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Monday, April 20, 2015

Texas companies seek approval to probe for oil off Maryland coast

Three Houston, Texas companies have applied for federal approval to conduct seismic surveying offshore Maryland, said Catherine McCall, coastal and marine director with the state Department of Natural Resources.

A Texas company plans to notify local sailing clubs in coming months if its permit is approved to search for oil miles off Maryland's coast, said Richie Miller, executive vice president of Spectrum Geo Inc.

Spectrum would identify for sailors buoys that mark underwater tow cables equipped to emit sound waves in search of oil, a process called seismic surveying.

"We would have fliers with all these sailing clubs: This is what a tail buoy looks like. It's not an ocean buoy they can tie up on," Miller said.



Anonymous said...

"We're very interested," said McCall at the Department of Natural Resources. "We know more about the moon than we do our ocean."

Then maybe you ought to stick to making regs about the moon and leave us recreational fishermen alone! freaking idiots!

Anonymous said...

I'm not a staunch environmentalist but I believe that this will kill many creatures. We have billions of barrels of oil in the Northwest part of the Country, and our oil reserves are full. Put a stop to this.

Anonymous said...

Drill baby drill.

Anonymous said...

OH GOD NO!!! All we need is big clumps of grease rolling in on the beautiful beaches. Read the final reports on BP and learn that the worse of the findings is yet to come.

Anonymous said...

What,s wrong conservatives?,Oh i get it,Not in my back yard.

Anonymous said...

I know Mayor Jim would like that probing.

Anonymous said...

Right now we have plenty of oil sources, but the ones we found 50 years ago and kept still are now being pumped. It is time to search for the next 50 years worth of oil sources so we keep that reserve in our pockets. drill the two tap design, cap and hold. Keep the pockets full, there will be a time we will need it.

ginn said...

The best part about all of this is.,
the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management must approve the permits.
And guess what., neither member of that bureau has a technical degree., none of them. They're all archeologists, or biologists, or anthropologists, or some sort of marine academic. There's not one technical academic on this BOEM. There is one maritime lawyer tossed into the mix though.
In other words, NONE of these decision makers will, nor could, understand the intricacies of this 'sound wave search' technology. None of them are anywhere near qualified to be making such a decision.

Anonymous said...

9:27, You mean just like our fearless leader? :)