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Monday, June 18, 2012

Are We In Revolutionary Times?

Legally, President Obama has reiterated the principle that he can pick and choose which U.S. laws he wishes to enforce (see his decision to reverse the order of the Chrysler creditors, his decision not to enforce the Defense of Marriage Act, and his administration’s contempt for national-security confidentiality and Senate and House subpoenas to the attorney general). If one individual can decide to exempt nearly a million residents from the law — when he most certainly could not get the law amended or repealed through proper legislative or judicial action — then what can he not do? Obama is turning out to be the most subversive chief executive in terms of eroding U.S. law since Richard Nixon.

Politically, Obama calculates that some polls showing the current likely Hispanic support for him in the high 50s or low 60s would not provide enough of a margin in critical states such as Nevada, New Mexico, and Colorado, or perhaps also in Florida and Virginia, to counteract the growing slippage of the independent vote and the energy of the clinger/tea-party activists. Thus, what was not legal or advisable in 2009, 2010, or 2011, suddenly has become critical in mid-2012. No doubt free green cards will quickly lead to citizenship and a million new voters. Will it work politically? Obama must assume lots of things: that all Hispanics vote as a block in favoring exempting more illegal aliens from the law, and are without worry that the high unemployment rate hits their community among the hardest; that black voters, stung by his gay-marriage stance, will not resent what may be seen as de facto amnesty, possibly endangering his tiny (and slipping) lead in places like Virginia, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. And because polls show overwhelming resistance to non-enforcement of immigration law, Obama also figures that the minority who supports his recent action does so far more vehemently than the majority who opposes it. Time will tell; but my gut feeling is that his brazen act will enrage far more than it will delight — and for a variety of different reasons. As with all his special-interest efforts — the Keystone cancellation, war-on-women ploy, gay-marriage turnabout, and now de facto amnesty — Obama believes dividing Americans along class, ethnic, gender, and cultural lines will result in a cobbled together majority, far more preferable than a 1996 Clinton-like effort to win over the independents by forging a bipartisan consensus.


Sarah Palin Mocks Obama For “Snortin’ Cocaine” And Eating “Fido”

At the annual Right Online conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, former Governor Sarah Palin took the stage and wasted no time in mocking President Obama for “snortin’ cocaine” and eating “Fido.” Palin has been criticized in the press for eating wild game such as Elk and Moose, yet Obama got a pass from the media after admitting that he ate dog while living overseas.

”That cocaine snorting, and what he ate, Fido? Rufus? I think it’s funny that the cocktail circus gives me a hard time for eating Elk and Moose, but c’mon, anybody here have a pet moose? There’s a difference.” -Sarah Palin

“The $12 Billion USS Gerald R. Ford Reaches A Construction Milestone”

The Ford-class carriers will replace the Nimitz-class. The Navy plans to take delivery of this bad boy in 2015.

The Futility Of Gun Turn-Ins

If you've got some clothes you don't need anymore, you can give them to Goodwill or the Salvation Army. If you have an old car, you can call various organizations to take it away. And if you're in Chicago and have a gun that's burning a hole in your pocket, you can get rid of it on Saturday, no questions asked.

The city government has a great fondness for gun turn-in events. It's done six of them in the past six years, collecting more than 23,000 weapons. This one will be held at 23 churches, and anyone handing over a firearm will get a $100 gift card. The guns will then be destroyed.

The motive behind these efforts is not hard to understand in a place that had 433 murders last year and has seen a spike this year. Dozens of shootings take place in Chicago every week.

Two years ago, explaining the effort, then-Mayor Richard Daley said, "We have just too many guns in our society. When someone has access to a gun, they use it." The gun buyback is a way "we can reduce the number of guns on our streets," says Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

But don't put too much stock in those pronouncements. The number of privately owned guns in America keeps rising, and at last count it totaled 270 million, or about one for every adult. But nationally, the homicide rate has fallen by more than half over the past two decades.

Contrary to Daley, most people who own guns never use them for anything but legal purposes (hunting, target shooting, self-defense). Contrary to Emanuel, the weapons this sort of venture yields are probably not the ones carried in the streets or the ones used in crimes. The reduction also represents a minuscule share of the firearms in the city, which may number over a million.

Think about it: Who is most likely to turn in a firearm for a $100 reward? Someone with 1) a cheap gun and 2) no criminal propensity -- say, Aunt Millie disposing of a rusty revolver her late husband left in the nightstand.


Ground Control To President Obama

Round about this time in the election cycle, a presidential challenger finds himself on the stump and posing a simple test to voters: “Ask yourself — are you better off now than you were four years ago?”

But, in fact, you don’t need to ask yourself, because the Federal Reserve Board’s Survey of Consumer Finances has done it for you. Between 2007 and 2010, Americans’ median net worth fell 38.8 percent — or from $126,400 per family to $77,300 per family. Oh, dear. As I mentioned a few months ago, when readers asked me to recommend countries they could flee to, most of the countries worth fleeing to Americans can no longer afford to live in.

Which means we’ll just have to fix things here. How likely is Barack Obama to do this? A few days ago he came to Cleveland, a city that is a byword for economic dynamism, fiscal prudence, and sound government. He gave a 54-minute address that tried the patience even of the most doting court eunuchs. “One of the worst speeches I’ve ever heard Barack Obama make,” pronounced MSNBC’s Jonathan Alter, as loyal Democrat attendees fled the arena to volunteer for the Obamacare death-panel pilot program. In fairness to the president, I wouldn’t say it was that much worse, or duller, or more listless and inert than previous Obama speeches. In fact, much of it was exactly the same guff he was peddling when Jonathan Alter’s pals were still hailing him as the world’s greatest orator. The problem is the ever widening gulf between the speech and the slough of despond all about.

Take, for example, the attempt at soaring rhetoric: “That’s how we built this country — together. We constructed railroads and highways, the Hoover Dam and the Golden Gate Bridge. We did those things together,” he said, in a passage that was presumably meant to be inspirational but was delivered with the faintly petulant air of a great man resentful at having to point out the obvious, yet again. “Together, we touched the surface of the moon, unlocked the mystery of the atom, connected the world through our own science and imagination. We haven’t done these things as Democrats or Republicans. We’ve done them as Americans.”

