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Monday, April 20, 2015

Obama Mum on Drowned Christian Migrants

The prime minister of Italy, with President Obama at his side, downplayed reports Friday that Christian migrants were targeted for death by Muslims who threw them overboard and drowned them in the Mediterranean Sea during a recent crossing from Libya.

At a joint White House press conference, Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi said in response to a reporter’s question that there is “not [a] problem of clash of religions in Italy.” Mr. Renzi portrayed the problem as a lack of stability in Libya that is prompting illegal immigration to Italy.

“The problem is not a problem of clash of religions,” Mr. Renzi said through an interpreter. “It’s a problem of human dignity. We are absolutely committed to solve this problem, and I am confident if this become a priority …”

The U.S. reporter who asked the question directed it at Mr. Renzi. Mr. Obama, who sometimes offers answers to questions posed to his foreign counterparts at joint press conferences, remained silent on the subject.

Police in Sicily reported Thursday that Muslim migrants had thrown 12 Christians overboard during a recent crossing from Libya.



Anonymous said...

Impeach the Illegal Bastard....

Anonymous said...

This is absurd! Human dignity issue? Of course it is...but it begins with the "religion"!

Anonymous said...

And the 21 Christians weren't beheaded for their beliefs either. Apparently he like so many other "leaders" think that if they deny it, it isn't true.

Anonymous said...

Nothing but a lying coward kenyan king with no honor, respect or dignity. He is worse than ISIS and is just like those muslims who drowned the Christians. He is a disgrace to the human race and should be impeached and tried for treason. He has never been a true American or patriot and he originates from a corrupt culture of barbarians. Have we had enough yet?

Anonymous said...

What would you expect from the anti Christ.