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Monday, February 02, 2015

Politics: Paul Ryan schools Chuck Todd on the Constitution and foreign policy

Not that he probably learned anything.
It's fun to watch Meet the Press - OK, that's probably taking it too far - it's briefly satisfying to watch Meet the Press when Chuck Todd comes up against someone who refuses to be trapped by his disingenuous questions. And Paul Ryan is one of those someones. Challenged by Todd on the matter of Speaker John Boehner inviting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to address Congress - without involving the White House in the decision - Ryan was having none of Todd's implication that Congress was overstepping its bounds on the matter.

That got Todd to admit his real issue with the situation, and Ryan destroyed that argument too. Watch and enjoy:


Check out Walker Surging in Bloomberg Politics/Des Moines Register Iowa Poll

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is surging, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush is an also-ran and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is dominating in a new poll of Iowans likely to vote in the nation's first presidential nominating contest.

The Bloomberg Politics/Des Moines Register Iowa Poll, taken Monday through Thursday, shows Walker leading a wide-open Republican race with 15 percent, up from just 4 percent in the same poll in October. Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky was at 14 percent and former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, who won the Iowa caucuses in 2008, stood at 10 percent.

Bush trailed with 8 percent and increasingly is viewed negatively by likely Republican caucus-goers. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is in even worse shape, with support from just 4 percent. More troubling for Christie: He's viewed unfavorably by 54 percent, among the highest negative ratings in the potential field. At 9 percent, retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson pulls more support than either Bush or Christie.


FUNNY Lip Sync Battle with Will Ferrell, Kevin Hart and Jimmy Fallon

Convicted Murderer's 4 Final Words Describe the Last Thing He Felt in the Execution Chamber

Eighteen years ago, Robert Ladd strangled and bludgeoned Vicki Ann Garner to death while on parole for a triple murder. This last week, he met justice in the lethal injection chamber.

However, many are now saying his last words prove that the death penalty is inhumane. Others, though, are saying that they prove capital punishment is just for monsters like Ladd.

As the drugs began to work on Ladd, he reportedly cried out, “Stings my arm, man!” Those were his last words, and after 27 minutes, he was dead.

Many are now using his last words as proof that the death penalty is cruel and unusual punishment, because apparently stinging is now cruel and unusual.

Anyhow, given that the man killed a 38-year-old woman by strangulation and hitting her with a hammer, it’s not like this is a person undeserving of a little bit of pain.
Ladd did try to apologize to the family before the execution — sort of.

“I really, really hope and pray you don’t have hatred in your heart,” he told Garner’s family after the apology (H/T Opposing Views).

“A revenge death won’t get you anything.”

Garner’s sister, meanwhile, is just happy the ordeal is over.

“I did not think, 18-plus years ago, that I would still be fighting for justice for her,” said Teresa Garner Wooten.


Radio Show Comments about the Chicken Industry

The Baltimore Marc Steiner radio program on Friday had a live broadcast from Annapolis with Senator President Mike Miller, House Speaker Michael Busch, Governor Hogan, and Attorney General Brian Frosh. Keep in mind that Steiner is no fan of the chicken industry and conventional agriculture.

The chicken industry was brought up a few times during the three segments and you can hear those comments through the links below.

Miller and Busch answered questions about the PMT and the idea of legislation seemingly endorsed by the Food and Water Watch group to have the state impose restrictions on contracts between chicken growers and chicken companies. You might pleasantly be surprised by some of Mr. Miller’s comments on the PMT.

You can listen to the Miller and Busch segment here.

The PMT discussion starts at 9:50. Then there is a question about the state budget, and then the Food and Water Watch question.

Shown below is a newspaper story shared with us by Nick Manis dealing with the segment with the attorney general. You can hear the Attorney General Brian Frosh radio interview at At 4:20 of the interview, Food and Water Watch asks Frosh a question about legislation to make the chicken companies responsible for dead birds and manure. After that answer, there is a question about the attorney general’s role in government, and then a Johns Hopkins University Center for a Livable Future guy asks if Frosh will lead an effort to end the current contract system in the chicken industry. Then there are several environmental question related to agriculture and other sectors.

Major Western Country BANS Muslims From Building New Mosques

Unlike the cowards in our White House, Italians have no problem naming the threat to their country: radical Islam.

Now leaders from the Northern Italian region of Lombardy have gone a step further by passing a provisional law that forbids any more mosques to be built, while at the same time establishing monitoring for those mosques already in existence.

The law was written in a way that limits construction of places of worship that do not have agreements with the Italian government.

Islam is the only major religion that is not a recognized in Italy, so the new regulation is being referred to as the “anti-mosque law.”

Those mosques already in existence would also be required to install closed circuit television cameras so that law enforcement could watch and listen in to make sure there is no radicalization taking place.


Today I found out that Napoleon Bonaparte was not in fact especially short.

Today I found out that Napoleon Bonaparte was not in fact especially short.

The myth that he was short stems primarily from the fact that he is listed as 5 feet 2 inches tall at the time of his death. However, this is 5 feet 2 inches in French units. In modern international units, he was just shy of 5 feet 7 inches. Now I know you are saying “well that is still pretty short”. That is true by modern day standards in certain places in the world, such as the United States. However, at the time in France, the average height for an adult male was about 5 feet 5 inches in modern international units. So in fact, he was quite tall for his day.

Despite this fact, Napoleon is primarily remembered for two things; being a master tactician and being short. The so called “Napoleon Complex” named after him, describes men who have an inferiority complex or more aptly “Short Man Syndrome”.


Half Of U.S. Government-Run School Population Is Low Income

Remember how we said Americans were hurting? Especially black Americans? And how it was all due to “spreading the wealth around?” And how that was, well, no good?

Yeah … here’s the latest evidence of all that …

According to a new report from the left-leaning Southern Education Foundation, more than half of all students in America’s failed government-run education system are now classified as “low income” – meaning their parents’ poor financial standing qualifies them for free or reduced lunches. By comparison, this number stood at 32 percent back in 1989.

(Not) shockingly, the group compiling the data views the obvious answer to the problem as “more government.”

“Without improving the educational support that the nation provides its low income students – students with the largest needs and usually with the least support — the trends of the last decade will be prologue for a nation not at risk, but a nation in decline,” the group’s vice president Steve Suitts said.


ICE: Transgender Illegals Guaranteed ‘Right to Hormone Therapy’ in Detention – An official with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement testified Friday during a discussion on immigration detention facilities, hosted by the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, that transgender individuals are guaranteed “a right to hormone therapy.”

