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Saturday, June 24, 2017

A Bank Error Put $4.6 Million In This Girl’s Account and She Spent $3.3 Million Before Getting Caught!

What would you do if you checked your bank account to realize you had an additional $4.6 million that wasn’t supposed to be there?

It happened to one girl, and the temptation proved too great.

She went on a lavish shopping spree, trying to spend the cash before anyone noticed.

But they did, and she paid a very steep price…

Her name is Christine Jiaxin Lee, 21-year-old engineer from Malaysia who, when living in Australia as a student, found something shocking.



Anonymous said...

That's awesome I didn't read the article but I hope she doesn't get in to much trouble. I personally would have told the bank but I'm a wimp.

Anonymous said...

Do absolutely nothing & leave your bank statements in the envelope unopened.Give it a couple of years & see what happens.If they catch it Oh well.If not oh well.

Anonymous said...

Who gets bank statements mailed to them anymore? Oops, forgot that the average age on here is like 70 and the eastern shore is 20 years behind the rest of the country.

Anonymous said...

Wow ..7:30 That was a royal slap down on us old folks !! Lol. We old ,But experienced !! Lol