Beyond the cheap dissembling, there was a bleak, tragic quality to this paragraph. Does anyone really believe a second-term Obama administration is going to build anything? Yes, you, madam, the gullible sap at the back in the faded hope’n’change T-shirt. You seriously think your guy is going to put up another Hoover Dam? Let me quote one Deanna Archuleta, Obama’s deputy assistant secretary of the interior, in a speech to Democrat environmentalists in Nevada:

“You will never see another federal dam.”



The Lessons Of Watergate

Caricatures of the evil Nixon don’t help us learn how to counter abuses of power.

The Washington Post recently sponsored a panel discussion marking the 40th anniversary of the Watergate scandal. The event featured players in that drama of long ago, so I was there, along with Bob Woodward, Carl Bernstein, Ben Bradlee (the Post’s editor at the time of Watergate and the guest of honor at this discussion), John Dean (President Richard Nixon’s counsel, who eventually testified against him), and others. I think it is fair to say that GOP stalwarts were in short supply. However, the partisan aspects of those events of four decades ago — and the devastation they wreaked on the Republican party — fade in my memory as I try to give an honest evaluation of that important time in our history.

I always approach invitations to revisit the “lessons of Watergate” with an assortment of feelings. From a personal standpoint, it was certainly a major event in the life of one 30-year-old “country lawyer” from Tennessee. I was appointed Republican attorney for the Watergate Committee, and I soon found myself in the middle of the political scandal of the century, which ultimately led to the resignation of the president of the United States and the imprisonment of scores of Republican operatives and officials, including Attorney General John Mitchell, whose certificate of appointment had been on my wall.


Motorcyclist Involved In Crash Dies From Injuries, Glasgow

Glasgow- Robert B. Snead, the operator of the Harley Davidson motorcycle involved in the crash on US Rt. 40 and Frenchtown Woods Drive in Glasgow this morning, has died as a result of his injuries. Snead was pronounced dead at the Christiana Hospital at approximately 4:30 p.m. this afternoon.

The investigation into this crash by the Delaware State Police Crash Reconstruction Unit is continuing.

If Republicans Are Smart…

It seems as though the last month has been a gift to Republicans, particularly the Romney campaign. President Obama has committed gaffe after gaffe, and every new economic indicator is yet another pebble on the scale now fully tipped against him.

Now he’s decided the key to stimulating the economy isn’t to lower the burden of government but to grant proxy amnesty to potentially millions of illegal aliens, thereby adding them to the ever-growing list of job seekers. That means more people looking for jobs that aren’t there. It’s as though he watched the Republican primary, felt badly the party wasn’t united and decided to help.

You can’t look at President Obama’s handling of the economy without thinking destruction is his ultimate goal. But if this alone wasn’t motivation enough, granting permanent residency to people he called Americans “for all intents and purposes” could be used to unite actual Americans – those here by birth or legal choice – against him.

All the stars are aligned for a strong Republican victory across the board in November. But if there’s one thing Republicans are good at it’s snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.


Will The DOJ Investigate if JP Morgan Used LCH.Clearnet As A Front To Tank MF Global And Take Customer Money?

It looks like Eric Holder's dogs at the Department of Justice are doing the CME Group a favor by investigating their largest derivatives swaps competitor, LCH.Clearnet, under Federal antitrust provisions. But are they also going after the large banks, and JP Morgan in particular, in roundabout fashion? And just where does the omnipresent MF global connection fit in? From Reuters today [20]:

LCH.Clearnet, the largest clearinghouse in the $400 trillion interest rate derivatives market and also a credit derivatives clearing service, is owned by its members including banks such as JPMorgan Chase, Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Bank. A spokeswoman for the firm declined to comment.

The Justice Department is concerned that a small group of the world's largest banks can use their ownership and influence over key market infrastructure including clearinghouses, trading platforms and data services to impede competition.

Justice Department spokeswoman Alisa Finelli declined to comment on specific details of the probe, or the firms involved. But she did outline three areas the DOJ is focused on.

"The Antitrust Division is investigating the possibility of anticompetitive practices in the credit derivatives clearing, trading and information services industries," she said.



USMC LCPL Jose Cerrato returns after two tours in AFghanistan 20 June 2012 at 9:30 p.m. at SBY airport. His family is in Salisbury.

Kids Getting More ADHD Drugs, Fewer Antibiotics

NEW YORK -- The number of drugs dispensed to U.S. minors has dropped slightly over the past decade, bucking the rise in prescriptions to adults, according to a government report out Monday.

Antibiotics use fell by 14 percent, suggesting efforts to curb rampant overuse of the drugs "may be working," researchers from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) write in the journal Pediatrics.

Experts say antibiotics are commonly used to treat infections caused by viruses, although they only work against bacteria. That has fueled the growth of drug-resistant superbugs.

The new report also found an uptick in the use of some drugs in children, with stimulants for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD, leading the pack.

From 2002 to 2010, the use of ADHD drugs grew by 46 percent -- or some 800,000 prescriptions a year. The top drug dispensed to adolescents was the stimulant methylphenidate, also known as Ritalin, with more than four million prescriptions filled in 2010.

"What the article is suggesting is that the number of children that we are treating for attention deficit disorder has gone up," said Dr. Scott Benson, a child and adolescent psychiatrist and a spokesperson for the American Psychiatric Association.


World's Population Is 17 Million Tons Overweight

Obesity is threatening the world’s future food security, according to a study published Monday that calculated the weight of the global population at 316 million tons.

Researchers from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine said increasing levels of fatness around the world could have the same impact on global resources as an extra half a billion people.

In a report published in the journal BMC Public Health [PDF file here], the researchers estimated that 17 million tons of the global body mass was due to people being overweight.


BREAKING NEWS: Clemens Not Guilty Of Perjury

Baseball great Roger Clemens found not guilty on all counts of lying to Congress about whether he used performance-enhancing drugs.

From Fox News

Ron Paul Wins 21 Of 25 Delegates Elected In Iowa

DES MOINES, Iowa – Mitt Romney was pipped at the post by Rick Santorum at the Iowa caucuses in January, but neither will head into the national convention with the majority of delegates from the Hawkeye State.

Instead Ron Paul will go to the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla., in August with 21 of the 25 unbound delegates elected from Iowa over the weekend.

Paul won 10 of 13 delegates elected at Saturday's state convention in addition to having won 11 of 12 delegates elected at Friday night's district conventions.

"We thank the many Iowa Republican activists for working tirelessly toward this meaningful victory, in particular the work they performed in the service of constitutional government and personal liberty," Ron Paul campaign chairman Jesse Benton said.

