total of $8 million in federal and local funds, authorities said Thursday.

The suspects are the mayor of the southwest town of Sabana Grande and the former directors of finance for the northern town of Toa Baja, which has struggled to pay its employees amid an 11-year recession.

U.S. Attorney Rosa Emilia Rodriguez told reporters that the former officials from Toa Baja are accused of using nearly $5 million worth of federal funds to pay the town's public employees and municipal contractors.

"Not only is that illegal, it's immoral," she said.


Trump claims protesters will get angrier ‘because they haven’t gotten their checks’

President Trump on Tuesday predicted protesters opposed to Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh will become angrier because they “weren’t paid.”

“The paid D.C. protesters are now ready to REALLY protest because they haven’t gotten their checks - in other words, they weren’t paid! Screamers in Congress, and outside, were far too obvious - less professional than anticipated by those paying (or not paying) the bills!” he tweeted Tuesday.

Trump posted his tweet about an hour after former Wall Street Journal reporter Asra Nomani said on “Fox and Friends” that “people have sent me lots of messages that they’re waiting for their check.”


Pelosi-Affiliated PAC Sends Cash to Soros-Funded PAC Targeting Infrequent Voters

Campaign led by four liberal activist groups, plans to spend $30 million

The House Majority PAC, a federal political action committee closely tied to Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.), recently sent funds to a political action committee that is primarily backed by liberal billionaire George Soros and was created as part of a campaign to push infrequent voters to the polls this November.

The "Win Justice" campaign was launched earlier this year by Planned Parenthood Votes, Color of Change PAC, Service Employees International Union (SEIU), and the Center for Community Change Action to target young people, voters of color, and women voters in Florida, Nevada, and Michigan with a goal of spending $30 million leading up to election day.

As part of the effort, the coalition created a federal committee called the Win Justice PAC that is run by individuals from the Washington, D.C.-based Center for Community Change Action. Deepak Pateriya, the chief of staff at the organization, is listed as the PACs treasurer. Deepak Bhargava, the executive director of the Center for Community Change, sits on the board of Soros's U.S. programs at the Open Society Foundations.

The Win Justice PAC reported $4.6 million in total contributions on its most recent filings to the Federal Election Commission, $3 million of which was provided by Soros. The SEIU, Marilyn Simons, president of the Simons Foundation and wife of billionaire hedge funder Jim Simons, and Jennifer Allan-Soros, Soros's daughter in law, provided the remaining $1.6 million to the federal PAC.


The snowflake culture is killing our kids

Did you know "jazz hands" are slowly replacing clapping? No, really: Clapping as been banned at a leading university in the U.K. "to avoid triggering anxiety" for students.

Lest you think this practice doesn't exist in the U.S., I can personally vouch that it does. When I spoke at Bard College in New York last year, the students there did this exact thing with their hands whenever one of their classmates would challenge me and they wanted to show their support. I couldn't figure out what was going on until about halfway through the talk when I just flat-out asked the students,"What on Earth are you all doing?" (I had kind of figured it out by then, but I wanted to hear them explain it.)

Ironically, just after reading the U.K. article I got text from a friend who said our local high school is doing away with class rank, valedictorian, and salutatorian. The message? It's just too stressful for kids to lose. They can't cope.

This attempt to shield young people from anything uncomfortable is pure madness. We are setting kids up for a lifetime of pain.

The ability to cope with the myriad of changes and challenges that will occur throughout their lives, and the ability to form lasting bonds with people despite the inevitable conflict it brings, is crucial. Who's modeling for kids how to cope with setbacks and adversity? Who's educating them on strategies for how to make their way in the world?

No one. That's who.

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Did Democrats Just Kill The "Blue Wave"?

Democrats were cheered by the renewed FBI investigation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh and counted it as a win. Most Republicans were dismayed that the full Senate's vote on Judge Brett Kavanaugh's appointment to the Supreme Court was delayed and saw this as a political misstep.

They should change places.

First, while the politically attuned understand this is just a delay game by the left, who are on record as willing to do anything to derail this nominee and force the appointment to be made after the November election, swing voters and many women do not.

For them, there is no reason to not look further. The “why rush? It’s for a lifetime” argument resonates as do their own experiences. This past week countless of men have learned from many women just how prevalent the alleged behavior and how much worse it is. This includes those in my own family who hadn’t known I was a victim of sexual assault in high school and just after college when I was the victim of rape.