“With respect to treatment while in detention - the medical care standard - the standards guarantees a right to hormone therapy for individuals who need it for treatment, and even in facilities that are not covered by that standard. Our ICE House Service Corps is very vigilant on that issue to ensuring that individuals receive necessary hormone therapy,” said Kevin Landy, assistant director of the ICE office of detention policy and planning.

According to Commission Chairman Martin Castro, the Department of Homeland Security is the “largest agency that has custody of transgender individuals.” 


Here's How Much it Takes to Join your State's 1%

How much does it take to be in the 1%? It definitely doesn’t take millions, and it all depends on where you live.

According to a recent report by the left-leaning Economic Policy Institute, to be in the 1% looks something like this:

They’re Accused of Dropping a Large Rock From an Overpass and Severely Injuring a Mom in a Moving Car. Now They Want a Huge Concession From the Court.

LEWISBURG, Pa. (TheBlaze/AP) — Three of four teenagers accused of having dropped a rock onto a car on a central Pennsylvania highway, severely injuring a northeast Ohio teacher, are seeking to move their cases to juvenile court.

The (Sunbury) Daily Item reports that attorneys for Dylan Lahr, Keefer McGee and Tyler Porter filed motions late last month in Union County Court seeking the move.

The 18-year-old defendants were 17 on July 10 when the large rock — about the size of a softball— smashed through the windshield of a car on Interstate 80, striking 52-year-old Sharon Budd of Uniontown in the face.


A License to Braid Hair? Critics Say State Licensing Rules Have Gone Too Far

Nivea Earl was thrilled when she opened Twistykinks hair braiding salon in Jacksonville, Arkansas, last April. Earl had been practicing the African-style art of twisting and braiding hair for at least 16 years, first working on friends, classmates and family and later taking on clients at home. Now, she had finally launched her own storefront business.

But Earl has done no advertising and has been running Twistykinks only through word of mouth. That’s because what she is doing is illegal under Arkansas law, where she needs a cosmetology license to braid hair. That would mean 1,500 hours of training, passing two exams and paying thousands of dollars to attend a cosmetology school that doesn’t even teach hair braiding.

“It’s totally discriminatory against hair braiders,” said Earl, 33. “I don’t think we should have to be held to the same standards and guidelines as cosmetologists and barbers. Hair braiding does not involve chemicals or cutting or dying the hair. We don’t even shampoo it.”


Dover Downs Gaming reports $706,000 loss for 2014

Dover Downs Gaming & Entertainment, Inc. ended the year with a loss of $706,000 as the company deals with intense competition and one fo the nation’s higher “take” rates by state government.

Net loss was for the fourth quarter was $516,000, compared with $418,000 a year earlier. The loss for the year was 706,000, compared with net earnings of $13,,000 in 2013.

The loss would have been greater had it not been for assistance from the state that came out of the end of legislative sessions in the last two years. Dover Downs also saw lower interest expenses on debt.

The company’s revenues were $45,711,000 for the fourth quarter of 2014 compared with $46,592,000 for the fourth quarter of 2013.


'They Could Have Retreated'—Why It's Time the Police Use this New Tactic

In the wake of the grand jury decision not to indict the police officers who killed Eric Garner in an illegal chokehold MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell interviewed police analysts Eugene O’Donnell and Jim Cavanaugh on his show “The Last Word.” Cavanaugh made an interesting point observing that in the past police engaged in high-speed chases no matter what the crime but came to understand that the trade-off in life lost in accidents for anything less that the pursuit of violent felons was not worth it. He said:

We need to take that attitude to the street. If you would just imagine if Officer Wilson in Ferguson had just taken a step back after the confrontation with the vehicle and after Michael Brown ran away. Just after he called for backup that was 90 seconds away. Where was Michael Brown going to go? He’s going to the hospital, he’s been shot. He’s not going to Kathmandu, on an airplane. You’re going to catch him. Just take a step back. In Mr. Garner’s case, as well. When he puts his hands like this it’s like, “ok ok,” when they get on his back, take a step back. In the Cleveland case with the child, if you drive your car in like that, if you have an escaped felon with a gun you’re dead, he’s going to shoot you as soon as you drive up. What kind of tactic is that? So take a step back and be smart and we can police better than we’re doing.

That is a very common sense suggestion. Despite the fancy gear and the defensive attitude, police aren’t actually at war with the population they patrol and it makes no sense that they go from zero to 60 in the blink of an eye when they have other options. The decision to shoot Mike Brown will be a matter of debate for some time to come. But it’s the decision to get out of the car and pursue him before his backup arrived that should really be questioned.



Wicomico First Alert

The plan is for County and State Roads Department to put sand on all the affected areas.
This will be a time consuming event.
4 fire departments, 3 police agencies, 2 roads departments, and emergency management are working the scene.

Agencies responding:
Salisbury Fire Department
Fruitland Fire Department
Parsonsburg Fire Department
Pittsville Fire Department
Delmar Fire Department
Hebron Fire Department
Wicomico Emergency Management
State Roads Department
Wicomico County Roads
Wicomico Sheriff's Office
Maryland State Police
Salisbury Police

O’Malley raises $191k for political action committee

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — Former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley, who is considering a presidential run, has released his latest fundraising report for his political action committee.

The report released Saturday shows he raised more than $191,000 from Nov. 25 to Dec. 31 in a federal account and a non-federal account combined.

O’Malley, a Democrat, is reporting he has nearly $905,000 cash on hand in the two accounts combined.


Revealed: Gov't Surveillance Is Much More Developed Than You Thought

Federal agencies tried to use vehicle license-plate readers to track the travel patterns of Americans on a much wider scale than previously thought, with new documents showing the technology was proposed for use to monitor public meetings.

The American Civil Liberties Union released more documents this week revealing for the first time the potential scale of a massive database containing the data of millions of drivers, logged from automatic license plate readers around the US.

As President Obama’s nominee for attorney general prepared for a second day of confirmation hearings in Washington, senior lawmakers also called on the US Justice Department to show “greater transparency and oversight”.


Lawmakers To Debate Worker Sick Leave Bill

This Tuesday, the Senate Finance Committee will hold a hearing on the Maryland Healthy Working Families Act.

The bill would require businesses with more than 9 employees to allow their employees to earn paid sick leave.

A full time employee could earn one hour of sick leave for every thirty hours worked.

A worker could earn up to 56 hours or seven days of sick leave every year, to use when either they are sick, or they need to treat a sick child or other relatives.

The legislation includes coverage for those who are victims of rape or domestic violence.