"This win is a real validation for our campaign and its many supporters in Iowa and across our great nation.

"We look forward to bringing the Ron Paul delegation to Tampa and to making a significant, positive contribution to the 2012 Republican Party platform."


Cops Say Couple Bound & Blindfolded Kids Before Leaving Them In Walmart Parking Lot

Can children be frustrating, and tough to keep an eye on sometimes? Yes, of course. But that doesn't mean parents should blindfold and tie up their children to make sure they don't go anywhere while they're unattended. A couple from the Chicago area were arrested in Kansas for doing just that to two of their five kids, and leaving them in a Walmart parking lot.

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7 TSA Agents Fired For Paying Bribes To Pass Proficiency Tests

Pop quiz: What's the best way to pass a proficiency test when you work for a highly scrutinized federal agency already under fire for ineptitude? If you answered "pay $200 to the instructor," then maybe you are among those TSA agents getting the boot from Philadelphia International Airport.

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FCC Taking Another Look At Mobile Phone Radiation

For the first time in 15 years, the U.S. Federal Communications Commission says it's planning on asking if its standards protect people from mobile-phone radiation, partly because of how often we use smartphones now and since we yak away on them for longer periods of time than we used to.

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Microsoft To Introduce New Tablet Today

The iPad might soon share its perch as king of the tablet hill. Microsoft is expected to unveil a new tablet today. The New York Times reports, it would be the first computer designed by Microsoft. The company has been caught behind in the burgeoning mobility movement. One reason for the iPad's success is that Apple designs and builds both the machine and the software. That's a different model than the one that made Microsoft rich. Microsoft licensed DOS and then Windows to any and all computer builders, but never made computers of its own. Microsoft will introduce the new tablet at a media event in Los Angeles.

White House Asks Justice Department To Back Off

The White House is asking Congress to back off while the Justice Department examines recent leaks of classified information. Senior advisor David Plouffe told Fox News Sunday that they should wait for the results of a very thorough investigation. He says the president has "zero tolerance" for leaks. But Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman says the White House is not going far enough. He is calling for a special counsel to replace the two federal prosecutors assigned to the investigation. He says that will avoid any appearance of conflict of interest. Lieberman chairs the Senate Homeland Security Committee. He says the recent leaks revealing that the United States helped launch a cyber attack on Iran was the "worst in a long time."

Body Armor Not Made For Woman

Women who sign up for combat duty can expect a bruising...from their uniforms. Body armor designed for men can lead to bleeding and chafing. In addition, they contribute to a high rate of urinary and vaginal infections. USA Today reports these finding from an Army task force of female officers. The committee says paying attention to these health issues is critical as the military opens more combat positions to women. The Army says it is testing armor made for women.

The Postal Service Needs To Make Up Their Mind

The Postal Service wanted postmasters off its payroll, but now it wants them back. The agency is offering part-time work to employees eligible for retirement. It says it will consider others, but it needs postmasters for their knowledge and community connections. The Postal Service wants to reduce hours at thousands of post offices. That's where the part-time postmasters would work for about $12 an hour. They would still be able to receive their retirement pay. The Postal Service has offered buyouts to 21,000 postmasters as part of its recovery plan.

Secret Service Agent Scandal Not A One Time Event

The Secret Service's prostitution scandal in Colombia was not a one-time event, according to internal government reports. Hundreds of documents dating back to 2004 describe allegations that agents not only used prostitutes but also leaked information, committed sex assault, published porn and more. The most recent complaints were just last month. All are detailed in more than 230 pages released Friday to media organizations under the Freedom of Information Act. Lawmakers are urging restraint, however. Senate Homeland Security Committee Chairman Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) says the public should withhold judgment until the agency's inspector general finishes investigating. It's not clear how many of the accusations were found true.

Detectives Investigating Suspicious Death In Claymont


Riverview Motel, 7811 Governor Printz Boulevard, Claymont, DE

Date of Occurrence:

Monday, June 18, 2012 at 10:30 a.m.


Unidentified male (no further information)


Claymont- Delaware State Police detectives are currently investigating the suspicious death of a male subject found in a motel room this morning.

The investigation into the incident began at approximately 10:30 a.m. today (6/18) as the Delaware State Police were called to the Riverview Motel located in the 7800 block of Governor Printz Boulevard in Claymont in reference to a male subject who was found unresponsive in a room. Upon their arrival, troopers were advised that an employee of the motel had responded to the victim’s room and had found him deceased. Troopers then discovered that the male victim had suffered an unknown type of wound to his upper body.

The victim’s body was turned over to the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner who will determine the manner and cause of death.

The investigation into this incident is continuing and detectives are asking anyone with any information to contact the Major Crimes Unit at Troop 2 at 302-834-2630. Citizens may also provide a tip by texting keyword “DSP” plus your message to 274637 (CRIMES). Tipsters may also provide information through lines maintained by Delaware Crime Stoppers at (800) TIP-3333. Callers can also submit information via the internet at

Campaign Cash: The Gift That Keeps On Giving

If you’re visiting a candidate this summer and looking for a thoughtful house gift, might we suggest a nice super PAC? Thanks to the Supreme Court and Citizens United, they’re all the rage among the mega-wealthy. All it takes is a little paperwork and a wad of cash and presto, you can have, as The Washington Post describes it, a “highly customized, highly personalized political action committee.”

It’s easy — super PACs come in all amounts and party affiliations. You don’t have to spend millions, although a gift that size certainly won’t be turned aside. Cable TV tycoon Marc Nathanson got a super PAC for his friend, longtime Democratic Congressman Howard Berman from California, and all it cost was $100,000. Down in North Carolina, Republican congressional candidate George Holding received a handsome super PAC that includes $100,000 each from an aunt and uncle and a quarter of a million from a bunch of his cousins. Yes, nothing says family like a great big, homemade batch of campaign contributions.

You can start a super PAC on your own or contribute to one that already exists. Super PACs are available for every kind of race – presidential, congressional or statewide. But there are other ways you can help buy an election. Look at the Wisconsin recall campaign of Republican Governor Scott Walker. At least fourteen billionaires rushed to the support of the corporate right’s favorite union basher. He outraised his Democratic opponent, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, by nearly eight to one. Most of his money came from out of state. More than $60 million was spent, $45 million of it for Walker alone.