Independents, Millennials and many women want to know: Why hasn’t Mark Judge answered more questions? What do other classmates say? Is the GOP going to be fair to what they saw as sincere testimony by Dr. Ford?

President Trump is astute and understood ahead of any polling, that for these people, rushing a vote without more FBI vetting would leave Kavanaugh’s legitimacy perpetually undermined on the court.

He knows that many had real concerns that need to be addressed. The GOP should welcome this — these non-base voters thinking the GOP handled the process fairly will be important to the GOP’s November success and thus all future policy wins.

Moreover, had Trump insisted on proceeding with a vote, that would have made him the story and given the Democrats more anti-Trump/anti-GOP ammunition among groups that still so dislike Trump personally that it makes it hard for them to focus on his policies, which they do like.

This extra time and caution also helps Republicans make clear that they do take accusations of sexual assault, abuse and misconduct very seriously.


Shock report: US paying more for illegal immigrant births than Trump’s wall

Americans are paying more to cover the costs of illegal immigrants having children in the United States than Congress plans to give President Trump in border wall funding this year, according to an explosive new analysis of Census Bureau data.

The new report reveals that women in the United States illegally had 297,000 children in 2014 at a cost of $2.4 billion.

That is $800 million more than the Senate has approved for Trump’s border wall this year and enough to pay for the wall over 10 years.


Wrap Up Smear by [Nancy Pelosi]

The Democratic Ten Commandments

The Kavanaugh-Ford hearing was excruciating to watch but nevertheless instructive. The entire nation came face to face with the neon glare of the nastiness that is now the Democratic Party. Decent Democrats still exist, but either they fail to pay attention and, therefore, function on tradition only or their education has so failed them that they have no idea that the party has gone off the deep end. They don't know there is a deep end.

The 21st-century Democrat is not a new species; he is just a new rendition of the ancient pagan mindset. These new Democrats have more raw power than ancient pagans ever had. They have all the advantages of modern technology; they have phenomenal wealth behind them; they have the leisure to work themselves into twisty fits over any instance of reality that dirties their rosy-pink world.

America has always stood on a sturdy foundation of hard work, honesty, self-reliance, and a reverence for the individual as a creation of God Almighty. American jurisprudence was founded on ancient Hebrew law and on Anglo-Saxon concepts of government. Democratic ideas, as well, come up out of antique concepts, but theirs are the opposite of everything America has ever tried to be.

America built its laws on the basis of the Ten Commandments. Those commandments are good guides for any society. Any civilization made up of people who largely govern themselves along those lines will be a free, peaceful, and prosperous nation. History demonstrates that. But Democratic policies are at odds with the entirety of these guidelines; they have developed their own Decalogue.

These they adhere to with a vengeance:
1. Thou shalt have no other gods but human power. Winning elections is the Democrat raison d'être because power is their god; the party is their church; and its manifestation is large, centralized government. The party may demand that Democrats lie, cheat, steal, destroy property, shoot baseball-players, or kill babies, but all those activities are for the greater good: power.
2. Thou shalt worship under the direction of these priests: Darwin, Alinsky, Spock, Marx, Dewey, and Sanger – to say nothing of Baal. Child sacrifice is their sacrament. All ideas counter to the thinking of these apostles must be mocked, blocked, and twisted.

This Is What Happens When a City Shuts Down Mental Health Clinics

The wait for mental health services at Saint Anthony Hospital, a nonprofit community institution on Chicago’s West Side, is about a year. The hospital sits on the border between North Lawndale, an African-American community, and Little Village, which is mostly Latino. It tries to offer culturally sensitive care to both constituencies, and it gives free mental health services to the uninsured. But it’s swamped.

Arturo Carrillo, the mental health program manager at Saint Anthony, says there’s been a near-constant waiting list since he started as an intern in 2005. The list is longer in 2018 than it’s ever been. This is despite a widespread belief that Hispanics and African-Americans are less likely than other groups to seek out mental health treatment because of a widely felt stigma against it.

Despite its name and size, the 151-bed facility feels more like a community health clinic than a sprawling city hospital. Spanish is often spoken when people check in at the front desk. On one recent morning, a child played with an adult in the waiting area, while a couple in the reception room waited for medication-assisted treatment, an FDA-described “whole person” approach to weaning people off substance abuse.

