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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Joy Villa to Anti-Trump Celebrities: ‘Try Being in His Shoes Before You Talk Bad About Him’

WASHINGTON – Singer Joy Villa, who made headlines after wearing a “Make America Great Again” dress to the Grammy Awards, said Hollywood celebrities should put themselves in President Trump’s shoes before they publicly criticize him.

Villa said she supports Trump’s travel ban and that it’s not discriminatory toward Muslims.

“I think whatever protects America is the best for America. We love our neighbors, but we don't let them into our house with guns, knives and bullets to hurt us, so just like we have locked doors, we do need locked borders. I strongly believe in that and it's a temporary measure, and it's something that will increase the pressure on those countries to really eradicate terrorism and go through their own and say, ‘hey listen, we're getting pressure, we can't travel because of a few small evil people, just a very small percentage, two percent,’ so they're going to go in and start cleaning out those people,” she said during an interview with PJM at the Faith and Freedom Coalition’s "Road to Majority" conference.



Anonymous said...

She gets it-without all the hysteria.

Anonymous said...

Oh...his $10,000 hand made Italian shoes...?
Ok. I'll give it a whirl. 🤣

Anonymous said...

Really funny.

I guess I'm with you. I will go and live in that Penthouse for a little while and endure the wait staff, cleaning maids, and chef cooked meals. I will allow someone to usher me around in a limousine for a while. Yes, I will also go ahead and purchase the finest of everything whether I need it or not. Marry a Miss Universe contestant, and then, cheat on her with several other Miss Universe contestants.

Oh wait a minute.
I don't get to ever drink any alcohol?
Or use any drugs?

Well, I guess I can give it a try for a little while.
OK sign me up.