Man Dies On Construction Site In Parsonsburg

Salisbury News has learned a man has died this morning after allegedly being crushed by drywall. We are awaiting further details.


The Ocean City Police Department recently arrested a man responsible for a residential burglary that occurred in the north end of Ocean City. During the course of an investigation into several burglaries, detectives developed a suspect, who was later identified as Alexander Ellis, 19, of Ocean City.

On June 7, 2012, Ocean City Police served a search and seizure warrant on Ellis’ residence, in regards to a separate incident, where they located several items that were reported stolen in a burglary that was reported in Ocean City on May 11, 2012. An arrest warrant was issued, and Ellis was taken into custody by Ocean City Police and charged with first degree burglary, felony theft and malicious destruction of property. After being seen by an Ocean City District Court Commissioner, Ellis was transferred to Worcester County Jail without bond.


On June 15, 2012, at approximately 5:30 p.m., Ocean City Police and Paramedics responded to 59th Street and Coastal Highway, in reference to a pedestrian collision.

The preliminary investigation revealed that an 18-year-old male from Finksburg Maryland and his friends were walking in the crosswalk from west to east across Coastal Highway at 59th Street. While in the crosswalk the pedestrian signals changed from “Walk” to “Don’t Walk.”

The group turned around to walk back toward the center median on Coastal Highway, when the 18-year-old male attempted to continue across Coastal Highway against the pedestrian “Don’t Walk” signal he was struck in lane three by a vehicle travelling north on coastal highway.

The pedestrian was seriously injured and flown by the Maryland State Police Medivac helicopter to Peninsula Regional Medical Center with life threatening injuries. The driver of the vehicle involved in the crash was not charged. The investigation is on-going.

Motorcyclist Critical After Serious Crash


Eastbound US Rt. 40 (Pulaski Highway) at Frenchtown Woods Drive, Glasgow, DE

Date and Time:

Monday, June 18, 2012 at 9:27 a.m.

Operators and Vehicles:

Operator #1: Robert B. Snead, 54, Bear, DE
Vehicle #1: 2010 Harley Davidson motorcycle

Operator #2: John J. Lucatamo, 46, North East, MD
Vehicle #2: 2004 Chevrolet Silverado


Glasgow- The Delaware State Police Crash Reconstruction Unit is currently investigating a serious motor vehicle crash in which a Maryland man was critically injured this morning.

The incident occurred as Robert Snead was operating a 2010 Harley Davidson motorcycle and was traveling in the right hand lane of eastbound US Rt. 40 approaching Frenchtown Woods Drive in Glasgow. As Snead attempted to make a left hand lane change, he failed to see that a 2004 Chevrolet 2500 pick up truck, which was being operated by John Lucatamo, was slowing in front of him in the left hand lane. Snead, who was not wearing a helmet, applied his brakes; however, he struck the rear of the truck which knocked him to the ground causing him to strike his head on the pavement.

Robert Snead was removed from the scene by EMS and transported to the Christiana Hospital Trauma Center where he was admitted in critical condition. John Lucatamo was not injured.

Eastbound US Rt. 40 was closed to traffic for approximately 2.5 hours as the crash was investigated and cleared.

The investigation by the Delaware State Police Crash Reconstruction Unit is continuing.

3 Presidents

If We Took the Constitution Seriously, Obama Would Be Impeached

If the citizens of this Republic still took the Constitution seriously, Obama would be impeached for his decision to unilaterally grant amnesty to certain illegal aliens.

Article 1, Sec. 8 of the Constitution, which enumerates the power of Congress, states that "Congress shall have the Power To... establish an [sic] uniform Rule of Naturalization." Congress has passed numerous laws pertaining to immigration and naturalization, including laws requiring the deportation of illegals.

The role of the President, according to Article II, Sec. 3, is to "take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed." Obama's refusal to execute Congress's immigration laws (or, for that matter, Congress's Defense of Marriage Act) is an impeachable offense. Article II, Sec. 4 states that the President "shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for... Treason, Bribery, or other High Crimes and Misdemeanors." The deliberate failure to enforce valid immigration law and allow hordes of foreigners to live and work in the U.S. is, arguably, "treason," and doing so in an election year to appease Hispanic voters could certainly be considered "bribery."

In theory, Obama could exercise his power in Article II, Sec 2. to "grant Reprieves and Pardons for Offenses against the United States" and offer a blanket pardon for all violators of immigration law. He's not doing that, because he'd certainly lose in November if he did. (However we should be concerned that if he does lose in November, he'll do it anyway on his last day in office).


Detectives Investigating A Suspicious Death In Dewey Beach

Location: Atlantic Oceanside Motel, 1700 Coastal Highway, Dewey Beach, DE

Date of Occurrence: Monday June 18, 2012 at approximately 10:45 a.m.

White female (no further information at this time)

Dewey Beach, DE- The Delaware State Police are currently investigating a suspicious death of a white female found in a local motel room.

Shortly before 11:00 a.m., a cleaning lady entered a room located on the first floor of the Atlantic Oceanside Motel in Dewey Beach and found a deceased white female on the floor. She alerted the manager of the motel who then notified 9-1-1.

Dewey Beach Police initially responded to the scene and later turned the investigation over to the Delaware State Police to investigate.

The investigation is currently in its early stages and more information will be released when it is received.

The Economics Of Washington

The Secret Service scandal was discovered when a disagreement on how much a prostitute wanted for her services came to light. She wanted $800. The Secret Service Agent offered $30. How ironic is it that the only person in Washington willing to cut spending gets fired

Cell Phone

After a very busy day, a commuter settled down in her seat and closed her eyes as the train departed.

As the train rolled out of the station, the guy sitting next to her pulled out his cell phone and started talking in a loud voice:

"Hi sweetheart it's Eric, I'm on the train - yes, I know it's the six thirty and not the four thirty, but I had a long meeting - no, honey, not with that floozy from the accounts office, with the boss. No sweetheart, you're the only one in my life - yes, I'm sure, cross my heart" etc., etc.

Fifteen minutes later he was still talking loudly, when the young woman sitting next to him, who was obviously angered by his continuous diatribe, yelled at the top of her voice:

"Hey, Eric, turn that stupid phone off and come back to bed!"

My guess would be that Eric doesn't use his cell phone in public any longer.

