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Monday, April 20, 2015

Horrific murders at sea – but Islamapologists don’t want me to report this

I haven’t seen any of those “coexist” bumper stickers since I got to Texas – I’m quite sure they’re out there somewhere. Just recently the infamously termed “religion of peace” demonstrated its version of coexistence when Al Shabaab Islamic terrorists raided a Kenyan university demanding students recite a koranic verse. If unable, the students were deemed Christian and summarily executed — some 150 lost their lives right before the Easter weekend. We assessed that story here.

Of course, the typical Islamapologists will come out and try to turn spin this whole episode – the “they don’t represent Islam excuse” — of which many of us have become weary. If you say Christians are being persecuted worldwide you’ll be told it’s just hyperbole, but maybe we should ask the latest victims of Islam.

As reported by the UK Times, “The rubber dinghy carrying about 100 African migrants across the Mediterranean had started to deflate when one young Nigerian Christian started praying for his life. The Muslims on board insisted that “here we pray only to Allah,” according to one witness, and ordered him to stop. His refusal, and the desperate fight that ensued, left 12 Christians drowned after they were thrown overboard by their Muslim fellow refugees.”


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