Two waves appear to have contributed to the exceptionally long waiting list for mental health services at Saint Anthony. The most recent came in the aftermath of the 2016 presidential election, when Spanish-speaking communities reported growing anxiety as a result of the new zero-tolerance immigration policies. But the much bigger wave came a few years earlier, in 2012, after Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s administration shuttered half a dozen city-run mental health clinics. Two of those clinics were in the low-income areas that Saint Anthony serves. “The Woodlawn clinic was a crucial clinic for the African-American community in need,” Carrillo says. “The Back of the Yards clinic had Spanish-speaking psychiatry services. It’s the degradation of many layers of the social safety net. That’s not just a Chicago problem, but in Chicago there’s been an intentional disregard for investment in these areas.”

In 2011, Chicago had 12 community mental health clinics. Now it has five. Local officials cite both cuts in state funding and a consolidation plan from the city that aimed at shifting patients to private mental health centers. Protesters sat vigil day and night outside the clinics in the months leading up to their closure, arguing that the patients wouldn’t have anywhere to go. It didn’t make a difference: By the spring of 2012, Chicago was down to six city-run clinics. That number was reduced to five after one was privatized in 2016.


Trump Unashamedly Celebrates Columbus Day

President Donald Trump wished Americans a happy Columbus Day in marked contrast to his predecessor with a Monday morning tweet.

Christopher Columbus’s spirit of determination & adventure has provided inspiration to generations of Americans. On #ColumbusDay, we honor his remarkable accomplishments as a navigator, & celebrate his voyage into the unknown expanse of the Atlantic Ocean.

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) October 8, 2018

Trump’s proclamation hails Columbus’ discovery of the Americas in 1492 and makes no mention of any impact on indigenous Native Americans, saying:

Columbus’s daring journey marked the beginning of centuries of transatlantic exploration that transformed the Western Hemisphere. On Columbus Day, we commemorate the achievements of this skilled Italian explorer and recognize his courage, will power, and ambition — all values we cherish as Americans.


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More Cities Ditch Columbus Day to Celebrate Indigenous People

By now, you probably know Christopher Columbus didn't discover America. He wasn't even the first European to do it.

Somehow, the 15th-century Italian explorer still got his own national holiday. But more cities and states are scrapping Columbus Day to honor the people who were here first -- and who suffered greatly after Columbus' arrival.

Just this year, at least a dozen US cities -- including San Francisco and Cincinnati -- decided to stop observing Columbus Day and will instead celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day on Monday.

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Dianne Feinstein in 1994

States Enacted 116 Immigration Laws in 2018

It's a slight decline from last year but still more than usual.

States are continuing to take significant action on immigration as President Donald Trump makes it his signature issue at the federal level, according to a new report by the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL).

“Typically, more federal action means less at the state level,” says Ann Morse, director of NCSL’s immigrant policy project. But, she says, that hasn't been the case.

The Trump administration made several major immigration decisions this year, including briefly implementating a "zero tolerance" policy for separating immigrant families at the border, proposing a rule that would make it harder for legal immigrants to get green cards if they have used government benefits and capping the number of refugees allowed to enter the United States next year.


Proof that women and society are emasculating men

Brace yourselves, ladies and gentlemen: We have a sperm shortage.
A new study shows that male infertility has been skyrocketing — with the amount of men seeking treatment going up seven-fold and the quality of semen dropping dramatically over the last 15 years.
“This is a public health concern,” said Dr. Ashley Tiegs, lead researcher on the seed study.

She spoke to the Daily Mail over the weekend about the results, which are set to be presented Monday at the American Society for Reproductive Medicine in Denver.

Her team analyzed samples from fertility centers in the US and Spain between 2002 and 2017.

“Total motile sperm count has shown to be more productive of outcomes for pregnancy,” Tiegs explained. “It’s also been correlated with embryo development and expansion routes. We wanted to know if total motile sperm count was affected and if it is declining, then what are the implications?”



Right On

This Sheriff Pocketed $750K in Jail Food Funds. He Also Bought a $740K Beach House. No Ethics Violation Here.

The Alabama Ethics Commission voted on Tuesday to drop an ethics violation case against Etowah County Sheriff Todd Entrekin.

Thomas Albritton, the commission's executive director, confirmed the move in an email to Wednesday morning.

"Yesterday, the Commission determined that there was insufficient evidence of a violation of the Ethics Act by Sheriff Entrekin to warrant referral to either [Attorney General Steve Marshall] or the appropriate District Attorney and dismissed a pending case against him unanimously," Albritton said.

"Of course, under the Act both of those offices have the ability to separately investigate the issues [that] made the basis of that complaint if they so choose."