Md. Man Accused of Selling Bogus Energy Credits

A Maryland man faces trial in a $9.1 million fraud case that is shedding light on problems in a renewable energy credits program run by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Federal prosecutors accuse Rodney Hailey of Perry Hall of selling renewable fuel credits even though his company, Clean Green Fuel LLC, did not produce any renewable fuel. Instead, prosecutors say he pocketed the money and bought Ferraris and other luxury cars, as well as tractor-trailers, homes, jewelry and computers.

Jury selection is scheduled to begin in the case Monday in U.S. District Court. If Hailey is convicted, prosecutors are seeking forfeiture of the $9.1 million, including the cars, homes and other items, of which nearly $3 million has been recovered, said Marcia Murphy, a spokeswoman for the U.S. Attorney's office.


Federal Prosecutors: We Cannot Be 'Outcome Driven' - Unless The Outcomes Are In Our Favor

Recent news from North Carolina that federal prosecutors have imprisoned "scores" of men who apparently broke no laws might have been shocking at one time in our nation’s history, but no more. Misconduct and lawless behavior by federal prosecutors in that state is approaching something of legendary proportions, but the immunity-protected lawbreakers have nothing to fear – unlike the innocent.

According to a USA Today investigation, federal prosecutors in North Carolina, who apparently were ignorant of the law (as were the judges that heard the cases) garnered convictions of men on federal weapons charges even though the law was clear that these men had not committed violations. According to the investigation:

Terrell McCullum did not commit a federal crime by carrying a shotgun and a rifle out of his ex-girlfriend's house.

But he is serving a federal prison sentence for it. And the fact that everyone – including the U.S. Justice Department – agrees that he is legally innocent might not be enough to set him free.

A USA TODAY investigation, based on court records and interviews with government officials and attorneys, found more than 60 men who went to prison for violating federal gun possession laws, even though courts have since determined that it was not a federal crime for them to have a gun.

Many of them don't even know they're innocent.


The Real Scoop On Public Service Unions - Part I

In the wake of Governor Scott Walker's survival of a recall vote, initiated by friends of Wisconsin's public service unions, let's explore again just why such unions are perverse. Bona fide labor unions work within a free-market system where firms compete for customers who are normally able to switch from sellers of wares and services if they want to. Public works are noncompetitive, however. Workers who belong to public unions conduct their labor negotiations without their employers facing any competitors. The USPS, for example, has a monopoly over first class mail delivery; teachers at public schools are working for monopolistic employers – students must attend school and the funds are confiscated through taxation and not obtained through voluntary exchange. So as the saying goes, public workers have the taxpayers over a barrel – there are no alternatives and in most cases one cannot refuse to deal with these workers.

So public workers unions are not genuine free-market agents. As such they are able to have their terms met by the taxpaying public basically at the point of a gun. The public must deal with these workers; otherwise they face legal sanctions. There is nowhere else to go apart from moving out of the state to another where the same situation obtains, where once again public unions possess monopoly powers and customers have nowhere else they can turn to get a different deal or to avoid dealing altogether.

In a genuine free marketplace unionization would involve organizing workers in a firm that competes with others for customers and with which customers are free not to enter into trade. So the unions would not be able to engage in extortionist practices, making demands that must by law be met. If one's child attends a public – or, as some prefer calling them, government – school and teachers decide they want a higher salary or other benefits, the option of leaving the school doesn't exist because one will be taxed to pay for it anyway. The same basic setup exists when it comes to any public work and unions so for these folks to unionize is quite unjust.

Indeed, the rationale behind public works is not the same as behind private works. In the latter all the parties are involved so as to get the best deal they can find and bargaining occurs to bring this about. Public works, however, are supposed to amount to public service, something done not for profit but as a commitment to the public good or interest. Anyone who views public work as if it were the same as private work is either suffering from a misconception or perpetrating a hoax.

Accordingly, all the people who work for governments, which are all supported through confiscatory payments – that is, taxation – are, strictly speaking, ineligible for unionization.

Public work, in contrast to private business, is something legally required and paid for involuntarily. So unlike going to the grocery store, of which there can be several in one's neighborhood and which one can actually avoid if one decides to do with little food and household supplies, in the case of public services citizens are not free to deal with others or walk away from the providers.


Good People

One hears the term fairly often. So and so is a good person. Or the plural – they’re good people. But what is meant is rarely defined. It is accepted that we’re all talking about the same thing – but if you look at it a little bit, very often we’re not. Because many of us seem to have a view of goodness that is completely at odds with the concept of goodness as defined by others.

The liberal Democrat, for example, thinks of himself as a good person because he expresses concern for others, typically those less well-off than others. He wants to “help” – but his goodness (as he defines it) does not manifest itself via himself personally helping those he believes are in need. He does not invite the homeless into his home (or even his garage). He invites them into your home. He does not “give” of his own time – or money. Rather, he demands that others be made to “give” of theirs. Which of course does not strike him as oxymoronic – let alone vicious. This good person will not feel bad about demanding that some be enslaved for the benefit of others – so long as the former are “deserving” (as defined by the good person) and the latter are “paying their fair share” (again, as defined by the good person).

On the other end of the continuum we find the right-wing Republican – who also views himself as a good person. Often, a good religious person. He is outraged by events like the attack on the Twin Towers (and let’s not forget Building 7, too). The appx. 3,000 people killed in one day must be avenged – by killings tens of thousands of interchangeable brown people for going on ten years now.

The right-wing good person only hears the cries of some innocents.


Red Cross Urgently Needs Spanish-Speaking Volunteers

If you speak Spanish, The Red Cross of the Chesapeake Region urgently seeks your help.

The Red Cross categorized its need for Spanish-speaking volunteers to help victims of disasters as "dire."

The relief agency said Friday it currently has two fluent Spanish-speaking volunteers for its region covering Baltimore City and 13 of Maryland's 23 counties.


US Sets Another Record On Defense Sales, Already

The United States is set to far surpass previous records for defence sales this year, according to U.S. officials.

"Despite the global economic strain, demand for U.S. defence products and services is stronger than ever," Andrew J. Shapiro, an assistant secretary in the U.S. State Department, said on Thursday.

He confirmed that the U.S., long the world's largest weapons exporter, has already seen more than 50 billion dollars in government-to-government military sales this fiscal year.

"This represents at least a 20-billion-dollar increase over fiscal year 2011, and we still have more than a quarter of the fiscal year left," Shapiro said, speaking with reporters. The current fiscal year will end in September.

