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Saturday, June 24, 2017

California runner dies after race in 107F during heatwave

At least three people have died in California as a massive heatwave continues to hit the west coast and southwest region.

Benjamin R. Greene, a 48-year-old lawyer and father-of-nine from Bakersfield, collapsed shortly after he finished a 5k race on Tuesday night.

Temperatures were as high as 107F as the local attorney took part in the Bakersfield Track Club event. An off-duty firefighter performed CPR but he died at a hospital about 8:30pm.

His wife, Michelle, said she is still in shock and blamed the race organizer's for not calling the 'Summer Series' run off.

'He is never coming home, there is no changing this. My children will never get to really know their father,' she told

'They weren’t prepared for medical emergencies knowing that there was a heat wave coming through Bakersfield.



Anonymous said...

Can't fix stupid

Anonymous said...

Definitely the Race should have been
called off. I am sorry this happened
but you would think that intelligent
people wouldnot run in a race with temps t
his high too!

Anonymous said...

48 year olds should not be running in 107 degree heat. You are middle aged. Use some common sense.

Anonymous said...

Common sense? In California?

Anonymous said...

You shouldn't have to call off the race just because people might do something stupid.
After all it's going to be won by a Kenyan anyway and 107° is a chilly day for him.

Anonymous said...

Is that guy related to Warmbier?


Anonymous said...

3:33 You're an idiot.