SPD Press Release 2-2-15 (Weekly Shoplifting Arrests)

Police Units Specialize in Forensics Reviews of Smartphones, Tablets

Police in the Washington, D.C., area are performing a fast-rising number of investigations and forensics reviews of smartphones, according to a review of police reports by the News4 I-Team. Those investigations, which often include a review of a criminal suspect’s text messages and photos, have increased demand for forensics specialists and allowed local police to break a series of recent cases.

The I-Team’s review found Virginia state police performed 245 forensic reviews of cellphones and tablets in the past two years, a 25 percent increase from 2010-11. Maryland State Police’s Computer Crimes Unit, which also reviews the contents of portable electronic devices, performed 188 investigations into phones or tablets in the past two years, also an increase from prior years.

D.C.’s Department of Forensic Sciences has just opened a new “digital evidence unit” to clear a swelling backlog of requests for cellphone forensic analyses. The unit is run by Paul Reedy, a former computer forensics specialist for the Australian Federal Police. Reedy said demand for forensic review of smartphones is growing exponentially.

“Phones can provide all manner of evidence,” he said. “Phones are ubiquitous in modern life, and no matter what happens, no matter what a person is doing, whether it’s an innocuous daily task or engaging in something they shouldn’t be doing, there is going to be a phone present.”


Departing From Country’s Pacifism, Japanese Premier Vows Revenge for Killings

TOKYO — When Islamic State militants posted a video over the weekend showing the grisly killing of a Japanese journalist, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe reacted with outrage, promising “to make the terrorists pay the price.”

Such vows of retribution may be common in the West when leaders face extremist violence, but they have been unheard of in confrontation-averse Japan — until now. The prime minister’s call for revenge after the killings of the journalist, Kenji Goto, and another hostage, Haruna Yukawa, raised eyebrows even in the military establishment, adding to a growing awareness here that the crisis could be a watershed for this long pacifist country.

“Japan has not seen this Western-style expression in its diplomacy before,” Akihisa Nagashima, a former vice minister of defense, wrote on Twitter. “Does he intend to give Japan the capability to back up his words?”

As the 12-day hostage crisis came to a grim conclusion with the killing of Mr. Goto, the world has suddenly begun to look like a much more dangerous place to a peaceful and prosperous nation that had long seen itself as immune to the sorts of violence faced by the United States and its Western allies.


Reality Series, ‘Our Little Family,’ Stars An Arnold Family

ARNOLD, Md. (AP) — “Our Little Family,” a new TLC reality show series, debuts Feb. 17 at 10 p.m. following the premier of “19 Kids and Counting.”

Unlike the reality shows on the air, this one is different — most of the show was filmed throughout Anne Arundel County.

The cameras follow an Arnold family, headed by Dan Hamill, 48, a native of New Brunswick, Canada; and Michelle Parisi Hamill, 40, a 1992 graduate of Broadneck High School. The couple has three children: Jack, 6; and twins Cate and CeCe, 3.

The Hamills were born with a genetic condition called achondroplasia, a form of short-limbed dwarfism.


Perdue Farms lauds Hogan’s choice to stall PMT

SALISBURY, Md. — Perdue Farms is hailing the delay in implementing the Phosphorus Management Tool, enforced by Gov. Larry Hogan, as an opportunity to get it right. 

Steve Schwalb, Perdue Farms’ vice president of environmental sustainability, said the delay of the proposed new nutrient management regulations “provides a good opportunity to step back and be sure the regulation is designed in a way that is appropriate to meet the needs of crop farmers, poultry growers and the environment.”

Hogan mandated the delay when, within hours of his taking the oath of office, he pulled the PMT document from its publication in the Maryland Register, its final legislative step before becoming law.


3 Things We Learned From A Guide To Ordering Craft Beer

While craft beer has been enjoying increasing popularity in the last few years, not everyone is confident enough to stride into that new beer hall down the street and roll a beer order right off their tongue like a beer sommelier fresh from beer sommelier school. Even if you’re not steeped in hops lore, there are a few things you can learn about ordering something you won’t hate, and not feeling like a total n00b when you do.

The Atlantic’s CityLab has a great guide for non-beer snobs to bring them through the maze of craft beers on menus these days and come out with a tasty selection on the other side. A few of our favorite lessons learned are below, with step-by-step guidance over at CityLab.

1. Come prepared with examples you know you like: Whether it’s a brand name or a memory of a taste, knowing what tastes good to you will help bartenders make a recommendation. Love Guinness, hate Sierra Nevada Pale Ale and only drink Budweiser when you’re desperate? That information can come in useful.

2. Study up on a few flavors common in the industry: Engert has developed categories he says are used at places like Whole Foods, and are likely similar to terms used in many beer establishments — Crisp, Malt, Hop, Roast, Smoke, Fruit and Spice, and Tart and Funky. These flavors can vary, but can provide a good starting point when talking with bartenders. CityLab has a great chart with more information in its guide.


Did Pittsburgh mayor, on "Undercover Boss," break the law?

PITTSBURGH, Pa. -- The Allegheny County, Pa., District Attorney's Office says it may have been illegal for Pittsburgh mayor Bill Peduto to give money to city employees on the show, "Undercover Boss," reports CBS Pittsburgh.

Each episode of the program features executives going incognito while working alongside ground-level employees, ostensibly to get a better sense of how their organizations really function.

In his case, Mayor Peduto handed out $150,000 in checks to city employees he worked with while in disguise.

District Attorney Stephen Zappala says that if the checks were issued using taxpayer money, those payments are illegal.

"Regarding the legality of this, that's public money. That money cannot be disseminated as a bonus. They are not permitted to do that," Zappala said. "The salaries of public employees are negotiated. You cannot just give a bonus," he told the station.


Police Alert: Assault In The Area Of Centre Of Salisbury

Wicomico First Alert

*Police Alert*

In the area of Centre at Salisbury

Police advise a man was pulled out of his car and assaulted by other man during a road rage incident.
The assailant has fled the scene.
Police are looking for a black Ford passenger with a white temp tag.
Possible tag number:
This is a temp tag.

SFD Calls For Service 2-1-15

  • Sunday February, 1 2015 @ 23:34Nature: Emergency UnknownCity:Salisbury
  • Sunday February, 1 2015 @ 22:52Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury
  • Sunday February, 1 2015 @ 22:39Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury
  • Sunday February, 1 2015 @ 21:18Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury
  • Sunday February, 1 2015 @ 19:10 Nature: Structure FireAddress: 723 Camden Ave Salisbury, MD 21801

Hazardous Weather Outlook

612 AM EST MON FEB 2 2015

612 AM EST MON FEB 2 2015










Traffic Alert Salisbury

Thomas Jesse Lee Hunted After 5 Found Dead in LeGrange, Georgia

A manhunt has been launched after found five bodies were found at a home in LaGrange, Georgia, police told NBC station WXIA.