"To put this in context, fiscal year 2011 was a record-setting year at just over 30 billion. This fiscal year will be at least 70 percent greater."

Observers noted the administration's evident pride at the high numbers.




California’s budget is full of gimmicks
Sunday, June 17,2012

The California Legislature’s Democratic leaders insist that their new state budget is balanced, honest and contains an adequate reserve.

“Our budget contains no additional borrowing or so-called gimmicks,” Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg said as details were unveiled.

It’s “balanced” only with some very shaky income and outgo assumptions, it’s “honest” only if one ignores dozens of bookkeeping tricks, fund shifts and other gimmicks, and its reserve is half of what Gov. Jerry Brown wants and a fraction of what it should be.

It is, in brief, a budget much like all recent budgets — quite likely to fall apart when its suppositions meet reality.

The biggest of the shaky assumptions, of course, is about $8 billion in new sales and income taxes that require voter approval in November. Polls indicate that passage is no better than a 50-50 bet, and even if they do pass, they are likely to generate something less than the amount plugged into the budget.

Another assumption is that the deficit to be closed is what Brown says, $15.7 billion. Legislative analyst Mac Taylor has been telling his bosses in the Legislature that the gap between revenue and spending is probably $2 billion more but they chose the lower administration figure because it would be easier to cover.

Even without the increase in income and sales tax rates, the budget’s underlying revenue assumptions are questionable. It assumes, for instance, that the state will get about $2 billion from Facebook’s big stock offering, but the process was bollixed and the stock has been falling, not gaining in value.


Today's Fill In The Blank 6-18-12

Over the weekend I purchased ____.

Greek Election Favors Pro-Bailout Party

Athens - Greek voters narrowly favored a pro-bailout party in parliamentary elections on Sunday, a result that is likely to calm world markets and ease fears that the country will leave the euro zone.

Official projections showed the conservative New Democracy party as coming in first, giving it the chance to collect enough support to form a pro-bailout coalition and keep Greece in the euro zone.

Late Sunday night, Alexis Tsipras, the leader of the leftist Syriza party, conceded the election and congratulated the conservative leader of New Democracy, Antonis Samaras. Syriza had called for a rejection of the loan deal that Greece had made with foreign creditors.

Though no party is expected to earn enough seats in the 300-member Parliament to form a government, official projections show that the two traditional parties — New Democracy and the socialist Pasok — would get enough seats to form a coalition.

Projections gave New Democracy 29.5 percent and 128 seats. Syriza, which had vowed to reject the international conditions for the Greek bailout, was second with 27.1 percent and 72 seats. Pasok trailed with 12.3 percent and 33 seats. A coalition would need at least 151 seats to form a majority government.


Your Brain Develops A Negative.

This one is the BEST I have seen so far !!!!!


1. Stare at the red dot on the girls nose for 30 seconds.
2. Turn your eyes to a plain surface (your ceiling or blank wall).
3. Blink repeatedly and quickly. Tell me if that isn't the coolest thing?

Registration For Secondary Summer School June 19-21; Summer School Programs Take Place June-August

June 19-21
Registration for Secondary Summer Programs (June-August)
James M. Bennett High School

Wicomico County’s secondary summer programs will be housed at James M. Bennett High School and will take place from June to August. Registration will take place for all of the summer school programs from 10 a.m.-7 p.m. June 19, 20 and 21 at James M. Bennett High School. Call 410-677-4537 for information.

Remedial Summer School: Remedial summer school courses will be offered at JMB Monday-Thursday from June 25-Aug. 2. Session I will be from 8-10:30 a.m. each day, lunch 10:30-11 a.m., Session II from 11 a.m.-1:30 p.m. The charge per course for Wicomico County students is free/$50/$100 (Free/Reduced/Paid Meals). Out-of-county students pay $160 per course.

Middle school courses will be offered in: Pre-Algebra 6, Mathematics 6, Pre-Algebra 7, Algebra I Part I 7, Algebra I Part I 8; Integrated Science 6, 7 and 8; RELA 6, 7 and 8; ELL; and Ancient History 6, U.S. History 7 and World History 8.

High school courses will be offered in: Algebra I, Algebra I Part II, Algebra II, Geometry and Business Math; Earth/Space Science, Biology and Physical Science; English 9, 10, 11 and 12; ELL; Modern World History, U.S. History and Foundations of American Government; and Consumer Economics.

Honors Session: Original credit classes in Honors U.S. History, Honors Algebra II and Honors Geometry will be offered June 25-Aug. 2 during the Summer 2012 Honors Session. Students will attend classes from 8 a.m.-1:30 p.m. Monday-Thursday, with breakfast served at 7:30 a.m. and lunch at 10:30 a.m. In-county cost for a course is $200, out of county $325.

AP BootCamp: Taking AP (Advanced Placement) courses this fall and want a sneak peak at what AP is really like? Sign up for an AP BootCamp to get the upper hand in academics and a head start on the school year. Week 1 (July 9-12) will have AP English 12 and AP Calculus. Week 2 (July 16-19) will have AP Biology and AP Environmental Science. Week 3 (July 23-26) will have AP English 11 and AP American Government. BootCamp will be from 8:30 a.m.-1 p.m. each day, with lunch served 10:30-11 a.m. The fee for BootCamp is free/$25/$50 (free/reduced/paid meals) The AP BootCamps are open to Wicomico County students only, and are co-sponsored by Operation Access grant and Wicomico County Public Schools. Registration will take place at James M. Bennett High from 10 a.m.-7 p.m. June 19, 20 and 21.

Today's Advertiser Of The Day 6-15-12

What's Happening In Ocean City

June 19
Beach Fireworks
June 21
Jesse Garron's Tribute to Elvis
June 22
Broadway at the Beach
June 23
Gary Lloyd - Storyteller
June 24
Beach Lights Spectacular
June 25
Movies on the Beach
June 26
Family Beach Olympics
June 26
Beach Fireworks
June 28
Illstyle & Peace Productions Dance Company
June 29
Celtic Fire: Irish Music and Dance with Riverdance's Michael Londra
June 29
Give a Child a Future
June 29
Movies on the Beach
June 30
Hot Peas 'N Butter (Kids)

What's NEW???
Hooter's West OC opens Rt. 50 & Keiser Point Rd.
Chick-fil-A opened June 7, 2012 Rt. 50 (west) Just before the bridge
Jolly Rogers opens their newest water ride...The AQUA LOOP!! See it here
Peebles Dept. Store is now open in the Gold Coast Mall
The SKYE Bar opens atop Galaxy 66
Creative Day Spa now has 2 locations to serve you!! 137th Street Bayside Plaza & 91st Street Princess Royale Hotel
The Embers present their newest addition: BLU Crabhouse & Raw Bar

Dog Found Near City Park

We found her near the Salisbury City Park yesterday 6/18/12. 443-944-7647

Maryland Court Affirms Tuition Ballot Question

Maryland's highest court says voters can decide whether to approve a law that allows in-state tuition for some illegal immigrants, affirming a lower court's ruling.

