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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Clinton Ally Headed for Jail

Media Matters founder David Brock has pocketed over $1million in unreported lease income. Trump administration shakeup at IRS could mean jail-time for the top Clinton aide.

It might soon be David Brock’s “time in the barrel,” according to high-level sources at the IRS, who are signaling a massive firing will take place in order to clean house from the Obama-era.

Over the past eight years, the IRS has unfairly targeted conservative groups and individuals while ignoring several glaring omissions on Media Matters tax filings. Media Matters is a “non-profit” group funded by liberal billionaires and special interests.

David Brock, a former conservative who turned his back on the GOP for a hefty payday from the Clinton Crime Cartel, has pocketed $1,052,000.00 from sub-leasing the Media Matters office space since 2010.



Anonymous said...

Let's get the ball rolling and prosecute these suckers. Hopefully the Trump administration will be true to its word and go after these idiots who thought they were above the law.

Anonymous said...

Let the good times roll! It will be great to see the real criminals get jail time.

Jim said...

A very good opportunity to get this criminal off the street and in jail where he belongs.

He is behind many of the frivolous lawsuits that are being brought to impede the President from doing his job.

Thornton Crowe said...

Oh, the RICO runneth over in the Clinton swamplands. Most brilliant to see them fall by the sword, one by one.

Anonymous said...

Jail , I don't think so , they don't send people to jail for this crime. Anyway , it will take years to get a conviction, get real .