Thomas Jesse Lee, 26, is considered a suspect in the murders and warrants have been issued for his arrest, the Troup County Sheriff's Office said in a Facebook post. Lee is married to one of the victims and was living at the home where the bodies were found late Saturday, investigators told WXIA. Lee who may be driving an olive green Mazda Tribute with Georgia license plate BRN0785. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is expected to conduct autopsies on the victims' bodies on Monday, according to WXIA.


University Re-Imagines Town And Gown Relationship In Philadelphia

Dinner is served in the West Philadelphia neighborhood of Mantua.

"You look like you're ready to have a great Dornsife neighborhood partnership meal! Am I right about it?" Rose Samuel-Evans asks the crowd at a free community dinner of chicken marsala and stuffed flounder hosted by Drexel University.

Samuel-Evans works in this two-story, orange-brick schoolhouse; it's one of three refurbished buildings that opened last summer north of campus as part of Drexel's Dornsife Center for Neighborhood Partnerships.

Like many expanding colleges and universities, Drexel has put real estate pressure on its surrounding neighborhoods including Mantua, a predominantly black community and one of Philadelphia's poorest neighborhoods. The school is now trying to counteract that pressure with a center designed to serve not just faculty and students but mainly local residents.

"Developers were looking at this beautiful 1.3-acre site and were saying, 'Boy, we could put a lot of student housing on the block!' " explains Lucy Kerman, who oversees the Dornsife Center as Drexel's vice provost for university and community partnerships. "What's intentional is to look at this as a resource for the community and to say, 'No, that's not what's going to happen.' "


Paper Ballots Return To Maryland Elections

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — Maryland voters will return to casting ballots on paper starting with the presidential election in 2016, election officials said Thursday, adding it to the long list of states that use paper ballots or a blend of paper and digital formats.

On Thursday, state lawmakers were given a sneak peek of the new paper voting machines that will be set up in polling centers for the 2016 election. Officials also briefed the legislators on lessons learned from the last election in November. The state has used digital voting machines for the past decade.

“We’re going to have a million more voters in 2016, although we’ve made some changes this additional volume is going to put stress on the administration of elections,” said John Willis, principal investigator for the University of Baltimore’s Schaefer Center for Public Policy.


Fierce backlash against the liberal who trashed the PC police

Eleven years ago, Jonathan Chait wrote the following:

“I hate President George W. Bush. There, I said it. I think his policies rank him among the worst presidents in U.S. history…I suspect that, if I got to know him personally, I would hate him even more.”

Having interviewed Chait at the time, when he worked for the New Republic, I can attest that he is indeed a staunchly liberal writer. And earlier this month he wrote a story titled “Why History Will Be Kind to Obama.”

Which is why Chait is making waves by beating up on his own side. The Twitterverse is exploding, and some women are denouncing him, over his New York magazine piece, “How the Language Police Are Perverting Liberalism.”


Texas Governor to declare "Chris Kyle Day" in honor of sniper

The second day of February will be declared 'Chris Kyle Day' in the state of Texas, the governor announced Friday.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott said on Friday he would officially declare Feb. 2 'Chris Kyle Day' in the state, in honor of the late Navy Seal sharpshooter portrayed in the film 'American Sniper.'

The movie, starring Bradley Cooper as Kyle who was killed by a disgruntled U.S. veteran on a Texas gun range in 2013, has been a box office hit as well as a flashpoint of debate between liberals and conservatives.


MSP Alcohol Compliance Checks

Maryland State Police- Easton Barrack

Date and Time: February 1, 2015
Location: Talbot County
Incident: Alcohol Compliance Checks

On February 1, 2015 at 1300 hours, Maryland State Police conducted Alcohol Compliance Checks in Talbot County, Maryland. Attempts to purchase alcohol products at thirty-two (32) locations were conducted.

A1 Liquors, 612 Fast Stop, Tilghman Island Country Store, Fairbank and Tackle, Bridge Restaurant, Chesapeake Landing, ACME (St. Michaels & Easton), Simpatico, Carpenter’s Street Saloon, Graul’s Market, Town and Country, Food Lion, Hair O’ The Dog, Easton Bowl, East End Liquors, El Dorado Restaurant, Doc’s Quick Shop, Safeway, Harrison’s Liquors, Giant, 7-11 Ocean Gateway, Wishing Well Liquors, Applebee’s, Oliver Garden, Ruby Tuesday’s, Chili’s, Sandbar, Food Mart (Lowest Price Gas), Shore Stop Valero, Hidden Gem, Pizza Co.

All establishments checked the identification of the cadet and refused to conduct the sale.

Investigating Trooper: TFC K. Myers
Commander: Lieutenant Ryan Bricker
Assistant Commander: First Sergeant Stacey Gappert
Criminal Investigation Supervisor: Detective Sergeant Mitchel A. Parke

Illegal Immigrant Pleads Guilty to 3,700-Plant Pot Grow in National Park

A man accused of using the cover of the Plumas National Forest to grow more than 3,700 marijuana plants changed his plea to guilty at a hearing Wednesday, according to court documents.

Alejandro Soto-Silva, 22, a man residing in the country illegally, was charged with conspiracy to manufacture marijuana, manufacture of marijuana, and depredation of public lands and resources, according to court documents.

Soto-Silva was arrested in July 2014 after U.S. Forest Service agents found a massive marijuana grow operation containing 3,724 plants near the Soda Creek drainage area of the national park.

“Law enforcement observed irrigation piping running from a water source to man-made reservoirs, used to water thousands of marijuana plants under cultivation,” authorities said in a statement.

Authorities told the Reno Gazette-Journal that the damage to the federal park is estimated to have been $9,500.


Origin of bed bugs revealed

"Sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite," goes the familiar phrase. Unfortunately the statistics aren't in your favour, because these apple-pip-sized bugs are everywhere.

Hardly a week goes by without a news story of yet another infestation, and yet they are relatively understudied, saysWarren Booth of the University of Tulsa in Oklahoma, US.

Booth and his colleagues have used genetics to unveil the origin of bed bugs. They found that there are two lineages in Europe. They are so diverse, they have almost split into two species.

What's more, their origin lies with bats.

The research, published in the journal Molecular Ecology, provides the first genetic evidence that bats were the ancestral host of the bed bugs that plague human residences today.


Details of Aid to Afghan Army Now Secret

The U.S. military will no longer divulge facts and figures about its costly effort to assist Afghan security forces, declaring the information top secret, officials said Thursday.

The move marks an about-face for the Pentagon, which for the past six years has reported a range of data about the $65 billion program to build up the Afghan National Security Forces.