The Court of Appeals issued a brief order on Wednesday affirming the judgment of Anne Arundel County Circuit Court.

Supporters of the law contended during oral arguments on Tuesday that the Dream Act passed by state lawmakers last year is a spending bill, which cannot be subject to a referendum.


Cooking Crabs

Today's Survey Question 6-18-12

Do you think Jerry Sandusky is innocent or guilty?

1915 Antarctic 'Endurance' Expedition Photos

Beginning on August 8, 1914, Englishman Sir Ernest Shackleton led a crew of 27 men on the last major expedition of the Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration in an attempt to make the first land crossing of Antarctica.

The Trans-Antarctic Expedition almost didn't happen as Shackleton offered his ships, stores and services to his country the night before World War I broke out, but the Royal Navy and First Lord of the Admiralty Winston Churchill desired that the journey proceed.

Australian photographer Frank Hurley brought 40 pounds of color photo equipment on the onerous journey and would have to dive into three feet of icy seawater to salvage cases of glass negative plates from their wrecked ship.

Good thing he did because the expedition became one of the earliest examples of color photography.


Heiress’ Generous Gifts in Court Fight

NEW YORK — Her nurse was showered with almost $28 million in gifts, including three Manhattan apartments, two homes elsewhere and a $1.2 million Stradivarius violin. Her doctors’ families received more than $3 million in presents. A night nurse received a salary plus money to cover her children’s school tuition and to help buy two apartments.

Now the court-appointed official overseeing copper heiress Huguette Clark’s estate wants all these gifts - and more - back.

Saying the recipients manipulated the reclusive multimillionaire into lavishing largesse upon them during her long life, public administrator Ethel J. Griffin is trying to reclaim a whopping $37 million for the $400 million estate.


Obama Is Doing Stunningly Bad Among African Americans In North Carolina

President Barack Obama is rapidly losing support among African-American voters in North Carolina, a new poll out today from the Democratic-leaning Public Policy Polling shows.

The poll finds that Mitt Romney would get 20 percent of the African-American vote if the election were held today, compared with 76 percent for Obama. Overall, Romney has a 48 percent to 46 percent lead on Obama in the crucial swing state.

Obama received 95 percent of the support from African-Americans in North Carolina in the 2008 election, compared with just 5 percent for Republican nominee John McCain.


Islamist Claims Victory in Egypt President Vote

The Muslim Brotherhood declared early Monday that its candidate, Mohammed Morsi, won Egypt's presidential election, which would be the first victory of an Islamist as head of state in the stunning wave of protests demanding democracy that swept the Middle East the past year. But the military handed itself the lion's share of power over the new president, sharpening the possibility of confrontation.

With parliament dissolved and martial law effectively in force, the generals issued an interim constitution granting themselves sweeping authorities that ensure their hold on the state and subordinate the president. They will be Egypt's lawmakers, they will control the budget and they will determine who writes the permanent constitution that will define the country's future.





Stoplights And Milford Street Congestion

Everyone agrees that a stop light is needed at South Division, Onley and Bateman Street. Allowing traffic a right turn only from South Division makes this a private street for Salisbury University. It will remove access to the only stop light from College Ave. to Fruitland and I resent Salisbury tax dollars being spent on this endeavor. This is a determent to the residents in the area of South Division. The hundreds of student living in the housing in the South Division Street area will have to travel down South Division Street and probably Milford Street. South Division Street is already at capacity when school is in session. In 2013 we are expecting 600 students on the Hearne property.

This move is very bad for business. The two restaurants on either corner of Bateman and Route 13 will not get the traffic slow without the South Division Street students. Students will have limited access to University Square when they drive down Milford Street. With no access to Route 13, students will do business in Fruitland. Its just easier to continue on down South Division the increased traffic on Milford will make it difficult for people going to the doctors offices. May I add there is a bus stop on Milford which stops in the street to load and unload the handicapped.

I ask the council to approve a light on the South Division Street and Onley Road. Make Bateman Street two way, designating lanes with paint. There are many streets that do not line up in Salisbury. I ask the city to request from the state a stop light at Milford Street. I ask the city to synchronize the lights to run red at the same time at Bateman and Milford Streets. This will allow my friends on Francis Drive and Hall access to South Division Street. When we get a stop light at Milford and Route 13 make no left turns on Bateman from South Division Streets. The present plan does not show much common sense. I know this will be a difficult move for the council. They have received unwarranted criticism. I'm asking them to do the right thing.

Dorothy Truitt Salisbury, MD

Unemployed Lawyers Sue Schools Over Promises of Jobs

Passing the bar isn’t the meal ticket it used to be.

Once the surest path to a six-figure salary and a life of luxury, a law degree in the aftermath of the Great Recession comes with far fewer guarantees, leaving many graduates with mountains of debt while confronted by a rapidly changing legal landscape.

“It was a wonderful life. And now it’s gone,” said Andrew Morriss, a professor at the University of Alabama's School of Law and research fellow at New York University's Center for Labor and Employment Law.

“The financial crisis reshaped the legal industry. … Big firms stopped hiring more people,” he said. “It’s a permanent change. Clients have discovered they can pay less for legal services, and firms have discovered they don’t need to have scores of associates working there.”



(Westminster, MD) – Maryland State Police and the National Transportation Safety Board are investigating a plane crash that killed a Montgomery County man this morning in Carroll County.

The victim is identified as Henry Judkins, 64, of the 7700 block of Epsilon Drive in Rockville. Judkins was the pilot and the only individual aboard the Remos GX, a Light Sport Aircraft, at the time of the crash. Judkins was pronounced dead at the R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center.

The preliminary investigation indicates Judkins was one mile away from the Carroll County Regional Airport in Westminster when he reported mechanical issues. Witnesses observed the aircraft flying at varying altitudes before descending into a grassy area approximately forty feet prior to the runway.

