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Saturday, June 24, 2017

If You Ever Wondered If The Rest Of The Local Media Follows Salisbury News...

When we broke the story about the Delaware Senator a couple days ago, (at least 24 hours before anyone else) I held back a story at the very same Salisbury airport that also happened the very same day.

I wanted to see if #1, were their sources any good. #2, would they get the SECOND story that was just as damning.

The answer to both was, NO.

You see, on the same day a man also boarded a plane. His baggage was being inspected before they were put underneath the plane when agents saw something very suspicious. They then boarded the plane and asked the man to come with them. 

The next thing they knew, security was chasing the man on the tarmac and ultimately TASED the man. 

Funny how NONE of the so called media got this story but it sure is telling to us here at Salisbury News. If it hadn't been for SBYNews breaking the story about the Senator, well, clearly it would've been swept under the rug. 


Anonymous said...

We have local news ? LOL

Anonymous said...

10:50 don't forget....they are "award winning" local news.