The information included how U.S. taxpayers' money has been spent and the state of the troubled country's police and army.

John Sopko, special inspector general for Afghanistan reconstruction, voiced disappointment with the change and said the classification of such a volume of information was "unprecedented."


MSP Weekly DUI Press Release 2-2-15 (Berlin Barrack)

SEC Ignores Federal Law, Lets Marijuana Biz Offer Stocks

The United States government is helping a California-based company perpetrate a crime by letting it offer public stocks in its marijuana business, even though the drug’s cultivation and sale are both illegal under federal law.

As unbelievable as it may seem, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the government agency responsible for enforcing the nation’s securities laws and protecting investors, is permitting a marijuana dealer to register shares. Pot may have been legalized—for medicinal and recreational use—in nearly two dozen states (including the District of Columbia), but it remains illegal under federal law. For a federal agency to approve its official sale is downright insane.

This perplexing news comes from a variety of sources, including a publication, Marijuana Business Daily, that professes to be the No. 1 information resource for the U.S. medical marijuana and retail cannabis industry. In a recent article it celebrates the SEC’s pot endorsement as a magnificent move that “could fuel investor interest in marijuana stocks and encourage dispensaries, cultivation businesses and edibles producers to go public.” These sorts of businesses have refrained from going public, the article points out, in large part because they’re unsure how the SEC would react. Now we know that the feds like the idea.

The cannabis trailblazer is Terra Tech and it’s based in Irvine California. Its vision is to help transform, through innovation, the global population through methods that are both sustainable as well as environmentally friendly. This is language taken straight from its company website. In it Terra Tech also claims to be pioneering the future by integrating the best of the natural world with technology to create sustainable solutions for food production, indoor cultivation, rare and exotic plants and agricultural research and development. It sounds like someone has been smoking something potent.


Facebook Blocks Accounts of Priests When They Use Title 'Father'

Call No Man Your 'Father,' Especially on Facebook

Father Peter West has been a priest for almost 25 years, but this week he became simply "Peter West" again.

At least on Facebook.

Father West, if we may call him that, said he went to log on to the social media site Tuesday and was blocked because his user name included the title "Father."

In truth, Facebook has long had a policy restricting members from using professional titles.

"Facebook is a community where people use their authentic identities," its policy explains. "We require people to provide the name they use in real life; that way, you always know who you're connecting with. This helps keep our community safe."

The policy goes on to ask users to refrain from adding to their names "titles of any kind (ex: professional, religious)" as well as a host of other items.



"The plaintiff was unable to defend herself, being handcuffed in her back and unable to leave the vehicle, the doors being locked"

There was plenty of drinking in Tasiujaq that weekend in 2011, just as there was whenever a shipment of alcohol arrived in the isolated village in Quebec’s far north.

The lone police officer on duty on the night of Sept. 19 had her hands full. Fresh out of police school, she had been on the job less than a month and was not even authorized to carry a sidearm.

But as she apprehended a 17-year-old girl who had become heavily intoxicated, Const. Danielle Gallant made a decision that would come back to haunt her.

According to court documents, she handcuffed the girl and placed her in the back of her Kativik Regional Police Force vehicle truck. Already in the backseat for having caused a disturbance — but not handcuffed — was Joe Kritik, who at age 24 already had four convictions for sexual assault and was listed on the national sex offender registry.

Read more

Phone Scam In Worcester County

Worcester County Sheriff's Office

Several incidents throughout Worcester County have been reported of a police agency contacting you by phone requesting that you pay a fine or a warrant will be issued. Please take note that "NO" Sheriff's Office or Court system will contact you by phone regarding a personal matter. If you are concerned over this type call please contact our office at 410-632-1111 and leave a message for CPL Dale Trotter who will return your call. This type incident has already been reported to the FBI and is currently under investigation. Remember, the best practice is "Do Not Answer" a phone call from a unknown caller.

Obama Care Supporters Sign Petition to Include PETS and "Free Veterinary Care" on Policies

Shadow or No Shadow, Free Coffee is in the Forecast at Chick-fil-A

Restaurant chain offers free hot and iced coffee nationwide throughout month of February.

Regardless of Punxsutawney Phil’s forecast about the duration of winter, customers can wake up Monday morning to free coffee at Chick-fil-A. For the entire month of February, Chick-fil-A restaurants nationwide will give customers free cups of its new specialty-grade THRIVE Farmers™ hot or iced coffee all day long.

The Atlanta-based restaurant chain partnered with THRIVE Farmers Coffee in August 2014 to introduce the quick-service industry’s first-ever specialty-grade coffee. The new coffee qualifies as specialty grade per the standards of the Specialty Coffee Association of America and only the top 10 percent of coffee consumed worldwide meets this quality designation. The sale of each cup of coffee provides direct revenue to THRIVE Farmers network of family farmers in Central America, allowing them to earn up to 10 times more than farmers earn in traditional revenue models.

THRIVE Farmers’ blend is unique to Chick-fil-A, as it has been roasted with characteristics and flavors that complement the chain’s breakfast menu. Both Chick-fil-A’s hot and iced coffee are prepared fresh throughout the day. The iced coffee is prepared with an exclusive blend of THRIVE Farmers’ cold-brewed, specialty coffee beans and fresh two percent milk, sweetened with pure cane syrup and served over ice.

“Whether a few more weeks of winter or an early spring, we think our THRIVE Farmers coffee is perfect for any weather. It tastes incredible while also doing good in the world. What better way to let our customers experience it for themselves than to give it away for an entire month?” said David Farmer, vice president of menu strategy and development for Chick-fil-A.

This offer includes 12 ounce (small) hot or 16 ounce (medium) iced sizes and is available while supplies last. The offer is available anytime during regular restaurant hours and is limited to one cup of coffee per customer, per visit. No additional purchase is necessary and no substitutions are available.


Chances of Dying in a Car Crash Plunged Over 3 Years

Safety researchers say the chances of dying in a crash in a late-model car or light truck fell by more than a third over three years, and nine car models had zero deaths per million registered vehicles.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety said that for 2011 models, there was an average of 28 driver deaths per million registered vehicle years through the 2012 calendar year, down from a rate of 48 deaths for 2008 models through 2009. A registered vehicle year is one vehicle registered for one year.

But the gap between safest and riskiest models remains wide. Three 2011 models had rates exceeding 100 deaths per million registered vehicle years.

The institute says Improved vehicle designs and safety technology helped reduced risk, but there were other factors too.


Washington Times’ Bombshell Tapes Confirm Citizen Commission’s Findings on Benghazi

As Hillary Clinton further delays the announcement of her 2016 run for the White House, more news has broken regarding her role in the 2011 disastrous intervention in Libya, which set the stage for the 2012 Benghazi attacks where we lost four brave American lives.