While emergency medical providers responded to the scene and performed life saving measures on Judkins, Trooper 3 arrived. Upon landing, the pilot immediately recognized an engine malfunction resulting in the grounding of the aircraft.

Without delay, the pilot called for a second helicopter. Subsequently, Judkins was transported by ambulance to an area near the Mitchell Golf Course in Reisterstown, where they were met by Trooper 1 who then transported the patient to the R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center, where he succumbed to his injuries.

Maryland State Police Crime Scene technicians assisted investigators by processing the crash site in an attempt to recover physical evidence from the scene.

Westminster Fire Department and officers from the Westminster City Police Department also responded for assistance.

The National Transportation Safety Board will investigate the incident in an attempt to determine the cause of the crash.

Congressional Redistricting Petition Drive

We scored a big victory last week in our pursuit to repeal Maryland's gerrymandered Congressional map.

By the end of June we need to collect another 28,000 signatures. The people have the power to overturn O'Malley's highly partisan map and to tell the Governor that we expect better.

Please click the link below and download a petition form. Collect signatures from everyone you know who is registered to vote. This effort crosses all political lines and is soley about honest, responsive government.

Please help in this effort.


Nic Kipke


Troopers Charge Rehoboth Couple With Thefts

Location: 17000 block of Cadbury Circle, Lewes, DE

Date of Occurrence: Between October 2011 and April 2012

71 year old female

Defendant, Charges, and Bond Information:
Berry S. Shay, 51, Rehoboth, DE (Photo Attached)
Theft > $1,500.00 and Victim is 62 or older (5 counts)
Theft < $1,500.00 and Victim is 62 or older (6 counts)
Forgery 2nd (5 counts)
Conspiracy 2nd (5 counts)
Selling Stolen Property (2 counts)

Arraigned at JP2 and released on $23,000.00 unsecured bond

Jennifer A. Shay, 49, Rehoboth, DE (Photo Attached)
Theft > $1,500.00 and Victim is 62 or older (5 counts)
Theft < $1,500.00 and Victim is 62 or older (6 counts)
Forgery 2nd (5 counts)
Conspiracy 2nd (5 counts)

Arraigned at JP2 and released on $21,000.00 unsecured bond

Lewes, DE- Detectives from Troop 4 in Georgetown arrested Jennifer Shay and Berry Shay on Thursday June 14th after an investigation revealed the couple had stole money and valuables from a woman residing at an assisted living home in Lewes.

Jennifer was employed with the Cadbury Assisted Living in Lewes and befriended a 71 year old female victim that resided there. Starting in October of 2011, Jennifer began removing silverware and jewelry from the victim’s residence. Berry Shay would then take the merchandise to a pawn shop in Rehoboth and receive money in exchange. Through the course of the next six months Jennifer would write checks to herself on the victim’s account totaling more than $13,000.00.

Berry and Jennifer Shay were taken into custody at their home in Rehoboth and transported to Troop 7 in Lewes where they were processed on the above listed charges. They were both arraigned at JP2 and released on unsecured bonds.

Md. Dream Act Supporters Remain Optimistic

Supporters of the Maryland Dream Act are optimistic, even after the state's highest court ruled this week that the law could go to a referendum this fall.

"I'm very optimistic." Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown says. "I'm not overly confident, in the sense that it's still a lot of hard work, we need to be focused and disciplined. We're raising money. We're raising awareness."

But he adds "there is still a lot of work to make sure that the Maryland Dream Act is a reality."

Opponents of the law have gathered tens of thousands of signatures to force the referendum. They say the law could lead to students who could be deported, getting school slots that would otherwise go to legal residents.


Coming This Weekend

Romney Hits ‘Timing’ of Obama’s Decision on Illegals

Presumed Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney on Sunday refused to say whether he would revoke President Obama’s decision to categorically stop deporting young-adult illegal immigrants as the ramifications of the administration’s election-year move last week continued to reverberate.

Some Republicans in Congress have vowed to sue to force Mr. Obama to back down, saying his decision to stop deportations flies in the face of the law.

But the White House — which for the last three years had told those on both sides of the issue it didn’t have the power to categorically halt deportations for young adults said it now feels on solid legal ground.


Troopers Arrest Driver For His 8th Driving While Impaired Offense

DATE & TIME: June 17, 2012 at 0309 hours
C C. CARD NUMBER: 12-54-004039

LOCATION: RT 50 E/B at Walston Switch Road, Salisbury, Md


On the above date and time, Troopers from the Salisbury Barrack responded to RT 50 E/B at Walston Switch Road in reference to a motor vehicle crash with injuries. Troopers arrived on scene and made contact with the victim, Laura Iannello of Pennsylvania and her four passengers. Iannello was stopped at the red light on RT 50 E/B at Walston Switch Road in lane two. Iannello was operating a 2005 Suzuki SUV. While at the red light, a 2002 Ford Explorer, driven by James Nibblett, fail to stop for the red light and struck the rear of the Suzuki. Troopers made contact with Nibblett, who was exhibiting signs of being impaired by alcohol and after failing field sobriety tests was placed under arrest. Nibblett’s driver’s license was suspended for the multiple DUI offenses. Nibblett was also required to have an ignition interlock device on his vehicle and there was none on the vehicle he was operating. Nibblett was transported to the Wicomico County Central booking unit pending a hearing before a District Court Commissioner.

None of the victim’s were transported to the hospital and refused treatment at the scene.
1. James David Nibblett W/M age 47 of Berlin, Md.

Easing of Pot Laws Poses Challenge for Parents

Michael Jolton was a young father with a 5-year-old son when Colorado legalized medical marijuana in 2000. Now he's got three boys, the oldest near adulthood, and finds himself repeatedly explaining green-leafed marijuana ads and "free joint" promotions endemic in his suburban hometown.

"I did not talk to my oldest son about marijuana when he was 8 years old. We got to talk about fun stuff. Now with my youngest who's 8, we have to talk about this," said Jolton, a consultant from Lakewood.

A marijuana opponent with a just-say-no philosophy, Jolton, 48, is among legions of American parents finding the "drug talk" increasingly problematic as more states allow medical marijuana or decriminalize its use. Colorado and Washington state have measures on their Nov. 6 ballot that would go a further step and legalize recreational use of marijuana for adults.