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Monday, April 20, 2015

‘Make Sharpton Pay His Taxes Fast’

Now YOU can help force Al Sharpton to pay his back taxes.

Attorney General Eric Holder announced last fall that after six years of serving the whims of President Obama rather than as the representative of the American public and rule of law, he would step down. He promised to stay in office until a successor could be found and was hopeful that by February he would be in the private sector.

Mr. Obama, after reportedly consulting with Al Sharpton, nominated Loretta Lynch for the position in November. Ms. Lynch has served as U.S. attorney in New York. Her nomination must meet with the approval of the Senate.

It is now approaching late April but there has still been no vote on the Lynch nomination. Five Republicans have publicly stated they will support her, which means her approval is likely though by the slimmest of margins. The only remaining question is when.

Enter the Rev. Sharpton. Mr. Sharpton and his National Action Network claim to be organizing the Approve Loretta Lynch Fast. In addition to being a clever name, the fast is intended to bring attention to the plight of poor Loretta Lynch by its participants refusing food.

There is a rub however. It seems, Mr. Sharpton himself hasn’t committed to fasting. He’s asking supporters of the National Action Network to instead. But wait, it gets better. It seems his supporters are going to “take turns” fasting as long as it takes to bring the Lynch nomination to the floor of the U.S. Senate. Take turns? Is that kind of like dieting two days a month?

Let me suggest an alternative course of action...

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Anonymous said...

I pray they all starve themselves