Two new stories from The Washington Times expose some of the infighting among government agencies and branches of government on this controversial decision, and highlight the key role that Clinton played in initiating the war. You can listen to tapes of discussions between Pentagon staffers, former Representative Dennis Kucinich (D-OH), and the Qaddafi regime for yourself.

This news also validates the Citizens’ Commission on Benghazi (CCB)2014 interim report, which exposed that Muammar Qaddafi had offered truce talks and a possible peaceful abdication to the United States, which Washington turned down.

“[The article] also makes it clear that the Benghazi investigation needs to be broadened to answer the question: ‘Why did America bomb Libya in the first place?’” commented Rear Admiral Chuck Kubic (Ret.), a key source for the CCB’s interim report who was also quoted by the Times.


SPD Press Release 2-2-15 (Robbery Investigation/ Arrest)

What Happens When Sarah Palin’s Teleprompter Breaks

Moments after expressing her serious interest in a campaign for the presidency (of the United States, not the Alaska Tea Party), former GOP vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin delivered an address to the Iowa Freedom Summit.

Not exceedingly well … especially after Palin’s Teleprompter reportedly froze mid-speech.

Palin was dishing out the red meat in heaping handfuls to the early-voting faithful in Iowa – discussing her views on energy issues and “this subjective income gap that we’re supposed to be obsessed with right now.”


Federal Judge Blasts DOJ Lawyers

A federal judge angrily accused Justice Department attorneys in newly unsealed documents of "fraud upon the court" by intimidating a witness in a case involving a former Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives agent who alleges the agency trashed his reputation.

Judge Francis Allegra, who was appointed to the U.S. Court of Federal Claims in 1998 by President Bill Clinton, is presiding over a suit brought by former ATF agent Jay Dobyns against the government agency, which he claims retaliated against him and damaged his reputation. Dobyns infiltrated Hell's Angels and worked on cases involving the Aryan Brotherhood and MS-13 during his law enforcement career.

In a newly unsealed, Dec. 1, 2014, court ruling that legal experts said was highly unusual, Allegra accused seven Justice Department lawyers of "fraud upon the court, banned them from making any further filings in the case and took the unusual step of directly notifying Attorney General Eric Holder.

More here

Budget & Tax Chairman Says Hogan May Not Be Able To Do "Anything Significant" On Taxes

Governor Larry Hogan delivers his first State of the State Address to a joint session of the legislature on Wednesday.

He is expected to discuss his legislative agenda in the speech.

Hogan may outline which tax he wants lawmakers to cut, though aides to the governor are not saying what he might propose in the speech.

Hogan has promised to pursue a tax cut in his first year in office.

On Maryland's News This Week on WBAL, Senator Ed Kasemeyer, chairman of the Senate Budget and Taxation Committee says Hogan may not be able to do much when it comes to taxes.


Fierce Backlash Against Liberal Who Trashed PC Police

Eleven years ago, Jonathan Chait wrote the following:

“I hate President George W. Bush. There, I said it. I think his policies rank him among the worst presidents in U.S. history…I suspect that, if I got to know him personally, I would hate him even more.”

Having interviewed Chait at the time, when he worked for the New Republic, I can attest that he is indeed a staunchly liberal writer. And earlier this month he wrote a story titled “Why History Will Be Kind to Obama.”

Which is why Chait is making waves by beating up on his own side. The Twitterverse is exploding, and some women are denouncing him, over his New York magazine piece, “How the Language Police Are Perverting Liberalism.”

He plunges into the debate at a time when liberal students have succeeded in blocking conservative speakers from appearing at some college campuses. I’ve long had trouble grasping the notion that liberalism, which is supposed to stand for free speech and free expression, can be used as a weapon to squelch someone else’s right to speak because they have opinions that are viewed as unacceptable.

It’s worse than I thought in academia, as Chait writes:

“At a growing number of campuses, professors now attach ‘trigger warnings’ to texts that may upset students, and there is a campaign to eradicate ‘microaggressions,’ or small social slights that might cause searing trauma. These newly fashionable terms merely repackage a central tenet of the first p.c. movement: that people should be expected to treat even faintly unpleasant ideas or behaviors as full-scale offenses.”


Visa is Making a killing on Fees

Visa is surging, and that's likely a good sign for the economy.

The credit card company reported an 11% jump in payment volume. Over $1 trillion worth of transactions were made on Visa (V) cards from October 1 to December 31. That's not too far off from the size of the total Australian economy, and that was only one quarter for the company.

Visa also announced a stock split. On March 19, investors who hold one share in the company will receive four shares. It's a common move by companies when their stock price gets too high. Visa currently trades for about $250 a share, which will make shares about $63 apiece after the split.

Fees continue to juice Visa's bottom line. Visa charges a fee on all international transactions, regardless of whether there is a currency conversion involved. Those international fees grew 9% over the prior year to $970 million. Visa also continues to expand its data processing revenue at a nearly double-digit rate.




On November 6th, 2014, Brian Karl Jones, age 20, of Wicomico County, Maryland, was convicted by a Wicomico County Jury of Attempted Second Degree Murder, First Degree Assault, Second Degree Assault, Reckless Endangerment, Illegal Possession of a Firearm, Firearm Use While in the Commission of a Felony and Trespassing. An investigation conducted by the Salisbury Police Department and the Maryland State Police Gang Enforcement Unit revealed that on May 13, 2014, Jones shot a 20-year-old victim in the lower torso in the area of Wali Plaza, located at 1122 Parsons Road. The shooting and subsequent search for the suspect led to the rerouting of school buses and temporary lockdown of Pemberton Elementary School. The victim was transported to Peninsula Regional Medical Center where he underwent surgery and survived.

On January 30th, 2015, Brian Karl Jones was sentenced in the Circuit Court for Wicomico County, by the Honorable W. Newton Jackson, III, to 20 years in the Maryland Department of Corrections for the Attempted First Degree Murder. Jones received a consecutive sentence of 5 years for the Use of a Firearm While in the Commission of a Felony.

Wicomico County State’s Attorney, Matthew A. Maciarello, commended the Salisbury City Police Department, Det. Proctor, and the Maryland State Police Gang Enforcement Unit for their work in the investigation and prosecution of this case. Mr. Maciarello also thanked the citizens of Wicomico County who sat on the jury, and Senior Assistant State’s Attorney Kristen Schultz and Assistant State’s Attorney Pamela Correa who prosecuted the case.

