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Monday, April 20, 2015

Country Music Star Garth Brooks Had One of the Best Moments of the ACMs — and It Involved Veterans

Country singer Garth Brooks, who was honored with a milestone award at the 2015 Academy of Country Music Awards Sunday, sang a song that honored U.S. military members for their service.

Introduced by Taya Kyle, the wife of “American Sniper” Chris Kyle, Brooks sang “All-American Kid” while some service members filed through the audience to stand in the aisle and on the stage of the 50th anniversary of the awards.



Anonymous said...

Awesome.. shame our A//HOLE president does not fell that way about our Veterans.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

This guy does not belong on a country music show, he is rock & pop, not country.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't understand half his words. Don't know if it was the acoustics or the mumbling he was doing. I know the intent but it did not come off all that great

Anonymous said...

7:05-I thought that about the entire show.I really like singing voices as much or more than the instrumental accompaniment,but the instruments drowned out the singing in every song I watched.Other than that it was a great show.

Anonymous said...

It was not a country music show though, the crap they are calling country is just 1970's pop music.