A Comment Worthy Of A Post 2-2-15

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post " WEST SALISBURY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL CONSULTANT FINDIN...":

5:31 to follow on your point. How long would the school be "nice' when kids are being raised not to respect authority or anyone's property. Board needs to do more with character building and parental involvement instead of plotting how to get new schools built all over the county. Maybe if we saw some IMPROVEMENT in our classroom and ranking in the state, the public would be more inclined to support new schools. It is hard to support new schools when Wicomico is number 19 in the state. The BOE is off the rails and not putting focus where it needs to be - on students and classrooms. And before the liberals yell - let me say - NO, KIDS DON'T NEED NEW HIGH TECH SCHOOLS THAT ARE PRETTY TO LEARN. What about hiring teachers who INSPIRE kids to learn!!!

Troopers Investigating a Single Vehicle Crash Involving a Propane Delivery Truck on Beach Highway

Greenwood - The Delaware State Police are currently on the scene of a single vehicle crash involving a Pep-Up propane truck east of Greenwood.

The incident occurred around 8:11 a.m. as a Pep-Up propane truck was traveling westbound on Beach Highway (SR16) just west of Hunters Cove Road when for unknown reasons, the truck drove off the north side of the roadway and then back into the travel lanes causing the truck to overturn on the passenger's side.

The male operator was removed from the scene and transported by EMS to Nanticoke Memorial Hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Currently, eastbound and westbound lane have been closed in the area of the crash as hazmat teams from DelDOT and Pep-Up work to contain the diesel fuel spill. There are no reports of propane leaks.

Information regarding this incident will be detailed in a press release upon the completion of the investigation.

Middle Class Families are on Financial Thin Ice

The typical middle-class American family is not prepared for a major financial shock.

This family could only replace 21 days of income with readily accessible funds, leaving it on financial thin ice in case of an emergency, according to a new report from Pew's financial security and mobility project. Those funds include cash on hand or in savings and checking accounts.

Even if the family liquidated all its retirement savings and investments, it could only replace 119 days of income.

The lowest-income families are even more strapped, with only 9 days of ready cash. But even the richest Americans can only dig up 52 days in an emergency.


Greece's New Left Wing Elected Liberal - Tsipras - requesting for EU to 'Write Off' much of Greece's 320 billion euro debt - Germany rejects

Alexis Tsipras has also promised to renegotiate agreements with the European Commission, ECB and International Monetary Fund "troika" and write off much of Greece's 320 billion euro ($360 billion) debt, which at more than 175 percent of gross domestic product is the world's second-highest after Japan.

Merkel flatly rejected such a possibility.


Greece Preparing to 'Stiff Arm' IMF - Default is eminent

The financial establishments always try and release this sensitive financial information after close of business on Friday night - trying not to spook the financial markets.

16 Hours Ago -

Greece's rejection of new EU-IMF loans, and its insistence on Friday in talking directly to its international creditors without the intervention of lower-level fiscal auditors, has alarmed financial markets.

Pennsylvania groundhog 'forecasts' 6 more weeks of winter

PUNXSUTAWNEY, Pa. (AP) — The handlers of Pennsylvania's most famous groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil, said Monday the furry rodent has forecast six more weeks of winter.

Members of the top hat-wearing Inner Circle announced the "prediction" Monday morning.

A German legend has it that if a furry rodent sees his shadow on Feb. 2, winter will last another six weeks. If not, spring comes early.

The forecast was also announced on Twitter, as was referenced in the official proclamation read by Jeff Lundy, the Fair Weatherman of the Inner Circle.

"Forecasts abound on the Internet, but, I, Punxsutawney Phil am still your best bet. Yes, a shadow I see, you can start to Twitter, hash tag: Six more weeks of winter!"


Super Bowl 49's advertising winners and losers

NEW YORK (AP) — If you're talking about Super Bowl ads with co-workers on Monday, you're not alone.

Advertisers tried to win over Americans during the game — some tried serious themes, while others went with humor. With 30-second ads costing $4.5 million for the chance to market their brand to 110-plus million Americans, advertisers were making a big bet. And just like the game, there were winners and losers:



Sticking to its winning formula of puppies and Clydesdales, Brewer Anheuser-Busch's ad shows a Labrador puppy chasing after the iconic Budweiser Clydesdales that are being moved to a new stable. The tune, "I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)," performed by Sleeping at Last, plays in the background.


Super Bowl 2015 commercials: Watch them all, here


Your old landline could get an early retirement

Not since Alexander Graham Bell twisted pairs of wires together in the 1870s has the simple telephone technology that has served Americans for generations — the landline — faced such a threat to its existence.

It's not just that droves of customers are dropping their home phones for cellphones, or switching to newer, fiber-based services such as Verizon's FiOS network. Major telecom companies have made no secret of their desire to abandon the traditional, copper wire-based phone service.

AT&T wants to complete the switch within five years. Verizon, the dominant landline provider in Maryland, hasn't set a date.


Almost 1/2 of US Households Exhaust Their Salaries

The Federal Reserve has declared economic growth "solid." But several new reports show most Americans are treading along a dangerous financial tightrope, where one slip could be devastating.

Nearly half of U.S. households — 47 percent — say they spend all of their income, go into debt or dip into savings to meet their annual expenses, according to an analysis of Fed survey data released Thursday by the Pew Charitable Trusts.

"They could not withstand a serious financial emergency," said Diana Elliott, a Pew research manager who co-wrote the analysis. "That really is the contrast to the macroeconomic story" of a recovering economy.

"Macro indicators tell us a lot, but they don't tell us what is specifically happening within families," she said.

If a typical middle-class household had to weather a period of joblessness without any income, they would exhaust their available savings within 21 days, the analysis found. If that same family also cashed in all their retirement investments to get by, they would burn through those assets within four months.


Caption This Photo 2-2-15

Gold Alert Issued for Missing Lewes Man: UPDATE

Gold Alert Canceled for Missing Lewes Man
Lewes- Jason T. Cairns has been located and is in good condition. The Gold Alert has been canceled.

Lewes - The Delaware State Police are issuing a Gold Alert for Jason T. Cairns who was last seen at his residence located in the 22000 block of Camp Arrowhead Road around 11:30 p.m. last night, Sunday February 1, 2015.

Cairns is a white male, 42 years of age, 6'00" tall, 190 lbs., brown hair and hazel eyes. He was last seen wearing a dark colored Carhartt jacket and blue jeans. (Photo attached)

Troopers have been unable to make contact with Cairns to check on his welfare. Attempts to locate him have been unsuccessful and there is a real concern for his safety and welfare.

If anyone has any information in reference to his whereabouts, they are asked to contact Troop 7 at 302-644-5020 or by contacting Delaware Crime Stoppers at 1-800-TIP-3333 or via the internet at Anonymous tips may be sent by text to 274637 (CRIMES) using the keyword "DSP."


These People Never Stop!

A coalition of environmental, humane and community organizations filed two lawsuits against Environmental Protection Agency today for failing to address air pollution from factory farms. The pollution contributes to significant human health problems, including asthma and heart attacks; endangers animal health; intensifies the effects of climate change; and causes regional haze and “dead zones” in waterways.

Across the U.S., an estimated 20,000 factory farms confine billions of chickens, hogs and other animals and emit noxious air pollutants, including ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, volatile organic compounds, methane and particulate matter.

The Environmental Integrity Project and the Humane Society of the United States filed the lawsuits in federal court on behalf of rural residents and family farmers whose health and quality of life is affected by noxious air pollutants from factory farms.

“When the emissions are at their worst, we have had to leave our home for days at a time,” said Rosie Partridge, a rural resident of Sac County, Iowa, whose home is surrounded by more than 30,000 hogs within four miles. “The ammonia and hydrogen sulfide are so strong that my husband has trouble breathing.”

The lawsuits seek to prompt EPA to take action on two rulemaking petitions. Those petitions, filed years previously, asked EPA to use its authority under the federal Clean Air Act to control emissions of air pollution from factory farms.



Search party out there today. He lives by the Salisbury Zoo & the Golf Course. Two years old white with gray spots on sides. Gray eyes. Friendly loves people. Chipped adopted from Wicomico Humane Society. Please call Pat (410) 713-8622

Battle of The Ice Mound - Taylors Island

Governor Hogan Delivers Proclamation At Fort Meade

Recognizing 50th Anniversary Of Defense Information School

Governor Hogan visited Fort Meade where he delivered an official proclamation recognizing the 50th anniversary of the Defense Information School.

Somerset County Sheriff's Office Press Release 2-2-15

Juvenile arrested for 2nd degree assault after an incident at Washington High School on 1-16-15, the juvenile was later released to parents pending juvenile court actions.

Karen Ann Linamen of Princess Anne, arrested 1-17-15 for driving under the influence of alcohol, driving while impaired by alcohol, failing to drive right of center, and failure to display driver’s license. Linamen was released on citations pending court actions. The arrest was the result of a traffic accident investigation conducted by deputies in the area of Mt. Vernon Road, Princess Anne.

Ronnete Eveate Hitch of Pocomoke, arrested 1-18-15 for driving under the influence, driving while impaired by alcohol, texting while driving, and unsafe lane changes. Hitch was released on citations pending court actions. The arrest was the result of a traffic stop in the area of Ocean Highway, and Perry Road.

Donte Antony Curtis of Princess Anne, arrested 1-21-15 on a warrant for violation of probation. Curtis was later turned over  to the Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office.

Alesia Renee Handy of Princess Anne, criminal summons served 1-22-15 for for 2nd degree assault. Handy was released on signature pending court actions.

Calvin Glen Handy of Salisbury, criminal summons served 1-17-15 for theft less than $1,000, and trespassing. Handy was released on signatures pending court actions.

Brandon Lawerence White of Newark New Jersey, arrested 1-24-15 for driving under the influence of alcohol, driving while impaired by alcohol, negligent driving, open container in vehicle, and speeding. White was released on citations pending court actions. The arrest was the result of a traffic stop conducted by deputies in the area of Somerset Ave, and Fluers Lane, Princess Anne.

Ronda Lynn Harris of Princess Anne, arrested 1-27-15 on a Wicomico County warrant for cds possession not marijuana, and possession of drug paraphernalia. Harris was later released on personal recognizance.

Ebony Janae Parks of Salisbury, arrested 1-27-15 on a warrant for contempt. Parks was later held without bond.

Allen Michael Hooks of Frederick Maryland, arrested 1-29-15 on warrants for violation of probation. Hooks was later held without bond.


County Grabs $2.3 Million in Federal, State Tax Dollars...But Demands $1,100 for Info on Homeless Project Steps from Schools and Playgrounds

Stevensville, MD, –
A local resident is calling Queen Anne’s County’s response to questions about a homeless shelter project located at the entrance to the new Cross-Island Trail State Street Connector, within sight of the Old Love Point playground and between schools “an outrageous affront to all county citizens, especially parents.” After repeated inquiries and an official Maryland Public Information Act request, the county finally answered - with an invoice for $1,137.64

“If you’re a Kent Island resident who cares how your money is used, you’d better stop at an ATM on the way over to Centreville,” said Mike Ranelli, a Stevensville resident and Kent Island Elementary parent. “This is just the latest tactic in the county’s strategy of ignoring regulations, concealing information, and shamelessly denying past, present and future responsibility in order to ram through what it has secretly planned for years..”

Federal regulations for Community Development Block Grant funds require that the public be given reasonable and timely access to records. Despite documents showing the county leads the project, officials point to the Housing Authority and Haven Ministries, the non-profit shelter operator. Ranelli calls that a “total cop-out. Isn’t it true that the Housing Authority only owns the lot? And blaming official decisions on faithful church volunteers is beneath contempt.”

“The county should come clean and release all records and emails right now,” Ranelli says. “Take $1.1 million in federal tax dollars, ask for another million or so in state money, and hide what you’re doing with it - that’s what people in Stevensville, Annapolis and Washington, DC now see as the Queen Anne’s County way of doing business. It’s going to make key decision-makers skeptical of any future county initiatives.”

The county plans to demolish a 1,248 sq. ft. house renovated by volunteers for use as transitional shelter for women with children, and erect an 8,623 square foot facility for 20 transient per-night homeless and 24 longer-term transitional homeless - a plan endorsed by a 5-county social services agency. The new building will serve men, women and children, but will not provide shelter during daytime hours.

“Do our local representatives understand government by the people? How can it be that when such an unprecedented error in judgement has been made, we must look to the state, the federal government, and perhaps even the legal system to correct it?” Ranelli asked.

“The homeless need our help. But who benefits at 325 State Street? Only the county employees whose job it is to bring in grant money, and the contractors who will get it. Will the location benefit the thousands of children who use the four nearby schools, the fields and playgrounds of Old Love Point Park, and the Cross-Island Trail? The neighboring communities who were not given input?”

“What about the homeless of Queen Anne’s County? The area is intended to connect schools and parks - not serve the needs of a transient, struggling population from around the region,” Ranelli explained. “Experts say that the homeless need easy access to social services that will give them a leg up. Offering a bunk and a meal, then sending them out to the street, the trail that runs through schoolyards, the park - who considers that a productive solution?”

To express an opinion and ask questions, citizens should contact: or call 410.758.4098


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